The Reunion Interview: Shaunie O’Neal Seeks Some Balance


Shaunie O'Neal Basketball Wives Reunion

Shaunie O’Neal has faced a lot of criticism this season on Basketball Wives, and while she’s occasionally been overwhelmed by it, she tells me the only the the cast can do at this point is take responsibility for their actions, move on, and do better. She tells me she heard her critics loud and clear and has plans for a more positive show in the future, though she couldn’t tell me if that talk she had with her pastor had any ramifications for her own future with the show. It’s all still “TBD.”

More than all that drama though, I wanted to know what else Shaunie has on the horizon, like the film she’s co-producing. And don’t worry, I asked her what she was thinking when they pulled that fish prank in Kenya’s room. Our reunion interview is below.

When you know that there’s going to be a touchy subject brought up on a reunion show, how do you feel?

I don’t ever want to see anybody get into arguments but I know it’s natural, it’s normal for people to argue, not get along, and for the most part I just hope it stays verbal. You guys can say whatever it is you wanna say, just make sure it’s being said, that’s it.

When it escalates, like when the bottle was thrown, what are you thinking in those situations?

I mean, you don’t like to see any of that happening, at all. It’s not something anybody can be proud of. You’re thinking, God, there had to be a better way for this to calm down than what just happened. There is always a better way.

You can tell you tried to insert some moments of positivity on the show, like your daughter’s birthday.

Right, well, we’re at a point now, after sitting back and watching this season that me voicing my opinion on there needing to be more positive things, more balance of what really goes on in our lives outside of each other and even when we’re together. That needed to be shown. After seeing how this season got out of control, I think that my voice has been heard. I’m happy to hear from the network and from Shed that they hear me, they hear what I’ve been saying, and we’re all on the same page.

How do you feel when you get saddled with all the criticism, and people say “This is your show, you’re responsible for this”?

It’s absolutely overwhelming. I think that I have defended myself to a point where there’s really nothing else that I can say. I still stand by the fact that I don’t want to see fights, I don’t like to see my friends in that light at all, but it is reality and despite it happening, I would like to see more of the positive, more of our reality, our families, having a good time with the girls. That does exist, that’s what I would like to see. But I get very defensive. I know who I am, I know what bothers me, I know what I’m saying to my friends, whether they decide to air it on TV or not, they know I’ve been like “Come on, we’ve got to do better.” We gotta talk more. And it’s not always on TV, so I get people asking “Why do you just sit there and let this happen?” and I’m like, how many times have I said the same thing? I know my friends, I know when it’s about to go left and right now wouldn’t be the time to talk to her because she won’t hear me. There’s nothing I can do to stop the situation. I’m not God. I’ve definitely voiced my opinion, I’ve let them know that shouldn’t have happened, this is not okay, but this is a TV show, and ultimately, we as a cast have to take responsibility for what we do and say. It starts with us taking responsibility for ourselves. I hear our critics, I understand them, but at the same time, I think everybody’s reality should be respected. The bad seems to outweigh the good this season, but we are aware of it.

Can you talk about that final scene with your pastor? Did you come to any conclusions about your future with him?

I don’t know. He definitely left me with a lot to think about and I think it’s just a process. Right now, it’s rough. But I think hopefully when viewers see that scene of me talking to my pastor, that’s real. I was there for like an hour and a half, and it’s rough, I really have a personal struggle with how it is interpreted, and what people think I feel or assume I feel or whatever, and you have no idea. All I can do is take responsibility for me and fight the fight of “Let’s try to show the positive more than any negative.”

When you tell him in that scene that you worry that people view you as a “ghetto hot mess” any of your co-stars would take that personally, like it’s directed at them?

Yeah, and that’s another thing, I have to be verrry careful with my words because some of these ladies are really my friend, and at the same time, I don’t think I have to say this person’s name or that person’s name, the ones that are my friends and know that I love them know I have their best interests at heart. I have all the ladies’ best interests at heart, but I don’t mean any individual is a hot ghetto mess, I mean the show in itself. And when I was talking to him, I was talking about the show. I know we get accused of “Oh, that was just ghetto!” and that’s what I meant.

What’s your relationship like with Jennifer lately?

I haven’t talked to Jennifer. How it left off on the season is pretty much how it left off in real life. It was a bit strange, I didn’t get it. Again, Evelyn and I have been friends for a long time and I think maybe in Jen’s mind it’s like, if Evelyn’s my friend, we can’t be friends, I don’t know. It’s very high school. I’ve got kids and a life outside this show, I really don’t have time to figure out who’s talking to who, all over something that I wasn’t involved in in the first place. When we were in Tahiti, that was the last I ever heard from Jen. I’m not mad at her, I don’t have a problem with her, but I think she lacked in the loyalty area.

What can you tell me about the movie you’re working on?

Its not a “Basketball Wives” movie, first of all, it’s not like we’re taking the show and making a movie out of it, but it is about basketball, it’s about that lifestyle, and it’s a love story. It’s funny. It’s empowering. It’s a little bit of everything. It’s not a documentary though.

Are you interjecting some of your own experiences into it?

My co-producer Tracey Edmonds, and I definitely talked and had a ladies forum on “the lifestyle” and how things work and the protocol, so there is reality in there about the life of being in the NBA. I didn’t base any character on any particular person. It’s not like you’ll be able to say, “Oh, that’s Shaunie’s character.” I didn’t get that personal.

So what was the deal with the fish prank in Tahiti? That seemed like a running theme of the trip, in addition to all the heavy drama.

Did you take it as mean, or did you take it as funny?

I took it as immature, more than anything.

Honestly, Tahiti was probably the most boring trip we’ve ever taken on the show and there was absolutely nothing to do, we just sat around, it was like Real World, we had mics on almost twenty four hours a day, we don’t normally film like that, but there really was nothing to do there, so we were really like, let’s play a practical joke, and that’s how that happened. I think if we didn’t have the Tami and Kesha fight it probably would have been funnier or maybe more lighthearted than it came out to be, but it was honestly just out of boredom.

Do you have a favorite moment from the season?

My daughter’s birthday. I could watch that a million times.

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  1. Shaunie, please wake up. Show some humility and then and only then will when your fans back.

  2. Shaunie go sit down somewhere. I say full speed ahead with your lawsuti Jennifer! Maybe next time Nia will think twice about slapping somebody. No, nobody didn’t get killed but the law is the law and it states that you CANNOT slap someone and get a way with it. You really need to quit because if somebody slapped you, you would be doing the same thing. And, you have taken sides with Evelyn. While yall keep telling Jennifer to own up you own up to that!

  3. Nena B says:

    It’s sad to hear you say to Jennifer on the reunion that you want to see everyone be successful yet when Evelyn and Tami were making fun of Jennifer’s lipgloss line you laughed along with them and didn’t stand up for her success then. My stomach turned seeing how you, Tami and Evelyn were talking of loyalty and friendship and making it seem like whatever Jennifer did made it ok for her to be treated the way she was on the show.
    Are you justifying bullying???? Really? If someone says something you don’t like, then that makes it ok for them to get hit and take it or hit back. Jennifer did the right thing by suing!!!! She is the most level headed among you. Why would they even bring up the situation with her ex throwing the drink???
    Why would Jennifer be your friend if you have stood there and allowed this to get this far. It was obvious your loyalty was to Evelyn and not Jennifer, there isn’t a reason for Jennifer to have to reach out to you, she is the one that got hit!! I can’t even articulate how upset all of this has me. It’s sad that these women still don’t get it and there is truly no remorse. They are all just blowing smoke. Jennifer deserves and apology from Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn!!!! And I could care less if Jennifer fails a lie detector test, that’s not the point!

  4. And another thing! Nia , wanted to put on show for you, Evelyn and Tami and look where it go her! Who’s laughing now?! You so concerned take some of your money and help her get an attorney and anything else she needs. Have you supported in any other form other than lip service! You weren’t involved in the Evelyn vs Jennifer debacle? Really?! You made snide remarks about Jennifer every chance you got and every time someone made a negative comment about Jen you laughed like you were at a Kevin Hart concert!

  5. hollywood!!! says:

    wait.. so Shaunie trying to say that Jen pulled away from her because of Evelyn when WE ALL SAW Jen trying to stay friends with her and Tammi and they both throwing her under the bus for Evelyn… and why would Jen talk to you now after seeing how u guys talked about her …. the lies the lies… anybody who believe the PR job is an idiot

  6. James Lee says:

    It’s Tam’s World and we’re just Living in It:

    In Tami’s World…..
    1. Only Tami can chastise
    2. Only Tami can terrorize
    3. Only Tami can hit or assault
    4. Only Tami can talk or of flap her gums
    5. Only Tami can sell T-shirts and profit and promote bad behavior
    6. Only Tami can have an opinion about something anything when she is not present or doesn’t hear it first hand
    7. Only Tami gets respect
    8. Only Tami can go on a verbal tirade or give her opinion oops that wasn’t an opinion.

    So as u can c in Tami’s world can she use all of this under the guise of “Keepin it Real”.

  7. ksweet says:

    What have you done to be a friend to Jen, you keep saying she lacks loyalty? i’m confused, I thought friendship was a 2 ways street.

  8. leanna douglas says:

    Do you all remember when Shaunie and the gang rushed Gloria. “Why didn’t you get married boo boo?!” I believe that was season 2. During that particular reunion she (Shaunie) tried to sweep it under the rug as if it were nothing. I dont know why anyone is surprised at her actions. She has always passed the buck when it comes to ownership of wrong doing. Gloria stuck up for herself that’s why it wasn’t such a big deal. Shaunie was always messy.

  9. Kris10 says:

    Nobody is asking you to play God. We all know, Shaunie, that you are scared to fight Ev and Tami. That’s why you just sit there when people are being verbally assaulted. Own up to what you do or don’t do. When Tami was attacking Kesha, the LEAST that you could have done was just say “hey, Tami, you are taking this too far. Calm down.” Say something. Also, you do not want to see Jen succeed. The camera didn’t lie when you sat there and chimed in with people making fun of her lip gloss line. You said you all are trying to grow. So when does the growing start on your part. That was at the end of the season when you made fun of Jen’s line. You should have been growing all throughout the season. In order for the show to be saved, you, Evelyn, Tami and Suzie need to apologize for every foul thing you did and don’t blame your behavior on anyone. Just apologize sincerely and leave it at that.

  10. BinxRox says:

    Wow Shaunie, sometimes I think you really do believe the utter crap that spills out of your mouth. This season, you have been highlighted correctly, as a snake in the grass. You question Jennifer’s loyalty because she did not seek YOU out, but why should she when you were fine with going behind her backa nd mocking her with the very two women who are going to burn your brand to the ground?I Hope you friendships with Tami and Evelyn turn out the way I know they will, with eventually them turning on you and ruining your opportunities. It’ll be the least you deserve after the way you instigated and accepted the absurd behavior this season. You are no one’s friend. Your little tacked on scene with your pastor was so staged, and it showed no growth because if you really reached that place, you would have shown it in the reunion. Instead you divided the stage according to who you liked, got the host to continue the bullying of Keshia and Jen, and staged an audience and a fake sound track to make it seem like everyone fell on your side. You are pathetic and no amount of money will make you a better or good person until you see how negative you really are inside. I await the notice of cancellation for your show and your projects. Couldn’t happen to a better person.

  11. breezie says:

    Shaunie I can’t take you serious it seems like the only reason why you are speaking about all this positive is because you are afraid that you won’t be able to be going to the bank anymore to cash the checks from the show. You try to act like you are not choosing sides but you do just like Tami did even before Jennifer had a chance to talk to you guys and you wonder why she didn’t want to talk to you. I find it funny that you have the same feelings for Jennifer that you do for Royce but you still refuse to film with Royce how old are you and you are still acting like a child. It should be going through your mind do poeple think I am a hot ghetto mess because you are just because you didn’t partake in the fish and other things don’t make you innocent you knew what was going on and you always had front row seats to the drama to say that you didn’t know Jen was gonna get smacked or soemthing I would beg to differ you could see the htred in Nias eyes

  12. Nonya says:

    IS SHE FOR REAL??!!! Jen lacked in the loyalty area??? What about YOU??? But you’re not mad at her though?, yea right! BALANCE you say?, look, you’ve been talking that same talk and singing the same tune since season one and we are STILL waiting for that balance which i know will NEVER happen. What’s your problem with Royce?? Why won’t you and Evelyn film with her? The fish prank was a practical joke?? I’m very sure the resort didn’t share in your amusement of it being a “practical joke” when they had to dig out, scrape out and scrup those dead fishes and squids from all the places your “friends” put them. I wonder if VH1 was billed for the “practical joke”? Jen saw the error in her ways (when she was hanging with Evelyn) and grew up and is trying to move on to more positive things and people; the other women are still immature and living in the past (high school). Suzie definitely learned her lesson from all that water and glass throwing in season one, cause you don’t see her doing that stuff anymore. The basketball movie idea is already done and is just PLAYED OUT! Lala’s show is showing what a REAL BBW life is all about, so a movie is just not necessary. SHAUNIE, JUST SAVE YOUR LAME EXCUSES!!! THE SHOW LOST ANOTHER FAN!!

  13. A Marie says:

    Shaunie is their pimp…how stupid these ladies are to get a paycheck. Now they get on the reunion as if they are refined and better people. NOT! They are trying to blow smoke up everyone’s kazoo and it is not working!!! It is what it is! A complete hot mess and they are all a crew of desensitized/no esteem women otherwise those antics would have never occured. Jennifer has every right to proceed and I wish her well…noone has the right to get away with physical violence. As far as Tami going in on Kesha…may Tami burn in hell. It is not her past that is causing her to do things, simply pure evil. If anything, her past would make her more humble in regards to others. All of their children should be so proud. Pure ghetto action…

  14. J. Marie says:

    Hi, Shaunie, Evelyn, Jen, Tami, Royce, Suzie, Kenya and Kiesha
    I am a fan from season 1 episode 1, I look forward to seeing Basketball wives every monday. Season 4 was the worse I have ever seen. I understand that people stop being friends, but to be mean to another person at your age is just crazy. Evelyn and Jen have been friends for years and to let a tv show break up that friendship is crazy. Ev talks about how loyal she is to Jen, look back at season 4 you were not. You keep saying that you had her back she never has yours, not true, remember on the last reunion show you all talked about how Jen helped you move out of bad relationships more than once, also you have said plenty about Eric again look back at the previous seasons. Again, Ev and Jen should have lunch off of camera before season 5 began taping. Tami, has been a bully since season 2 the food stamp fight. Shaunie you keep saying yor are neutral when it comes to Ev and Jen you were not. Suzie talks too much period. We didn’t see much of Royce since Shaunie and Ev won’t tape with her. How about that growth Shaunie? Kenya should keep her opinion about Ev to herself since she said she does not know evelyn. Keisha had a right to be upset and what she said about Tami was absolutely the truth. Tami that was not an apology, stop it. If there is a season 5? the entire staff should look back at seasons 1 thru 3. Good luck to all of you. Maybe a new cast is needed?

  15. Nzx says:

    I have seen stuff on this season of BBW that are shockingly sad. Nia! Nia! Nia!!!! Your name means PURPOSE IN SWAHILI but you sure got sucked to being the main PURPOSE OF PORTRAYING STUPIDITY!!!! Yeah Jen should sue your damn ass, YOU SHOULD NEVER PUT YOUR HANDS ON ANYBODY SHAME ON YOU!!! This is what you will be remembered for what a shame. If you think that THE THREE STOOGIES are on your side, think again! Oh and TAMI the big bully (by the way most bullies are cowards) you telling Kenya that Jen asked to be slapped in shocking! I don’t remember Jen sitting there and saying, “NIA COME AND SLAP ME”!!!! You are a liar and most people who start describing themselves as not being something, are usually what they are, eg. “I AM NOT A CROOK”, President Nixon!!! So you can try all you may to say this till the day you die, it will never change, YOU ARE A BULLY!!!

    So I guess if someone asked your daughters if they needed to be slapped you would say the same thing you told Kenya????? Of course not!! Nia I sure hope you wise up cause child, this is not the group you would like to be associated with. USE THE MEANING OF YOUR NAME TO HAVE A PURPOSE OF PROMOTING GOOD AND ERADICATING BULLYING.

  16. angel says:

    I really admire you, but I feel that you are very judgemental about Jennifer. All the women look up to you and I feel you could have stopped a lot of the drama. Jennifer wants some space and she does not want to come between your friendship with evelyn and Tami. I put a lot of the responsibility on you as far as the drama. Soory, but that’s the way I feel. I mean a lot of the stuff Evelyn and Tami were doing was unbelievable to Kendra, Keisha and Jennifer. You know what “they ” say…,, birds of the same kind flock together.

  17. Practical Joke says:

    Shaunie, you are a practical joke. Still making excuses for your poor behavior. STOP IT!!!! Not working. When you went to see the pastor you should have taken the others in “the circle” with you for prayer. I bet you didn’t let them know that you would be throwing them under the bus, talking about “they did this and they did that” or “she said this and that”. You only went there to clean up your own image. You aren’t even loyal to your “friends” in the circle. I would like to hear what Tami, Ev and Suzie think about what you said when you met with your pastor. Bet they weren’t amused. Of course, they will not admit it because you are their meal ticket right now!! FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!

  18. K says:

    Just one question Shaunie – who were all those audience members at the reunion? Are they on your payroll or are they just “friends” trying to suck up to you?

  19. lolilea3 says:

    Shaunie: It’s not about balance. It’s about eliminating bully tactics period AS A FRIEND AND A HUMAN BEING. Also, you did take sides. It was very obvious. And you took sides with two bullies who are immature pots calling kettles and no kettles black.

  20. You have some nerves says:

    Who is lacked in the loyalty area?…….WOW!!! I shouldn’t have read this blog Shaunie you are retarded.

  21. BasketballFan says:

    Shaunie, GURL BYE!!! Every opportunity you were given to come correct you to chose to be fraudulent… You’re missing the whole point here pudding pop… Why couldn’t you just stay neutral??? I know Tam and Ev ya girls, but we SAW you choose sides… Maybe you should do some homework and watch your own show before you do interviews because you’re making yourself look bad… I’ve yet to hear you specifically call Eve out about jumping offa tables, throwing FULL BOTTLE of wine, and airing Jen’s dirty laundry… I’ve yet to see you check Tami for the way she treated Kesha (or step in while it was happening)…. Your so full of it… I used to idolize you… I thought you were a woman of integrity, but seeing you make excuses for your girls and you know they’re wrong while blaming the people who were wronged/bullied is lower than low… Remember you get back what you put out there…. KARMA… FYI: There’s good and BAD KARMA… If you put out positive/good Karma you get it back…. But of you put out the BAD KARMA (like the kind on this show), you get that back times 10… (*WINK WINK* BACKLASH) So remember that when it comes back to bite you, GOOD OR BAD… I’ve lost all respect for you, but it’s not to late… You don’t have to cut off your friends next season… Just check their asses because they are a REFLECTION of your BUSINESS ETHICS… ( Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior) I know I wouldn’t want to work for an establishment/business that allowed bullying, GOSSIP, intimidation, and false accusations… It makes your “BRAND” look BAD….. just saying… Still holding my breath until you ladies set aside you differences and come together as WOMEN…. Real WOMEN who stand for what’s right, nomatter the cost… ALL MONEY AINT GOOD MONEY Shaunie…. STAY BLESSED and remember, there is NO TESTIMONY W/O a TEST….

  22. nv says:

    Bored in Tahiti ? You were bored in paradise and all you could come up with is to terrorize, bully and prank your guests.You still seem to think you are above it all. Snarking at people on twiiter, bragging about being renewed.When your manager tells the reality of your limited possibilities after this PR nightmare perhaps then you will wipe that smirk off your face.

  23. Kim says:

    Shaunie…Physically fighting is not most people’s reality. Quit acting like it’s a natural part of life because it isn’t. It’s illegal and that’s why people get arrested for it. I can’t even imagine having a friend or former friend smack me. That just doesn’t happen in civilized people’s lives and why would you want friends that are so crazy out of control that they “won’t be able to hear you”. That sounds like you are talking about animals…vicious dogs. Of course Jen would think if your Evelyn’s friend you can’t be hers because you clearly took sides with Evelyn and took digs at Jen. Don’t blame Jen for how you made her feel. It’s BS to say she lacked in the loyalty area because you clearly were not loyal to her. As far as the fish prank, there was nothing funny about grown women doing such a childesh thing. So when your children get bullied you can explain to them that it’s funny, not mean and I’m sure the bullies were just bored so get over it kids. You kinda look as classy as Michelle Obama but you are on the complete other side of the spectrum from Michelle. I was hoping this interview would change my opinion of you but it didn’t in the least bit.

  24. DR Anderson says:


  25. Dumplains says:

    Hmmmmmmm Shaunie are you for real? I mean I admire you as a woman but come on be real. Do you not think that Jen watches the show after fliming and was privy to all the comments you and Tami were making behind her back. As I see it Eve decided not to talk about the issue when Jen ask what what wrong. Now why is Eve mad because Jen not feeling to talk.

    Ladies get over it. It is not that big a deal to carry it this far. But one thing I know is that even if Jen and Eve begins to speak again the friendship would NEVER BE THE SAME.

    Tami stop nacking at everything people say about you or about a situation the have with you. Thats life. When something bothers us we sometime go to others to speak about it. Strange how you have issue with Royce and how she is dealing with you and Kesha drama but you discussing it with Shaunie and Eve. Have you ever seen the show Prisoners You remind me of Bee (Queen Bee) this show originated from Australia. Go look at it at lease Bee was someone who did not like it when others were taken advantage of. You and Eve are only saying sorry because of the ratings and because others told you to. Actions speak louder than words so I am watching you both.

  26. lerinne says:

    Yes Shaunie, youre a loyal friend. You trash talk Jenns make-up line with Tami. And youre loyal friend right?

  27. sadie says:

    shaunie is so fake and so jealous and jen!!!…why would anyone in their right mind reach out to you when you have done nothing but be condescending and humiliating….as for your stupid movie it is going to be a huge flop …the memo is out no one wants to see anything you have a hand in…no matter how much u losers try to attack jennifer u will never ever succeed we have seen you for what you are…you need to give us more credit!!!!

    she really needs to be very ashamed of herself that the only so called positive things out of a whole season is her daughter’s bday and the so called mammograms of tami and evelyn……shaunie the fact that you are ghetto and a hood rat does not mean we are like you and enjoy violence on tv….the sooner you get that into your thick skull the better for you!!!!

    it is unbelievably insulting to people of color especially that you guys thought we would get a kick out of seeing violence!!!!! to me that is the most disgusting part….people of color are about enriching each others’ lives and pulling people out of their problems, not your ghetto ratchet ideology of violence and bullying!!!!

  28. tye says:

    Vashondyia(however you spell it)

    please get off of your high horse. you are the fakest of them all. you picked evilyn’s side in paris you were never mutual and you could careless about jen’s feelings. you wanted to be under evilyn and you sound stupid when you kep saying you were nutral when we are watching the show maybe you should. you talked about her and you shot slugs about her lipgloss line. you said that she threw to many launch parties but complained when she stopped inviting you. she lost someone who she thought was a good friend and a husband and maybe your mistake was trying to get them to make up. it was not your job to do that. you should have stayed out of it and let it run its course.. as far as a sister i am glad you are not mine. you dont talk to Royce but you say phones work and you support everyone. you did not attend her play because evilyn did not want to. you are a lowlife joke and i hope your children find better friends than you. You are no sister you are a buttkiss.

  29. Lishey says:

    I just can’t understand why Shaunie was quick to chastise Jennifer for not speaking when they were on the trip to Tahita for not letting her know that she was there but allowed Tami and Evelyn to act a fool the whole season…to add more foolery to the season they all (including John Sally) tried to ridicule Jen at the reunion. Please go sit down somewhere…bye

  30. Real says:

    Shaunie is so much in denial about who she is it’s sort of scary. There was nothing funny about putting dead fish all over someone room, she had no loyalty to Jenn because she talked about her with Evelyn like a dog, and yes she was talking about Tami and Evelyn when she said “ghetto hot mess” because they are the only two that act like a ghetto hot mess. I can see why Shaq left her thieving, lying ass. Nothing she is involved with will ever become a success because of the type of person she is.

  31. Angela says:

    All this aplpogizing is a rating stunt..These are who these women are…They needed help from day one.

  32. upset says:

    shaunie you are a complete mess you let ev and tami get you in some deep trouble a lot of people really liked this show you guys have took it to a level that it never should have reached i feel sorry for you for not owing up to what you did to jen and the rest of the girls you are a big part of the blame you should have been the voice of reason and kicked off the ones you could not control instead of making them your allies i will never watch this show again

  33. specialk says:

    Um, no one was loyal to Jenn, NOT ONE OF YOU CHICKENS! Not once did you ever say ” EV” don’t do that here! It’s so sad to see that even now you chickens don’t take any responsibility for where the friendship has gone south. Losers!

  34. R. Parker says:

    Jen, Royce and Kesha are the classiest ones on the show. Season 4 has come to an end and they want us to tune in for season 5. That is why Shaunie is trying to sell the story about positivity. I did not buy her self-righteous speech because she is part of the problem — not the solution. I truly believe that everything that happened to Jen was a setup and that’s why Shaunie kept inviting her to meet with them. They knew damn well there was going to be a confrontation between Jen and Nia before Jen arrived. They set her up ambush style. I hope everybody on this board will join with me and not watch Evelyn and Chad’s show. I have yet to see them bully somebody who fights back and doesn’t back down from them.

  35. Angela t says:


  36. Michieboo says:


  37. tisha says:

    All yall are stupid shanie is fake ads hell I wish I could be on the show I will kick tammy ass her friend evenley to them hoes won’t bully me I don’t blame Jen sue them hoes and Chad is so ugly and he cheats on his wannabe girl

  38. Fan says:

    Shaunie after seeing the reunion part 1 I hope that they cancell this show. For you to sit there and lie that you didn’t know about the Nia situation and to take Evelyn’s side and you and Tami running her mouth clearly taking Evelyn’s side and you laugh and giggled and edge Evelyn and Tami all season. If you don’t take responsibility for you actions then you are just as bad as Tami Roman in my book. She should have been gone a long time ago. I don’t know why Jen would take a lie dectator test to please you, and dog Evelyn. I hope that Jen keep away from you because you are two faced as well as Evelyn. I hope that Evelyn is boycotted and this show too because you owe Jen an apology instead of blaming her. John Salley must have got a bonus for picking on Jen also. The viewers is not giving bad press on you, Tami and Evelyn because of Jennifer Williams it is because of what each one of you has done and said this season. Tami had a lot of nerve saying Jen bullied Ashley past season. The three of you were reaching. Take some reflection of yourself and tell the truth. I know you are kissing Evelyn’s ass just as much as Tami Roman. I am very disappointed.

  39. trent says:

    snake is all i can say when i think about this woman… ugh come back when everything hasnt been filmed that shows ur being two face and maybe someone will believe you. jenn lacked in the loyalty area? no boo that again would be you

  40. journey says:

    shaunie u are a FOLLOWER get your own voice and stop being intimidated by Evelyn and Tami….u are so fake its not even funny how u always have a problem with the ppl that are always getting insulted by your so called good friends…. y u dont make faces to ev & tami when they make fools out of themselves u fakes @ssssss

  41. vy says:

    i think that shauni tammi and eve need to be replaced now that the season has ended because shauni ack like she was so concerned with everthing on the buteve shauni and tammi they are drunks not positive peopleand keep up mess and when shauni was talking with her paster i thinkt that was trying coving her ass if she was a producer they need to find a new and kick her ass off with eve tammi because these lady need to be home with they kids dam idid not know shauni had so many kids she is a bad example for her kids hum i wander do the kids watch the show all the kids will see they mom being messy and a drunk shauni need to be a positive personbut she is deep down she is worried getting cancel out forsure

  42. DORIS says:

    ok Ms. Shaunie u sit back and let this mess happen u could have pulled their coat tails but no no, u enjoyed it sitting there laughing and all. 3smh

  43. Faye says:

    Shaunie, shame on you. You don’t believe what you are saying yourself. Ratings, money, fame is what you are all about. If there is another season for the show, please have Vh1 rename it Diary of Some Mad and Crazy Ex-Basketball Wives, then your viewers can watch it from an analytical point of view.

  44. Ana says:

    Wow you don’t want people to see you as a Hot Ghetto Mess then stop acting like one your a fake friend and most defenently a super fake Christian believe me God is not proud of your behavior and the way you sold your soul to the devils Tammi and Evelyn and the all mighty dollar
    I use to feel bad when you and Shak divorced now I’m so happy for him he is one wise man the best thing you can do for your reputation is stay out of the lime light for a few years cause right now your an embarrassedment to all women and anyone in their right mind has Zero respect for you I hope you do a better job raising your children then you are doing with yourself you need prayer sister so let us all pray for The hot mess that is Shaunie I think I’ll go as far a light a candle for you

  45. Sophia N. Harpo says:

    And another thing, PLEASE DO GET RID OF THAT ‘HOST’. He is very partial. How can Tami sit there and tell someone they need to be able to take what they dish out. She certainly does not. Nobody will call her out on what she does, not Shaunie or that ugly host. They need to bring a new cast member that will stand up to Tami. She is a shapeless, sloppy mess and a drunk, glutton to boot. Why are all her scenes shot with a fork in one hand and a drink in the other. All her conversations are with a mouth full of food. The lipo she got is SHOT TO HELL and she need to stop wearing those tight dresses. I know a new show they can have. On season 5, GET TAMI’S @$$ KICKED.

  46. Tam says:

    REALLY???????????? SO SHE DECIDES TO BE A BULLY OUT OF BOREDOM! OMG, Shaunie is…wow..she is something else!

  47. lindsey says:


  48. Morris says:


  49. Halle says:

    The show needs to be cancelled. There is nothing positive coming from that show but negativity, and it is portraying a horrible image of black women. Grown women do not act like that. And lets also point out the fact that none of these women are wives. The group of women on this show, excluding a few are nothing but negative, jealous women with nothing to do but bring down and degrade other women.

  50. Embarrassed black woman says:

    COME ON Shaunie you still trying to blame Jen saying she lack n loyalty and YOU think Ev and Tami is loyal if you believe that than you are a ghetto hot mess and if I was Tracy Edmonds I would run as fast I could from you. You are quick to blame Jen but that uneducated Ev you kiss her butt and think she got your back the same way she put Jen personal business out there she will do it to you. I guess thats loyalty right smh. I used to like you so much but now I see why Shaquille left geesh. You want to associated with 2 maniacs and you want ppl to respect you. As a smart black woman the old saying birds of a feather flock together need I say more. Shaunie do yourself a favor and Stop BBW and try to repair your dignity and leave those Trashy Women alone and hang with some real BB ladies example LaLa Vasquez, Savannah soon to be Mrs Lebron James, Vanessa Bryant etc that’s what you call L A D I E S ….. stay in L.A. That’s your home not Miami you ruined your name and reputation on the East Coast ijs

  51. Laura says:

    This show is the WORST on television. The hatred and bullying is unbearable. I feel sorry for any human being that happens to watch this trash. This is not the way normal women treat each other.

  52. Mz Johnson says:

    Shaunie how can you say Jennifer isn’t loyal? U and Tami chose sides, yall chose Evelyn’s side and all Evelyn wanted to do was fight so why should Jen be around that? Its like yall got mad cause Jen didn’t wanna talk to Evelyn? And when she did what happened? Drama just like she predicted and just why she didn’t wanna talk in the first place…Hope your kids don’t watch the show, bad example for a mother of 5

  53. sheshe says:

    Shaunie and Evelyn are delusional ,Evelyn keeps talking about loyalty but put Jennifer private business out there for the whole world to know..Frankly I did not need to know who Jennifer slept with,while she was separated from her husband .Evelyn was way out of line and showed her true colors on that one. Evelyn is spiteful and has no loyalty . she needs to sit down somewhere. she is preaching about loyalty but every time Jenn tried talking to her during the season she started acting a fool and putting all her business out make Jenn look bad., Eve,please stop with all this loyalty BS you are trying to sell us.Not buying it . Friendship is a two way street.Frankly I thing Shanie and Evelyn are mad cause Jenn dissed them to make better friends,and they just can’t take it..

  54. Nonya says:

    It’s funny how Shaunie states that she wants to show “positive” and “it’s about growth”and “supporting” each other but why has she not gottne over whatever it is that she has with Royce and show “growth”? Why didn’t she attend Royce’s event? Why didn’t she attend Jen’s lipgloss launch? Why didn’t she attend Kenya’s music video premier with the rest of the ladies? Cause she is NOT about “GROWTH” OR “SUPPORTING EACH OTHER”, She’s about keeping the “GHETTO HOT MESS” going on in the show. She is such a divisive person, not trying to bring peace or reconciliation to anything.

  55. jlc says:

    Shaunie should be so ashamed of herself for putting her ghetto lifestyle in the publics eye like this. Before this show no one knew how ghetto and messy she is, now the cat is out the bag. Money can’t buy you class and designer bags and clothes don’t make you classy, these ladies are proof of that. And what about their children? Some of the ladies on this show have teenage and adult children, how do they justify their behavior to them? The ladies on this show have sold their souls to the devil to make a dollar, that is just what they’ve done. Do they think they are rich and famous? More like rich and foolish…..They are clearly uneducated, clueless and classless. Job well done Basketball Wives cast, you’ve taken the black race back decades. Remember all money is not good money…Wake up black people, if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for everything!!!!! Look at the big picture too much blood was shed for us to behave like this in public,,,,,,,,,,,,Ignorant, just ignorant and ghetto you are for real, for real!

  56. PHYLLIS LOBO says:


  57. Choc says:

    Shaunie, why don’t you ever step in and tell Ev and Tami that their behavior is unacceptable? I don’t blame Jennifer for not speaking to you. You joined in with Ev and Tami in your mistreatment of her. You act like a high school girl. You ALWAYS side with Ev and just put your head down in your hand when she’s acting a fool but you NEVER say nothing. That means you agree with the behavior. What Tami did to Keshi was OVERT BULLYING! and you said NOTHING! You allow your friendship with Ev and Tami cloud your sense of right and wrong. If this show is going to be a hit, Ev and Tami have to go. Focus on the business ventures of Jen, Royce, and Kenya–the ones YOU, Ev, and Tami don’t like.

  58. Shaunie you are clearly coming off to the world as disillusioned!!!! Let me explain to you why the world has a problem with you right now;
    1. WE SAT BACK AND WATCHED YOU, watch all of these situations escalate!!!!!!!!! If u weren’t EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, we MIGHT have given you a pass, but you ARE!!!!! With tht title holds great responsibility!!!! Your cast mates safety being priority!!!!! Suppose one of these situations would have resulted in death? Shed Media, Vh1 and YOU would have also been held responsible!
    2. WE SAT BACK AND WATCHED YOU, gossip and laugh with the mean girls crew, Susie, Evelyn and Tammie about these bullying situations!!!!!!!!!!! Not a good look!!!!!!!!!
    3. What I think the world is really having problems with is that YOU refuse to take RESPONSIBILY for anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU REALIZE IT’S YOUR SHOW? OR is it TAMI”S and EVELYIN’s show? Because it looks like to us tht you have given your title to THEM!!!! You clearly feel tht something is wrong, you went 2 your pastor! So stop protecting these 2 fools and protect your brand!!!!! When it’s all over there gonna be on to the next, and they will get hired in Reality TV because they create DRAMA, but you’re gonna be the one searching for someone to take you seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. blessedtrice says:

    You are a ghetto hot mess and an embarrassment to females. You all are supposed to be classy women. You are examples of you can take them out the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of them. Really, I expect for Evelyn and Tami to act like hood rats, but Shaunie, you are a mother of 5 children and I would have thought you would have set much better examples than what you have done. You all want to talk about Jen not saying when she was wrong, but you are still trying to justify the fish prank on Kenya on you all being bored.. My, my, my.. I don’t blame Jen, I would give you phonies my behind to kiss as well.. You are a wanna be…. I need you all to do better.

  60. Sherel says:

    Shaunie this season was the worse. Every body keeps pointing the finger at Jen but to be honest she was the only one that act like a lady. It seem like you guys were looking for the fights and talking about one another like high school girls. If you have a problem with your friend you go to them one on one not two on one. Anf that little crying spell that Eve done on the reunion sure did change when Jen came on stage she started doing the high scholl hand signs. So that there shows you she is fake and just trying to get Jen to drop the law suit. So I say Hats off to Jen this season girl. Keep being you

  61. Clt says:

    Jenn is smart not to trust you. Talking about her constantly behind her back and never telling Evelyn she is wrong is why she did not trust you. You may claim to not like fighting but you chased Gloria down last season and attempted to abuse her. I don’t believe you want a better show due to you aligning yourself with the main bullies and after part 2 I will not be watching next season and I was a viewer since Season 1. You abused the privilege of having viewers and I know your new type of audience is not going to stay around or buy your products. That audience seemed like the type to want to see a “bad Girls” type show.

  62. diane says:

    Shaunie…..when people start ostracizing and possible bullying your daughters when they grow up to look like the Michelin tire man you will face the same pain and heartache as those you stood by and watched being bullied and tormented. You didn’t have to ask your Pastor anything all you had to do was pick up a Bible and read Proverbs and the Beatitudes. You seem to love money more than you love anything else in this world or any other.

  63. jaha says:

    Lets be careful how we display ourselves as women period, race,etc.. has nothing to do with it, but ths show was to reach a older somewhat family type audience women with children so here we are some of us single parents some of us married we thought we were going to see something outside of 6 versions of I love New York. Honestly

  64. steve hunt says:

    Does Shed Media and VH! think that Shauni, Tammi and Eve should stay on television? I hope not.

    I will not watch ANYTHING these three women are in/on, etc….

    They had their chances and abused their power. Enough with them.

  65. cabbie says:

    Shaunie, I don’t believe anything that comes out of your mouth. For all we know you paid that minister to act as your pastor. I don’t even believe you have a relationship with the Lord, if you did your behavior would not be what is shown to black women on VH1. This is what white america expects from us and that’s what you give them. Not all black women act like you, Tami and Ev. When we hear about you the first thing that is repeated about you is that you are sneakie and you stole and hid money from your ex-husband. Is that what this so call movie you are working on will be about? What Shauni did as a ex basketball wife.

  66. pookums says:

    Shaunie !!! you say that everyones reality should be respected …but how can you want respect on reality and you dont respect yourselves …im just saying …you allowed Tammi and Evelyn act a fool on the show …never once did i hear you say to them ..that they were acting a hot mess … and that they need to conduct theirselves like adults,are you scared of them …

    .you are so quick to tell Jen about her negative blogging and interviews.

  67. Disgrace says:

    As a woman and as an educator, I am offended by the antics that took place during this season. It is a shame that women in 2012 would stoop to such levels just to take home a paycheck. Unfortunately, this is what happens when one is uneducated or under-educated. Each day, teachers and administrators across this country struggle to teach young ladies how to work on their self-esteem and how to treat each other; it is a difficult job especially when our young ladies see this type of behavior displayed on national television. We also have the arduous task of protecting ‘Keishas’ from ‘Tamis and Evelyns’!! Stop bullying!!!! It is clear that both of those ladies have deep-rooted issues; they must deal with those issues and stop taking out their insecurities on others.

    Shame on VH1 and all of the producers as well as the women of BW. You are poor examples of women and entertainers. Shaunie O’Neal is a ‘business woman’? Really? Shaunie said she sits in meetings and asks herself if the people she is meeting with think she is a “hot mess”. Yes dear, you are a hot mess for allowing women . . .black women . . . to tear each down. When we get into positions of authority, it becomes our task to make it better . . .what ever the ‘IT’ may be. Read Luke 12:48.

    Tami IS a bully and so is Evelyn. I suspect Evelyn toned down her behavior because her wedding show will soon be aired and she has other business deals in the making. Tami has not taken responsibility for her actions (when the reunion show was taped); her apology was as fake as her lashes and so was that audience. Keeping it real has nothing to do with using profanity, yelling, throwing bottles, or being physically violent.

    Suzie has nothing going for her except that the keeps the drama going; she is a true lackey!! Suzie is such a non-factor. So long BW . . .

  68. Lawanda says:

    Shaunie I think that you lack in the loyalty department. I am not saying that Jen did everything right and Evelyn didnt but you need to be loyal and admit that you were on Evelyn’s team no matter what. You really did not reach out to Jen and you always did sneaky things. You talked about Jen’s make-up line indirectly through Tammy. I understand that this is a business for you but as a mother of African American daughters…HOW DO YOU THINK YOU REALLY LOOKED?…I will tell you like the HOT GHETTO MESS you did not want to look like. All of you keep talking about Jennifer was not loyal but neither were any of you. You have an opportunity to stop the stereotyping of black woman as angry, always against each other, and stupid however; this is how all of you look at certain times. I think Shaunie, Tami, Susie, and Evelyn need to really look at this season again and the ASSES that you all have made of yourself. I see growth from previous seasons in Jen and Royce. You all need a reality check. And bring some people on the show that will give you, Tami, and Evelyn the business. Stop bullying the ones that are not use to fighting bring the ones that are like Tami and Evelyn and see how much mouth they have…See how many bottles Evelyn throw or how many times Tami cuss someone out…I BET YOU WILL NOT DO THAT.

  69. Tee says:

    If I was Jennifer, I wouldn’t talk to you either. You took sides. You showed that you were 100% supporting Evelyn’s foolishness. Jennifer tried to take you and tami to a movie premiere and you guys still took sides and talked about her. Your words above are pitiful! and sorry! Fake as hell! Point a finger towards you and take responsibility for your own actions. The world saw you for you!

  70. Tee says:

    Your smile on the picture even looks fake, like a snake in the grass!

  71. Ericka says:

    Shaunie if you’re counting those 2 little short clips as positive things your are dillusional. I mean the mamograms were ok, & the baby’s party was cute. But those were so brief they really weren’t memorable, because 98 % of the entire season was spent drinking & eating at a table while Tami & Evelyn took turns cursing out one of the ladies. Instead of Evelyn obsessing over what Jen is doing she should have been talking about that so called wedding. Tami claims to be an actress & managing her daughters career, why didn’t she do something in that direction. Jen launched her lip gloss, why not let her talk more about that & her fashion line. I’ve seen Royce’s group of young ladies perform on her web page, they are awesome & it showed other young girls what they can do. Kesha also has a dance studio, why not show more of her in her studio. Kenya’s working on her singing & trying to make music videos. What happened to Evelyns shoe store. Wasn’t she trying to branch out with that & some other fashion? The only one that didn’t really have a platform was Suzie. You could have had her visit the set of TMZ….LOL.. somehting like that, since she like to run her mouth so much. You Shaunie need to stay behind the cameras & do some real directing. Instead of keep pimping. People would have more respect for you & you would have shown your sisters in a postive manner &help launched their careers. Instead of fighting & cusring like some damn men. Also, bringing ba ba’s Mama Nia on the set for her 15 mins of fame was a huge mistake & a waist of time, film & energy. She could have delt with a damn key in the parking lot after the ladies finished working. Her part really didn’t make any sense. John Sslley I’m surprised that you have taken such a low rated Job as hosting a punkass show like BBW. I hear oyu though times are hard & we all need to work. But I thought you were an athelete & you’d be commentating with Shaq, Charles & Magic or something along that line. Even LaLa stopped hosting those ghetto fabulous kind of reality shows. At least Andy Cohen who host the House Wifes has a interest of ownership, but he knows how to stay neutural with the group of ladies. Take notes John…

  72. LMH says:

    Shaunie O’Neal I am not sure of all the ladies level of education including yours; however this basketball wives show is a disgrace to all women especially African American women. The mere fact that you all are on national television airing your dirty laundry is appalling. You chicks look like a bunch of dressed up designer wearing dummies. We’ve come so far as a people and for a reality show to take us back 400 years is a travesty. And you, you come across as a superficial instigator how dear you consult with your pastor, that was funny did you even look at yourself on the previous episodes, you were laughing and joining in with the bulling then you had the nerve to go consult with your pastor, that was sad! And that alcoholic beer drinking Tammy is nothing more than a tattoo no class “bully” she really, really needs therapy. And poor Evelyn she also needs for her promiscuous ignorant behavior. Royce, oh so desperate Royce she needs therapy as well. The other three are nondescript s there on the show as you all are punching bags. Jennifer does not owe any of you a explanation if someone puts their hands on her, she had every right to go the legal way, no you gangster hood rat hoodlums wanted her to take it to the streets like you all would have done. You know what comes to mine when I think of your show a bunch of chicks that came off the welfare rolls or was a generation removed from the welfare rolls that came into some money and decided to exploit black women. “You cannot buy class”. I know the husbands ran for the hills because you would have brought them down. Remember this after the clothes, the glitz and the glamour Shaunie there must be some substance.

  73. Mia is on "TEAM JENNIFER" says:

    Shaunie, I used to be a big fan of yours but you have become a huge disappointed . The reunion show was laughable. The studio audience was clearly hand picked because there is no way on earth you, Tammi and Evelyn would have gotten the reception you did had it been objective or randomly selected. It was also clearly taped before the disgusting Tammi bully fest on Kesha. On the reunion show you all tried to make Jennifer look like she was responsible for all the bad behavior this season (girl…there ain’t that much editing in the world). Jennifer did the right thing by filing a police report and hopefully Maya and any other fool that puts their hands on her will pay the price by doing some time. You sat back and allowed Tammi and Evelyn bully everyone and run the show into the ground which makes you a bully by association. Who’s running the show here, clearly not you. After this disgraceful season, the only think I can thank you for is that you made my family, friends and I wake up and realize we ultimately have control over whether you can all still make a living. My friends, family and I will not purchase anything you, Tammi or Evelyn promote. Jennifer is the only one with some sense and I hope that she turns around and sue your pathetic ass for subjecting her to a hostile work environment. And guess what… I would sooner buy Jennifer’s 4 lip glosses (I know you girls had a big laugh about that) before I would ever buy Evelyn’s clown makeup.

  74. Genieneve says:

    They pulled the “fish prank” on Kenya out of BOREDOM?????!!!!! Is she for real????? These are GROWN WOMEN WITH CHILDREN, and they behave like 7 year olds. So there was nothing to do but sit around and cosign Tami’s attempt at antagonizing Kesha with her loud, abusive, and obnoxious behavior, and that’s a logical reason for placing dead fish in Kenya’s room in Tahiti??????? How degrading and downright childish!!!!!!!

  75. ingrid says:

    Shaunie you are deplorable and so is your other 3 cohorts (Ev,Tami, Suzie). The reunion show was a big set up. Actually BBW has been setting up other women (Ashley, Gloria, Meeka, Royce etc,) and now Kenya and Kesha for these women to bully since Season 1. John Salley you need to be ashamed of yourself for letting Shaunie and VH1 pimp you because if you actually watched this season of BBW the opinions that you formed about Jennifer that you expressed on the reunion show could not have been your own they had to have been hand fed to you. How dare VH1 think that viewers are that shallow to not see a set up when they see one…smh. Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!

  76. cleo says:

    How dare you say anything about Jennifer’s Loyalty to Evelyn, they were friends, their friend ship had nothing to do with you. You are the epitome of a woman who has no thoughts of her own, how would you feel if that had been your daughter being bullied like that for speaking her mind,or if your son was violently attacked by some one because he wrote a blog. You are trying so hard to re-balance this show,for what. I personally along with my face book friends want this show cancelled,and you can thank your friends TAMI and EVELYN for that response.BULLYING, PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, VERBAL ABUSE, JUST CANNOT BE TOLERATED, How dare you and JOHN SALLEY make light of it on the reunion, you guys really are something that needs to just go away, When Tami slapped Meeka I was out raged,I blogged about that, From day one Evelyn has been throwing drinks on Suzie,Royce, Kenya, just everybody, you did not see anything wrong with it or you would have voiced your opinion long ago,not when it became apparent that the show had gone to far for ratings.Stop making excuses and really step up and make a difference, you’re being fake now Shaunie and we all see it.Being bored does not give you the right to do mean things and blow it off as being funny.As beautiful as Tahiti is there are plenty of things to do.Tahiti was’nt boring ,you, Evelyn, and Tami was completely out of line and that pathetic talk you gave saying you spoke for your castmates was boring and fake and nobody bought it,neither was that talk with your minister because you did not mean it,it was all for damage control and it did not fool any body. John Salley as a host was biased against Jennifer and you know it. I appreciate Royce, Jennifer and Kesha because at least they are not portraying something they are not.I think you’re the one who has an issue with Jennifer and Evelyn making amends not the other way around,go back to what you’re best at ,
    riding other people’s coattails ,spending money you did not make , and hoping no one look deep enough to see you for what you really are,

  77. raven3658 says:

    Shaunie…I am a black woman who work in publishing. After seeing this show, if you walked into my office, I would think you are a hot ghetto mess and I would not want anything to do with you. I can’t imagine that anyone would take you serious as a business woman. Your brand is forever damaged unless you turn the corner immediately.

  78. parris says:

    If you really this way stop being to faced .That will solved the problems of you and your friends!!!!!!!

  79. Marlee says:

    ok i did not even finished reading the article and I know Shaunie fake and need to look in the mirror. How you gonna say Jenn “lacks in the loyalty area” Im not Jenn number one fan or nothing and she may have change or whatever, but from what I seen you sat down and watch Jenn get hit in the face with a bag, get slapped, and attacked by two women. As a loyal friends you don’t sit back and you def. don’t go behind her back and talk to eve or tami about how she’s change and this and that. IF you are a LOYAL FRIEND you speak to your friend about the situation, you don’t sit back and you don’t go behind her back.

    IDK what you consider to be a LOYAL FRIEND, but I wouldn’t consider you to be one.
    Here’s the definition of friend according to wikipedia:
    “Sympathy and empathy
    Honesty, even in situations where it may be difficult for others to speak the truth
    Mutual understanding and compassion; ability to go to each other for emotional support
    Enjoyment of each other’s company
    Trust in one another Positive reciprocity — equal give-and-take between the two parties”

    Also if you preferred your friendship to Eve that understandable but don’t say someone lack area of being loyal friend when your action are shady and you’re lacking as well.
    I am not a mother but your actions speaks louder and your children can see your actions and I highly doubt you want your daughter to sit back while a classmate is being bully. Good luck with future endeavors in becoming a successful PROFESSIONAL black woman without depending on ghetto attitude and behaviors (fighting, bully) we have enough of that on t.v already.

  80. MORIAH says:

    Shaunie you say you have no problem with Jen but you have a problem with her. Every time Jen come around you make an ugly face you have hate in your eyes, the same thing happens when Royce said anything. You never film around Royce any more you choose the worst women to be friends with. With Evelyn being your true friend that says something about you. Birds of a feather flop together. I was happy you got the show and I was very happy for you. But things are not right now I do not like bullies, grown women should never act like that any way. Jen and Evelyn has a nasty mouth, Tami and Evelyn is violent, Suzie is a disgrace to any race nasty mouth and back stabber and Keisha and Kenya need to stop trying to be apart of that circle. They are better than those people in that circle those people are very evil, mean and hateful. I would never want me or my friends or anybody I know to be around them, they are like people in jail ready to fight at break time not lady like at all. Thank God you did not fight Shaunie. I am not a Jen fan but Jen did keep it classy by night following up talking about the same thing over and over. John Salley is not doing a good job, hope he is not invited back.

  81. grace says:

    Shaunie, you should have taken Keisha purse from Tami. If I was Keisha I would have called the police to get my bag back. I hope Keisha learned a lesson, if she watched the last season she would know not to go on a trip with you all. See what happen to Meeka last season? Shaunie I was happy for you with this show but it turned out to be bad it is clear to see that Evelyn is the leader. Everybody that I know do not watch any more because they don’t like Evelyn. I still watch but had no one to talk about it with because all my friends stop watching.

  82. Sheshe3096 says:

    Tammi & Evelyn are just terrible, dirty mouths and all. Shaunie, you still support these ladies and I don’t respect you for that. You need to look at the whole picture. You’re mad because Jen file legal papers, she should have, it’s what we have been taught all of our life by great leader – non violence. You all act like Junior high school girls instead of mature adults. I won’t even blame your parents for the way you act, because you should know better by now. As far as I’m concerned you just proved why your men left you. Call the show stupid woman who had it made or that pretty woman that no man wants – not even an ugly man. Jen move forward, I see your message.
    Royce, listen to your daddy, where you’re at in life he has been. I appreciate your role.
    Susie wins the award for making you all look like clowns. You believed every word she said. Never fails.
    Kenya, I thought you were the one to put them in their place. What a letdown.
    Keisha – You should have followed through on your police report. But I am glad that you left the retreat. Pick new friends.
    Niya, Do not come back. There is no role for you.

  83. Nia says:

    Shaunie you are full of crap because as you all were in Tahiti, how dare you go along with Evelyn and Suzie and put a dead fish in Kenya’s room ,what kind of an example are you setting for your daughters. Not once did you ever put Evelyn, Tami or Suzie in their place. Shaunie you are always taking Evelyn side when she does wrong. If this is your show,why didn’t you get on Evelyn for ruining your birthday party and having a bottle thrown over your head. It seems like you do have a problem with Jennifer because the way how you was treating her at the reunion was ridiculous.

  84. Megarific says:

    I cannot believe the way that Shaunie acted. It is understandable that the show needs to have drama so they get ratings, however they did so at the expense of innocent women. And Shaunie allowed this to happen, almost reveling in it all. Did she not know that young women are watching this show? The last thing we want young girls to think is that it is cool to taunt, harass, physically and verbally abuse people and play cruel jokes. She makes me sick that she allowed this. Tami is the worst human being I have seen on TV, but her behavior was never stopped…..anything to keep viewers watching and a paycheck for those nasty cast members.

  85. Nonya says:

    @ Dimple,
    To add to your comment about the positive things on the show Shaunie FAILED to mention. She also failed to mention Keisha’s event for brain tumors and yes Royce’s bone marrow event and Jen’s lipgloss launch.

  86. Tyler D says:

    Shaunie questioning Jenn’s loyalty is funny. I mean Shaunie invites Jenn to her birthday party, let’s drunken Evelyn go to town on Jenn with her second toast and than hits Jenn in the head with her clutch and Shaunie is wondering why Jenn wrote her off. Shaunie honey when you don’t speak up that means your okay with what’s going on. So not pulling Ev aside and reminding her that you are all there becasue it your birthday this is not the time or place for beef, Jenn sized you up correctly as not really a friend and has treated you as such since than. You owe Jenn an apology too.

  87. AMH says:

    This show is a disgrace to human beings. There is nothing Shaunie can say to undo the harm and humiliation she has allowed to be perpetrated against another person. And then try to sell the viewers that session with her pastor yo show herself in a better light, PLEASE-we the viewers are not that ignorant. The so called “fish prank” was not a prank but a immature tool to disrespect Kenya. You were there Shaunie and could have put a stop to that behavior but, instead you encouraged the other girls bad behavior. That is no way to treat someone you claim to care about. It is purely evil and vindictive and not a Godly thing to do. So, going to the pastor did not move me. Shame on you Shaunie-YOU SOLD YOUR SOULD TO THE DEVIL FOR MONEY AND FAME. No wonder Shaq hit the road and kicked you to the curb. You are a poor example of a human being, mother, wife (ex-wife), and I could go on and on but, you jknow deep down how wrong you are. Bullying is not nice. Whow would you feel if your children came home to express being bullied(i.e. your daughter being told she is fat or one of your boys is told he is ugly or that one of your kids atre beaten up) you’d run to your lawyers. Jen did the right thing she started this dsmned thing by saying she is tired of the drama and is moving on membea that Shaunie? You do have control over the show and the women’s actions. And, if the women fail to abide by your wishes for non-violence you can fire them and take thwm out of the action. YOU CONDONE ALL OF THIS MESS AND I BLAME YOU. JEN SHOULD INCLUDE YOU IN THAT LAWSUIT

  88. lily12 says:

    I didn’t read that mess up top I just came to comment. I wish I would willingly read a pack of lies produced by ridiculous shauine, I know some people are tempted to read just to see how far she can go in her phony act, but I just can’t do it, so god speed to those of you who were able to tighten up your stomach and endure the lies of shauine (spelling her name wrong doesn’t matter to me, I’m actually mad that I even know her name and have that shady, low-down face to match it to). And no I’m not being hypocritical because I watched every season of this tragic show, I watched every season because I wanted to see some justice and I was wanting to see Royce deliver it. I was instantly disgusted with Evelyn from season one when she had the ignorant nerve to say she didn’t want to be associated with Royce…..b*tch. If not for Royce I wouldn’t have continued to watch, I just wanted to see her win and I wanted to see somebody, anybody smash egg all over Evelyn’s face. Remember that episode of the charity event with the food stamps drama, well Evelyn rude tacky a** was so disrespectful to an employee working at the entrance area of the event, she pushed her way pass him and said something rude and laughed about it like a true bully (and yes Jen laughed too, but Jen was clearly a follower back then) Evelyn’s just arrogant and nasty and I needed to see somebody humble her, but oh well, she got worst thanks to shauine patting her on the back for raising the dramatic ratings. I continued to watch this show because I NEEDED to Royce win and Evelyn’s face cracked and I was hoping Jen would see how awful of human being Evelyn was (so glad that finally happened). And, in addition to Royce I liked Gloria’s high self-esteem and the way she talked back to those bullies. So FYI VH1, a lot of us watched this show for the women who actually put forth a good effort to behave civilized and display a high level of self-worth and confidence, and some of us were interested in Matt and Gloria’s love story, not everyone is a hater like shauine and wants to see a couple fail. And even though violence became a major disappointment for this show, I must be honest, I was hoping to see Evelyn get a good and embarrassing slap to the face. And, I liked Meeka, she started off showing out but at least she wasn’t a wild, violent animal and she had a good story of marriage and career success. And, somebody at VH1 must not be insane because they knew to casts Royce, Meeka, Keisha, Gloria and Kenya Bell-women who seem to have some decency about themselves and some respect for the image they put out into the public. If VH1 was truly truly nuts this show would have be only shauine, evelyn, tami and suzie, but someone whose not drunk and high knew better than to do that mess, and shauine it wasn’t you so don’t even try to claim it with that “balance” lie. Shauine want’s balance so much that the first season invited the sister of “you-know-who’s” mistress. Girl Bye. She want’s “balance” but every season Evelyn got crueler and then Tami was invited to join, WTF! And what psychopath wants to “BALANCE” bullying and violence with showing their kids and charities? How about you just get rid of the violent bullies and not “balance” them in the show AT ALL. How about you do that fake shady shauine?

  89. Hip to the fakeness says:

    Ms. Faker Shaunie,
    Girl you are so shady, no one believe anything that was said from you, ev or tami. The audience were teen-agers, Everybody look to be 16-22 years old. And I’m sure u had a warm-up person to make them clap everytime u spoke/ FAKEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    The real people are the ones that are logging in on this blog and we are over 35 years old and we dont appreciate your NEGATIVITY on TV! No one will be watching next season.
    Shaunie if u are reading blogs don’t u see that no one likes ya show anymore!!!

    John Salley acting like a woman on the show. No grown straight man would want to interview this mess. Real men dont like (CATTY WOMEN) Men dont like bickering.
    John we can tell shaunie paid u off. I personally didnt like how u talked to jen u made cracks about her contacts and husband. Obviously, You & eric must have had some run-ins?

    You didnt ask real questions. Anyone who watched this season would know it was (TERRIBLE)!
    Jen u got set up honey. I be4t they ask different questions that ev answered.

    Shaunie, Ev & Tami probably made up the questions. So whatever u mess up Jen. Dont worry we still like you. WE all are GROWN and we can tell fake shows from real shows.

    Shady Shaunie everytime Jen said something your face showed anger.
    How can u talk about LOYALTY, you are not a loyal friend.’Let me call you out?
    1) U never told Kenya on the show u put all that mess in her room. (I hope she sue u)
    2) U talked about Tami 1st season & u told Ev & Jen that Tami was on FOODSTAMPS.
    (Tami only told u in confidence & you, ev & jen was laughing because she was poor) yeah remember that
    3) U keep telling the other girls to make -up (I havent seen u make up to Royce)
    (Why dont u tape scenes with Royce-U must be jealous of her looks)
    4) Its ya show, yet u can edit the fights scenes, yet u are always there to see a fight.
    5) U cant be a (CHRISTIAN) and act so childish, messy and you are 2 faced to all of the girls
    6) I hope Jen sue you & the show for setting her up.
    7) U started the fight with Tami & Ev so u could see a fight on season 2, (REMEMBER THAT)????
    8) I know Pastor Ulmer personally and I cant believe that he would be on your Ruthless show . He needs to view your christians morals on the show. And if u are a child of God, do u think Jesus whould approve of your show? NOPE
    9) Everytime you do a business meeting and try to get a deal I hope the businessmen said NOOOOOOOOOO to you and say “YOur show is a HOT GHETTO MESS”
    10) I hoipe everytime u view a basketball game, that the real basketball wives & husbandsa dont speak to you
    11) You are supposed to be a mother of 5 and u have 2 daughters who view this mess and hoped that your girls dont get bully at school.
    13) Obviously u dont have an heart becase this mess would have been wrapped in season 1.
    Shaunie you are scared of tami & ev and it shows on tv. Ya show is the worst show on tv!
    14) Pastor needs to lay hands on you and chase all those demons that hang around you.
    I didnt believe anything u said!

    All of ya’ll need JESUS in ya HEART>

  90. Tina says:

    @ -post . Shaunie, you will never have balance on this show. Do you know why? It’s because you would rather kiss the azzes of Evilyn and Tami rather than talk/film with Royce. To me, Royce would bring balance to this crapfest but the “mature exec. producer” refuses to film with her. Why is that?

    I noticed when the host asked you about the positve things shown this season you mentioned your daughter’s birthday party and Evilyn and Tami getting mammograms but failed to mention Royce working with the bone marrow foundation. Wow Shaunie, really?

  91. Yolanda Reyes says:

    SMH..It’s amazing to see how something good shifted in the wrong direction. I cannot believe that this is all Basketball Wives, Football Wives, or any other famous wives do…drink all day, talk about each other, fight and etc…Do you participate in any other activities? I’ve watched every episode and probably know your life better than you know your own. It baffles me to see on this last episode all the things happening and allowed. Yes, I know you have heard everyone comments, concerns and views but, right is right…Do I feel that the reunion was geniune..No, statements were only corrected because of all the comments…We’re not special, we know…Lie detector could have left that off..noone has to prove anything, damage is already done..It’s sad though for some of yall (wives) careers though, because it’s gone to cause some strain in that area, trust and believe. Shaunie, you didnot even add Royce accomplishments to the postives…selfish. As you can see from Evelyn, noone wants to allow her to hold her wedding reception at there place…Did you see that coming? Amazing..SMH Faithful Viewer

  92. Dallas81 says:

    Why did they waste their time with this interview? I hoped the resort/hotel (Tahiti) sued VH1 for allowing you all for ruining their property. There was nothing funny about the fish incident. Okay if someone put a bucket of dead fish in your daughter locker in school and when she open the door, the fish spill all over her (in her hair, in her mouth, down her clothes)… that would be funny…NOT! Can you see how easy this can happen to someone you love. You would probably want to sue the school and the parents of the person who did it. You need to think and visualize yourself/someone you love in the situation before you do something that’s mean. When you think about this happening to you first before you act on it, it will stop you right it your tracks. Can you please answer the real question? When will all of the fighting stop? Your response was that everyone (VH1, Shed Media) finally agreed with you, that the Show will start showing more balance. So are you telling me that you all will continue to allow the fights and bullying, but you will not show as many of the fights and will show more (balance) positive things, such as breast exams, your daughter birthday party, Jen launch party of her lip gloss? Why aren’t you up there telling the “girls” that there will be NO more putting your hands on someone, throwing wine bottles, glasses/drinks, plates, or plants and bullying someone? That is what needs to be said by the producers!!!!

  93. marty says:

    Shaunie, you DEFORMED nostrils POS!!! You are STILL talking that “loyalty” CRAP with your scared of Tami PUNK a$$? I guess it was “loyal” that EASY-EVE has been ITCHING to put Jen’s business on FRONT since LAST SEASON? “Loyal” that you talked about Jen with the other LOSERS when she didn’t do a D**N thing to you, with your FOLLOWER NO MIND OF YOUR OWN UNPROFESSIONAL IGNORANT SELF!!! You are NO kind of business woman! You just got lucky, and now EVERYONE knows what a true DUMMY you are! You are NO leader, you are as immature and silly as your so called “girls”. How come you weren’t truthful with the Pastor and let him know you had a hand in EVERYTHING those ignor-ANUS’S did? YOU sat their grinning and laughing RIGHT along with them! YOU were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and your GHETTO no education self and your LOW BUDGET “friends” BLEW IT!!! YOU ARE A JOKE!!! Now, let’s see if VH1 posts THIS and not take it down after a day or two!

  94. dee says:

    Shaunie, look what you have let your show become, I have read most of the comments here from your most loyal viewers who have been there since day one and have supported you all this time till season 4 what a shame and to add insults to injury you have disrespected and insulted us all by trying to pull a fast one on us. First of all we are smart intelligent viewers so enough with this damage control PR crap! You said your daughter’s b/day and the mammograms were the positive clips this whole show? Having a b/day party is what normal people who can afford do for their children ok, so stop calling it a positive thing it is YOUR JOB as a PARENT TO DO THAT!!!!! As for the mammograms, you could have taken the issue way further like suggesting where to find places for women who don’t have health insurance, visit breast cancer hospitals speak to survivors start a charity or contribute to an existing one or have a raffle and have ordinary people contribute and participate or hell even throw a BBQ and a fun day for family to raise awareness on breast cancer! Yet what you portrayed was an EPIC FAIL!!!!

    The clips for the health issues that Royce and Kesha did were far more important than a b/day party but you did not even mention that either!!! cause of the crap with Ev, Tami and Suzie stuffing fish in someones room is productive and you did it because you were bored??????? Wow? The people who had positive messages on the show didn’t get a chance to talk about their causes???? Yet you show Suzie drinking and talking smack on one of the charities with no moral compass or etiquette? You cannot film with Royce? Whatever happend between you two is between the both of you and not with the rest of the world! Funny thing is you do not want to appear with Royce yet she is one of the two people this season who could have made a diffrence with all the BS this season. On the episode of your b/day, you should have nipped that in the bud in fact Jen even said that this was not about some bs but about YOU!!! Look again you gave the air time to someone who has played a huge negative light to your show and is basically the reason all comments here are negative.

    I think no female host wanted to be associated with this show that is why you went to have that looser John Sally host it how pathetic I think he should drop the John and stick with Sally cause he is as biased and catty just like you and your click!!!!! Nothing you can say will redeem this show and even if you come back with a new season, please do not try and use the positive ideas people have suggested cause as we all know by now this show is worse than Jerry Springer at least on his show we knew what was coming and he never did try to spin the facts about his show.

    I read a wonderful comment by an intelligent young lady form SPELLMAN you should check it out it was a well written piece it’s not harsh or mean. So Shaunie stop trying to clean up this show it’s over and done with and let’s call it what is BITTER MEAN-SPIRITED EX-BASKETBALL WIVES, honestly none of you 4 (EV, TAMI, YOU AND SUZIE) in that pecking order deserve to have a “BASKETBALL WIFE OR WIVES TITLE”. Get Ev and Suzie off the show cause they have never been a wives of any Basketball players and Ev, should hit the road cause she is going to marry an NFL player if she is not married already.

    You will never be held in the same high standards as Vanessa Bryant, Lala Anthony and many many other classy basketball wives, IT’S A WRAP!!!

  95. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    REALLY Shaunie!!!!….REALLY John Salley!!!!….REALLY VH1!!!!….

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves trying to blame the victims ( Jen & Kesha) for Tami, Nia and Evelyn’s downright CRIMINAL/BULLYING behaviors this season. Clearly, you think we the viewers are stupid and haven’t been watching all season of Tami & Evelyn bullying of Jen and Kesha!… Sally brought Jen’s husband throwing a drink and compared it to being physically assaulted and to add more insult to injury Tami of all people had the audacity to tell Jen that she bullied someone from a past seasons…. Which was soooo irrelevant…! THIS WAS A STRAIGHT-UP SET-UP BY VH1 in order to take the focus 7 heat of off the real bullies of the show (i..e..Tami, Evelyn & even that Nia chic).

    Making poor Jen take a lie detector test?!?!?!…. Really John Sally!!!!…. We see right through the BULL. This reunion was BS, with their whack host, VH1 and Shaunie and that ignorant ghetto-ass audience were ALL ganging up on Jennifer & taking the bullies’ side. WTF!!! The biggest and most important issue which is ‘BULLYING’ got swept under the rug. This is so unfortunate because there are so many young people taking their own lives because of bullying & people like Tami & Evelyn.

    How the hell are Tami & Evelyn going to ever feel bad about their bullying/criminal behavior if Shaunie & VH1 does not reprimand them for it, but instead they try to cover it up by blaming their victims and ganging up on Jen. We see right through your bs. JEN…Please keep your head up & continue being the classy woman we ALL know you are. No matter what that stupid ass Lie Detector test show, WE STILL SUPPORT YOU 100%… That’s Real Talk!
    SHAUNI….. You are so FAKE and a LIAR talking about you want Jen to “grow” after you sat there and made fun & belittled Jen’s lip gloss line along with that masculine looking Tranny, I mean… Tami. Yet, you want us to believe you really wish the best for Jen. PLEASE STOP THE LIES, WE’RE NOT BUYING IT!


  96. BELL says:

    Shaunie, you tell lies and you have showed your true colors. You were a part of every bad thing that went down. you can not act and yes people are looking at you thinking you are a hot mess.You are trying to talk about Jen but that fish thing was nasty, and you were a part of it.You friends with Evelyn, that tells us alot . The reunion show was amess John S alley was up your

  97. shopkins0220 says:

    I think Shaunie is as fake as Tammi’s hair. All of you ladies are bullies. You keep harping on Jen because of what???? Whatever she said or did is not that serious ladies. Get over it. Shaunie could have stopped this madness episodes ago, but she didn’t because she wanted and encouraged this type of cheap drama. Evelyn & Tammi are so classless the word alone could never describe them fully. What baseless bullies…picking on people you know want stoop to your level. No one believes these fake apologies….go get help. You all need Jesus!!

  98. Marlene says:

    It’s too little…too late! The show is a train wreck beyond repair. The reunion was a weak attempt to present the bullies in a positive light and it did not work for me. Suddenly Tami is the voice of reason? She has moved from a 10 on the rage scale to an 8 and that should explain her disgusting behavior? NOT! Evelyn is setting an example for her step kids because of one incident and not all the other inappropriate behavior? NOT! Shaunie is now aware that the show was a mess and she allowed it to happen? NOT! It was a sad and transparent attempt to save face. The viewing audience was insulted, disappointed, embarrassed and humiliated by behavior that the cast and producers THOUGHT would be entertaining. Come back with the same cast of characters and behavior and the ratings are going to reflect the animosity of the public.

  99. Max says:

    I think that Shaunie is a day late and a dollar short in t rying to seek balance, from day one she should have stepped up to the plate and shared with Evelyn and Tami that they were acting Ghetto. Likewise she should have shared with the one girl (I cannot think of her name right now) to stop being a snitch, she ran back and just repeated everything that the other girls would say, and to me she was just keeping stuff going on. She did this to stay in the good graces of Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami. Shaunie to me would throw a bone, as the old folks would say and hide her hand. This women are grown, I can understand why Jennifer, and Royce decided that it was best to distance themselves from the childish behavior of these suppose to be together women. It seems that if you don’t play by Tami and Evelyns rules, that you just wasn’t cool. Evelyn and Tami’s profanity usage is a sign of ignorance, who would want their young daughters patterning their lives after them? Not me, classy women they are not. I think that Jennifer, Kesha and the other girl that aspires to be a singer got a wrong deal from Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie. If Royce doesn’t see things Tami’s way, then the friendship will come to an halt, well maybe for Royce that might be a good thing, I don’t think that these women know what a right friendship is. Jennifer has caught some bad breaks, and I didn’t see anyone comforting her behind a bad martial breakup. These women all need to clean up their acts and learn how to respect those that they call their friends. Friends don’t always see things eye to eye, but brawling like alley cats is not the way to resolve things.

  100. StopThisBull says:

    Shaunie is you want to redeem your reputation and your show, here are a few suggestions.

    1. Have real American women and men on your reunion show and let the audience ask you questions so we can each of you accountable for your mistakes.

    2. Loose sorry Ms. Sally as the host. How can you have a man who doesn’t know women problems as a host, this fool said that if anyone stood up he would sit and watch cause he is not Tami? No wonder no woman in their right mind would stomach being a part of this show, so I guess he came in cheap.

    3. Stop attacking Jen, you seem not to care that your show glorified bullying this has nothing to with Jen not being Loyal get that through you thick skull!!!!!!

    4. For you to sit and let Tami bring up Eric pouring a drink on Jen is ludicrous how come in the past Tami did not bring that up and ask Ev why she poured drinks on other women? To have a stupid idiot for a host and ask about Jen’s marriage is laughable.

    5. You always stick up for Ev in all the crap, look where this has brought you, you are not smart you are Ev and Tami’s puppet. Abuse is abuse be it mentally , physically or emotionally is INHUMANE and a violation of a persons rights.

    6. Maybe you should go to a country where all this is tolerated and women have no rights here is a suggestion SOMAILIA. Though I think your asses would be shipped to the Hague to face charges of Human violation crimes, Hate crimes they should throw the book at you.

    Finally shut the hell up with your PR department because they are lousy better yet get rid of them because it is making it worse. You deserve to loose your show cause on your platform you have promoted ASSAULT AND ABUSE you do not deserve any air time so if you want another chance get REAL AUDIENCE not PAID BIASED audience and face the questions that are being posted live and have people call and ask you questions as well.

    Oh and by the way even if you dump Ev, and Tami, you will still be remembered for that and also the only reason you dropped them is cause your viewers TOLD YOU TO DO SO. Again be the spineless coward you are. When the viewers ask you to jump ask how high seeing you have been Ev, whipping cow! Most viewers are also so mad that you insulted our intelligence thinking we would not comment again EPIC FAIL!

  101. faith512 says:

    Shaunie you took a platform that could have been used in such a positive way, instead you took it and placed it right in the box of “stereotypes” that have been placed on the shoulders of black women in this society. I am so disappointed in you and some of your cast members, instead of learning from the backlash and turning a negative situation into a positive; you, as the executive producer and cast member decided, along with two of the cast members (who were the reason for the backlash) to place the blame on the cast member who was one of the victims of the violence. I guarantee that if you guys had taken the route of admitting wrong, that it got out of hand, and apologizing to Jennifer for what she had to go through, then maybe people would have given you another chance.

    You’re going to have to do a lot of damage control to get back some sort of respect from the public. Those that agree with you are outnumbered by those who are tired of being fed BS by you, Shed Media, Tami, Evelyn and VH1

  102. khandi says:

    Now everybody sees why the men treated them the way they did. Could you imagine coming home to these ignorant women?

  103. sickntiredofit says:


  104. At what cost says:

    Hey Shaunie make sure you don’t forget to give thanks and praise to EV and TAMI it will only be a matter of time before other advertisers follow SUMMER EVE’S foot steps at what cost are you will to loose your dignity and reputation!!

    So hope you are proud of yourself and how you, EV and TAMI have portrayed women!!!!!

  105. Shameless says:

    Hey Shaunie on the last episode of this season you should have respected Jen when she said she did not feel like talking to Ev yet you participated in that whole bull! When Jen walked away to remove herself from the drama you followed Ev, running behind her and Tami like the puppy dog you are! You did not tell Ev to shut the hell up with her blabbering mouth about what happened last season in Vegas, I thought they did make up!

    Shaunie, you, Ev, Tami literally followed followed her to her bungalow and you stood there while Ev was being so disrespectful like the HOOLIGAN SHE is and what did you do, you went to Jen’s room knowing you were favoring Ev side and did not even have the decency to let her speak.

    I hope TRACEY EDMONDS dumps your sorry ass and cuts ties with you because the drama you have around you is going to lead to toxicating her brand. You seem to revolve around Ev and Tami so I hear people are pulling sponsoring the show, good for them and I hope more people join in for that. You let two bullies mess your reputation and brand still think you are a SMART BUSINESS WOMAN? HUH?

  106. slkov says:

    Shaunie, you strike me as a very classy, intelligent woman and since I know you have a production credit & you are the creator of this show, I am directing my comments to you.
    I am disturbed by Tami’s behavior toward Keisha. She came off as a first rate abuser with experience in bullying and abusing people. I was actually afraid for the girl & she handled herself well under the circumstances. Personally, I don’t think Tami has any business even being on this show. She is a thug with a serious personality disorder, she is one bad moment away from a violent felony. Including yourself, there are many beautiful, intelligent, creative & hard working women presented here yet the show has sunk to new levels of degredation to the point I no longer watch. I do catch up when nothing else is on but it is disturbing, particularly Tahiti. I enjoy shows where the women are actually succeeding in their lives. You and a few others are an inspiration to me, showing me that it is possible to recreate your life but to watch someone literally abuse another person makes my skin crawl. I wonder if someone abused her that way, after all, it is a learned behavior but nontheless useless and disturbing. I hope she does not come back on either show & that she also gets the help she needs.

  107. wendy says:

    shunie, your a hot A** mess! When you walk in a meeting people will be talking and it will not be postive! U have burn your image, your name in the business that your in. People will see you as fake and lier for this day forward and I hope it was worth! People see who u really are and its not good for u at all!

  108. wendy says:

    Shunie you and Evilyn and tammie are the saddest humans I have ever seen! You were so wrong in how you treat Jen and your so wrong for not tell tammie to calm down when it came to keshia! There will be moments in life when things happen to test who you really are and it sad to say that you failed! you fail at being a good friend, you failed at being a good role model and you failed at standing up to bullying! shame on you and I hope that one day you dont have to go through with what someone else family has to go through when a kid takes their life after being bullied!

  109. ChantalMary says:

    The reunion was a big joke!The victims were bullied AGAIN and the bullies where the ones everybody was feeling sorry about! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! ALL OF THIS IS APPALLING!!!

  110. The Boss says:

    The Shaunie hype is…she is trying to sell us some chocolate covered doodoo like it is something good to eat but any fool can tell doodoo even if it is covered in chocolate because it just doesn’t smell right. Tammy trying to give advice is like listening to the village idiot, then doing what she says thinking it will work out fine.You will get better advice from BOZO the CLOWN than you will from Shaunie or Tammy.Eve is just a dumb/ignorant woman who thinks she can fight but can’t land a punch…she curses well for a woman but that’s her greateste asset on BBW. The Gang Up these three ladies are trying to do to Jennifer is only showing how low class they are and how high class Jennifer is.Shut those skanks (Tammy, Eve and Shaunie) UP and the despicable show Down.

  111. marge says:

    OMG..Shaunie…just shut up….We have heard ALL this before…You are questioning Jennifer’s loyalty????? But upholding Evelyns and Tami’s actions???? IF you’re unclear what a “hot ghetto mess” is all you have to do is look at Evelyn and Tami.
    We get it…you want everyone to continue to tune in and also support your “movie”…..Your brand may be damaged beyond repair….Let’s face it your ex husband made you relevant in the first place…you havent accomplished anything in your own right. Being married to and divorced from a “future” Hall of Famer…doesn’t get you but so many bites at the celebrity apple. The name you have made for yourself isn’t a good one.

  112. JustStop says:

    Here is a list of the shows sponsors:
    General Motors Corporate Office | Headquarters
    … 300 Renaissance Center Detroit, MI 48265

    Burger King Holdings, Inc.
    5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
    Miami, FL 33126
    (305) 378–3000

    Pepsico Corporate Office | Headquarters
    700 Anderson Hill Rd. Purchase, NY 10577

    Twix (Mars Incorporated) President Todd Lachman
    6885 Elm St.
    Mclean, VA 22101
    Phone: 703-821-4900 or Head Of Advertising 973-691-3536
    Fax: 703-448-9678

    Bounty (Proctor & Gamble)
    1 Procter and Gamble Plz Cincinnati, OH 45202
    (513) 983-1100

    Garnier (L’Oreal)
    575 5th Ave.
    New York, NY 10017
    Phone: 212-818-1500

    Proactiv (CEO’s Assistant Name is Heidi)
    3340 Ocean Park Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    PHONE: 310-581-6250
    FAX: 760-773-9016

    Progressive Insurance
    6300 Wilson Mills Rd
    Mayfield Village, OH 44143
    President Secretary: Janice ext 6253300

    Contact them and let them know that we will not support their products if they continue to sponsor a show like this. The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to contact them is through their Facebook pages. Just write out why they shouldn’t sponsor VH1′s Basketball Wives and simply copy/paste your message to each sponsor’s Facebook page. I already did it so join in!

  113. Melanie says:

    Shaunie should either be removed as a cast member or a producer because it’s clear she can’t handle both jobs.

  114. piper beau says:


  115. The Boss says:

    Shaunie,Tammy and Evelyn, You may have heard about the tale about King Midas….His curse was everything he touched turned to gold. Well, Shaunie you,Tammy and Evelyn have proven that you all have the reverse Midas touch…you started out wiith gold and you turned the gold into DOODOO. Not a smart move by your collective dumb asses. Jennifer could smell the DOODOO so she made a smart move by distancing herself from you SKANKS. Now you want to gang up on her and to make us believe it was her fault you did what we know you did to her. I will believe there is a tooth fairy before I believe you three ladies are of good character. Women of color will not condone your behavior as acceptable.And goodluck to the people that want to do business with you now that they know you have the turn gold to DOODOO curse.

  116. piper beau says:

    Shaunie I cant help but think you are a little hypocritical.. I heard you say on the reunion you support all the girls endeavors?? But on the show you girls all sat around the table and made fun of Jen’s lip gloss line, and you were in on the conversation.. Your a grown woman and you sat there and watched Tami bully Keisha and you never spoke up???????????? Dont play dumb !!!!

  117. Janay says:

    Shaunie, shaunie, shaunie don’t know one care about your child’s birthday. Your child is not part of the show. The way it was edited in, it is very plan to see it was a last minute after thought to shove that little clip in there. No one is buying this mess of an interview either. Your wordage is very deceptive and manipulative. Balance? What does balance mean? Better editing so that more of the fights that take place get cut out? How about instead of “balance” you just reformat the entire show or better yet cancel it. I have watched since season 1 and the show has always been negative and filled with the bullying and catfights. In the beginning it was all about Eve & Jen. Yes Jen followed Eve around like a puppy dog, bullying ppl too. Every dinner get together is a set up to fight with someone. Someone is always being set up to be bullied. And you know this, you are always the one doing the inviting! If you are really friends with these women then you know they are going to jump on the opportunity to fight. They always do. Then you got the token white girl over there Suzie, running back and forth telling everyone’s business and stirring up the shyt. So the bottles and fists start flying and you and Suzie sit back and play all innocent. Come on momma, the viewer is not that dumb. You disgrace women and Black women everywhere by promoting this behavior for 3 seasons. It’s time to take your paycheck and make this a wrap.

  118. Booooooooo!!! says:

    @lily12. I agree with you completely. I kept tuning in to this pathetic show because I wanted to see the bullies get what they deserved. Week after week I was disappointed. Then the reunion was a real kick in the butt to everyone who believes in fighting for the underdog. I really don’t care to see the second part of the reunion because I know they are going to put more of Jen’s sexual history on display. I wish she would have had the guts to say no to the test. I so want to see someone jump everyone in the stanky circle. Especially Suzie. She has gotten a free pass so far. Sneaking under the radar. It’s funny how everyone in the circle was mad at her for running her mouth against them, but have no problem with her being a snitch when it comes to the new .girls. I’m sure Shaunie and VH1 will protect her like they have protected all of the other wrongdoers on the show.

  119. ke ke says:

    Shaunie, Flash back remeber when you kept bullying Gloria about her sister. there is nothing postive about you, the only thing you have going for you is Shaq’s money .Every time bullying and violences occur you always there. you are the PIMP and Evelyn ,Tami and Suzie is your HOES. I could’nt believe how inmature yall were to put fish in Kenya room like that. There is nothing postive about your show, O, and buy the way tell your girl Evelyn when you get a mamogram you just take your top half off, not everything STUPID, i forgot jump offs don’t know any better.. You look like a PIMPING PINK PANTHER .

  120. LoreeC says:

    Shaunie needs to quit. She is too old to act like she doesn’t know. It’s high school that Jen is not speaking to her? GTFOH…it’s high school to sit by and let the other ratchets fight and belittle a so called friend – and the other ladies. If she tells them we have to do better when they are not fighting (off camera), why not say something like that when the fights are about to go down (on camera)? The trio of bullies, yeah the silent one too, fully deserve all the criticism they are receiving as conduits of black female stereotypical behavior for the world to see and validate. I shutter to think what the great African American women of past eras would think of this farce. More directly, I shutter to think what Ms. ONeil’s sweet mother (who I use to work with and think very fondly of) thinks of this show.

  121. winnie simpsome says:

    To: VH1 and the producers of Basketball Wives, Miami
    Of all the trash that have happened on the show, the worse is the way the producers have disrespected the viewers. Nothing the thugs have said is sincere, and you presume that your audience is too ignorant to decipher your motives. You need to shut up your thugs and stop trying to repair the damage they have caused because you have made a bad situation worse. There are those of us who invested the time and effort in educating ourselves, we have taken the time to train our minds to think critically; we know how to analyze, synthesize and evaluate information. We don’t need high school dropouts telling us how to interpret information. What you have done to Jennifer is dispicible!!!!!. It is obvious that there was extensive coaching to ensure that Jennifer was thoroughly humiilated and intimidated. If I was her attorney I would use this reunion footage to demonstrate the deliberate efforts the network took to hurt her. Jennifer needs to be compensated for pain and suffering. I am sure a jury will agree after watching all the footage of season 4.
    John Sally represented your network extremely well, he was able to convey your hatred and animosity towards Jennifer. He was so disrespectful and malicious, it was hard for me to watch. No self-respecting man would have done that to a woman who has never done any thing to him( no matter what the price).
    you make me sick to my stomach. Yes, you are ” a hot ghetto mess!” Every time I see you admonishing Jen, I want to scream at the top of my lungs! Jennifer is absolutely right in distancing herself from you. With friends like you, she don’t need enemies. Why are you so upset that she wants nothing to do with you? You don’t have the moral decency to tell your friends the truth—that they are disgusting human specimen, instead you sit with them and degrade Jennifer and celebrate her pain with her abusers. Stop telling us what you are, we already know. You are a woman of reasonable beauty, but beyond that there is no content to your character. We know who you are because you have showed us who your friends are. We know who you are because we have witness your actions repeatedly.
    Most of your animosity for Jen stems from the fact that Jennifer invited you to that movie premier. How dare her have a celebrity friend who thinks enough of her to invite her to a private screening of a hit movie? What good is your success if it comes at Jennifer’s expense? I don’t interpret any of Jen’s action as malicious, but every thing you have done, you did deliberately to hurt her. I don’t worship celebrities, but I can tell you that Jen is going to be alright because she is a decent human being. I can tell she comes from a respectful home. I don’t know who you think you are, but you are not doing Jen any favors. She can make it on her own because she is reasonably educated and have enough common sense to make sound decisions independently. In closing, you will always be a classless, manipulative, stupid woman. Remember, a fool and his money is soon departed!
    You have a beautiful daughter and I can assure you that your sins are going to affect her ten fold, and will be haunted by the life you lived.

  122. oh10 says:


  123. krystal says:

    no i dont think the so called prank was a prank because if the prank was done to you you wouldnt have liked it and been very upset..just admit it was wrong..

  124. Shaunie-you are the worst one of them all. All you do is sit and stir the pot. I often refer to you as a female pimp…all you do is pimp these silly broads. Why don’t you go back to the way you were in season one. We barely saw you on the show. If I were Jen not only would I sue Nia..I would sue you and VH1 as well. You and your crew are tools. Please grow up.

  125. Marie says:

    HV1, Shaunie, Tami and especially YOU-Evelyn all went into this reunion show with a clear-cut agenda to gang up on Jennifer!!! From the fake host to the fake (paid) audience. I’m going to give you the best advice you have gotten all year, and it’s free: Listen up.. Evil-yn, Shaunie, Tami, Vh1 and Shed Media need to have your inner “circle” come to a Jesus meeting and publicly admit you made a mistake in the direction you took this show. Admit you underestimated your viewing audience. Admit you all decided that the plan for Season 4 from the very beginning was to “beef, battle, and bully right out of the gate, because you ASSUMED this was the content your viewers wanted to see. This show is called Basketball Wives (which for the life of me, I don’t understand since none of you are wives) it’s NOT called the ‘Bad Girls Club’ or ‘Mob Wives’. Please admit you all gambled on our intelligence and assumed we the viewers were uneducated and class-less like some of the bullies on this show. Admit you did it all for fame and fortune and didn’t realize your audience would care about the important issues of today like; BULLYING and physical violence. First, Tami pretends to feel bad and apologizes on Wendy’s show (which was bs) and now EVIL-yn is apologizing for throwing the bottle at Kenya. PLEASE! Just admit that the only reason you apologized was only because you are trying to salvage your brand and your new show with your ‘UNEMPLOYED BLACK GUY’ (a.k.a Ex-NFL player: Nacho-Cinco). We have seen right through every PR stunt by VH1, Shaunie and her crew have tried to pull. Stereo-typing your audience has proven to be your downfall; this is the same audience you want to watch your show, buy your makeup and read your book. Stop trying to save face, we’re NOT buying it! I for one will NEVER support anything you do simple for how you represented yourself and as woman and as a mother. Viewers, please DO NOT support Evil-yn’s brand or her new show!….

  126. Liz_Esq. says:

    I got a glimpse of the BBW reunion and what is so surprising is the audacity of those 3 bullies (Tammy, Evelyn and Shaunie) to put blame on Jennifer. I think the producers of this show honestly think that people are not intelligent enough to realize what is going on. No matter what these 3 ladies do in the future, they will not succeed because people perceive them so negatively and rather than trying to make things better by apologizing, they are trying to demonize the only cast member who has some semblance of class. I really was a fan of Evelyn and Tammy (and even Shaunie, although she was rarely on). But this season has me on Team Jenn 110%. I predict that Jennifer will continue to succeed after her life on this show ends. The public (which can make your career or break your career) are so behind Jennifer that whatever spin-doctors VH1 uses to demonize Jennifer, will backfire. We already see it happening. If VH1 monitors all the various blogs out there, they will realize that them going after Jennifer, has sooooooooo backfired. It has only made her more popular and let Shaunie, Evelyn, and Tammy, look like real villains. By the mere fact that established places don’t want to have Chad and Evelyn’s wedding at their establishment speaks volumes. Chad just got cut from the Saints. I honestly believe this is not a coincidence. These folks on VH1 are in such denial. They backed the wrong side. By trying to put blame on Jennifer, no matter what spin they are trying to put on it, and no matter how remorseful Evelyn or Tammy claim there are, the public is not buying it. I hope that this show is cancelled because it sends such a HORRIBLE message. It shows that bullying is right, that it gets you fame and money and that if you speak out against it, you will be ostracized and demonized. I can’t believe I used to like this show.

  127. monica says:

    You have too many kids to not know what to do plus you are a mother. What do you do when your kids fight….You stop them mid-action and redirect . Mom 101

  128. Ex Fan says:

    How will you get some balance on the show when you have half of your castmates with mental,physical and spiritual im balances starting with you. You had the nerve to go to speak with your pastor and come to the reunion show and the saint that left her hallow at home and traded it for the horns and tail. If you Shaunie O’Neal can’t get the balance in your own life and reflect on how you were a big part of this mess then I feel sorry for you.

  129. amorenomore says:

    Shaunie your behavior was disgusting. I would hate for one of my kids to be at your house playing with one of yours & a fight to erupt & you just stand there & say nothing….the fact that you went to the victims to tell them to stop their behavior & talk it out with the agressor is appalling. YOU should have gone to the bully & told them in no uncertain terms to back off & be quiet….or else. Simple as that. Quit making excuses for Tami & Evelyn (& Susie). I don’t blame Jen in the least for keeping her distance from you – you gave her no reason to feel like you were a true friend to her. You chose your side. You were just as guilty of being a bully in the Tami/Kiesha scene b/c you failed to come to her defense as well. YOU KNOW Tami would have listened to you – but just sat there & let it happen. That’s what people cannot forget. Your integrity & character are at the bottom of the bully barrel!

  130. tisha says:

    shaunie is full lies and two faced person. her pastor should have told her if seen or heard about the show. that she is part and the head of the problem. she never allowed it to get this far. so girl, IM DONE!!!!!!!!

  131. Cathy Jo Taylor says:

    U R the PRODUCER! Your decisions have put the show in a place of negativity. It brakes my heart to see you watch the other women break down the weak ones. I wonder if someone was breaking down one of your children and adults were standing around and watching and doing nothing instead of stopping the abuse, what would you think of the people who just watched? That’s exactly what you did. You let it happen. Had to took the “high road” the road in which God leads, you would have stopped the abuse. You would have been a HERO in everyone’s eyes. Instead your peers have bad mouthed you stating that they will not watch the show ever again. You don’t need to ask you pastor what to do, You know better.

  132. janet says:

    As i sit back and think of this season. I.m lost for words.Shaunie i know your feeling the heat, in all due respect u should. judging someone is not my thing. but as things began to reveal it self, your not looking good nor the show. Your opinion about Jennifer was and is clear. you spoke on how you felt about her and her action, LOUD AND CLEAR! What was done isn’t right by no means. you stated jen brought this on her self, and what might that be? her not beging part of the circle? surely not her with being slapped. For u to sit back and talk about your friends with both jen and eve, why would you sit back and talk about jen with eve and hood rat tami. you talk and laugh about her three color lip line. Really Shaunie how do u think your fooling. You all sit back and made the statement jen welcome nyia to slap her. Is that you intupteration as well? WOW, please tell me it isnt so. Any intellegent indivindual would have known, that wasn’t a welcome. jen did what most of us would have done, she said yeah your not crazy enough or stupid, or foolish enough to do that sort of thing. She called nyia out. nyia took the bait. What smart woman would slap another women on national television and think its okay, She need to be suide. the way you all make it seem is you would rather them fight then to bring the law in to it. whats the messege shaunie? are you ms o’nel supporting violence? it surly look that way. i never heard you mention one time, this isnt what this shoews about, but you laugh made fun of the refection of the positive people. Tami is bad news, her spirit aint right. these young girls love this show,but who want there daughters look at that mess, and think its cute. your not responsible for no one esle action but your own, but you are responsible for what you allow and what air. with that being said, its you who need to reflect. i’m about eve and jen. the way you said you tryed to get them togther, was clear thats not how you handle things. it should have never ben done with all the other ladies around its how things get out of control, you know that. i believe had jen and eve alone got together, it wouldn’t have gotten this fall. just food for thought. i believe your heart was in the right places when you started this show, reach deep down and get your self together and everything and everyone will follow suite.

  133. Jay Briggs says:

    Shaunie you’re just an instigator.You never really are concerned about these women. The only reason you’re asking the women to calm down is because the show is on the chopping block and you are worried about you’re status as producer. I know you don’t want to fail. GO GET THEM STAR JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Tausha says:

    Why wouldn’t you want to reach out to Jennifer. You act like she owes you. You got paid more then everyone on the show to help degrade her at one of the most trying times in her life. Everyone who watched the show saw everyones side of the stories. YOU, Tami and Evelyn are so delusional that you still try to make excuses for your behavior. jennifer was just the person at this time in your life that has you reflecting on the type of people you three really are. The truth hurts and it seems like you resent her for the truth coming to light. The law needs to be involve. Just hope people don’t walking up to you and smack you in the face, throw wine bottles, or hold your personal belongings for an undeserved appology. HOW FAR DO WE AS HUMAN BEINGS TAKE THAT EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES AND USE IT AS AN EXCUSE. GET A GRIP. So what if a people chose murder as their one mistake?

  135. CHURCH says:


  136. nonghetto says:

    hot ghetto mess!! that’s what this show is. the worst is shaunie because if is her vision and her production. if it’s all out of her control (and it is), then she has lost it through her weakness, partiality, hate of royce, failure to step in and say things have gone too far (again, weakness), instigating, etc. why couldn’t she think of positive things to produce. maimi and nyc have lots of opportunities for charities and culture. citing her daughter’s b’day party (which i didn’t see) as 1 of 2 positive things on the show shows her intellect and lack of perspective. if these were truly the only 2 positive things this season [in her mind or in reality], then she needs to step down, and shut the show down…

  137. lucy says:


  138. lisa says:

    This is what Keisha said about slimy suzie running her mouth to Tammi in a recent interview with balleralert:

    Suzie called me the other day saying I swear I didn’t tell her, Shaunie told her. It doesn’t matter what she said to Tami it’s what she didn’t say. She sat there and watched this woman go off on me and take my purse and try to go through my phone and you didn’t say anything.

    So Shaunie once again shows she is truly a pathetic, lowdown snake in the grass.

  139. GGBOOGIE says:

    Man BEAT it chick!

  140. I wrote to Progressive Insurance(one of the shows sponsor). I posted a copy of the e-mail along with their response. VH1 deleted my post withing hours. I will just use other avenues to share my efforts with you all. You guys still haven’t learned your lesson—–we are fed up with you and we are going to do whatever we can to right your wrong! You need to submit a public apology to Jennifer, Keisha, and the viewers.

  141. takethis says:

    VH1, Shed Media, Shaunie, you know what’s worse than the ignorance we endured this season and last? The pitiful attempt to cover this mess up; DON’T INSULT OUR INTELLIGENCE. You all should be ashamed to have associated yourselves with this violence, bullying and assault; you are equally responsible and you had an opportunity to make it better (you could never undue the damage) and you chose to bring in a spin-doctor to do damage control. It is like watching a rape victim be blamed for being raped, e.g., what did you do to make him rape you? What were you wearing? Yes, it is that ridiculous. VH1, Shaunie and everyone else paid for this mess is responsible; by not addressing the ones who committed the offenses, you send out the wrong message and support assault, bullying and abuse as a whole. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! REMOVE THIS SHOW AND STOP THE PRODUCTION OF Evelyn and Ocho’s show.

  142. KSH says:

    I am done with the show and def will not be watching any spinoffs or movies. These women went to a new low. True friends tell the truth and Shaunie is a liar. I have no time for that.

  143. Tammy says:

    Shaunie your whole speech about the violence was so phony. Your upset now because of the negative publicity the show has received. You sat right there laughing when Tammi and Evelyn was bullying the other cast members. Why didn’t you give any speeches to them at the time that you were filming. Tammi started all of this violence and she is the one cast member that needs to go. Evelyn appears to be a follower yes she did argue amongst the other cast but there wasn’t any violence until Tammi came on the show. You telling Jennifer to admit that she is never wrong you are just as much of the blame as the Tammi and Evelyn because you sat there and allowed that behavior. I like John Sallie but you should have gotten someone else to moderate the reunion preferably a women. Wendy Williams or Star jones so they could have called everyone out including you.

  144. I.Brown says:

    Thank you to the sister that provided the contact information about the sponsors. African American women have tremendous buying power so lets use it.

  145. NeNe says:

    Shaunie, stop throwing rocks and hiding your hands. You are just as much at blame than Evelyn, and Tamie. You knew all of this was going on and you continued to try and make Evelyn, and Jennifer talk. You should have stayed out of it. I have lost all respect for you because I know that you don’t really think that you are innocent in this situation. Thats why you went too your pastor. Yall are trying to blame everything on Jennifer, and when you look at it she really hasn’t done anything to Evelyn. Why don’t yall just let the drama go and quit passing words back and forth because thats what started everything in the beginning. I don’t blame Jennifer for moving you, tammy, and evelyn out of her space because yall are seriously a hot mess. Yall all feel that yall can say whatever yall want too say too someone, and noone is suppose too say anything back. Do me a favor PLEASE!!!! Go back and watch yourself again and the way that yall all reacted on the Tahiti trip, and then right a new blog. Speak the real truth about how you really felt after you watched the show. May God feel all of your lives with peace!!

  146. Cindy says:

    Shaunie, you try to play impartial but I was shocked at how you lowered yourself to Tammi’s level. I’m disappointed in you. I thought you were the voice of reason, but clearly this last season we can see where your priorities are.

  147. jennie says:

    Shaunie, I hope you and all the other ladies will show a positive side of your group of women. It was painful to watch Tami bully Kesha. I am 49 years old and have been a victim of bullying.I have never been a follower. When a group of women get together, there is always a queen bee and the rest are followers, the ones that do not follow become victims of bullying. Maybe your show can bring to light a new direction for women to support each other.

  148. Gloria Durham says:

    Hi Shaunie,

    Sweetheart, hold your head up high! You’re doing a great thing! You’re showing the “real” world of (8) fabulous and beautiful African American women! Please don’t stop! I am a 55 year old educator in Atlanta, GA and while I’m not a TV production buff, my daughter recently graduated from the Art Institute and is getting into behind the scenes television, so I’m learning a few things here and there. I’m a huge fan of the show and I love all of the women on the show for different reasons. Each of you have something very special to bring to the table.

    Yes, the show took a hit and things really got out of hand but along with the chaos we create for ourselves, the ladies went through some “real” stuff….pain in friendships. I know you’ll pull it together, but keep in mind the women have so much to offer. There are thousands of volunteer opportunities where the women can go out into the “real world” and make a difference in the show. Evelyn with all her beauty has so much to offer young girls build their self esteem, Keisha felt bullied by Tammy…big topic for kids these days! Turn that situation into a positive and have them do something with schools on bullying! Royce…would have loved to see her on broadway from the show but perhaps copyrights did not allow it…she has so much to offer kids with dance! I think each week, balancing the chaos which you need for ratings with some positive community service or positive stuff will serve not only the show but your loyal fans as well!

    Just a penny from a fan! Hang in there….even though it feels like somebody turned out the light in the tunnel….it’s not a train!

  149. What happened to you Shaunie?? says:

    Shaunie you should really check out the blog page for Tami. People are sick and tired of her being an ignorant bully and even more tired of you standing back as the whole thing transpires. I think you’d be interested to know that there is just as much disappoint in you from your fans as there is anger for her actions. You said during an interview that you had at least 3 people that you would not want to return. Why don’t you, ” keep it 100″ as your bully crew likes to say and name those people.
    PS. Don’t forget to check Tami’s blog page because it shows that your audience believes that your silence was not a sign of being neutral but instead a choice of yours to support the violent ignorant
    heffers on your show.

  150. Jackie says:

    Shaunie needs to stop…she is still manipulating. To tell Jennifer that she went too far in suing Nia is beyond me. Instead of her telling Jen to look at it on the flip side, Shaunie should do the same…if that was her daughter, how would she feel. Nia was being charged regardless. An assault was witnessed by the entire country, and just as other people were prosecuted as a result of their on air antics, the same holds true for Basketball wives. What Shaunie should have done was say look I am friends with both of you but as producer I will not tolerate physical or verbal assaults which is what both Jennifer and Keisha experienced. This went above and beyond and argument, and Shaunie stood back and participated with the giggles and side looks, and only when her brand suffered did she feel the repercussions and start backtracking. .

  151. Honey Bee1 says:

    Shaunnie, you are a hot ghetto mess! Not one time did you tell Tami and Evelyn that their bullying and violent behaviors were unacceptable. After all, you are responsible for their paychecks and one word from you could have stopped their sick behavior. Also, you didn’t seem to have a problem with “your girls” putting dead fish in someone’s room. That was a very sick thing to do. All you do is snicker like some stupid, immature child. You allowed Keisha and Jennifer to be mistreated and then you had the nerve to blame Jennifer for most of the negativity that has happened on the show. I guess you figured out a way to use her as your scapegoat to make yourself look good. Well, if didn’t work. You and your girls have revealed their true selves and there is nothing you can do about it now.

  152. headrush67 says:

    Shaunie, I can not believe you just said that that we, the viewers of your show, have to much time on our hands because we blog hater vibe to you. Do you really expect people to be happy with you or the way you let your cast badger, berate, & humiliate each other?
    You are an absolute disgrace.
    I hope your day sucks!

  153. Red says:

    REALLY SHAUNIE!!! The reunion is JUST A JOKE!! Just like all of the previous episodes. Shaunie, Evelyn, and “CRAZY ” TAMMI, you three are stupid as HELL. JEN should have filed a lawsuit against the HOOD RAT!! Let her slap you in your damn face….you’re crazy as HELL!! Shaunie, you continue to show your “GHETTOISM!!! I expect that from your “Chain Gang” groupies, Tammi and Evelyn. ‘MONEY REALLY CAN’T BUY YOU CLASS”!!!! ” A different direction”….what a JOKE!!! Good Luck with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. pullthisshowofftheairplease says:

    This show has gone from bad to worse. Watching this past season, I am disgusted that these are the women that are representing black women. I can’t believe that Shaunie tried to insist that Jen drop the charges! First of all, all of you women are grown. If you don’t know by now how to handle a dispute without getting physical, I am with Jen. Throw them in jail, so that they can think about it and grow up. You are not teenagers, you are grown women who are accountable for you actions! Jen, Royce, Kenya and Kiesha keep doing your thang! You guys are too good for the show. Shaunie is just in it for the $$, Suzie needs to keep her mouth shut, Tammy needs to keep her ghetto ass home and Evelyn needs help ( I don’t even know where to start on that one!) I won’t be watching this next season, I seriously hope that they pull this show off the air. None of them are married to basketball players, so what’s the point. The REAL Basketball Wives have class and don’t partake in such foolishness! You can learn alot by watching them.

  155. Samantha says:

    Shaunie…the nerves of you to bring the chick on the show to create drama with Jen to say you should drop the charges so she don’t go to jail. #1- You should never pick your hands up to hit someone if you are not willing to pay the cost. You all brought her on that show to hit Jen and for that I hold YOU/Shaunie responsible.

    Evelyn is playing nice for folks to buy into her product line. I say NO to Evelyn’s make up line. She has NO CLASS and neither do SHAUNIE…you married into the money.

    As for Tami, I dont believe how you are trying to underplay how you ACT/Behave! Please…. YOU ARE A BULLY AND IF YOUR KIDS WERE BULLIED ITS BECAUSE OF YOUR BEHAVIOR!

    Tami, Evelyn, and Shaunie go around talking about everybody else and then feel as if no one else can say anything about them…

    Shaunie and Evelyn, you are only playing nice for the audience sympathy and for Jen to drop the charges.

    To JEN—-DONT DROP THE CHARGES…..their are consequences for actions….and slapping someone is WAY OUT OF LINE………

  156. Pamela says:

    FYI: Shaunie told Tami what was said…..but she sitting there and letting Suzie take the blame. We all know Suzie is messy..but I believe she did not tell Tami…. Shaunie told Tami to create DRAMA for higher rating….

    You are not fooling me Shaunie…. Tami, you are an embarrassment to rape victims, parents, and mothers.

  157. jean says:

    Im not gonna beat you in the ground. You strive to be a woman of god. He only forgives sincerity. The whole reunion seemed staged and Evelyn appeared to be scolded by you for the sake of the shows future.
    If i was Jenn I wouldn’t drop a charge.

  158. beverly says:

    Really Shaunie, are u really real. U was just as fake as can be. Is this just for the money or what. Probably not because u probably get that from Shaq. So stop it. Jen should have file charges on anyone who put their hands on her, as long as the fussing is going on its ok. But to hit someone or throw a bottle. Don’t u know anthing could happen, hit in the wrong place, or glass could have went in someone eyes. You ‘ll are grown women, act the part. Tami u are a bully. Don’t u know the meaning of bullying. Please look it up, u will see your picture. An another thing u need to let that little messy Suzi go,she carries the bone from one to the other then sit there like she haven’t said a word. God give us the strength to stop looking at all this mess. We were really looking to see how the rich black women live. All we see is the no matter how much money u have u still can act a dog and we know what a dog is really called. Shaunie I really hates seening u on the TV lying like u really wasn’t into all that was going on. U went to the preacher but u should have just asked for prayer for yourself to clean this mess up. Hope we can see some real basketball wives next season.

  159. JUSt LosT1 says:

    Shaunie you are so fake and so bias! I started watching the show as a fan but this last episodes- made me no longer a fan due to you allowing bully ism on your show and to be a mother -a women – a “so call boss ” that had no right to be aired or tolerated in any form. Happy to see Jen and Evelyn make up but you really showed who side you were rooting for since the law was on Jen’s side – sponsors withdrawing – and all the real women out there speaking out about the negativity that you have portrayed against women – especially women of color. NICE JOB BOSS LADY!!!!

  160. vikki patterson says:

    I think Tammi is still a bully, maybe her therapy will help her come out of denial!!!

  161. vikki patterson says:

    why they didn’t bring up the smelly fish the put in the new girls room!!!

  162. E. West says:

    Shaunie, Tami, Suzie and Evelyn. You should be a shame of yourselves. I was so sad to hear you are coming back for Season Five. I guess none of you will be satisfied until there is a “death” on the show.

    Shaunie, you are such a fake and you should feel more than a little guilty for the chaos you caused on the show. Evil prevails when good men do nothing! Why didn’t you stop the attacks from Tami on Keisha? Why did you not say anything or ask Tami to leave the island? You are the worst offender. It is your show and your responsibility and should have intervened. Why did you go see your pastor? Were you looking for absolution from your evil deeds?


  163. Phil says:

    Through your marriage and afterwards, I always thought you were different and had some class, then you made this show and WOW!!! You are definitely no better than Tami or Evelyn, because you just stand and let them BULLY people in the name of ratings. Shame on you, Shaunie!!!

  164. Kim says:

    The show should be cancelled.

  165. Gee says:

    I ve already stated I wont be watching this show anymore because I think its a bad potrayal of black woman and Shaunie is the main enabler of the drama ,I know sometimes friends get into arguements and fights but other friends dont “real ” friends dont let it get out of control or choose sides Shame on you Mrs O’neal ! And V-H1 why not a live reunion show with questions from the fans and audience and maybe a host thats not afraid to ask the tough questions ! And how was Suzie let off the hook so easily she clearly lied about running back to tell Tami what Keisha said !!!!!! SMH This show is so wack I used to enjoy it But Im done and if Tami comes back I know a few others who wont be watching !!!

  166. Kristy says:

    Shaunie and your bosses,
    In case you are not aware, Basketball Wives is (was) viewed by many African-American women from every economic class. We surf the networks to find something meaningful to watch and relax, will have in impact in our lives and will assist us as we go about our daily routines. Our young AA females look at these shows and will imitate much of what they see. I am coming directly at YOU! Forget that Tami is a condescending idiot whose ego is as large as her body and I pray no young girls will EVER want to be like her. Forget that Evelyn gets caught up in the drama by “losing her temper” (who cares that she gets mad) and then wants to cry when she reviews the episodes because she is embarrassed. Susie is just a place-holder – no comment on her.
    Shaunie – you hit below the belt when you and John Sally made the statement that the negative comments are made by people who have too much time on their hands. Just to keep you informed of the AA females in mainstream America – I am sure that over 95% of women who write in are hard-working women who took time out to voice their opinions. How dare you two insult us because your show has gone south? You would think you would want to know what America thinks so that you can go back and regroup.
    And to say that we only see a few minutes of your lives when the show is being filmed? That was another STUPID comment! Are you kidding me?? YOU know the camera is on you, why would you show the worst behavior you can? We go about in our regular lives WITHOUT a camera and you will not see this behavior – we are in control of how we behave and interact with others. I am really questioning your intelligence and especially with you wanting Jen to stop the lawsuit – what? Let’s have one of Shaq’s women slap you in your face….. comment, please…
    Also, yes – I am agreeing with HUGE number of comments that Part 2 was staged. How much was this audience paid? They responded on cue as if someone was holding up cards! Jerry Springer and Maury audiences do a much better job of how to respond when needed!! How much was John Sally paid? That’s right – he is not doing anything now so he had to find a way to receive a check. The reunion was so one-sided I could not believe it and I just started watching this show a couple of months ago. The lie-detector tests with just Jen’s results – what???
    The last few minutes with kiss and make-up was “too little-too late”!
    There has to be a better way African-American women who are doing well can be portrayed.
    Does it always have to be about women who look good with the red-bottom shoes?
    What about something with our middle-class AA women who have a mortgage, auto payments, daycare, college tuition, tithing in church, etc???
    Shaunie – please find another way to portray our women. Expand on the fact that you all are mothers – even though I think having a singing group to show up for a 10 year old birthday party is a bit too much.
    My vote – cancel this show. Too ignorant and let’s start over with a show for real African American Women who have a brain, can control themselves, and are doing meaningful work to make life better for our next generation!!!

  167. Miss M says:

    Shaunie I am not a blog person but I just had to adress you. I can not believe that you would behave or allow yourself to be portrayed like this one tv. You are such a beautiful, lovely lady and that is not what you showed. Did you watch yourself? You were just as messy aS THE REST OF THE LADIES. I just could not believe what I was seeing. You so much more to loose then those ladies. If you can not stand up to them and call them out when they are wrong, then please, please stay off the show. You are bigger then this. Seriously look at the footage you were getting on Jen for here not allowing someone to slap her I dont care how long they have beeb friends. Who u seriously let someone slap u and do nothing? These young girls come on the show and u allow these older ladies just dog them. I do not know any grown women that acts like Ev , Tami and even Suzie. These are grown womwn please we as back people have enough of a bad rap. If u guys can’t come u with some good positive entertainment i can give u some suggestions. I have two teenage boys one is austic . I am a single pArent I can get u some great funny entertainment. I Shaunie I love u and I have always thought you such a beautiful person PLEASE PLEASE dont allow the girls to continue in this way. Get the older ladies to take the younger ladies under their wing. Everybody wants to be bad , be different take this opportunity that God has given yoy and use it for its Glory. I love you Shaunie and good luck on next season and GOD BLESS YOU.

  168. Lady O says:

    I want to write this slow and delibeartely. Televison is a platform. All of what should have been interjected earlier and throughout the season came when the negatives responses from viewers were posted relating to all of you. Shaunie spiritual guidance should have been your lead when you particpated in putting dead fish in Kenya room. You felt the need to give Jenifer a dissertation about her behavior face-to-face but not once did you scold (verbally) Tami or Evelyn. An epiphany should have been reached long before the ending of the season. You as the Executive Producer should have maintained executive order throughout the Season. Surely, Mr. Sally’s mediation was in order. However, it is/was, in my opinion staged to get a reatction from the audience as well as the viewers. You are correct to feel guilt because you were bias in how you handled situations involving Tami and Evelyn. You were never defensive of the other ladies because you sat and entertained the gossip (failed to tellyour Minister that) rather than diffuse it. You are not blameless, mater of factly you are an instigator. Tell Mr. Sally, you and all of the ladies should pay attention to the negativity because that is what ALL of you projected. Mr. Sally can think the viewers are not serious. Move forward with your next episode and suredly, if it’s a mess (your words) you had better be ready. Am I anxiously waiting for the next episode, ummm I am just sayin….. The tears and apologies all were “A Day Late and A Dollar Short!

  169. Susan says:

    There is no doubt that your are intelligent, but with that said, you are ignorant. How can you sit on national tv and say that someone being assaulted is a laps in judgement? What are you thinking? And then you agree with the host that people that comment on this show have too much time on their hands. You stand to be corrected……… WIthout these so called people who have too much time on their hands—you would not be getting paid. By the way, I do not understand why as a producer and a mother you did not come out immediately and admit that Kesha was being bullied, and that physical violence is wrong. Would you condone one of your daughters getting slapped by her husband because he had a lapse in judgement and apologized after? I dont think so. SOOO the question is how low will you let your friends go to make a $$. So far violence; intimidation seems to be ok with you. You might want to visit your paster again. Because people are wondering if you are promoting black women acting ghetto for your own gain. You are well spoken, but your message of growth is not holding water.