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It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


This episode was very disturbing. From the airing of the dirty laundry and throwing skeletons out the closet to questioning the loyalty of a friendship because you were told you were wrong…

I cringed as I watch the scenes between Evelyn and Jenn. In all the interviews I’ve read from both sides I’ve NEVER read about Jenn telling anyone’s secrets. Not Nia’s, not Evelyn’s. Sure, some of her statements can be taken the wrong way, but isn’t that what we signed up for when we decided to do a reality show? To have an opinion? To voice that opinion? I’m confused. It shocked me to see Evelyn air so many of Jenn’s secrets. It almost seemed as if she got joy from not only airing it to the other ladies, but to the world. We didn’t need to know, especially from her former best friends, that her bank accounts were locked, her heat was turned off or who she slept with without a condom. I’m pretty sure if Jenn had a tell-all book, many would move to that cave Uncle Phil was in before Hillary’s Playboy ad came out on the Fresh Prince…Just sayin’…Jenn may be bougie, she may say a lot of ignorant ish at times (ie. country vs bougie, or doing what the white people do) but an opinion not elaborated on is just that, an opinion. I’ve seen her keep the friend code and if there’s any key she still has, its not to Nia’s apartment, its to her loyalty in keeping those secrets as a friend/former friend. It’s sad to see the friend code battered and butchered so horribly. So Evelyn, I hope you know that was “Ratchet!!!!!…..Ooooh she two-faced.” (Have you seen that video?) I must say it was a bit humorous to hear them arguing about what was being said over Twitter…sounds familiar…my, how the tables have turned. “Twitter Crazed”…Moving on…

F*ck me? Our friendship may be over? WOW! REALLY? Because I told you it was wrong to call someone a Bitch repeatedly? Because I told you it was wrong to chastise, yell, and belittle someone? Because I told you I didn’t want you to come across as a bully and you were better than that???? If that’s the cause of our friendship ending then we were never really friends. How do you involve yourself in other people’s issues (i.e. Evelyn and Jenn, and Kesha and Kenya) but then have the least to say concerning your own. I’ve stated many times the type of friends I have and what I expect from them. I may get upset, but they tell me the truth. Right, wrong, bitch, bougie. I’ve also stated, many times, I don’t have a lot of girl friends. THIS IS WHY! I was a REAL and TRUE friend to you, POINT BLANK, and you gave me your ass to kiss because of it. I don’t have time for the petty bullsh!t. I don’t have time to fight over hearsay. FYI and for future reference…Most “REAL FRIENDS” aren’t there when altercations happen because MOST REAL FRIENDS would stop it before it occurred. I have a mind of my own and I speak it. So question the minds of those who were around you and said nothing to your face but all behind your back…Question those who have meetings calling their friends a “Ghetto Hot Mess” and rather than GENUINELY trying the diffuse the fire they throw in the match and walk away like their hands are clean. Oh, and lets be clear…at no point did I EVER say Kesha was right in anything she said. I don’t take sides of people, I take sides of situations and in that situation your ass was wrong wrong and another wrong.

Suzie, you second what? Chile pls!

Shaunie, wow are you going to basically force Jenn to speak to Evelyn but you wouldn’t even film with me? That’s so hypocritical. My question is why didn’t you return my phone call when I reached out to you about the misunderstanding we had over a year ago that was then followed by false accusations and lies. Point is, we all have our issues and neither of us is perfect nor do we pretend to be. Please don’t act like you’re a saint and more people would respect you for that. Own up to your part then we can all sit down as women and hash it out. Hopefully after watching this episode, everyone in the cast sees how you truly view all of us…You drew the lines in the sand. It’s not really fair to be one of the executive producers and a cast member at the same time, is it? If you truly want to turn a new leaf, let’s be adults and sit down and talk. Let’s right our wrongs, let’s fix what’s broken, and let’s bond what’s been separated! Isn’t that what all of this was originally for? To form a sisterhood from our past hurts and pains. Sisters fight but they always have each others back. What happened? When did that get lost? I have no idea because right now I feel like I no longer have eyes behind my head, but more like knives in my back.

It’s been quite interesting blogging this season. From blogging about the episodes, to the social networks, to even my personal life, it’s been a purge. I enjoy writing and hopefully I’ll be back as a blogger for a 4th season with Season 5…. I don’t blog the reunion because it’s a sit down with all the ladies and we express our feelings. It took about six hours to film the two hours you will see, so I’m anxious to see what airs. Till next season, I LOVE you all and I’m outtie!!!!!

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  1. Patrice says:

    This blog was the truth. But Tami, Evelyn, and Shaunie are so big-headed they won’t even realize the wrong they have done all season because they are so “holier than thou”- types. I missed the scene where Evelyn said all this hoopla and secrets out about Jennifer. That’s low at it’s deepest depth. I coulda sworn Evelyn was mad at Suzie a whole season for blabbing her mouth about what happened in Vegas sooooo, IDK why it was ok for her to do the same. Hypocrite-much. This season was just painful to watch most of the time. If you and Jen and Kesha weren’t here to balance it out… it would have been one mean girls episode after another.

  2. Leslie says:

    i like Royce because she is able to stand on her own two feet. The honest truth is that Tami is now in Jen’s place and no longer needs Royce.

  3. katbunny says:

    Royce, that’s why I love and respect you. Now, this is what call “keeping it real”.
    I appreciate you acknowledging that you are aware of what your friend, Tami, said about you. This is not the first time Tami has talked behind your back. And Suzie, is a white trash mess!
    Kesha needs to know that Suzie will do anything to keep her head stuck up Evelyn and Tami’s ASS.

  4. Trace says:

    Royce, you are so real. A friend would do what you did to Tami. You gave her your view on the situation and how you felt and she got offended. She’s the same person who says, if you have anything to say, come to me dont say nothing behind her back. You came to her correct and the heifer still didnt appreciate it. I agree it with you, she was not really a TRUE FRIEND. Take care and have a wonderful Summer.

  5. miamour says:

    Royce, You are the only one on this show with some sense. I agree with everything you said.

  6. Tawanda says:

    Royce all I have to say is this blog is TRUTH, TRUTH, AND MORE TRUTH!!! And this is why you have been my FAVORITE BBW since season 1!!!

  7. Meke1 says:

    Gone girl. Tell it like it is. You definitely have my respect.

  8. GG NYC says:

    Royce, this blog is excellent! (And the other posts).
    Its sad to hear Tami say that. It just only confirms her true character as a person. She really has issues and I will pray for her, Honestly, this is your green light to move on. As long as you know that you was a true friend to her. I mean, I don’t think you were taking sides, you were just letting her know she was wrong. Like she was literally picking on Kesha, it’s sickening. Kesha didn’t really do anything to her. And Tami was out to destroy her. I still don’t understand why.
    Royce, Suzie is not a true friend. I don’t know if you are cool with her behind the scenes or off cameras but she fought to be down with the” circle” and she is like their puppet. Its so sad to see her brainwashed. But thats what she wanted.
    I am very curious about the reunion. I hope everyone can say their feelings without blowing up and attacking each other.

  9. ILana says:

    ROYCE, I love you, but I am sure you have read countless blogs warning you about Tami. She is not your friend. She has never been your friend, and she will never be a true friend to anybody. My description of Tami is not to be rude, but to be honest. She is very selfish, jealous, hateful, resentful, and emotionally corrupt.

    Tami can be a friend to Evelyn, but you can not be a friend to Kesha. This is an excellent example of her selfish and self-centered mind-set. Tami is so far up Evelyn’s __, that she is trying to adopt her mannerism. It is real ugly. She has totally destroyed her image with millions of viewers.

    Royce, clean out your closet of friends. Tami should be the first to go, Suzie should be the second to go.

  10. Kim says:

    Preach Royce Preach!!!!!!!

  11. loli3 says:

    Logical rational blog with maturity that unfortunately surpasses most cast mates. Disgusted by bullies T and E. Both are offensive hypocrites. From purse snatching to fish pranking (unkind when someone you don’t know/like) – disgusting. Also gross that Shaunie participated. Yeah, she was quieter, but she participated. I can’t believe how low E. was and T. is a sh*t stirrer and a smack behind your back talker. Neither are reflective. Susie is a sheep ass follower. What bugs me most is that T and E have no shame or remorse.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It’s sad that Tami doesn’t realize you were a good friend. Mourn that loss and move on, it’s too hard to be friends with someone like her. I recently realized that I have a friend like Tami. I always made excuses for her bad behavior, like it’s not my problem and I’m not here to judge. But the reality is that her behavior reflects on me…and I’ve sat by and watched her be cruel to people that don’t deserve it. I’m not proud of myself for being a “co-signer”, but now that I realize I was, I’m stopping. I didn’t invite her to my wedding, I’m pulling away. I can’t be part of her problem anymore.

  13. Cortney says:


  14. muffey says:

    This is an example of humans vs. ghetto rats. Royce is educated, sincere and a decent human being who is cognizant of proper human behavior. Tami should be taken off television permanently. She gives a bad name to human beings, black or white, male or female. Who raised her? My goodness.

    Royce, stay away from Suzie, she is trouble. Shaunie is such a hypocrite. She is a ghetto rat like Evelyn and Tami. For her to elevate herself in that so called pastor’s visit is a joke and is offensive. She put dead fish in another person’s room, she instigate all the fights and she is two faced. Shaq should take custody of his children. He would have several reasons the main one being an unfit mother.

    Royce, I am proud of you. You do not need Shaunie to be your friend, she really does not understand the meaning of friendship. Keep your chin up.

  15. Denise says:

    Royce, thank you for showing VH1 an intelligent & mature side of black women. You said it well & spoke the truth about each one of those women you addressed. You need to just let Tami go. She is so mentally unstable & unsetteling. Her bi-polar disorder has really shown in this season. Very mature Tami to say F Royce. Poor Tami you are so disturbed you can’t even identify who you’re upset with. Jumping in on Jen & Evelyns conversation about the tired ass Sister to Sister magazine interview. Nobody really reads that magazine anyway. It’s like reading the national inquirer. If it was in Essence or Ebony or even Jet the conversation might have been an issue. But Sister to Sister REALLY!!!. Ok Tami so you know Jamie Foster Brown big deal. Shaunie that’s good you went to Pastor Ullmer but, why didn’t you say to the ladies what you said to him. Let them know you’re tired of the bickering. Are you that scared of Tami & Evelyn? LIke not filming with Royce. Girl you are the Executive Producer, how does that look you not communicating or to ignorant to communicate with Royce, because she’s intelligent??? You need to wrap up the show, put it in the archives with Desperate House Wives, because the entire season was a Debbie Downer.

  16. TeamJen says:

    I was disturbed watching last night, Evelyn no matter what you dont spill secrets real friend keep their mouth closed. You were mad with Susie because she did that so y do u think u get a free pass! Susie get some backbone stop being a two face or two sided cutlass, close your yap! Shaunie , shaunie u worried about being viewed as a mess too late ! Tamie Royce has a right to her opinion and she might be the truest frenz1

  17. Elzary says:

    So sad… The show started with great potential. fabu sisters doing things and looking great. but it is just a big 13 year old hate festival played by grown ups. So sad that this is what the producers want to show.

  18. Courtney says:

    Royce, I know you are not dependent on BBW and I’m so glad as many are joing the fight to have BBW5 removed and will be boycotting the sponsors of this show as well. It’s sad to say that Shaunie instigated the negativity for the entire season and it was only because of the negative attention that the show received that she taped that piece with her minister trying to m ake herself look better butshe only succeeded in making herself look worst. She had an opportunity and failed miserably. BBW time is up. They have set a horrible example for hundred of thousands of impressionable young people.

  19. I am with royce hundred per cent i mean i watch basketball wives everyday and it is very dumb and crazy for evelyn and jenn to be fight like this ya’ll used to be best friends and jenn watever your saying about evelyn stop going back and telling people because that just makes evelyn madder and madder

  20. Lucia Juarez says:

    Love it! Thank you Royce for your honesty. You always speak the truth, Evelyn is just wrong and hypocritical. I completely dislike everything she has done to everyone throughout each Season but this is it. I hope people see her for what she is. Also, thanks for standing up for what is right and letting Tammie know what she was doing was just plain wrong. And as for Shaunie, I agree, another hypocrite.

  21. Royce has been my fave from the beginning. Since Season 1, I can see how she’s grown and matured! But one thing stands for me– She’s always been herself & never tried to be someone else. She admits her flaws and knows when she’s wrong. She’s always been open and honest, never choosing sides. And that’s what I love about her! That’s what I call REAL! She gets soooo much flack for being “phony” or “a ho” and all this other mess, when she’s just HUMAN! If she chooses not to act an ass on TV like some of her cast mates, that’s her prerogative! This blog was the truth and very unbiased (as usual). I love Royce & I really hope she comes back for season 6! I cannot wait to see the reunion!

  22. Stephanie says:

    I agree with all said Royce. All of the women including Shaunie are a hot ghetto mess. If this is what sisterhood is about I want no parts of it. Evelyn and Tami as well as Keisha need to be thinking seriously about getting some help for emotional issues. These ladies has really worsened the negative cloud over black women. We really didn’t need that help.

  23. Genevieve Givens says:

    Royce!!! Awesome blog! So truthful…Shaunie is so fake and for her to go to her PASTOR acting like she was so innocent blew my mind….Lying to a Pastor!?….Really Shaunie, you don’t think your pastor is going to see or hear about your lying sneaky evil conceited behavior on the show. I’m disgusted that you would bring this show into the church, just disgusted!

  24. nicole says:

    What I have to say is very simple. I lke that you have a blog royce, i want to know how you feel about the situaton and not how many punches can be thrown. That’s what changes a child to a woman.

  25. niecie says:

    Royce thumbs up you are a good example for a black woman, feed Tami and Suzie with a long spoon they are not your friends.

  26. sweetheart81481 says:

    I have to say that Royce is spot-on with this commentary. I believe that airing Jenn’s dirty laundry was Evelyn’s intent from the beginning. She wanted to humiliate her in front of a captive audience all because she merely voiced her opinion on Chad. What a pathetic & self-righteous woman! She is the same woman who offered her nasty opinion of Royce’s love interests! I also think Tami, Shaunie and Suzie siding with Evelyn is strategic and a disgustingly cowardly move. They seem so eager to align themselves with a bully; whom has had conflict with all of them minus Shaunie…how insane & inauthentic!

  27. queenb says:

    Royce, if you Jenn and Kesha get your own show let us all know..other wise we all need to stop watching. Evelyn and Tami are so far over the top its unreal, Those two at one time or other have had a beef with every cast member they are bullies. Susie the go between “she said, and she said and they said, Jr high want to be everybodies friend. [stop] Shaunie, what to say about her this year wow, could not believe the dead fish in the room, stir the pot with Jenn and nutty Eve hot ghetto mess is right. I hope she dose not let her kids watch this show then she can wonder how they learned to bully others.[mommy helps produce bulling] Noticed Evelyn started a makeup buisness, “HOT GHETTO MESS” if that what shes wearing……..PASS. Please vh1 find a job for Kesha, Jenn, and Royce and cut the other nuts loose.

  28. A Squared says:

    Great post Royce. I wish you would’ve touched on the fake/staged meeting Shaunie had with her “pastor”. Does she really expect us to believe that segment wasn’t filmed post-controversy/boycotts/losing advertisers? I really hope they take this show off the air or provide the balance that Shaunie has been promising for the last couple of seasons.

  29. Mca. says:

    Royce as many have already posted….your BLOG says it all that many viewers feel! It is sickening for these women on the show (E,T,S,Sh) to be petty, childish, disrespectful, hateful and IMMATURE! No matter what their REASONING to act foolishly when the camera is on….(for ratings, entertainment, popularity) to BULLY another individual physically,mentally and hurtful because they wanna take the higher road (Jen,Keisha) and those who just sit back and allow the altercation to continue (shaunie, susie) are all TYRANTS and COWARDS!!!!! Be strong and be glad the true nature of “friendships” is evident. The show should be called ” what not to be…bull&&’/wives!”

  30. tt says:

    I have always loved you (Royce) from the beginning, even when everyone was giving you a hard time about the dancing, twitter, etc…..its all what ppl do. You were Tami’s only friend from the beginning and you accepted her as she was (bad weave and all) while the other girls dissed her. Now that she’s in the “circle” she doesn’t wanna be friends with you. I was appalled at her remarks…I thought friends tell you the truth when no one else does, and thats what you did. Shaunie and Evelyn knew Tami was wrong but never directly said anything, although their actions did. Good Job Royce!!

  31. Dimple says:

    Barbara have a seat somewhere. Royce’s job via VH1 is to blog about each episode. She covered in her blog what transpired on last night’s episode. Please shut up. Is this really Tami?????

  32. Embarrassed As a Black Woman In Cincy! says:

    From my perspective…You are the TRUTH! I respect and appreciate your honesty. Shaunie should not also be a cast member as executive producer. I never understood that. Suzie is still an instigating snitch who knowingly stirs the pot. Tami should continue therapy and take her girl Evelyn with her. They both have severe anger management (and underlying) issues. I think Kenya handled the “joke” very well though I also think it was ridiculously immature and totally disrespectful. How could Shaunie have allowed it to happen? So disappointed. Kesha seems to be a sweetheart who is not used to the drama. Jennifer is better without Evelyn. Girl friends who break the friendship rule cannot be trusted EVER again. I won’t watch the reunion or next season. Maybe Shaunie should hook up with some real women of substance like Tamia Hill! That woman is a REAL Basketball Wife!

  33. Keia says:

    Royce you told the truth with this one. This entire season has been nothing but hearsay and women who are supposed to be friends stabbing each other in the back and talking negative about one another. Personally if fame and fortune causes grown adult women to act like this towards one another, then I would rather take the simple life. I am disappointed the Jenn and Evelyn cannot work out a 15 year friendship, especially when after being friends that long they were well away of each others flaws and imperfections. As far a Tammie is concerned, I really enjoyed her in the beginning because of her not being ashamed to tell her struggle, but this season, I feel as though she gets joy out of seeing people be intimidated by her and that’s not cool. I’ve had struggles in my life far worse than being on food stamps and I don’t go around ready to curse out every person that is not on my “team” or may not agree with everything I say. For Shaunie to call her friends “Ghetto mess” on national television made me view her a little differently as well. She is the backbone of the whole show. She should be the example that she wants her friends to be, or move on to new friendships if that time has come. But don’t throw people under the bus. I have always enjoyed the show, but if it continues to be so much two faced talking going on next season, I don’t want to be a fan anymore. You all are grown beautiful women, GET IT TOGETHER!!

  34. tracy says:

    Thats what Jen get for hanging out with hoe ass evelyn setting her up.. ERIC WARN JEN!

  35. Sandy says:

    I enjoyed your synopsis! In previous seasons, I felt you were suspect! It turns out, you may be the only one with any sense! It’s just too bad that it took you this long to realize that Tami is a 2-faced BULLY!

  36. Terri says:

    Wow! Royce, have I told you I love you? Well, I do. Thanks for speaking the truth and not taking sides or kissing up to anyone. Well done!!!

  37. DIANE BROOKS says:

    Royce, being that you stepped out on your own I am proud of you. Tell Jen that I am very, very proud of her for walking away from that mess. Evelyn, Tammy and Shauni oh and Suzie is a REAL HOT MESS – a disgrace to the BLACK WOMEN -Evelyn and Tammy need to take a seat it is not cute.

  38. Kb says:

    Your blog is on point. Those women really need to grow up. Suzi need to get a clue her butt begged to return to the circle. Tami was wrong and I am glad you told her. Evelyn violating the girl code was beyond wrong. Shaunie is the devil in sheeps clothing as her and Tami instigated the mess between Jen and Evelyn.

  39. TA says:

    Well!! Im never cared too much for you on the show but I will say YES!! to this blog. It was on point!!! But unfortunately Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie are too stupid and immature to appreciate anything you said.

  40. L.T. says:

    @Barbara. What’s the problem? Royce is giving an overall opinion as to what happened on the finale. She’s also addressed her “issue” with her guy. She’s not going to side with anyone ESPECIALLY if they’re wrong which Tami AND Eve are 100% wrong.

  41. veck d. says:


  42. Elisabeth says:

    Royce how is it you always hit the nail on the head every time! Why do you work with these animals??? Clearly you can see Tammi is weak, she follows the cameras and all cameras stay on Ev & Shaunie. It’s all good, Royce is doing big things. Every dog has her day pass that message to Ev & 2 face.

  43. Jermmanee Lambert says:

    Royce, well said, well said!! That is all I have to say…………..carry on!!

  44. Barton Fink says:

    I watched in horror and grew sad as I watched Shaunie enjoying enjoying enjoying all of the bullying and vileness. Then she went before God for vindication! Oh my Jesus, that was horrible. Horrible. I love Royce more than almost anything else on the show, and whatever darkness those old heifers are getting into (Tami and Evylyn and Shaunie), it’s casting a shadow over everything. I might not watch next year.

  45. JB says:

    ROYCE!!! SPEAK ON IT!! I have been a Tami fan since the first Real World NY YEARS ago BUT seeing her belittle Kesha the way she did has totally disgusted me. I can relate to Kesha about not wanting to have issues with anyone… Y is that weak? Y can’t Kesha talk about her feelings with you, the dog, the gardener – WHOMEVER!!! TAMI – GROW UP! You made a HUGE mistake treating Kesha that way. Would you want someone treating your daughters that way? NO YOU WOULDN’T!! You should apologize whole heartedly to Kesha for what you did. ROYCE – more people in the world need people like you telling them yes I am your friend which is why I am going to tell you about yourself. I hope things with your dad improve, I didn’t like seeing you break down that way. Jenn and Evelyn: NIA back up! You should have picked your own venue to speak with Jenn about your issues. Evelyn & Jenn were friends for a LONG time – its a shame to see the way it ended up. Was hoping for a better outcome. Shaunie should take a step back indeed! Tell your “girls” how they are making you feel and handle it accordingly. Hope to see you back next season Royce – should this show come back.

  46. ChazG says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself Royce,I see now that Shaunie is as fake as pleather ; when they received there make-up palates from Evelyn, Shaunie and Tami were jokingly throwing shots at Jenn talking about “This is a real line,it doesn’t have just 4 colors of lip gloss,and who has 4 colors of lip gloss again? Oh ok” something pertaining to that ;i see how quick Shaunie is to actually down somebody but at the same time trying to have this fake ass “sisterhood” that never existed,all Suzie does is kiss ass alls day so in reality she cant really “hang” with that group either. Females are so drama filled and petty,thats why i dont hang with them like that;i have a very small circle and im proud of that just my 2 cousins my sister and my best friend!

  47. lisa says:

    Rocye i loved you since day one & what you said in your blob is & they are so Keep up with your work because while they sitting there instigating& shaunie omg dont get me started on shaunie she just as bad as the others in her lil group……………

  48. Rellie says:

    I agree 100% with your blog. I just feel like if friendships end than were they ever friends in the first place? Shaunie, from what i have seen this season likes to keep stuff going but stays in the backgorund. Kind of what she did last season with Evelyn and Tami…And did i hear her right, that she wonders if people refer to her as a hot ghetto mess? Is that what she really thinks of her “friends.”

    Both Evelyn and Tami need to chill out because after all they do have daughters and your suppose to lead by example. Is this the example that they want other young girls to follow? Wheter they signed up for it or not they are in the public eye and although i may not condone it they are watching the show as well.

    And Suzie.. she is the one that people need to be careful around. I mean she runs around and tells everything she hears or see and its def not for everybody. But if thats how she wants to stay in the group by snitching then by all means do you boo boo.. Or just get a life

    Im really proud of you Royce because you stayed away from all the drama, and stood up for what you believed in regardless of the outcome.

    And i will end with this Kiesha get a backbone, because if you dont people will see you as an easy target and that will be the outcome everytime.

  49. Royce, this is exactly what I was thinking! you hit it on the head. I have a bff for 30 plus years. I would never tell secrets. BTW, if you have been friends for that amount of time, then you all can surely squash nonsense!

  50. Sylvia Fogg says:

    I love you Royce..thanks for keeping it real!!! Evelyn is just a big ass bully!! I love Tami but she was so wrong this season why is she following Evelyn?!! It’s time for Evelyn to go!! she’s ruining the show!!

  51. Alanda sales says:

    the show was classy and beautiful, not so many needed on stage it is distracting seven at a time is good much love congrats ms.sales xoxo

  52. lala says:

    now i’m really confused… Everyone is protecting theirself, dont know who to believe and what to believe cos the actual cause isnt being aired….The essense of this programmme is to stand up for each other but instead theres pure jealosy and backstabbing…. So much for friendship…. In the end let the best female win.

  53. Frankie B says:

    Well said Royce!!!!!!!

  54. amazing!!!!so much truth

  55. Sandee says:

    I concur wholeheartedly!!! First up _ Ev was NEVER a friend to Jenn- Eric said it in season 1 and I believed him then and I do now. Grown ass woman trying to spill secrets to make Jenn look bad but in the end Ev is the one smelling of crap. Eve does not realize that when you talk about other people, you show the world who you really are. Suzie is so desperate to be in the inner circle that she would sell her mother to the highest bidder to get there and has done so. A dog that brings a bone carries a bone and your day will come again and soon.

    Tammi was on Wendy Williams tearing up about her children’s reaction to her behavior – how disappointed they were in her – 42 years old and does not know how to behave. Shaunie is such a hypocrite – going to her pastor. She knew that ratings were down, encouraged Eve, Tammi and Suzy with nonsense and then throw them all under the bus last night. She added that bit to make herself look good – those foolish women.

    Cannot believe Eve and Tami criticizing Jenn lip gloss line saying she has 4 colors – any smart business person knows that you perfect your product before going full blast. Eve has forgotten that she has a store full of shoes to get rid off. Foolish women. Shaunie did a nice job of throwing them all under the bus with their ghetto mess.

    Turn the lights off on BBW

  56. Lily says:

    I don’t see no jealousy going on here. Jennifer needs 2 get back on earth and realize she damn black an not white. Every statement she makes always “is like”. She annoys the life out of me. People like that does fall real hard. But thank God she aint white nah because if she black and getting on so, she would have spit on people. And if i was Evelyn and Nia, I would be determined as well to find out what happen to our friendship after so long. Shaunie is the most mature one of all. Evelyn is wayyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooo ignorant and needs to chill. Suzie seems like she likes nothing better than seeing other girls, eg, Kenya and Kesha get bullied!!! Someone needs to put her in her place!!! If she needs a slap for that to happen, so shall it be!!!

  57. Jacqui says:

    Hey! u know what? Lots of times I didn’t like Ms Royce because her personality came off a a bit too raunchy 4 me. But u know after reading her blog I really like gurlriend. She’ down earth more than ANY of the other wives. I truly like her views on varied situations. U know, as a general practice I DON’T and haven’t since my school days like to b involved w/ groups of women. WHY!! u may ask? For the very same reason as Ms Royce. I DO NOT LIKE all the drama that comes w/it. I don’ go for all the gossip, back stabbing, he say she say. Lots of folk don’t like me because of the way I used 2 b. Which does’nt give me a chance to demonstrate what, and the way I am 2 day. O WELL!! I gets my beef off my chest, IF u decide not 2 seize the opportunity THAT’S UR PROBLEM. O WELL!!!!!!!!!!
    So Mdme Royce u r the strait 4ward 1 in the group and seemingly the most honest stay wit who ur r, true 2 thyself if no 1 else.

  58. Sassy says:

    It is so sad that these older woman are acting like this. And they wonder why it’s so much bulling in the schools. (They get it from they mama). These ladies are sad. Eve and Tami need to stop bulling eveybody. They always try to bully the one they think is the weaker link. I guess it makes them feel better. They will continue to be miserable and misery loves company. These ladies are like a deadly virus. The only cure is to say as far away as you can. They need to be removed from the show. I’m with Royce, Jen, and Keisha. You girls keep up the good work. And don’t need Tami in your life. Your are so much better than that. It’s sad that the younger friend can’t look up to the older friend for moral support. Royce you have done nothing wrong. I feel so sorry for the daughters that have to see their moms act like this on national TV. How embarrassing!

  59. marie3548 says:

    again only n Tami’s world who can live without this woman oops we can and Im sure Royce will 2
    Well Well Well isnt that something she as n Tami wasnt there when Kesha supposedly said whateva it was brought back differently than she said it and so what y does ev1 have to live in Tami’s world whats good 4 the goose is certainly good 4 the gander y does Royce have to b present to have an opinion on what was said Tami was not present when Kesha was talking to Royce and Suzy now she cant have it both ways but Tami just wants to b the talk police if she truely knew what frienship was she would listen to Royce if friends cant tell u who can. Obviously they werent friends anyway Tami knows nothing about friendship even her daughter were embarassed by her behavior not surprised just ashamed so this must b the behavior that she iz showing at home.This woman iz a lost cause for now and this is not the first time really Jen could have been the first casualty and to think she wanted to fight Ev for the t-shirts and now she iz doing the same thing her infamous line to Kesha
    there is clearly a double standard in this womans sick mind .
    Only in Tami’s world.
    Can u spell DELUSIONAL
    Is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary
    they are of particular diagnostic importance in psychotic disorders including schizophrenia, paraphrenia, manic episodes of bipolar disorder, and psychotic depression.

    Grinning on Wendy Williams throwing her hair making excuses etc=SAD

  60. marie3548 says:

    And Shaunie is not exempt from the bad press

    Shaunie talking to the pastor is damage control for the cameras u never saw her speaking to a pastor b4 while and when she iz raking in the money she personally brought Tami to the show she knows exactly what she is doing she is sneaky and underhanded and she njoys it all. As they said in the Usual Suspects: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist=Shaunie making the allmighty dollar The Ringmaster of it all.

  61. Cori says:

    I always liked you on the show because u never picked sides and you spoke your mind…good, bad and indifferent….you are the only 1 on the show who shows some sense!!! smdh@ the rest!

  62. morshalee says:


  63. T says:

    OMG Royce you have done it again! I could not have said it better myself, and it’s sad that these grown women can’t act that way and hash out situations without airing dirty laundry. Jen’s choices of who she sleeps with and her use or lack of use of a condom has nothing to do with what they were arguing about. I was a loyal fan of Tami’s especially when she was being talked about by Ev and Jen her first season on the show. To see how she has not only befriended but stuck her head so far up Eve’s a** is sickening. Not only did she sleep with your ex husband, but she called you a non-fing factor AND made TSHIRTS about is and you wanna act like your her best friend!! SMDH. Does she forget the fact that she threatened to sue Eve for those shirts? I though suing others was a punk move Tami?? So why ar you judging Jen for suing people when they put hands on her? You need to mind your own business, and not be so quick to judge others, because you are the main one who always adds fuel to the fire!! I can’t wait for the reunion, but sadly I think that Eve and Tami and just going to give out weak apologies just for TV. I doubt that anyone has really learned for their mistakes, and I don’t think I will be watching this ratchet show next season…

  64. Sherri507 says:

    I don’t watch the show any more but read Royce’s blog because that’s all I need. She tells it like it is and I pray this show doesn’t come back for another season…..shame on VH1.

  65. Delita says:

    Royce you said everything that needed to be said on this blog. I can’t believe Evelyn would go against the gf’s code. She put all her business out there as if her ass ain’t never did it with a random. I really hope these chicks look back and realize they were one hot mess! Well said Royce!

  66. Apolk says:


  67. Chantay says:

    Royce U r So cool and u Tell the truth, I will Have been reading ur Blogs All Season. I have to admite ur R the Realist. Keep u the good Work hun.

  68. u said a mouth FULL ROYCE its almost like u read my mind about everybody….need not to say more {rns}

  69. Ethel Pierre says:

    Royce I could not have said it better. Especially, regarding the statement concerning Shaunie. She has hid behind the fact that she is just as messy as Tami and Evelyn. All the giggles and smerks has caught up with her. Keep being a friend to Tami, because she really needs you. Suzie is a sneak to watch out far. Long as she can stay in the Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie mix, she will tell it all. A dog that will bring a bone, will take a bone.

  70. Melissa says:

    You usually hit it on the head but this time I think you missed it. I think Eve was lashing out because of hurt. Do I agree with her for airing girlfriend secrets no but she seemed pained and we express pain differently. Jen seem high and mighty without any regard to feelings. I’m guessing she was required to go on that trip because clearly she didn’t want to be there.

    Why did this entire season go by without someone confronting Suzie My goodness… I think Tami knows she was wrong but she wanted you to see where she felt she needed to defend herself. Friends do tell friends when they’re wrong just a way to do it. Tami expresses her self to left big time I don’t care for that but you all know that’s what she does. So let’s see if you’re really her friend.
    On Shaunie you are correct. Now let’s see what she does.

  71. Yolanda says:

    Royce, I couldnt have said it any better. My true friends tell me their opinion whether I ask it or not, it helps me to see myself and how I am coming across to others and it helps me to grow….so ppl like Tami and Evelyn need only fake ppl around them bc they cant stand the truth…ie. look how they respond when ppl tell them the truth, to be honest Eve started it all and she has been into it with almost everyone on the show but she claims to be someone to talk

  72. Chantay says:

    I use to be a fan of the show but when they started to display all the chidlish behavior it was a turn off, to see grown women act this way about some she say she say crap! It ‘s crazy to me. This is not what Shaunie&the rest should represent as grown women,This is not cool@all. I love how u call all the ladies out on the bad behavior,Friend or not ,the truth is the truth! If all adults acted on the emotions Everybody would fight everyday, But we have to chose our battles wisely, It’s not worth being stressed out over what somebody has to say about u, U could be as good as gold and someone will always have something bad to say,It is what it is. Royce i have to say i was”nt a fan of urs@first But sense reading ur blogs I have learned U R the realist chick on the show.Good luck.

  73. Nikki says:

    Royce, Royce, Royce… Girl you called that Spade a Spade. I love every word of it.

  74. Royce u are the only one on this show with sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You really showed it by refusing to go on that ghetto fest trip!!!!!!!!!!! One thing I can agree with the girls on is, I don’t understand why Jen even came? It was clear that Kenya went to set Evelyn straight and I respected the way she handled that but Jen I didn’t get it?

    We all know how ghetto, classless and two faced Evelyn, Susie and Tami are but Shaunie has truly made herself look worst then all of them and now she expects the world to feel sorry for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too Late!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The entire conversation with Jen was crazy!!!!!!!!! She stands up 4 the wrong things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But as I told u be fore u really need to jump ship b 4 it sinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Dani says:

    Wow, if that wasn’t a “how great am I” blog I don’t know what was. Royce, stop trying to act like you are above everyone else. It’s funny that you’re taking up for Jenn & she didn’t like yo azz for almost 4 seasons. That situation involves Ev & Jen, not you. Obviously, none of us know the real deal and frankly, I don’t give a ish. As for you & Tami, you did take Kesha’s side plain & simple. You needed to stay neutral, but you didn’t. Kesha has been shown repeatedly talking ish off camera but when confronted, she acts like a 2 yr old. As for airing dirty laundry, umm you just did the same thing. Shaunie never called anyone ghetto. She said when she’s conducting business, especially with other AA, if they think she’s noting but a hot ghetto mess. You obviously have issues with her and like someone else said, if you condem the show why are you coming back? You’re not a part of it anyways. Oh, I know why…$$$$$. LOL this blog was judgmental and kinda fake which is surprising. At any time you can simply walk away. Maybe its time to do so.

  76. trinijunkie says:

    so far you are the most articulate and 100% without the drama of all the women i’ve seen on basketball wives, everything you’ve written could not have been said any better. you guys know the behind the scenes and what really goes on during filming, so its always better to hear it from the horses mouth than to see the edited version of people’s lives and make and assesment or judgement. all the best in what you are doing, God bless!

  77. Mz on it 2 the T says:

    SHUT THE HELL UP ROYCE!!!! You are a fake cry baby anyways…..and BORING AS HELL. You so fake, fake as a three dollar bill. You only jock Keshia cause she’s friends with the producers of the show. Tammi was right to drop you, you are a fake friend. You daddy was the one who truly exposed you for what you are…NEEDY!

  78. @Mobwives2 says:

    POW! is all i have to say! It started with realness and ended with realness. About time you got rid of Tami OLD ass!

  79. patti says:

    . Let’s see how well the cast did to promote their independent ventures outside of BBW and may the best woman win! I got my money on Royce and Jenni

    Agree totally Candice with this statement! wishing them both good in their endeavors, as we will more than likely be reading of Tami and Evelyns arrests“`lmao (bipolar maniacs) Chad aren’t you proud hahahah

  80. loa says:

    I guess genesis reyes is royce’s baby daddy girl. Royce is the realest of the dem chicks. She said she wasn’t perfect. Please get a life.

  81. Evelyn F says:

    Royce stay classy young lady.If you go back and review the types ,Suzie was the cause of all this drama. Every time someone told her something she would go back running her damn mouth.

  82. LBates says:

    As usual, well said.

  83. The Truth says:

    Why does GENESIS REYES sound like Evelyn (the Hater) lool GOOOO SIT DOWWWNNNN

  84. JboogyJ says:

    Tell it like it T- I -S Sister Royce!!

  85. Lishey says:

    Keep it real Royce..I love you girl!!

  86. rhonda short says:

    way 2 go royce u told the truth they look like fools i cnt bleieve tami will no longer b ur friend bcause u dnt agree with het stupidness.suzy is so i dnt even hve a name 4 her.she just tries to fit n no matter what it takes.royce u r doing better then any of the girls on the show.u the only one who dint look so stupid this season i bet they r so jealous of u.4get them royce even tami.

  87. Pat says:

    Ok Royce…the entire season was very disturbing. There is not one person that I can say didn’t do something disturbing. You had your moment with all the rest. I hope that each and every one of you learned something from this experience. If not, that’s a shame!

  88. S. White says:

    You know that last segment with Shaunie was added after the firestorm about the bullying. She was not at all concerned aboUt the violence until people started protesting. It was so obvious that scene was added last minute to make it seem like Shaunie expressed those feelings before the backlash. If she was really concerned about their behavior, she could have stopped any of the confrontations/fights before they started. She sat back, watched it, tried to play innocent, and counted her money all the way to the bank.

  89. powerpuffs says:


  90. rosebud683 says:

    tell it, royce. you do tell it like it is and you don’t bs.
    you and jen and kesha and kenya are the only normal ones on the show.
    shaunie must really need money to put her name on the trash that was displayed this season. shame on all of these messy bullies.

  91. MD20/20 says:

    LOVE U ROYCE!!!!

  92. BasketballFan says:

    Welp Royce another season has ended… I can honestly say that you have made some major changes.. I’m sorry for the way things turned out with Tami but sometimes you have to let go and let God have his way.. I believe Tami will look back and see all you were trying to do is be a good friend and prevent all the backlash she’s receiveing now, because you know from experience.. (WE BLOGGERS WENT HARD ON YOU TOO IN THE BEGINNING) Last episode was the worst to me.. As usual, nothing was resolved and the fake damage control Shaunie attemped made me throw up in my mouth because all season long Shaunie never stepped in to diffuse the conflict… Did you notice the way Shaunie dodged the Pastor question about what does Shaunie do when all the conflict is unfolding in front of her? I did… She slipped right around that one.. HOT MESS for Shaunie is an understatement.. She’s a FLAMING HOT MESS to the 10th power.. Welp Royce, I’m trully gonna miss your blogs, you are a very talented writer… It’s funny because in the beginning, I couldn’t stand you… Now, you’re my all time favorite of basketball wives.. I’ve seen you grow and become a better person right before my eyes… That’s the BBW’S I wanted to see when it first started… I wish you all the best of luck to you Royce… You STAYED UP, YOU STAYED YOU, AND YOU STAYED BLESSED!!! SN: I don’t know whats going to happpen with you and Tami’s frienship but if you ever talk to her again, please tell Tami that it’s not wise to critisize the VIEWERS/FANS when the negativity that’s displayed on TV for millions to see by saying “WE TAKE BASKETBALL WIVES TO SERIOUS” because if it wasn’t for our feedback, and our tunning in for the DRAMA, the show wouldn’t be successful as it is.. Negative breed negative and positive breed positive… We’re responding to the actions displayed on television to us.. “We’re not behind the scenes Tami.” Deflecting the negativity you’re receiveing back on us because you’re now on the ass end of the backlash is plain ole ungreatful! I’m just saying…

  93. sexybrownpyt says:

    Somebody’s is HATING on ROYCE HARD @GENESIS REYES. Anyways ROYCE is on the show and your NOT!! So stop being JEALOUS!!! Royce you comments were on POINT!!! Loved it!! Funny how you only gave Suzie two sentences…LMAO!!! YES Tami and Ev is definitely RATCHET!! Arguing about what was said on TWITTER is childish!! and Ev breaking the G code was RATCHET, ev is so pitiful for that. Tami was all up in EV arse this season, it sickened me. Shanie your a God follower now!!! she went from being a mediator to two-faced follower!! Shaunie you are so Confused!!!

  94. Lavine says:

    Royce…THANK YOU! I couldn’t have said it better…other than…you needed to call Suzie out on more of her BS!

  95. Ree-ree says:

    Bravo Royce!!

    I think you are the only one on the show that has any sense!!! I don’t think any of these women with the exception of Kesha understand the true meaning of friendship. As far as Tami is concened she has so many issues that she is unable to be a true friend…you are better off!! I hope you are on season five because you are one of my favorites!!

  96. Well SAID ROYCE! says:

    Here! here!
    (Royce the youngest and the most sense!)

    I’m so glad your seeing Tammy in the real light.
    Tammy as usual, All those WORDS!!!! AND MORE WORDS!!!

    Shaunie, I get where your coming from…. But there’s a little something OFF Here…. I’m no sure exactly where you and the show begin and end.

    Good luck!

  97. Barbara R. Davies says:

    hey, Royce i love you for speaking your mind , because what you wrote is the truth Tami should be ashame of her self saiding that your not a friend to her because you want to diagree with her. Im so glad that youre your own person. dont let nobody change you.Because friends disagree, Royce your different from Tami drop her as your friend. Tami is and animal,your ways are kind and caring for people.

  98. Sherry198 says:

    Royce thank you so much for being a real adult !! I am so glad someone had the balls to tell it like it is. I really use to like this reality show, but now I am not sure if I will continue to watch it. I have never seen black women, with money act this way !! No class at all. I can see why all of their husbands left them for other women !! I know some things must be said and done for ratings, but PLEASE !! To Shaunie,Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie I guess you can give a girl lots of money, a famous man, and take her out of the ghetto, but I guess you just can’t take the dam ghetto out of the girl !! I will pray for all of you ladies.

  99. Loretta says:

    This season, more than the previous ones, was about a Gang of thugs (with a few exceptions, you Royce) who happen to be black females. Tammi was the leader of the gang, Shaunie and Evelyn were her lieutenants and Susie, the pathetic informant. For all the money Shaunie made, she didn’t earn a penny of integrity.

  100. Mac says:

    I agree 100% with Royce! Evelyn never wanted to fix things with Jen, all she wanted to do was provide a show for the ladies that were there, and to air out all of Jen’s business was really low.

    Tami is a bully, and lives in la, la, la, what she did to Keisha was really bad; she is constantly stirring up things and in her little pea brain she believes that all the ladies have to bow down to her and kiss her butt, but she is the big bad wolf. Most of the issues, arguments that have gone down on the show have been because of Tami. She lies and doesn’t understand when people speak because she does not listen or does not have the brains to understand.

    Suzie, what a joke, she is a hypocrite, liar and a low life, and threw her so called friend Keisha under the bus!

    Shaunie, is no better than Evelyn, Tami or Suzie, because if she was better she would not have allowed what Tami did to Keisha or the crap she was talking about Royce, “Ghetto Hot mess” what do you all think?

  101. Royce Rules says:

    Royce who knows if the haters on your page are actually former caste members writing crap! Really I know who cares? I think you are a great writer. You sound like a lovely young woman! Don’t give up on friendships there is someone out there as loving and loyal and real as you! God bless you and your family! Thanks for keeping it real.

  102. I'mWithRoyce says:

    Royce I must say you lost “cool points” with me when you took part in setting up Suzie in the 1st season but you have redeemed your self over the last 2 seasons. So kudos for growth and maturity. Now I must say I’m with you on CALLING SHAUNIE OUT ON HER CHILDISH BEHAVIOR AS IT RELATES TO YOU, which has kind of been downplayed. In the real world people have issues the squash them and move on, especially in the work place. This is a job and not a charity event right?

  103. Dee says:

    Royce you are so on point….m sentments exactly…unfortunately i hopevthe show ges canceled and there is noseason 5…if there is I’ll just read your blog to get your opinion of the episodes I will not be watching the show.

  104. DEE says:


  105. Love Royce! says:

    You go Royce!!!….put…..Evelyn….Tami and even Shaunie on blast! Especially, Shaunie who many viewers didn’t know WON’T EVEN FILM WITH YOU!!!!….And doesn’t have a valid reason for not doing so….other than she realize you are not one of her minions!…..Like Evelyn and Tami!

  106. lisa11 says:

    Dang Dani and Mz on it 2 the T are dimwitted haters. Look down your jealousy is showing.
    Royce was 100% correct about Shaunie. All of a sudden she wants disagreements resolved. What about her issues with Gloria? I don’t see her fixing that. Her problems with Laura, Royce,etc.
    The fact is Shameless shaunie is trying to quash the lawsuit that Jenn have. She wants kenya and Keisha, not sue. This is just a fake act to keep her show going.
    I will only watch next season’s show if Shaunie, Tammi, Suzie, and evilyn is fired.
    They are boring, bully beotches who is definitely Not entertaining.

  107. Patti says:

    You raise very good points about all of them!! I can’t wait to see the reunion to see how you manage them! You go girl!

  108. LA SHAWN says:

    Right on Royce. Tammy was very wrong to take it to that extent concerning Kesha. I’m not a fan of Kesha, but she didn’t deserve that. Tammy could see she was terrified. I wish that could’ve been me because I would have snatched my purse and keys. Somebody please smack Susie, she is an instigator. She so scared and glad that she’s not in the hot seat but its coming soon. Evelyn is pretty yet so ugly in her ways. Why Evelyn? Shaunie should stay on the show. When they were gonna rigg Jenn’s room with itching powder or whatever, she was right there—helping. Jenn’s ex-husband (Eric) told her Evelyn wasn’t her friend and he was right. I’m so disappointed in Tammy’s less than a teen-ager’s behavior. She’ll meet her match and I’m gonna be right there to watch. Matter of fact can I come on the show?

  109. Danny says:

    Royce I totally agree with you in everything that you said. You are one of the realest people I know in this show… As we know Evelyn, Tamia, Shaunie, and Suzie are are BULLIES! Shaunie is a sneaking person, she doesn’t argue, but she participates in all the drama that goes on, and NEVER stops it. Shaunie is wrong for trying to back Jenn talk to Evelyn, Jenn is such a mature person and we see that through this entire season. Tami is a bullying and doesn’t hide it, she cuss, fights, and EVERYTHING. i wonder what he children think about her, I would be embarrass. Suzie is a fake and two faced. Everything that goes on, she runs back and tell Evelyn and Tami. Suzie just wants to be in the group, so she will do anything to be in the group. Evelyn is the person who I hate the most. The way that she solves problems is so childish, she is a GROWN WOMEN! GROW UP! If i was Jenn i would not want to talk to evelyn either, she doesn’t know how to have a civil convo! Hopefully on the reunion, Evelyn may apologize (probably not though)

  110. Bella says:

    Royce – I am a big fan of yours! I have been hurt, ousted, and stab in the back by a group of friends several years ago because they did not like the guy I was dating. Needless to say Karma (which I strongly believe in) has proven all of their nasty choices in their own life. The circle of Karma will come back to these ladies of that I have no doubt. You don’t go around hurting people with intent to hurt and it not come back to you. To this day I have no real female friends for fear of being back stabbed again. I stay true to myself, and leave the rest to God.
    Thanks Royce for letting women like me know we are not alone when it comes to being hurt by a “friend”

  111. once a fan says:

    I always liked u cus of ur honesty and I tink that’s y ev and shaunie didn’t. I used to like tami also but she turned into a mimi ev. I didn’t like jen for either season cus she was always behind ev but now that she has come into her own I absolutely love her- and ur rite no interview of her says anything bout ev. Seems like ev need to find out where her friends is be getting their info from. Suzie is the ass wipe as usual she is sayin its not her fault but she went bac and took wat was said between u her and kesha bac to tami she aint gun stop til they switch on her again. Kenya was missing a lot but I thought given wat she did to her husband she wud hv put ev and tami in their place but I’m glad she didn’t stoop their level – thanks for being the only sensible person on the show if only for ur opinion I wud appreciate the show.

  112. Linnie says:

    Royce, you are on point! It’s a shame that those women, Shaunie being the leader, are acting like animals. Unfortunately, I had to stop watching the show because it serves no value whatsoever. Where are the teaching moments? Tami needs to be locked up and the key thrown away! Evelyn sucks and Chad or Ched will send her through the ringer! Suzie is a straight up punk!

  113. Fan says:

    Royce you said many valid points. I wish that you and Jennifer would not come back to the show, but if you do you two ladies should stay away from the other hoodrats. I hope that Jennifer has learned the true meaning of friendships and think about things she went along with Evelyn and still had to take her turn. As for Tami Roman I don’t know why you wanted to be friends with that Frothy Dog. Tami wanted to be in the circle so bad and loves Evelyn with a passion, that she took it farther than Suzie. I wish you and Jennifer the best and tell Evelyn Lozada that the viewers can’t stand her dumb stupid loose ass. I wanted Tami fired after the first season and she really should have been fired after the Meeka fight but I guess I was the only one feeling that way.

  114. Tracy Wright says:

    Royce I’m Looking forward to seeing you in Season 5.
    Love your blogs and your insight. I think its Fabulous that you have a dance company Fantashique to teach girls to dance, and build up their self esteem.
    Continued Blessings and Success to you..

  115. Lisa Harrison says:

    Damn Royce! You hit the nail right on the head…on Shaunie, Tami, and Eveylyn…My sister and I was saying the same thing about all three. Some words of wisdom…I know you love your dad and he loves you, but I feel you should let him deal with the situation on his own time…you do you…and…you and dezmon do your thing. good luck to you Royce…stay real and be happy.

  116. jollyranchercandie says:

    Royce, I love you! You and Kesha are the most mature in this show, and both of you are too good for the show. Kesha and you should get together and make a dance-based reality show. Everyone loves you both. xoxo

  117. Kisha says:

    You are a good friend to Tami and if she don’t see that then she should go back to counseling…a real friend tells you when you are wrong and that’s what you did…she just wanted you to be scared of her like the other women are on that show….Shaunie is supposed to be the mature one of the group but she let Evelyn and Tami act like fools in front of her without saying anything to them about their behavior…to me she is just as bad as they are….Evelyn and Tami need to grow up and act their age…what do you look like over 30 still wanting to beat ppl up…are you serious? Get it together ladies!!!! (and I use the term ladies loosely)

  118. Wahinijag says:

    I knew you was real from da first episode, just keep being you lady!!!!!!!!!!

  119. carm says:

    Royce, you turned out to be the best person on that show and I agree with you, especially when it comes to Jenny. I wish her much success and you and Kiesha as well. When the ship began to sink, you were the only class act on that show. Shaunie should be thanking you. Best of luck and if you pop up on a show again, ill be watching cause you always kept it real.

  120. Lili says:

    I feel bad for Tami’s daughters; if I had a mother who acted like Tami, I would be so embarrassed!
    It makes no sense for her to act that way, she is just stupid and immature. Tami needs to see a therapist and not just for anger management…..she has all kids of issues.
    Shaunie is the worst one of all because she is shady and sneaky. She instigates and then wants to act like she didn’t do anything.
    Suzie is just desperate to be friends with Evelyn, Shaunie, and Tami. Remind me again why is Suzie on the show. She is boring and two faced….always going back to the mean girls what the others do. I don’t understand why Royce, Keisha, and Jen still talk to Suzie. THey need to get her off the show

  121. Angela Gilliam-Burke says:


  122. Devona616 says:

    Man…Royce aint no joke… You go Royce. The non-factor ( tami) and the last slice of pizza that nobody wants (Evelyn) are two bi-polar thugs with the mentality of 6 year olds. The entire season tall they says was you were talking about me behind my back. I guess they are the only two that is allowed to talk about ppl behind their back. And somebody please get the non factor and the last slice of pizza that nobody wants hooked on phonics because they are to old to have such a limited voculary. Im goin get a tee shirt made that says you may be a non factor… But you are the last slice of pizza that NOBODY wants. Shaunie I just shake my head it you. Susie what a waste. Jen you rock.. I’m glad you drop those zeroes you can do better there is no hope for those two. Royce two thumbs up I would like to see Jen and Royce friendship blossom.

  123. janelle says:

    Angel-Face said EVERYTHING! i would have said! thanks boo…ur on are u royce.

  124. Herma says:

    Tami has already apologized and publicly at that…isn’t it time we get off her case and allow her to go on…what is done is done!

  125. Katie says:


  126. Again, well said Royce. Keep on being real.

  127. Sharon says:

    You are the bomb keep telling it like it is Thank you

  128. Deborah Riggs says:

    Royce, you hit the nail on the head…you told it like it is and like it was. Tammi was my girl because she spoke her mind and I used to defend her when me and my friends had conversation about the show but what she did to Kiesha was wrong, wrong as all outdoors. I don’t blame Kiesha for calling the police or attempting to call the police because Tammi held her belongings hostage…I would have done the same if I was put in that situation. And as far as Shauni, I believe she is part of the whole mess…she could/should have stopped a lot of this mess if she really and truely wanted too. And Evelyn is a bully with a capital B…what type of person make it a rule to fight a person because of words. I was always told that words or words, as long as they don’t put their hands on you it’s all good and you can walk away. Have anyone figure it out yet that every time mess starts is because of Miss Susie Q. She goes and tell everything that is told to her…she is not to be trusted. Jen, you don’t have to stoop to their level…hell, take them to court if they put their hands on you. Just because you tell a person ” I wish you would”, doesn’t mean that you want them to lay their hands on you or anyone else for that matter. Jen, I’m glad you took the high road in this whole stupid mess.

    Oh well, I’m going to call it quits for now because I will go on and on talking about this mess. Goodnight everyone and Royce, you continue speaking the truth :)

  129. Deborah Floyd says:

    Royce you can tell the one’s that don’t have positive things going on in there life. I know this is a show for TV but it could have been a little more positive. Instead people are just think that same oh stereotype about black women, hispanic women , and white women to..
    These lady’s are drinking champagne, and fine wine, good drinks. AND THEY ACT LIKE THERE DRINKING , [ WILD IRISH ROSE ] AND OLD ENGLISH 8OO thats sad for lady to be able to travel and see beauiful things that some people will never see in there lifetime . And to buy somethings you want in your lifetime, If i was able to buy or pamper myself I would not have time to show how ignorant I CAN BE PEACE…

  130. Philly26 says:

    Royce well said….. I don’t understand why thes grown women act the way hey do. This show is alittle click. If Evelyn is upset with someone, the rest of the women are upset. this is some middle school type behavior.Its said how Shaunie sat back and watched all these things happen.

  131. Shocked says:

    Royce everything you said was 100% accurate. It is sad that Tami would state that your friendship was over because you corrected her. Honestly, if that is the case, she does not deserve to have you in her life. If your friend cannot tell you when you are wrong, then who is supposed to be able to tell you??? Tami really has issues, and to be an adult bully is really discerning! Evelyn is crazy, and it is amazing that she thinks she could be right under any circumstance! When did it become acceptable to put your hands on another adult? It never has! Jen had every right to file a police report and Tami’s comment regarding “not being the way they handled it in the hood”, that is not acceptable, you are NOT 12 years old! Also, Evelyn with airing Jen’s sex life because she “talked” about her- seriously!?!? That was so wrong, and Evelyn is a disgusting person. It is shocking that anyone would marry her! Shaunie is the saddest of they all! How dare her condone Tami’s and Evelyn’s behavior?! This show has nothing positive to offer, and Shaunie should be ashamed of themselves. Jen can say whatever she like to whomever she likes, on whatever medium she selects; FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Simply ignore her or fire back if it bothers you that badly! This show makes minority women look very ignorant. With the exception of yourself, Jen, and Kesha, the rest of the cast is ugly and pathetic!!!! Poor Suzie, anything to be accepted! Guess you were the ugly duckling in high school…

  132. DeeTexas says:

    Even if its a season 5 I will not watch it because Royce and Jen or the only real ones. I feel Royce can blog about it with out even being in it. So I will continue reading her blogs,

  133. She says:

    Royce you are the realist one..nuff said!

  134. LA LA says:

    You know, I find some things that Royce says to be true, and Im glad that she is coming into her own with this show, because i doubt that she would have on her own.. She never had any since of style or grace or ethics, LETS JUST REFERENCE TO SEASON 1 WHEN SHE DID THAT STRIPPER DANCE AT THE POOL PARTY AND FOR EVELYNS BIRTHDAY PARTY.. Its blows me way on how now she wants to play Dr. Phil and talk smack about the people who helped get her where shes at.. This show has given her a platform to different avenues that she would have never had before. Listen (LOL, I always wanted to say that..) Royce, quit acting as if you came into this show all mature, I know that there may be growth with you because of this show, but really, quit.. Im embarrassed for you.. Just do you, im glad you got a new man thats stuck around longer that 5 minutes.. Im not trying to bag, but im finding in this season your trying to act like a little girl, that has just informed the public of your son, yet you want to be all opinionated about everyones situation.. I get how you want to stay out of it, but dont act like you never started any of that drama, thats why eve cant stand your fake self.. IDK.. Keep it really, and quit acting like your all grown MADIA.. Just be the bounce, lost Royce we have all come to know and luv.. And no more pool parties for you.. Every time I see the show and your doing the mother teresa act, i reference back to the pool part and I say, THIS GIRL NEEDS TO QUIT, SHES MAKING ME LAUGH.. Good luck..

  135. mz8 says:

    all i can say is YOU GO ROYCE, you rock lol now thats keeping it 100 and your fans lovee you

  136. kc says:

    Royce u ve grown so mature…a round of applause to u.As for tami ,u dont v to b friends wt her..shes so bitter at life..i dont tink she needs therapy..she needs to b locked in a mental institute.i wuld b so ashmed to cal her my mom.Eeewww.evelyn is sumtin else..she nids to kip it movin wt her life.we so damn tired of her crocodile tears…smssh.jen shld definateli knw who r real friends are.suzie shld b booted out frm nxt season..she gat absoluteli nufftin to offer.shaunie iis a ghetto two faced person..truth must b heard frm her frm al d opinoins of d other lady.we are hopihng for a change in nxt season..

  137. Rasheedah Harris says:

    Shaunie, I think you should just let Ms. Royce Reed go cause the only thing is got is her Baby Daddy and he dont want to be seen with her and the NFL player she is dateing now is going to to let her go just watch, Tami dont waste your time with lil Royce nobody want to film with her beside the new people you have on there.

  138. Rasheedah says:

    Royce Reed is just a haterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  139. Rasheedah says:

    Royce, now wasn’t the one that was STRIPPER DANCE AT THE POOL PARTY a while ago and you didnt know how to dress and now your on here talking about everybody Damn Royce and you can even keep a man for no longer then 5min LALA SAID ON HERE. I’M ALL WITH LALA ON THIS ONE ABOUT YOU ROYCE, Im not trying to bag, but im finding in this season your trying to act like a little girl, that has just informed the public of your son, yet you want to be all opinionated about everyones situation.. I get how you want to stay out of it, but dont act like you never started any of that drama, thats why eve cant stand your fake self.. IDK.. Keep it really, and quit acting like your all grown MADIA.. Just be the bounce, lost Royce we have all come to know and luv.. And no more pool parties for you.. Every time I see the show and your doing the mother teresa act, i reference back to the pool part and I say, THIS GIRL NEEDS TO QUIT, SHES MAKING ME LAUGH.. Good luck..

  140. Angela Caldwell says:

    You are absolutely correct. I did not see a true sisterhood displayed.Stay true yo yourself and keep it moving.

  141. Michael says:

    Royce, I must totally agree with this blog. People forget the fact that Ms. Oneal put fish in someone room and hid her hands. I often say I wish I had rich people problems, but if I had to trade my life for Tammy, Shaunie or EVELYN I would not. Even though mathmatically I dont have much I do have the love of my friends and family. How disturbing it was to see Tammy scream at someone and Evelyn to not just let go. I know I am one of many who thinks that everyone on this show needs an emotional overhaul. I wish you much sucess Royce and for all of you I hope they are paying you well to at like clowns. I hope the cost is not more than gain.

  142. muffey says:

    Royce, do you have West Indian Lineage? You come across as someone who does. You are pretty with a friendly face, educated and seems like someone who had parents who taught you good values. West Indian parents and grand parents are known for that. You see, being black is never mentioned in the home; it’s always “you are a beautiful girl” never a beautiful black, white, chinese or indian girl. Our color is not mentioned because it is not important, The type of person you are is the key. Stay beautiful, smart and never keep company with alley rats. Suzie is a good friend and looks like a very decent person with good upbringing. Birds of a feather stick together. Let the hood rats stay together. There is no commonality between you and that mad, evil, hateful Tami, and you are better off staying away from it. Yes “it” because she is not a human being but a crazed animal that needs to be caged.

  143. Lynn Lewis says:

    Royce youe are truly a good friend cause what you did with Tami is what my friends do to me if I do somethign out of line they tell what I did wrong (not focus on the other person) she is your friend and you know she is better than that and all you where saying is that be better do better you dont have to disrespect anyone to get your pont across. You are on point with the rest of the girls cause thats what they act like high scoolers I am 31 and I dont act like that we got beef lets talk this out like women not kids and if you dont want to do that then we can go our seperate ways, I will not speak about you its just not that dee. Shaunie you are a hot mess you should be ashamed of the bull**** that you let go on between these ladies you are supposed to be the mediator and you just sit and watch and let crap happen there is no way in the heck grown women would act like that in my prescence.

  144. Tracy says:

    I just have to say I am glad you stayed on the show until the world saw the truth. I never like the way the girl where, I just didnt understand how ppl thought Eve and Tami was cool.

  145. Rachele says:

    PREACH!!!! Girl, you were always one of my faves, as is Tami… I COMPLETELY agree with everything you said, and it was all very well put. Shaunie is a flip-flopper who is too scared to get a backbone and express her real feelings. We all saw that she was a punk in the second season when Gloria called her the “C” word and she did absolutely nothing. Not that I feel you need to physically fight every time you have a disagreement with someone, but damn, stand up for yourself! Stand up for what you think is right. I’m not about the drama either, so I can see where she’s coming from with that, but you don’t have to be a punk to be drama free.
    As far as Tami goes, I think she was wrong for what she said about you, but at the same time, her head was messed up from the whole Keisha situation, and she obviously wasn’t thinking clearly. But you’re right, if she’s gonna question your friendship just because you had a difference of opinion, then you don’t need friends like that. I recently had a similar situation happen to me, and my “best friend” stopped talking to me because we had a difference of opinion and I chose to live my own life… Kick that bullish to the curb! Just keep doin you girl, cause I’ve said from day one that you (and Tami, for the most part lol) are the realest one(s) on the show.

  146. Mrs. C says:

    Team Royce! Now this is a t-shirt I would buy!!. Love you girl and will continue to as long as you continue to stand for THE TRUTH.

  147. Lady T. says:

    Royce, your are about the realest one on this show, and you’re direct ad fair. I am so glad you’ve backed away from all of this child’s play, rather it was voluntarily or involuntarily! Shaunie is so damn fake until it’s not funny, cashing in on a bunch of jackass women, then has the nerve his to counsel with her pastor, really? Shaunie should’ve been done that, and I hope she takes heed to what he told her, in order to move up the mountain, you must leave some people and thngs in the valley……(TAMI, EVELYN, SUZIE) DRAMA QUEENS AND STARTERS

  148. Royce I really applaud you on standing up and having your own opinion and not being scared to tell someone their wrong because you are worried about not being in “THE CIRCLE.” Tami used to be one of my favorites, no longer because she is a bully and quick to jump in with Ev on her Jenn issues. Really? Its none of her business shut up sometimes.You dont have to be on every set in everyones busness passing out stupid advice when u got your own issues. Suzie I cant believe you were the first person at Keshas door when you were the one that threw her under the bus. All you try to do is keep heat off yourself and on everyone else because you dont have the guts to not go along with what “THE CIRCLE” wants you to do.Shaunie you go along with whateva for ratings and then try to actually have an epiphany moment on the final show, about the ladies being a ghetto mess. Too little too late. Ev, u r who u r at all times cant say you have flip flopped, love your fashion sense but maybe u do need to stop jumping on tables. Congrats on your marriage. Jen u r bougie but I love u and your fashion sense is off the meter. Keep doing u. Oh and one more thing Royce stop crying and man up.

  149. klea says:

    Phew!! Someone that finally can tell it like it is and keep it real. From Evelyn airing Jenn’s laundry that is definitely not being a true friend! Evelyn you made your statement. Past, present, and future FRIENDS of mine I would NEVER divulge anything that they have told me in private. Evelyn you need to look up what a friend is. You stated the truth,the facts, and the ugly and if a real woman can’t accept it then they have their own demons to work on.

    Royce through the good, the bad, and ugly. You define a black woman and have displayed yourself consistently throughout the show. You don’t back down :) Continue to be you!!!!

  150. otis says:

    Royce, you are cool as ice cold lemonade in the summer time. It’s funny how the two “Dancers”… Hated and called all types of treacherous names by the “Wives”… are actually the two best people on the show (when you look at morals and personality).

  151. sensualcee64 says:

    The episode in Tahiti when tami “took” Keisha’s purse and berated her like a child still stands out in my mind. How can another human being degrade another person who is made of flesh and blood like yourself. Whenever that episode re-airs, I turn the channel because I cannot bare to see that it is so hurtful to see. My heart goes out to Keisha. What I am more annoyed about is the fact that Shaunie, the producer of the show allowed such behavior. At what point was enough enough. Shaunie does not realize that this makes her look real bad and if no one takes her serious going forth then serves her right.

  152. Mojisola says:

    I am very dissapointed with Shaunie to side with negative people like Evelyn and Tami. They reflect a different side of you.

  153. Drea85 says:

    Royce you hit it on the head!!! Ev has loyalty to NO ONE!!!! If Tami and Shauni don’t see that then they better not do anything around her cause she’ll spill once she’s good and mad at them!! Suzie is the worst!!!!!

  154. Archie Davidson says:

    Royce continue to be you,a strong black woman all that fussing,fighting doesn’t make sense,your friend is your friend so why fight,tell their business,some people love misery
    remember a friend will stick closer than a brother,sister,we cant change them but we can be
    their friends.look at the world looking at you and the others.what they see is a bunch of women arguing,cussing,fighting,bullying.lord Tami is a good person but a bully,all that stress causes heart attacks and she has children to live for.keep this in mind i want all of you ladies to excel and in order to do so quit putting each other down and be real friends.that includes you too Suzie who keeps stuff stirred up,Ev you are heavy burden and in despair remember god cares for you. love you all a basketball wives fan.

  155. mz says:

    see this is why you are my favorite! read em like a book! st8 up no chaser.. all of them are fake, fake and more fake!

  156. Keep it real says:

    Royce very well said u told it like it was the truth always hurt I hope the 3 stooges can now take criticism cus they sure know how to belittle others and then try to act so innocent ijs LET US PRAY for them oh I forgot about the flabber fibber and troubling Suzie may she loose her tongue lol

  157. Roz says:

    Royce, great blog. Like you said, if your frienship with Tami ended because of your friend to friend conversations with her during this season, then there was never a friendship in the first place. I 1000% agree with you regarding Shaunie being an executive producer and appearing in the show. It is a CONFLICT IMO. There is no way she could be objective doing that, and it is totally unhealthy on all kinds of levels if you’re trying to effectively produce a believable piece of work. No real executive would fratnize with their employees! Yes, you can be friends, but you have to know how to seperate the two. But, I guess that’s not possible when everything about the show was fake including the friendships…… hell, especially the friendships.

    To Shaunie, chile take your pastor’s advice about leaving the losers in the valley if you plan to go the the mountaintop, that’s just GOOD OLE ADVICE THERE!!!

  158. monica says:

    @Rasheedah Harris you seem like a Royce groupie and hatter,leaving 3 comments, get a job forreal. Royce is RIGHT in EVERYTHING she said. Tammi is a bully and now that her money may be afftect she wants to cry and say fake apoligies, shaunie acts all inncent when really she just starts all this mess and stirs it right back up. Suzie, I mean I dont understand her role besides being the snitch that tells every damn thing. Royce is the ONLY one who is honest and seems to be a real friend. Ev and Jen was supposed to be friends for over a decade and Ev can jus air out biz like that on TV how low class is that..Childish..GOd dont like ugly so they will all get theirs…ROYCE keep doing you girl!! your the only sane one in the bunch!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. shanile says:

    Ev- BULLY and NO CLASS
    SHaunie- INSTAGATOR, No Class becuase you plot all this BS and than act innocent.FAKE
    Suzie-SNITCH and lame
    JEN- realizing who real friends are but real BARBIE PRETENDING like. MATURE
    KEisha-?????? To soft to be on the show

  160. kimberly says:

    royce ur the only real one who is on bbw love u girl

  161. Jenee says:

    As always, keepin’ it 100%, Miss Missy (Synclaire voice). LOL I will continue to support you in your endeavors, but I cannot support THIS one any longer. “Basketball Wives” went from being a decent representation of what goes on in the lives of ballers’ wives (or women) to a Jerry Springer-Maury style of reality t.v. And I believe that you, Kesha, and Jennifer are the ONLY ones with class, respect, and maturity. And since we ALL know that negativity is what sells, I’ll have to support your books and other side projects.

    As for Tami “Issues” Anderson-Roman, I am SO tired of her trying to justify her bad behavior, as well as her little tagalongs, Shaunie and Evelyn (who’s REALLY in charge, Shaunie?). And to say that she doesn’t know if you two will continue to be friends because you told her that her behavior was out of line? It WAS!!! I and all of America saw it with–as she said to a former “Real World” co-star–”our OWN two eyes”. (Sounds familiar, though; she tried to justify her behavior on that show, too, but QUICKLY got put in check by one Heather B. during a “Real World Reunion” show.) Like you said, if that’s all it takes to end your “friendship”, then she was never really your friend to begin with. It’s like, “Co-sign everything I say and do; if not, we need to separate.” Are we still in GRADE SCHOOL? Like, come ON!!! I expect that out of elementary school kids, not grown women who are parents.

    SOMEONE is really gonna punch Suzie in the mouth one day, because she stirs the pot SOOOOO much. And then sits back like, “All I said was…” If y’all are looking for the big mouth….THERE SHE IS!!!

    Evelyn isn’t worth the words that I’m typing now, but I will say this: What goes around comes around. And OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH, when it comes around….

    Wow, I had just about as much to say as you did. LOL But seriously, it was fun while it lasted. You keep being positive and do you, and let them self-destruct.

  162. princess says:

    NEXT (laughing)!!

  163. Enough Already says:

    Evelyn: Are you the same person who said many times over the four seasons of BW that you would never tell someone’s secret? You have proved to be a liar who would say anything to make herself look good at the moment; especially while you’re acting a fool. Telling Jennifer’s secrets was atrocious. I don’t know about girl codes or anything like that (even though I’m a woman). I just know that you don’t get mad and start slinging dirt. All your other friends should be aware of what you are capable of before they tell you their secrets. If I was Jennifer, even though I would forgive you, I could never trust you again and our “friendship” would definitely be at the point of no return. Actually, it should have been at the point of no return when you hit her in the head with your purse. Violence is NEVER okay. When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences. Telling people Jennifer needs to stop talking mess about you is childish. If I was Jennifer, I wouldn’t allow you to make me shut up either. You have some nerve trying to shut someone up when you talk so much I can hear you carrying on in my sleep. I’m going to give you some free advice that your fake friends won’t tell you: If you want your cosmetic line to do well, STOP speaking against what someone else is doing in an effort to destroy them. It usually back fires. Did you ever hear the saying, “If you dig one ditch you better dig two, ‘cause the one that you set just may be for you.”? People have watched the show long enough to learn you and thusly know what you’re trying to do. Your life is in the very palm of your hands and you’re at a crossroad. I keep hoping you would get the help you need and change before you completely ruin your life. Like I said before in another blog, “A fool without money will also be a fool with money; just a bigger one.”

    Jennifer: I loved your blog. I’m sorry you’re going through so much in your personal life right now. I see your strength. You will be all right. When you are going through something and need to pull away from family and friends for a while to quiet yourself and collect your thoughts, do so, but do it responsibly. Usually in life, the darkest hour is just before dawn. Hang in there. Regarding your cast mates (Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie), you were right to separate yourself from them. I wish you had chosen to separate yourself from Suzie too. We all have an instinct or a gut feeling that tells us when something is off. I hope you learned to listen to that in you. God put it there.

    Kesha: My heart went out to you when you were being dogged by Tami in the 13th and 14th episodes. You didn’t deserve that. I wish you would have told two-faced and sneaky Suzie not to give you advice and to get lost. Then, you should have called the police and gave them Tami’s full name and her bungalow number. When dealing with someone like Tami, you have to show them you mean business. All your statements have to be in what you do more so than what you say.

    Kenya: You remind me a little of Suzie. You want to be accepted by Evelyn and Tami so bad that you would do pretty much anything. You had no business telling them anything Jennifer talked to you about on the plane. I saw early signs of disloyalty in you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t stay neutral and hang around both. What I am saying is divulging conversations you have with someone is a clear sign of disloyalty. You have seen the show so I hope you know now that they used you for information but have no respect for you.

    Royce: Great blog. I love the way you love Tami enough to tell her she is wrong. That’s what real friends do. I must say I’m glad of the growth I see in you because I don’t remember you telling Tami she was wrong for what she did to Meeka, but I’m not sure. I know she used you as a reason to not like Meeka, but I believe Tami needed someone to pick on so she chose Meeka. Don’t get me wrong, Meeka came in taking sides (against you) and it back fired. However, I always thought she did not deserve what Tami did to her. You (and Jennifer) seem to be the only cast mates of BW that have declared “Enough Already.” Thank you.

    Shaunie: First and foremost, you should have met with your pastor after the 2nd season of BW at the latest. Based on what we saw during your meeting with your pastor, you were not candid enough. Well, let me spell it out for you. You were deceptive. You should have told him that you played a MAJOR part in the ladies’ behavior and realizes that you have made very big and costly mistakes. You should have told him that you also encouraged the behavior because you didn’t stand up for right when you clearly should have. We your viewers have been pouring our hearts out on blogs for I know 3 seasons and you have chosen to ignore us. That’s a clear sign of disrespect. You didn’t respect us enough to listen. We hung in there and continued to watch even through our frustrations; thinking things would change, but things got worse. I understand that some of us bloggers are rude and nasty in our delivery and act like some of your cast mates, but that’s no reason to ignore us. You should have listened to our message more than our delivery. We (the viewers) are behind those big checks you all have been receiving. We wanted to see you succeed and do well in your endeavors Shaunie, but you have disappointed us beyond words. In my opinion, you are the prettiest woman on the show, but outer beauty means nothing when you’re broken on the inside. For you to have allowed what you have, you got to be broken on the inside. I want you to receive healing. For some reason Shaunie, I still believe in you. I think you got caught up in the checks you were receiving and lost you. When you and your cast mates were in the van while in Tahiti and Tami asked you if she was wrong for what she had done to Kesha, I couldn’t believe the first word to come out of your mouth was, “NO.” I know you explained to Tami how Kesha felt, but that wasn’t enough. That was the opportune time to say, “Tami, I love you girl but you are wrong as two left shoes.” Also, you could have protested by not going with them. When they asked why, that would have been another opportunity to say, “I can’t go along with this. It’s wrong. I need to get by myself and think.” That alone would have gotten Tami’s, Evelyn’s, and Suzie’s attention. It would have made them look at themselves. Even though you went to Kesha’s bungalow and comforted her later, that was not enough. You sat there and let Tami talk to that girl like a show man talking to an ape. You sat there and let Tami STEAL her purse. You sat there while Tami went through her purse. Why is it so hard for people to tell their “friends,” “Girl I love you, but you’re wrong.”? I hope your career can recover from the damage of not being a real leader. When BW first came on, those ladies saw you as a leader. They had so much respect for you. I have watched as your cast mates have lost respect for you. They would talk all over you while you were speaking and wouldn’t listen when you tried to show them the other person’s side. In closing, Donnie McClurkin wrote a song, “We fall down, but we get up. For a saint is just a sinner who fell down, and got up.” Shaunie, GET UP!

    Suzie: Shut your trap! Enough said.

    Tami: That “apology” you gave Kesha was lame. There was no sincerity or feeling behind it. If you wasn’t going to do it right, you should not have done it at all. I don’t understand how you can get so angry when someone talks about you behind your back, but we’ve seen you do it over and over on the show. Case and point: You talked to you cast mates about Royce and Royce was not there. Do you ever go back and watch the shows? A lot of the stuff you say is crazy. The way you justify your wrong is even crazier. You need help. My advice to you would be to drop your therapist (No offense Ms. Therapist) and go see Dr. Phil. In my opinion, since you’ve been seeing a therapist you have gotten worse. For real for real, you need to be put on medication. I promise you I’m not making fun of you. I’ve had to take medication off and on over the course of my life. I see it like this: I needed help and at least I had sense enough to reach out beyond myself. There is help for you and medication may be the key. Also, STOP drinking. I have watched your demeanor and you become demonic when you drink. Something takes over your eyes, your body, your thinking, and your mouth. Liquor to you is what spinach is to Popeye. It enhances and brings out what is already there X 100. I’m just saying. It should be noted that I also notice how ashamed you are when you come down. But instead of humbling yourself and saying you were wrong and moving to make amends, you focus on what your mind tells you the other person did wrong instead of focusing on yourself. In your case, going to your “friends” is not the best way to get help when you really want it. In closing, I don’t understand what made you turn against Jennifer. You and Shaunie were deceptive in saying you all were remaining neutral. You were on national TV make fun of Jennifer (with Evelyn) after Nia slapped her. Be straight up Tami, is that what a real friend would have done? By the way, I saw you on the WW Show. I want to say to anyone who is bullying, hating on, or talking about your daughters that they are wrong and it needs to stop. Parents are responsible for what their children do, but children are not and cannot be responsible for what their parents do. Bullying and being hurtful is wrong no matter who does it.

  164. Angie says:

    Royce, much success to you in the future- you seem to be the only one (other than Keisha) who has enough class to pick and choose your battles. These other hood rats- especially Shaunie who I call the secret culprit need to take a seat and learn how to become real women. As far as Susie- please distance yourself from her- she is a wanna be snake that will tell all your business in a hot second- much love to you

  165. tcar says:

    TELL IT ROYCE! I am so proud of you for calling a spade a spade, you hit the nail on the head. Shaunie throws the rock and hide her hands! Tammy needs antidepressants, bipolar medication, a dose of soap in her mouth, a book on true friendship, a poem on self respect, but most of all a closet full of how to be respectful mother! Evelyn…well lets just say evelyn will get hers back after she marries Chad…lol! Suzie needs to go to “How to not kiss ass for friendship school”. Jen is cool, Keisha should beat tammy’s ass about her purse and finally the other new girl should release her psycho on evelyn’s ass!

  166. tcar says:

    And i just have to say one more thing! I would love 5 minutes in a room by myself with Tammy’s bullying ass! I’d beat her ass” like the rope like okra” as my granny use to say!

  167. Take it to the Bridge says:

    Royce, I’m so proud of you! Shaunie, YOU ARE A HOT GHETTO MESS! What a joke. How can you defend this show? Is this something your children can be proud of (Mommie of the Year)?
    Tammy, WTH? Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior right now! You are headed down a distructive path. Eve and Jen, you are my least favorites. You deserve each other, or not (who cares?). Suzie, no one will remember you after this show is done (Suzie who?). This show is lost in translation. It’s a WRAP! PLEEEZE!

  168. Melanie says:

    Royce, everything you said was gold. Don’t let the haters get to you. The fact that they are bringing up what you did in season one while others are still behaving the way the did their first season (or worse) is pure comedy. And if you lose your friendship with Tami because of this, it wasn’t worth keeping.

  169. Roni Reports says:

    Royce, you really evolved before our eyes, you were not a part of the madness this year. I hope you weren’t forced into change because Shaunie would not film with you. Well guess what? I will take class any way I can get it.

  170. quietaskept says:

    I so appreciate your blog. You were extremely honest and i totally understand your point of view. Thank you for being an adult this season. I was mortified by the behavior of your co-stars with the exception of Jen, Kendra and Keisha. That should leave the others to know their place. They really painted a poor picture of black women. Friends as well as myself were ok if the show was cancelled after the embarrassment and rachetness of the ladies. Again thank you. Finally I also did not see in any of Jens blogs or post where she was disrespectful to Evelyn by any means. No words for the behavior of Tammi or Shaunie. Shaunie being the executive producer was enough for me to realize I hope she never runs a company that I am affiliated with.

  171. AR says:

    You have spoken nothing but the truth yet some how there will people saying your hating. Thats ok real women no real women and Royce you are real.

  172. Elisa says:

    Royce should get together with Keysha and Jen and tell Suzie they want nothing to do with her. They should not allow themselves to socialize with the Snitch. I don’t believe that they should speak to her or forgive her. Those are the kind of people I do not want around me. She is such a gossiping menace who wants to fit in somewhere. Those are the people you just can not TRUST. As for Evelyn shame on you, I am a Puerto Rican woman who feels you have no class. You are not a Loyal friend so please remove that word from your vocabulary. You have no idea as to what loyalty is. The minute Jennifer demonstrated she did not want to continue to argue with you, you came out with all of the secrets. If you had been loyal you would never do that. I am truly disgusted with you right now, I don’t care to much for Jennifer but she shows much more class. As for Tami, stop saying your not a Bully, what you did to Keisha was wrong, now your mad at Royce because she showed to be a true friend by telling you that you was wrong. A true friend doesn’t PRETEND, they don’t pretend that it’s okay for you to treat others with disrespect. A friend is someone who loves you, admires you, considers you, they are loyal, loving, friendly, consolers, Trustworthy, They have your back. Obviously the majority of these women have never had a true friend because they don’t know how to be a True friend. You ladies are associates, yes that’s the word associates. Shaunie you need to make some changes because you are a mother and you need to let your associates know you will not tolerate this behaviour any longer. Keisha do yourself a favor when someone asks about Tami, tell them I don’t live with Tami if you want to know about her call her. Kenya, you are a strange woman. Royce, take control of your love life, you should slow down a little. We may not care how others feel about us but you have a son and believe me you always want his respect. I am telling you this from experience, I feel you are a good person and that you are a good mom. Just take care of #1&2 and that is you and your boy. Your sons opinion of you in the future will Matter, believe me. Royce, Keisha, Kenya, Jennifer tell Suzie you do not need to be a part of her life nor does she need to be a part of yours. In english & spanish we don’t like gossipers, snitches, bochincheras, chismosas.

  173. sharron says:

    And Suzie Lord help that Avatar!!

  174. Yolanda C. Lewis says:

    I love the blog. I hate we did not see more of you this season. Hopefully next season will be different.

  175. Evi says:

    Royce, you and Jennifer just need to cut you alls ties with them no good women and keep on moving on! However; I would looooooooove to be in a room with no security with Tami and Evelyn, they are bullies who prey on the weaker people. Tami clearly doesn’t know what a friend is any way, how are to butt buddies with some1 who slept with your MARRIED man……… and KNEW it????????

  176. lashai says:

    i agree with this one billion percent mos def

  177. Juannica says:

    Royce u summed up everything well. I myself must say Shaunie is super fake, she’s the one that starts most of the drama. I just dont understand how someone can get mad when, hell each one of yall talk about one another lol. Tami was trying to be a bully, poor Kesia. I’m glad u dont run wit the clicks. I’m glad to see u hold ur own. I’m just like u though Royce I can relate by being a single parent. Its hard trying to find the right man. Ur gonna have to keep waiting for a righteous man. We have to wait on the man that God has in store for us. I refuse to settle for less any more. But thank u for using ur platform to do something positive.

  178. Shelly H. says:

    I totally agree with EVERYTHING just stated by Royce. Like I said before, Royce, Jen, and Kesha were the only real LADIES of the season. They acted full grown and I appreciated that! All the fighting and back stabing was ridiculous and unnecessary. I hope Suzi gets a backbone, Shauni gets real and stops acting like an angel, Ev and Tami get the help the need. Royce hit the nail on the head with this one!

  179. Sissy says:

    Royce I am very happy for u. I like da way u dress. U dress da way u want 2 & that is comfortable. Who wants 2 b walking in da park w/heels on. U r real I have seen da ladies on da show make fun of u bcuz they did not like the way u dressed. However, u never changed ur style 2 please them. What u told told was correct. A “REAL” friend corrects a friend when she/he is wrong. U r tiny but u speak ur mind & u do it like a “CLASSY” lady. One piece of advice Suzie is one not 2 b trusted. It is what it is.
    TAMI: I could not believe what I was seeing from u. Then u want 2 justify ur actions. My hubbie don’t even watch the show; however, he walked n2 da room while u were having ur GHETTO moment. He became angry & said, “what a hood rat.” “What gives her da right 2 talk 2 someone like that.” He walked out. I must say I was angry & disappointed with ur behavioral. Evidentally that TV show have given u a false sense of security. People r not going 2 let u attack them like that n da “real world.” And for u 2 say that it was lame s–t for Jen to get lawyers involved, u must be crazy the girl was attacked. U also said that does not happen n da world that u come from. R u telling ur daughters 2 fight n every situation? Stop justfying ur actions & grow up. U also need 2 clean up ur mouth. I still believe there is a good person n u somewhere but what u did 2 Kesha made me sick 2 my stomach. U hurt urself during this season. Ur “so-called” friends were disgusted with ur actions but they sat there & let u make a jackass of urself. Kesha was correct. U do make a fool of urself. Get it 2gether Girl.
    SUZIE: WHO R U? U want 2 be n that “Circle” so badly until u have no identity. How could u ask Kesha 2 apologize 2 Tami? I thought u were crazy when u said that. I have heard people talk about their friends & those friends can enter da room right after da comment was made. I do not tell the person what was said. All of da girls know that u run ur mouth. Be for real, u r afraid of those black women. I would befriend a rat before I select u as a friend. U start a mess & then u sat back & say,”I do not want 2 be a part of da drama.” U were the one who came back & told Tami what Kesha had said. What Kesha said was harmless. She basically said she did not say anything to Tami bcuz Tami was making a fool out of herself on her own. How did u relate that 2 Tami? Why was that important for u 2 tell Tami? Kesha was right. Tami did make a fool out of herself. We all saw just how big of a bully she can be. This should b a lesson 2 u Suzie. If u can’t not stand up 2 these women, then u need 2 say out of da drama.
    SHAUNIE; i KNOW U KNEW THAT TAMI WAS WRONG.U did not say anything. Who is going 2 take u seriously. U go along with a lot of this mess & then u sat back and watch da fireworks. R u afraid 2 tell Tami & da girls when they r wrong. U cannot continue 2 try & act sophicated & then hang around with people that act like hood rats. U r characterized by da people u hang around with. Right now u r coming off as a flip flopper & u stand for nothing. U r suppose 2 b da sophicated business woman somehow u forgot during ur business profile. Think about it. One thing I do like about u is that u do not have a foul mouth.
    EVELYN: U were so upset when Jenn made some comments 2 Nia n da heat of da moment. I remember when u & Jenn was making fun out of da way Royce dressed. Putting ur hands on people r not acceptable. Try that n da real world when da cameras r not around. U act like a tween or teenager who gets upset & da first thing u want 2 do is jump up & fight. Look back at da show & see how stupid u r acting. U have a foul mouth. U can still get da same point over w/o cursing, throwing wine bottles, jumping on table tops, or hitting a person. The show have given u a false sense of confidence bcuz u would end up n da hospital with some of da people I know. I think u can be a better woman. U just need 2 work on ur behavior. Oh by da way, u knew Tami was wrong that is why u cried for Kesha.
    KENYA: U r a flip flopper. As long as u r n da so called “Circle” u r just fine. I think u r a nice person who is probably trying 2 find urself in this crazy group of women.
    KESHA: I really felt badly for u. U really came off as a sensible young lady that did not want 2 act like a ghetto rat on national television. Hang n there & continue 2 act like a young lady. Please do not become foul mouthed like some of the ladies on that show. As u know by now, we r all pulling for u. Please bear n mind that Suzie is not a friend. She is like the secret MOLE that goes back & reports whatever she hears.
    JENN: U r correct. U do not have 2 take abuse from anyone. Nia nor Evelyn should have touched u. U did da right thing 2 get da authorities involved. U act like u got some sense. U r not yelling & trying 2 fight ur cast mates. I am so glad u do not have a foul mouth. Please continue to act that way. I prefer u act like a “barbie doll” than a hood rat. U go girl.

  180. Nobles says:

    Girl you got nothing but class and I respect you so much more after reading your blog. I started watching the show because of the drama hype. As an outsider, I think to myself, ” wow, what a bunch of obnoxious juvenile hood rats with money. Unfortunately, its entertaining to watch that. These women like Eve and Tammi think they are being smart and rich business savvy, but what they dont know is that people like me are LAUGHING and are amused at their hoodness. I dont think that s something to be proud of Does. Shaunie acutally think she is portraying a positive image on black women? No way! She should be embarassed and ashamed, but i guess when they throw millons of dollars your way shaming your own people to the masses doesnt mean anything.

  181. MISS JARA says:


  182. Genieneve says:

    Hands down!!!!!!!!!!! Royce is indeed the CLASS ACT of Basketball Wives Season 4 (next to Jennifer)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats and God Bless you on ANY and ALL of your future endeavors beyond this show!!!!!!!!!

  183. MisStacie says:

    Royce, I commend you for always standing your ground and thinking for yourself. I don’t think I can say that about any other cast member, past or present. However, please put some clothes on and stop embarrassing your Daddy. It’s clear you have received a proper and loving upbringing, stop looking like your were raised by a 16 year old single hood rat momma with 6 kids and 8 baby-daddies. Tami and Evelyn are the products of such environments (and it shows). You know better….so do better and stop posing in your drawers.

  184. Jackie says:

    I am a faithful fan of Basketball Wives, because I love the sport itself. When I first started watching, I was amazed to see such a bunch of beautiful, successful, intelligent women act as if they had no sense. But I do understand that what will keep the attention of the audience is what the editors will choose to show, therefore, I continued to watch, hoping to see more positive things. (Still waiting). My first comment is what you had to say to Evelyn. I do believe that she did not have to SPECIFICALLY state what Jen did, but was it not Jen who broke the original loyalty by speaking to the radio and blogging about what was supposed to be her BEST FRIEND. When I say someone is my friend, there is nothing negative ANYONE can get me to say about them. If she had a problem with Evelyn seeing/marrying Chad, she should have spoken to Evelyn. She lit the fire, and all anyone was asking her to do was own up to it! Secondly, I agree that Tami did not have to go off like she did, but I do not agree with the way Keshia handled her complaint. If she was offended by what Tami said she should have addressed Tami. And you being Tami’s friend, when Keshia told you how she felt and knowing the type of person Tami is about people talking behind her back, you should have encouraged her to speak to Tami, not taking it upon yourself to talk to her. The way you came with the situation was like you were scolding Tami for her actions, not as a concerned MUTUAL friend. Like I said, these are the things we see. You could have said much more that we were not allowed in on. But in the part we saw, it appeared you had Keshia’s back, not remaining an NEUTRAL party!

  185. CG says:

    hi royce!!!!!!!!! i wanna thank you for being real& using your brain….b/c you guys have a lot of young black girls like myself watch the show every week. Its refreshing to see through all the stupid drama there is always one or two women on the show that stay blind to the BS!!!!!!!……..stay strong and please dont ever change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#CG

  186. Bree says:

    You have my respect girl!! Well said!

  187. Cynthia says:

    How thats what I call keeping it REAL not Rude and Ulgy. Much respect Royce.

  188. Rina says:

    I have been watching this show ever since 1st Season, and I am very disappointed on how “ladies” act. Beside Royce and Keisha, I didn’t see any lady left there. It is sad that Jenn had to put up with Ev, but Jenn you did it to yourself. How could you be friend with someone like Ev? You were never yourself around her, you are much nice person to watch since you are not friends. Royce, I am very happy that you wrote these blogs. I have so much more respect for you for not taking any sides, and Keisha is nice girl, you will have a true friend in her. Shaunie, you are being fake this season, you do not act like peacemaker, you are starting problems too. I didn’t see you excusing yourself from the prank you, Tami, and Ev did on Kenia, and yes, it was bullying.
    Tami, do not want to waste my time and words on that person, not worth of it, your daughters are more mature than you are and so sad that they have you as role model.

    Goodluck Royce, Jenn, and Keisha, hopefully to see you with another new crew or new show, since this is not my favorite show anymore. Shaunie, you need to have more dignity girl and pick better people for your show, nobody wants to see Ev and Tami again.

  189. keep up the good work says:

    Keep up the good work Royce. It’s awesome that you are investing in the youth and mentoring them in their dance aspirations. You are a pint-sized ball of wonderfulness.

  190. Teresa says:

    Much, much respect to you Royce. I was shocked that Tammy has soooo much to say about EVERYBODY because she keep is “real”. But the moment a friend pulls her to the side to let her know that she is a little off, it’s “F” her etc. Shaunie and Evelyn are too afraid to tell Tami the truth. Those are not true friends. How could you leave out a comment on motor mouth Suzie. How soon she forgot how Evelyn dogged her and one wrong move…she’ll be out of the circle again…smh. They practically begged Jenn to come out and talk and when she did they just went in on her.

  191. Brandon says:

    Royce I started out really liking you because you tell it like it is and I love that!!! You’re real, unfortunately a bit too whiny… Stop all the whining and crying your losing you’re sexy! I hate looking at that scene with you and your dad and you know he is right! Pull yourself together and Diva up!!! Small, Smooth, and Sexy!

  192. Keisha says:

    Whats funny is how Evelyn made fun of Royce’s clothes during previous season now she talks about Jennifer trying to make fun of people living in apartments

  193. TQ says:

    Royce, I agree with everything you typed. I appreciate you keeping it REAL, for REAL! Sorry, but I just can’t watch another season but I will read your blog if there is another one.

  194. Shay says:

    Same here, I have little female friends as well. I have little friends period,women are always taking things the wrong way and misinterpreting information and can NEVER agree or accept the fact that in some circumstances they are just wrong! I know I am wrong in some situations and can accept that but for other women it is very tough for them to let themselves down. Love royce

  195. Fan says:

    Royce I am glad that you stayed away from the stupid mess this season. But I hope now that Tami Roman has said the dumb things about you, I really don’t know how you would consider a friend in the first place. Maybe because you haven’t been around crazy backstabbin mentally disturb people like this before. But if I were you Tami couldn’t even hold anymore conversations with me. She really wanted to be in the circle with Shaunie,Evelyn from day one and since they were not sure she stayed with you just like Suzie. You see after she got rid of Jennifer she became Evelyn’s best friend then she felt that you were her groupie. Once somebody shows you their butt look at it very good and then walk away. Good luck

  196. Fran says:

    I have always liked Royce. I have much respect for you and wish you the best in all your endeavors. You are a good role model because you have learned from your mistakes and grown. it’s sad that you are the youngest but the most wisest person. I really was disappointed as a black woman to see the fights that happen on this show. Please try to be better role models basketball ex wives.

  197. Ren says:

    “doing what the white people do” WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN???

  198. qw says:

    royce, have you ever seen the movie “one flew over the coo-coo nest?, that’s tammi. If I were you I would drop that zero quick & count your blessings because you just dodged a bullet. That “thugrat” got the nerve to say she no longer want to be your friend is the best thing that could happen for you, no joke. Tammi honestly needs to sign herself into an institution & get the help she deserves because she is a real piece of work, a lunatic, a nut, and lets not forget a fool, wrapped in a special package that is ready to explode anytime, any place, and anywhere.

  199. AJ says:

    Kudos…Was just waiting for the day for you to discover the “REAL” keepin it real Tami. You were a security blanket for her until the day came along, and it finally did. As for Evelyn, even though I’ve never been a fan of she or Jen, I will say I am convinced that her ugly head came out this season because of the deep hurt from the loss of such a long friendship. However. without a doubt she SHOCKED me when she broke the code. That’s not suppose to ever happen, NOT EVER!!! Jen CHANGED point blank, she was straight MEAN GIRL when it wasn’t her turn, and she just got what her hand called for. Unfortunately it came ten fold. When Shaunie said she couldn’t focus or get out of her mind that they may be thinking…”is she a hot ghetto mess”….her CLEAR and CONCISE thoughts on what she thinks of her “friends”. Her guilt is because prior seasons she could make them do whatever she said, and Jen arrived to the point that it wasn’t that kind of party anymore. Now she realizes it’s over and it’s guilt that she didn’t NOTHING in her position to have more positivity shown, and the down trodden side has brought extensive backlash. So proud of you, and staying true to who you are. Kesha is lucky to have at least have had you through such a horrid first season.

  200. Jacqueline says:

    Royce is the only one who has stayed the same, since on the show..What I find troublesome is the “so called” boycott. Yes, some of these ladies are a “Hot Mess” but so are mob wives, and jersey housewives. They seem to benefit from their craziness, we punish the Basketball Wives, since we are soo desperate for role models. I would love to see Jennifer and Evelyn mend their friendship, Kesha, needs assertiveness class, Shawnie needs to step it up or step out the spotlight and Tammi needs medication. Royce, continue to do you and be a loyal friend.

  201. Teresa Smith says:

    U Girl!!!!! Very Refreshing Honesty Is!!!!!

  202. lala says:

    I am soooooooo glad this season and hopefully show is done with. If not, then Evelyn and Tami MUST be kicked off the show. These woman are two angry bullies who think the world revolves around them. The worst part of it all-they are mothers to daughters!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT?????!!!! I shudder to think what their poor children must be going through in constantly trying to defend their mothers’ bad behaviors. Who do these two women think they are? Kenya called Eve “loose” and the reaction from Eve was totally ridiculous especially being that is IS true!!!!! She should not have been that upset about the truth. She is constantly telling people to be honest and then she cannot do the same? How did Tami and Eve become best friends, one may ask? Well, birds of the same feathers- BULLIES!!!!! Tami is supposedly also affiliated with a non-profit that helps girls deal with all kinds of issues? PEOPLE PLEASE!!!!!!!! She is a very very bad role model for these girls and people should take their daughters out of the program.Shaunie, this cannot and should not be called basket ball wives anymore. It should be called the Angry Bullies.
    Susie is a big mouth and an instigator. What the heck is she doing on the show? Why is she there?
    Jenn, you neeeeeeed to leave this group of women alone and do your own thing. They are all a bunch of miserable people and want to bring you down with them. I am glad you are pressing charges. If any of them can’t talk and decide to put their hands on you again, YES PLEASE PRESS CHARGES!!!!! And the audacity they have. How can she press charges and have lawyers? Thats not right? WHAT????? You bullies constantly throw the term “taking responsibility” out there when it has to do with someone else. Guess what? If you assault anyone, you must take responsibilty for your actions….. Please cancel this show. It shows black woman in such a bad light. Not right at all. Not right!!!!!

  203. A.Nicole says:

    Wow!!!! Royce I completely agree with everything you have blogged! from the beginning to the end, everything was so true about each individuals esp. Tami’s, who claims you are her friend, then for her to say forget you after you told her right from wrong… My opinion is she doesnt really want a real friend she wants friends that will have her back through any stupid circumstances; #GoRoyce

  204. Mountain Dew says:

    Great blog, Royce. I agree w/ everything. And that part about Shaunie is something else. I don’t know if its me, but I’ve always felt like she didn’t like Royce even from the beginning. She is one shameful woman. She tries to make herself look like she’s such a saint. I totally look at her in a negative light now.

  205. Mountain Dew says:

    Oh and comments on this are also very good by the way! : )

  206. TW527 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Royce. It is refreshing to know that there is a woman on this show that represents integrity, no matter what. Royce defines Royce. Keep doing what your doing lady.

  207. veebee76 says:


  208. sincere says:

    Royce, you are a small cookie with big courage! I commend you for not being afraid to step outside of the clique for fairness sake. Tami, ugh..I truely have no words to describe how much respect I have lost for her, last season she was my girl, her standing up against stuck-up Evelyn with the non-mf factor t-shirts and all the ordeal she was going thru, I was so on team- Tami. Now, I suppose this clique wants the new girls to bow down to them. The totally went into divide and conquer mode, am I the only one who observed how quickly the tore about Keisha and Kenya. Poor gals. However, they got a big surprise when their “if you can’t beat em join em” attitude didn’t work. So they resorted to literally trying to “beat them”. Sad and embarrassing. Why show the softer side of Tami in the therapist office then show her about to beat down a girl who weighs all of 90lbs. Tami, got exploited because all that showed was how bi-polar you really are. And when Royce tried to tell ya bout yourself, you turn on her?? Keep all your “yes- woman” surrounding you, see how far that get you. They will continue to allow you to stumble and fall instead of warning you of the cliff ahead. Keep in mind that Shaunie is your employer, she getting a few checks both as producer and cast memeber,, therefore VH1 is her first priority. Why else would she even appear on such a dibocle of a show. Royce, one question tho, how can you tolerate or keep the company of Suzie, she is the snitch everyone in the hood would quickly change the subject when she came around. She will relay any and everything she can just to score points. The wolf pack clearly uses her and she clearly loves it. During this whole season, no one has really brought enough light on the backstabing she has done. Hope she is called out in the reunion show.

  209. NewOrLeaNzbaBy03 says:

    Right on Royce!! Even though you’re a lil whinney, you are so real!! GO ROYCE, speak the truth and continue to speak the truth.

  210. ann says:

    This Season has been a hot mess. Evelyn talking about crap that happened long ago, what does it matter if you and Jenn aren’t around the same type of people. I really did like the show but it seems as if these women forgot they are grown and have children that are looking at them and are more than likely embarrased by their behaviors. Tammi I would think that with your health issues that you would not let things bother you that does not concern you. Suzie you still running at mouth. Shaunie this is your show and maybe its time to let these women go or maybe just don’t have a season 5.

  211. delores jordan says:

    Royce you hit the nail on the head….I hope it there is a season 5 that there are all new basketball wives and I truly mean wives….no offense to you….otherwise this is a wrap nothing else to say….it’s over for this set of players!

  212. Ratasha says:

    Well Said…Bravo!!!

  213. TKells says:

    You are so right! They are some two-faced heifers. Especially Shaunie. She is the biggest fake (other than Evelyn and Tami). She acts like she has not taken part in any of the crazy ISH that has happened. The incident with Kenya’s room, how childish was that. Wow, that is all I can say.
    But you keep doing you and don’t let the fakes (Suzie, Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami) bring you down.

  214. Pepper says:


    Just like Jennifer and Kesha, you are my girl. You have always spoken the truth and you did so again with this blog. KUDO!!! Best of everything to you, Jen, and Kesha!!!!!!

  215. Real says:

    I might not agree with everything Royce does but I respect her. I respect that she has her own mind and is happy to live her life the way she wants too. Keep doing you Boo!

  216. A says:

    Thank you Royce. You are the only reason that I continued to watch the show. I don’t appreciate the bullying or the poor representation of the African American cast. Tami, Shaunie, and Evelyn are pure bullies. I have never seen such and then they try to justify their behavior. Now the damage control…save it Shaunie. The show needs to be cancelled.

  217. Ms. Dunbar says:

    Royce, I totally agree with all that you have said. I am glad that you have matured and grown physically and mentally. I hope that your contract will be renewed because you set a great example. I was very disappointed with all of the fighting and bullying that went on this season. Your fellow co-workers could learn a lot from you. I like Jenn a lot and admire her for trying to keep her composure when others try to bring out the worst. I did like Shaunie until she pulled that stunt with Meka last season. By the way, does Tami feel that she can give advice but certainly can’t take constructive criticism? What was up with the fish deal with Kenya and the others? Totally outrageous!

  218. TruthHurts1 says:

    Royce, you were way to quiet on this first reunion show. I know this didn’t directly involve you, but you usually stand up for what it right. I hope you speak the truth on the second show.

  219. ex-fan says:

    I didn’t buy Tammie or Evelyn’s apology. It appeared to not be sincere. How are you going to apologize in one breath and then tell the person, you can accept it or not in the next . I am team Jenn and I am glad she is moving on from this. Evelyn knows she is really upset because Jenn spoke the truth about her media whore fiance. But she will reap her reward when she becomes his wife. The way he speaks to her will eventually run its course and will not be so funny afterall. If you have to stoop that low to get a man like that, then you have the real issues: you have low self-esteem.

  220. TruthHurts1 says:

    I’m glad you put the truth out there. No wonder! I was wondering why you weren’t in scenes with Shaunie. Veebee76 has it right. Who really runs the show, Shaunie or Evelyn? Whoever Evelyn has a problem with, Shaunie winds up disliking as well. Shaunie is not a boss. A true boss dictates what others do and doesn’t sit back and say, “I can’t believe it happened” or “No one knew it was going to be like this”. A boss does know – especially on a reality show. The public knows these are staged and only semi-real. Shaunie and Evelyn think they have us fooled, but smart people can recognize the truth, and I know that what you are saying is true. You were the only one that had something going on with your life. Be glad you had to film away from the drama so that this could be displayed!

  221. Samantha Matthew says:

    I agree with you Royce; I too have read blogs from Jen and never did I read any secrets detailing Evelyn’s life. Shaunie, Tamie, and Evelyn appear to be so out of touch with reality. To say that Jen is the cause of all that has happened. Why? Because Jen chose to stay out of drama and not throw bottles or leap over tables to jump on someone? Misery loves company. I am so angry with how Evelyn, Shaunie, and Tamie have treated Jen. Evelyn had the nerve to say that Jen has the audience fooled. No, she has clearly acted like a fool and to think she owns and runs a business and has a daughter in college. What a Shame!!! Tamie, you can’t say anything to her; she will always take things the wrong way. Someone like that is just miserable. Keep up the good work with your acting.

  222. FFLO1 says:

    Love ya Royce! You need your own show! Shaunie needs to get rid of Tami & Evelyn!

  223. Tammy says:

    Thank you for your honesty. My husband would get made at me for watching this show because of its betrayal of how women behave. He was absolutely right I am done with this show as are most of my friends. This season made me sad and ashamed to be a viewer. I will say that Royce was one of the only bright spot.

  224. Come On Man says:

    I am not a fan of the Show, its intriguing only for the shame and embarrassment it depicts of women. I am embarrassed by the behavior of surface only beautiful women, who are shallow, selfish, and very very violent, the women present a poor role model for women of any color and minorities all over. The treatment of Keisha is a good example of what I caller inner racism, where people classified within a particular race are prejudice against another who is different. Evelyn is a good example of a very rude, undignified women who truly is plastic and has some real issues. She is what physically a mans want only to u know what , but relationship, whomever she was with was lucky as most of the men in these ladies lives were fortunate to get away in one piece except Ms. O’Neal. Royce, Ms. O’Neal and Keisha are the only ones I would keep on the show, although I can understand the entertainment value in promoting the degradation of women who feed the stereo type of minority women as exemplified by the the other women. I can only imagine what other races say when they watch the show. It is also an example of how depraved our society is becoming today. Royce is truly a beautiful women, who deserves someone like me. :-)so is Keisha. Tami is evil, she is violent, anger management may not be enough, she is a time bomb. She needs to be removed from the show. Apologize to Keisha and really really change or get off the show she is pure evil and very very venomous. You are whats wrong with the world, bad attitude, no class no dignity, I grew up around different people and you are inhuman. I also believe you can change because you are alive and can make a choice, so change because you are being laughed at and you are what racist want to promote, ignorance, violent, rude, trashy that i not you is it? I hope! truly hope, the show can evolve and show a positive outcome. It is definitely not about basketball wives. It is about looking at yourself in a mirror and seeing the real you and hopefully change or get rid of what bad you can, enhance the good parts. What is our entertainment world coming to. There are no more values, family, integrity, true love all that corny stuff that still has a place. Why sell your soul to gain the whole world and lose your chance at life in eternity.

  225. true says:

    Love you girl always stay true. drop suzie as a friend with friends like that will always have knifes in your back .really talk this show is really bad this is the first time I have ever seen such right out bullying and no one is really steping up about it. and its because they are black said to say I cant believe vh1 is ok with it.Jen needs to sue them.

  226. traci says:

    I can’t believe shaunie,tami,and everlyn evan in the reunion pt 1 they seem to blame jennifer for being bullyed and slapped ,its sad.

  227. 2much mouth says:

    Royce, love your blogs. On this one, I think you are on point, especially about Shaunie. Her role in this entire BBW franchise is disturbing to say the least. And I asked earlier in the season, why is Shaunie and all trying to reconcile Jen and Eve, but not you, Eve, and Shaunie. Honestly, I felt the reasons that Shaunie b/c made at u on the trip were petty and immature. But I digress.
    People need to stay away from Suzie as far as possible; she runs and tells everything… like she has no life of her own.She is sickening to watch. The only thing that I slightly disagree with you about is about Jen and Eve’s friendship. I remember when Jen did the interview talking just crazy about Chad and Eve heard the interview. Jen went in on Chad. But if everything she said was true about Chad; out of respect of her friendship to Eve, she should have not talked about her friend’s fiance’ publicly, on a radio show. IMO that was the beginning of the end. But I do love your blogs, and you are on point. Keep writing.

  228. Faith Jones says:

    Great job Royce! Keep it UP!!!!

  229. Royce I am glad that you are not afraid to speak your mind since the other ghetto women like to point fingers including pimped out Shaunie the so called executive producer and blame everyone but themselves for their ignorance and stupidity!!!I I don’t think that you should consider coming back if there is another season because they will put coals of fire upon your head just for writting this blog and you will be the center of drama don’t forget how Evelyn came after you I beleive in season 3 you have what it takes to be successfull without this show and these hood-rats move on with your dance troup before your image and reputation is ruined like the others.

  230. one more thing the fact that Star Jones is a mentor too Evelyn made me angry and it is truly a joke she was one of those who started the petition to cancel the show or is this her way of getting closer to Al Reynolds at either rate Star you aren’t looking too good right now don’t stick up for these Rats because they will never change stick with black women who are outrage at Shed Media and pimped out Shaunie don’t get bogged down in this mess and have black women looking at you with a black eye keep doing what you were doing and that is speaking out against this show

  231. Isabel says:

    Wow Royce, i am so happy you put up this blog. Everything you said was completely true. Neither Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami or Suzie are real friends. They all talk about everybody but when the tables turn, they want to throw bottles, jump from tables, slap people, belittle and humiliate others. Shaunie may not physically abuse anyone, but she allowed it which is just as wrong. Also, when the others talk and insult Jenn and the new girls, Shaunie allowed it and even joined in the “fun” instead of putting a stop to it. Suzie is also a backstabber and a no good friend because everything you and Keisha say she goes right back and tells the others and vice versa. Suzie, where’s your loyalty. I guess it’s so easy to forget when you were in the “dog house”. In regards to Evelyn, there’s no loyalty there because a true friend tries really hard to make things work and doesn’t throw the towel as quick as she did. So what is it? You think you’re too good to fight for a friendship of over a decade or was it ever a true friendship? As for Tami, the fact that she would dismiss you Royce just because you tell it like it is, is inmature and pathetic. Tami’s the type of friend that only wants to be your friend under HER conditions. If not, it’s like “whatever!”. She’s a BULLY even if she accepts it or not. She’s pathetic and it’s sad that a 40 something year old mother with grown daughters would act like that. To tell you the truth, I don’t buy her apology in the reunion. Her body language just screamed “i’m doing this to be courteuos and get on people’s good side”. Again, like in Suzie’s case, she quickly forgot she was also in the “dog house” once when she first came into the picture. It wasn’t pretty to be judged without knowing you, huh? In regards to her issue with Keisha, I believe Tami made it a bigger deal than it should’ve been and because she now thinks she’s better then the next person, she feels she can bully and degrade other women for stupid things. Shame on Tami! I would never want to be around someone like her. Her negativity is too much for anyone to handle. Bottomline, all these women have issues and I wouldn’t want as friends.

  232. FFLO1 says:

    Royce Love your Blog! Your the real deal! Shaunie, Why don’t you call out Tami on her horrible actions? she makes an ass out of her self on every show. You come on the reuion show & state you want to make a positive change. You need to call Tami & Evelyn out on the radical behavior. I can’t believe you came on to Jennifer the way you did, not that you were rude but you were quick to call her out about appologizing or owning up to her mistakes. What about Eveyln & Tami? Those two are the worst ones & they are bullies. They ruin the show b/c they act like children instead of grown women. Yall call Jennifer out on not being honest or having fans fooled, the simple fact is Jennifer doesn’t make an ass out of her self on the show. She may not be honest about what goes on in her life but she doesn’t act stupid & bully anyone of you. She doesn’t start hitting or talking down to anyone. I am glad she stood up for her self & she didn’t physically and purposely lay her hands on anyone & she didn’t take off & hide someones purse. You know people deal with hurt & change differently, you may have gone through a divorce also but you don’t know what she was feeling or what she was going through inside. Evelyn & Tami want to show a different side of themselves on the reuion show & act like they have some sense, PLEASE, YOU AREN’T FOOLING ANYONE! I like Jennifer, Kesha & Royce! There needs to be a spin off with only the three of them from this group. Yes drama sales, but this show is ridiculous with all the bullies & grown ass women throwing & taking items from others. TAMI & EVELYN need to go! Come on Shaunie You know its true!

  233. Shay says:

    I really saw you in a better light thi season.

  234. bjbeautiful2000 says:

    Your blocs are the best I enjoy reading your blogs more than the show you should blot for many reality shows

  235. Sheshe3720 says:

    Tammi & Evelyn are just terrible, dirty mouths and all. Shaunie, you still support these ladies and I don’t respect you for that. You need to look at the whole picture. You’re mad because Jen file legal papers, she should have, it’s what we have been taught all of our life by great leader – non violence. You all act like Junior high school girls instead of mature adults. I won’t even blame your parents for the way you act, because you should know better by now. As far as I’m concerned you just proved why your men left you. Call the show stupid woman who had it made or that pretty woman that no man wants – not even an ugly man. Jen move forward, I see your message.
    Royce, listen to your daddy, where you’re at in life he has been. I appreciate your role.
    Susie wins the award for making you all look like clowns. You believed every word she said. Never fails.
    Kenya, I thought you were the one to put them in their place. What a letdown.
    Keisha – You should have followed through on your police report. But I am glad that you left the retreat. Pick new friends.
    Niya, Do not come back. There is no role for you.

  236. LadyK says:

    Royce thank you for posting the TRUTH! But for real does Tami actually think she has been vendicated just because she is in therapy?! She is is WRONG and she is a bully and she needs to be ashamed of herself. I applaud you for seeing and speaking the truth. Also, thank you for speaking the truth about Evelyn and Jennifer because Evelyn truly is a unhappy soul and shes upset because Jennifer has moved on. Jennifer has not been disloyal she has simply moved on from the hot mess that is Evelyn. And dang girl I didnt know about the trouble between you and Shaunie, man I hope you guys can get past it. Royce with this hot mess that has happen this season I can’t really say I will continue to watch this show. Tami and Evelyn have made a mockery of this show and honestly I am done. I will follow you and Keisha with your careers and wish you all a lot of luck!

  237. lucky_fee says:

    Royce you are the only one that has her head on straight within this whole group and has been speaking the truth since season 1!!!! KEEP IT UP.

  238. t8sty says:

    You have said all. I am so happy that they have shown their true colors. The truth be said, No one is a Wife.. Shaunie has shown that she has issues herself. She is correct about one thing and that is everything is a Hot Mess. What happened to Respect , Dignity .Evelyn is a bad example for all women young and older due to the fact that she has slept with all player’s.Including Tammie X hubby. Jennifer, I must say has carried herself in an respectful way, She is done and has moved on. Evelyn needs to do the same. Tammie, She needs to stop being an Eve follower. All of a sudden they BFF’S. Give me a break .Evelyn, Tammie needs to be taken off the show, They promote bad behavior and it really sends the wrong message to young women .Royce, keep up the good work. Tammie wasn’t never a true friend to make a statement like that concerning you and how you felt.. That’s what friends do agree to disagree.. Do you and good luck.

  239. Y.O.L.O says:

    Only if people could think like Royce. But I guess it wouldn’t make the show that interesting; either way these ladies signed up for it.
    Personally I respect every women besides Suzie really!!??…what is she still doing again. However, one must take into consideration that respecting someone does not mean vouching for everything they do.
    I rate this blog is amazing and so truthful as everyone has said and is the reason as to why I loved Royce from the beginning. She may have been the one shunned and was shown to be ‘the other’ (in the show) which kinda makes us hate her also but in all honesty I’ve loved her from the very beginning.
    No one is perfect but we should all strive to be better human beings…and when I do not see progress in people’s lives then it just saddens me. Royce on the other hand has grown and all the ladies could learn a thing or two from her…INCLUDING SHAUNIE!
    But Royce big-up! Keep moving forward, there should be no turning back in your life now. Be the best and God will do the rest. <3

  240. Lyn S. says:

    Royce I commend you for stepping up and telling the “real” truth about these women. So often wanna be women hide behind their insecurities by acting childish, gossiping, and putting other people down in order to make themselves feel good. A real friend and woman tells it like it is even if it hurts because they want the best for you. What many of these ladies don’t realize is 5-10 years down the road when they are older what do they tell their daughters who may act out worse than them? What a horrible role model for millions of women who watch the show! What happens to them when the show end and no TV producer wants them based on their behavior and nasty attitude? Royce, I commend you for turning the corner. You have grown into a beautiful woman inside and out. I know the Lord has great plans for you because you are smart, talented, as well as beautiful inside and out. While you are still on the show pursue your passion whether it’s starting your own line of clothing, beauty, writing a book, or acting. Whatever you do, I know you will do well because your heart and mind is in the right place. Be blessed.

  241. KDS says:

    Royce, I commend you for you stance on all of the women. And your opinion about Tami is so on point. Who wants to be friends with someone that you can’t be truthful to? All of the other women were cool with Tami’s actions and said nothing. But the question is, how would they feel if their daughters were being treated as Tami has treated Meeka and Kesha. She antagonized them on every occasion, but denies being a bully. NEWSFLASH……nobody owes Tami anything (explanations, loyalty, etc.)!!! Great blog, you and Kesha are the only women who aren’t delusional.

  242. Haiku28 says:

    Royce, your blog is ON POINT! Tammi, Eve, Suzie & especially Shaunie are hypocrites as well as utter contradictions. They say one thing but their actions tell a completely different story. Like my momma used to say, “You can make your mouth say anything, but how you act tells the truth about who you are.” The viewers aren’t blind and they see the truth about the women on the show…Tammi is a bully (lest she forget her stint on the Real World) and Evileen is a ho to the 10th degree, I don’t care if Chad marry’s her…you can’t turn a ho into a housewife.period. he should ask Tammi’s ex husband about that one…Eve slept w/him so he can testify. And Suzie is a non MF factor…all she does is run her mouth and wants to be liked…how pitiful. I think You & Kesha should do your own spin-off VH1 or Bravo or E! show about two single beautiful ex-BBW stars following their dreams and trying to make it in the BIG APPLE! You pursue your acting career and Kesha works on her dance company all while navigating the dating, fashion and music scene in NYC! I would certainly watch it and so would all of the fans! What I won’t watch another spin-off reality tv fake marriage show, i.e., Ocho & Evil-leen’s fake ass wedding. Keep doing your thing sis, you will make it! Oh and stop selling yourself short when it comes to love…You don’t have to put your relationships on TV, even if the producers try to convince you that it would be a great story line.