Evelyn Lozada Playfully Teases Chad Ochocinco On Twitter After He Gets Cut From The New England Patriots


Chad Ochocinco Gets Cut From New England Patriots

After spending one season as a member of the New England Patriots, Chad Ochocinco was released from his contract with the team earlier this afternoon. Unsurprisingly, the controversial wideout and fiancé of Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada took to Twitter to tell the Beantown fans that they were “f***ing wicked awesome,” while at the same time changing his Twitter bio so that it reads “UNEMPLOYED BLACK GUY.”

Evelyn, being the precocious person that she is, also mentioned the news on Twitter:
Aww baby you got cut @ochocinco I got your back! I'm the bread winner now, which means I make the rules! ?#Boom

Wait, was she just throwing shade at the man who will soon become her husband?

Of course not! Everyone who has ever seen Evelyn and Ocho interact knows that they have the kind of relationship where teasing equates to flirting. Evelyn quickly followed up this tweet, which some fans read as being controversial, with two more tweets directed at the haters:

Now that’s love, baby!

One last thing: While Chad is currently without a team, there does not seem to be any consensus at this point in time about whether he’ll not he’ll land on another squad in time for what would be his twelfth season in the National Football League. The widely loathed ESPN personality Skip Bayless tweeted that “@ochocinco might be closer to becoming a highly successful full-time media member than making another team next season,” but NFL.com analyst Gregg Rosenthal tweeted that “Don’t think @ochocinco will struggle to get work. Not a Terrell Owens situation.” Either way, what this likely means is that Ocho will probably get to skip the first few days of NFL training camp while he enjoys his honeymoon. If you ask us, that’s a win/win situation.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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  1. V.A. says:

    This is just the start of a lot of doors being closed due to Evelyn’s ghetto, low class, bullying behavior. I read that the doors to Miami hotels are being closed to you for your wedding because folks fear “bottle throwing and running on tables” in their establishment. I hope folks continue to boycott your brands and you both end up back in the ghetto where you belong.

  2. Not a Fan says:

    Evelyn Chad knew this was coming that’s why he kept talking about your money. I hope you get just what you deserve boo boo. When you marry him you will take on all of his debts. And I am sure he hasn’t told you about all of them. You reap what you sow. Maybe he can get back what you have taken from the other men that you dealt with. You do really need to get a show on the air to help pay the bills and since you said you are the bread winner I hope you are up for the job. And you just laughed and joked about it because you wanted to get married so bad. Well good for you. Will you still blame Jennifer Williams for making you look bad for who you are married to bills,kids and all.

  3. Loyalty says:

    Shaunie said Jen Lacked loyalty and she didn’t see why Jen stopped talking to her really. SMH RME. I didn’t see Jen spreading yours or evelyn’s business. I didn’t see Jen Slap someone. I didn’t see Jen Leap off a Table. I didn’t see Jen Hit someone with a purse. I didn’t see Jen putting fish in someones room. I did see Jen apologize a season ago which you said she doesn’t. I didn’t see Shaunie Evelyn, Tammie or Nia apologize to Jen. She actually apologized Not said MY BAD

  4. Karma says:

    Good your tiht with Tammi, she can advise you on what happen to broke athletes after gold diggers suck them dry. Get the history, do the math. You probably have already, not wanting kids all of a sudden. Nice try digger, he deserves you. Dont drag him on TV with the kids crying in the background like that thirsty crack head Tammi did. Tasteless.

  5. pam says:

    amazing…all the angry people with hearts so full of hate. i think ALL of you need a hug.

  6. Daisha says:

    All i gotta say….sumtimes say sumthin postive n stop bein sooo negative all da time

  7. Real Talk says:

    It’s sad when people feel it is ok to dog others . Now Evelyn it’s time to rethink life and the way you present yourself . I’m sorry for the job loss of Chad ,it is not a joking matter when someone losses a job or a career . And for others who are laughing now becareful for your laughs about anothers ,may end up being tears for you and yours.Best Wishes to Evelyn and Chad take positive and most of prayerful Love you Real Talk

  8. cherric says:

    It’s called Karma! Maybe BBW with also do the right thing and cut Evelyn…

  9. peaches56 says:

    Just let the both of them live there LIFES in peace, God Bless

  10. p.paul says:

    have your mans back girl love him and support him through this.

  11. rachelle says:

    I love Evelyn for being who she is and not who everyone wants her to be. People need to to stop judging unless they are perfect and I haven’t met a perfect person yet!!!

  12. Traci says:

    Is it just me or does Evelyn seem to be kind of like a detriment/impediment to ALL the men she dates. Antonio declares bankruptcy & Chad loses his job/livelihood.–SMH–wake up!

  13. browngurl says:

    Hi Evelyn, well all i can say is its great to have your man’s back…..

  14. All These Haters Commenting says:

    DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! It’s a lot of people that’s actually happy that Ocho got cut!!!!!! Which is crazy because I bet them same people that’s putting up negative comments is gone be the same ones watching their show to see the drama or watever!!! What most of you people fell to realize is, that’s what most of these reality shows are about anyways “DRAMA”!!!!!! So who care if she continues to act a fool cause I’m sure chad and eve are going to continue to make money!!!!!!! Far as her wedding goes they still gone get married (HITCHED) even if they get married in a backyard!!! Even though I think its crazy that a lot of hotels in Miami said no for her wedding because I’m sure she wouldn’t have someone at her wedding she wouldn’t want there!!!

  15. Nichole says:

    It’s hilarious how many of you say who cares yet you take the time to read and post!! LMFAO at all of you HATERS!!! All of you women calling her a hood rat, do me a favor and go in a room by yourself (so your not embarrassed) and make a list of all the men you have slept with (and it just you so BE HONEST. Then go slit your wrist for being such hypocrites!!! Quit hating on this woman and go to your minimum wage job so you can get a few dollars to pay all them payday loans you juggle weekly and pay that note on that jack up car you pay 20% interest on because your credit is fked up!!! Lastly, this is not the first team Chad had been with and read up dummies, he will have no problems getting with another team (WHEN HE WANTS TO!!) And he doesn’t have to be in a rush because he has a down a$$ woman to hold him down and she doesn’t mind!! She see’s a bigger picture that most of you don’t even have the mental capacity to understand!!! GET A LIFE YOU HATERS

  16. Gena says:

    I agree with blogger Marie@

    HV1, Shaunie, Tami and especially Evil-yn all went into this reunion show with a clear-cut agenda to gang up on Jennifer!!! From the fake host to the fake (paid) audience. I’m going to give you the best advice you have gotten all year, and it’s free: Listen up.. Evil-yn, Shaunie, Tami, Vh1 and Shed Media need to have your inner “circle” come to a Jesus meeting and publicly admit you made a mistake in the direction you took this show. Admit you underestimated your viewing audience. Admit you all decided that the plan for Season 4 from the very beginning was to “beef, battle, and bully right out of the gate, because you ASSUMED this was the content your viewers wanted to see.

    This show is called Basketball Wives (which for the life of me, I don’t understand since none of you are wives) it’s NOT called the ‘Bad Girls Club’ or ‘Mob Wives’. Please admit you all gambled on our intelligence and assumed we the viewers were uneducated and class-less like some of the bullies on this show. Admit you did it all for fame and fortune and didn’t realize your audience would care about the important issues of today like; BULLYING and physical violence.

    First, Tami pretends to feel bad and apologizes on Wendy’s show (which was bs) and now EVIL-yn is apologizing for throwing the bottle at Kenya. PLEASE! Just admit that the only reason you apologized was only because you are trying to salvage your brand and your new show with your ‘UNEMPLOYED BLACK GUY’ (a.k.a Ex-NFL player: Nacho-Cinco). We have seen right through every PR stunt by VH1, Shaunie and her crew have tried to pull. Stereo-typing your audience has proven to be your downfall; this is the same audience you want to watch your show, buy your makeup and read your book. Stop trying to save face, we’re NOT buying it! I for one will NEVER support anything you do simple for how you represented yourself and as woman and as a mother . Shame on you!

  17. lisa says:

    Wow, Evilyn is even evil when she is playing. THis chick has NO CLASS whatsoever.

    Chad you should be ashamed of yourself trying to add this heifer to your family. Your mom must be proud…NOT

  18. lisa says:

    Now it is time to cancel the Eve and Ocho show too. Chad should be regretting hooking up with that she devil by now.

  19. Benita says:

    what’s going on? Why can’t I access Jennifer’s interview?

    The Reunion Interview: In Spite Of Everything, Jennifer Williams Is Really Happy With Her Life ? I keep gettin an error…things that makes you go humm VH1?

  20. Liz says:



    Continue to keep it classy. If you monitor all the blogs out there, the public is 110% behind you. With all the money VH1 has and with all their efforts to try to demonize you; it has not worked. What it shows is that they would rather back bullies like Tammy, Evelyn and Shaunie, than stand up for what’s right. Those ladies (if you can call them that) will see their stars slowly dim because the public has such a negative perception of them. I could not believe that at the reunion show they STILL continued to demonize you. They are beyond clueless. The public that made them (I was actually a huge fan of Tammy’s at one point) will certainly break them.

    Ochocinco being cut is no coincidence. A great franchise like the Patriots canot affort to be associated with a Hoodrat such as Evelyn. I hope Chad drops her and gets his head back in the game. It is just not a good look to be associated with Evelyn.

  21. marge says:

    Chad getting released can’t be a suprise to anyome that follows football. I don’t think it has anything to do with Evelyn. Now the reason the upscale hotels in Miami refuse to host their reception is all Evelyn’s fault. I hope Chad rebounds and gets picked up by another team. Evelyn doesn’t make NFL money…so I don’t know how well she will be able to support Chad’s lifestyle. I still don’t understand the interest in a show about their relationship…he was afterall the relevant one…wonder how happy he will be be with any woman without football in his life? Evelyn has fans,but does she have a fan base strong enough to make this spin off a success???? I think NOT

  22. Nichole says:


  23. Yes I said it! says:

    LOL So, I guess you don’t have to worry about Tom & Giselle coming to your sham wedding! Too bad, Chad, fans told you when you were in Cincy to stay, but you had to leave because “I want a Super Bowl ring.” How’s that working out for you? I really do hope you find something…remember like Robert Townsend said (Hollywood Shuffle), “there’s always work at the post office.”

  24. Melisa says:

    Well thats a way to talk to your fans.

  25. UmmmmReally says:

    I too think that Evelyn had nothing to do with Chad being cut. The man began to be a sub par player and no longer possess the skills to be with a great team like the Pats. Shame on E for saying f off to her and Chads followers. Just goes to show u that she truly has not changed. I think that their show will be successful because the same people posting and hating on them will be their #1 fans. I just feel like haters fuel my fire so the more you hate the more they make!

  26. Sincerely says:

    Hey Ev Chad is a NON NFL FACTOR wink wink Ev remember these words in my CELIE voice until you do right by ppl everything touch will leave IJS…real talk I sorry about Chad losing his job cus we all need one and with a Gold Digger like you and his 5 kids welfare is out..I think you would go to the justice of peace and save some $$$ hell Ev is old so what y’all need a big wedding for and she nor you is PURE..Chad you just like hood rat how dare you speak to Boston fans like that you two have the same vocabulary…good luck simpletons

  27. Briana says:

    Yea there gonna be divorced before married

  28. JRoc85 says:

    He’s always switching teams, like his friend (******cough******Terrell Owens). Evelyn’s 15 minutes of fame won’t be lasting too much longer, and Chad’s little football career is slowly dwindling. Chad better watch himself, because Evelyn has a history of ditching broke men who can’t help her sustain her lifestyle!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Lynn says:

    I do not think the women out there are “HATERS” because they are not Evelyn fans. Never ASSUME that we are poor, broke and jealous. ASSUME we have our opinions and are FREE to voice them. I can only speak for myself, but I am very blessed, and thank goodness my blessings go BEYOND expensive shoes and cars. I know not EVERYONE understands that, so to them, maybe I am a HATER (smile). Anyway, I do not want to wish anyone failure in life. I just would hope that these women understand that they put themselves in the spotlight and should be open to hear others views (negative or positive). I was a BBW viewer and got disgusted when I saw the physical fighting escalate. BULLYING should never be exceptable by (man, woman, or child). Evelyn sends out a heartfelt letter saying she wants to be more responsible and change her past mistakes,……………then she sends out a FOUL TWEET the very next day,…………

  30. Samra says:

    To all the Evelyn fans that call the rest of us HATERS,………..really? Of course we watched BBW because we wanted to see African American women living the life. We want to SUPPORT our OWN. The majority of us respond because we do care how we as AAW are viewed on television because there is so few of us in the spotlight. The Evelyn fans only seem to CONCENTRATE on the $$$dollar bill that she and Chad make and not the QUALITY. So what if she laughs all the way to the bank? BBW is a TEMPORARY show , like all shows on TV, they run there course. “HOT today,GONE tomorrow. What YOU fail to understand is how are are you VIEWED after the fame dies out? When people see you on the streets do they CARE? It is called LEGACY…what we leave behind. Was it POSITIVE or NEGATIVE? I will not watch BBW next season. And rather Evelyn, Shaunie, or whomever read these blogs,…we KNOW someone is reading them because changes are being made…….lets be real here.

  31. Lynn says:

    Evelyn, you sent out a letter to Star Jones about how sorry you were and how you want to change. Adding how you admire Oprah and Michelle Obama. Yes, those are wonderful examples of beautiful,classy black women. Those women reach out to others and do not focus their energy on material objects. I thought that was nice of Evelyn to say. WELP , that kindness did not last long with that NASTY tweet with vulgar language you sent out.. Great mature example Evelyn. Your true colors came through loud and clear.

  32. amorenomore says:

    Yeaaaaaa!!! I’m so glad he’s not playing for the Patriots b/c SHE DOES NOT deserve to be a Patriot wife!!!

  33. Boggie says:

    He better be looking for job otherwise, that last clice of pizza that no on wanted will be out looking for another box or bed to jump in to become a wife to someone.

  34. sharon says:


  35. VJ says:

    I don’t believe Ms. Lozada is in high demand as far as mainstream entertainment goes as she seems to think. She shouldn’t get too cocky as the “bread winner”. Her reputation at this point has gotten her in a very compromising position. Other producers may be afraid that her presence or involvement could have a negative effect on their ratings….and it would. Ocho better pray he gets picked up by another team because this so called “highly successful full-time media member” is nowhere in the perimeter. He has shown the world just how much he respects women as a whole by openly degrading his very own fiance’. It’s just so sad that she gladly receives this behavior as something cute and personal between the two of them. If that were so, why does the world have to hear it. Keep it ALL personal and PRIVATE. Evelyn hun, you have no haters because you leave nothing to hate on. You’ve created enemies in your little mind so that anyone who voices anything out of concern is automatically scanned as a “hater”.
    One last thing: The greatest love of all is in Jesus Christ……God bless you!

  36. mybad says:

    All TWEET, no ACTION! Thanks Mucho-Zero!!!

  37. John says:

    Who gives a ish..I can’t stand Evelyn..

  38. Really says:

    Hey Ev just saw a picture of Laura from BBW LA with the same shoes you have on the Reunion show and also Nene wore them to the Wendy Wiliams show ijs did u borrow yous from one of them if so I’ll call them and let them know Chad like Tommy he ain’t got no job so maybe they can lend you some more clothes just joking BOO

  39. priscilla says:

    sorry about ocho cincos firing with his team trying to trade him all day and no takers..but i dont know nfl owners may not want the kind of drama shown on bbw in their stands if a fan looks too long at ocho cinco..just saying

  40. just sayin says:

    Everybody is not cut out for stardom… Evelyn is one of those people who should confine their talents to the bedroom. First of all, when you choose to launch a career using the vehicle of “Reality TV”, you have literally signed on to play out your life in public. So expect the public to critique everything you do. If you don’t have the though skin to handle, then you “ain’t bout that life” boo, boo…. So the people that still love you and have no problem with what you do; they have every right to come on these blogs and say just that; ALSO, the people who deplore what you do also have the right to come on these blogs and say that as well. You opened yourself up to it. You obviously have a lot to learn as it relates to breaking into the industry and who ever been advising you need to be dismissed. First of all you are trying to build your brand and antognizing people on twitter and in the press ain’t gonna get. You have no real talent to offer, (such as singing, acting, designer, etc…) real stars always have their talent or gift to fall back on when bad press have stalled their careers; they can go away, re-group; re-invent themselves and come back stronger than before (i.e.; Chris Brown, Brittany Spears , etc). You are trying to build something and you really can’t afford to run away whatever fan base you managed to get. You don’t call out people in the industry who have already made it, especially educated people who already have connections to people and industries you are trying to get to (i.e. Star Jones). Whether you like her or hate her, Star was on the View for many years and have interiewed and met every celebrity in Hollywood. You need to ask yourself why you can’t book a high end motel in Miami; is Star really your mentor or is she keeping her friends close and her enemies closer. Did she advise you on that letter you wrote to your seven year old self; that has made you look like a fool and given you more bad press. Get out the industry you are not cut out for it. You obviously can’t think for yourself and let others think for you. If you were able to manged some sort of success it will be very difficult for your to hold on to it.

  41. day purcell says:

    just act like a lady

  42. just sayin says:

    Marge… I agree. That’s the point I was trying to make. Jennifer obviously wised up or got some good advise (from some real friends) regarding her image and her brand. She wasn’t about that foolishness this season, she was about her business. How can a grown woman go into a business meeting and try to sell a product or project and be taken seriously when your image is less than desirable. NeNe figured it out and maybe she advised Jen. That’s probably why they are so mad at her, especially Shaunie, because she through a monkey wrench into her plans for the show. If all the women wise up, who are they gonna use to carry through on their antics. She recruited the 2 most emotionally damaged women of the group and exploited them for ratings and they are too dumb to realize it.

  43. Evenyln, theirs no use in me calling you a whole bunch of names it dosen’t bother you, you’re a open book. If your truly happy than show it concentrate on your up coming wedding and all your friends, faimily and your so call make-up line. Stop trying to make Jennifer look bad you can’t, Jennifer is class, and hopefuly with her new and old friends she can move pass all this madness you created. Your friends better watch out, when you get mad you tell all. Nia make Evenyln pay for your lawsuit, you let her gear you up, Nia do you no that now you have a crimnal record WOW! boo boo! What a dummy!

  44. U R no golddigger, Chad is says:

    Evelyn, wake up BooBoo. Even a blind man can see that Chad is only marrying you for publicity – he’s undoubtedly hoping for a “Kardashian Wedding Payday”. Even if he really loved you, why would you want to marry a man who would state on national TV that the only reason that’s he’s with you is because you have “Good [kitty]“. How disrespectful and tacky can you get. You should be setting an example for your daughter. You should think about the harsh words that you have for others who are trying to keep you from crashing and burning by marrying Chad, because you are going to have to eat those words one day.

  45. Taking Bets on how long it will last says:

    Last post was on point regarding why Chad was marrying Ev. Perhaps she’s in on it too and is fully aware that he doesn’t really love her. In any case, I’m takin bets on how long this circus of a marriage will last. I would guess about as long as Kim Kardashian’s wedding, but I have to factor in that Ev’s low self-esteem may allow her to hang around a little longer…..and Chad will just travel around whenever he gets tired of her mouth. So…..my guess is 7 months or 210 days. What say you all?

  46. Rema Pierre says:

    To: V.A, Karma, Real Talk, Gena, Lisa, Liz, Yes I said It, Sincerely, JRoc85, Samra, Lynn, VJ, MyBad, yvette, just sayin, Marge, TheGaull and all other posters of like mind. Let’s really do something to get this trash of a show and these classless women (term used lightly) OFF THE AIR! WE CAN DO THIS BY NOT WATCHING AND BY NOT BUYING THEIR BRAND! The powers-that-be only understand ratings. Pass the word through Twitter, FB and by commenting on every blog relevant to this deplorable show. The same campaign started by fans of “The Game”, that got the show back on the air, is the same campaign we can model to get this show CANCELLED! But we have to do this and stick with it. Let VH1, ShedMedia and all who profit from this trash, take notice. Make them accountable and let your voice be heard. We cannot allow our young people to be influenced by the classless people; belive me, there are ALOT of people out there, young and old, who uphold this primitive behavior. It has got to stop. LET’S TAKE A STAND

  47. Jazz2 says:

    Party is over before it got started. You got too many bills and not enough money.

  48. sexybrownpyt says:

    Real Classy!!! Evelyn, I guess your anger management is not working! What would your seven year old self say about this tweet? If it wasn’t meant for your fans to understand then why would you tweet it. Evelyn deep down inside your a narcissistic person who pretends to be nice, but at the end your evil ways always comes to light. SMH give it up EV your set in your “mean girl” ways and always will be.

  49. rj says:

    Evelyn is not smart enough to write a letter to her “seven year old self.” Someone was probably paid to write that for her.

  50. priscilla says:

    ah that precocious evelyn…no truer words said..news has it that ocho couldnt get a grasp on their playbook and that is why he was cut…if that is the case then is a possibility that he may be unemployed a bit as getting playbook info is essential for any football player to master, though i hope someone will pick him up..but in the mean time something tells me this was not a suprise to him..now evelyn may be paying the maserati bill while ocho drives it, when they marry her income becomes joint so ex baby mamas can attach on to her money as well…but hey she will have that wedding she always wanted…if she can find a hotel willing to rent to them

  51. tisha says:

    eveline, have’nt change a bit. she was fronting the whole time she was on the reunion show. she going to be next down fall. with her partner in crime

  52. rose mattthews says:

    I hope that the wedding take place between chad and evelyn because if it don,t i believe evelyn will go crazy i believe evelyn has alot of angry still about her last relationship that she stay in for 10 year and he string her along and he didnot marry her i really hope this happen for her because if chad don,t evelyn will have to be committed.

  53. rose mattthews says:


  54. Atlanta Doll says:

    What Evelyn is suffering from is typical “preety girl syndrome”. Amped by the Vh1 camera crew-
    the syndrome symptoms include-
    1 constant need for attention
    2 rude and vulgar behavior towards other women
    3 inappropriate timing in self expression
    4 low/ shallow self value and worth
    not saying she is the anti-christ, but with a few adjustments and dedication to the correct cause she would be different, but she wont be making as much money with a calmer demenor. we have to remember this is HOLLYWOOD and those antics displayed on these shows pull the most money. we shouldnt take anything personal nor serious watching these shows at all. we can always choose to tune to the History channel:)))))))

  55. mistarie says:

    Chad lost his job because of Evelyn’s behavior. Point. Blank. Period. The Patriots are a clean cut team. They don’t want to be associated with the likes of a woman jumping over tables and throwing wine bottles. Believe me when I tell you, they had NO problems letting him go, as he brought NOTHING to the team anyway. I know he is reevaluating this whole “marriage” now.

  56. Annoyed by ignorance says:

    Evelyn had better start consulting with her financial planner, because his debt is about to become her debt. She’s making jokes now, but she could very well end up paying for everything, including his child support. I see why he kept saying, “I’m only with you for your money”.

  57. wendy says:

    Evil-lyn really ! Stop it your not even making sense to yourself! Sad!

  58. Rozzie says:


  59. dawn cobb says:

    whatever evelyn.

  60. Brittany says:

    At first i was like huh whats going on here… She loves Ocho & why would she diss her man Lol then i read the next 2 tweets. Started lmao Love their relationship it’s funny :)

  61. S says:

    You can get em out the hood but you cant get the hood outta them! By the way, no one wants Ocho…just his money. Sound familiar?

  62. Meek says:

    Evelyn is dumb and the way she was quick to air Jen’s dirty laundry she was never her friend point blank. Evelyn you ghetto as hell! To think you have a daughter who is suppose to look up to you wow! And Jen being jealus of you and Chad ??? What a laugh , he disrespects you so much til its hillarious ,no one wants him but you lol!!! Tami you have made yourself look worse than anyone could ever do lol Shaunie, I really thought you were smarter than these women.
    You clearly decided to mediate when your ratings were on the line. You knew Tami and Evelyn were wrong the majority of the time but you said and did nothing. Now you question if you should be friends with them because of what it makes you appear to be ….sad. Suzy get a life and stop being a follower you have to many kids to be following anyone , lets try being a leader just once. Keysha , keep being who you are ! Jen, I definately would have handled the same way, Niya was showing out but look where it got her ! Royce , I always liked you :)

  63. KK says:

    With regards to Tami telling Kesha she’s to weak to speak up for herself I don’t agree with. Most grown women don’t fight during disagreements. Who wants to deal with that nonsense. I may have left too….nah on second thought I know I wouldnt have moved other than to turn my chair around towards her but I understand Kesha doing it. If you can see you’re intimidating someone why keep going at them. She told Kesha constantly she would assault her and Kesha took her at her word. She’s not a fighter…respect that…just learn how to talk w/o all the threats and negative body language. Why are you so shallow Tami that you feel no one can talk to their friends regarding you. Everyone gets talked about in life. Jesus Christ himself was treated so much worse than that and betrayed by one of his disciples. You and Kesha aren’t even friends. Where is that mature woman…not the little girl that throws a tantrum due to some insignificant nonissue committed by someone that truly holds no significance in your life. You weren’t going to help her talk to you by doing that and really who cares about your apology immediately following that kind of treatment.

  64. KK says:

    I like everyone when they’re acting like ladies. Still not sure of the title of the show vs the cast but that’s neither here nor there. Watching successful, strong, tough women on TV is great while they deal with normal life drama. I’m still not sure what Suzi’s role is about. Can someone tell me what she does for a living or day to day. I know Ev says Suzi gets a bum rap for being the town crier but they show Suzi repeating conversations often from one group to the other…not sure where the bum rap comes from. I’ve seen a lot of instigating from her and dogging Kenya.

    As far as Kenya goes, I really didn’t like how quick she was to laugh loudly when Tami jumped on Kesha in the restaurant or how she tried to show her behind with Kesha and take her shoes off. Her behind sure didn’t act like that when Ev jumped on her. I didn’t see her taking her shoes off then. She’s jump off queen toward the one she knows isn’t for all that. Now thats some punk behavior and she wants to act like she’s ready to do something to Ev all after the fact in Tahiti…seriously?!?!

  65. Jboston says:

    I hope that the wedding take place between chad and evelyn so she could very well end up paying for everything, including his child support. I see why he kept saying, “I’m only with you for your money”.Ms.bad ass Evelyn