The Reunion Interview: Kesha Nichols On Life After Basketball Wives


Kesha Nichols Basketball Wives reunion

EDITOR’S NOTE: During the Basketball Wives 4 Reunion Show, Shaunie O’Neal promised that the next season of the show would be more balanced and that cast members would “work out issues in a non-violent fashion.” That said, we gave each of the cast members an opportunity to share their experiences from this season on the show with us, and we wanted to give them all equal airtime to present their opinions to you in an unfiltered way.

Kesha Nichols made a name for herself in an unfortunate way this season on Basketball Wives. Even though she made a lifelong friendship with Royce Reed and tried to stay out of drama as much as possible, after making some offhand comments that came back to Tami Roman, she was on the receiving end of Tami’s anger during a girls’ trip to Tahiti that left audiences shocked and left Tami apologizing for the way the situation was handled. When we spoke to Kesha at the Basketball Wives reunion, she told us straight out of the gate that she wasn’t thrilled to be there, but that contractually, she had to attend. Since she’s a lemonade-out-of-lemons kind of girl, we gave her the floor to go off on one of the positive things that came out of her appearance this season, which is that she now considers herself something of an advocate for people who have been bullied. Here’s Kesha Nichols, mostly in her own words.

So how are you feeling being here?

I’m contractually bound to be here. [Laughs] I have to be here. Otherwise, I would have skipped it.

Do you have any regrets from the season?

Honestly, this whole season I’ve been waiting and hoping that something positive would come, and I don’t think they’ve really shown anything positive about me, about black women, about women in general. And I honestly didn’t realize that I was being bullied when I was in Tahiti, I knew that Tami was being mean to me and that nobody was sticking up for me, but when I watched the episode, that’s when I realized I was being bullied, and I’ve been lucky, never in my life have I experienced that, so maybe the reason why I was on the show was to see what it was like to be bullied and be a spokesperson for people that are being bullied.

I had a conversation with Royce about doing another season if the show comes back, and I don’t know why I would. I’m never going to film with Kenya again, I’m never going to film with Tami again, so what purpose would I serve? I’m not about this life, so why would they want me to come back? And Royce was like, you have so many fans and people who look up to you, if you don’t come back it might look like you’re running. No, it looks like I’m removing myself from a negative situation. That’s all you can do when you’re being bullied by someone. Remove yourself from the situation. Because, clearly, not saying anything doesn’t work. This has definitely been a learning experience for me and I’m not going to let it break my spirit. I can make something positive out of anything, but it’s definitely been very hard.

I have it in me to snap, but it has to be about something I care about. I’m not going to fight a woman who’s fighting a battle with herself, it has nothing to do with me. And I wrote about this in my blog, but the rest of the women who didn’t step in are secondary adult bullies. I’m allowed to have an opinion about somebody going off on me, and she was mad at me because I said she was acting a fool, and what was she doing? Acting a fool again. What’s she going to do today? Beat me up because I called her a bully?

I keep saying how lucky I am that I have a support group around me and family and friends who love me all around, but some people who don’t have that might go hurt themselves. What I’ve endured could take me to a really dark place and I haven’t let that happen, but there are people who don’t have the tools to help themselves out of situations like this.

I read that you emailed Tami after she had her heart attack to bury the hatchet, did she ever get back to you?

No. It wasn’t an email to bury the hatchet though, it was to let her know that no matter what happens on reality TV, real life health problems and real life issues outweigh that. I’m a good person, I don’t want Tami to die from a heart attack, I don’t want her to be sick or be hurt, so to hear that she had a heart attack, that’s serious. So as a Christian, and as a caring woman, I wanted to reach out to her and let her know she was in my prayers. And did I get the same treatment? No. I was sick in Tahiti. Did one person ask me if I was all right? No, they were pissed at me for coughing. Sometimes I don’t even know how to respond to questions in these interviews because the behavior is beyond me.

How is your life outside the show?

The rest of my life is awesome. My boyfriend is amazing, we just moved in together in New York, my dance company’s doing well, I have some great auditions coming up, lots of stuff in the works, I’m just trying to get through this reunion, then the sky is the limit.

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  1. Nina(Boston) says:

    You are an amazing women, TAMMI is a fat BULLY.. I LOVE YOUR ATITUDE.. PEACE

  2. vicky7 says:

    I like you but I hope u leave that nasty show-I will not be watching I could not watch the whole debacle when Hoodrat Tammi came at you -I clicked off I was so sick inside-I have never been so mad and then at the reunion she tried to call Jen a bully from 2 seasons ago-wow that’s all she got -how sad that shows that she has not change n that they are hyprocrite with Shaunie being the biggest of them all -wait until her child get bullied at school for being fat -lets see how she likes it–get off the show sweetie u clearly dont belong among trailer trash N suzie is a lap dog & gossip

  3. GENIE23 says:

    Kesha – My heart goes out for you. Yes, the episode of when you all arrived in Tahiti was DEPLORABLE! You coughed and Tami made ignorant comments concerning it. Also, she looked over at Ev and Shaunie “for approval” of her comments to you…..approval!

    Ev and Shaunie ARE NOT your true friends! At no time did they tell this maniacal idiot that she was wrong for her opprobrious (abusive/dishonorable) behavior.

  4. Jade says:

    Kesha, you are exactly right to leave the show. All that negativity can be detrimental to a person and you don’t need that. Let Tami, Ev, and Shaunie drown in all that bad Karma they are creating. Tami still has not taking responsibility, because she wont even admit she was a bully to you, even though it’s on tape. She is a fool and a shame. And Ev is a bully too, regardless of how she tries to act like shes not. Her and Shaunie both sat by and said nothing while Tami bullied you. Sometimes they even snickered about it. They are all in the same boat, and it will eventually sink. And Yes Shaunie you are a “Ghetto hot mess” along with your friends. Keeping quiet doesn’t exonerate you. Kesha I think you should definitely become and advocate and make examples out of them to show bullying happens at all ages. Don’t let them off easy.

  5. jersygirl23 says:

    Keisha you are a breathe of fresh air. You are too classy, intelligent, who has dignity, integrity and respect for yourself and others, something the other the women on the show know nothing about. You are to good to be around them and all the toxic energy they bring. I’m glad you are removing yourself . Shaunie is nothing but a phony hypocrite who cares about herself and her brand and everyone sees it. No one is buysing her “story” she’s just as bad if not worse as the rest of them, she orchestrates everything and they bow down to her because she is their pimp. I’m so proud of you for standing up for yourself and coducting yourself in the manner in which you did, they have lost tons of viewers.
    Stay beautiful inside and out.

  6. Chelle says:

    I’m happy to see that Kesha was able to maintain, and super kudos to her! But I have to point something out that is just driving me nuts. I have a 9 yr old and an 8 yr old daughters that are mixed. They come from rich heritages on BOTH sides. As a white woman, I am trying to raise my daughters to be proud of all sides of who they are. I think she should be identifying with WOMEN as a whole and as a MIXED woman she has the potential to be a example for all the other little mixed girls out there that are feeling unexcepted. I hate to say this but my daughter doesn’t really have anyone to look up too that’s MIXED! Being and advocate for bullying is a great thing, but what about being an example to girls that are having a hard time feeling accepted in thier communities, and in some cases in thier own families? I know Kesha has the heart to do this! I think it would be an incredible thing for her to look into! There are little girls that have been or currently are going through what you have Kesha! Why not be the first to speak out, and identify with them? I don’t want my daughters to have to “choose” what they are. I’m trying to teach them to be proud of who they are and who they can and will be, AS MIXED WOMEN! I’m trying to raise my girls right and trying to teach them NOT to put a label on themselves, and know it’s ok to just be themselves, but how can I do that when woman in the spotlight “identify themselves as”…the labels will keep little mixed boys and girls confused for the rest of thier lives. Kesha I think you are a incredibly strong young woman, I hope read this and think about it. There needs to be a start….

  7. Amber Gantt says:

    I am leaving comment but when I look back they are gone so I guess VH1 don’t want to hear the truth. Kesha keep your head up and Tammi saying that she was sorry was so fake. Sally kept messing with you I didn’t like. They didn’t hit on the right spot about all the things Tammi and the rest of the ladies did and I will keep making my comments everyday so VH1 can keep taking my comments off and I am going to keep putting them back up.

  8. Clt says:

    She might as well have skipped. Nobody paid attention to her and John Silly really catered to Evelyn and Tammi who are the worst part of the show. Shaunie bought that audience at the dollar store or a homeless shelter they were so happy to be there. I was disgusted with the whole thing. VH1 and Shed are very petty just because Jenn is suing them. Let me get smacked at work. I’d go DIRECTLY to the courthouse. Who cares she didn’t sue Eric for throwing water? She threw a drink at him first and he never hit her with his hand like Mia the assistant did.

  9. Clt says:

    @Chelle, you know Halle Berry is mixed? Her mother is white. Most biracial women have to identify as a black woman because even if they are light skinned, they will be treated as black. Of course they still value the white family.

  10. Evie says:

    Well! Finally!!! Bravo!!! Some sense being spoken! Thank you Kesha for speaking your mind. Thank you Kesha for Keeping it Real!!! You are so right. What Tami did was insulting, embarrassing, and indicative of what is wrong with some of us in the black community who happens to live in some depressed areas in this country. When we feel beaten down, we act like someone who is constantly amped up because when you live in high stressor situations, and you ARE NOT provided the RIGHT tools to deal with your situation, you act out and perpetuate what America believes how “black” people act. It is NOT. The way Tami acted out is how someone who has limited tools to work with or has never been taught any other way might act.

    In behalf of the millions of intelligent black people with the misfortune of (for whatever internal or external reasons) having to live in, grow up in or has survived a depressed neighborhood in this country, thank you for acting exactly the way a person should…Male or female. Violence is violence. Mental, physical, or verbal. It is wrong. You have to be 100 times stronger to walk away from something that is clearly detrimental to your well being.

    I would hope that you could stay on basketball wives, if for nothing more than to let everyone know (yes, including Shaunie, Evelyn and especially Tami) that you’re still here. You’re still here. Shame on Shaunie and Evelyn for making it your responsibility to fix that stupid situation, instead of growing some balls and telling Tami she is, was and will probably stay out of control, out of line, wrong, and just plain ignorant.

    I wish you, Royce and Jennifer could figure out a way to at the very least have your own show. But that won’t ever happen, it is clear that the powers that be who produce this show and others like it that violence shown throughout this country helps keep the ratings up. Sad. So sad.

  11. tina says:


  12. Mary S says:

    Keisha you are a beautiful black women keep your head up girl and Live your life! Who cares what the thoughtless (BBW) think! BBW is nothing to be proud of!

  13. Tracy says:

    Kesha Thank you for not engaging with someone who is so angry and broken.To those who call you coward or scary (scared) ? You are right, that is so sad.What intelligent human being would step up to allow Tami to unleash years of hurt and anger on them. I hope all this great press Tami has provided for you brings more opportunities. Success is the best revenge.I hope you will consider Chelle’s request in another post to consider speaking for young kids who are mixed ans suffer the ignorance you did .

  14. Tarsha says:

    No one would think any less of you for leaving and never looking back. Make sure you keep Suzie in the wind as well. These people are not for you. You’re a true piece of class. something that doesn’t have to be worked on. It radiates from within. You make them feel less about themselves and that’s whay the can’t be around you. move on and God speed. You’ll always be remembered for who you portrayed on the show.

  15. Snake says:

    Kesha, you did handle yourself well, clearly everyone got to see what has been said for so long NEVER ARGUE WITH A FOOL CAUSE NO WILL BE ABLE TO TELL DIFFERENCE. I personally do not think you were weak in any way shape or form. Tami portrayed the definition of BULLY. Keep your head up and surround yourself with positive people. Bullies are cowards FACT!!

  16. tamiisghettttttto says:

    great interview Keisha very huge of u!!! much respect to u and ur ability to move on to bigger and better! ur too zzzgood for that group of individuals can even type the word ladies! Team jenn and keisha!!! :)))

  17. lisa says:

    what saddest me how black woman,dont have class thats sad.thats why we so far behind down,eachother belittle a humanbeings.the ones i know have class those the one i respect 4.

  18. Ms. M says:

    Kesha, you are absolutely beautiful, inside and out. You already know that you don’t have to prove a point to a hoodrat like Tami. It was so refreshing that you did not stoop to her level to communicate with her. I think that they were jealous of your beauty and your success. You are living so above the level that those ghetto rats are functioning on. I pray that you have much success in all that you do.

    Also, you are right that they were co-bullies and for no one to sincerely ask if you were ok after the abuse from Tami in Tahiti blows my mind. Shaunie said that they wanted balance on the show but she never directed anything directly to those who were responsible for the bullying. How can you correct a problem without confronting it? Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn are such losers and they exposed themselves to the world for us to see the level that they are functioning on, it is sad but true that they are stuck because they see nothing wrong with their ghetto ways.

  19. specialk says:

    Keisha – Thank you for being classy and keeping your cool. You have certainly made your family and real friends proud. Proud of you and Proud to be in your circle. Those other rats make me cringe. I couldn’t even believe that Tami tried to turn the tables around on Jenn. She is such a BULLY is makes me sick. She cried on Wendy Williams, but no tears on the reunion. She is as fake as those lashes and terrible weaves she wears. Shaunie, get a grip, these women will be the death of your career. Ev will be mad forever. Jenn had every chance to spread dirty laundry around on EV, but she did not. So, who’s the mad rapper in this situation? Anyway, glad it’s over. You can’t even compare what Jenn did to what Tammie has done since she got on the show. She’s mad at the world and she’s a ugly drunk. wow. The nerve.

  20. Keisha PLEASE LEAVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S Trash, ur NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Embarrassed black woman says:

    BBW Reunion was so depressing and fraudulent I feel sorry for Pepto Bismol (Shaunie) Rupaul(Tami) Jezabel (witch Ev) and Tongue Tied (Suzie) you all need GOD …you guys are the 4 most despicable women I have EVER seen on national TV I need therapy for even watching that ghetto hot mess of a show…when did John Salley start wearing panties he was so bias unbelievable such a B A D host the worst I have ever seen..Please Shed Media Pull the plug on this show I know ppl need their jobs but I really hope the sponsors are reading our blogs and reprimand you bullying cursing violent women…..#prayingforamiracle

  22. Apple(Miami) says:

    I watched the reunion show last night and I felt as though Tami was being extremely FAKE. She gave a half-a**ed apology to Kesha Nichols. I can’t understand that Kanye West apology she gave. At one moment you are apologizing to get an audience approval then at the other moment you are claiming you are not a bully and that the only reason ppl called you a bully is because Kesha did not defend herself. Excuse me. Sounds very KANYEISHHHHH!!! When you own up to a mistake (and thats if its really a mistake which i highly doubt it was) that is what you do and leave it there. You dont apologize for your behavior then go right back to being disrespectful all over again. Like what is the purpose of apologizing at all if you are going to continue to be rude and disrespectful. Therapy is definitely not helping at all and Tami knows it. And what was up with that super ghetto audience???

  23. joyce says:

    Kesha keep your head up, use haters as motivation. It is clear Tami was hating on you from the start. She is jealous of you…that is so sad. Instead of building you up she chose to tear you down. She needs to be admitted in a mental facility. Evelyn is loose as they come. Only a fool would consider marrying her. (oh yeah, she found one that wants a open marriage) Suzi is dumb. Shaunie is spineless and two faced.Maybe vh1 will give you, Royce and Jen a show. BBW is played out. You don’t need to be part of that vicious circle of losers. Good luck and God bless you!

  24. Nonya says:

    THis “reunion” was taped several weeks before the season ended, so a lot of the things that were said and done in the finale episode (evelyn going off on Jen) will probably NOT be addressed in the “reunion”

  25. Nonya says:

    @Amber Gantt,

    Yep “they” ARE removing comments from the site, they don’t want to hear the truth about the show. So yes, you are not the only one “they” are doing this to and that’s why i WON”T be watching next season IF there is one.

  26. Hi Kesha, frist let me say I’am truly sorry for what you had to go through to be on this show. Shauntie has let you and other castmates down ( Jennifer, Royce Gloria, Meeka, Kenya) and the fans. Take a stand on bulling, take a stand for all woman who want to been seen as classy not trashy. Oprah has a new network that need postive shows, Jennifer Royce and Kesha that’s the kind of network you three need to be on. John Sally is as ghetto as those woman, he gave Tammi the floor and Shauntie and Evenyln took over. What the hell! I know you are not scare of Tammi people like her ( bully ) think like that, you carry yourself with respect and your cute, and your pettie. Tammi can’t handle that. OWN PLEASE PICK THESE CLASSY WOMAN ( JENNIFER, KESHA AND ROYCE) UP, LEAVE THE TRASH WITH VH1

  27. ChocSunshine says:

    Kesha you didn’t deserve the treatment from Tammi, but I do see her point in some way…I wonder if you had expressed your opinion/thoughts to HER if it would have been different. I am sorry you were a punk for NOT standing up to her and in my eye you allowed yourself to be bullied/punked. I am non violent, but I would never allow any person to talk to me any kind of way and disrespect me…you do need to stand up for yourself. Being an advocate for bullying is pretty far fetched as I said you allowed it you are a grown woman not an innocent helpless child.

  28. vicki says:


  29. Goddess23 says:

    Kesha, you are a special lady! You are a role model for anyone who has been in a similar situation fending off a bully. You inspire me with your words of wisdom! I understand why you would not consider another season interacting with those immature women, nor will I tune in to watch them either. Wish you the very best in your future endeavors. Namaste.

  30. Lynda says:

    I was so proud of you and how you handle yourself. You are such the lady. Not a trashy mouth, purse snatcher, drunk, prankster like most of the other people. Suzy is such a shark and certainly a friend to no one. You need much more than this show can even imagine. they have no class and you are wasting your fine reputation here. Go on and do good things with ur celebrity and time. Tami and Evelyn are such trailer trash and really have no idea about the good life. Only trying to keep good people from ever having it. Their is no joy in either of their lives and that is sad. I really like Chad and feel sorry that he’s choosing to attemp a normal life with a whack o. poor Suzy would follow a bad smell and be satisfied with that she just has no clue. Royce & Jennifer both seem to have good intentions and that ‘s really all u can ask 4. Best of luck to u and ur future. U have a beautiful presence inside & out …Tami is as ugly on the inside as she is fat on the outside. Pass her sao
    You r so beautiful and I think ur future is filled with goodness.

  31. Daisha says:

    I think personally dat kesha wasnt bein bullied kaz if she wud hav keep hea mouth klosed den nun of dat wud hav happened n i think Tami was wrong 4 takin hea purse n goin through hea phone bt i dnt think she was wrong 4 da otha part by goin off on kaz kesha shud hav keep hea mouth klosed if she knew dat she wasnt goin 2 stand up 4 heaself n did lik she said “GO OFF ON TAMI”..n wen Tami confronted hea n datz wen she wanna say she was bein bullied….CHILD PLZ
    Tami keep doin wat yhu doin n STAY REAL..!!!!:)

  32. CYNTHIA says:


  33. Samura says:

    KESHA, ” I APPLAUD YOU”, for stepping away from this TRAIN WREAK of a show. Tami Romans apology was not sincere and BBW viewers did not buy it. She is probably one of the MOST DISLIKED WOMAN on TV and that is nothing to be proud of. As a christian woman with a loving spirit, it is not hard to understand a woman like Tami. Her arrogance is insulting to watch and it is sad to see someone so self absorbed. She is a overbearing BULLY and I pray one day she “GETS IT”. As for you BEAUTIFUL BLACK/WHITE PRINCESS, you owe NO ONE any explanation of your heritage. Secure black women do not care about your skin tone, we care about you heart. You can walk away from that show with your head held high. Stay just the way you are and your life will be a success. The terrible way you and Jennifer were treated by the “CIRCLE” and that pitiful John Sulley only PROVED to the viewers how low SOME FOLKS will go for a quick buck.

  34. Brooklyn says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for being an example for many!! How you showed respect for yourself is exactly the type of role models that are needed. We are dealing with a society that believes that negative reactions and behavior are better. There is nothing wrong with not reacting it does not show weakness it show common sense. When you explained to Suzie and Royce what you could of done and instead dealt with the issue in a positive way and not react. I believe you were just making a point and wanted to show viewers that dealing in a negative way would never of made the situation better it would of made it worse. I commend you for that and I appreciate that the show has at least one person that has dignity and respect for themselves. Its ashamed that Suzie doesn’t see that she is just being used as a tool to run back and forth to fuel the fire. She should open her eyes and finally see that being on the fence and being luke warm can only cause both side to eventually see she needs to stand for something instead of thinking each side is right. You’ve shown that values are important and having bounders show the standards that you live by. At one point when the Bullies tried to put you in the mix of the drama with Kenya I was concerned. It was nice to see it didn’t take long for you to see who and what they stood for. By being true to yourself and standing by who you are and what you believe in you became an example of a positive reaction!! Again thank you for being the example for making good choices when it wasn’t easy. I do hope you choose to leave the show and move on with the blessing that will be coming your way. Good luck on your new Journey!! Maybe one day you could the women will look back and use you as someone they could strive to be.

  35. FED-UP says:

    Shaunie is MESSY…. I used to respect her as a business woman, but no longer do I have respect for her and her dumb business decisions. Now I see why all the other Basket wives turn down coming on to the show, maybe they know how truly messy Shaunie is as a person. After season one of Tami and Evenlyn B.S. and she still continue to keep them on the show, was a dumb business move. Girl you have 5 beautiful kids, let the Ghetto non-married, ex-girlfriends and ex-Basketball wives go. Tami and Evenlyn negativity has been too much to deal with…. At time feeling as though I wanted to jump through the screen and kick both their butts… the apology’s were not true and all fake… they are ready the blog and see how people truly feel about them.. is the only reason why they apologized…

  36. mary in Savannah says:

    @DANISHA. danisha you sound exactly like your post, enought said.

  37. Chi-town says:

    Kesha you are a class act!! You handled yourself extremely well at the reunion; just as you did on every episode. My heart went out for you when Tami the BULLY treated you so badly in Tahiti. Her behavior sickened me. It was sooo wrong, sooo hateful and sooo over- the- top!! I am old enough to be your mother and my heart went out for you just as though you were my daughter being treated in such a deplorable manner. If in fact Shaunie and the other producers are going to show a “more positive balance” in next season’s shows, it would be a good platform for you to showcase the talents of your dance company, as well as Royce’s. And, yes, I am one of the thousands of petitioners who have signed on to have Tami and Evelyn fired from the show. Please consider returning next season.

  38. Jen says:

    I think that its sad that Tami, Eve & Shaunie don’t see that the bullying they allow is fair. This show totally takes me back to junior high, with just girls that think its funny to be mean. I mean really with Shaunie not saying anything to Tami or Eve to tell them to think about your actions and how much crap comes from those women that think the viewers are seeing them as monsters well its true they portray themselves that way what do they really expect? Kesha, I think you would be a great advocate for bullying, on the reunion Tami TRYING to give advice which her evilness still comes out when she was speaking with you. She was the first one I couldn’t stand I only hope that she & the other women learn from this as well as the instigators not be followers & learn to speak their mind & not just follow the dominate Tami & Eve. Class doesn’t come over night it may take years for these women to get some, but I have to say Kesha, you & Jen have class!

  39. Lynda says:

    John Sally—– WOW how hard is it to b the worst host ever ? U did it very well !!!

  40. Mr. P says:

    Hey, Kesha my heart goes out to you ! Keep your head up. Can’t help but feel sorry for you but hope you have come to the realization that Tami Roman is mentally unstable. It’s the world according to Tami. THANK YOU, SHAUNIE for the debacle….will ever watch again!!!!

  41. VJ says:

    I have great respect for Keisha and like Jen, you handled it in an adult and mature manner. She’s not your mother. Tami telling someone else to take responsibility of their actions should have been first demonstrated by first taking responsibility of her own actions. Making a fake apology at the reunion does not qualify as she and Eve perpetrated. She had half the season to do so because the season started off with bullying.
    Best wishes in your future endeavors, Keisha!

  42. VJ says:

    Oan…….Tami getting mad at Royce for being honest about how she felt showed just how shallow and ignorant she really is. My true friends can be honest with me and remind me that I’m not perfect. That’s part of true friendship and loyalty. Tami and Eve should really search the true meanings of these two words they use so loosely.

  43. SweetMotives says:

    Why are they coming hard on Jen? Just because she is no longer a follower? This is sickening! Eve could have severely hurt someone by throwing tthose bottles. Nia had no right to slap anyone Jen is not her child. They believe that physical violence is the resolution? How sad as Kesha would say. This is behavior that stems from Tammy and Eve past. They need help! Put some real women on the show. Cast everyday working women and see how quick lessons will be learned when the shoe is on the other foot. Keep it classy Jenn and Kesha!

  44. OMG says:

    OMG Truth hurts feelings and pockets

  45. diva40 says:

    @amber gantt- my comments are deleted also.

  46. Shay says:

    That reunion should have been a crime. You had crazy, hypocritical bully Tami, of all people, calling Jen on the carpet and lecturing her on the subject of bullying. Tami taught me something about the definition of a bully, so that means that when she’s bullying people she knows exactly what she’s doing and should be jailed for it. She acted as though that half-hearted apology absolved her from what she did to Kesha. And who is she to be interrogating someone and telling them what she likes or expects? Typical bully mentality, so intrusive as to think people have to answer to her! Then Shaunie had the audacity to say that no one should have to go to jail for a mistake, and that no one got hurt. Well, Shaunie, you didn’t get hurt, Jen’s the one who got slapped and hit in the head. We were spared Suzie’s two cents, but then we had to contend with Evelyn’s surprise, a unilateral, no doubt slanted, lie detector test for Jen. Evelyn, with the help of her coconspirators, Tami and Shaunie, probably made up all of the lopsided questions. We leave with Jen being escorted off into the interrogation room. Also, next week we have to endure Tami telling Kesha that the only reason she felt bullied is because she doesn’t know how to speak up for herself. And what was up with that crazy audience, clapping for everything, right or wrong? It almost starts feeling like you’re in the twilight zone watching all this stuff. After next week I won’t be watching anymore.

  47. Lindie says:

    Daisha u are obviously a hood rat…did you even go to shool at all??? who writes like that?? i mean seriously are u for real?? uyou obviously have issues like Tami go and get some help!!!

  48. Sandra says:

    Dear Keisha,
    I am so proud of you!!! If I had a daughter, I would want her to have the grace, insight and beauty inside and out that you possess… You are a wonderful example of black womanhood–all womanhood– and I know that you will succeed in your career and everything you aspire to do. I was waiting until after the reunion show that aired last night to make the decision as to whether I would sign the petition to have Basketball Wives cancelled, thinking that maybe Tami would say or do something to redeem herself and she absolutely didn’t. I am hopeful that the show will be taken off the air. There are no coincidences in God’s world and I do believe that the Lord put you there to bring awareness to the seriousness of of bullying and the devastation that it can cause. You will do a fabulous job being an advocate for this cause!

  49. rose thomas says:

    hey keshia i watch this show i dont no how but every episodes was disturbing how u cant say something to a grown women without her runnin back twisting it around sueie really played a big part in that situation shes a mess starter she tried to take the heat off of her this season i hope that sueie is not a person u would befriend u look like s very sweet person but that crowd wasnt your cup of tea and for other grown adults to sit and watch and not stop the agressor there just as guity as she is shaunie role model no tammi anger management not work sueie gone allways have problem she feels she needs to fit in but KESHIA ADVOCATE FOR BULLY VICTIMS sounds like a plan this was just a lesson learn i ve been there and no one new hows u really felt people can say what they would have dont or could have done u did well maintain your composer

  50. Kimmy says:

    These girls not ladies, still don’t get it. They are all still in denial. Shaunie is clueless, she set there and made a comment on the the law suit that was filed, did not have to happen. She fell to mention maybe if the glasses, shoes, slaps, and bullying should not have taken place. Please take Shaunie and the rest of her idiot friends off television. Jenn was right to lawyer up on that ghetto ass Evelyn. Tami stupid, ignorant, ghetto, retarded ass need to stop therapy and claim her ignorance. John Sally is just as ignorant as Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami put together. The idiots are mad at Jennifer for getting a lawyer, well she should have and they need to learn a lesson from it, before their childish stupidity land them in prison,. As I say all the time, they know whom to bully, Jennifer, Royce and the two new young ladies are going to go far in life. That dumb ass Evelyn says Jennifer has the viewers fooled. Is she serious? The viewers were looking at her ignorant ass every week. Shaunie, I thought you had sense, clearly, you are as stupid as the girls you recruited.

  51. Mia Nichole says:

    John Salley was a TERRIBLE host. He was very biased. I guess he had to be with Shed Media and Shaunie signing his paycheck. It was obvious he was trying to do PR control. I’m on team Jen and Team Kesha. You two women are very classy. I wish the best for you two and hope you both the best in life.

  52. go away says:


  53. Jlawyer says:

    Wow, Kesha, your blog is so refreshing to read after watching so much negativity on a show full of women who’s mission seems to be to create drama out of boredom, tear each other down, and never take on any responsibility. It seems like Evelyn is mad for Jen not reciprocating her disgusting behavior, because she “lawyered up.” What is she trying to prove? Once from the ghetto, always from the ghetto? If you want to stay hood, Evelyn, stop wearing all the designer clothes. It’s comical that the unwritten rule seems to be that no one can rebuff Tami for her disgusting behavior. It’s so sad how threatened she is by anyone who comes on that show who has real class and calls her out. Its so sad that all she knows is to resort to bullying and violence. Susie is just so pathetic she doesn’t deserve anymore mention than that. And Shauni is defending Evelyn for what? It comes off like she’s scared to side with the underdog, Jen, because she’s scared of Ev and Tami’s bite. And for what — for vanity and money. Good for you, Kesha, for removing yourself from such a toxic situation. The vanity will fade and the money won’t bring long-lasting happiness. You seem to know what the important things in life are, whereas they (Tami, Evelyn, Susie and even Shaunie) are lost.

  54. A.Nicole says:

    I love Kesha!!! #Enough Said

  55. Randi says:

    I have zero respect for John Sally after watching this reunion. What is wrong with an adult male who would actually co-sign and encourage the behavior of a clearly demented and twisted female like Tammi. Sadly, she truly believes her own hype (narcissistic disorder) and I hope that her children have a role model in their lives that will teach them to never behave in that manner or bully anyone. How would she feel if her daughters were on the other side of a person like her. Shaunie’s true colors were revealed throughout the season and she had no redeeming qualities during the reunion either. Her remarks were defenses against her bad behavior and decisions in never stepping in to voice what she knew in her heart to be right. Instead she chuckled and allowed Tami and Evelyn to continuosly act like animals. They were obviosly the alpha dogs, because she joined in with snide remarks and back door digs, many times acting out along with them. She mentioned growth, no one getting hurt, friendship, mistakes, taking responsibility for your actions…REALLY? Then in the same breath she tells Jen she never admits she is wrong or takes responsibility for her actions. So, yes…your business associates are thinking you are not only a ghetto hot mess, but most importantly are a woman of little integrity or strength to stand up for what is honorable. It is not okay for someone to physicially attack you, or in the words of Evelyn, “Sting you everytime I see you”. Why…because of a BLOG…So you slap, hit, throw bottles and leap off of tables at someone??? So, hitting and hurting someone because you’re angry makes you feel good and that makes it okay? So, you’re mad because they take legal action to send you a strong message to never make that mistake again?? WOW! Before closing this venting session on the disgraceful display of Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie, I have to add that Susie is nauseating, literally. She keeps the mentally unstable females fueled and fired up with her versions of conversations which are always an elaboration of the truth. She doesn’t realize this is the only reason they associate with her? I think she does, and that’s why it’s sickening. It’s pathetic how they make a fool out of her to her face and she smiles like they’ve just given her the bigest compliment. UGH!! Kudos to Keisha, Royce for being true women and Jen for becoming a better woman. Bottom line is these women really need prayer, as we all do!!

  56. qw says:

    Kesha, keep holding your head up high, you have nothing to be ashame of. These rusty stank hoodrats (Evelyn, Shaunie, and nutty-ass Tami) are not the kind of people you want to socialize with in the future. The reunion was a real joke, did you notice how the three of them would look at one another when you, Jen, or Kenya spoke?, wide nose Shaunie act like she was bored, Evelyn was ready to throw something once again when Jen stepped on stage with that bad ass outfit on and made them look like dragqueens. Tami is mentally sick and should never have been allowed to be on this show in the first place, she probably stop taking her medication, she is not fit to give advice to anyone and she looked like the fool that she is. Jon Sally seemed to agree with everything those fools were saying, he slipped up and showed his ignorant side, but birds of the feather will always stick together.Stay away from those bums in the future and may you be blessed with success, classy lady!

  57. Esperanza says:

    Shawnie STOP LYING wow you are a ghetto mess !! Tami you got NERVE speaking on BULLYING to Jennifer, your picture should be put along with that definition in the dictionary, you two are the worst and then Evelyn right behind.

  58. PjintheLou says:

    After watching the reunion show I can truly say this show is the black Jerry Springer show…a lie detector test? Salley clearly had it in for Jennifer. Evelyn is not sorry for her behavior. Shaunie was so fake it was unbearable. Tami looked like she was on meds. I hope that this show gets cancelled.

  59. mrsamazn says:

    JOHN SALLY is a poor excuse for a black man. I pray that one day someone he loves dearly is treated the way he treated Jennifer. I’m only watching the reunion hoping to see redeeming qualities.
    I definitely will not watch season 5. BBW is “A GHETTO HOT MESS” and should be cancelled!!!!!!!!!!

  60. LadyK says:

    Kesha, you are such a sweet beautiful person and honey I will miss you on the show. But, I completely understand why you won’t return honey because I would not want to deal with Tami’s big man looking self either. You are such a wonderful person from what I have seen on tv and you deserve to have been treated better. Honey you absolutely showed how a young lady should act and I applaud you! But, one thing I will say to you is that don’t mess up your opportunities because of ignorant, delusional people like Tami and that crazy Kenya. Do what Royce does and film and use the show as a jump off to further your career! I hope to see your pretty face next season!

  61. Qa says:

    You have to stop judging people for som one to feel sorry for you.

  62. Tyne says:

    By far John Sally is thw worst host …EVER! He is so corny, what a cornball. Please change the host for the next reunion.

  63. hollywood!!! says:

    what offhand comments… I don’t like how this Vh1 blogger keep trying to make Jen and Kesha the ‘bad’ ones…. WHERE IS RICH????
    (post my comments punks!!!!)

  64. lolilea3 says:

    Kesha conducted herself so well in a crazy situation. I am disgusted by the bullies and their sheep and also the baloney Shaunie spews. She did NOTHING to stop their behaqvior and even sided with them. I agree with Kesha – why would she be around these riff raff? She IS better than all that! So sorry you experienced this behavior!

    John Salley is the worst host and should have been tougher on 2 bullies and their sheep.

  65. DT says:

    What a beautiful interview. Keisha is right, there was a reason why she made an appearance on BW. It was a learning experience on all parts. It’s unfortunately that the MAIN characters didn’t comprehend, Keisha did. Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami didn’t. Anyone with any sense, knew their apologies were insincere. VH1 paid that audience. John Salley seemed to cater to making the CREW (Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami) look good. He never asked that instigator Susie anything. He never asked Shaunie/Evelyn what their beef was with Royce (not wanting to film with her). He needed to put the CREW’s asses to the fire and he didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, forgiveness is the key but when you see a situation (like Keisha;s) not getting any better – you remove yourself from it. I’m happy Keisha let us know about her attempt to contact Tami after her heart scare but it did not surprise me that Tami did not respond. Tami has not truly humbled herself and has not heeded her chance of redemption. God knows best. What ever you give ladies (Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami) will come back atcha. Trust!

  66. Val Barnes says:

    It appears that Shaunie, Tami, and Evelyn (Susie never had a clue), have learned nothing. John Sally appears to have been paid to host in a slanted way against both Keisha and Jen. It even appears that the audience has been carefully selected or coached to favor anything Shaunie, John, Tami or Evelyn has to say. Clearly they (the audience) do not represent all of the blog that have been posted against the bullying and physical violence that took place this season.

    As I watched the reunion, I thought I was in the twilight zone! Tami giving advice on bullying? Where was her humility for her behavior this season? She continues to attack, and sincerely appears to believe she was justified. Doesn’t she know she can’t control or tell people what they can and cannot say about her…crazy!
    Shaunie I fully expected you to come out and defend Keisha, and check Tami. Clearly you are refusing to acknowledge the views and opinions of your once thriving viewing audience.
    I don’t get WHY Jen is being put down for filing charges against someone who assaulted her. Shaunie, Evenlyn, and Tami act like she did not have the right to remove herself from ya’ll maddness for a minute. And John Sally gets to question her about her husband…clearly it shows that you guys (John, Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami) planned how you wanted this reunion to go.

    You may have hired some ignorant audience members to support you on this show, but PLEASE BELIEVE ME, THE AUDIENCE-AT-LARGE are not fooled. AND WHAT’S WITH THE LIE DETECTOR TEST? TO PROVE WHAT? THAT EVELYN IS NOT LOOSE? OR TO OUT JEN’S BUSINESS? WHAT’S THE TRUE PURPOSE? It you prove jen was lying about something, it still does not justify Evelyn’s actions nor Tami’s DON’T GET THE TEST AT ALL (CHILDISH)
    Because there truly seems to be NO LESSONS LEARNED, I hopeTami never gets another endorsement, nor Evelyn. These “ladies” need to do some work on the inside.
    Shaunie, unfortunately, I hate to say it, but you are not intelligent enough, nor do you seem to have a relevant purpose for the show, other than making money. Should you ever be blessed enough to produce another show, start off with a purpose or an objective FIRST. ASK YOURSELF WHAT CAN I ACHIEVE WITH THIS SHOW?
    I do hope this show is cancelled, however.

  67. YB says:

    Kudo’s to you Kesha. Kudo’s to you. God Bless

  68. Mo says:

    If Evelyn fights Jen is the interview, the blogs she so called wrote going to disappear? Is her mouth going to fall off? Is the lawsuit going to go away? What is going to be the accomplishment Eve? When Tami verbally attacks people are they going to shrivle up and crawl under a rock? What’s the purpose of their words and threats? Last time I checked communicating threats was a crime! Why don’t they think they’re actions are criminal? I wish the authorities would look at this show and press charges just like they did on 16 and pregnant. Please put these animals in cages they belong in the zoo! And I use to support Eve and Tami. Shaunie is just a down right fool. Get another business! Production is not your talent, your talent. You are just as much a slave to money, as those girls are a slave to being popular or in the messed up square they call a circle. As I recall a circle has no end, and everyone runs behind each other just like a circle so If you are in a circle people are bound to talk behind your back because it’s a circle going in one direction, the same direction at all times and doesn’t end!

  69. Kika says:

    Kesha….you are a class act and never let anyone make you feel bad for the situation this show placed you in. Tami, Shauni, Evelyn and Suzie are the ones who should feel embarassed. As many have stated, by not speaking up, the last 3 were just as responsible. Unfortunately, you and Meka, the young lady from the previous season, were put into a situation to be terrorized on this show. You handled yourself well. Black women have been stereotyped for fighting, screaming and acting crazy so long that when a Black woman responds by not engaging in such foolishness, they are labeled as passive and weak. I dont blame you one bit for leaving the show and I ask that you continue holding your head up high and leading a successful life – it has a far greater impact than any other form of payback.

  70. Stephanie says:

    You are role model for woman all over and I hope you choose to stay on the show for that reason. You made a difference this season and awareness on a issue that is a national problem. I hope you continue you elegance and class as a business woman and wish you much success. Great interview!

  71. cyd12 says:

    You are way to classy for this show. After Evileen and Tammiboy acted so ugly, unprofessional and straight out ghetto, I won’t be watching BBW ever again or Evileen’s new show. All those fake apologies are just to gain favor because these tramps need to make amends so their public personas will improve and for future TV prospects. As far as $haunie is concerned, I am most concerned that a women producing a show would be so biased against the people who have been victimized. How shameful and money grubbing are you, $haunie. Suzie, one day some one will get you for all the mess you create. Your ony role on the show is as a mess stirrer. You have no life, or position or real friends. You should be eliminated from the show so that the producers can develop some real legitimate story lines. I have always loved Royce because she has a number of projects she is working on and this season seemed to be away whenever the real mess started. Royce also has an authentic point of veiw and is not afraid to voice her opinions, even if they don’t follow Evileen, Tammiboy and $haunie.
    Jennifer be glad that you are now your own person and not Evillen’s lapdaog. Good for you!
    Again Kesha, you are way to good for this show!

  72. tye says:

    you dont fit in with the blood hounds(tami,shuni,and evilyn). please dont return for another season because this trash often gets in your eyes.

  73. marvella says:


  74. Sabrina C says:

    First I would like to say I have been a fan of the show as we all have been. Was I disappointed and appalled at this season yes. But was I surprised NO. Each season there has been some sort of fighting, antagonizing, belittling and intimidating. And it literally has gone around the group. Tami was right when she addressed Jen regarding Ashley…She did intimidate her and she (Jen) did think it was ok at the time and didn’t even believe she intimidated her. The main problem I see is that all of these women have rules for one another that do not transend to the other members of the show. In real life everyone talks. PERIOD! As Evelyn would say “keep it 100 and tell the truth”. They have ALL talked about each other the only person who has never been talked about was Shaunie. No wait Gloria gave her what for every chance she got! All of this nonsense between Tammi vs. Keshia and Jen vs. Evelyn is kept alive by outside factors. Just as it is in real life. I am sure everyone has had moments when a misunderstanding is blown out of proportion by outside instigators whether they mean to or not. The constant talking and co-signing do not make disagreements easier they make them worse. Sure maybe we’ve never thrown a bottle or jumped on a table but if we as individuals look back we can see things we have done in the heat of an argument that we wouldn’t want on TV.

    Do I think Evelyn and Tammi went to far?? Sure. Do I thinkKeshia in her silence fueled Tammi’s tiraid?? YES. Silence always makes the argument worse. Keshia needed to say SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Just to stick up for herself. It’s not like Tammi would have killed her on national TV! But I also understand that fear can make you freeze up. At the end of the day Keshia does not like altercations and that’s fine. But my question to Keshia is…..DID YOU EVER SEE THE SHOW???? It’s been full of altercations since day one. So how did you think you were going to fare?? When everyone has seen their share on that show.

    Did Evelyn say and do too much??? Absolutely. But it apperared to me her anger came from hurt as well as embarassment. No one wants to think a friend will say hurtful things to the media. In your own world would you want your past listed in the church bulletin?? I doubt it.
    Should Jen press charges that’s for her to decide….
    But truthfully friends out-grow each other and they need to move on…PEACEFULLY.
    As far as John as the host HE IS THE WORST!!!! Give it to Wendy Williams at least she will make intelligent statements and she will say when someone was just DEAD WRONG.

  75. ddm says:


    Yup that’s you TAMI!!!

    Luv ya Kesha, keep your head up and glad you can now move on with your boyfriend (I know he’s proud of how you handled yourself) and wish you all the best with your dance Company and most of all Happiness. You were not all those names Tami called you. :)

  76. ddm says:

    Or you can use this one too


  77. Tonya says:

    Kesha, please stop saying that you were bullied. You are a grown woman with a big mouth that likes to run away. Stay up for yourself for once in your life. You act like a little girl. No wonder you were left at the altar. A man wants a real woman not some country, whiny, scared little girl.

  78. Vee H. says:

    She has such an amazing spirit about her. And the fact that she didn’t let Tami and ‘the crew’ break that spirit speaks volumes! Just goes to show how much more mature she is in comparison to her castmates. She didn’t let them bring her out of character. They couldn’t control themselves, but she remained composed. Very nice to see…much success to her!

  79. Linda Ilog says:

    You are doing the right thing by not continuing to be in a very obiviosly NEGITIVe environment. Tami was jeaulous that she could not turn back the clock, Shaunie and Evil Evelyn sat there like 12 year old girls and and watch it all and then talked about you behind your back like that was ok, Now Shaunie wonders if WE all think she is a ghetto HOT MESS, well everyone watch how they behaved. i am so happy that you remained a lady and did not let them take you out of who you really are. Because the way acted is WHO THEY ARE Ghetto hot messy OLD WOMEN who can not turn back the clock, no matter how much lipo, tummy tucks, make up, breast inplant nothing is goinf to help because they are EVIL and it is deep beaded CLEARLy. So yes, let them be I hear there is another season keep your word do not sign on for it, I hope Royce and Jenn also stay away from that tacky show. I AM happy single ladies is back on VH1 and the real basketball wife La La is on VH1 that give us other options. Shaunie, Tami, Susie and Evil Evelyn can have the fake basketball wives NON OF THEM ARE ACTUALLY WIVES NOW. IT should be Ex-Backetball Wives and Basketball Players Ex girlfriends…lol You will be successful dont let them tear down your repretation.

  80. MORRIS says:


  81. PHYLLIS LOBO says:


  82. Ms. Ms. says:

    Keisha, I am proud that you did not pop off at Tami because that is what she wanted. Tami going off like she did…Was pure Alcohol and bullying! She is going to a therapist to get help, lmmao, that is to get a little help with her personality. What in the hell can Tami possibly get from bullying someone who is clearly timid, much smaller and totally afraid of her. Who in the hell is Tami for a grown woman to come to her and apologize for something that Suzie blew up. Tami, you treat your daughters with more respect and treat them as if they were grown ass women than Keisha. Keisha didn;t do a MOFO thing to you. Your own issues as a child and what you have grown through (with being violated) is not anyone’s fault and not even your own but its clear that your azz has some anger issues and no one needs more help BUT YOU! You need to be kicked off the damn show forreal and Shaunie, I’m disgusted because YES, when you do go into meetings…Ppl do look at you like your ghetto. VH! needs to remove the women off the show that cannot control their anger. Tami says she is working on her anger….When is that happening? Tami needs to stop using that at this point. Tami is going to approach the wrong one and dat azz is going to get hers and that is going to be horrible. Watch yourself Tami b/c you wanna be around for your daughters and you want to show them a better side of yourself.

  83. Nik says:

    You are the TRUE meaning as to how “Christian Women” should act…i applaud you.

  84. Taitull says:

    Keisha hold your head high! You are one classy, intelligent lady and Tami cannot put her toe in you shoe. I totally understand why you bonded with Royce. As for John Sally, Tami, Shaunie and that one Evil, they all shoud be ashamed of themselves. Not to mention that horrible blabba mouth Susie uhhh …

  85. dmd says:

    Hey Evilyn, yes you Evil Vile woman, you went for a mammogram with TACKI and the nurse clearly said take your top off and what did you do, start taking all your clothes off! What is wrong with you? I guess Kenya being called loose by Kenya made you throw a bottle at her, I bet you have been called worse off camera and never lifted a finger to hit anybody, go sit somwhere else! Oh the viewers did not care hearing about you talking about getting your hole, YES WHOLE THE ONE THAT STINKS getting checked out!!! Next time pay attention to what the nurse tells you and for crying out loud!!! VH1 ya’ll better do something don’t put these vicious 3 stoogies EV, TAMI & SHAUNIE and thier step child SUZIE back on. Why not put stuff that motivates the younger viewers???? Suzie you sure did not learn from past seasons about running your mouth huh? Stay classy Suzie no wonder you are treated like a step child, serves you right!!!!! Oh! VH1 you better kick the Ev and Chad show off cause nobody wants to see that crap. Incase most of you did not know Chad was to make 3 million with the Patriots and that was slushed down to 1 million so I guess Ev if there is a boycott on the BBW you can damn be sure there is going to be a petition to have you and Chad’s show cancelled I hope most people sign it cause I sure will!!!! USELESS!!!!!! Let’s see who you are going to try and dig you claws on this time around!!1

  86. Genieneve says:

    What can I say, you are definitely a class act!!!!!!! If you ask me, some of these so called ladies of this show could take a few lessons from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Loretta St. andre says:

    Hi Keisha

    I just wanted to say that the world was insane when that sh_t happened in Tahiti. Just to give you a little validation about how black women around e world feel you should read some of the comments on the Basketball Wives official Facebook page.

    Best wishes, stay as precious as you are … Imomma

  88. raven3658 says:

    Keisha…you need to get a backbone. You don’t have to physically fight but you should have stepped to her and shut her down. You cannot have people thinking you are easy target. Have you noticed that once they agreed that Kenya was crazy they backed off? Let them think you crazy…lol

  89. Emily says:

    I admire Kesha for standing up with other people to address being bullied. Everytime she continue to remove herself from negative situations, the other women have mean things to say about her. Why waste valuable time focusing on negative things? I totally see why Royce decided to keep her distance from the others and Jennifer is doing the same. I applaud these ladies for overlooking non-relevant issues and continuing to focus on real issues. It’s a shame that season 4 ended on a negative note, but I hope that everyone was able to re-evaluate themselves to have positive season 5.

  90. AMH says:

    Kesha, I admire you. Let no one tell you that you are weak and can’t stand up for yourself. You are a awesome young. intelligent, articulate woman who has overcome many obstacles.Simply because you choose to handle conflict in a socialized manner does not make you weak but. makes you mature and intelligent. I would like to see you and Kenya resolve your conflict. I think Kenya was put on the spot and tried to respond to you putting her in that position because that was the way the other women expected her to. You were wrong for putting Kenya in that spot by reporting back to Ev. and Tammi the things Kenya said. That was the same thing Suzie did to you and you saw and felt the result of that form Tammi. The same thing would have happened to Kenya. You should have let it go. You soon will have no one to film with which is what the women want so make- up with Kenya. I believe the two of you are good people and could resolve the issue. You said thing to Kenya that was also hurtful( i.e. her video, she is crazy). These are not nice things to say. You have to treat people the way you want to be treated. you should start a foundation/scholarship for young women who have or are being bullied.

  91. leelah76 says:

    I’m still trying to figure what kenya did to keisha. Keisha hated on Kenya’s career. Then rescended her offer to help Kenya because keisha thinks her dance company had a reputation to uphold when all she was asked to do was provide dancers. She showed up to Kenya’s audition talking about ‘it should be entertaining’ brining negativity on someone’s dream,. Then she took her beef with Kenya to shaunie and the circle. Then for some reason got mad at kenya for laughing at tami telling her off. Then she let ev and suzie convince her to confront kenya, not tami. Then she flew her friend in from LA to back up the loose comment. –But yet she is still mad at Kenya. Keisha acts like she is all innocent and sweet. She also got very messy this season and set up Kenya to be bullied by Ev. I think tami was very mean and definitely over the top, but Keisha was just as messy this season. All of her tears just elevated her to saint status.

  92. leelah76 says:

    keisha is now mother teresa, standing up for victims of bullying. So when she went over ev’s house with her friend to get ev ramped up about that loose comment was she on her anti-bully campaign. When she took her friend to that dinned to confront Kenya was she also on her anti-bully campaign. When she went to Kenya’s screening throwing shade and then went back to jenn’s apartment to talk about Kenya’s video was she on her peace, love, and postivity campaign? no, keisha is nice but she can be very catty and even stuck up. And she definitely was moving behind the scenes trying to get the circle to like her and not kenya. I remember her telling jenn that kenya wanted to be jenn and was stalking jenn. Keisha, and suzy, couldn’t stand the idea that kenya had one friend on the show. I noticed that kenya did not go behind keisha’s back and try to get other people to turn against keisha.

  93. magalie says:

    Keep your head up. Not all black women are as ignorant as Tammy. She is plain ghetto or rather she is the epidemy of being ghetto. You can’t have a conversation wt someone like that. She can’t hear you. She is a bully if there were ever one. She is ridiculous. She needs some intense therapy and that is no guarantee she would ever change. She thinks too much of herself. She needs some humbling pies. Proud that you kept your composure and did not stood to their level. If Tammy thinks intimidation makes her look strong, she is really kidding herself. She is a sad story. You said it best….Good luck to you. You do not need to be around this type of negative energy.

  94. Kesha,
    Out of all the Basketball Wives there is must respect for you.
    You handled Tammy like a mature person.
    Right! Walk away was the right choice. Tammy was able to see her real colors and should
    look further into getting help.
    You are a true example for young adults.
    I never see you as being a punk or scared.
    We would never know if your true concern would be to react and put a hurting on Tammy.
    Control of self is to be respected! YOU GO GIRL!

  95. Hakeem Cunningham says:

    I just wanna say that Evelyn, Shaunie,and Susie took up for you. They felt sorry for you. Unfortunately you brought that upon your self in Tahiti. Im not saying that Tami should of did what she did but you brought that upon your self. You said that you didn’t say it/didn’t remember it, but they had a reply of what you said. I think the second time you really brought that upon yourself. I like you, i told you to your face I like you and i also told you all of this to. So…..

  96. shopkins0220 says:


    I appreciate your class. I have been in your position of being bullied by “girls” for no reason other than I existed. These girls become women who never changed and these old heifers most likely wont either. Their behavior has been condoned on this show by Shaunie and Shed Media to line their pockets.

    I wish you the best…class can only be imitated for so long. Those women, outside of Jennifer and sometimes Royce, don’t have any.

  97. lu50kt says:

    I think that kesha did a very good job of staying as far as possible from the drama. Tami is a mean ass bully with kids and needs to grow up. It’s all about growth and Kesha has expressed that through this entire process. Good for you Kesha, stay strong keep on doing you girl…!! Oh and follow @lu50kt :))

  98. Mimi says:

    Kesha when I watched the eposode with “Tamy the bully” I felt so bad for you, but even worse when none of the girls stepped up to say “enough is enough!”. Tami tried to clean it up by saying you left your bag on the seat….really? She grabbed your bag even sported your sunglasses, (SMH) but kept insisting she did you a favor by picking your bag up!!! Tami has some deep rooted issues which she should deal with and stop taking her anger out on innocent people! I’m glad you have moved forward and have used this experience for a platform on bullying! Keysha we all know class is something you cannot buy… don’t ever expect any from “Tami the bully!!!.”

  99. Diane says:

    To see women bashing Keisha on this is so sad indeed. There are plenty ignorant women out there that obviously came from that same place Tami keeps mentioning in every statement…”where I come from”. You know what I’m talking about. I wish we could put all you ignorant women in the boat with Tami and ship you asses right on back to “that place”. Keisha, thanks for showing us a side that is non violent. That took way more strength and courage than to sink to Tami’s level. The other ladies present were in deed willing participants in the bullying. I’m most disappointed in Shaunie. Its not like you were a stranger, but you were a “friend”, an “acquaintant”, that they allow the abuse to happen to. Anyone of them could have made an attempt to diffuse that situation…but they didn’t. For whatever reason, its unacceptable. I’m so glad you’re not returning to the show. I have no plans of watching it anyway. Lord, I pray VH1 cancels it, but ratings often trump responsibility.

  100. carla godfrey says:

    i truely felt sorry for you no one deserves to be treated that way.and she forgot she has kids to.what gos around comes around.but keep her name out you mouth and susie out your face.

  101. kristy says:

    Yes girl You need a back bone. okay if you don’t want to fight, but damn a least open your mouth and stand up for yourself!! And I agree u are annoying as all hell!!!! good luck with your anti bulling. get a back bone!!

  102. Alexis says:

    When I seen that epoisde it made me sick to my stomach to see a grwn woman treat someone like that…. It was wrong and you said it right.. Tami looked like a fool and one of the biggest bullies ever… She uses her mouth to not only attack people but to hurt them and I want to say that I respect you for the way you handle yourself.. I know it was really uncomfortable for you but you were the bigger person in this situation… You were by far my favorite on the show because you were different from the rest of the cast from the start… You carried yourself with respect and acted like a lady and not no getto trash… This show is a comedy to me and I have no respect for all the other women because they act more like young teenages then actual adults and its sad because they all have children and they all talk about trying to set a good example for them however they are doing the exact opposite… You are a bright woman and I commend you on not wanting to continue doing the show.. Why would any women with intelligence and integrity want to even be apart of something that is never negative and holds no real purpose besides showing the audience how grown women can act like animals… Better yourself in a different way where you can set an example for young ladies and become a positive role model because this show will not get you to that point…Good Luck Kesha in all that you do and I have a great feeling that we will be seeing you again in a more positive uplifting enviroment…

  103. erica says:

    Pleease….cut the innocent act out cuz your full of it… you talked a lot of trash about Tammi behind closed door and when she address you on it you run like a mouse and pretend its okay to talk about some one .. i never know for someone who is being bullied to talk trash about their opponent and then show up at a vacation site where they know they gonna be at… You bullied Kenya and when you start talking slick she pulled off her shoe and you got scared as always. Ppl will respect u more if u stop talking about others and then when get confronted you butllied.. If the its hot then get out of the kitchen… I respect you for not fighting but dont respect u for talking about others knowing the outcome.

  104. Fernando says:

    Tami is nothing but an alcoholic classless bully.

  105. cherric says:

    Hey Kesha…
    Don’t let the hood rats get you down. You handled the situation the best you could under the circumstances. No one in Tahiti had your back. Shaunie should be ashamed of her behavior and support for Tami and anyone else who resorts to violent outbursts and intimidation. You should stay on the show… and like Royce, develope your own storyline. If you have to mingle with the others at events and/or dinner, when they start acting ignorant just pick yourself up and leave… you don’t have to listen to or deal with that kind of nonsense from anyone.

  106. Liza says:

    Plz own up to the part u played in this. No one likes a person running around on camera talking behind their back. N u got caught up. Was Tami wrong for the way in which she adressed the matter, “Yes.” But the fact still remains that you blew things wayyyyyyyyy outta context when u started bumping yo gums. If someone asks you if your white or black it’s becuz they wanna kno. If you’ve heard negative comments ur whole life on ur race, dnt blame Tami. She jus asked a questioned! You took ur business to: Royce, Suzy then Evelyn instead of the person asked the question. Sorry cry’n n running like a chicken, stand up and address issues head on during the moment is brought too your attention or when u feel uncomfortable! Damn!

  107. Victoria Reddick says:

    I myself have been bullied in school so for youto remove your self from that situation you had every given right because the others just sat there and let this happen to you is because they also are bullies

  108. Meljam says:

    Kesha didn’t do anything that no one else was doing. She didn’t say anything bad about Tami and she certainly did not deserve to be attacked, violated and bullied. Yes, Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie are secondary bullies. People need to read up and find out how serious bullying is. Its sad and its not about having a back bone. Kesha is a grown woman and she totally acted like one.

  109. Kathleen says:

    So happy to stayed above the classlessness that these “women” alway show. Tami has always been a bully and I was surprised this season at Evelyn because she used to show some class. It would be just fine if this is the last season because I will never watch again. My only hope is that Tami and Evelyn run into the right one. They think they “Baad” but there is always somebody “Baaader.” My hope is that the two of them run into one of the Baaaad one and get their bully ass kicked. Then maybe they will learn some class.

  110. Jeannie says:

    Keep being your same classy self, Kesha!!! You didn’t do anything to deserve the way you were treated. Love ya, girl!

  111. Bella says:

    Yes, Kesha was bullied. And YES, the ones who sat by and watched were just as bad. Especially Shaunie–the PRODUCER of the show. If you aren’t against it, you’re for it. If you sit back and watch someone be verbally abused and you don’t say ONE thing, you’re just as bad. All it takes is ONE person to stand up. And no one had her back. Kesha, you are too mature and classy for this hot mess show. And I’m glad you didn’t accept Tami’s insincere apology! You’re moving on to do bigger and better things! You go girl!

  112. Jackie N. Smith says:

    Kenya, you are a wonderful, wonderful, person. A great example from the Bible Scriptues “Turn the other cheek” Be forgiving, not because someone apologize, or forgive you, but because itis a commandment from the most high. God care of those who follow his commandments, and bing destuction upon those who will harm one of his sheep. I love you! Stay the lady that you truly are and let no-one take that away, especially someone who who would not know love if it slapped them down. (exactly what is need to wake them up)

  113. LadyIce says:

    Keisha I have much respect for you and the way you handled a deranged , delusional and damaged individual like Tami. Yes I agree that Shaunie, Eve and that damn two faced Susie sat back and did nothing to put a stop to that madness. My question to each of the ladies that had a negative issue with the other is “WHY WAS THERE NEVER, NEVER, NEVER INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS BETWEEN THE TWO INDIVIDUALS WITH THE ISSUE? It was ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS an ambush of some sort, ie the racetrack incident. Why did Ike Turner’s lil sister(NIA) come all the way to the racetrack with the LYNCH MOB(Eve, Tami, Shaunie and Suzie) to ask for some damn keys. Hell a phone call wouldn’t have sacificed? Eve, Tami and PIMP SHAUNIE, please remember what goes around comes around. Ladies please read Mark 8:37- Or what shalla man give in exchange for his soul? You will accountable for your actions!!!

  114. Maria says:

    If tami had something to say to Keisha she shouldn’t of approached her the way she did drunk on vacation out of Keisha’s comfort zone. Bullying is when you bring someone down and make him or her feel uncomfortable. Keisha kept her mouth shut. That was the rightbthing to do at the moment. Why would she add fuel to fire? Any comment out of Keisha’s mouth…tami would of blasted her!! I know how it feels to be bullied. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Cause I’m 32 and I remember clearly when I got bullied in middle school and it still affects me. I’m proud of you Keisha and shame on tami. And btw her apology on the reunion sounded scripted.

  115. Sophia N. Harpo says:


  116. Ncee says:

    Although I think Kesha should have confronted Tammi in a positive environment (without other people being there) instead of avoiding it and letting it escalate, I do applaud Kesha for walking away from the situation in Tahiti and at the restaurant earlier in the season. Let’s face it, when you are dealing with someone like Tammi at that moment in time, there is nothing she could have said that would diffuse the situation. Kesha I also applaud that you didn’t take Suzie’s advice and just apologize for the sake of Tammi cooling down. I hope you do decide to stay with Basketball Wives for another season because I’d like to see more positive interaction on the show which I think you have shown this season and which I think is important for the public to see the different ways to handle sticky situations. Rock on Kesha!

  117. amorenomore says:

    It was wise & grown up of you to get up from the table and walk away from a conversation that was obviously getting out of control. Tami had NO RIGHT at that point to take your belongings. It was not to protect your stuff, it was b/c she INTENDED to use it to hurt you more. That was when Shaunie, Eve & especially Susie should have said NO to Tami & one of them should have gotten your stuff to bring to you! And then for those 3 to continue to condone Tami’s behavior by insisting that YOU apologize to her (Tami) was even more outrageous. They continued their acceptance of Tami’s bullying by sitting by & watching her bully you more. They both should’ve STOOD UP & said ENOUGH. How anyone can say to you to grow a backbone…you have one…it’s the others who didn’t. You showed courage by not responding to Tami in that moment b/c she was beyond herself & the more she attacked the more excited she became by it. Had you verbally fought back with her, she wouldn’t have heard you. She would have resorted to PHYSICAL & who knows what damage she would have done to you (look at the size difference for one thing). And you couldn’t count on Shaunie or Eve to help you if the did beat you down b/c they hadn’t done so far. Please continue on with your platform to show how this is BULLYING (by all of them) and use it to show to people so that maybe someone else will learn from it. I believe if you use this scene about what bullying does to someone, it will stop at least one person from doing that to someone else. It is always the right thing to do to disengage from someone who has crossed the line…you can’t reason with that until they return to their senses (if they had any to begin with). Finally, Tami CANNOT use the “don’t talk about me behind my back, talk to my face” line anymore, or ever. She HERSELF does it ALL THE TIME. Maybe she should have finished her line with “nobody can do that to me, but I can do that to others. I hope Kesha that the others have learned something from you. You have shown grace & wisdom & COURAGE after all they have put you through.

  118. Tmeekie says:

    I am really sorry how you were treated on the show kesha and jen as well even the reunion seems they was all on Jennifer and she’s the one that got slapped in face, hit in the head with a purse, why do she have to take A lie detective test just because evelyn did and the audience clapping for tami was ridiculous after she bullied keshaabout coughing and everybody else.

  119. LifeGoesOn says:

    Keisha, you have a unique experience that you can speak about not just being knowing what one experiences at the hands of a bully or a woman who has unresolved, displaced anger issues. What I find interesting about you is that you have had to straddle two and white. There are many in this situation and those who aren’t could benefit from understanding about your struggles, triumphs, priviledges and disadvantages.

    I would not do the show just because of Tami. You can’t always walk away. Sometimes you have to face your fears and those who project fear and not allow it to control you because that is usually what is the main objective. Tami attempted to control your voice by telling you to not talk to others about her but to bring it to her instead. Well, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Considering her temperment and reputation, I would take it anywhere but to her and let others advise me. When you did not comply with her requirements she unleashed her fury. As if her reaction was appropriate for the situation.

    What you should know as the new outsider with an established in group you can’t talk to any of them without it being carried back to the in group. So pick your confidante’s carefully.

    Now you say you are a Christian but living with a boyfriend. This is incongruent lifestyle for a Christian woman. We are in the world but should not imitate their ways. This is not a good Christian witness. We go and get these men instead of letting God provide “the one”. But He knows best and has the best for you.

  120. Pam says:

    Kesha I admired you, you acted GRACEFULLY and with CLASS, people need to stop with the nonsense. You did what you have to do by not stooping to their level. Not even my kids act that way. You do not need to give them raitings, so just keep doing what is better for you, and if that means not coming back so be it then. God bless you

  121. Amber Gantt says:

    Kesha and Jenn need to get together and SUE those hood rats because the reunion show is so fake they are not hitting on the right type of things. Kesha need go and get some one to help you defeat yourself and those bullies will leave you along. Shaunie frowning up the whole time some body is telling the truth about the bulling going on. If that would have happen to MS. Shaunie we all know that she would have had a team of lawyers and she would have had a bodyguard.

  122. Kina says:

    ALL of yall speaking bad on Tami are BOGUS! She’s not a bully Kesha is just a scared lil mouse who shouldn’t have been on the show anyways. She admitted to watching past episodes and knew exactly what the show was and what to expect. If you are a mouse walking into a lion’s den do you really expect to come out untouched? Girl stop! She is whack and needs to keep her whiny,crybaby,scary behind in her own lane!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. bert says:

    I think Tami is a big fool.
    She is a big bullly and Shaunie does sit by and letall this mean mess happen. Even tonight she tried to get Jen to drop the charges, but if I was Jen I would not. That girl assulted Jen and need to face up to whatever happens to her. Tami is a big trip, she forgot so quickly that Evelyn sleep with her(then) husband and cal her a non MFfactor, and then madeT-shirts about her.
    At that point she tried to sue Evelyn. How quickly Tami forgot how Evelyn did her. This fool came to Evelyn’s defense on every scene. Tami wants to be in that so call circle so bad she stooped so low and began being Evelyn’s friend. Tami always say that if anyone has something to say to come and tell her, but she does the same things in her interview that everyone else does.

  124. Silvia says:

    Kesha, I hope you return because you are the only hope for a positive role model! You handled yourself with grace and dignity. You were bullied and the public knows it and backs you up. Stay strong!

  125. missy says:

    When i put myself in the exact position that Keysha was in with Tami I come up with the same thing each time, if I felt offended I would have asked at the time or later why did you ask me was I black or white or both? I would have wanted clarification before I resolved to get upset. If her explanation did not suffice I would have just told her my history and how it made me feel to be asked those type of questions all of my life. And, who knows maybe that would have opened up a line of communication that was based on honesty, mutual respect and trust, and elliminated the drama. I had to learn no matter how small or large a situation is it’s best to speak to the person I have the issue with FIRST so that nothing gets misconstrued.

  126. betty says:

    It really amaze me that some ppl think that Kesha should have known how Tami act. Well becuz Tami acted like a idiot Kesha didnt have the right to speak her mind? When Kesha did was she really suppose to think that this idiot would act that way. Im from the street and maybe i would have responded differently, but everybody dont have or want that fight in them. I appreciate how she showed young girls that you dont have to act or sit there and listen to this type ignorant ranting Tami was doing. The reunion was disturbing all the mess Eve and Tami keep up was mentioned in a comdey type of way. The things Jen did was presented as if she stab somebody. That was really sad and bias. Didnt learn anything positive during or after this season.

  127. Lady O says:

    Kesha, not trying to hurt your feelings but I don’t see you as an advocate for bullying. Why? you were not an advocate for yourself. I suggest you pay close attention to who you have conversation with, especially, Susie. She is the one who throw you to the WOLF (Tami). I do not think you had any malice in you when you confided in Susie. You were making a statement not a threat. If I were you, I would stay away from Susie, she is messy and likes to gossip. Unfortunately, she is definitely a turn coat and back stabber. I do not think you would not speak up but, you felt intimidated and traumatized by Tami. You did the right thing by not encouraging responding (Tahiti) because I think it would have become violent. Good luck with moving forward.

  128. saba says:

    Kesha, you are a remarkable lady. I love everything about to begin with you have real hair you are very natual person. Unlike Tami look like a hungry Lion who want to eat someone. I can’t stand her and the rest of the show cast. I take that back I do like Royce I look forward to see you guys becuase you and Royce are the only real people in the Show. Jennifer now she is ok but she does not impact me nor other people and Shuanie I am ashame on her when Tami was talking to you on Tahait she should have said something but that is a typical BLACK GIRLS ACTION…They don’t know how to control things becuase they never were thaught to be classy alway trash.

  129. Valerie says:


  130. jess says:

    Kesha I applaud how well youve handled yourself. Who is Tami to tell you how to react. All she talks about is where shes coming from…Did she ever care about where your coming from? Practice what you preach Tami!!! I think she is just an angry bitter woman who prays on the weaker person, or better yet the person whom she knows wont yell and fight back. You have a backbone, You are a classy, grown woman who did not ingage in bad behavior. Tami and her crew of followers are the lowest form of trash. I do have to believe one day she will wake up and realize what a bully she was. Shaunie is the worst for condoning this. She could have stepped in and been a hero but instead took the low road. Did anyone else think the audience was hand picked? Possibly Tami’s family and friends?

  131. Am I seriously reading that people are blaming Kesha for Tami’s behavior? It’s called SELF-CONTROL and Tami lacks it. Kesha and the rest of the women make comments about others and gossip but no one deserves to be treated the way Tami treated Kesha. And Tami deserves better than to behave that way. Kesha does not control Tami’s behavior and/or reactions to situations. As a woman in her forties and a mother to two beautiful girls, Tami should know how to control herself without being a BULLY! And yes, that’s exactly what she is. She thinks she should be allowed to speak her mind and have an opinion but no one (she dislikes @ least) should be allowed to do the same. SMH…wrong is wrong.

  132. meemee says:

    I don’t blame you for avoiding Tammi on that day. She had been drinking and was not rational at all. She would have probably hit you, possibly injuring you. You defend yourself very well with WORDS, not with physical reactions. I commend you and please ignore those who say you have no backbone. Those are people who are used to fighting their way through issues, and fighting is NEVER the correct solution. The way you handled yourself was classy. Tammi is a bully, and she remains one because she hasn’t owned up to it. She still blames you FOR HER actions. We are responsible for our own actions.

    Continue to stand firm and be strong. You have much respect from us CIVILIZED human beings. smile.