Single Ladies – Episode 2 – A Stable Future


Roler skating Single Ladies
Who knew a night at the roller rink could produce so many storylines? Granted, I haven’t been to a roller rink since 1992, but I didn’t know they were such hotbeds of meeting guys and having your bank accounts frozen by the IRS. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Raquel, Keisha, and April are enjoying a girls’ night out at the rink, and as Raquel and Keisha roll off for a another lap, April crashes into Jason, a cute and klutzy guy who happens to be at the rink for a birthday party. It seems like he’d rather be anywhere else until he bumps into April.
April Single Ladies

She gives him her number, hopes he’ll call, and that’s that. As the girls discuss April’s potential with Jason, Keisha goes to grab some money from the ATM and makes a shocking discovery that her bank account has been frozen by the FBI.
Keisha IRS Single Ladies
Raquel instantly fears that this means Keisha’s Aston Martin won’t be in the parking lot, so out they roll at top speed to check, but luckily, it’s still there and they take off in it while they still can.
Keisha still has money hidden around the apartment that the IRS can’t touch, but that doesn’t ease her mind, and it doesn’t help that Malcolm’s troubles with the government aren’t over. But her biggest problem is that she’s still in charge of Val’s boutique, and she’s drowning in receipts and responsibility that she just doesn’t have time for. So she asks Raquel for some help now that she’s jobless, just for the time being, and Raquel is more than happy to step in.

Two people aren’t happy to see Raquel in this new position. Omar, because all of a sudden Raquel is in a position of power over him, and her mother Evelyn, who’s still in a position of power over Raquel, and thinks the job is a waste of her education.

Evelyn had no idea her daughter quit her high-powered consulting job to be “a shopgirl,” and she’s horrified. Doesn’t matter that Raquel feels fulfilled and happy by this new job though, because Evelyn tells her bluntly “Lancasters don’t work in shops, they own stock in them.” Evelyn’s pit stop at the shop is also used to try and convince Raquel to get back together with her ex-fiance. Victor. You know, the guy who was banging some rando at his own engagement party. Evelyn tells Raquel to overlook his “flaw,” which makes total sense to her appalls Raquel.
Raquel Single Ladies

“You would be easier to explain if you were in rehab,” Evelyn sighs as she finally leaves the shop.

You would think that that exchange is one of the more awkward conversations to be had in this episode, but no. That belongs to April and Jason.
Single Ladies
When April goes to get a pap smear and her regular doctor isn’t there, she agrees to let another doctor perform it. And wouldn’t you know, it’s Jason. Up until the moment he had his hand, you know, inside her, April had been reading a gossip rag and paid no attention to who was up in her business, but as soon as she lowered her magazine, her knees clenched, Dr. Jason was trapped in a thigh-lock,
Single Ladies
and April was in a state of shock.
Single Ladies
Fortunately, everything looked great down there.

Keisha learns that despite the fact that Malcolm has turned himself in, the government is still coming after her, despite striking a deal with Agent Winston. Lucky for her, she still has Sean to help her out with the legal matters at hand. He informs her that she still owes the IRS $200,000 and they need to work out some kind of payment plan.

Sean suggests they discuss payment plans over lunch, and Keisha rejects his advances and asks him to keep things professional. “I would never go there, I’m still with Malcolm,” Keisha tells the ladies and Omar at the boutique later. They want to know what happened and she explains the situation, but Omar thinks she’s keeping a candle (or something else) burning for Sean.

Raquel takes the girls to the stables where her family boards their horses and runs into an old friend (and owner of her V-card), Antonio, World’s Sexiest Stable Boy.
Antonio Single Ladies
In an effort to rekindle their old flame, Raquel goes back to the stable later for an actual roll in the hay, but things take a very wrong turn when her mother spots them.

Raquel and Antonio are just as surprised to get caught as Evelyn is to catch them.
Roll In The Hay Antonio Single Ladies
“I never dreamed you would turn out like this,” Evelyn spits at Raquel, and Raquel rebuts that she’s tired of being controlled. “This is where it stops,” she says. Raquel turns the conversation away from sex with the horse boy and tells her mother that she plans to buy Val’s boutique. Her mother has never approved of fashion, but Raquel doesn’t care anymore. She’s no linger in the mood to get her parents’ approval for everything. “You’ll get used to the new Raquel,” she tells her mother. “I am! I’m loooving her.”

April agrees to a date with Dr. Jason even though it’s awkwardtown, and it gets even more awkward when he tells her she has the most amazing honey pot (or, if you prefer, “hush puppy”) he’s ever had the privilege of working with. That makes her all coy and shy.

Dr. Jason! She’s blushing….down there.
Dr. Jason asks if he can order April’s lunch for her, because he plans to put her on a vagina diet. Berries, citrus, whatever genre of fruit kiwi is in: they all help make that southern smile sweeter. And it sounds like he wants a taste. And this is why I always get a lady gynecologist, folks.

When April tells the ladies that Dr. Jason was so thoroughly impressed by her “cookie,” they want to check it for themselves. “This we have to see,” Keisha tells her.
Single Ladies
“If we are indeed in the presence of an extraordinary hoo ha, then the council must confirm.”
So they shuffle off to the fitting room (remind me never to go into any fitting room ever again) to view it, and one by one, they all agree it is spectacular. “If that were in a stick, I’d be in love,” Omar tells her. And she positively beams at their feedback.

When she has a second date with Dr. Jason, he asks her if he could…dine in…and she obliges happily.

There’s a caveat to her pleasure though — he wants her to go totally bare down there. “Trust me, the sensations will be incredible,” he tells her. So she allows herself to go to Brazil, and tells the girls all about it. She’s a little weirded out by how obsessive Jason can be about it (like how he gives her a Kegel device to tone the muscles of her vaginal wall), but they assure her it could be worse. For April, it doesn’t get much worse, so she breaks things off with Jason.

The next day as Keisha prepares breakfast, she receives an unexpected knock at the door from Sean. He wants to go over her payments to the IRS, and as luck would have it, he’s just in time for pancakes. They chat and reminisce, and when the discuss business Sean even offers to help Keisha pay off some of her IRS debt.
Keisha IRS Single Ladies
As she thanks him for the offer, she receives yet another unexpected knock at the door, this one from Malcolm.
Malcolm Single Ladies
Malcolm bears good news, that he’s in the clear now with the FBI, and the Mayor has been arrested. They celebrate the good news for five seconds, until Malcolm spots Sean eating his pancakes on the terrace.
Sean Single Ladies
Keisha assures Malcolm that despite the pancakes and her bathrobe, the relationship with Sean is strictly professional, he’s helping with that good old payment plan. Malcolm brushes all that off, insisting that he be the payment plan instead. He’s got her covered. He dismisses Sean but, funny thing, Sean’s not finished eating breakfast, so he heads back out to the balcony to finish up. Malcolm pulls up a chair to make it a party of three, and the awkward silence is deafening.

Days later, Sean shows up to V to tell Keisha that Malcolm has indeed paid her debt, but that she deserves better and asks her for another chance. “Sean, I will always care about you, but what we had is over,” she tells him. Trying to convince her otherwise, Sean kisses Keisha (as Omar spies),

and tells her “It doesn’t feel over to me.”

Antonio and Raquel’s love affair isn’t over either, and they meet back in the stables for a night of candle lit pleasure. Not to be a killjoy, but candles plus hay is a terrible idea, right?
Sex In The Stables Antonio Raquel
And just to prove her mother wrong even further, Raquel meets with Eve, who co-owns V, to plead her case for buying out Val’s share of the store.
Eve Single Ladies
Though she has no retail experience, she manages to win Eve over and convinces her she has more passion than anyone else in the running. They toast to Raquel and her new beginnings.

“To taking risks and being in charge of our own destiny.” For now, anyway.

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  1. patty says:

    dam i love that william levy!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ms.lady says:

    This show sucks and the acting is terrible

  3. Taryn says:

    I love this show. It’s entertaining and funny…love the sass from these women. :)

  4. julie gore says:


  5. Veronica says:

    OMG!! Can’t wait to see William Levy again!!!! He is soooo hot!

  6. karli says:

    ugh this show is boring now!!! i want val to come back!! she is still a single lady!!! y’all should’ve not added a new girl to the show!! val needs to come back!!

  7. AlWell says:

    I am giving this show one more episode before I give up on it. My issue isn’t the acting b/c none of the girls are Meryl or Stacy leaving (although I miss her) the script sucks this season. There is just so much that doesn’t make sense. LisaRaye grew up with Racquel but there is an obvious age difference. Everyone decides to go in a room an check out April’s snatch? Racquel goes upstairs but doesn’t think to roll out the doorway during her romp in the hay? Val just throws away her business VIA TEXT and everyone camps out at her house? Who does that? Racquel gets out of the car in broad daylight in episode 1 but when they pick her up it’s night? I live in Atlanta I know it doesn’t take you hours to get around the corner in Buckhead. April actually goes to lunch w/ the creepy dr? Racquel’s mom calls attention to her kid having sex in a barn in front of all her rich friends? Most parents wouldn’t do that if they were w/ people especially if they cared as much about appearances as her mom appears to. LisaRaye being dragged across the floor in the first episode.

    The Racquel character is just annoying to me. Last season the acting was the same but the storylines all had meat and simple logic.

  8. Del says:

    I really enjoyed Season 1 of Single Ladies. I always looked forward to Monday nights at 9,yes it’s true that the acting may not be the best but it was still very entertaining. Val was my favorite character, her style and search for a meaningful relationship was great. I watched the first episode of Season 2 and tried to watch the second episode, but soon had to change the channel.
    It was a must see for me last season but that is no longer the case. Keisha and Val had great chemistry as friends, Christina added craziness. Oh well I will have to find another.

  9. Diana from Houston Texas Baby says:

    STACY they apologize, hell I apologize if it will bring you back!!! Everyone needs to put a lid on their egos for the greater good and future success of the show. I did not realize it until this season, but Stacy Dash (and a better script last season) made this show everything that it WAS. Did they fire last season’s writers and Stacy, what genius came up with that??? I actually like Lisa Raye and April’s characters last season but they meshed because of Val, now they are dull and almost clueless (nothing but pure irony in choice of words).

    Another thing what did Christina do to you guys that y’all just dismissed her without explanation like they did Judy on Family Matters. At least it could have been mentioned that she got deported or something. Seriously though this show was my connection back to the fun, entertaining, sexy, and must see TV that I felt when Sex In The City was still on the air but from the 1st two shows of this season that seems to be over.

    VH1 and Queen Latifah THE SHOW CAN STILL BE SAVED! This is what y’all should do, call this season a wash and do not air the remaining episodes, then get rid of the new girl (she is gorgeous but this just isn’t a storyline that fits), BEG and I mean BEG Stacy Dash to come back, then go find the writers that you had last season and BEG them to come back too, then write new scripts, re-start production, and I promise I will come back if it takes a year for y’all to get this together. We can’t lose this show because it has too much potential. Give me Stacy’s number and I’ll call her myself, I’m just sayin.

  10. A Single Lady says:

    What the Hay?!
    This is the worst writing EVERRRR! Bad storylines and bad acting with a gorgeous cast. Such a waste. Please do something different as soon as possible. I agree with Diana, scrap this season. and start over. There are hardly any African-American tv shows on anyway and I was so looking forward to watching people of color, but this show is ridiculously embarassing to all races and the craft of acting. If this show goes off, we will probably never get another African-American tv series.

  11. Tutu says:

    I wonder who are the people that ‘Like” and ‘retweet’ this show. It sucks really, really, bad. Must be employees and their families, cuz this show is the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Especially when the show had so much promise last year.

  12. Ceepia says:

    I was hoping Stacey Dash’s replacement would be more spicey. No disrespect but good riddance Stacey. Seems to me the casting director or producers were looking for a carbon copy of Stacey. Denise Vasci is much like Stacey in terms of her acting, demeanor and appearance. That’s disappointing for me. Certainly the drama surrounding Val’s life leaves a hole in the show. The drama going on in Keisha’s life is good. More drama is needed for me though. April needs more “stuff”. One of my favorite characters is Omar, the boutique employee. His character adds a totally uplifting and spicey edge. Well done Travis. Great acting. Glad they held on to you. Sorry to see Christina gone. She definitely bought something to the table. Eve’s presence added something to episode 2. I am wondering if the show’s producers are going to rely on guest appearances to make the show more interesting. I plan to continue watching the show. I trust Queen Latifah to do what’s necessary to make the program a continued success.

  13. brea says:

    keep William Levy as a returning actor.. He is good for the eyes.

  14. Leana says:

    This was a very good show, it always boggles me as to why when a show that has a fan-base of mostly African Americans starts of good eventually changes so drastically that it takes aways from the initial allure of the show. Val was a good character but if the actress decides for whatever reason that they are done then there is really is nothing that the audience can do but with that being said the problem is not Val exiting, the problem is the writing. It did not flow, I can’t put my finger on it but there is a disconnect. Perhaps it will get better with time, I would be disappointed to see this show end up like “The Game”. Oh and just wanted to say, I absolutely love LisaRaye, she gives it how it is and I respect that. Stacy has always been a very talented actress and has a body that ALL women should envy. Good Luck to Denise Vasi and I really wanted to be in Raquel’s place with that William Levy….he is GORGEOUS! Oh and when he spoke I felt a little swag coming across my screen, I had to look him up. Didn’t really watch “Dancing with the Stars”.

  15. Vanessa says:

    I LOVEEEE the story-lines ….. fabulous series.