Tami Roman Gets Teary On The Wendy Williams Show Discussing The Effects That Basketball Wives Had On Her Daughters This Season


“Everybody’s had a moment that they aren’t too proud of,” Tami Roman told Wendy Williams when she appeared on Williams’ talk show. Williams has been a vocal critic of Basketball Wives this season, criticizing the drama and the fighting, and she said as much to Tami’s face and allowed Tami the chance to voice her side of the story publicly on the show today. “This particular incident really taught me a valuable lesson,” she continued, stressing that it took a toll on her as a mother to two teenagers.

“For the first time I looked at my daughters and they weren’t really proud of their Mom and they were embarrassed of me,” she said, welling up with tears. “I have a huge platform I should be responsible, I should be accountable, and I haven’t really been honoring that.” Ultimately, she takes responsibility and expresses remorse for her actions, saying “The only person who I have to blame is me, because I was the one who got up there and acted a pure fool.”

Tami Roman On Wendy Williams

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I find it mighty strange that there is a clip of Evelyn “tearing up” on the upcoming reunion, Tami is now “crying”, and Shaunie’s come to Jesus moment with her Pastor. Seriously, I hope people are not drinking the Kool-Aid because this is bull. They know this show was on the brink of extinction and NOW they wanna cry and reflect on their behavior. PLEASE! This woman are classless and will do just about anything for fame, which includes selling their souls to the devil himself. Also, I hope Royce doesn’t continue her friendship with Tami because Tami pretty much got mad at Royce for telling her she was wrong for what she did to Keisha.

  2. OutsideLookingIn says:

    To all,
    These women are BULLIES! I find it disgusting that these women are being paid to show how to bully others…

  3. not a fan says:

    I find it funny now tammi is upset and crying over how she look she only sorry now because we the people are not taking her side. she showing her true colors crazy. get help fast

  4. Leslie says:

    I understand people wanting to see the conclusion of this mess( I will be watching the reunion) however after the end of this season I will not support any projects that Great Ape, Monkey Nostrils or Yellow Chimp are tied to. Suzie has nothing else going on so don’t need to boycott her. I will only watch B wives if both Tami and Evil are not on it and Shaunie stays behind the camera.

  5. Filly says:

    Not falling for the Okey Doke, sorry Tams.

    Wish Wendy had asked why she treated Jennifer the way she did, why claim you were neutral and you weren’t?

  6. diva40 says:

    I don’t believe her and I will not be watching whatever other show she will be on. Now all of a sudden she’s sorry? Yeah right.

  7. Renee says:

    Tammi you need to get a refund. That therapy didn’t help you none what so ever. If I was Keshia. I would have told them you stole my bag and had your ass put in jail in Tahiti. That’s why you gave her, her stuff back. Yo ass was scared you were going to jail in Tahiti,

  8. Really? says:

    Really Tami..Save it..I’ve always said why does a grown woman such as you act like this when you are raising young ladies..Please straight hood and ghetto will not change..

  9. No tears for you says:

    Are you kidding me, crocodile tears? Funny how a tear never fell from her eyes. I’m glad your children had to make you understand the poor example you have displayed. I am sure they have experienced ridicule and shame for your actions. Kesha is not the weak one you are. Kesha was woman enough to walk away you were dumb enough to try to solve things with violence. You are so sad. You must have been experiencing a manic episode on the Wendy show fake crying. You don’t understand nor respect the job you have. As a tv personality you are subject to ridicule and you brought the hate mail on yourself. Grow up and get some help, bipolar untreated is not a good look. Now that you are in the circle you are tacky and ignorant as the rest of that crowd. Royce/Jen keep doing you, forget the ignorance of those other suppose to be BBW. Shaunie you need Jesus

  10. Ree-ree says:

    I hope Tami’s low-down ass is not on the show next season…her self righteous low-down ass makes me sick! I think the way she treated Kesha was horrible. Kesha was right, Tami only made herself look foolish and showed the rest of America why her husband ran from her!! Royce, Kesha, Jen, and Kenya hope too see you next season. Leave the rest of the trash off of season 5.

  11. Sue J. says:

    I don’t buy her apology, either. Especially after last nights episode.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    These women kill me getting “teary” NOW because they find that folks are speaking out about their “bullying” and low class behavior. They are so afraid of losing their paychecks. When “regular” people misbehave on the job, they are “fired”. These women need to be “FIRED”. Tami & Evelyn blame Jen, Keshia, and Royce for THEIR behavior and none of them has sincerely apologized to these 3 women for their bullying.

  13. Level Head says:

    It is crazy it seems Royce is the only humble level head honest woman on this show. As much as they tried to make her look bad in the first season She seems the most decent

  14. Michelle says:


    You are DEAD wrong. Now you sound even crazier for stating that you are not considering being friends with Royce anymore because she told you about yourself. Royce is actually the only one that ever makes any sense

  15. Shstarlight says:

    I really want to believe that you are going to change for the better Tami, because like I said on another blog, you need to do it for the sake of yourself, ypur daughters and your family. Pray Tami and hope you can change. I’m confused though because at the end of the last episode you said something ugly about Keisha and you supposedly had apologized to her so which is which? Your poor daughters though, I told you that they would be disappointed and harrassed. Make a big turnaround Tami and stay your distance from Eve, she is a bad influence.

  16. Shstarlight says:

    Tami, you can’t be upset with Royce because she told you that you were wrong for how you treated Keisha. Truthfully you WERE, you sounded like and looked like her mother mistreating her, you are suppose to be a bigger woman(not your weight), you are suppose to be way mature is what I’m saying. Your daughters thought so too!

  17. Dimple says:

    Wow Tami. You are one bi-polar,crazy azz chick. I don’t believe you for one second. I hope your apology to Kesha was more genuine than that crap VH1 posted on here a couple of weeks ago that you wrote. The reason I don’t believe this farce is because you are mad with Royce and all she was trying to do was tell you how foolish you portrayed yourself but you didn’t want to hear it. So, I guess you’ve had an epiphany all of a sudden? Chile please! If your “friends” Evilyn, Shaunie, or that mouth piece Suzi would have stepped in like a true friend and nipped that shyte in the bud you wouldn’t be in this mess right now. But Royce isn’t a real friend huh Tami?????

  18. Neci says:

    Oh just give me a freaking break! I also think it strange that Tammi, Shauni, and Evelyn decided to bring out the light baby tears. I do not buy this act none what so ever and they all knew what was the action to all of this mess. @Tiffany, I’m not on that kool-Aid honey lol! I think that just about everybody on this post is not fallen for their bull.

  19. Dimple says:

    Stop deleting my comments VH1!

  20. Angie says:

    I am really disappointed in Basketball Wives as an African American woman. We fight so many stereotypes daily(Angry Black Woman specifically), and the actions of everyone involved in this show plays right into them. Tami, I think you, and the cast should respectfully move on to bigger and better things without the drama. You all are grown women, and enough is enough. No one makes us do anything we do not want to do, and that includes jumping across tables, taking another woman’s purse, and so on and so on. I pray that your daughters never have to endure a group of women like you all, because it is sad.

  21. Savage51/50 says:

    Tammy apologize on every season. I don’t believe one apology that come out her mouth. Bull crap. She should of stopped along time ago when she fought eve, hit tameka, now she bullied Keisha which she would of hit. If she had spoken her mind. 3 strikes you out!

  22. Enough! says:

    WOW! Now tears for everyone! This is a bunch of crap! I agree with all of you who see right through this PR Damage Control Bull!! Shaunie slipped that shot of her talking to her pastor to get the audience sympathy. I think we have all made it pretty clear, Evelyn, Tami, Shaunie you are the BIG bullies. Shaunie has the nerve to try to put herself out of the “mess” and each and every time she either did nothing to defuse the situation or added fuel to the fire!! All those negative comments and now you feel bad. TAMI: now you feel bad? You were out of control and never showed any remorse. In fact all we kept hearing is you continuing to make childish comments and egg Evelyn on. What has Jennifer done to you? You seem so ready to rip her a new one, why?? EVELYN: You are so sad! You claim to be a true friend and all that bull, 1st chance you get you are putting Jennifer’s business out there. You are a known ho and now you want everyone else to share your rep. Girl, get a life! You are so immature and really need some lessons on effective communications. I feel so sorry for your daughter. You are really a poor example of a “WOMAN” Grow up already!! You sound like a clown! BOOOO for BBW! VH1, please do not allow another season!! This show is about nothing but crap! Shaunie is a ghetto hood rat! Stop this mess!!

  23. Quentin D says:

    I so missed this today on Wendy because I felt Wendy would have asked a few questions getting the T on why in the hell is Tami so damn messy for her and especially with teenage daughters subjected to her madness. Be that as it may, Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie are some of the most disturbing women I have set my eyes on EVER. I’ve never seen such a complete train wreck messes specializing in treachery, deceitfulness, and bullying without a care at all for themselves as women but of course now with my hopes that the show is pulled. Such a sad case honestly. Like once said you can take some people out the hood but you cant always get them to leave the hood mentality behind e.i Tami.

  24. HIM8TNC says:

    In response to Damien:
    Ummm let’s see…First season Tammy went after Jennifer about not knowing what food stamps were (at an event) 2. She fought with Evelyn (physically) threaten her with legal action (hypocritical) 3. Open palmed faced the hell outta Meeka and 4. Verbally & mentally abused Kesha like she was a wad of gum on her shoe by walking all over her! She has consistently talked about others behind their backs (but wants to jump bad when someone speaks about her??) So do you REALLLLLY think people are going to or should take her non remorseful apology seriously?? I’m sure her daughters were embarrassed by her way before now. (As a matter of fact that was one of the reasons they didn’t want Tammy involved when they started yheir singing career and had their cousin managing them….Tammy showed her azz on her to while her daughters stood with appalling looks on their faces)…The ONLY reason these women (and I say that loosely) are apologizing is for fear of losing those fat checks they’ve been cashing. I think it’s a bit too late Tammy, Evelyn & Shaunie (Suzie is still alittle puppy who will follow whomever to keep from being shredded) But they had the wonderful opportunity to show ethnic women in a positive light and failed miserably at it and Shaunie is just now figuring that out with her come to Jesus meeting with her Pastor. ****Pathetic****

  25. lolilea3 says:

    I really hope Tami is sincere and learns. It’s not just the purse incident – its her demand that other people’s behavior line up to her standards, and yet she consistently acts hypercritically. Also, in some cases, people are are just talking candidly and not maliciously – like Royce or Kesha. Tami expects everyone to be silent unless they are singing her roses, but does not hold herself to same criteria.

  26. dallday says:

    Maybe these women finally get it. After all this mess I don’t look at them the same way especially Evelyn and Tami. Lets watch the reunion and be done with this mess.

  27. Karne says:

    Tami Roman has been fired as an advice columnist for Sister2Sister magazine, keep calling & writing and we will get her fired from this show too!!! Sign the petition to BOYCOTT Tami Roman, and Evelyn!!! @ Change.org

  28. Ms. Z says:

    I am sooo glad that after reading the comments you ladies are posting that people are seeing this B.S. for what it really is. Tami has been “acting” all season and this is just another “take” on the scenes she has been doing all season on basketball wives. The only epiphany these chicas see is a paycheck cut and that is what is making them put on the “shame face”. Sorry ladies but I ain’t buying the bull. Keep the “crocodile tears” as Evelyn so eloquently told her “friend” Jennifer. I’m not feeling these “hot messes” at all.

  29. Ms. Z says:


    Preach! You summed Tami up quite nicely.

    Damien: The only thing I agree with is that there are absolutely other shows out there that are not positive and should also be banned and removed from television just like this one. I would love for people to show as much vigor in boycotting “bad girl’s club” or any of the other ignorant “wives” shows. It was funny at first. Seeing how the “other folks” live but then the reality hit that this was not just an isolated depiction of these women and girls. People are judging all of the minority women and girls that they see based on some bogus ghetto “reality shows”. That is what is unacceptable for me. I AM NOT THESE INDIVIDUALS!!!! We may share a similar heritage and other minor similarities due to being born of color in America, but they do not epitomize ANY of the “Women” I know of any hue. Thank God! As for going to hell. We’ll all be judged some day Damien. I’m ready are you and Tammy?

  30. Lynn says:

    REALLY TAMI,……………tears after the BACKLASH of BBW VIEWERS? All of the sudden you are concerned about what your daughters thinK? As a MOTHER, that should have ALWAYS been concerned. Your an actress and unfortunately NOT A GOOD ONE, BBW VIEWERS DON”T “BUY IT”. You will go down as one of the most nastiness and classless woman around and that is nothing to be proud of. I just am sorry to hear your daughters have to deal with their mothers issues, they are innocent and do not deserve that.

  31. BXGIRL says:

    Some of you are hilarious. Its funny how Royce has so many people that love her now but it was you same folks for the past 3 seasons that couldn’t stand her. Your the same people that LOVED Tami her first two seasons for getting hood with Evelyn and then with Meeka. Look let me say this, If I don’t like a show I won’t watch it. I watch this show for some of the entertainment. I do not feel insulted by the actions of these women because quite frankly they don’t represent me. They represent themselves. I believe Tami was sincere. I don’t think this is because of some negative postings. I believe she does really care for her daughters and she would want them to be proud of mom. I am sure that Tami’s daughters were not happy to see mom like that on TV. Kesha is not innocent in this matter but Tami did take it too far. I like to think for myself and tend to not ride the “bandwagon” as some of you do. What’s hilarious to me is that your still watching the show and still commenting on something you claim to dislike…….which leads me to believe, your either really bored or have no life. Move on folks. If you don’t want to watch the show then stop and it will be canceled for lack of viewers…..but I have a feeling that won’t be the case.

  32. tina says:


  33. Tracy says:

    I don’t think any of these women are sorry, they are only sorry that the backlash they are getting. You should have done right the first time around. Tami is not a teenager she is 40. Yes we should judge there behavior and they should judge there own. point blank period being an ass and a bully is making these people famous, that need to stop. This bad girl bully girl need to stop. its not cute and its not something one should want to be. So Tammi you where laughing then at Jen and Keisha now you cry. I am not buying it. Sometimes things are gone too far and no return. you dont deserve a second chance.

  34. Sheltieeyes says:

    Tami only went on Wendy Williams to do damage control, using her children to garner sympathy. In her scene with Kiesha she showed her true self, a mean, cruel, my way or no way poor excuse for an adult. She says she apologised to Kiesha yet she blames Kiesha for starting it for saying something so minor about Tami, yet it is okay for Tami to discuss Kiesha with everyone else, question her name, her race etc.. and it’s fine she ‘didn’t do that to be mean’ yeah ok. Then she has the nerve to make her ‘friends’ choose who they want to be friends with, the only way to be friends with Tami is to take her side on her bullying of Kiesha. This type of treatment is unacceptable, we are not animals, but you wouldn’t know it with Tami;s actions!

  35. Tamika says:

    Tammi and evelyn are middle aged bullies, its like they are trying to make up for lost time in their childhood, by harassing, and fighting, and excluding people from their “circle”. They are so money hungry that they would disrespect themselves, their families all for the sake of good ratings, I stopped watching your show episodes ago simply because of the fighting and the bickering and the disrespect you guys show to your selves let alone everyone you know. Shauni sold you all out for ratings and you all took the bait. I be glad when the show comes to an end once and for all, then what would you sell for ratings??????? You all need Jesus and holy water

  36. Bullying is NEVER OK says:

    She should get more then teary eyed. She has really humiliated herself and her loved ones and owes MANY people apologies for the nasty ugly bullying she was behind in and a major part of. A grown woman her age, acting like that? NOT role model material, it is an example of all NOT TO BE!

    Shaunie, Tami, and Evelyn are just vile women, nasty and act immature and like bullies on this show, and yet they all have kids? It is sick that women in their 40′s act like this! Not a good example of a mother at all, just of a mother failing their children acting like trash. Suzi is no better, she wants badly to just fit in so she conforms and adds to the talking behind the back and post stirring.

    Immaturity and trashy and they should feel ashamed of their behavior and bad choices, that is on them, they are in control of what they do, say, how they react and act. And if they are going to act out of control, then they still need to own their behavior.

    She should feel ashamed.

  37. Stop Entertaining Satan says:

    They all lack God in their life, and should ask themselves, is what they say and do always pleasing to God?

    Take inventory of yourself or else you are jeopardizing your souls and selling your souls to the devil.

    Shaunie’s attempt to add the segment of pastoral counseling and then playing Mom around the dinner table, was all for image, to repair her image from the damage she participated in.

    You don’t use or hide behind God though, and exploit your pastor, just to save face.

    You gals have an opportunity to use this platform for good, show charitable work, show helping others, making a positive difference in lives, not this superficial, and ugly immature bullying and gossiping about others behind their backs.

    It shows your true character and you are ruining this opportunity to use this platform to do good and instead are choosing to use it to do bad and to promote evil, violence, bullying, mean girl high school behavior, and all that is DEMONIC.

    Stop dancing for Satan and start dancing for God.

  38. TyeTye says:

    Why is everyone so mad a Shaunie,, its not like she made the girls act stupid … anyways .. .i still love Tami . i know shes a bully .. i just feel where she came from . . who are we to judge. ive been there .. ive been to a place where i just blew up and had to pay for my actions . im still paying for my actions .. i had a serious anger problem and went off on people when ever i felt they done me wrong .. now im 37 and recently found out that im bi-polar… anyways .. my attitute is pretty much under control.. i just DELETE people from my life if i feel they are a threat . .ive learned to deal with my problems .. and in time Tami will as well… ive even been bullied by people and have taken my anger out on people who had never did me wrong ever .. so i truly understand Tami .. not condoning what she did or anything.. she WAS completely wrong .. and now she looks stupid and she’s certainly paying for her actions.

  39. Starfire Boston says:

    That show is disgusting. Shaunie is a hypocrit. The fact that she refuses to film with Royce, the most sane one of the group, shows a lot about her character. Then she goes to her pastor, she never once said she was ashamed of her behavior, just worried about her image. She was a ghetto hot mess before she married Shaquille and they only difference all these years later, is she’s a ghetto hot mess with a better wardrobe. They all had an opportunity to show themselves as real women, instead they chose to be bullies, especially Tami and Evelyn. I will watch the reunion, but that’s it for me. No more Basketball Wives. There are more shows on television. Life’s too short to waste it watching folks act like fools.

  40. Liz says:

    A leopard never changes it’s spots and she’s playing up to the camara!! I know I’ve done things that make me look bad too but I just can’t believe they really care!!! The problem was when season 3 came in they did this stuff and we all alughed at it now with kids killing themselves because of bullies is why we’re really addressing the problem!! tami has always been an angry woman even on a Real World!!

  41. twitterbug says:

    I really like Tami (as well as Keisha) and I hope she can make a change for her daughters. I think it’s time we forgive and move on.

  42. SusaninAZ says:

    Tami did it for the PR not cause she is sorry. On the last show Tami is telling Royce..Keesha Had it coming….Tammy is just sorry the public didn’t like her bulling abymore

  43. lyne says:

    Tami is disgusting, ghetto, and a DISGRACE!!!!!!!

    They need to remove her and Evelyn & if they can’t find any basketball wives with substance then they should shelve the entire show. Shaunie is rich & should put her money in some other area.

    This show is a Hot Ghetto Mess!

  44. GIGI says:

    What Tami did is what is called in the business Damage Control.. – It is like when a druggie celebrity turns sober and gives an Oscar performance… America loves a comeback story and that is what she just did. BUT some of us are hip to that – She did what she thought she should do to save her income and the show and take respoonsibility – does she mean it NO… because she was that way 20 years ago on the Real World and a leopard never changes his spots..

  45. honeymfw says:

    I’m all for accepting an apology but I have to say the damage is already done. What were these producers and women thinking this season. It was an epic fail, because no one wanted to see the countless incidents of violence, bullying and ignorant behavior. This season back fired. Now we are being subjected to all the “I’m sorry”, “I should have handled it differently”, “I’m not proud of my behavior”, and all the tears. That’s all great to publicly say this but the problem is VH1 had the Chad and Evelyn Wedding to promote and another season of BBW to shoot and no one believes any of the apologies or tears. Why weren’t these statements out when the season started or during the season. I am no longer watching any of the BBW or off shoots series of BBW. I wish all of them the best but the best way to make a point is to not watch or support.

  46. Sharon says:

    In support of Chaynna. and. Jessica Humphrey,I am so glad someone else sees. what I see.I have no sympathy for Keisha,she talks too much and can’t back it up!!!!!!Suzie……you talk too darn much ,all you do is stir mess.Crying after s … talking ain’t gon get it.If you can’t take the heat,stay out the kitchen!!!!!!

  47. la kristal says:

    it is beyond me to see someone who is an adult woman being such a bully what example is Tami setting for her daughters and other young ladies

  48. To Poster Chaynaa ....PuLEEZE says:

    @ chaynaa May 30, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    you stated: If Basketball Wives started off with everyone being nice YoU ALL WOULDN’T WATCH AND WOULD BE BORED. I disagree. Most of people started watching shows like BBW or RHWOA because thoughts were, “Finally..here comes a few shows that will depict positve images of black women, as mothers, power brokers, and wives” , You said Tami spoke truth to Keisha …..Truth, the half truth or a lie, Keisha didn’t deserve the aggression, nor did she, Kenya, Keisha or anyone for that matter deserve to be under a constant threat of violence…..Public opinion regarding Tami is more than warrented. When she came on…and stood up to Evelyn her first season, we rooted for her. Tami became a fan favorite becasue she represented an everyday girl. The public could relate to her past struggle and so she was loved…..when she went after the other Meeka, was it a little much? Yes, but she still was the underdog…she still represented realnes. This season, she went after the weak, and kept going after the weak to disturbing levels. She had no empathy, she simply accepted her seat in the (air quotes) “CIRLCE” and became the spitting image of the two chicks she intially struck out against. , And you are so wrong, whether they want to or NOT…they represent black women. It’s a thankless job, BUT YES indeed, any woman in a position of media power, and branding…Represent BLACK WOMEN. People are funny, it’s ok to immulate, thier way of dress, their clever lil one-liners…their hair styles, but to say they don’t represent you as a black woman…..is an oxy morron….As far as the bad girls club….well it’s all in the name….The title WIFE comes with a lot more honor than Bad girl…right? Maybe you’re not old enough where the undercurrent issue of this controversail show can hit home yet…maybe your experiences don’t compare to what it means to have someone judge you based upon a group, an enitre race…sect or religious group. Perhaps you haven’t been struck dumb by a black man saying he’d rather date outside his race, because black women are angry, mad, attitude having, fisticups weilding and wild …. You will live a charmed life if you never encounter having to change someone’s mind about who you are, do to the high volume of negative images the media puts out about women who look like you. maybe you wont have to fight for that promotion, or be faced with other trials to overcome, simply based upon their opinion about others who only look like you. To quote you, you stated “you are who you are INDIVIDUALLY every woman is her own person no one is an example of an whole generation of women……What a great slogan:, if only the world thought that way, then we would have needed affirmitive action, diversity programs would be uncessary…..unfortuntly it’s not the truth and it absolutely does work that way

  49. lisa says:

    i love tami and her character on the show she just dont take no mess from anyone but i do agree that they all need to grow up but you have to admit sometimes the drama is good.

  50. regina says:


  51. Frances Reyes says:

    Please, Tami, quit apologizing and check yourself into a mental hospital. You are one old rabid dog. Better yet, get yourself to a vet and have him put you to sleep–permanently!

  52. aldi says:

    I cannot believe that VH1 is STILL endorsing this crap after thousands of people have expressed their disgust with this show! Given, I know drama sells and we love a good juicy squabble from time to time…but this right here…beyond disgraceful! It’s all just embarrassing! Furthermore, all this damage control this cast is doing is making me more disgusted! Do you think that we are all so dumb that we can’t see through all the BS? There was NOTHING genuine about this interview. CANCEL THIS CRAP & KEEP IT MOVING!

  53. Loleita Williams says:

    Thank you so much Tammi for apologizing for your behavior and trying to change. I love you so much on the show and just hate to see you act that way. You are all very pretty women and you all have so much postive things going on in your lives that sometime we would like to see that side. Good luck and your new show

  54. cedella says:

    Why is Tami having Teary eye she made a choice she could left the show because she must have known the effect the show was going to have on her daughter

  55. Jenean says:

    First the show is all about life!
    Everyone has a little hood in them!!! Let someone stand on your toes, remember how you acted.

    Before you start throwing stones make sure all your issues are taken care of!

  56. Shirlanne says:

    Good PR attempt at closing a wound that is actually killing your little ignorant mess of a tv show, but I am not convinced. The fact of the matter is, these are grown ass women that are acting like teenagers in high school. By now, a 40 year old woman should know how to hear information and process it without being a ghetto disgrace…and anyone who is in support of this type of behavior, is obviously as ignorant and ghetto without self control just like her…it doesn’t make you real or hood to jump into someone who is timid and non-combative’s face, it makes you ignorant, and I’m pretty sure if you keep up with that kind of behavior, you will end up getting in someone’s face who is equally or more ignorant and get your ass beat up, killed, or end up in jail…just sickening and it needs to sincerely stop.

  57. patti says:

    as stated, this is othing but damage control, forced upon i am sure by shaunie, agents etc…100% insincere…she needs to be on Jerry springer, then lets see how she acts! lmao, we do not believe a word of this apology.

  58. BETTY AUSTIN says:


  59. MissRealDeal says:

    I haven’t watched the last 3 episodes. I had pretty much had it a few minutes into the show where they were in route to the vacation spot, and Tami was antagonizing poor Kesha. A pit bull flexing on a poodle. How impressive As far as the Wendy taping, I don’t have any desire to see that either. LIES! FAKE! GARBAGE! I’m smh @ seeing shame and embarassment in her daughters’eyes for the 1st time. Well Tami , you must not look into their eyes very often. They have BEEN ashamed of you. For a good long while now.

  60. Kimberly says:

    I don’t believe she has changed, she just trying to cleanup her act or she’s off the show! It needs to be CANCELED NONE OF YOU LADIES ARE WIVES OR GIRLFRIENDS ANYMORE!! I will not be watching if they come back on!

  61. C henderson says:

    I understand everyone has their opinion about this topic about Tami but I personally feel she was wrong for being a bully. You had to freaking get drunk to approach her over a situation that was in the past, that you did not want to talk to her about the first time? So you mean to tell me Kesha cant go to anyone in the group just to vent about it? Like Royce said, they all say things to people but for it to be taking as a threat is mad crazy. If she was a grown woman, she would not be concerned what somebody has said about her. People are going to talk about you regardless And if you noticed, she always picking on people who are smaller or whom she feel is inferior than her. I know the show is going to have drama but all the fighting and crazy stuff should cease some. Atlanta Housewives shows way more things about the ladies than Basketball wives. Most scenes were them sitting talk wanting to create a meeting to sit somebody down and tell them what they said. Does anyone even know what Tami did this season besides being a bully and messy? I hope Shaunie is serious about making the show better. Overall, I am glad Tami made a public apology. Now whether sincere or not, it has been done and she has to prove us she is out to change.

  62. Charlie says:

    I hope the next season she doesn’t ack live a fool I had respect for her until I seen her bully kesha .that was ugly to watch. I just can bolive that grown women can ack like there in high school bullying ppl. What are we teaching kid and young adults that is ok to be a bully when wy are trying so hard to teach aur kids not to do that or become a victim of that…. A lot of things that kids nd teen do is what they see on Tv… Also Evelyn is another one that like to be a bully. I hope that vh1 do something about thise grown woman …

  63. Mz Jo says:

    People say “keeping it real”, “100″, etc. It’s that person’s real, truth, 100. Tami and Evelyn believes what they are saying as the truth and believes everyone else has no other option than to go along with it. It doesn’t work that way. Now their both hurt over the reactions to their antics. Yes, we all know this is a reality show, but they have all chosen to be a part of it. I’m sure not one of them had any intentions to be verbally or physically assaulted.

  64. KG says:

    I just want to say… I don’t know if Tami was sincere, or if it was a “damage control” move, but I believe her apology should be accepted. God will take care of eveything else. I am sure that having to go back and watch her behavior was difficult. I am sure she was telling the truth when she spoke of her daughter’s embarrassment. She is supposed to be their manager…guiding their careers. She has to know that NO ONE in the industry is going to want to deal with her, based on her reputation on this show alone. I am a fan of Tami & Eve…but they both disappointed me this season, and I do believe that they are dissappointed in themselves as well. I agree with the previous blogger that stated it is easy for us to judge…watching this play out on TV. But, I know that I have handled some of my conflicts poorly in the past…embarrassed myself & my family. I was just fortunate that my only audience was the people actually there…not thousands. Anytime you are dealing with a group of woman there is going to be conflict. Black woman are traditionally raised to be strong, quick whitted, to demand respect, & not to take no mess from ANYONE. This has been our gift & our curse for hundreds of years because we struggle with when to turn it “on” or “off” (Sofia from “Color Purple Syndrome”). We have had to be the strength and foundation of our communites for years. Displaying weakness makes a HUGE statement in our communities. We are often on the defense automatically, and when someone pushes the wrong button we will react, and somtimes not in a responsible way…like jumping on tables, throwing wine bottles,taking peoples things & hiding them. Hopefully this backlash will be therapuetic for the cast…they have my prayers.

  65. Maria says:

    Thank you, Wendy Williams, for calling out that dumb broad, Tami, and her equally stupid cohorts. These broads finally realize they have kids….after 4 seasons of the show? Are you freakin’ kidding me? They are a disgrace and to think the show was renewed? It’s good that their kids are feeling the shame and heat of their ridiculous mothers. P.S., Tami, you man looks a wee bit sweet in that pic. Straighten up chicken heads and take the opportunity to clean up your act next season. You are poor excuses for women!!!

  66. Regina says:

    Wendy, you would be the perfect person to host, Basket Ball Wives, reunion. We love your ability to confront what needs to be confronted and saying what needs to be said.

  67. cherric says:

    Tami is a hood rat to her heart… she only feels bad about her actions because of the way everyone is reacting against her. She is a embarassment to ALL black women and should be taken off the show.

  68. Nancy Steele says:

    When i saw Tammy holding onto that childs bag i was through, i LOVE Tammy but i don’t think i will be watching anymore not just because of that moment but Evelyn needs to GROW-UP and Suzie twoface get on my LAST nerve! Tammy you make the show sooo use that platform for the good! be the Best MOM, it goes a long way and by the way my daughters are 32 and 33 Love you Tammy keep your head up!

  69. Sabrina says:

    I just think when people get that liquid juice in them ( alcohol) they become a whole different person, the real comes out. Please Stop Drinking Tami, because your so much fun to watch sober. I still Love you Tami you the home girl!

  70. Jayne' says:

    I believe when it is said that the women of color on this show represented women of color, I took it as this. With the hundreds of channels there are on tv, there are but a handful that have a whole cast who are of color. I know for myself, when I turn on the tv to watch a show that has “us” on it, I don’t want to see “us” running across tables, cussing every other word, throwing bottles, etc. The show would be just as entertaining without it. Kesha commented on a situation that involved herself and Tami. She said what she could have done, but felt she didn’t have to do because Tami had already embarassed herself. She commented about how she felt, and had every right to feel about the comment Tami made about her name, and what she felt she looked like. Now when Tami went off on Jen about her food stamp comment, people sided with Tami. For her having been on food stamps, it was a sensitive subject for her. Kesha has had to deal with people commenting about her race for longer than we will ever know. She had EVERY RIGHT to feel the way she did about what Tami said, and to comment on it. Now as far as the violence, it is beyond ridiculous. People bring up Bad Girls Club, but there is really no comparison. The Bad Girls Club cast consist of a bunch of young girls who have behavioral problems. The reputation of the show is that of fighting, cussing, and acting childish. The Basketball Wives are grown woman who should both know and do better. The title alone gives the illusion that you are going to watch a show about wives of professional basketball players. What you get is a bunch of has beens, or never was who seem to take pride in acting a fool. I am sure the real NBA wives want nothing to do with this show. The only ones who might are the bitter ones who do so to get back at their former husbands. Without the violence, cursing and childish antics, the show would only be boring to those who like that type of behavior. Those are the ones who can defend a bully like Tami and justify it by saying someone who has a right to speak her mind about her own situation (Kesha) got what she deserved, or needs to keep her mouth shut. There is no justification for their bad behavior. They went to far, and now they are trying to fix it by making appearances on a few shows and shedding a few tears. Tami like Shaunie and Evelyn is just trying to do damage control, but the damage has already been done. If you really want this show to be cancelled, stop watching it. Once their ratings drop, they’ll have no other choice.

  71. anoynmous says:

    I will not be watching season 5…thanks to you tammy and evelyn and vh1!!

  72. DEBRINA SMITH says:

    Tammy showed on the show aired 5/28 that she was not owning her behavior. When speaking w/Royce she wanted to blame Kesha. Even if Kesha did say something negative her behavior was insane. I think she’s a drunk and bi-polar. How does the saying goes…a mother’s sin affect their children…so when Tammy is no longer on BBW how is she going to feed her girl’s? Food stamps because of her stupid behavior. It was a disgrace for the other so called women to allow Tammy to behave in the manner she did. Tammy then had the nerve to make Kesha say “please”

    Tammy needs medication and I hope BBW is cancelled and maybe then you’ll learn that you just can’t say and do whatever you want. You need Jesus and professional help. I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up doing prison time @ some point.

    Your I’m sorry is sooooooo fake and that’s the sad part..You’re not woman enough to own up to you mess……When I heard you were on Wendy’s show….I made sure I didn’t watch.

    And you have the nerve to have an organization for young women…you are a J O K E

    Sorry if I may have a spelling or grammar error here or there

  73. charles says:

    i feel that tami was wrong for going off on kesha and taking her purse. i think that tami should of handle the situation a little different but we all make mistakes so she just has to learn how to calm down and work on herself. i think that we are so quick to judge a person that we don’t even know what the person is going through. i am not saying that tami made the right choice but sometimes we need to think before we say something. tami said that she has been molested when she was young or something and that she felt that her mother didn’t love her. i can feel her pain but she needs to pray and ask the lord to help her. i just hope that tami makes a change cuz she is beautiful and she is a great person inside. i love tami no matter what cuz she is real and that is what matters.

  74. Enough Already says:

    Evelyn: Are you the same person who said many times over the four seasons of BW that you would never tell someone’s secret? You have proved to be a liar who would say anything to make herself look good at the moment; especially while you’re acting a fool. Telling Jennifer’s secrets was atrocious. I don’t know about girl codes or anything like that (even though I’m a woman). I just know that you don’t get mad and start slinging dirt. All your other friends should be aware of what you are capable of before they tell you their secrets. If I was Jennifer, even though I would forgive you, I could never trust you again and our “friendship” would definitely be at the point of no return. Actually, it should have been at the point of no return when you hit her in the head with your purse. Violence is NEVER okay. When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences. Telling people Jennifer needs to stop talking mess about you is childish. If I was Jennifer, I wouldn’t allow you to make me shut up either. You have some nerve trying to shut someone up when you talk so much I can hear you carrying on in my sleep. I’m going to give you some free advice that your fake friends won’t tell you: If you want your cosmetic line to do well, STOP speaking against what someone else is doing in an effort to destroy them. It usually back fires. Did you ever hear the saying, “If you dig one ditch you better dig two, ‘cause the one that you set just may be for you.”? People have watched the show long enough to learn you and thusly know what you’re trying to do. Your life is in the very palm of your hands and you’re at a crossroad. I keep hoping you would get the help you need and change before you completely ruin your life. Like I said before in another blog, “A fool without money will also be a fool with money; just a bigger one.”

    Jennifer: I loved your blog. I’m sorry you’re going through so much in your personal life right now. I see your strength. You will be all right. When you are going through something and need to pull away from family and friends for a while to quiet yourself and collect your thoughts, do so, but do it responsibly. Usually in life, the darkest hour is just before dawn. Hang in there. Regarding your cast mates (Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie), you were right to separate yourself from them. I wish you had chosen to separate yourself from Suzie too. We all have an instinct or a gut feeling that tells us when something is off. I hope you learned to listen to that in you. God put it there.

    Kesha: My heart went out to you when you were being dogged by Tami in the 13th and 14th episodes. You didn’t deserve that. I wish you would have told two-faced and sneaky Suzie not to give you advice and to get lost. Then, you should have called the police and gave them Tami’s full name and her bungalow number. When dealing with someone like Tami, you have to show them you mean business. All your statements have to be in what you do more so than what you say.

    Kenya: You remind me a little of Suzie. You want to be accepted by Evelyn and Tami so bad that you would do pretty much anything. You had no business telling them anything Jennifer talked to you about on the plane. I saw early signs of disloyalty in you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t stay neutral and hang around both. What I am saying is divulging conversations you have with someone is a clear sign of disloyalty. You have seen the show so I hope you know now that they used you for information but have no respect for you.

    Royce: Great blog. I love the way you love Tami enough to tell her she is wrong. That’s what real friends do. I must say I’m glad of the growth I see in you because I don’t remember you telling Tami she was wrong for what she did to Meeka, but I’m not sure. I know she used you as a reason to not like Meeka, but I believe Tami needed someone to pick on so she chose Meeka. Don’t get me wrong, Meeka came in taking sides (against you) and it back fired. However, I always thought she did not deserve what Tami did to her. You (and Jennifer) seem to be the only cast mates of BW that have declared “Enough Already.” Thank you.

    Shaunie: First and foremost, you should have met with your pastor after the 2nd season of BW at the latest. Based on what we saw during your meeting with your pastor, you were not candid enough. Well, let me spell it out for you. You were deceptive. You should have told him that you played a MAJOR part in the ladies’ behavior and realizes that you have made very big and costly mistakes. You should have told him that you also encouraged the behavior because you didn’t stand up for right when you clearly should have. We your viewers have been pouring our hearts out on blogs for I know 3 seasons and you have chosen to ignore us. That’s a clear sign of disrespect. You didn’t respect us enough to listen. We hung in there and continued to watch even through our frustrations; thinking things would change, but things got worse. I understand that some of us bloggers are rude and nasty in our delivery and act like some of your cast mates, but that’s no reason to ignore us. You should have listened to our message more than our delivery. We (the viewers) are behind those big checks you all have been receiving. We wanted to see you succeed and do well in your endeavors Shaunie, but you have disappointed us beyond words. In my opinion, you are the prettiest woman on the show, but outer beauty means nothing when you’re broken on the inside. For you to have allowed what you have, you got to be broken on the inside. I want you to receive healing. For some reason Shaunie, I still believe in you. I think you got caught up in the checks you were receiving and lost you. When you and your cast mates were in the van while in Tahiti and Tami asked you if she was wrong for what she had done to Kesha, I couldn’t believe the first word to come out of your mouth was, “NO.” I know you explained to Tami how Kesha felt, but that wasn’t enough. That was the opportune time to say, “Tami, I love you girl but you are wrong as two left shoes.” Also, you could have protested by not going with them. When they asked why, that would have been another opportunity to say, “I can’t go along with this. It’s wrong. I need to get by myself and think.” That alone would have gotten Tami’s, Evelyn’s, and Suzie’s attention. It would have made them look at themselves. Even though you went to Kesha’s bungalow and comforted her later, that was not enough. You sat there and let Tami talk to that girl like a show man talking to an ape. You sat there and let Tami STEAL her purse. You sat there while Tami went through her purse. Why is it so hard for people to tell their “friends,” “Girl I love you, but you’re wrong.”? I hope your career can recover from the damage of not being a real leader. When BW first came on, those ladies saw you as a leader. They had so much respect for you. I have watched as your cast mates have lost respect for you. They would talk all over you while you were speaking and wouldn’t listen when you tried to show them the other person’s side. In closing, Donnie McClurkin wrote a song, “We fall down, but we get up. For a saint is just a sinner who fell down, and got up.” Shaunie, GET UP!

    Suzie: Shut your trap! Enough said.

    Tami: That “apology” you gave Kesha was lame. There was no sincerity or feeling behind it. If you wasn’t going to do it right, you should not have done it at all. I don’t understand how you can get so angry when someone talks about you behind your back, but we’ve seen you do it over and over on the show. Case and point: You talked to you cast mates about Royce and Royce was not there. Do you ever go back and watch the shows? A lot of the stuff you say is crazy. The way you justify your wrong is even crazier. You need help. My advice to you would be to drop your therapist (No offense Ms. Therapist) and go see Dr. Phil. In my opinion, since you’ve been seeing a therapist you have gotten worse. For real for real, you need to be put on medication. I promise you I’m not making fun of you. I’ve had to take medication off and on over the course of my life. I see it like this: I needed help and at least I had sense enough to reach out beyond myself. There is help for you and medication may be the key. Also, STOP drinking. I have watched your demeanor and you become demonic when you drink. Something takes over your eyes, your body, your thinking, and your mouth. Liquor to you is what spinach is to Popeye. It enhances and brings out what is already there X 100. I’m just saying. It should be noted that I also notice how ashamed you are when you come down. But instead of humbling yourself and saying you were wrong and moving to make amends, you focus on what your mind tells you the other person did wrong instead of focusing on yourself. In your case, going to your “friends” is not the best way to get help when you really want it. In closing, I don’t understand what made you turn against Jennifer. You and Shaunie were deceptive in saying you all were remaining neutral. You were on national TV make fun of Jennifer (with Evelyn) after Nia slapped her. Be straight up Tami, is that what a real friend would have done? By the way, I saw you on the WW Show. I want to say to anyone who is bullying, hating on, or talking about your daughters that they are wrong and it needs to stop. Parents are responsible for what their children do, but children are not and cannot be responsible for what their parents do. Bullying and being hurtful is wrong no matter who does it.

  75. Linda says:

    I agree Tami may be doing it for publist. The only way to really see if she is sorry, is what she does the next time she is in a crazy situation. That is the real test. I like Tami too.

  76. BAMBI says:


  77. Lee says:

    Tami, most of what you said in this interview sounds great. However, you lead in with the comment, “nobody is stepping up to the plate to help out…” But I beg to differ. There were so many wonderful examples all around you, but you chose to ignore them or deem the individuals weak.. For example, there was Kesha and Jennifer who modeled dignity, pride, and self control by walking away from the constant anger and rage exhibited by you and Evelyn. Then, there was your friend Royce who had enough self respect to not engage in the mess in the first place. And when she did what a good friend does and tried to tell you the truth about your mess, not only did you choose not to listen, but you declared the friendship over. Your daughters even tried to calm you down at times over the seasons, but you rebuffed that as well. My heart goes out to them, because you have all but derailed their careers before they start. That is the only thing I believe you are truly remorseful about. I pray that with the passage of time the damage you’ve done to them will be repaired and all that’s left is a vague memory. Tami, if you really want “people to step up to the plate and help you out” you will need to be open and ready to receive the gift of truth. But keep in mind that noone can help you out with self control. Thus the word “self.” Only you can control Tami. I will never watch you again, but I’m sure many others will. I wish you love and peace.

  78. Ellen1 says:

    yeah wow. Tami Roman is a “very mean drunk”!

  79. ellen1 says:

    …yep she grows ‘beer’ muscles and becomes a very very mean drunk! On camera her daughters look like their terrifed of her. She dpes not seem nurturing to them at all. Just sayin’

  80. Mom Too I AM says:

    Tami, I happened to watch the show the night you took the blue purse and felt so sorry for you. You epitomize what a “bully” looks like. Any school system could take that episode and use it to show “children” what not to do in terms of trying to bully or intimidate others. I not only felt sorry for you, but I felt sorry for your family. There is no amount of money in the world that should cause a grown woman with daughters to behave as you do. Shanie, Evelyn and the people who filmed you are not your friends. A friend does not let another friend do something so embarrassing. Even if they didn’t care about how you looked, they should have thought about your daughters. I even felt sorry for your ex-husband. You elevated him by lowering yourself. His cheating in private was nothing compared to how you conducted yourself in public. Apparently you forgot that everything you do in front of the camera can be replayed again and again. I think you are a sweet soul, just stop trying to prove to anyone that you are, and just be the special person you were put on this earth to be. GOD did not make you a fool. Don’t let the devil have it’s way with you for the love of money you have paid a huge price to get HISCASH.

  81. Aisha says:

    I love all you ladies and the show but I strongly agree with this whole post.

  82. Fan says:

    Tami Roman please, she is not sorry but only trying to as always shift the blame on someone else. Tami also put Ms. Foster from sister2sister magazine in this mess also. Tami knew what she was doing from day one. I never thought she was real from the first time she got mad at Jennifer about food stamps, fought with Royce,Suzie,Evelyn in Itlay then Meeka. She should have been fired a long time ago. Shaunie O’Neal and Tami Roman kept the mess up this season with pit bull Evelyn because they wanted to know the secrets that Jen and Evelyn had. Evelyn made a fool of herself instead of making Jen look crazy. She is the one with the man who talks about her vigina on camera in a nasty way and looks and acts just as stupid as Evelyn, who is do desperate to get married and the eye makeup looks like any make up line. Tami Roman also wanted to get in the circle with Evelyn she loves her so bad till she really took this dumb stuff to a new level. like I said Tami Roman is a Frothy Dog and all she needs is for someone to check her real good and if she comes back with Evelyn and Suzie I will not watch this mess anymore. I hope Jennifer Williams stay far away from Shaunie O’Neal two faced,Tami Roman,Suzie. I also thinks she should sue Shaunie for having the network threaten to sue her saying she is sling mud on the show. Hello Shaunie,Tami,Evelyn, Suzie and guest star Nia Crooks were the mud slingers.

  83. MOM Too I AM says:

    I even feel sorry for your boyfriend that he needs your money. That has to be the only reason he tolerates you. How could such a decent man, who is trying to make a mark on the world through his creative work, be associated with you? I was interested in the Tombs until I saw you were backing it financiallyh. Hopefully he is not making the same mistake you made, thinking “taking”” someone’s money that comes through you won’t come at a price. Someone should someone bless anything you give him, because it will not bear good fruit, unless it is GOD-blessed. I ask GOD to bless you both. Only GOD can lead you out of the pit you keep slipping into. With GOD you can stay on high ground. Trust Him, Always and PLEASE stop using profanity. Profanity is not of GOD and when you utter it, GOD hears not just every spoken word, but He see your heart. Do you want your daughters talking like you do? Don’t make them suffer anymore because you don’t want to grow up. GOD Bless you and your family Tami.

  84. Alicia Toni says:

    I’m glad tou are turning over a new leaf. Sorry that your girls had to bear the brunt of it. Good luck

  85. Disappointed says:

    Tami is a strong talker but her actions speak louder than words. When Royce called her on her actions with Kesha Tami said she will get in Kesha’s face for breaking up her and Tami’s friendship. Seriously Tami!

    Shaunie you are a hot mess. I remember when you confronted Gloria at her luncheon with Suzie and Gloria shut you down real quick. You had Jennifer and Evelyn with you, that showed me what you were all about. DRAMA.

    Evelyn you are so immature for your age, your maturity is stunted.

    Suzie you are a piece of work.

    Jennifer continue on your journey. Evelyn is hurt about the blogs but Evelyn you are wrong for handling this situation childishly. You need a check up from the neck up.

    Kenya all I can say is stay true to yourself, march to your own strides.


  86. Tami says:

    Again you are a strong talker and the first episode of BBW or shall I say your first episode of BBW you were fighting with one of the women on the show. You were drunk as a skunk and guess what you were acting a fool again. You were acting a fool with Meeka, you just love acting a fool period! Trying to hold on to those endorsements aint easy.

  87. Y. Freeman says:

    I’m really glad Tami finally saw the light. I was starting to be repulsed by her behavior as well as others. I’m hoping she and a few others have turned over a new leaf because they look like fools; constant bickering over stupid petty stuff. They are grown women acting like teenagers. Her, Evelyn and Susie….I hope they get a clue for next season.

    Best Regards

  88. soccermop59 says:

    Nothing Tami can say or do will erase her bullying behavior this season on BW, nothing. She should get down on her knees and thank God that Shaunie the ex. producer is a weak excuse for a human being for allowing this monster a paycheck to bully fellow cast members. I hope that Tami seeks the help she desperately needs and finally for the first time in her pathetic life realizes that its she, who really needs the help, not her mom, not her daughters, but her.

  89. nothavinit says:

    Tammi is still a dog and should be in a foreign prison. she has scared many people with her excuses for being a person of any race. her boyfriend is an outside image of her ugly being. they belong together for i cannot tell them apart. if he was doing his job as a man making her feel beautiful, she wouldn’t act out so ugly to what her envy toward a raised individual. i pray her children find peace behind her nasty self.

  90. Evy says:

    Wendy why would you have this bully on your show!!! She is a disgrace to black people!

  91. tc says:

    Is she really sorry or did they threaten to pull her off the show..

  92. Evy says:

    I read that apology, and it was not a decent apology!!! I will not watch season 5!!!

  93. ding says:

    tammi is a bully and sould be prosecuted, she set strong women back 100 years, chad makes evelyn classy, tammi is a bad influence to her girls, shaunni take the trash out

  94. Troi says:

    I stopped watching because of Tami/Evelyn. I was ashame of the black flowers.rocks that came of their mouths. Neither think of the effects on their families when watched by them. Please bring on real, real, (not ex girfriends, future wives(he’s crazy), ex wives) basketball wives. Shaunie take a step back (a little further than now, as you are permitting this) and think about if this is what you TV viewers, basketball fans, family members and your children to remember about you.

    Get out while the going is good.

  95. jackie says:

    Tami, you commented that you were working on your anger, I don’t think you are doing a good job of that,because it seems to me that every chance you get to curse someone out you do. I really can understand why your daughters feel they do. Tami you are the weak one because you have no control over yourself and that is what weak people do Shuanie, you tried to bring something that we as black women do not have, but it turned out to be ghetto mess, yes ladies you are acting no different than the girls that are in the hood. Far on your knees and thank God you have what you have and show some true class. Jen, Kesha, and Royce I commend you for removing yourself from the stupidity that is going on around you stay true to yourself…

  96. nothavinit says:

    i agree with Disappointed per Sauni. Sauni attends church, but what she has ti deal with has to be between her and God. friends with the world is an enemy with God. repent, repent, repent.

  97. Sandra says:

    Tami was and still is one of my favorites on the show but I’d like to see her not try so hard to fit in with the click. Her entire persona has changed since last season. What I see now is her trying to be Shaunie and Evelyn in one until she get her buzz on then the real her come out. Do you and let them be them! None of you have stepped to Shaunie and told her to say or do something about the violence, disrespect or profanity that take place on the show even if you have to pull her to the side. I know she sign the paycheck but damn, get a backbone against her too! Shaunie is so fake it should’ve taken her to go to her pastor to find out what to do or is anyone thinking she’s a “ghetto hot mess”. Yes, you are. Undercover. But anyone watching can tell she like drama too. Not one time has she ever said anything about any of it taking place so she get off on it . Keep it real with yourself. Having said all of that I hope Tami stop letting them influence her like she has and just be herself. You are a beautiful woman but your ways make you so ugly and its not attractive at all.

  98. Sandra says:

    And another thing, why does Tami and Evelyn always pick on the smallest/weakest ones in the click? When the 2 bullies (Evelyn and Tami) were going to go at it they somehow made up quickly and now they’re BFF…What a joke. If anybody was going to fight let them go at it and see who’s really as bad as they pretend.

  99. rav says:

    thank you tami….thank u for being a real woman….keeping it 100% (no matter how many cameras at ya face waiting for you to make an “EPIC FAIL” moment on national TV) admitting to wrongs is the “SUPER BEST” apology…I respect that.. and don’t EVER underestimate TV…it seeks to ruin lives

  100. It is a shame that a possibilty of losing future projects and money, is the only reason you have suddenly realized that your behaviour was wrong. Did you not remember you had kids when you were on camera with the world were watching you acting like you had lost it, spewing out such hatred and vile words, not being apologetic, refusing to admit you were wrong. No TAMI I don’t beleive you, you are trying to save your career. I do feel sorry for your children, they don’t deserve to be ostracize because of their mother’s behaviour.

  101. Pearl says:

    I have been a fan of bw from episode one, but this has been the worse season ever. Too much violence, drama, and craziness. I have not liked Tami from the moment she came onto the show. And this season showed me that I were justified in that. She is the worse of a bully that I have ever seen. Evelyn used to be my girl, but she has turned out to be something totally different. You need to get away from Tami girl, she is rubbing off on you in the worse way. I hate the fact that your and Jennifer’s friendship has gone sour. I was really hoping that you two could work it out. And you probably would have if it had not been for the negative energy coming from the other girls. Jen said some things about Ocho that you did not like. Oh well that were her opinion. It wasn’t that serious. Suzie can you shut up about anything? You have the biggest mouth on you that I have ever seen. I would never be a friend with you. Would not even want you around me for no reason. Shaunie girfriend you need to get a backbone. A lot of this mess you were right in the middle of. Some things you could have tried to calm down, but you did not. You were also part of the mess. And this was my last season watching.

  102. Pearl says:

    Jennifer I was proud of you for a lot of reasons this season. No matter the junk the other girls throwed at you, you still was that classy lady that I like so much. You have not sinked to the level of the other girls, and for that, I’m in your corner. I think they are jealous because you are moving on and up with your life. But keep it moving, and keep on doing what you are doing. I just hate that you and Evelyn could not mend your relationship, but it is what it is .KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND KEEP IT MOVING

  103. DJ in Texas says:

    Love Love Love this website. It allows me to stay up on current info without having to DVR so many shows. Go Wendy Williams. Speaking what all of us have been thinking. Those Basketball Wives need to grow up.

  104. myra my say says:

    i strongly agree with charles and enough already ,comments tammy, evelyn and shanie are very very two faced and no good ,i can go on and on jenifer is a grown women and can say anything she wants to say .all the talk they do behind her back what nerve they have she is the most important facter thats all they do is worrie about what shes doing .shanie is so undercover like she doesnt have anything to do with it all but oh yea i and others can see right though her .you all are getto low class good for nonthing so called females jen has class and a whole lot of everything that goes with it so sad for all three of u .i hope your mothers are praying people .i just wish i could have been there when jen wouldnt fight cause honey honey i would have helped her lol and i hope her law suit really pays off

  105. myra my say says:

    i dont totaly agree with charles comments ihadnt read the hold thing she is not a great person and i dont have any love for her

  106. myra my say says:

    chad i hope u really know what ur doing

  107. FELICIA JOHNSON says:


  108. katbunny says:

    Tami looks awful! She looks 50 years old.

  109. elaine lee says:

    she is a fool

  110. VRS says:

    Are Evilyn and Chad really getting married?

  111. Honesty says:

    Girl Please! Now you know you need to stop… You are a HOT MESS Tammi

  112. Pamela Robbins says:

    Tami had so many opportunities during the season to stop acting like a fool and she did not take them. She is just like a child who is constantly warned about consequences for bad behavior but continue to misbehave until punishment is about to be handed down and then they are Soooo Sorry! Guess what? Like my mother use to tell me ” It is too late, you had your chances and now you are getting your bleep- bleep whooped!

  113. Twan says:

    My 1st thoughts were…….How this would affect her daughters. If you can remember her daughters, dismissed her from being their manager, for her behavior. She should’a got the hint then…..

  114. tilisa hodge says:

    You have had to many unproud moments!!

  115. Donna says:

    Tami is full of it. She not sorry for nothing. It is all a act. Because if that was the case. Why is she starting things with Royce. Royce was only being a real friend.A real friend do not have to agree with you.

  116. Regor says:

    It’s so funny how everybody is apologizing, now out of the sudden, everybody is embarrass, i dont believe a single word by them. All im saying im not watching anymore basketball wives anymore. I dont know why VH1 Renew them for another season?

  117. Heather says:

    I’m so glad Tami admitted her faults! I hope this changes things for the new season! Only time will tell! Now let’s hope Evelyn steps up as well. Time to grow up ladies you have the whole world looking at you and young girls admiring your rights and wrongs. Play your position or step aside!

  118. mstaylor says:

    First of all, Tami is not pretty! I can’t stand her nasty filthy mouth. I will always hate Tami for her filthy mouth and bullying of Kesha. Glad you had a health scare. Maybe you’ll keep your raunchy mouth to yourself. I feel sorry for your sweet daughters, obviously you were not their roll model. I can’t understand how any real man would want your hood-rat ass. I can’t believe you were given a show. I guess if Black women behave like you someone will exploit it. You’re a disgrace to all Black Women. I’ll be glad when you’re 15 minutes of fame is over. I hope I never see anything on TV with you appearing. I wish I could beat your ugly ass you Beast…

  119. Dee says:

    Does anybody honestly believe that this is the first time Tami’s kids have seen her act the fool? Give me a break! Tami has been actin the fool for a long time. Her appearance on Wendy Williams was strictly for damage control, make no mistake. Can people change? Sure they can… if they’ve seen the error of their ways and HONESTLY see the need to change. Tami “change” is motivated by one thing…MONEY. She has some new projects in the works and need the fans to like her again in order for her projects and career to be successful. If the fans didn’t come down on her and the show is tough as they did, I can guarantee you that Tami would have never been making the apology rounds. The “real” tami will appear again on the reunion show…watch you’ll see…because that was filmed before all the backlash from the fans over the Keisha situation. Tami was apologetic for her behavior towards Keisha when Keisha left the Tahiti, she wasn’t apologetic when she was talking about it to Eve, and Shaunie, she wasn’t apologetic when Royce was trying to tell her that she was wrong, and she won’t be apologetic about it on the reunion show…

  120. Tijah says:

    Tami has a drinking problem…the reason why she tried to justify not doing anything wrong and that Keisha was in the wrong is because she was embarrassed. She knows that she get’s drunk and acts a fool. Once Tami starts drinking she can’t stop. I know all about it. Been there done that. I understand where she is coming from and really believe she is remorsful and feels bad about the whole ordeal. She doesn’t need people to keep telling her that because she already knows.

  121. oh10 says:

    Sorry Tami, we are not buying it. You can try to clean this ish up all you want, but you have lost all respect.

  122. tima says:

    I think she is only sorry because it was not well receive in the public eye. Tammy’s behavior has been indicative of what she did to Keisha. I think she needs therapy and anger management she should be ashamed of herself. How could she even show her face after that,oh I know money.
    The other women of color that had mentioned there feeling on the subject are real ladies.

  123. Elaine Blanchard says:

    I’m glad that Tami apologize to Keisha. I respect her for doing so. It’s time for grown women to grow up. We are role models for our children and young adults.

  124. Bobbi says:

    Talk is cheap we will see

  125. kimlo39 says:


  126. PITBULL says:

    Hope you are not in the next season you and royce.

  127. Karen says:

    Summer’s Eve has PULLED their sponsorship from both BBW and Ev&Ocho……Keep going ladies and lets get this trash off the air!!! Drama is ok and even needed for a reality show, but no ghetto trash bullies!!! Down with Tami and Evelyn, and Shauni too if she doesn’t step up and fire them!

  128. Lynn says:

    TAMI PLEEEEEASE STOP THE MADDNESS!!!!! All of the sudden do you really think BBW viewers are FOOLS? There is not one ounce of sincerity in your apology and we know it. All of the sudden, after the VIEWER BACKLASH AGAINST YOUR ACTIONS, you are suddenly “sorry”. If you were EVER concerned about your daughters, you would never have acted the FOOL episode after episode. In fact , your BULLING and FOULNESS got bolder because no one ever stepped in ( Shaunie or VH1 producers). It had to take BBW VIEWERS to STEP UP and call out your UGLINESS before things went to far and someone got seriously hurt. Yes, you got some sympathy claps from the Wendy Williams audience, but please be clear….this BLOG site really lets you know where the MAJORITY of us BBW watchers stand,…….and it is NOT WITH YOU. …..Also just a little FYI “my INSINCERE sist’a”…..We LADIES over 35 know a little about you already from the “REAL WORLD” and knew you were DECEITFUL back in the day. YOUR STRIPS HAVE NOT CHANGED AND THE TEARS DON’T WORK . I am sure you may continue on BBW,……….but that does not make you a success. Being a SUCCESS is being a person who people like and care about . WHEN I SEE YOU ON TV I CRINGE IN DISGUST.

  129. kimlo39 says:


  130. Alicia says:

    I saw The Wendy Williams show when it aired and I’m sorry, I don’t buy Tamis tears. What it showed me is what a disconnected mother she really is. She stated when she acted out against Keisha, her daughters faced negative feedback from FaceBook and Twitter. I can’t imagine this is the first time she or her daughters has faced this dilemma.
    Since Tami has been on the show, she’s continued to make a complete ass out of herself, this time there happened to be more backlash from her verbal assault on Keisha. I’m sorry to hear her daughters suffered from their mentally disturbed mother; no child should have to take responsibility for the actions of their parent. Sadly, I think this is nothing new to them.
    I said before, there is NO amount of P.R. that can make Tami look human, but I guess by going on different talk shows, trying to explain her behavior, add in tears and talk about her daughters, she’s trying to re-write her story. Sorry Tami, who you are is what you’ve displayed.
    “When someone shows you who they are, believe them”. Maya Angelou…

  131. Lauren says:

    I for one will not watch this. I am throughtly disgusted with Tami Eve and Shaunie. And I hope they all get their just reward!

  132. ladonna says:

    I dont understand what is up with all of the Tami haters. I love Tami, I loved her when she was on the real world, and that is what Tami is…REAL. Yes, she does have anger issues, but she has a really hard life, unlike the other BBW’s she didnt have a glamorous or even fairly easy life. If you know her story then you know she and her mother were homeless and lived in their car and Tami has struggled hard even after being a ball players wife. I will be honest, I watched the show but didnt really like it until Tami became part of the show. If you people want to hate someone there is always phony Jen, and lets be honest here people, if Tami were not on the show and Keisha was in her place would any of us really be interested? She is a BORING crybaby!

  133. tina says:


  134. michelle says:

    I thought this season of bw was goin to be a good season, however I wasn’t too proud of being a 38 year old black woman. Tami was very out of order for treating Keshia the way she did. and if her kids is getting bashed out for it, maybe they should for Tami to sit back and get some major help for her outlashing behavior. It was just very bad.. Evelyn needs to leave Jen alone. she has made it very clear that thier friendship is over so let it be. Jen has moved on about it and so should Evelyn. Her focus should be on marrying the man of her dreams instead of pity crap.
    And Shaunie who allows all this mess to happen. YOU are executive producer and never face up when she know Tami and E are wrong. She should have not allowed that type of behavior to happen in frnt of her and being her show. It was all unacceptable and I can find time to tune in to other tv shows than rather watch some bull crap like was aired this season

  135. tony braxton says:

    tami you are a hot ass mess! You should not be allowed to be on any TV, radio, Blog or anything dealing with the public because their are laws in many states to do not allow people to take avantage of the mentally ill. Tami you need some professional Help! You living in your own reality world and someone needs to help you find you way out!I hope they take you and your crazy friend evelyn off TV !

  136. Dorothy says:

    Well ,since she is signed on season five ,i hope the show signs someone on to stand up to all tammi’s b.s. I didn’t believe her ……she is still hood ….mind you keisha looks about 90 lbs and tammi about 170lbs …where is the fight ….why would she pick on someone soo small ….i just think tammi doesn’t like anyone that is pretty ….and ladylike ……she had to like Evelyn cause she was jealous of her ….and she knew everyone else wasn’t gonna turn on Evelyn .

  137. Mary says:

    I could not believe how Tami went off on Keisha and Evelyn harassed Jennifer. Tami and Evelyn are certifiably crazy, damaged women who need to be locked up with women of their kind so they cannot continue to spread their poison and damage around. Tami and Evelyn both have unresolved issues from their childhood – Tami with her mother and Evelyn with her father and, rather than get intensive and permanent therapy, they go around putting their anger and bitterness on other people. Evelyn puts up with crap from Ocho Cinco and then because he treats her like a m-f-non-factor and she puts up with it, she turns around and takes out her frustration on women who are actually happy and adjusted like Jennifer. Evelyn was bullied by Tami and now they have joined forces to bully and terrorize the other women. This show is a sad commentary on our society and what damaged women are doing to damage other women and our society in general. Shaunie is an enabler who acts innocent but is a participating by-stander who will do anything for the money. Suzie is a sellout who has now befriended the women who abused her and is now participating in the abuse of other women. These women are crazy but then again this is an easy way for them to make money because none of them have the intelligence or work ethic to make their way in the world. They live off of the players and our player obsessed society – a sad commentary on where America is headed if it continues to promote sick people as normal.

  138. Nai Williams says:

    Tammi can’t fool me. She is scared of losing that check! She is trashy and a bad influence on young Black women! Evelyn is terrible influence on the latin community as well. Get rid of them and we will continue to watch. Kenya needs to pick a side. Keisha is not in the proper format. She is so cute though. Royce needs to stop dissing her own father. If they don’t change the show, we will be leaving yall alone.

  139. Mary says:

    The only reason Tami felt bad because her daughters felt bad and because she is afraid that she will be kicked out of the show or that the show will be cancelled. It seems like the only way for her to understand is for her daughters to suffer – she is subjecting her daughters to be bullied in retaliation for what she does. Plus, she is showing her daughters a terrible example of woman, mother, and human being. Her daughters may turn out to be bullies themselves because this is what they live. I do not buy her apology to Keisha – she has no right to abuse other people and then expect that they will continue to accept her apologies. TAMI IS CRAZY – THIS IS BEYOND ANGER-MANAGEMENT ISSUES. The woman has split personality disorder and who knows what other pathological disorders – SHE NEEDS INTENSIVE THERAPY. Keisha should have reported her to the police for stealing her purse to teach her a lesson and people need to start filing assault and battery charges for the violence on this show. Shows like this one promote the bullying epidemic that we are currently facing. AS OF TODAY, I am no longer watching this show and I will not buy anything from companies that subsidize this this show. I will not be a part of this crazy, abusive, trashy, bullying example of what is wrong with some women. Shows like this one are part of the war on women!


    We just have to command the respect as viewers and STOP WATCHING. She understands PR and doing damage control, we live in a society where our public figures do what ever they want and then call a press conference and apologize and we the dumb “viewers” suppose to accept and move on and still support their actions and behaviors. STOP PAYING THEIR BILLS, STOP. Have a voice and take a STAND. So many before us have shown GREAT STRENGHT in perilous situations surely we can on this simple platform of not TOLERATING BULLYING AND ABUSE ON “REALITY TV.” We are more at fault and responsible then they are because we PAY THE BILLS, STOP CONTRIBUTING and paying their bills WITH OUR VIEWERSHIP. I wanted so bad to see how Jen handled herself in the last episode but I took a stand and I just did not watch or record and I will not watch the reunion either, I JUST WON’T. They have to learn we are not as dumb as they think and they cannot produce inferior and disrespectful material and we will blindly support.

  141. Just Not OKAY says:

    This show and Shaunie are guilty of promoting abuse. Abuse toward women, from the bulling, the physical violence, to the verbal abuse.

    It is not okay. It is not okay how Tami is so abusive and being abused gives you no justification to grow up and abuse others, it is not okay how Evelyn abuses others or how they use this mob mentality to terrorize new cast members or cast members who expose or call out their unstable behavior. It is not okay that Shaunie sides with Evelyn and Tami and sits there almost in glee when they all fight, and pot stirs hoping to strike up the violent drama and abuse.

    It is not okay that any of this abuse is happening or that VH1 is allowing it and actually promoting it.

    It is horrible how Keisha was treated and victimized to the point she did not feel safe and even had to physically stand back because she was so afraid.

    It was not okay that Shaunie or Suze let this all happen and did not stand up against the abuse or bullying!!! So not okay, they are just as guilty as Evelyn and Tami for the abuse and bullying, by participating in it, pot stirring and encouraging it.

    Evelyn has no boundaries, or she would respect Jennifer’s boundaries and leave Jennifer alone.

    Evelyn, Tami, Shaunie, Suze are unstable and need clinical help, medication for whatever imbalances they have and anger management for their need to bully and be so abusive and terrorize other women.

    NOT okay!

  142. I have no idea why Wendy would have her on….I can see why Kenny left her…. cannot take her anywhere with him..I can just imagine how her kids feel…she was just horrible/bullying those girls as if she is the Don…act lady like so your kids can be proud of you…I just cannot stop saying how Tami was horrible…big discussion at work about all the so call wifes…Mrs. O’Neil is no diff…no wonder he left her…I have two boy they better not bring home something like her to me….and I am black….horrible show…poor Jennifer…all that hitting and screaming not call for….not a action of nice ladies…you ladies will be forever be single…no mother wants her sons with no of you…

  143. Evie says:

    I did not see the Wendy Williams show. I do not know any of these “ladies” on Basketball Wives. I have watched it every season. I will say this…I’m done watching it. What I saw when Tami was “bullying” Kesha(?) was horrible…But, what was worse was Shaunie and Evelyn trying to “help” Kesha get her purse back. Why didn’t they say, Tami give me her purse. You are wrong and nothing about this situation is good. Why? Because NONE of you are true friends…None of you. Had that been the scene of a school yard situation, or even a scene being witnessed on a sidewalk with passersby, SOMEONE would have stopped the madness. You “ladies” did nothing… Shame on every one of you. Tami is the picture perfect “hood rat”. I remember when she did real world (the little doctor’s appointment!?). Any body could’ve seen she had issues. Look, everyone has a story. The pain is the pain in your world. No one comes into this world without a little pain, and we all will leave this world in a little pain…The bottom line, NO ONE has the right to do what Tami did. I hope she does move to L.A. I hope she does join the Basketball Wives L.A. show. I hope she does get big bad and bold with Kimsha Artest (wait, is she still on BBWLA?). Either way, there are plenty of crazy waitng to meet crazy in Hollyweird!

  144. Narc says:

    In my opinion if you watch the show then your are part of the problem a show is nothing with out viewers. We all have the option to turn the channel; lastly as an adult I don’t look at these women as a disgrace everyone makes mistakes I am no one to judge. Furthermore it is up to adults to not let men or women on television raise your children.

  145. toni oliver says:

    No apology lessens the damage Tami has done to her reputation and the embarrassment to her daughtets. She needs intense therapy and alcohol abuse treatment. Some needs to help her realize she’s an alcoholic and psychotic and schzophrenic and just plain mean.



  148. LJM515 says:

    I sincerely doubt that this was the FIRST time her daughters were ashamed and embarrassed of her on-going disgusting actions. This woman proves on a weekly basis that she has no idea what class is and knows even less about showing or deserving respect. For a woman her age to be so concerned about having a reputation as a “tough girl” is not only abnormal, but quite unnerving. The thought of her raising 2 daughters and possibly passing her warped thoughts and actions on to them is just plain scary. I mean really, is this woman/child a good example of a fit mother? The constant violence and negativity she displays is certain to be a part of her home life also, a person can’t just shut off such a major part of their personality when they go home. Passing any personality traits or beliefs on to her innocent girls is deplorable and may just warrant some type of formal investigation. This woman should not be allowed to mold the minds of any young person.

  149. Bring it says:

    Tami is such a fake trick with her Hulkinstein bad built body. Nobody had to pull your coat tail you lyin ass wanch. You knew exactly what you were doing to Kesha when you were doin it. If you were my Mother I would be ashamed of you too, I would certainly never want to be seen with you in public. If you or Evelyn are on BBW next season I will definately not be watching. If we can’t get this foolery canceled we can surely tune this circus act off. Your crocodile tears aren’t enough to make me see as anything more than you are, which is an old ass chicken head, hoodrat bully. That yellow ass walmart dress looked awful with them swap meet ass brown sandal, you looked a complete and total hot ass mess. Whatever show you are a part of I can assure you I will not be watching. What you need is a good old fashion sistah ass kickin you gutta buzzard.

  150. Bring it says:

    Tami is not the only person who has had a hard life, Tyler Perry was homeless as well and you don’t see him bullying and hitting people like Tami’s ignorant ass. So what, she has had a hard life, she is not the only person who has had a hard life, that still does not entitle her to mistreat people because of her past, if anything her struggles should have made her a strong, compassionate, virtuous woman to have made it through those tough times. I liked the show just fine before Tami came along and will like it much better when she leaves. Tami is a hateful jealous, envious, person, she was so mad at Evelyn when she was selling her Non factor T-Shirts. Guess who is selling T-Shirts now, that’s right (BMW) Tami.

  151. DEE says:

    Tami said Keisha is pitful but in actually Tami is pitiful because she is three times bigger than Keisha so I don’t blame Keisha not to fight a raving big lunatic Mad bull bull…Lets not forget Tami’s big bulging eyes raving like a drunken fool!! But I give her credit to coming on the show showing some remorse to her daughters…This is not easy for me because Tami was my favorite but this season she acted like she was on crack!!! I was so disguisted with this season until I just skim through the show…I’m not gonna watch the next season…Shaunie ,Evelyn,Susie.and Tami was very negative this season..

  152. Cingellainpa says:


  153. gt says:

    You are a bullying, bulging eyed pig that people will stand and cheer for when the slightest bit of misfortune comes your way. Life is choice so enjoy the empty, friendless, over opinionated and bullying one you’ve choosen for yourself. Don’t expect pity from anyone in your time of need. Shout out to you VH1 for promoting bullying. Shameful

  154. shoshie216! says:


    I hope you did’nt cry just to gain us all back! I hope that you were sincere. I’m glad you could publicly talk about your wrong doings this season. I hope you heal from all of your past hurts! I can’t wait to see you come back with a better disposition next season!!! Heal, Heal Heal…Fully Rely On God!(FROG)

  155. Michelle says:

    Sad, Sad, Sad! I am surprised to see that so many people feel the same as I do. Tami only bullies the ladies who won’t fight back. Evelyn, psycho queen number 2 stood up to her, therefore Tami left her alone. She goes after the women who won’t fight back or who she feels she can dominate!!! “BULLY” that is who and what a bully does. And Evelyn…smh!! These are pretty women with the worse attitudes! Can you believe Evelyn actually said… I don’t think about the fact that I am 36 and have kids “STUPID, IGNORATE, CHICK!!!!” YOU SHOULD! This should ruin Shaunie’s reputation because she allowed it all to happen! When a crime is committed onlookers who do nothing are just as guilty – Shaunie and Suzie! Jen, now you see!!!

  156. Sheronda says:

    It is very unfortunate that Tami nor Evelyn didn’t pay attention in school because if that did they would realize that we have freedom of speech. It’s in the constitution. They really believe bullying is okay, They think fighting is okay. Tami and Evelyn have both said ” where I’m from you just go ahead and fight it out, you don’t call the police or file a report” They are completely hood rats. They think they are still living in the cave man times. I’ll just club you over the head if I don’t like what you said about me. They are so stuck on this he ssaid / she said crap until it is unreal. As that both like to keep it 100, I say keep it 100 and grow up, leave that high school mentality behind, you are too old for that.

    I am proud of Jennifer for filing a police report on Nia, in case Nia missed school on the day they taught about crimes, someone needs to inform her asaulting someone is a crime. Jennifer you also need to get a restaining order against Evelyn.

    Keisha is to intellignet to fight with those girls and I hope she continues to walk away from that foolishness.
    Suzie is such a but kisser until it is unreal. She runs back and tell everything, she is trying so hard to be relevent until her nose is completely brown. she can tell Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie when they have to fart before they know they have to fart, that’s how far she is up their buts.

    Shaunie is just SAD, she is pimping those grls out making her money as they act a fool on national TV. They call her the queen. She didn’t get that title for nothing.

  157. joy says:

    Tami is such a liar. I just read the S2S response to her claiming she had a transcript. S2S said there is no transcript therefore they never gave Tami one. Not only are you a bully but you are a compulsive liar. You lied about being the only one there to pick up Kesha’s purse. You lied about not talking behind your cast mates backs. You lied about seeing the look in your kids eyes. I am sure you kids give you that look often because you are bipolar!!!!!!! If this show is not canceled the 5th season, I am sure it will not last a 6th season.You want to be in the in crowd so bad you will say and do anything to achieve that “goal”. You are the pitiful one not Kesha. Buy/borrow a dictionary to increase your vocabulary. Shaunie you are a hot mess it’s too bad you never notice before the criticism. Now that the viewers are complaining you have everyone doing damage control, too little too late.

  158. tima says:

    There are children dying from bullying and Basket wives acts like there behavior is no big deal. That show needs to be off the air the fights,abuse and profanity is gross for women and mothers on this show.

  159. Tami should be crying all of the mess she caused people on that show. It just goes to prove , you can’t take the ignorance out of the ghetto trash!!! She is always bullying other people around. I would like to see her and the other dog Evelyn go at it . The two of them are the same IGNORANT!! No amount of money can fix that kiddo. Those two and Shaunie also, Do their dirt and sit back and watch what happens to other people. Shaunie is a sneaky stank-ass thief!!! who cares about no one but herself.

  160. Clt says:

    She is only sorry because her behavior is messing up her opportunities. I just found out Lyric wrote answers in that column Sister 2 Sister discontinued too. Lyric didn’t deserve to be fired. Tami ruined that for her. She and her sister are lovely. Tami is the bat out of hell. I won’t support anything she does. Her actions brought back a lot of memories for me and I’m sure others. She was still cocky and proud when she talked to Royce. Keisha isn’t to be pitied. Tami is actually pitiful. I feel sorry for her. She first came on trying to draw a public wedge between the girls and their father. Then she begged the new wife to be friends and go on vacation. I have no respect for her.

  161. LJM515 says:

    I’m just as leery about Shaunie lately as I am of Tami. She’s making $$ off the deplorable actions of these women and is well aware of the criticism against her. In an attempt to make herself look better, she has started questioning her participation in the show……
    “She was leery of continuing her friendships with all the girls because she was fed up with their behavior. She no longer felt she could defend the show as helpful or good.”
    I can’t believe she ever really thought this show did any good for anyone. It is nothing more then a quick class in “Bullying 101″.

  162. Thank God You Are Taking Action For All The Harsch Things You Have Done On This Last Eposol, Because It Was Horrible and a disgrace, I am praying for u and ur daughter’s that u have learn a lesson from all of this, my heart was broken and i lost all respect the way u treated Kesha shame on u……..

  163. Nonnie says:

    im glad that she is coming to terms with what she did everyone makes mistakes and no one on this earth is pertect so before everyone try to judge her look at yourself and see wnat is wrong with yourself before you start to point the finger and for some people to get on twtter and to say something to her girls thats just is wrong you live you learn and you grow from things and only time will tell

  164. PattiStarz says:

    WOW…I don’t even know where to start. Let”s see…Kathy G. made a comment to 3 soldiers about to be deployed…after…watching a clip of these women emotionally attacking/assaulting an unaggressive young lady and said to them “that is what you are fighting for”…ahhh man. What went thru my thoughts was…thinking about the young lady, that got on the bus, to stand up against the inhumane way people were being treated, standing up and against the cruel, evil way people were beat, hung, lynched, dragged in the streets behind cars, called names and verbally abused soooo awful the devil was ashamed. And, here is Tami…attacking an innocent, non-violent person…vandalized her property, emotionally attacking her well-being….ahhhh man….I am so repulsed I can’t even think of words to express my feelings about this. How can she command someone to do anything, or give them permission to sit somewhere…what is this monster???? How would she feel if someone attacked her daughters the way she did Kesha??? Scarey thing is…there is another monster out there just like her… becuz of her behaviour she has possibly put a target on her daughters back. To cause someone to suffer such abuse and emotional violence is not a person that has ANY RIGHT to play the victim “I was abused” card. Like me, that has been abused…would NEVER treat another that way. Maybe she can get a job as an excecutioner at her local prison and there is can fulfill her need to “get” somone becuz she can, fulfill her need to have power over another and shove it in thier face. I am going to quit now…becuz all the disgust I feel for Tami is sickening. I think her apology is as fake as her Hollywood, jet set, soooo sofisticated acting skills. I am sure this is what MLK, JFK, Lincoln…all those that stood up against prejudice towards others really wanted. YOU ARE DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING TAMI!!!!

  165. June Smith says:

    It is hard to forgive Tammi. She has had many times to wake up not just that last incident with Keisha. Even after she cursed Keisha out she went to her hut and lied about taking her purse. I think she got scared for the first time. She should have gone to jail THIEF!!!

  166. Paisley says:

    Tami, that was nice of Wendy to invite you on her show. But she didn’t invite you on the couch. That’s because like you said to Keisha I don’t respect you. Wendy doesn’t respect you, but she’s a nice person & gave you a platform to express your issues.

  167. ChicagoAdult says:

    Tammi is the MOST IGNORANT woman ALIVE. She’s worse than Evelyn – which isn’t saying much! Keshia is a good one – I would have called the POLICE and Dared the Ignorant B to do anything about it! Shaunie should be ASHAMED of herself for producing this foolishness and not telling Tammi and Evelyn that they are TRASH!!!

  168. Rachel says:

    I am a sucker for reality tv but this show is disgusting. I am absolutely disgusted by the way these grown women act. Is the answer to always get physical and fight? Or just verbally abuse people to the point of tears? I would be ashamed of myself if I acted this way for the whole world to see and I don’t understand how these “women” can’t be. Please VH1 take this show off the air, it’s embarrassing.

  169. feeling lucky says:

    Not much that I can say that hasn’t been already said, you all certainly have Shaunie, Tammi, Evelyn, and Suzy’s number. What I would like to add is can you imagine what would have happened had Tammi or Evelyn gone to their rooms to find it saturated with rotten dead fish!!!! Enough said, OH and you know that thoughtless JOKE has better not been played on BOSS LADY Shaunie!!!!. Not sure I spelled Shaunie’s name right, WHO CARES!!!

  170. Cathy Marie says:

    Tami is trash, and whatever show she is on, on BET- I will not be watching and I will tell everyone I love not to watch. If we don’t watch this new show that she is on, that will put her in her place. Tami came to the show looking like a hot as* mess to boot. So for the life of me I could not fig out why she is picking on others. I feel bad for her kids because they need someone in there life that isnt a dead beat!! Shaq’s ex wife is VERY scary and lame.

  171. ruby says:

    no matter where you are you will act the way you know, you will meet your match and it will not be long someone out there will eat u up and spit u out. check your light bulb in your head

  172. Gladys says:

    Why the heck is Tami teary eyed, she is a HOT mess and straight CRAZY!!! Her and Evelyn are very Ghetto and are the MAIN idiots on Basketball Wives, they are always in the middle of all the drama!! I would be ashamed to even call them my friends.

  173. Marlee says:

    100% agree @ tima, that too much children are dying from bullying which Tami has endorsed and engaged in. But if Tami has grown, going to anger management, and has learned from her past mistake/behaviors only time will tell. However from the reunion idk as she called out Jenn for her behaviors and not Eve which leads me to think that she condones Eve violent behaviors.

    As for shaunie talking about wanting the show to portray powerful black women I don’t believe her she always in the background and as a producer your thinking of making money and getting more views. Apparently violence and bullying will keep show on. FYI there are other reality show on VH1 with NO violence i.e Lala full court., take a lesson from her and her producer.

  174. Sam says:

    These are classic mean girls with a public platform to hurt and offend. Not one of these women acts above the emotional age of 15. Tami Roman is purely and simply an ignorant bully. She goes out of her way to try to justify her unjustifiable actions. There are no words for how disgusting Evelyn’s actions are which she makes no apologies for. She can’t express herself without resorting to name calling and fighting. I was most disappointed with Shaunie. She was an antagonizer and bystander to every action that took place in this season. She never used her power or influence to intervene. She is now going out of her way to say she doesn’t want to be associated with their drama…you were a bystander, you laughed about it, you passed as much information back and forth as Suzie the instigator and you contributed to every problem. Yes, you and every woman on this show is a hot ghetto mess. For all these women no matter the monetary profit, they are losing their humanity and sacrificing their relationships with their children for 15 minutes of fame…walk away and become a better person.

  175. Linda1st_Detroit says:

    John Sally seems to be defending the Network and accusing Jen of failed communications or not appologizing. In the real work once you put your hands on someone you can take legal action. In the real world, on the job, putting your hands on someone results in immediate termination. Shauney and John Sally there is no way condone the physical attacks inflictED by Evelyn and Tami. These to have been bullies for a few season now. And now they want to act apologetic becuase of the heat that is on them. John, what is the ‘lie detector’ for? It don’t make a difference whose lying or telling the truth. The only thing that matters is that when a person put their hands on another, it is considered assault. Shauney you stood with the bullies and defended them. What a disappointment. And at the reunion you pointed you finger a Jen. She never physically laid her hands on anyone; The bullies should be the ones in jeopardy of loosing their position. Evelyn and Tami, physical fault with over 3 people on the show. Evelyn has some serious problems. (throwing a bottle) To much. She is crazy and insecure.

  176. BWFAN says:

    Watching the preview for next’s week reunion it looks like Tami is still a bully. Tami, you do not control people. Not every one thinks the way you think they should. Accept diversity! (Can you say that with me?). People are their own people. You don’t dictate how people speak, when and what they say and how they should handle things. Jjust listening to you speak, you sound very narrow-minded. It you stop trying to control others, you may find life easier.

  177. Evelynette Jones says:

    Tami, pleassssssssssssssssssssssse. Wendy Williams doesn’t even like you. No one does.You are a LOSER, and should be in jail.

  178. dee says:

    Why was Jenn being treated like she did sumthing sooo bad by filing a suit? Tammy was planning to do the same thing toEvelyn two seasons ago. I guess real ladies fight it out.. this show really needs a new host John Salley acts like a total ass. Shaunie’s full of it . If she really felt that way she should have said sumthing when the cameras were rolling..She has so much to say about two friends who can speak for themselves, but nothing to say to support a new cast members who were bullied and physically attacked. Now shes trying to do damage control.Go tell those kids of yours to take off their hats at the dinner table. Oh, I forgot , she has no class .

  179. rhoni says:

    shaunie’s fake tears are for the money she is losing if season 5 does not happen. Tami and Eveyln are animals that should be in cages. These animals do not change their stripes. I saw Evelyn try to calm herself because Jenifer was coming on the stage. I saw a lion at the zoo do the same thing when a bird came into it’s pen/cage. Tami did her best to deflect her horrible behavior by pointing out Jenifer’s allegedly bad behavior 2 seasons ago. who care when Jenifer filed or reported an assault. She had every right to file against that low life heifer who slapped her. There is never an excuse for putting your hands on someone. shaunie needs to go sit down and shut about filing a suit and focus on handling those animals. That is how you know she is not sincere about changing behavior.

  180. ForGodSake says:

    Tami I will keep you and your daughters in my prayers and I will pray even harder for the people that are so against bullying but don’t see anything wrong with bullying you or your daughters via twitter, blog, email, fb (electronic) etc. Hypocrites. You guys in the same breathe have the nerve to wish death, violence, harm and other ill will towards Tami so aren’t you doing exactly what you are mad at her for doing? Try to offer a solution instead of adding to an existing problem because believe it or not your ignorant comment does nothing to help anyone, not even you. Now let us Pray.

  181. wanda simmons says:

    please take tthis show off the air

  182. CC says:

    The tears are fake…she is worried about her financial opportunities and I am sure she has been warned that her nasty mouth and big time bullying is not working…she is NOT the only person that has been through STUFF, but she is taking out her pain on everyone else, and it is not acceptable and it does not seve her daughters or the public to see us women of color act out like BIG fools..which she is, and I am not proud of Shaunie either, or Evelyn…all very well dressed but still hoodrats…

  183. Ann says:

    She is sorry because she wants to make sure people watch season 5. She is sorry because her daughters were embarrassed. She is sorry because she wants people to watch her upcoming spin-off show. She is sorry because she doesn’t want her new boyfriend to know she is dangerous. She is sorry because people are writing the truth to her twitter. Where is the sorry for her behavior?

  184. I. Brown says:

    The only thing I wanted to see on this reunion show was Shaunie saying “there’s something mentally wrong with me because I have absolutely no integrity. I sit there looking stupid, with no opinion when disgusting behavior is happening all around me. I have no sense and even when Tami defined bully tonight I had no sense to say to her “you are the last person on Earth who should define the word.”

  185. Carla S says:

    I am a newer fan of basketball wives having only caught a couple of shows before season 4 but on recent occasion have had the opportunity to catch up on past shows. I am embarrassed to tell people I watch the show but admit it draws me in. As a progressive, professional black woman I can not believe some of these women exploited themselves for money and fame like they have. I completely understand Jennifer’s and Keisha’s desire to step away from the utter foolishness of Evelyn and Tami, who are angry internally, not because of these scripted explanations that try to justify their behavior. I believe it’s only because there was a threat of cancellation and no paycheck, their story has changed of late. Evelyn is not sincere. Getting mad over a blog is stupid but she’s sticking to her story. She’s the one that should be accountable, not Jen. Each time Jen has tried to keep it classy, Evelyn just proves she’s classless. I sometimes yelled at the TV for Jennifer to just step on Evelyn (whose pretty face would be ruined if she really wanted to live that hardcore) but am much happier she did not sucumb to this temptation. Now that she hears sentiments like mine, she’s so concerned Jen has her fans fooled when really we just see the real. This may seem like I don’t like Evelyn’s role but that would not be true. She’s fly, there’s no doubt but if I had a girl do me like she did over some BS, she’d think twice next time and I would use everything I had at my disposal including the legal system, just like Jen. You go girl. That chick who thought she was bad enough to slap Jen gets everything she deserves. She’s stupidly thought reality TV did not have real consequences. Her attempt at fame backfired. Now Tami is everybody’s homegirl and her strong personality makes it easy to cheer her but I often asked myself how she went home to her daughters after these shows. Now I know she won’t care abt 1 inconsequential fan at her first attempt to blog but I hope she does better going forward. Unlike Ev, I just want to hug Tami until the anger disapates…just squeeze it all out of her. I feel like she’s a big marshmallow under all that posturing and it just doesnt take all that. Tam, you come up with some great spin but you should be able to maintain your friendships with your heart without the fear factor. Royce, you are so right about most stuff when it comes to the girls but on this other stuff, girl, live your life. Looking for daddy’s approval is stunting you. Whatever happens with this guy, whatever his name is, your family is always going to love you but all this time and energy wasted crying over what they think is pointless and a bit boring. Don’t do all that ugly faced screaming if you don’t want people to think youre needy and dramatic. Shaunie you were in a position to lead and instead of pulling Jen in while in Tahiti, you stood by quietly and joined in the bullying by not sticking up for her. I hope you know we saw that. Leaders stand up for the weak, not always with the strong. Keisha, I like your style and you are staying true to yourself. Keep up the good work representing with common sense and class. The other new gal, your name escapes me for the moment, I’m glad you’re pursuing your dreams but Keisha was right to step away from your video. You didnt want to hear the truth from a professional, so you didnt want what she could offer. Dont get mad at her because she didn’t sugarcoat. You took the bashing from Tami and smiled and grinned all the way. At least Keisha stays real in front of the drama even if she’s smart enough to move out of harms way. :-) I would too. Lastly, Suzie, I don’t wish anyone lose there job but you look like a hanger’s on every week and are not really interesting or seem like you have a life. If you weren’t a vetran, my bet would be you’d be gone. Get a life girl or my prediction may come true. My two cents is concluded and posted. Take it for what it’s worth to you. I got it off my chest and since I still watch and took the time to type this, you’ve still got me as a fan of the show. Going forward just please do better. The show can still be good without all the ugliness toward each other. My best to all. Carla

  186. Evelyn, when you first came on this show I felt you, even though some of your drinking was a bad sign, but how quickly you turned up the recklessness, when you saw it could get you more attention. How sad you are and I feel for your daughters. You are a huge BULLY, DRUNK, and the start of 95% of the negativity this show has produced. And it’s even sader Shauni would allow this, but not totally shocking. Remember one thing Evelyn what goes around comes around. You should treat people how you want to be treated. You always saying “tell me to my face and I don’t like people talking about me behind my back” Really? How old are you? The weaves, make up, and phony demeanor you have is not working. You make alot of young women ashamed, you may think you are hard and big and bad, but you are really a coward and jealous hearted person. You should take all the things you have been through and become the opposite instead of this ugly person you have showed millions. You should not even talk, your words are not real, bully, bully, bully!

  187. nat says:

    Tami is full of it and I don’t believe her crappy apology for one min. The chick has anger issue therefore she will do it again. Bottomline, she is a bully. As far as Jen, I feel where she coming from.She had bigger issues in dealing with a divorce and reestablishing herself. If a friend of 14 yrs cant understand that then oh well. Jen has apologized several times through out the the show. Jen has agreed to disagree. Jen has admitted to pulling back to deal with other things. Jen has done everything they asked to bring the peace. It is not her problem the Ghetto idoits cant accept it. They are constantly trying to say she fake well I dont see that. I see them more not accepting and moving on. Not saying shes perfect, but I do think she is trying to change and move towards something better and be someone better. Who gives a ish about what was said on a blog! Either accept the apology or not, eitherway move on. THe fact that they are lingering around stuff like shows THIER of immaturity not Jen’s. Then again what else can you expect from Ghetto hot messes (aka shaunie,tami.evenlyn, susie) #teamgrowthinapositivedirectionisgood.

  188. Beezy says:

    Tami needs to save those fake ol Tears! For the simple fact that she was wrong. And like the person said before everyone has had a hard life…that’s life. It does not give her the right to behave the way she has or justify her actions plain and simple. As a Black woman who have friends that are biracial and consider themselves black and for her to make fun of Keisha for that is wrong. She too old to be acting like that especially with that whole “don’t talk behind my back” nonsense your not in high school any more!

  189. nika says:

    i am watching the reunion. in the real world, real friends tell each other when they are completely out of line. i have never seen grown women sit and joke on others as much as they do. but the bullying that tami did is disgusting. who remembers when she was on the real world and got the black dude kicked off. i don’t have a friend that i would have sat there and allowed her to act the way she did. she only feels bad because her daughters are ashamed. she saw an opportunity to shine but was only a severe thunderstorm, no sunshine. then tami talks so much about talking to me and not behind my back but when someone tried to keep it real she was offended. she even questioned their friendship. chick you fake.

  190. Get rid of Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie says:

    Get rid of Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie. I could see right throught the phony promises of them being sorry for their behavior. Shanie is just trying to save her show and Evelyn and Tami are just trying to save their paychecks. Everyone I know who has been a fan of this show in the past have all stopped watching and are just embarassed by the behavior of these mothers!!! How would they like it if someone was bullying their daughters. Having beef with one another is one thing but outright bullying (by Tami especially) is not to be tolerated or promoted. VH1 you are partially responsible for this also.

  191. nika says:

    just one question. does anyone remember when tami was on the real world and got the guy kicked off behind a joke. i can accept error and bad behavior, but how long does it take for someone to recognize bad behavior. everyone wants so much respect but few give it. i am so ashamed of people watching a person’s bad behavior and saying nothing. i know i keep it real with my family and friends. if we want to grow we need each other to be truthfulf, and not days later. yeah the person doing the act is wrong but those watching are wrong to say nothing. i pray that a change comes. and soon.

  192. MyVoice1 says:

    It’s amazing how Tami Roman acts so apologetic on Wendy Williams and if you watch the Reunion show she act like she didn’t care. Tami doesn’t feel bad for what she did to Keisha. All that crying is just fake. Someone who is always popping off that people should be real needs to take her own advice. Tami is not going to change. She was the same way when she was on the Real World. I can’t believe someone actually hired this animal to be on their show. This world is so screwed up because people like Tami Roman get glamorized and notariarity speaking on televsion shows. I honestly think Tami should be punished for her actions and usually people feel it when they are hit in their pocket because she doesn’t have a heart.

  193. cheryl says:

    I think the reunion episode of tonight’s bbw was another sad image of black women. I think the John Sally needs to think before he speaks , his intelligent level is not very good.

  194. Sinshine says:

    Shaunie has NEVER put Evelyn and Tammie in check the way she has Jennifer. And Tammy had the nerve to address Jennifer about bullying. Not once has she ever told Evelyn she was wrong since she decided to be the truth teller. She has no room to correct anybody. It is obvious who the favorites are on the show. why wouldn’t someone press charges for being assaulted? What if it was Shaunie ‘ s daughter in the place of the new girls? Yeah! I got your hypocritical, self-righteous attitude.

  195. Sunshine says:

    I protest John as a host. He merely joined in with the wenches by demanding an apology from Jen. We need a host to keep it real and stop skirting around the chosen ones (Shaun, Tam, n Eve). A real journalist would address their nasty ways instead of zeroing in on the victum (Jen). this reunion show only allows them to justify their crazy behavior. Sick of it!!!!!!!! And when can an adult not have the right to speak about someone withou getting physically assaulted??????? It is called disagreeing and having an opinion!!!!!!!!!

  196. Pamela says:

    Why is it that Tami can sit up there and preach like she is some expert on bulling when that is all she is about and can’t she not act normal or does it have to be a “ghetto fab” act. I am going to constantly ask for Tami to be removed from the show and Evelyn be kicked off also they are both unprofessional women and I am also sick of Shanie with her all acting like she is perfect!!! well she promotes the fights and the bulling they all have kids can they not look up class act in the dictionary to figure out how to act right????? this show use to be good but I am completely just over it…. I won’t be watching and I will be posting things on FB about the behavior of these “ladies” hmmmm maybe that is what they are ??????? I am just over it all… at least Jen is trying to move past the drama of nonsense…

  197. shelly says:

    we all need to be quiet…we like the drama we see on BBW,,it’s funny that we still watch it if you don’t like the show please don’t watch it..we always have something to say about what we see on BBW when we have plenty of other shows we watch with much,much drama and violence,I’m glad they keeping the show on if Jennifer can’t take whats going on she can get off the show we not watching the show because of her…we watch the show because of Tammy and Evelyn…lol

  198. mzkcsunshyne says:

    Tami is a bully period! How old is she anyway?Certainly too old to act a fool every week with her toilet mouth.She is a poor excuse for a role model to anyone!

  199. B. Mayberry says:

    Basketball Wives
    June 5, 2012 around 4:00p
    Tami is the mystery or is she just having a senior moment. She is so stuck up under Ev—-and why? Didn’t Ev take your babies’ father? Tami is so busy busting on everybody that talks behind her back—–what about the one whose behind was up to your babies’ daddy’s face? HUH? WHAT’S UP WITH THAT HOMEY. JERSEY GIRLS DON’T PLAY LIKE THIS!!!!! Tami, Sister Soldier, you better take care your business ‘fore you come back in Jersey!!!!! .

  200. PrettyT says:

    Tammy was realy my favorite on the show when she came on the scene, but she changed or was she always this way. She acts to ghetto and makes black women look bad. I don’t think her apology on the reunion show was sincere at all. I wouldn’t have accpeted that apology if I was Keisha. How could she cry about wanting to change and than turn around and bully and disrespect Keisha. So what if she’s white! I don’t like Evelyn, or Shaunie because I think they are realy all about drama underneath it all. I used to like Evelyn too but she is just as ghetto and classless now. I think Jenn is the only one with any class besides Keisha and Royce. I still don’t get Evelynes issue with Jenn, it must be behind the scenes conflict as well because in regards to blogs and interviews Jenn realy didn’t say anything that bad for her to not forgive and still be friends. For goodness sake the girl cried her eyes out and said she would never hurt her. This is loyalty Evelyn. I hope Tammy realy changes for herself and her children.

  201. donna says:


  202. Disgrace says:

    As a woman and as an educator, I am offended by the antics that took place during this season. It is a shame that women in 2012 would stoop to such levels just to take home a paycheck. Unfortunately, this is what happens when one is uneducated or under-educated. Each day, teachers and administrators across this country struggle to teach young ladies how to work on their self-esteem and how to treat each other; it is a difficult job especially when our young ladies see this type of behavior displayed on national television. We also have the arduous task of protecting ‘Keishas’ from ‘Tamis and Evelyns’!! Stop bullying!!!! It is clear that both of those ladies have deep-rooted issues; they must deal with those issues and stop taking out their insecurities on others.

    Shame on VH1 and all of the producers as well as the women of BW. You are poor examples of women and entertainers. Shaunie O’Neal is a ‘business woman’? Really? Shaunie said she sits in meetings and asks herself if the people she is meeting with think she is a “hot mess”. Yes dear, you are a hot mess for allowing women . . .black women . . . to tear each down. When we get into positions of authority, it becomes our task to make it better . . .what ever the ‘IT’ may be. Read Luke 12:48.

    Tami IS a bully and so is Evelyn. I suspect Evelyn toned down her behavior because her wedding show will soon be aired and she has other business deals in the making. Tami has not taken responsibility for her actions (when the reunion show was taped); her apology was as fake as her lashes and so was that audience. Keeping it real has nothing to do with using profanity, yelling, throwing bottles, or being physically violent.

    Suzie has nothing going for her except that the keeps the drama going; she is a true lackey!! Suzie is such a non-factor. So long BW . . .

  203. cleo says:

    Tami,you made a remark that Jen should forget about the slap that Nia gave her and suck it up.Is that what you teach your daughters, to bully people, assualt them,No wonder you stated they were embarassed by your behavior. If your daughter is assualted would you tell them to suck it up. Nothing else has to be said you already know how people think of you.I feel sorry for your kids, they have no one to set a positive example for them,using your hardships in life as an excuse doesn’t work any more ,because all of us have some hardships to get over. I just want this show cancelled, gone, never to return .

  204. Zen says:

    I am a fan of the show and have been watching since the beginning. I must say that this season was pathetic and TAMI IS AN AWFUL HUMAN BEING. Watching her and the way she treated Keisha was like watching a train wreck. I can’t believe she has two daughters and I feel so sorry for them having been born to such a mother. Clearly Tami needs YEARS of therapy. Her apology on the reunion show was ridiculous and she is so beyond ghetto there isn’t even a word to describe her.

  205. Dispicable says:

    Hey just thought I should remind this woman how she was treated on the first season of BBW.
    Hey Tami, do yourself a favor and go back to your first season of BBW and check all the tapes both edited and unedited, I seem to remember Ev saying that you did not dress well remember that, you got on her about that abroad (either in Italy or Spain) I do not remember so I stand corrected.

    Remember when you went to get your LYPO we saw Jen come to see you after you went all ghetto on her about the FOODSTAMP comment I know you were grateful but that has all been clouded by you behavior this season!

    You are now best buddies with the woman who slept with your Ex-husband while he was still married to you? By the way nobody bought that weak ass emotional clip on the Wendy show, YEAH NOT EVEN WENDY and the rest of the normal world who does not live in your demented world!!! You should never have gone to the Wendy show before the Reunion aired cause after the Wendy show and Monday’s reunion was laughable. If this was to do some PR and damage control you failed!

    If I was Kesha I would have called the cops and had your ass thrown in Jail away from home because nobody believes your delusional mind that Kesha left the bag , be real YOU TOOK IT, YOU TOOK BY FORCE, YOU HELD HER BELONGS HOSTAGE YES TAMI YOU STOLE HER BELONGINGS!!!! You went through her personal stuff and took her sunglasses talking about “MMMHHH I LIKE THESE”!!!! Grow up!!! Nobody is buy the crap you are putting out. Good for your ex- husband to leave your crazy ass!!!!! I feel sorry for your beautiful girls!!! YOU ARE A POOR EXCUSE TO BE A ROLE MODEL!!!!!! The girls you talk about mentoring should be pull out if their parents can and the law should come and protect these young girls from your crazy ass, they should be split between Royce and Kesha not you!!!! If society cares someone will remove these children from your program and I hope it is THE LAW!!!!!

  206. NINA says:


  207. Ncee says:

    Tami!!!! What were you thinking?! You were my favorite on the show and unfortunately I’m not liking you too much this season. You need to get a hold of your anger issues. On that note, Tami mentioned that she was thinking about moving to LA….any chance we might see her on Basketball Wives Los Angeles! I think she’d make a great addition! Also who knows, maybe the change in scenery might help her with her anger problems!!!!

  208. amorenomore says:

    No matter how you slice it…you BULLIED that girl (and I think you LIKED it). And you have no right to tell Jen to get over the hit – Jen should have that maniac arrested! I bet if it were one of your kids you be first in line to sign them up for a lawsuit. I can’t stand this show anymore. Most of you have no morals or values. Just disgusting.

  209. labybloomer says:

    ditto PrettyT… I don’t think anyone who doesn’t engaged in violence is weak. Keisha did the right thing by staying away from that rotweiler, who does that, Tami does. She needs to stay in therapy cause so far it aint working. And who is Evelyn trying to fool. ” I don’t like for people to look down on people because of what they don’t have, it’s wrong.” It didn’t seem so wrong to her when she was commenting on how Tami needed to step up her dressing game to Shaunie. And lets be honest where is the positive blah blah blah Shaunie speaks of…Could we be just exploiting the situation. Would ” real basketball wives” with truly positive messages give your show a minute of their day?

  210. T in Texas says:

    Tami looks like a hot yellow mess .