Let Us Remember Basketball Wives Season 4 The Way It Should Be Remembered: In GIF Form


Another season of Basketball Wives is coming to a close, which means that we have anther season of facial expressions, dance moves, and projectiles to memorialize in a GIF wall. So while Shaunie peaces out and Evelyn makes one of her signature faces, scroll down to experience the whole season in all its animated glory.

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  1. Yolanda says:

    To: Let’s be Real (posted: May 29, 2012 at 10:39 am)

    I definitely agree with your statement 1000% !!!!!!!

  2. candi says:

    This show is NASTY! These ladies should be ashamed of themselves for the way they act. Especially after the way Tami treated Keisha….the worst thing I’ve ever seen on reality TV. Awful. I don’t see how any “woman” on this show can walk around with their heads held high…except for Keisha and Royce. They are the only two who act like normal people. Everyone else should be embarrased of themselves. Royce is the only one with some sense to stay away from the vactions and the group, because everyone else is NUTZ! No way to act as a woman. This show needs to be DONE!

  3. niece says:

    I hope i don’t have to see Shaunie,Evelyn, Suzie and Tami form a long long time, they are classless, tasteless and shameless for black women and i have never come across a woman loke suzie that TALKS so much and don’t have a life of of her own by by girls

  4. Jennifer H says:

    I’m watching the reunion and then I’m done with the Ratchet Basketball Wives. I have never in my life seen such hypocrites!! It’s like they all forgot this sh…is being recorded so people will see what you’re doing later! Tami you can’t talk about Keesha for “talking about you behind your back” when you did the same thing with Evelyn on several occasions about Jen after those violent altercations. Did you I mention you laughed as well?!?!? Then you and Shaunie wonder why she doesn’t talk to you?!?!? If you were her friends and really cared about her why didn’t you check on her after the fights to see how she was?!?!? Instead you stayed with Evelyn so it’s clear which side your on. One more piece of advice for old ass Tami, real friends tell you when you are wrong, point blank period. Shaunie and Evelyn are not your friends which is why they go along with your foolishness. Royce actually cares about you and wants you to do better so why are you getting mad?!?!? Get a clue you ratchet women, your 15 mins of fame is finally up!! Hope you saved your pennies..deuces!

  5. R. Parker says:

    Now Shaunie wants to ditch Tami and Evelyn because of all the backlash about the bullying and over the top antics. It is too little too late. This stuff happened under your watch and you condoned it. You are a producer and I would think you have a lot to say about what happens and what doens’t happen during these episodes. You helped perpetrate the beef between Evelyn and Jen because you and Tami had a lot to say about Jen to Evelyn. You added fule to the fire and now you want to back out. You didn’t even have enough class to appear to be neutral — you openly gave Evelyn your support.

  6. I love all these comments evelyn needs to grow up tami needs God cause she crazy suzie talk way too much shaunie is weak.

  7. vicky7 says:

    Shaunie no one believes your poor me act-u sat thru all the bullying and puttin dead fish in Kenya’s room did u tell that to your pastor too-YOU are always POINTING the finger but you r responsible becz u did nothing to intervene ( a word u shld learn) -If your daughter was being bullied for being fat -you wld want someone to help her or INTERVENE? so u can play the fool with the Rev but not us-u r to be blame -when Tami did what she Royce was the only one who stood p and that Suzie is useless and a GOSSIP monger-she is to blamed for all the lies and back and forth-her teeth is perfectly set in her head CROOKED like her tale telling ways……I read the blogs & signed the petition -I will not watch the show-

  8. DAISY says:

    Evelyn and Tami shouldnt have a platform to bully and get paid while doing it!!!!!

  9. vicki says:


  10. lyn says:

    I want to know why does Evelyn think that she has the right to dismiss ANYONE. Once again Evelyn you played yourself. Who do you think you are to dismiss Jennifer? Obviously you are of the misconception that you are the judge & jury, but in reality you are not. You were upset because Jennifer didn’t lay her lips on your behind like Suzie does. For some reason you and Tami think that if a person isn’t accepted by the two of you then they aren’t worthy to be in your circle as you like to call it. Get over yourself, grow up get some class and breeding and start acting like a grown woman so your daughter doesn’t emulate your classless behavior. I don’t care about your makeup line or anything else that has your name on it. I WILL NOT ENDORSE IT. I also hope that other people boycott it as well . Tami & Shaunie both of you shouldn’t make fun of Jennifer. Tami you have the gall to say Evelyn you have a makeup line not just lip gloss like someone else. Well let me pull your coattail, at least Jennifer has that.She is doing something positive, moving forward, a growing entrepreneur and she isn’t being sued by a hair line. Can you say the same? Let me help you by answering “NOOOO”. Shaunie let me answer the question that you said to the pastor. You were wondering if people were wondering during your business meetings if you were a hot ghetto mess. Let me help you also. The answer to that is “YESSSSSS”. Suzie I don’t want you to feel left out. You love to run and tell it. You are nothing but a trouble maker. You have no loyalty. One day you are going to open your mouth one to many times and someone is going to pop you in it and hopefully that will straighten out your teeth, you need to make a orthodontist your best friend.

  11. AMK says:


  12. Debra says:

    Shaunie, I have never spent so much time being angry and responding to any TV show. THIS SHOW PUTS JERRY SPRINGER OUT OF BUSINESS. GHETTO STINKING FABULUS!!! There is so much that I could say but anger has to die in me before I can support what this show is. My 21 year old daughter was watching this when she came home for break from college. After watching this, I could not wait to talk to her to see how she felt. Oh my goodness, she said some good things but later said that it was overshadowed by the Ghetto Hot Mess of a show because she never would have thought adult ladies with money and power would have to act like you all do. She said it is sad and I totally agree.
    You stood by in the room while they put smelly chum thru out the room, you sat and watched Tami lash out at Kesha, you should have said something while Kesha was standing there helpless, then you go to her room and tell Kesha she should have not said any thing about Tami. Kesha was right and if she had said something to Tami, Tami would have responded the same way. Tami has been abused, so she abuses and that is so obvious. Tami can’t see it. It is who she is and she needs GOD with the counseling she is getting. In order for Tami to get better, she needs to see what she has been harboring inside her. It is going to take her seeing that this the way it is and to turn life around for herself she needs GOD first and she needs to constantly call on the name of the lord if she wants to get rid of the anger of her rape. I am telling you first hand Tami will have to do this. So I think you were wrong to tell Kesha what to say or tell her what not to say. Kesha did not say anything bad about Tami and she did tell the truth and guess what the world was watching when Tami did exactly what Kesha said,” I could go off on Tami and say what I want, but I can’t say anything that was going to make her look worse than she she already made herself look like”. Tami did a great job of making Kesha end up looking real good.
    Shaunie you helped drilled Kenya and she was about to let loose on who ever she needed to.
    Shaunie if you can stand up to your grew, then you should not have them in your circle.
    When you went to your Pastor, I thought you would put space between you and Tami, Evelyn and Susie. I guess you like being in the valley. How sad. If you cannot face Tami in the the heat of her conversation, say so. You have allowed the world to see you in a very different way than thought.
    When I saw the look on your face when Evelyn threw that bottle, I knew for sure the person you displayed to America certainly was not going to accept that. For one moment I saw that bottle hit you up side your head and face and I thought to myself, Evelyn explodes again and again you are the hidden target, the so called Godly one.
    I’m sure there is a signed contract so since you can’t get out of it, you better call Tyler Perry to help you bring laughfter and joy to many, turn the lives of yourselves around, and change the image burned in the hearts of many. Call Oprah while Tyler is working on the movie and ask her to you guys start a small show, get your Pastor involved with a good God fearing Psychologist and while everyone may not see exactly what is wrong with them, but all can be help by the Godly love and support the chruch can bring to your circle of friends. You had a decision to make, you made it. If these are your friends, do it for them. Yes, you look like a hot mess. Did you go to College? You don’t have to join in the mess to help clean it up. Pray and ask questions. Like you have ask Tami why is she choosing to treat Kesha this way since she knows she is afraid of her? Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but it is not. You would have taken control in the situation and forced Tami to claim responsibility for her actions.
    Shaunie everyone has the right to move forward in their own space and if each of you can do that you will continue to respect each other and move forward, rekindle the friendship although it won’t be the same everyone will know with respect for one another how to move on. God is an awesome healer, but you all have to be willing at the end of the day to trust God and yourselves. I am telling you Shaunie, get the right help for your group of friends now, don’t wait.
    *******Girl you better snap out of it and stop worrying about that contract. Keep the show going find a way to get your friends the shelter of GOD. Don’t play with God just because you are on TV making money. You are headed for a disaster.*******
    I hope they cut this show off for the next season or maybe it will be you, Royce, Kesha. and Jen.

  13. arod says:

    Make that change shaunie and get the two bully’s out of the show tami and evelyn they both are horrible and need to be gone. With those two ladies gone you might make this show more positive and have less bullying.

  14. Kay says:

    Shaunie-Shame on you for co-signing the low class direction your show has taken. I also hope your chubby 10 year old daughter is never on the receiving end of the kind of bullying you have endorsed.
    Evelyn-It’s YOU that no one likes NOT JEN! The vast majority of the comments I’ve read on her strongly favor Jen over your wild, ghetto behind. Jumping across tables–WHO DOES THAT!
    Tami-I used to like you but now that you’ve SOLD OUT Royce & Jen for that trashy Evelyn I’ve lost respect for you. Hope no one treats your daughters like you treated Keshia!
    Suzie-You need prayer. How old are you? You act like a 5 year old.
    Jen & Royce-Keep it classy! Keep it moving!

  15. Marissa says:

    It seems like this show won’t be back….Shaunie needs to be real with Bishop and let him know what all she did and entertained…I’m so shocked because of her actions…..We have to give Tami her props…she was well behaved until Suzie started to run her nasty mouth….Suzie stirred the drama between keisha and Tami…she talks to flipping much….Kenya OHHHHHH Kenya…this chick is just totally weird…..Keisha loves to throw that sympathy card about being black and trying to fit in….Eve needs to get some anger management….we also have to give her some props cuz she tried at the end to talk to Jen…..Jen needs to stop playing like she is someone that she isn’t….Jen tries to hard and ain’t cute enough for that..,…Royce…i just hope she won’t have to go through a whole army to find love cuz this chick always in love….

  16. Nicole says:

    EVILynn…….I hope you really take a true look at yourself over the next few months while trying to promote you and your Media-hungry Fiance’s show because things change in Hollywood at the drop of a dime and you …. I would have to say – ARE WAY PAST YOUR 15 MINUTEs of fame…..Boo Boo.

  17. Lisa says:

    So sad that Evelyn is so immature when she has such potential for promising career. Yeah yeah this may not stop her career but it sure as heck put a signature stamp on her insecurities and her nasty uncivilized attitude. Shaunie, I expected more from. I thought she would at the very least find the kind words to help mend two broken hearts, yeah broken. Evelyn understand this, we see throught the drama. You really are the one who is fake because you are too loud and you know you can only do so much on TV and what you did do cost you a friend and got you a case. Royce, stay in love and enjoy your life. Suzy (identity crisis), Tammy keep it real but leave the fake females alone. They know you the one that will really act a fool about what is right but don’t get played, fight your own battles not theirs. Now here is my (Peace Out) seriously these women made us allllll look like fools especially Shaunie acting like her pastor don’t know her gossip played a role in this mess.

  18. SW ATL says:

    I expected so much more from you ladies — This show is a disappointing mess: IT was headed for destruction anyway but as soon as Ev & Jen got into it, I knew it was doomed & on FIRE…BOTTOM LINE Tami made the show RACHET, Ev is GHETTO and Jen is a PUNK bc ain’t no way I would have put up with any of it…I would have beat some a$$ AND SUED…SUZI needs to be knocked in her mouth and the rest of them aren’t even worth acknowledging…smh…and I will say this IF SHAUNIE AIN’T BEEN CUSSED THE HELL OUT BY NOW SHE SHOULD BE…U are a mess…you had some creative say-so I’m sure…this should not have gone this far…all money ain’t good and just bc you earned it don’t mean you got it right…So Shaunie was it worth it?

  19. lianette says:


  20. dallday says:

    Evelyn is such a big shot and is so famous and important she hasn’t bothered to write a summary of this awful season. Apparently she does not respect or appreciate the people that followed the show. She loved the negative stuff it was her ticket to fame, but her show with Chad won’t be getting my support. She sells everything and she won’t be getting any of my money. She is relevant today (relevant is her favorite word ), but for how long? We need to be careful about selling our souls for a dollar.

  21. betterthen blessed says:

    this need to b taken off the air the only ones i like is jen and royce

  22. Mzprttybrwneyez says:

    Evilyn’s facial expressions shows her true personalities (yes more than one) lol

  23. Leslie says:

    I can’t believe that such women as they claim to be, is acting so childish…Evelyn want to fight at any given time which is not cool, adults do not behave in this manner, maybe she has deep down problems that she need to have evaluated.. who would support her make up line if all she do is bully and fight, supporting her line would be like supporting bullying and fighting. So you can definitely exclude me from supporting her line.

  24. NETTAJ. says:

    I just have a few words I want to say about this show, ALL OF THE LADIES ARE A HOT MESS!!!

  25. Jerri says:

    Shaunie use to be my favorite girl but she is just as phony as the rest of them. She is just as bad as Evelyn. She was supposedly Jen’s friend as well but turned her back on Jen when Evelyn had a problem with her. There is no way in hell that these women think that Evelyn and her assistant physically abusing Jen is right. I can’t believe that Tammy and Shaunie agree with Evelyn. They are all trash except for Royce, Keisha, and Jen. Jen had her ignorant moments as well but I think she realized that the rest of the girls are too much drama. I hope she learned from all of this. I was getting tired of seeing everyone punch or slap her.

  26. sharon says:

    This has gotten way outta hand and it used to be a favorite show of mine. Its gotten ridiculous now. All they do is pick pick pick on people for what? Petty stuff. Grow up girls! Its rehashing the same old stuff, and its a shame women cant just sit down and have normal conversations to resolve differences. My favorite characters on this show are losing it! How old are you? Cmon, get real!

  27. VJ says:

    I love the long previous comment posted earlier…they all need God prevalent in their lives. They have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof.
    When I think about Kenya and what the other females on the show along with most comments stating she’s weird etc. You must really consider the source who put that idea in all of your heads. She’s no different than the rest but displayed a smarter person who did not give the childish acts of the others the benefit of ranting and raving about her bungalow. Welled handled Kenya! ….but Eve, Tammi, Suzie and Shaunie called you weird for not even acknowledging it. I beg to differ! We all have done some crazy things in our lives thinking it could change the course of our paths to success. They never gave you a chance from the jump. They talked about you from your hair to your actions taken to fulfill your hopes and dreams.



  29. julia says:

    I love this show and hope it will be back next season. It amazes me how some people complain about the show, but continue to watch it. They wouldn’t watch the show if the show was boring. Eve and Tami are being themselves. They are who they are. This is why it is called reality t.v. It is not scripted or rehearsed. You don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  30. Drea85 says:

    Ugh Evil Ev and Tacky Tami are the worst!!! I can’t believe that they are actually glorifying violence showing that clip of Jen being attacked!! Classless!!!

  31. VJ says:

    Cont’……(Kenya).I believe you can survive on this show minus Tammi and Eve..Suzie, maybe. However, I think you could still fit in with Royce, Jen, Keisha (if not influenced by others) and maybe Suzie.
    Tammi- I am disappointed in what has been displayed. You were no nonsense before and now you’re acting like you have no sense. Please get it together, I know you have a lot more to offer.
    Evelyn- You have always been a piece of glass…..your mouth has been the gateway and your actions leading the way to DISASTER! Do some soul searching. Never let a man disrespect you in private or publicly as your “so called” soon to be husband has. What he enjoys with you sexually is no one else business. A man is very private about what he values and treasures intimately with someone he truly loves. Remember, the products you produce will always reflect what people think and how they feel about you.
    Jen- I really like you. Your behavior is more classy. Sure we all have done some things that we can look back on and not be so proud of but it doesn’t change who we really are. Thank God, you’ve moved on. You don’t have to re-live it just because a fellow participant can’t seem to get over it. Yes, some are indeed jealous of you for various reasons. Keep your head up and stay clear of the drama. Best wishes with you classy lip gloss!
    Suzie- playing both ends does not keep you in the clear….you are constantly allowing others to put you in this position. They expect it from you. It’s just a matter of time before they’ll all go “retro” on you. Whoop you on GP! Free yourself!
    Shaunie- You started off okay but have allowed the idea of extra $$ to plague your better judgement to put it nicely….I still like you but don’t allow this to overtake you because it’s a road leading to destruction. Remember, people can build and people can tear down.
    Royce- You’re very level headed and only want what’s best for you and your child. Keep working hard. Never let them see you sweat. (Keep your emotions private as much as possible) Emotional people have often been mistaken as needy and we know you’re not that at all. Best wishes!
    Keisha- You’re alright with me but don’t sell out to people who will only sell out on you. I really don’t feel you in this group of women at all. Keep doing what you do best!

    That is all…….

  32. Leoni says:

    I never watched this show before someone mentioned it on FB then I tuned in to see what everyone was laughing about…let me just say it was Pathetic…I think that some of this garbage must be scripted it’s like scraping the bottom of the barrel for material to make people watch this massive train wreck of a disaster that they call “a TV show”..I don’t have TV in my house for this very reason…what i see Is on Hulu because I can by pass garbage like this show and never have to pollute my brain cells with this trash..these women are not ladies. my mother taught me one thing, she said “not every woman is born to be a lady, you can dress a hag up in an expensive frock but she is still going to play in the mud, because that is where it is most comfortable” I look at these women (and i do use the word lightly)they act more like children, also this is an insult to children because brain maturation allows for their behavior, and I feel sad, and disappointed, but as a psychologist I do understand that these girls are in-fact acting from their maturation and experiential levels, if they acted any differently then that would in-fact be false to their nature and could cause as severe a repercussion to their psyche as any real trauma…so lets not judge them too harshly and here’s to hoping that they get some therapy to facilitate both intellectual, mental and emotional growth.

  33. ms brown says:

    all i seen was a bunch of old women behaving like children

  34. Bobbi says:

    You have really summed it up it should be named what grown ass woman should’nt do.

  35. yumyum says:

    @Jennifer H, You know it’s about their gravy train derailing. They’re the same people they were last season, this season, too. I doubt that there is any insight among them. It’s about maintaining the dollar!!!!

  36. mary watkins says:

    Let’s face it: We all complain about the behavior of these so called women on Basketball Wives when in actuality the drama on this and other reality shows give us the much needed break from the drama that goes on in our everyday lives. If in fact we are so appalled by the behaviors displayed on this and other shows we would not watch them. But we continue to tune in week after week and at the end of the season we can’t wait for them to return so we can continue to watch and complain about the degrading behavior of these females on these shows because at least for sixty seconds we can exscape our own drama.

  37. patti says:

    Evelyn, still looks like some ugly transvestite! So disgusting!

  38. amma says:

    Mmmmmm where to start. I am completely embrassed to be a black woman right now. Evelyn, Tami, Suzie and Shaunie WOW!!!!! you ladies are something else. I used to look forward to watching this show but this last season was the last straw. Where do I start, Evelyn you have been friends with Jen for how long??? 12 + years???? and you treat her like that, you made a comment about how much you loved her….. that was fake because if you loved someone that much you would not treat them like that. So Jen said she did not like Chad or whatever, as a friend so don’t you think that off camera, behind closed doors is where the two of you could talk and find out from your “friend” what her reservations are. I have friends that do not like my husband but I do not fight them because I am not married to them. They told me why and life goes on. I still have them as friends and respect their opinions because I also have things about their mates I do not like but whatever makes them happy makes me happy and vs versa. Further more I cannot believe that you could sit there and allow someone to hit someone that you “love”…….. Why was NIA even there??? She only got to be Jen’s friend through you right???? Tami…… you are too old be bullying everyone like that do you think that anyone can respect you??? Do you think that you will ever get anywhere in life acting they way you did???? How would you feel if anyone treated your daughters the way you treated Keisha?? You think that raising your voice and acting like a mental case gets you respect girl wake up. Suzie you are a snake in the grass. You are actualy the root cause of all the problems the ladies had. How can you think that everything people say in your presence or to you is to be repeated. That is so unladylike. I hear a lot about other people but never repeat. That is so class-less remember life is karma. Shaunie, you are the producer and you really should have censored what finally got aired. You sat by and watched all this happen and never did anything or said anything to anybody that this was not right. I lost respect for you. You need to come clean with your Pastor as to your involvement in all of this. Jen, Keisha, Royce and Kenya. Keep your heads up. You will go far in life. I do not see anyone calling any of the other ladies for any parts in movies or anything unless they are just looking for trouble. If BBW comes back it really needs to change. Evelyn and Tami should not be included. I am not being malicous but I am being real. I hope that all you ladies read these posts and take a good look in the mirror.

  39. Enough Already says:

    Evelyn: Are you the same person who said many times over the four seasons of BW that you would never tell someone’s secret? You have proved to be a liar who would say anything to make herself look good at the moment; especially while you’re acting a fool. Telling Jennifer’s secrets was atrocious. I don’t know about girl codes or anything like that (even though I’m a woman). I just know that you don’t get mad and start slinging dirt. All your other friends should be aware of what you are capable of before they tell you their secrets. If I was Jennifer, even though I would forgive you, I could never trust you again and our “friendship” would definitely be at the point of no return. Actually, it should have been at the point of no return when you hit her in the head with your purse. Violence is NEVER okay. When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences. Telling people Jennifer needs to stop talking mess about you is childish. If I was Jennifer, I wouldn’t allow you to make me shut up either. You have some nerve trying to shut someone up when you talk so much I can hear you carrying on in my sleep. I’m going to give you some free advice that your fake friends won’t tell you: If you want your cosmetic line to do well, STOP speaking against what someone else is doing in an effort to destroy them. It usually back fires. Did you ever hear the saying, “If you dig one ditch you better dig two, ‘cause the one that you set just may be for you.”? People have watched the show long enough to learn you and thusly know what you’re trying to do. Your life is in the very palm of your hands and you’re at a crossroad. I keep hoping you would get the help you need and change before you completely ruin your life. Like I said before in another blog, “A fool without money will also be a fool with money; just a bigger one.”

    Jennifer: I loved your blog. I’m sorry you’re going through so much in your personal life right now. I see your strength. You will be all right. When you are going through something and need to pull away from family and friends for a while to quiet yourself and collect your thoughts, do so, but do it responsibly. Usually in life, the darkest hour is just before dawn. Hang in there. Regarding your cast mates (Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie), you were right to separate yourself from them. I wish you had chosen to separate yourself from Suzie too. We all have an instinct or a gut feeling that tells us when something is off. I hope you learned to listen to that in you. God put it there.

    Kesha: My heart went out to you when you were being dogged by Tami in the 13th and 14th episodes. You didn’t deserve that. I wish you would have told two-faced and sneaky Suzie not to give you advice and to get lost. Then, you should have called the police and gave them Tami’s full name and her bungalow number. When dealing with someone like Tami, you have to show them you mean business. All your statements have to be in what you do more so than what you say.

    Kenya: You remind me a little of Suzie. You want to be accepted by Evelyn and Tami so bad that you would do pretty much anything. You had no business telling them anything Jennifer talked to you about on the plane. I saw early signs of disloyalty in you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t stay neutral and hang around both. What I am saying is divulging conversations you have with someone is a clear sign of disloyalty. You have seen the show so I hope you know now that they used you for information but have no respect for you.

    Royce: Great blog. I love the way you love Tami enough to tell her she is wrong. That’s what real friends do. I must say I’m glad of the growth I see in you because I don’t remember you telling Tami she was wrong for what she did to Meeka, but I’m not sure. I know she used you as a reason to not like Meeka, but I believe Tami needed someone to pick on so she chose Meeka. Don’t get me wrong, Meeka came in taking sides (against you) and it back fired. However, I always thought she did not deserve what Tami did to her. You (and Jennifer) seem to be the only cast mates of BW that have declared “Enough Already.” Thank you.

    Shaunie: First and foremost, you should have met with your pastor after the 2nd season of BW at the latest. Based on what we saw during your meeting with your pastor, you were not candid enough. Well, let me spell it out for you. You were deceptive. You should have told him that you played a MAJOR part in the ladies’ behavior and realizes that you have made very big and costly mistakes. You should have told him that you also encouraged the behavior because you didn’t stand up for right when you clearly should have. We your viewers have been pouring our hearts out on blogs for I know 3 seasons and you have chosen to ignore us. That’s a clear sign of disrespect. You didn’t respect us enough to listen. We hung in there and continued to watch even through our frustrations; thinking things would change, but things got worse. I understand that some of us bloggers are rude and nasty in our delivery and act like some of your cast mates, but that’s no reason to ignore us. You should have listened to our message more than our delivery. We (the viewers) are behind those big checks you all have been receiving. We wanted to see you succeed and do well in your endeavors Shaunie, but you have disappointed us beyond words. In my opinion, you are the prettiest woman on the show, but outer beauty means nothing when you’re broken on the inside. For you to have allowed what you have, you got to be broken on the inside. I want you to receive healing. For some reason Shaunie, I still believe in you. I think you got caught up in the checks you were receiving and lost you. When you and your cast mates were in the van while in Tahiti and Tami asked you if she was wrong for what she had done to Kesha, I couldn’t believe the first word to come out of your mouth was, “NO.” I know you explained to Tami how Kesha felt, but that wasn’t enough. That was the opportune time to say, “Tami, I love you girl but you are wrong as two left shoes.” Also, you could have protested by not going with them. When they asked why, that would have been another opportunity to say, “I can’t go along with this. It’s wrong. I need to get by myself and think.” That alone would have gotten Tami’s, Evelyn’s, and Suzie’s attention. It would have made them look at themselves. Even though you went to Kesha’s bungalow and comforted her later, that was not enough. You sat there and let Tami talk to that girl like a show man talking to an ape. You sat there and let Tami STEAL her purse. You sat there while Tami went through her purse. Why is it so hard for people to tell their “friends,” “Girl I love you, but you’re wrong.”? I hope your career can recover from the damage of not being a real leader. When BW first came on, those ladies saw you as a leader. They had so much respect for you. I have watched as your cast mates have lost respect for you. They would talk all over you while you were speaking and wouldn’t listen when you tried to show them the other person’s side. In closing, Donnie McClurkin wrote a song, “We fall down, but we get up. For a saint is just a sinner who fell down, and got up.” Shaunie, GET UP!

    Suzie: Shut your trap! Enough said.

    Tami: That “apology” you gave Kesha was lame. There was no sincerity or feeling behind it. If you wasn’t going to do it right, you should not have done it at all. I don’t understand how you can get so angry when someone talks about you behind your back, but we’ve seen you do it over and over on the show. Case and point: You talked to you cast mates about Royce and Royce was not there. Do you ever go back and watch the shows? A lot of the stuff you say is crazy. The way you justify your wrong is even crazier. You need help. My advice to you would be to drop your therapist (No offense Ms. Therapist) and go see Dr. Phil. In my opinion, since you’ve been seeing a therapist you have gotten worse. For real for real, you need to be put on medication. I promise you I’m not making fun of you. I’ve had to take medication off and on over the course of my life. I see it like this: I needed help and at least I had sense enough to reach out beyond myself. There is help for you and medication may be the key. Also, STOP drinking. I have watched your demeanor and you become demonic when you drink. Something takes over your eyes, your body, your thinking, and your mouth. Liquor to you is what spinach is to Popeye. It enhances and brings out what is already there X 100. I’m just saying. It should be noted that I also notice how ashamed you are when you come down. But instead of humbling yourself and saying you were wrong and moving to make amends, you focus on what your mind tells you the other person did wrong instead of focusing on yourself. In your case, going to your “friends” is not the best way to get help when you really want it. In closing, I don’t understand what made you turn against Jennifer. You and Shaunie were deceptive in saying you all were remaining neutral. You were on national TV make fun of Jennifer (with Evelyn) after Nia slapped her. Be straight up Tami, is that what a real friend would have done? By the way, I saw you on the WW Show. I want to say to anyone who is bullying, hating on, or talking about your daughters that they are wrong and it needs to stop. Parents are responsible for what their children do, but children are not and cannot be responsible for what their parents do. Bullying and being hurtful is wrong no matter who does it.

  40. Tilisa Hodge says:

    GROW UP!

  41. linda lane says:

    Shanie please take responsible for what you allowed. Jen was not the problem Evelyn
    is. She talked Jen in to leaving her husband as soon as she did then she got a new relationship with #none, Jen had to find other friends. Why would she even talk about Vegas. What ever happen there stays there.

  42. What kind of Pastor goes on TV to talk about something they only discuss at that very moment? Have he watch the show? I don’t think so or he would have known that shauntie was knee deep in the mess. Shauntie you even make your pastor look like a hot ghetto mess. Everbody is star struck! Pastor please!

  43. sharon says:

    whow, what a fitting look for each of these women, awful examples of mothers is all I have to say about each woman, because each of them have girls , or young ladies they are raisning. Well what would be the consequence for these young ladies to see their mothers on tv in this manner.. Wait and see, I promise you it wont be good…

  44. So Sad says:

    To me, Evelyn runs after a certain type of man that she knows she can get — loose athletes. She clearly has low self esteem dressed up in make up, big earrings, and revealing outfits. She leads with her body (first date in the bed with Ocho). This shows desperation and trying hard to catch a man who can keep her in a lifestyle she wants. Sadly, in my view, black men like Ocho often suffer from self hatred and choose women of other nationalities especially if they are light and bright and damn near white. They think this makes their self value rise. So both of them have low self esteem. Maybe it will work after all as she is willing to suffer any indignity to get the ring and he doesn’t have to change but can have her as a bauble to display. Sadly she has been on display and its not a good look.

  45. michelle francis says:

    tami roman is d worst human been i see on show time who in god name want 2 be in your circle u and evelyn lozada sick we trinidad call u all can say it

  46. MaryAnn says:

    The worst. I’m so done & will not watch anymore. I hate EVelyn, shaunie is a 2bit phony & tamis just trash.

  47. Laine says:

    Why do I get the feeling the reunion show is going to do the same thing $haunie does blame the innocent and make the bullies look like they r right. just saying. Being that this is VH1 I’m not going to be surprise. If they does this people please blog in don’t fall for the banana in the tail pipe. $haunie not only is the people you go into the business meeting think you r a hot ghetto mess but the way your pastor was looking he was thinking the same.

  48. Landa says:

    It is apparent that Tami and Evelyn are bullies based on their actions but it is also apparent that Shaunie is a bully based on her inaction. To me Shaunie, you are the biggest threat…the silent bully. On the reunion, you told Jen that no on is trying to knock her husstle, weren’t you and Tami knocking her hustle when Evelyn gave you guys some items from the her make up line?

    Tami & Evelyn make it known that they are violent and are ill representations of “women”. I Chronologically, you may be adults but developmentally, you haven’t quite made it through adolescense. I hurt for your daughters and only hope that they have females in their lives that they can look up to and do not see themselves as reflections of their mothers.

    Tami, I am glad that you are getting counseling. However, a few sessions on the therapist’s couch does not make you a professional and honestly, you dispensing advise to Jen on being consistant falls on deaf ears(as it should). You consistantly stood by while Evelyn ran her mouth about Jen and although you suggested that she talked to Jen, you did not discourage her from bad mouthing her. Yet, you lost it everytime someone told you that Kesha was talking about you. You consistantly crazy!

    Ms. Lozada, don’t underestimate the intelligence level of some of the viewers, nobody cares what Jennifer did or did not do on a trip to Vegas while she was married. You say that you were a good friend to her, so accept when a friendship comes to an end and let it go. It’s part of life. You don’t start just airing all the secrets you to shared just because you’re mad at her now, RESPECT what you once had and regardless of who she has become…you keep it moving in a dignified manner, no need to run across a table. Are you even aware of how irrational you are? Maybe you should join Tami on that therapy couch instead of the boardwalk laughing about how you tried to beat someone down.

    At the end of the day, I sincerely hope you all have not sold your souls to the devil and risk your humanity in order to get some money and fame. Either way, may God bless all of you because you all desperately need it.

  49. ING BROWN says:


  50. RealityCheck4RealityChix says:

    Peanut Butta Reese Cup,Tami & Ev We’ve Had Enough;
    Suckin Those Seeds & Patt’n Those Weave’s, Sellin Yawls Soul Tryin’a Gain Prestige;
    Suzie You Next– Da Great Big Snitch, Tryin’a make a Dolla Outta Yo 2 Cents;
    Your Lips Are Slimy Got Er’Body Fighting, When ‘ish’ Hit Da Fan Yo Butt Starts Hiding!
    Shaunie wUZ Up?  You Got Straight Punk’d, Chillin With Da Bullies Now Your Rep is Skunk! 
    Jen You Da Business, “THEY” suffer from an Illness, the End Of The Day …..You’re Still ROYAL HIGHNESS!

    Lol…lol…Seriously, The Reunion Part 1 is a Joke.  Shaunie, Eve and Tami, it’s laughable that you want Jen to acknowledge she’s wrong, but neither of you is willing to apologize to her for the hateration, backbiting, etc. So, SAD!

  51. Marie says:



    It is disgusting that VH1 is allowing women to degrade themselves and act like such horrendous bullies while doing nothing to stop that. SHAME ON THEM AND SHAME ON YOU!