Leah Desimone Is Going To Be The Comedian On Mob Wives Chicago


“I wanted to join the Chicago Mob Wives, A) I’m very comedic, B) I got a deadly weapon and it’s in my mouth. And it ain’t registered,” Leah Desimone tells us right off the bat in this video profile for Chicago Mob Wives Mob Wives Chicago. Leah is just the right blend of authentic, hilarious, and a leeeetle bit out there, and she is definitely going to make the show interesting this summer. Just don’t ask her to tell you the difference between a Popsicle and a lollipop.

Mob Wives Chicago premieres Sunday, June 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Leah Desimone Mob Wives Chicago

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  1. kevin says:

    this chick is mad funny and i agree when she said you respect me I respect you,if you don’t respect me their will be a problem! that is a motto I follow in my life as well!My mouth has got me trouble in the past as I’m know to speak my mind even when innapporiate.


    i don’t think i’ll like this show very much but i will watch it cause i have nothing better to do

  3. @JerseyNora says:

    I love Leah & her Mom both are so down to earth good peeps! I love how Leah keeps it real & is a Daddy’s Girl! My love & continued blessings for her success!

  4. leah says:

    i think Leah will be the stand out star from this show….she is the most unheard so far but it comes with a lethal quiet respect………i think as the show unfolds we will want more Leah Desimone…..!!! I was a Drita girl but so far i like Nora and Leah

  5. DG says:

    She’s a HUGE fraud!!! this show should be cancelled before it begins!!!!

  6. A. Spillone says:

    Mob wives are nothing like this…they don’t marry truck drivers. Women from Chicago have more class then this. A real mob wife her husband doesn’t come home and tell his wife how his day went ..their job is to take care of the house and children . Mob family’s don’t bring attention to themselves…just another show to make italians look bad..