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It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


This episode was very disturbing. From the airing of the dirty laundry and throwing skeletons out the closet to questioning the loyalty of a friendship because you were told you were wrong…

I cringed as I watch the scenes between Evelyn and Jenn. In all the interviews I’ve read from both sides I’ve NEVER read about Jenn telling anyone’s secrets. Not Nia’s, not Evelyn’s. Sure, some of her statements can be taken the wrong way, but isn’t that what we signed up for when we decided to do a reality show? To have an opinion? To voice that opinion? I’m confused. It shocked me to see Evelyn air so many of Jenn’s secrets. It almost seemed as if she got joy from not only airing it to the other ladies, but to the world. We didn’t need to know, especially from her former best friends, that her bank accounts were locked, her heat was turned off or who she slept with without a condom. I’m pretty sure if Jenn had a tell-all book, many would move to that cave Uncle Phil was in before Hillary’s Playboy ad came out on the Fresh Prince…Just sayin’…Jenn may be bougie, she may say a lot of ignorant ish at times (ie. country vs bougie, or doing what the white people do) but an opinion not elaborated on is just that, an opinion. I’ve seen her keep the friend code and if there’s any key she still has, its not to Nia’s apartment, its to her loyalty in keeping those secrets as a friend/former friend. It’s sad to see the friend code battered and butchered so horribly. So Evelyn, I hope you know that was “Ratchet!!!!!…..Ooooh she two-faced.” (Have you seen that video?) I must say it was a bit humorous to hear them arguing about what was being said over Twitter…sounds familiar…my, how the tables have turned. “Twitter Crazed”…Moving on…

F*ck me? Our friendship may be over? WOW! REALLY? Because I told you it was wrong to call someone a Bitch repeatedly? Because I told you it was wrong to chastise, yell, and belittle someone? Because I told you I didn’t want you to come across as a bully and you were better than that???? If that’s the cause of our friendship ending then we were never really friends. How do you involve yourself in other people’s issues (i.e. Evelyn and Jenn, and Kesha and Kenya) but then have the least to say concerning your own. I’ve stated many times the type of friends I have and what I expect from them. I may get upset, but they tell me the truth. Right, wrong, bitch, bougie. I’ve also stated, many times, I don’t have a lot of girl friends. THIS IS WHY! I was a REAL and TRUE friend to you, POINT BLANK, and you gave me your ass to kiss because of it. I don’t have time for the petty bullsh!t. I don’t have time to fight over hearsay. FYI and for future reference…Most “REAL FRIENDS” aren’t there when altercations happen because MOST REAL FRIENDS would stop it before it occurred. I have a mind of my own and I speak it. So question the minds of those who were around you and said nothing to your face but all behind your back…Question those who have meetings calling their friends a “Ghetto Hot Mess” and rather than GENUINELY trying the diffuse the fire they throw in the match and walk away like their hands are clean. Oh, and lets be clear…at no point did I EVER say Kesha was right in anything she said. I don’t take sides of people, I take sides of situations and in that situation your ass was wrong wrong and another wrong.

Suzie, you second what? Chile pls!

Shaunie, wow are you going to basically force Jenn to speak to Evelyn but you wouldn’t even film with me? That’s so hypocritical. My question is why didn’t you return my phone call when I reached out to you about the misunderstanding we had over a year ago that was then followed by false accusations and lies. Point is, we all have our issues and neither of us is perfect nor do we pretend to be. Please don’t act like you’re a saint and more people would respect you for that. Own up to your part then we can all sit down as women and hash it out. Hopefully after watching this episode, everyone in the cast sees how you truly view all of us…You drew the lines in the sand. It’s not really fair to be one of the executive producers and a cast member at the same time, is it? If you truly want to turn a new leaf, let’s be adults and sit down and talk. Let’s right our wrongs, let’s fix what’s broken, and let’s bond what’s been separated! Isn’t that what all of this was originally for? To form a sisterhood from our past hurts and pains. Sisters fight but they always have each others back. What happened? When did that get lost? I have no idea because right now I feel like I no longer have eyes behind my head, but more like knives in my back.

It’s been quite interesting blogging this season. From blogging about the episodes, to the social networks, to even my personal life, it’s been a purge. I enjoy writing and hopefully I’ll be back as a blogger for a 4th season with Season 5…. I don’t blog the reunion because it’s a sit down with all the ladies and we express our feelings. It took about six hours to film the two hours you will see, so I’m anxious to see what airs. Till next season, I LOVE you all and I’m outtie!!!!!

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