A Morning In The Life Of The New Single Lady Denise Vasi


Denise Vasi

Anyone who tuned into the season 2 premiere of Single Ladies is likely still working on getting their jaw up off the floor, after feasting their eyes on the gorgeous addition to the cast. Previously known for her role as Randi Morgan on All My Children, model/actress Denise Vasi stepped onto the Single Ladies scene as Raquel Lancaster, the childhood friend of Keisha who’s overcoming a cheating fiance and subsequent broken engagement. We had the pleasure of following the Brooklyn native around Midtown Manhattan to witness a busy morning in her life, from when she departed the London Hotel bright and early to her multiple radio interviews at Sirius and a blog interview at Hollywood Life. We have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of her pretty face, so take a closer look and prep for tonight’s new episode, at 9/8C!

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi

Denise is wearing pants by H&M, shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti and a watch by TW Steel. Hair by Antonio Thigpen, makeup by Sir John Bartlett.

[Photos: Lauren Olson/VH1]

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  1. joy says:

    this show sucks. I refuse to watch it ever again, I’d rather watch paint dry.

  2. S says:

    Single Ladies is just awful this season. The show should thank God they have no competition because of the summer season otherwise it would be canceled. The show is too predictable & ridiculous. VJ really a segment on April’s VJ please

  3. ES JAY says:

    I hope the show is very successful. I’m looking forward to the new season.

  4. ashley says:

    I agree that this season has “less interest” than last. The story line is still great BUT losing stacy dash was a HUGE mistake. Vh1 should have done anything they could have to keep her. Stacys sex appeal is unmatchable and simply having her on there not only gave a certain mystery to the show, but also made the other girls look better. The new girl is beautiful but she simply doesn’t have that “mysterious excitement” stacy has that keeps you coming back for more. The only way tto replace stacy is to do it with someone who has matching sex appeal such as leila arcieri, or salli richardson fields. Just like american idol couldn’t have replaced paula abdul with lisa raye… they had to go big.. and get J lo. My point is…. if single ladies wants a third season they better reconsider their decision REAL quick. Just my opinion… but last time I checked the viewers opinions are what matter most.

  5. ashley says:

    Taking stacy dash off single ladies is like taking evelyn lozada off basketball wives. You don’t do it. If you do no one will watch it anymore. It is what it is. Lisa raye is hot, but not as hot as she used tto be, and quite frankly, having stacy there made lisa raye look better, but now its like….. the new girl is pretty but does nothing for lisa. Raye. The only thing left on that show that brings the same fire that stacy brought is DB woodside.

  6. Ty says:

    I like the show but all the celebrity appearances cheapens it a bit…. j/s. People don’t really like that. Maybe 1 or 2 is ok but every music artist is not an actor and vice versa.

  7. Troy says:

    Denise Vasi looks pretty much like Vanessa Williams from The New ABC show “666 Park Avenue”-but as a much younger clone of Vanessa.

  8. Michele says:

    OMG this is woman is gorgeous! She is also Very Talented . I’m completely loving Raquel and Denise Vasi is rockin’ the part! I LOVE her saucy attitude. Thank You VH-1 and Queen Latifah for recognizing what an asset Ms. Vasi is the the Single Ladies cast! I have my DVR set to record every episode this season.

  9. Carmen says:

    I am loving this new character, Raquel. She’s smart, sexy, witty, and a joy to watch. The three ladies seem to mesh quite well together. Denise Vasi has already made the part her own. I think her new love interest Antiono, was also a great choice too. Congratulations VH-1.I think you have a winner with this beauty!

  10. L.T. says:

    I wasn’t really feeling last nights episode. I ended up watching a repeat of the Golden Girls.

  11. Natalie says:

    Ughh so what she has pretty eyes, thats about ALL SHE HAS! She seriously is a terrible TERRIBLE actress. Watching her on the show is like watching a TRAIN WRECK! Shes so boring & fake on screen. Blocks of wood defines her very well. She has the personality of a puppet which by the way can convey more emotions than she is able too. I also read on line she is a fluzy and sleeps with men in the industry to land roles. Figures, because she has zero acting skills.

  12. Netasha says:

    Denise Vasi is one of those no talent soap opera actors who was basically cast for the simple reason of, dark skinned light eyes. She has the Tickle me Elmo/Minnie Mouse voice & is the master of the boring stare. I remember her on that soap opera, she was tremendously terrible even for daytime tv standards. She has one line a week no joke. Damnn what this world has come too. They will cast looks over talent! Stacey is having a good laugh on what the show has become, A JOKE!

  13. Deb says:

    love, Love, LOVE the newest Single Lady, Raquel! Thank God Queen Latifah really knows talent ! Denise Vasi is like a breath of fresh air! I’ve always liked the show but It’s now my Favorite show to watch for the summer! Thank YOU sooo much VH-1!!!!

  14. Cyndy says:

    Denise is drop dead gorgeous and incredibly stylish too. Talent and beauty, the perfect choice to join the cast of Single Ladies.

  15. Charity says:

    I’m so excited to have single ladies back for a second season. Welcome to the new character Raquel, played by Denise Vasi. I’m not familiar with her work history as yet but as far as talent goes, she is making the character of Raquel character believable and likeable. I’m looking forward to what the remainder of the season holds. I do miss Stacey as the Val character, however life happens and I wish every success to the new character Raquel and to the show as a whole. For me, honestly at the end of the day I’m supportive of projects that empower women, and honestly women of color, we have so much talent and I’m excited for every opportunity to have it showcased. My DVR is programmed :)

  16. Sojourny says:

    I loved Single Ladies last season, would watch the episodes over and over. I know the old saying “one monkey don’t stop no show” has in most cases been true, however, in the season 2 of Single Ladies, we can clearly see that the Stacey Dash was the person that made this show. If the producers don’t take action, bring back Stacey or someone to make the show (like Stacey did), this will be your last season.

  17. D.S says:

    Please Bring Stacy Dash back…Queen Laifah, you’ve been in the business long enough to know, every team has a strong link and a weak link. Stacy Dash was Single Ladies strong link. without her, that ship is going to go down and we might never see a Season 3 of Single Ladies.

  18. jbaby208 says:

    shoulda kept stacey dash but shes gudd… cant knock her hustle

  19. KS says:

    Loving the new season and Denise Vasi…who was the red backless ruffle shirt you wore last night in the boutique scene with your mom? I loved and I want it…lol

  20. Tamika says:

    Denise Vasi….. I realize this is a place for viewers to share their opinions..But i will try to be as objective as possible but I would hate to be her… Its hard enough taking on a role after Stacey Dash… But honestly her acting skills are incredibly bad.. :( its sad because I was really looking forward to this season. I watched the whole 1st season and loved it! Then within the first two episodes i already know i don’t like her character… She seems weak and helpless.. She needs more Sass but most of all better acting skills… The whole time she’s on.. I’m thinking “fake!” “unbelievable!”. Sorry… May be my last season as well…But I happen to really like Lisa Reye si im still a fan!… For now ;)

  21. JUST ME says:

    Im sorry but Stacy MADE THE SHOW, she played the part very well, its very hard for me to accept this lady as VAL, i think she should of picked someone very different looking than Stacy than trying tohave a “twin” step in. Wont be watching this season. Sorry

  22. Vicky Grindle says:

    Very disappointed with Stacy Dash’s departure from Single Ladies. I lost interest in the first episode.

  23. Amber says:

    One word, Stunning! Denise Vasi is one talented and beautiful young woman. Casting her as “Raquel” was pure genius. I look forward to watching her star continue to rise. I’m so happy Single Ladies is back.

  24. Amber says:

    One word, Stunning! Denise Vasi is one talented and beautiful young woman. Casting her as “Raquel” was pure genius. I look forward to watching her star continue to rise. I’m thrilled Single Ladies is back.

  25. Holly says:

    Denise is a beauty…… I do however think it was a mistake to try to replace Stacey Dash with sort of a look-a-like. I tried watching the first episode and kept thinking please bring Stacey back…better yet, I think we need to bring back the show Living Single! I might be dating myself by saying that but that was a well-done show.

  26. Enrique says:

    I am truly loving the new season of Single Ladies and particularly Raquel. What a Beauty! She’s got class, a good head on her shoulders, and she’s very entertaining. I did enjoy the Val character but since SHE MADE THE CHOICE to move on, I have to respect that she knows what’s right for her. This is my first time seeing Denise Vasi and I like what I’m seeing. I think VH1 made a smart decision in hiring Ms. Vasi. I’m looking forward to seeing the journey Val is about to embark upon.

  27. Enrique says:

    CORRECTION: I’m looking forward to seeing the journey RAQUEL is about to embark upon.

  28. Keyia says:

    So excited “Single Ladies” is back for another season! I love the newest Single Lady, Raquel. I remember her from the cast of “All My Children”. Ms. Latifah, I agree that hiring Denise Vasi was a great decision and I feel all three ladies work well together. I do miss Stacey but, I also feel that Denise is definitely holding her own! She’s beautiful, likable yet feisty and is truly, just a breath of fresh air! This show is definitely one of my favorites; I look forward to what the remainder of the season has in store. So, my DVR is set! VH-1, thank you!

  29. Maria says:

    Fabulous pics. Denise looks like she’s having a blast. There is such a thing as “star quality” and Denise definitely has “It.” I’m not surprised TPTB jumped at the chance to sign her for their show. The first two episodes have proven she fits Single Ladies perfectly.

  30. M.E. %R][O][B][E][R][T.[ ].. [ ]...[ ].... says:

    See,I did’nt see this coming @ the other table.I LOVE YOUR WORK,POINT BLANK! They see you as an everyday girl on television TIMEZONE CHANGE. Why you do that for? Turning it on when it a natureal thing…I gree with some about the show.But,In the city there is few & your a natureal. Beautiful! look it,know it,where it.

  31. Rashon says:

    Denise is ummm NO WORDS to describe her “acting” Damnnn she is awful. The ship is sinking & she draggin everyone with her. train wreck for reals

  32. tanya says:

    I can’t take any comment that says denise is “talented” seriously. lol. They sound like they are either from die-hard fans or denise’s friends. But I’m going to give this show a couple more chances!

  33. Betty says:

    This season has not started off with much to offer. The scripts are too extreme, from the tango to checking out someones vj. These are beautiful adult women who deserve realistic situations and interesting subjects.The wigs are tacky and Lisarey’s wordrobe is frumpy. I don’t want to stop watching but I probably will because of the lack of substance.

  34. Single Ladies Fan says:

    I’m loving the newest addition to the Single Ladies cast. She’s a knock out and she fits in well with the rest of the cast too. From reading some of the other comments, I think it was a smart move for VH1 t create a totally different character for Ms. Vasi rather than trying to replace the Val character and she has already made that character her own. Kudos to you VH1 for adding this very beautiful and talented actress to the cast. #Winning

  35. Tammy says:

    Denise Vasi is very beautiful all of the girls are but i think we should give her more than just two episodes. The problem is Lisa Raye and the other girl THEY CANNOT ACT. I don’t know why you got rid of Stacey Dash but all three characters should have been replaced. Queen Latifah if you want to save your show please recast them too. Nicole Ari Parker, Nia Long, Saniia Lathan, Vivaca Fox.