The Reunion Interview: Kenya Bell Will Show You Crazy


Kenya Bell Basketball Wives Reunion
Kenya Bell laughs heartily (and maybe evilly?) when we talk about her reputation as the crazy one on Basketball Wives this season. Because the funny thing is, when she’s in regular, unprovoked Kenya mode, she doesn’t even give a hint of crazy, she’s just wants to laugh everything off. Though we’ve seen her get heated with Kesha and Evelyn this season, she was never in an actual brawl herself (though she admits she wanted to go back for Evelyn after that bottle was thrown), and it’s hard to imagine what would happen if she actually let “the dragon” out.

During our chat at the Basketball Wives reunion, we also talked about that seemingly never-ending fish prank too. Yes, she smelled it. No, she didn’t know the girls were behind it. I’ll let her explain.

Congratulations on surviving your first season!

[Laughs] It really did feel like Survivor! I won!

How did you feel when you wrapped filming?

I was happy it was over. To be honest with you it was a long, tough season with a lot of cat fights, a lot of drama, and I really did feel like I made it through.

Do you think this season of the show was more crazy than past seasons, from what you knew of them?

This season was definitely more over the top than past seasons, I think that there was a lot of drama everywhere, between a lot of the girls, and it wasn’t resolved for the most part. It just continued on. And it’s still not resolved.

Does that make you worry about what will happen on stage?

I’m not really worried, I’ve got my battle gear on! [Laughs]

You joke, but it wouldn’t be the dumbest thing in the world to have some protective gear!

I got my Jesus armor!

You were literally the target though at one point this season, when you watch that fight back where Evelyn threw the bottle, what was it like seeing that play out?

It was difficult to watch in the sense that, to me, it was way more over the top than it had to be. Like, why are you angry because I may have called you a word? Especially a word like loose which I didn’t really even find offensive. I watched it thinking like, “Gosh, chill out.” And I was also upset because I couldn’t get back in the room because I was very angry after the bottle was thrown at me, and I wanted to get at her and security wouldn’t allow me back in.

Would you have fought her?

At that moment if they let me back in? More than likely, yes. But looking back on it, I’m glad I didn’t. But if I had been hit by that bottle I would have definitely pressed charges, there would be no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

In Tahiti when you guys worked things out, you were definitely in a zone, you were in your crazy place.

If you wanna see crazy, I can give you crazy!

People kept calling you crazy all season, I like how in that moment you were making good on bringing them the crazy.

If you watch this season though, I’m probably the least crazy on the damn show! But it’s true that I’m the kind of person who is confident in my abilities to defend myself, so I’m not afraid. That’s what you saw when you see the stillness, that’s where I am, in my peace mode. And when I come out of that, you will see crazy and I don’t think anybody on the show wants to see that.

Did we ever get close to seeing you go off on someone this season?

I almost went there when I took off my KITTEN HEELS that everybody loved to talk about. My Gucci kitten heels, by the way. I almost let the crazy loose then, but I contained the dragon.

Is the dragon going to make an appearance today?

I don’t plan on fighting anybody today, but it all depends on what’s said to me. Hopefully I’m respected and I will show the other girls respect as well.

What’s your relationship like with Jennifer now? It seemed like by the end of the season you two did build a real friendship.

Yes, Jennifer and I are friends, we’ve hung out since the season ended, I went to New York, she came to Detroit, and we talk on a regular basis.

Did you expect to leave this season with—

A real friend? I didn’t. I’m very slow to get cool with somebody. When you get older you don’t make a lot of new friends, so I was surprised that Jen and I really clicked.

It was hard to watch the scene when you showed your video to all the women and have them critique you so harshly.

And it was actually a lot worse than what you saw on the show. I mean, literally every day I was around the girls, everything I did was criticized very heavily, and it got to a point where I almost wanted to give up and I though Gosh, maybe I should try to have a career in this, and I just fought through it, confident in my abilities. That episode was difficult to watch though, because that is my talent and it’s from my heart, and for somebody to not even give it a chance is hurtful.

So what’s the next step for your music career now?

I have some very, very exciting things happening, I’m so excited. I’m working with some very talented, well-known artists, that’s going to be a surprise. I’m working on some new songs with a big producer too. I’m flying to Atlanta after this and going into the studio, so I’m so excited.

Wow, congratulations! I can’t wait until this secret is revealed. Now, before I go can we talk about the fish in Tahiti?

I know, what was up with that? I never saw the damn fish!

Did you smell anything?

I did. When I first got to the room I didn’t, but the next day I was like, “Is there a dead animal in here?” So I got up that morning because I couldn’t take it, and I went to the front desk and I said “There’s something in my room,” and when they came to clean, I was sitting out reading a book and I really never saw anything.

That’s hilarious. Their prank went unappreciated.

That’s what you get! Once I found out there was a fish in my room, I was like who does that? At our age? I mean, come on now. I didn’t find out until after I left Tahiti, and once I was leaving, one of the natives who lived there and was driving me to the airport told me that somebody put something in my room. I’m just glad I didn’t see it, because then I would be upset. I mean, of all the girls, why Kenya?

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  1. Samantha Matthew says:

    I do not think you are crazy; it seems like the case members are trying to find a scape goat. Keep believing and striving for you dreams. As Afro American women we should try and uplift each other and encourage each other to do what it takes to survive. This show will rip your self esteem down. Evelyn, Tammie, and Shaunie are terrible role models. I hope their children have better role models.

  2. nsbeluv says:

    Kenya, you rock!! I know that these shows were filmed months in advance of broadcastiing, but just know that you have many fans, who do not think you are crazy. I do not think you are crazy by any means, but I do think that you don’t take BS, and you stand your ground, and for that, you rock!! The scenes where it was edited to try to make you look crazy, you actually looked sane and calm, and this violence needs to stop. I don’t buy the whole ‘my bad’ or ‘my kids think its funny I threw a bottle but I don’t’ excuses, its a bunch of BS. I know you probably have many blogs, but I really hope you or one of your assistants/friends/etc read this. If Ev is so ’bout it’ why cant she square up one on one? I think you would’ve gave her what she was looking for, especially if the cameras were off, and security was no where to be found, and there were no bottles or plates to throw (what are we, 3? I digress.), anyway, your vids rock, you rock, and it is refreshing to see a young black woman, sorry, young black educated mother on tv that got some damn since … #PEACEANDBLESSINGS

  3. Ann says:

    I find this show disgusting ever since Tami’s bullying scene. She really was my favorite person on the show. What she did was present herself as an abusive man. If she was indeed a man and this happened on a show she would have been fired. She is not trying to change because she just keeps trying to defend herself. That apology was for what she did. That is the same thing that abusive men do. Apologize and say that they will never do it again but continue to behave in the same manner. Shaunie should be ashamed of herself because she is so on the side of Tami and Ev. She needs to remove herself from the cameras and stay producing. She also needs to learn that this is despicable behavior for anyone especially black women. It’s been said on the internet that Tami lied and there is no tape of what Jennifer said. I think that in some areas Jennifer did not handle herself as she should have but this crap towards her is over blown. Is it purposely being done to bring publicity to Ev’s show. I don’t think that show is even going to do well. Its is about as fake as Kim K’s marriage to Chris Humphries. They are both in it for the money.
    Get some entertainment that doesn’t have black women acting like animals. We have other reality shows that don’t have women carrying on like idiots.
    I just can’t believe Tami is acting this way. I agree with NeNe Leakes, Star Jones. You need to clean up this show.

  4. roxy says:

    I couldn’t believe the host John Sally was teaming up with the bullies and attacking jen, so biased, unbelieveable!!!!!!

  5. CHICK says:


  6. rosemary williams says:

    john sally was wrong he make jenn take a lie test but not evelyn i dont like shaunie because she is a fake she dont like jenn either it was only 3 real poeple on the show jenn royce and kenya that had some sense shaunie is scare of tami she said i got her in my pocket shag please cancel the show ur name is in this too

  7. Hrdebbie says:

    Why is John Salley interviewing the BBW Reunion Show again. HE SUCKS!. He skirted over too many issues. We all know the show was a mess this year and he really let Tammy, Evelyn and Shaunie off the hook. They need to be reemed for such bad behavior. I hope he gets to Susie’s busy body sceared Ass.Tammy was SCURED. She was on the Wendy Williams Show with the fake tears. Give me a break miss BIG and BAD. I bet her new show producers made her go on the show and appoligize because; it did not seem heart felt on the Reunion show AND I am sick and tired of her blaming the victim for the verbal beating. I refuse to watch both Tammy”s and Evelyn’s new show. They will not make money from me!

  8. Zoe Rae says:

    John Sally is so Team Shuanie and the mean girls. I’ve been saying since the start they need a better host like Wendy Williams, Andy Cohen. I will be watching the last reunion show then i’ll be done with BBW….

  9. BrownSuga says:


  10. PD says:

    Shawnie….why in the world do you support Evelyn and Tammie who are straight up “BULLIES” and the worst examples on TV for kids, African American women, Women, Men or anyone who thinks black women are “heathens” (Yes, Tammie and Evelyn look up the word or use a dictionary for once in your life) !!!!!! Yes, I saw part 1 of the reunion and Evelyn and Tammie’s SORRY excuse apologies. Tammie is a straight up BULLY and always communicates like her errors are correct as long as she apologizes for her stupid bulling errors. Tammie can “say anything” about anyone including you Shawnie but you continue to kiss her backside. The front door should be shut on Tammie and Evelyn then the key put the garbage disposal. Tammie thinks ALL PERSONS should kiss her backside, so I wonder if there was someone as big or bigger than her what would be her response? I bet she would not be aggressive with Joan Rivers, Mom Wives or anyone who is bigger than her!!!!! SHE IS A BULLY who needs to experience being bullied!!!!!
    Evelyn SHOULD BE SUED!!!!! I would sue the HECK OUT OF EVELYN IF SHE PUT HER HANDS ON ME!!!. This is not HIGH SCHOOL! Stop trying to make Evelyn and Tammie’s WRONGS a right Shawnie!!! If you don’t get this under control, you will be dealing with this same issue with your own family! Tammie and Evelyn need the cash so she will say and do anything to stay on the show including, as usual as always, making herself right in her own eyes with Shawnie’s support!!!! Evelyn along with Tammie are UNEDUCATED FOOLS with a behind that men like until it goes south!
    Shawnie, I think you know better but you just don’t know how to make better friends. Royce is the person and the new girls are the examples you want to display on TV. But the light has nothing to do with the dark, so Tammie and Evelyn cannot understand the good or responsibility they have to the fans on the show or “THE RESPONSIBILITES OF THEIR ACTIONS ON THE SHOW“!
    Tammie could not take honest constructive criticism, even though she says she can, if it were from the man upstairs. And that comment that as long as someone has not died then there is no need to sue! If that is the case, you all would still be married! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kenya LOVE the new song!!!!!!!!!!!!Go get urs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Please DO NOT LET John Salley ( LIl Salley Walker sitting in a saucer!!!) Host this show EVER -EVER – EVER AGAIN!!! I PERSONALLY DO NOT LIKE HIM! He’s not a good host! Wendy Williams or Monique should be the one to host reunion shows! Tami, Evil, and Shaunie should paid for all the wrong they have done!!! And Jen dont take no lie detected test! FOR WHAT??? JOHN go talk about football or some other sport show!!! I DONT LIKE YOU HOSTING!!! And Royce good for you ——- they dont have nothing on you, because you were smart not to HANG WITH THOSE COWS!!!

  13. Tiff says:

    Ya’ll are so brainwashed by Jennifer…lol but fake people are usually the ones who win people over get over. The truth always comes to light.

  14. Nonya says:


  15. mike says:

    Let Me Say This !!!, im with you, John Sally, Please they could have gotten a better host, someone who keeps its real, not who sides with the bullies and miss all the important questions about the bullying. .Bassketball Wives should be cancelled. Shaunie you are so fake you just sits there and giggle when you know something is about to go down, because you be the one to set it up.Tammi you need help real bad, you are a BIG BULLY. As for Evelyn where do i start, you only pick on people you know that’s scared of you .Its funny how you and Tammi talks about the other girls, but don’t want them to say anything about you all. You are LOOSE, a JUMP OFF, really just a straight up WH***. Chad talk to you bad he has no respect for you,the only thing you do is laugh it off, STUPID. Tammi i glad S2S drop you that shows they don’t like your bullying. Susie Susie Susie as for you i can’t wait until that time comes again for you,because you are so messy, the only reason you hang around Jen, Kesha, Kenya and Royce is to run back and tell the bullies what they are saying. I was glad to sign every petition i could to get this mess off of tv.VH1 if you have and morales CANCELL BASKETBALL BULLIES,AND PLEASE NO MORE EVELYN ARE CHAD because i will not be watching.

  16. kia says:

    I’m so glad Kenya that you didn’t allow these women to deter you from your dreams, or to intimidate you! You are different and not affraid, and That’s what viewers appreciate about you. Keep doing you girl! I liked the video myself, and I felt that Tammi hated on it because she didn’t have nothing positive going on in her own life. Idol minds critcize others, misery loves company! I understand constructive criticisim but, down right rude and ugly unexpectable! We are now a generation of open minds. Ppl appreciate the arts more, from all cultures and things, Tammi is not exposed to much, so she wasn’t the right person to ask to help you in any way, she needed the help! She sweat bullets when you took her to church! Need I say more?

  17. diva40 says:

    John Sally sucks!!!!

  18. Keisha says:

    Kenya, I’m glad that you are a beautiful, confident woman! You should of kicked Ev’s ass though! You see she stood down in Tahiti right! lol! And Jen will be a good friend to you, so I’m glad yall are kool. Do you mama!!!

  19. TOOKIE says:

    I think that they are a little scared of Kenya. I like Kenya….she handles her businedd. When you look in her eyes you see how sick she really is

  20. missy says:

    This season I got so tired of people attacking others I just was like OMG when does it end! I was so glad when Kenya didn’t attack Evelyn. Seriously. I was like finally somebody with some self control! I think the fact that she didn’t retalliate puts her in a place of power. Because based on the restraint that she showed and how she was looking like she was fighting with herself internally as to whether or not to leap over the table, shows Evelyn that she was blessed this time but if she pulls that again there could be a problem. I also think that when people do stuff like that they don’t realize that anger is not the best emotion used to defend oneself. Studies have proven that if you are ” Affraid” of someone and find yourself backed into a corner you are more likely to do some damage! Fact. Research proves it. So I wouldn’t go around bullying people because if they are affraid and think you mean them harm they may do something they can’t take back like pick up something to defend themselves from you. Just a precaution. I don’t think Kenya is Crazy eighther I think she is shrewd. There is a diffrence. She knows how to survive in dealing with them. But I would just have a set breaking point so if that line was crossed again I would be OUTTIE and I wouldn’t waid for someone to attack me again eighther. It’s unfortunate that in this is even a topic.