Nia Crooks Tells Us Her Side Of The Story At The Basketball Wives Reunion


Nia Crooks Basketball Wives Reunion

No “guest star” on Basketball Wives has been thrown into the spotlight and gained as much attention in four seasons the way that Nia Crooks has. Though she’s been friends with Evelyn Lozada for years (and Jennifer Williams, too), she has never really been visible on the show until that slap she landed on Jennifer’s face. Nia was chilling in Evelyn’s dressing room before the reunion and when the topic of the slap came up in my chat with Evelyn, I just had to ask Nia a few questions to clear things up. In short: It has made her life hell and she regrets it. But here’s what she had to say in a little more detail.

What’s life been like for you since you appeared on the show?

Hell. I could never imagine being in this predicament over something like that. And a person that I used to love is now just somebody I knew. It’s hell.

Have people been mean, how have you been treated?

Yeah, they don’t know me and I get that, I’m part of this story, but I’m just a person that walked in a room and sat down and said something to a person and got up and smacked her. So it looks like I’m bullying someone who welcomed the smack. She said “I wish you would.” She cut the conversation off because she doesn’t want anyone to know wh she really is. She’s a total different person outside of this. Being a celebrity is not for everyone, some people’s heads get inflated, some don’t. And if you have new people around you in your life, and it’s not the people you’ve been around forever, that says a lot about a person.

If you could do this over, would you have never appeared on the show?

I just wish my reaction wouldn’t have been that. I can’t take that back now, but that’s the way I was raised, that’s how I grew up, that’s a normal reaction of mine.

Evelyn: Can I just say I have known Nia for years, and I have never in all those years seen Nia cry — you know I cry at the drop of a hat — and ever since all the negativity and the lawyers and everything, I have never seen her cry like this until now and it’s tough. Nothing can ever prepare you for being in public and having a million people have an opinion about you on a daily basis. She’s just been thrown into this.

Nia: It’s not easy.

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  1. WTF Non Factor says:

    VH1, why are you interviewing this chick? First off, she was on one show, acted a fool, assaulted someone, and is now being sued. Her feelings, don’t matter the moment she decided to get up from her seat and assault someone. To say someone welcomed a smack? I don’t care if Jen tapped danced on the table asking you to smack her, the moment you took that opportunity, guess what boo boo…you WELCOMED the law suit and all that came with it. She should have new friends and cut your ass off, you don’t know how to keep your hands to yourself, no one needs friends like that. And who gives a rat’s ass if Evelyn never saw you cry? If Evelyn was your friend she wouldn’t have put you in that situation to begin with. Suck it up and start pawning ish to pay Jen her money once she wins her suit.

  2. WTF says:

    Nia! You are a grown ass woman so grown up and take ownership of your actions. Look we the viewers did not know who you were and whatever happened between you and Jen is irrelevant. I don’t get where you think that when Jen said I wish you would means get up and go slap her, are you serious? If you are trying to play the victim, SAVE IT nobody is buying this crap.

    That is how you were raised? Then shame on VH1, Shaunie and whoever else is behind this clown show. I wish you would find me and come and slap me, belive me it would be the last thing you would do. It clearly shows that you are comfortable with people like Ev, Tami, Shaunie and weak ass Suzie. You are a BARBARIAN you do not deserve to live with humans if that is how you were raised.

    If you want repair your reputation, Loose Ev and that show. Look laws a there for a reason, you put your hands on someone, they have every right to sue you. You are certainly not above the law same goes for you fellow clowns. In what world did you think the viewers would come to your defense if you want to be mad be mad at the right people!

    You say life has been hell since the show??? YOU CREATED THIS HELL FOR YOURSELF damn shame you cannot even own up to that. Keep it classy and stay classy with your new spokes person EVIL-IN LOOOOSSSSSS ASSSSSSS ADA

  3. Fan says:

    Nia put herself in the situation. You were dumb enough to listen to Evelyn and do her dirty work and I hope that Evelyn is a good friend to you to help you out if you need anything. To come to the show and fuss about some stupid keys is beyond me. You could have just changed the locks. But when Evelyn is mad a somebody you have to be loyal so you react to please Evelyn. So what Jen has new friends I am sure she wouldn’t mind if you had new friends also. But if you were such good friends and I put Evelyn in this too, you would have handled this mess off screen. Being a friend to someone and loyal is good, but if to prove I am loyal to get myself in some stupid crap like you are in now then I would take a step back and see what kind of friend I am and to whom. You brought this on yourself. The fight was between Evelyn and Jennifer I don’t know why you,Shaunie,Tami would get involved in this mess. And for the record people don’t like you,Shaunie,Tami and Evelyn not because of Jennifer of who she is to you but because of the behavior of all of you yourself. Evelyn and Chad are two peas in a pod. Chad makes Evelyn look bad and Jen said to Evelyn last season on camera that she didn’t care for him. So what he is Evelyn’s man so she should not have cared what Jen said. I hope you have learned a good lesson from this and stay true to yourself as well as keep you hands to yourself.

  4. LM says:

    Nia now you see what showing off gets you,in a lot of hot water. Next time you will think before you slap someone. I hope you get prosecuted to the full extent.You were only trying to show off for Evelyn because she’s mad at Jennifer which had nothing to do with you.Evelyn geared your a** up with all this he said she said sh*t instead of you going to Jennifer like a lady you decided to handled it in a cowardly way. you are so sad

  5. NaNa says:

    Evelyn and Tammy is an example on how you don’t want your kids to grow up to be. Grown women acting like kids. So sad so sad

  6. Evelyn Go Away says:

    Nia wasn’t just thrown into this, she wanted to be on the show and Evelyn thought she could bring her on to the show to perhaps become a cast member and help Nia make some money. Evelyn CHOSE to bring her on the show; Nia CHOSE to be on the show, and Nia CHOSE to assault Jennifer. She wasn’t thrown into anything. Since you like to “keep it 100 boo-boo” then do it all the time, and not just keep it at 65 when you feel like it. Evelyn, Shaunie, Tami , and VH1 (& irrelevant Nia) keep trying to do damage control and make themselves look better while trying to make Jennifer look bad and it’s not working. Leave it alone. Go away, you disgust me and most of the public who aren’t snowed by your PR damage control rounds in the media. Go away!

  7. Ms Vevi says:

    Girl please! You came on the show on pure BS!! Like someone else stated you let Ev hype you up to confront Jen over some nonsense. Now look who has to deal with the consequences? Your fool ass! You served no purpose and could have stayed behind the scenes with that crocked wig of yours! You thought you were Ms Bad Ass so deal with the lawsuit accordingly!

    For the record, I don’t think most viewers CARE about who the “real Jen” is, you and Ev are trying way to hard to expose her. Yet you were friends with her for ALL those years and never had a problem with it. So you can save it! At least she’s not on national TV acting like a ratchett classless hoodrat!

  8. candimom2 says:

    Nia, ok The whole thing was a set up. number1, who invited you and #2 who pump your head up. Shaunie and Tammmy pre-planned the whole thing. The pre conversation then everyone jumping in you did this and you did that. Who cares if she pulled away. If Jen privately received your keyes then you should have privately retrieved them , not go and slap someone because you dont like what is being said.

  9. diva40 says:

    Nia, i wish you would slap me!!!

  10. michelle says:

    For real who cares about her. First off you knew you were going to be on the show, how about doing something with that dust mop on your head. Eve reall is not paying you good for ou to come on natonal t.v. looking like something like something the cat dragged in. then you have the nerve to get invovled in something tha that had nothing to do with you. How dare you put your hands on someone, that was not your fight. now you gots whats coming to you. If you didn’t have any money before you really ain’t going to have anything nowe. i hope jen continues with the lawsuit and takes what little you have. maybe you can shack up with the chic you were protecting lets see if she will do the same thing for you that you sis for her.

  11. really says:

    But Nia was not the reunion at the advice of her lawyer. Bye VH1, Nia, Evelyn, Tami & Shaunie !!!

  12. Nia Bum Bi&%# says:

    Nia is a BIG time looser she was trying to look tough on TV to impress Eve and Tamie….well good for you.
    When you started walking around the table and you notice Jen was still sitting down you should of STOP and kept your nasty hand to yourself PLUS your number one argument with Jen was about your key and Jen having new friends come on…….IDIOT

  13. this fool did not say, "sorry Jennifer" says:

    Did Nia say she apologized to Jennifer? Did Nia say just once, I’m sorry to Jennifer?
    Fans are stupid if they allow these two ghetto hood-rats to play us so stupid!

  14. Mel says:

    You know in this entire interview….not ONCE did Nia apologize. Not ONCE did Nia acknowledge Jen’s reasons for being upset….after being ASSAULTED…Not ONCE did Nia mention all of the tweets she did before and after the episode aired where she showed zero remorse and actually said she derserved it. Instead….we are to feel sorry for Nia that she cried? Nia came in there with guns blazing and with her sidekick right there with her. Trying to justify her actions and basically saying that Jen asked for it……it gives me flashbacks of domestic violence attacks. Where the attacker says….”well you made me do it”. That’s why alot of people don’t press charges. They are guilted to believe that it is acceptable for someone to put hands on them with zero consequences. These women came with an agenda to bully Jen. Nia was there smiling at leaving with Evelyn when she it her with her purse. It is disgusting. I am over this birds. NO matter how many comments and blogs they see calling them out on their behavior….they REFUSE to take responsibility for the behavior. IT’s like speaking to a brick wall.

  15. altez says:

    Wow.. So its Jens fault you decided to show out. Really Nia? Never been a ride or die Jen fan but the way these women have treated her with the slick comments behind her back, the stupid attacks about having new friends (plz get yo life) and the callous attitude towards HER for being slapped in the face demontrated an absolute lack of loyalty (Evelyns favorite word). Tami nor Shaunie ever asked if Jen was ok and didn’t even seem to care. They in fact appeared amused. At that point respect was lost. Clearly Jen felt these women were not her friends and chose to distance herself, and I’m sure once she was able to view all their trifling sideway comments she was happy she made that decision. Back to Nia I can honestly understand your feelings regarding the backlash you are receiving, however it seems you are still deflecting responsibility. This was on you and you alone and like I tell my child…..there are consequences for your actions.

  16. emma says:

    girl stop!!SHE put herself in this mess!I know Evelyn is not sitting there trying to act like it’s ok to hit someone!!NO IT”S NOT!!!what is wrong with these girls!!!

  17. Stopit says:

    Here is a list of the shows sponsors:
    General Motors Corporate Office | Headquarters
    … 300 Renaissance Center Detroit, MI 48265

    Burger King Holdings, Inc.
    5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
    Miami, FL 33126
    (305) 378–3000

    Pepsico Corporate Office | Headquarters
    700 Anderson Hill Rd. Purchase, NY 10577

    Twix (Mars Incorporated) President Todd Lachman
    6885 Elm St.
    Mclean, VA 22101
    Phone: 703-821-4900 or Head Of Advertising 973-691-3536
    Fax: 703-448-9678

    Bounty (Proctor & Gamble)
    1 Procter and Gamble Plz Cincinnati, OH 45202
    (513) 983-1100

    Garnier (L’Oreal)
    575 5th Ave.
    New York, NY 10017
    Phone: 212-818-1500

    Proactiv (CEO’s Assistant Name is Heidi)
    3340 Ocean Park Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    PHONE: 310-581-6250
    FAX: 760-773-9016

    Progressive Insurance
    6300 Wilson Mills Rd
    Mayfield Village, OH 44143
    President Secretary: Janice ext 6253300

    Contact them and let them know that we will not support their products if they continue to sponsor a show like this. The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to contact them is through their Facebook pages. Just write out why they shouldn’t sponsor VH1′s Basketball Wives and simply copy/paste your message to each sponsor’s Facebook page. I already did it so join in!

  18. Evil-yn Hoe-zada & her Co-signer says:

    Just as one of the bloggers have said, you WELCOMED a law suit!! VH1/Shed Media is so wrong for this Ultra-Biased reunion show and poor display of any sort of professionalism. And yes, Shaunie…if any of you and your “CIRCLE” walked into a room I would think of you as HOT GHETTO MESS! This goes to show you that beauty is literally only skin deep. It is really sad. Sad for your families and sad for you. You make yourselves look like complete fools while other VH1 execs are laughing AT YOU all the way to the bank! Evil-yn is doing so much damage control right now because of her book tour. Evil-yn, congrats on your marriage but guess what honey… Your step kids and your daughter will forever see you as LOOSE and attention hungry when they get old enough review these shows. Its not just Chad Ochocinco, we believe you would have given your cookies to any man with status and money on the first night. You get 1 hour to make an impact on the world and this is what you gave us!! Pathetic! Nia dear…they have you fooled just like they have Suzie fooled. They made you into a puppet for the rest of the nation to have the last laugh at your own emotional dispense.

  19. Just sick and tired of VH1 BS says:

    nia why why are you commenting…you are a non-mf factor with your IKE TURNER weave. Go somewhere and kick rocks with big veneer teeth Ev.. Keep listening to Tami who was just as crazy whn she was on Real World..I hope Jen wins the lawsuit and just leave you enuf money for a new weave and edges. Oh maybe gold digger Shaunie will front you lmao Poof be gone !!!

  20. Nonya says:

    First of all, WHY is SHE HERE GIVING AN INTERVIEW??? AND I thought John Salley said that she (Nia) did NOT come to the reunion on advise of her lawyer, but this interview says that she was “chillin” in Evelyn’s dressing room? Was VH1 trying to have Nia ASSAULT Jennifer again? So,If that was the way you were raised and how you grew up, then you are in a heap of trouble and you might as well have a lawyer on speed dial. Maybe next time, you will keep your hands to yourself and not get into other people’s business. You say Jennifer welcomed the smack?? What she said is a figure of speech, know the difference! You and Evelyn are trying so so hard to “expose” Jennifer that it is all backfiring on both of you and you end up looking like FOOLS!
    Yeah, you right that being a celebrity is NOT for EVERYONE-like your “friend” Evelyn. Her head doesn’t even fit on her head let alone this earth! Jennifer has surrounded herself with new people in her life because she realized that she was changing and growing and you and company were not going in the same direction as her and you and company were just dragging her down with your RATCHET behavior-GET A CLUE & GROW UP!!!

  21. vicki says:


  22. Ms Vevi says:

    Mel…..I am over this birds. NO matter how many comments and blogs they see calling them out on their behavior….they REFUSE to take responsibility for the behavior. IT’s like speaking to a brick wall.

    Exactly!! They don’t seem to get it! Yet they want Jen to take full responsibility for her actions! Really? They can’t be that dense! Actually, they think we are the slow ones and can’t see the situation for what it is. This little PR stunt is so transparent and pathetic!!

    Give it up Shaunie, VH1, Eve, and Tami because its not working. You are just making your selves look bad trying to make Jen out to be the bad person.

  23. angie says:

    Nia,what the hell do you care if she has other friends.It’s her right to hang out with anyone she wants.Maybe she doesn’t want to hang out with classless,ghetto,uneducated b*****S like you and Evelyn!!!!!

  24. Julie says:

    Basketball Wives hands down is the absolute worst show ever!! I normally enjoy watching my fair share of reality shows but this is just trash. I beg VH1 to drop this ridiculous waste of viewing time. There is absolutely NO substance to any of it…just a bunch of rich wenches mouthing off slang, fighting and acting stupid. I want to watch this why?

  25. Big Girl says:

    Its funny how everybody was “ABOUT THAT LIFE” jennifer popped that lawsuit on that A$$ and now Evelyn/Nia want to explain why and what went on. As for Evil Ev , Jennifer said to your face exactly how she felt and you justran with a subject and now u mad cause she didn’t stoop to your level so now you so call miss your friend…..knock it off, Nia move on and shake evelynshe finally caught something , not sure what it is #eastsidelover

  26. Byron says:

    Let me just say this, I don’t care how you were “raised.” It’s common sense not to just go around assaulting people. Sometimes people have to learn there lesson and obviously this is your time and your lesson. You can’t just go around hitting people because you don’t like what they’re doing or who they’ve become. If you really wanted to get back at Jennifer, you should have killed her with kindness. But now she’s “killin” you with that lawsuit. You deserve the lawsuit, because you wanted to be big and bad on national TV and now you’re going to be “big and bad” in that court. And like I have said before, many people put on different personas and and create images to attract their audience. Don’t hate on Jen for trying to increase her paper. I can understand you would be mad, but there are different ways of going about you. Nia you really made me mad when you slapped her because she didn’t deserve that. Think of the message you’re sending to kids around the country to hit someone if you don’t like how they are acting. So, so, so, wrong. #teamJennifer #teamRoyce #teamKesha #nuffsaid

  27. dallday says:

    Well Evelyn should have kept her out of it. Nia was not one of the “wives” she should have stayed out of it. These women are really something; they put themselves out there saying look here at me, and then they are surprised at people’s reactions. I mean really this show is not like CSI ;it a so-called reality show. We know scripted shows are actors playing a role, so yes these shows have a little more emotion invested into them.

  28. I wish to remind everyone that Jen said she is not suing her for money and I believe her. Jen is suing your damn CROOKED ass Ms. CROOKS to teach you a lesson. Sure hope your boss Ev is going to pay for all you legal fees or maybe you can ask a hand out from Shaunie, (who by the way will not give you and time) Tami (this one will probably beat you up) or Scummy Suzie (who has nothing to offer).

    Oh and appearing anywhere with your Boss Ev will just make things worse. I sure hope Jen sues you and again remember she is not suing you for money, she is suing you to make sure you obey the law and keep your CROOKED HANDS TO YOURSELF MS. CROOKS!

  29. Lauren says:

    You deserve everything coming to you, that will teach you to show off. Ev and Tami baited your dumb ass an you fell for it you thought you were going to be a big shot for showing your ass well guess what you look like a real fool. Look around you Tami had a slight heat attack and nobody will host Ev’s wedding GOD don’t like ugly. I personally don’t plan on watching the show anymore and Shaunie is just your PIMP.

  30. Cynthia Sledge says:

    I think that it is great that Nia has a chance to feel the heat. She had no right to get up and hit Jennifer for no reason. I really believe that Nia and Evelyn are just jealous of Jennifer. Personally, I think htat Evelyn is stupid and a high class slut . Tammy is an old fool who needs to get off the show and worry about her grown daughters. Shaunie is so phony and just an opportunist. She is the reason why the show is such a huge embarassment to black women. Shaunie needs to also go and find a real job and take care of all of those children that she have with that ignorant ex husband of hers. She is nothing without the Oneal name. If Shaunie had any self respect she wouldn’t have had multiple kids with that monster before he even considered marrying her. I say that the show needs to be taken off of the air.
    Also, Tammy really need to go back and take a good look at herself when she first got on the show. Evelyn made fun of her constantly and she was the one that everyone made fun of in regards to her hair, her clothes and her body. Even though she had the Lips surgery, it still did not change the fact that she is still shaped badly and built like a man. Her weave is so ugly and she had the audasity to make fun of Kenya’s hair as if she could. Honey take a good look at the old clips from the old episodes and shut the f up.

  31. Tina says:

    Please I agree with “Saywhat”, stop trying to insult us with the fake apologies. We the viewers know all the apologies are for pure damage control. Shaunie, just say yes I broke up friendships for the money. Tami, you were actually better the first season you were on. Now you sit like you are miss untouchable. Cut it Out!

  32. lisa says:

    Nia is delusional. Anyone watching that show when she slapped Jen can clearly see that Jen was not asking to be smacked. She said “I wish you would” like please come over here and try.
    Jen never thought you would be that bold and stupid. Nia are you retarded or just a bum beetch.
    You LOVED jen? Really! According to you and Evilyn, jen only spent a couple of nights at your place. How does that constitute Love. You and Evilyn are some sick cows. Sounds like you had plans for Jen for a threesome and she wanted nothing to do with you dike bums.

  33. Go Away Nia says:

    Nia, every time you say she “welcomed the smack” you sound like a fool. You need to just apologize for your inappropriate, hood-rat behavior and then go FAR away and just wait for your court date. I hope you are prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law. This was your desperate attempt at 15 minutes of fame (and you got it), so just fall back now. I don’t even know why VH1 interviewed you at the reunion. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t have a right to even speak. After you spoke with your hands you lost that right.

    And p.s., we honest don’t care who the “real” Jen is – so you and Evelyn’s feeble attempts to expose her are fruitless and stupid.

  34. Toni says:

    @Stopit: Thank you so much, I will do it and make sure all of my comments are on each of the sponsors, again thank you for sharing. It’s time to get these bullies out of the TV, out of our lives. They are so pathetic.

  35. Marisa says:

    For the final time for those like No Edges here to stupid to realize the phrase I wish you would is an actual warning dummy. The Bird Circle recieved letters saying after that birthday party mess if hands are laid on Jen by that cast there would be legal implications. So the Bird Bunch brought this idiot whose to stupid to realize she was a pawn. Go tell a judge that Jen welcomed the slap and see when your laughed out of court in handcuffs you thug. I wouldnt roll with you backstabbing heffas either, Jen said she had her reasons for not rolling with you and has no divulged details unlike you classless trolls. Also No Edges werent you outside Nostrils birthday with Evil waiting for Jen to come out the back. This is a classic case of when keepin it real goes wrong. I have some friendships end because of whatever the reasons but I move the hell on once a person dont want to roll with me I go about my business. I dont go aroudn demanding to know why they dont, you had NO PLACE at that race track and especially that discussion Tami decided to bring up there,since they got the legal letters you should have kept your mouth shut. GROW UP

  36. MissBee says:

    What I don’t get is how everyone is after Jen saying she’s wrong to press charges and sue, but nobody tried to stop Nia from slapping her. Nobody told her to sit down. For her to think “I wish you would” really means that someone wants to be slapped says she’s an idiot and should be in jail. This is how young men end women ind up doing time every day–getting physical over anger. Nia says that’s how she was raised, but I was raised to believe that you don’t hit someone over words. Maybe she should blame her parents then. Truth of the matter is, Nia was looking proud of herself after she slapped Jen. Even right after nobody had a problem with the slap, they only had a problem with Jen’s words in reaction to the slap. Evelyn did cry because Nia slapped Jen, she cried because Jen insulted her AFTER the slap. Hell Shaunie, Evelyn, Suzie, Tami and Nia should all go to prison.

  37. Lesson Learned says:

    Nia, you should have used your own brain in this situation. You wanted to try to make yourself “relevant” in the wrong way. You should have known that being invited on camera was a set up. Stop acting stupid saying the Jen asked to be slapped. You sound like Tami when she said that Kesha left her purse in the chair and she was just picking it up and protecting it for her. YOU ARE JUST LIKE YOUR FRIENDS IN “THE CIRCLE”. You only feel bad about what you did because people are jumping on you. You have no remorse so deal with the consequences of what you did. Also, why is it wrong for Jen to have new friends when everyone in the circle kicked her to the curb. Grow up and get over it. Jen has.

  38. Growth says:

    Nia, let Ev fight her own battles!! What you did to Jen was terrible. I hope you can grow from this experience and be your best.

  39. Gogo says:

    VH1, why are you condoning this type of behavior? I have noticed over the past couple of weeks, you have made it seem as though Jennifer is the issue and not these violent, disrespectful, ghetto ass women. I am so tired of you justifying this type of behavior. You actually believe women are going sit back and allow this destructive conduct to go on any further. Women are tired of these distasteful shows exploiting us like were idiots and degenerates. I would really encourage you to find a new PR team because what you have is not getting the job done. The whole shift the blame on the victim to justify the aggressors’ actions no longer works! I don’t care about these women’s childhood sob stories. We all have our cross to bear. These ladies are no exception! I personally feel offended when folks try to pass off the blame to someone else. STOP USING YOUR PAST AS AN EXCUSE TO BEHAVE BADLY!!! Vh1 YOU equally share the blame for advocating violence between women. It seems to me that you really don’t care about how this affects women at all. Your primary concern is making money at the expense of others. I have news for you; I plan on joining the others in petitioning against BBW 5th season, as well as your network.
    Nia, you are really as stupid as you look. No one welcomes a smack in the face. Jennifer was warning you there will be consequences for your actions. Unfortunately, you have been hanging out too long with Evelyn. She has that idiotic mentality as well. Both of you need to be in the Bronx Zoo. I think you both will find the accommodations to your liking. You wanted fame and fortune doing the show. Well you can now say you’re well-known. Not a popular reputation either! Don’t let Evelyn tell you that bad press is still good. It makes you relevant. No dummy – it makes you less marketable.

  40. Oh Puleeze says:

    What? That’s how you were raised? Were you raised by WOLVES? How do you get to be 40 years old and not know that you don’t put your hands on other people? You shouldn’t have let Evelyn goad you into doing her dirty work. I’m glad Jen is suing you! This sends a strong message to others who think they can slap people and get away with it. I hope they put you in jail too! NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU!

  41. LoreeC says:

    That’s what the hell she gets. When you act like a fool, you are perceived as one. It’s not rocket science honey, really. Grown a$$ women acting ratchet for a few bucks….smdh

  42. darlene says:

    That’s just what you get, you thought you was a bad a!! huh. Number one you should not even been there, But you have your new best friend to thank evelyn. you should get jail time. If anyone look like a bum bit!! it you.

  43. Monica says:

    Ghetto Hot Mess.. You deserve the burn

  44. monica says:

    Nia, “I wish you would” is just like someone saying, “Go jump in the lake” you don’t actually do it. You need to go to school. Maybe start at 3rd grade…..Hunni.. Oh and P.S. If that Judge doesn’t give you jail time, I’m starting a petition. Ill be watching

  45. Millie Kelly says:

    I feel sorry for all three of you. It did not have to happen that why. What if Nia or Evelyn got slapped by Jen. It would have been a total blowout. Jen is not the type to hit anyone. I am quiet sure you know her that why. If you say you are her friend.

  46. jenny says:


  47. So I guess when she goes 2 court, her defense will be Jen Told me to slap her? I have 2 say is, GOOD LUCK GIRL!!!!! I hope Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn visits you in JAIL!!!!!

  48. Poor poor Nia, I bet when you recevice that letter ( lawsuit ) in the mail, you wanted to slap your own face for being Evenlyn fool. I think it’s disrespectful to blame your parents or where you lived growing up! You chose to kiss Evenyln butt, and do her dirty work, now make Evenyln pay your lawyer fee’s and slap her if she don’t. The fact that Evenyln has to tell Jennifer suposely business is because she not a tramp, and she carry’s herself in a classy way, Evenyln even when Jen was your friend you could tell you were not cut from the same cloth. Jennifer was saying things here and their, but nothing like Shauntie did to Gloria or Tammi did to Jen about so food stamps or Tammi and Evenyln did to Meeka or what Shauntie did to Royce and how about what Evenyln did to Susie or how Evenyln and Shauntie did Tammi, how Evenyln did Royce, how Tammi
    and Evenyln did Kenya and how Tammi did Kesha! So with you now Nia you have join the circle. Have you thought about your career? VH1 YOU SHOULD BE SHAME! PROTECTIN BULLIES, I WILL BE CONTACTING THE SPONsor

  49. A Warning To Young Women says:

    I see somebody advertising for large men, chubby women, interracial relationships, etc. Be aware of these sex slave predators that you see on America’s Most Wanted. Don’t believe everything you hear. People will lure you with money, etc., but may really be trying to use you or entrap you for their own self-serving reasons. I’m a grandmother. I see a possibility of a danger here, and I just want to warn young people to be aware and to think before you answer an ad that can entrap or harm you. Best not to take the risk!

  50. bronxbootylicious says:

    What did you think would happen Nia if you slapped someone? If you put your hands on someone? You live in Harlem and I grew up on 8th Avenue. Once upon a time dude and chicks were fighting and I have family that have murder people and spent years in jail. Keep you anger under wraps. Keep ya hands to ya self, because if you were in front of an officer, he would have arrested you for assault. Jen is right, the prosecutor can take over an issue and persue charges whether you like it or not. Whether you asked to get ya azz kicked or not!!! Come on ladies let’s be smart and get $$ Not stupid and senseless. Nia did you al least get paid for your episode?

  51. Des says:

    Nia, girl you sound like a fool with your answers. In one breath you say, “a person that I used to love”, and the next breath, you say, “she welcomed the smack”. Please just explain to me and all the viewers, how do you smack someone you love? How & why? As an adult you made a life changing choice and I really hope that you have truly learned from this. You really need to be mindful of those you allow in your circle/head.

  52. FABIOLA says:


  53. NeeNee says:

    I’m trying to understand how uth the hell did she welcome a smack?! Nia you are not stupid and if you were raised in the average black home, you know damn well ” I wish you would” means …. Go ahead and press your luck by putting your hands on me so you can end up in ICU! You need to go ahead with that b.s …if such a big deal would not have been made about this chicks actions , there would be no apology and they would continue their wreckless actions. This is damage control.

  54. Angel says:

    Sloppy, Nas-T & Ugly that’s the truth about u & evelyn…… I am glad Evelyn is not coming back then we won’t have to look at ur poor,broke,ass!!!

  55. oh please says:

    I do not feel sorry for you; however I do feel sorry for that nasty wig you’ve got on boo boo

  56. Latasha says:

    That’s what the hell she gets for trying to follow your example!! LOL…Tell her keep on following your lead

  57. Natural Chica says:

    These women are a disgrace to our society! I pray that this show will no longer air after this season. I can’t stand these wicked women

  58. jazzymarie says:

    First of all, you wrong for wearing that dress and that weave. But dang, you were brought there to do that, it was premeditaded. So take that slap you are going to get from the courts. What are you going to do when you get to the part where Shaunie blames you for destroying her show. How do you get angry at someone because they don’t want to be your friend? She is over all of you no matter what, she wants and has a new crew.

  59. Coucou says:

    This should be a lesson to you and all others out there. KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!!!!
    You got set up by your so called friend Ev. Keep crying. You don’t even sound remorseful and obviously don’t yet see that what you did was wrong. I don’t care what you say, your parents didn’t raise you that way so stop making excuses and lying. Even if they did, you are old enough to know that you don’t just go around attacking people. Shut up and stop making yourself look stupid. That will teach you a lesson.

  60. ruserious says:

    Nia really and Evelyn come on , first thing if Evelyn would not have been acting like a bully then this Nia check wouldn’t have act an A$$ on national T.V., to me Nia is a follower and when you follow someone that doesn’t mind making a fool of their self every week you do the same, i was in love with the show when it first came on because I thought that it was going to be a real classy show with classy women, but i was wrong all this show was about it women walking around showing off what they have don’t get me wrong I;m not knocking anyone from getting their hustle on but life isn’t about the glitz and glam all day, what they should have been showing young ladies how much work goes into being a BBW, NOT RED BOTTOMS, GUCCI, etc.., we as women that have our change in the spot like set a platform for the young girls that are inspiring to be like the, EVELYN’S, TAMMIE’S, SHAWNEE’S, and JENNIFER’S,. come on ladies get it together where is the sista hood that this show was to promote. HOT MESS

  61. Liz_Esq. says:



    Continue to keep it classy. If you monitor all the blogs out there, the public is 110% behind you. With all the money VH1 has and with all their efforts to try to demonize you; it has not worked. What it shows is that they would rather back bullies like Tammy, Evelyn and Shaunie, than stand up for what’s right. Those ladies (if you can call them that) will see their stars slowly dim because the public has such a negative perception of them. I could not believe that at the reunion show they STILL continued to demonize you. They are beyond clueless. The public that made them (I was actually a huge fan of Tammy’s at one point) will certainly break them.
    Oh, and no matter WHAT Spin VH1 or Noya (or whoever she is) puts on it, LEGALLY Jennifer is on point. So you can bash Jennifer or do whatever you guys want to demonize her, the fact remains, she has the legal standing to clean you guys OUT.

  62. BasketballFan says:

    Nia, Nobody cares about what you think, we need to know about Jen. Who are you? You just popped up outta of the blue slapping folk and you think we’re gonna take you seriously? STOP! You might have to kiss Evelyns behind but ***NEWZFLASH*** That’s your JOB! And I hope it’s worth it because you let your boss geek you up to catch a lawsuit.. Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for kids… I wish I could be a fly on the wall when you tell the judge, “She asked to be smacked, so I smacked her!” Chile he’s gonna throw the book at you and your hoodrat mentality just to teach you his reality, “THE LAW!” I see why Jennifer decided to surround herself with positive people with all the negativity you and Evelyn bring to the table.. I’m not even a Jennifer fan, but compared to you slapping Jen because she has new friends and Evelyn airing all Jen’s dirty laundry/ jumping offa tables, its obvious who the real “BUMS” are…. Take a wild guess… The funny part about it al is, y’all were so busy trying to EXPOSE Jennifer ,that cha let your own ugly rear it’s head.. SMDH…. Don’t quit your day job Nia…. #MASSIVEFAIL

  63. realbasketballwife says:

    Nia you are an idiot! “She welcomed the smack”? Are you joking! I hope the judge makes an example out of you and makes you do some time. So you were brought up that way? Who raised you, felons? Don’t you know right from wrong? So if Jen told you to kill yourself would you? You and your buddy Evelyn are pathetic examples of grown women. Real women don’t act like the animals you and she acted like! Jumping across a table because of a comment? SICKENING!!!! Thank you for endorsing the sterotype that black women don’t know how to act! Your family must be so proud!!!

  64. DEE says:

    Evelyn don’t give a ish about you Nia!! I tell you this season is the worst season!!! I never seen so much back sliding,bullying,and condscending bully ish in all my life..Jenn you acted like a lady..U handle it the right way..Press criminal charges against tha half cock fool Nia..She ain’t got no money so u can’t sue her..Dang Nia you went way beyond the duty of being an assistant…What Evelyn paying you!! LMAO..U a FOOL of ALL FOOLS..LMAO…

  65. Yvonne Dixon says:

    Nia – I really feel sorry for you simply because you allowed Evelyn to use/sike you up and make a total a$$ of yourself. Are you so stupid that you don’t see that you were used to do Evelyn’s dirty work for her. You didn’t have a beef with Jen on the real, you didn’t really feel that Jen had put you down, your were very aware that she was going through personal/trying situations, but you allowed Evelyn to persuade you that Jen thinks she is better then everyone. I don’t know when you crawled up Evelyn’s a$$ and let her get in your head but if she really cared anything for your friendship she would have taken the time to make sure you didn’t come on the set looking such an uneducated rachett hood rat, she could have atleast taken you to get aa decent outfit and wig, (IJS) Both you and Eve keep saying where you come from – WTH does that mean you came from a cave or what?

    I really believe if you went to Jen as a woman/true friend and asked sincerely for her to forgive you for acting the fool on national TV by putting you hands on her she just might do that. Evelyn is not anyones ride or die if they don’t go along with her actions. I’m sure even you can see that now. BTW have you gotten a spot on the so-called Chad & Eve show miss assistant? IJS.

  66. leelee says:

    Everyone makes mistakes. We all have sins. Nia made a mistake, now she has to pay the price but no one should judge her for that.

  67. Maria says:

    I really hope Nia reads this! “I wish you would” IS NOT an actual invitation and you know that!!! You probably cannot count how many times in your life you’ve heard that term and even used it yourself to no reaction. But, since there’s camera’s around and it’s Jennifer (who YOU KNOW does not hit people) and you wanted to introduce the world to NIA CROOKS, you seized the opportunity!

    Now you’re hurt…now you’re crying, well I was hurt and I cried when i saw a woman that looks like me walk around a table and put her hands on another woman that looks like me! There is no reasoning for such behavior and you keep saying “she welcomed the slap” well, excuse Jennifer for giving you more credit than you were worth and expecting you to behave like a LADY and Im not even a fan of hers but wrong is wrong, that is the moment I vowed to no longer support this show after seeing your hit her and NO ONE stopped you from hitting her and then Evelyn jumping across tables like its a jungle jim! I can’t support such behavior, even if the women do look like me.

    I almost boycott Vh1 too, but then I realized if you women didn’t behave this way…then they’d have no choice but to air everything else instead of only focusing on the altercations!

  68. Jeremiah says:

    My thing of the matter is that u, had no right putting on hands on Jennifer. Evelyn ur rude. Nun of u are basketball wives; from the start.

  69. The Boss says:

    Just how you were brought up! To slap people because you don’t like how they are acting about your use to be friendship. Jennifer dose not have to be yours or Evelyn’s friend if she decides she no longer wants to.You and Tammy are blaiming your stupid actions on the ‘WORLD’ you come from. Where is that world? Please give me some directions so I can avoid going there by mistake. I don’t want to run into people like you, Evelyn, Tammy, and Shaunie. I want a world better than the one you came from for myself and other intelligent human beings. Now that that senseless slap was seen around the world, you are crying…too late.Suffer the consequences and take it like a man.

  70. Patricia says:

    HELLO! News flash, I wish you would does not mean to do it especially when it’s a figure of speach. So how can you think that she invited you to slap her on national T.V., what planet are you from and if you were raised that way then you need to be retrain or re-raise if there is such word. If you were a friend like you stated of both Jen and Evelyn and you had something to say to Jen why bring it to the group. Look what your 5 min. of fame cost you… Was it really worth it?

  71. Patricia says:

    Jeremiah, well said… They need to rename the show as “EX Basketball Wives” I could be wrong but isn’t everyone on the show divorce? Evelyn and Chad, a HOT MESS. Wasn’t he on a reality show called the Ultimate Catch? What happen with that girl?

  72. Shawna says:

    Let be a lesson to Nia, Evelyn and Tami or anyone who use physical abuse to dispute a situation. How often have you heard someone said something such as “hit me” and you know that they mean it. She knew that Jen didn’t meant for her to hit her, yet she went ahead and hit her. We have been teaching our children about consequences and their actions. Well, since Nia said that this is how she was raised and a normal reaction, I am sure she is not learning about consequences.

  73. London Void says:

    No one cares or feels sorry for her. She is a grown woman. Who acts like that? Regardless of how you were raised, get out of here with that. See what going around hitting people gets you. Everyone thought it was funny until charges were brought up. I would have done the same thing. Next time you will be quick to think and not so easy to respond.

  74. Michelle says:

    Wow…just wow!! Every time I hear one of them say “that’s how I was raised” or “where I come from” I just want to throw up. How old are they? I mean give me a break! It shows that these women are not really sorry for that behavior because all they have been doing is justifying the it. If I was one of their family members, I would be embarrassed at the fact that they keep putting the blame on their upbringing. Nia knows good and well that when Jen said “I wish you would” she was being sarcastic, not inviting the slap. If Nia had been paying attention in school, she would have learned what sarcism is. Nia just wanted to prove to Ev that she is “down” and “about that life”. Well Nia, just remember to tell the judge that you are down and about that life and hopefully if you get a jail sentence it won’t be for too long and you better hope that your “friend” Evelyn will come see you. Oh, and remember to put their names (Ev, Tami and Shaunie on the list so that they will get clearance to see you on visiting day and able to put money on your books. I hope you sincerely learn that your actions were DEAD WRONG no matter what your “friends” tell you. It is NEVER okay to physically assault someone. Just ask the rapper Da Brat because she knows first hand what will happen if you decide to get physical with someone. Oh and by the way, Ev should be thankful that Kenya did not file charges on her for attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon because she would really be in some trouble.

  75. SARAH says:

    Nia that what you get to put your hand on somebody.This will be a good lesson for you.

  76. marge says:

    Give me a freaking break,,,,NOBODY cares about how Nia feels…she should have given that some thought before she made her TV “debut” as a hood rat…I’m sure she’s crying…lol..
    Why didnt somebody style her before her scene??? That Wig and makeup is a mess. IF she really wanted to speak with Jennifer it should have been done privately…But for “drama” sake VH1 and Shaunie allowed that mess to happen on televison…Well now Nia can tell it to the judge…

  77. Lynn says:

    Nia , your a grown woman and blaming Jennifer for you physically hitting her is WRONG on every level. What a mature woman would have said is “I am sorry I hit her” and leave it at that. Instead there is a excuse ( how I was raised, Jennifer asked for it ). There is no viewer out there that believes Jennifer wanted a slap in the face. She had every right to say something negative to you because you started in on her from the start. She defended herself with WORDS, not her FIST. Walking away is not WEAK when your grown. Physically assaulting people is wrong. You may be a nice lady but you came across as a out of control BULLY. I have MUCH respect for Jennifer and how she has handled herself this season. I would call Jennifer a BARBIE, beautiful and classy.

  78. Jayne' says:

    @Tiff, it’s not a matter of Jennifer being exposed. Everyone has a past and no one is perfect. Jennifer has always said she wasn’t perfect. So regardless of what dirty little secret Evelyn can tell of Jen’s, or what the outcome of her polygraph test may suggest, I’ll still respect Jenn more than Evelyn, Tami, Suzie, Shaunie and Nia put together. Jen has presented herself as a lady even in the tough situations she was put in. Neither Evelyn Tami nor Nia did that. They wanted to act all hood and ’bout that life. Now that the world views them as classless bullies, they want to deflect the attention from their bad behaviors to Jen’s past. Her past doesn’t matter.

  79. raven3658 says:

    Where do you girls come from? I keep hearing from 40+ women that “Where we come from” we do this, we do that? Grow up all of you time to stop talking about handling your business by bullying and even to go so far as to want to fight…Really? At this age? How dare you think it is ok to slap someone?


  80. raven3658 says:

    If nia had not done what she did…no one would be talking about her. These people will do anythng for fame. Shaunie has ruined a good brand, Evelyn is considered damaged goods on all fronts. Evelyn is a beautiful girl on the outside but when she opens her mouth and her attitude turns her into very UGLY person.

  81. Nia, from an outsider looking in > Jen got hit in the head by Evelyn, then smacked in the face by Nia.. smh.. what jen said/did to make you come out of your womenly grace was not that serious to use your hands… smh… that shows how WEAK OF A WOMAN/HUMAN you are.. nobody deserves that type of abuse.. not even an animal..smh,.. yet you reacted like a savage.. and you WACK for that “i was raised that way ” comment.. Please.. people who become a product of their environment can only blame themselfs for all faults!! its no exuses to that behavior from non of the ladies.. smh jen and keisha is the only 2 ladies with class on the show.. ..i love evelyn, but i was disapointed with her behavior this season..

  82. amorenomore says:

    You can thank Evelyn for your predicament. She wanted you there for this very reason. You explanation of “she wanted me to hit her” is hilarious. If she told you to jump off a bridge, would you? Don’t be stupid…you KNEW what she meant. Jen has EVERY RIGHT to have you arrested – YOU put YOUR hands on HER!! That’s what happens when you get physical with someone. And what’s worse is YOU KNOW it, so stop making excuses. The tears that you shed are b/c you could go to jail & you should. But Evilyn should be there right next you!

  83. I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Harlem Projects. St Nicholas to be exact. [nope don't confuse if for Santa Claus] I worked hard to get away from the people I was with. I got into a prep school then college and law school. I have no idea what this Harlem resident refers to when she says “that is where I am from or how I am raised”. Obviously apart of your life lesson to know you cant use violence and contemplate having absolutely no consequences. I agree with many of the comments. Do not justify just understand your not so unconcealed hate lead you down a miserable road. However, Nia if in the end you come out reborn, cleansed, humble, strong, the real beautiful you under all that hate…well then the jail time or whatever it is your reaped from your hate is all the worth it. None of us are immune from the hate whether we suffer legally , spiritually , emotionally, , through disease or all of them. Seriously this applies to all the hatred on show. Vaya Con Dios!

  84. nonghetto says:

    HOT GHETTO MESS!!! to repeat what’s been said by many others… Looks like a set up for NIA. Girl, you were played by Evil-lyn–like a music instrument. She manipulated you against Jenn who was you friend. Then, brought (or invited) you to a meeting/lunch where you had no business. You were set up royally, by Evil-lyn and probably Shaunie. Now who’s in trouble legally and maybe financially? Not them. They went laughing to the bank. They did try to help you by threateing to sue Jenn to make her drop the suit, and maybe by exposing her in some way through a lie detector test.

    Jenn should keep the lawsuit–regardless! You can’t go around hitting people. If you’re lucky maybe she could simply take you to small claims court on national TV–either Judge Joe Brown who has a “bad girls” segment or Judge Judy–either of them will give you a good tongue lashing. But the most you will have to pay will be $5000. And bring Evil-lyn w/you as a witness. (She will get a tongue lashing too.) Oh, sorry, I bet Evil-lyn wouldn’t show.

    In any event, you were played, Girl.

  85. lolilea says:

    I don’t care how you grew up, you don’t hit grown women over a disagreement. If you are hurt, you talk to them privately. I’m not saying Jenn is perfect, but grow up. She AIN’T about that ife, and maybe you shouldn’t be either.

  86. i dont care how much u say your sorry you should have never put your hands in her face she didnt approached you to do anything to so so man up and say you were wrong because if it was anyone else you would have never done it next time think before you act as the saying goes be careful what comes out of your mouth cause it can ruin a good friendship or a good relationship

  87. JAILBOUND says:

    Hey Nia, since your defense is she welcomed it, please I beg you when you get to court tell the judge what your defense is, I can see the shock and disgust on the face of the judge I am praying day and night that he throws you in jail then after you do your time make sure you are confined in a mental asylum for the rest of your life because according you apparently, that is how you were brought up. If you don’t want to go to the asylum maybe the Miami zoo can be your new diggs cause you acted like an animal.

    How pathetic to try and use that as your reason, you are a disgrace to all women spineless with no direction in life what a LOOSER!!! Oh and by the way when you go to jail make sure you get into it with some hardcore jail bird and go with your stupidity and slap them, see what will happen will you say that they welcomed it? You are so so stupid that you so far up Eviln’s a$$ that I am sure you were watching while they we editing the show you picked up what Tami said to Kenya in Tahiti that Jen did not tell Kenya that she asked to be slapped, then had the audacity to say with that stupid smack on her face that “SEE SHE DID NOT TELL YOU THAT SHE ASKED TO BE SLAPPED!!! I wonder if Eviln, Tami, Shaunie, Suzie, VH1 and SHEMEDIA is going to foot your legal bill?

    I hope you can get a good lawyer who is half as good as JOHNY COCHRAN or JOSE BAYEZ , wait how you going to pay them? People are judged by the company the surround themselves with, So looks like MS. CROOKS has CROOKED pals. I dont feel sorry for you one bit you did this so like Eviln and Tami were saying if you get slapped you take it and keep moving on so my advise to you is exactly the same if you get your dumb a$$ take it and keep it moving.!

  88. Nitkita says:

    Regardless how angry you get…you don’t put your hands on anyone. She knew Jen, was using that as a common phrase, not an invite to be slapped! So Ms. Big almighty you deal with your bold actions.

  89. nessa says:

    I dont feel sorry for you… that’s what you get, i hope you will have time to sit and think about your reaction when you start your sentence…lmao at you… how Dumb can you be.. in the same room you were, you just freaking heard Tami and Shaunie talk to jen about the letter they ALL received regarding Jen’s lawyers and anyone that does anything to her, then your monkey looking @ss gets up and slaps her.. that’s dumb in my opinion.. now when she said she wish you would, she knows what she stands for and she dared you because she just freaking announced that she will take it to the law if she is ever violated, any smart person if you were smart would backoff.. Good for you, i hope other wil learn

  90. Donna says:

    LMBO!!! I forgot to agree with the comment about Nia’s wig and make up!! I said the same thing the day that episode played. I was like, Nia, if Evelyn is paying you so good and such a good friend, she should have made sure your appearance looked way better than it did. You looked just like a hood rat as you acted. You most definitely fit the part (description).

  91. Shaunie, Ev & Tami Sent you to Jail says:

    Tami was on Twitter sending out links to this story and Shaunie has mostly been MIA. VH1, Shaunie, Ev & Tami must be feeling guilty for sending this woman to jail. They put her in the situation, they knew she wasn’t that bright, so they are as responsible. Who takes a warning as an invitation? I wish you would was hardly an invitation for someone with common sense, in their right mind and with an IQ above 39.

    Anyway, she is being sentenced at the end of the month and it ain’t looking to good. This was the lowest thing this group has done so far putting this woman in a cage for ratings. She will forever have a prison record. Jennifer should have no guilt feelings she is just doing what any normal person with good sense would do. If she let’s Nia get away with this then this mean girl group will just send her back in to do something else, since they would know they have a new tool to use.

  92. YB says:

    Nia to earth… Nia to earth… Whenever you threaten to slap someone and in return they say to you, “Yeah, I wish you would” is not them asking to be slapped. IT’S A DARE- not an invite. For you and the other women to continue to stick with the line ‘Jennifer asked for it’ makes you guys look and sound like morons. Jens’ lawyers will see it for what it truly was. Whether you grew up that way or not (which is sad and unfortunate for you), hopefully, you will learn a lesson from this and think the next time you encounter a similar situation (hopefully not) and keep your hands to yourself. It was a very foolish move. Instead of you gaining from the BBW and using the opportunity as a platform to build on, you instead rapidly crashed and burned to an INFAMOUS end before you got started. Now, as soon as you get paid from the show, you got to hand it over to Jennifer. The devil done made a fool out of you and moved on to someone else. SMH

  93. Lee says:

    You are right Nia, it’s not easy to be ridiculed by total strangers in a public forum. It is also not easy to be physically abused in front of millions as well. Disagreement or not, Jennifer is a human being and did not deserve your violent out of control outburst. I’m sure that you understand now that Jennifer was being facetious when she said, “I wish you would hit me.” Unfortunately, your slow realization will come at a great cost to you in multiple ways. This too shall pass. In the meatime, call out to God for comfort and guidance. I happen to know that He will recommand His son Jesus. Try Him, it will be good for your soul.

  94. Tasia says:

    Thing went worst when Nia came on the show.Why would you come on camera to ask Jenn about some house keys it didnt seem like you was worried at first.Dont you think if you were becoming more closer friends with Eve then her,that Jenn may back up a little.And as for Jenn it really did start with you talking about your friends relationship publicly you should have not done that you really need to just watch what you say especially to camera things can turn really ugly fast.How ever you girls have been friends for so many years I think it can be work out. everything went left due to the show and all the editing .

  95. MARCIA says:

    Between Tami, Evelyn and Nia they are living up to the stereotype of black women. Why does every has to be violent, why can’t grown people sit down and discuss their disappointments or their differences. Might i also say Suzie is the insyigator in most if not all of the confrontations. she needs to get a life and syop going to and fro with gossips. You guys must shoo her went she comes with her tale bearings.

  96. leanna douglas says:

    Wow…..Evelyn set you up for an okie doke. Jen’s attornies sent all the cast members letters warning them not to touch her or she would press charges. It seems like Ev would have given you the heads up before you made such a stupid mistake. Now you lookin like Boo Boo the Fool!!

  97. Lisa says:

    I think it’s quite ridiculous how Evelyn & Nia think that Nia is the victim here. As women yes we think we have a lock on our friendships. Nia was ABSOLUTELY wrong for putting her hands on Jennifer & to use the excuse of “that’s the way I was raised is just as ridiculous”. Once you become an adult you have the choice to improve who you are as a person regardless of your background. I kind of understand how they’re (Nia & Evelyn) feeling, seeing a friend evolve, move on & making new friends can be a little saddening but that gives them no right to behave in the manner in which they have. Unless there is something more to the story the world who watch this don’t know what’s going on, this whole situation is stupid. I feel as black women we have a right & duty; have a responsibility to change society’s view that black women are ghetto, angry women with no home training. Finally, I think Jennifer handled herself with poise, dignity & responsibility. I’m glad she’s using her legal right to teach Nia a lesson, next time she will think before she puts her hands on someone.

  98. priscilla says:

    only bullies think that when a person says ‘i wish you would’ that it is giving them permission to open hand strike someone in the wasnt a light smack..and all i can say is that many more tears are going to be shed before this is through..more people should take legal actions and make more bullies ‘accountable’ for their actions when they physically assault someone…doesnt matter if that is ‘how i was raised’ know better is to do better

  99. priscilla says:

    ps..nia on the reunion show john salley said to evelyn that if she became friends with jen again she might drop charges against you…her response..i couldnt be that about real friendships..if you land in jail think about that fyi

  100. Nia–you got more excuses than a “criminal” going to jail! Oops! That’s where you’re going! And since Johnny Cochran is dead, there no one to help you! See ya!

  101. just sayin says:

    Didn’t Evelyn bring up a lie detector test in Tahati which means they been plotting that out for a while. They had to work that into show before the reunion. Then they happen to have a clip from season 1 between Ashley and Jen just so Tami could accuse of her bullying…….. Are we gonna see the clip of Shaunie talking to her pastor, before she goes in on Jen about loyalty and about her getting the police involved (especially since nobody died). Who in the hell they got working for Shed/Media and VH1 because they have done the poorest job trying to cover this mess up and protect Shaunie, Tami, Ev. Sometimes you got know when to hold ‘em and when to walk away and run. VH1 drop this show and cut your losses. Your name and network is going to be dragged in the gutter right along with BBW. Admit you tried something and it didn’t go over the way you thought. I will continue to protects with your advertisers even more so especially after I saw the reunion show and how staged it was…..

  102. Kory Stephens says:

    Face it, Crooks. Evelyn and Shaunie played you like a harp from hell!

  103. Karen says:

    If its one thing i’m sure you’ve learned Nia, that’s keep your eff’n hands to yourself dumb azz. If i was Jen, i’d do the same thing, sue the eff out of your broke azz. I don’t know what makes you think that slap was nothing. Where i come from, people have been killed for less…Smart’n up fool!

  104. Really, now? says:

    Nia, you CANNOT be serious!! The whole world knows that “I wish you would” is merely an expression, given the context. People in the remotest spots in the world with no television, Internet access, or paved roads know that. What you did was totally out of bounds. I understand what it’s like to want to hurt someone, but if we all did what we felt, humanity would cease to exist. Hitting people, throwing bottles, leaping over furniture and behaving like a werewolf in public is not “keepin’ it real,” as you and Evelyn are so apt to say. That’s just being ignorant. In your case, Nia, it means you’re about to be criminally liable.

    Secondly, I’m thrilled to see that most people on this blog and many others are onto you, Evelyn, Shauni, Suzi, Tami and VH1. Your efforts to drag Jennifer down have come to nothing. No sensible person would say that Jennifer has always behaved perfectly, but looking back on her previous BBW seasons and comparing it to the turnaround she’s made thus far, I would say she has learned some valuable lessons.

    Third, John Salley, who do you think you’re supposed to be? The host of the show should be impartial, and you most certainly were in someone’s pocket! How Jennifer chooses to handle a legal situation with the husband she’s divorcing versus the “friend” who physically violates her is her business, not yours, not Tami’s, and not Evelyn’s. I think a proper host for the reunion would have been Stephen A. Smith of ESPN. Though I’m not a fan of his, I know he would have cut through a lot of the bull. And what’s with that whole bit of springing a lie detector test on Jennifer? She should have told you to turn it sideways and cram it!

    Last, all that twaddle you and Evelyn talked about Jennifer being a Barbie is just your last-ditch effort to sling mud on her. As far as I’m concerned, Barbie’s cool. She’s been a doctor, a singer, an astronaut, a teacher, a model, an architect and a veterinarian, among other things. One thing she’s never been, however, is a prisoner!

  105. Nichole says:

    Hey Nia why don’t join part 2 of the reuinion show & slap Tami. That get high ratings. LOL..

  106. TimetoGrowUp says:

    Nia stepped way out of bounds. Who in their right mind ever thinks it okay to slap someone unless you are defense of your welfare or something. They are shocked because Jen took a strong, zero tolerance stand. I betcha one thing, Nia and the rest of the too live crew will sit on their hands from now on. Growing up a certain way or in a certain neighborhood is no excuse. I guarantee you that you have enough sense not to smack your boss or employer no matter what they said. Even crazy people know where the boundaries are.

    It goes to show you how little they thought of Jen…there was absolutely no respect there. With friends like you, who needs enemies.

  107. YourProblem says:

    You problem Nia is that your world is very small and that bubble you are in with Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie has hindered your reasoning. It’s called group think. You are all rationalizing your bad and unacceptable behavior. When you know D_ _ N well that you are wrong in every direction, color and style WRONG comes in.

    No one can empathize with you, the rest of the mean girls and your rationalizations. Your little petty group and their immature and stupid pride has gotten you in a mess and will keep you there until you come clean. The judge will see to it, if you don’t have the humility to do it before getting to the judge. Trust me, Evelyn, Shaunie, Tami, or VHI will not feed you. A time is coming when it will be bye-bye birdie. You can redeem yourself. APOLOGIZE TO JEN AND ASK FOR HER FORGIVENESS FOR YOUR INEXCUSABLE BEHAVIOR!

  108. Its Whatever says:


  109. jazz3 says:

    I noticed that Shaunie always looks at Nia with discuss. Why didn’t they fix her up before the fight, she looked a hot mess with that ugly wig and dress from Salvationa Army.

  110. WhenKeepingItrealGoesWrong says:

    I have read every comments and I share the same exact sentiments as the others do, so I am going to say that you deserve everything coming to you because you did not conduct yourself like a grown women. You , Tami, Evelyn, and Suzi have the mentality of a immature junior high school girls. Maybe you’ll think twice before you put your hands on someone else.

  111. bbc says:

    How is it possible that the security team stops Evelyn each and EVERY time she goes after someone… in a much smaller space… but everyone sat back and watched Nia behave like a misfit, walk all the way around a LONG table to get to Jenn, and then smack her???? I don’t think Evelyn was the only one who knew why Nia was there that day. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for Nia other than the fact that she seems to have allowed herself to be used by people with a LOT more money than her. They will all walk away, she most likely will not. It won’t help to keep giving interviews showing the perpetrator continuing to blame the victim and showing no real remorse for hurting another person. VH1 just keeps giving Nia the tools to help the prosecution, instead of the defense. I can’t believe Nia has an attorney or she would never have given this interview, and most definitely would not have painted herself as hopelessly violent… since that it’s how she was raised by her own admission.

  112. Gina says:

    Since they showed a clip of Jen getting into it with Ashley in season 1. Are they going to show the clip where Shaunie was bullying Gloria Gaven? Lord knows Tami got into a fight in every episode since she’s been there & Evelyn has fought with everybody but Shaunie. Suzie was a victim of Evelyn taunting, so she should really know how it feels & stop running her mouth to be their friend. Suzie took an automatic disliking to Kenya & Kenya doesn’t even know it. But I bet she’d could kick Susie’s ass. Nia you don’t fit in period. I just used this space they gave you to talk about the real cast members. Girl just crawl back in your gofer hole. What ever!!!!! You don’t matter, you never did……

  113. Leader says:

    Nia I know you wanted to shine, but you look like a fool. Evelyn used you dummy to go against Jennifer. Why were you at the race track, what was your purpose. Evelyn needed one of Jennifer’s phony friends to talk smack about her and you were the chosen one. What a dummy!!! You don’t even see that you were used. Donkey!!!

  114. SweetHarts says:

    Nia, Nina, Nica…
    You know damn well at your age you have no right to slap anyone but yourself for this trouble of now being sued due to the way you grew up… Oh please, stop using your childhood as an excuese to be a hoodrat… Actions causes reactions, and in your case this is what you’ve gotten out of your on the screen slap… You can only blame yourself so grow up and deal with it now…

  115. Olivv says:

    “She said ‘I wish you would.’”
    You make your own decisions… and Evelyn, shut up. All of you CHOSE to go on reality tv and behave like trolls… grow up and own your mistakes.

  116. Rhonda says:

    Nia ,It’s sad that you let Evelyn used you and you could’nt see that happen .
    the normal reaction is if someone get’s and your face that would have be a reaction .but you walked around the table so that was not a normal reaction .she was texting and did see you come around the table.but you never had a chance Evelyn was aready and your head .that was hot headed of you putting your hands on someone why do you think Evelyn put you and the mix because you was a hot head . look at the past show’s with you and Evelyn .good she’s worried about how you make your money be lady 24/7 THINK BEFORE YOU ACT .sorry good luck

  117. DC Reality says:

    Nia deserved exactly what she got! You can’t put your hands on someone and think that nothing would happen. If she was really such a good friend of Jennifer’s then she should have known that Jennifer was not the fighting type and was not going to fight her. This is so ridiculous I don’t even know how to put it into words. Evelyn, Shaunie and Tami do not represent strong successful black women! They merely represent what greed and fame will do to someone who has no morals will do and Nia was just being used as the catalyst for their foolishness. Good riddance to this mess!

  118. John Salley, you are a wimp for VH1 and Shaunie. I agree, you questioned Jen on why she did not sue her husband and again I say her HUSBAND. That was none of your business how she handles the situation with him….. What you should ask is why Shuanie had so much to say when Jen came out, But when Tami gave her excuse (I say things in anger) for being a bully she had nothing to say. Tami and Evelyn are always saying, if you have something to say say it to my face. Yet, they talk about people and say and do the MOST HORRIBLE things to people and you VH1, Shaunie and John Salley have yet to be real and call them out on it. When Tami humiliated Kesha about what she said, which was I COULD HAVE GONE OFF ON HER, BUT I DID NOT. Kesha is right, there was no way she could have made Tami look any more “Stupid” than she made herself look. Evelyn, you are a lost cause. Why did’nt you bully Tami the way you try to bully Jen and others. I see when Kenya came to the island and you saw that look on her face. Why did’nt you leap over that table. You know why, because,we saw fear in your eyes that day… You knew if you jumped at Kenya that day, OH BOY!!!! Suzi, let me tell you. You are a TROUBLE MAKER!! Jen, Royce, Kesha, Kenya look at the episodes, all she does is go to each of you and run back and tell Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami what you said. OOPS, I mean almost said. Shaunie you need to be fair in the situation. You are part of the problem… You need to be honest with Tami, Evelyn, Nia and Suzie. You need to step up to plate and as you girls say and “KEEP IT REAL”, let them know on TV when they are wrong. Think about it. This maybe why the Adverdister are pulling their commericials. You never give the decent ladies a chance…….

  119. TAMMY says:


  120. Correction on spelling of Advertisers……. in previous message

  121. Winnie says:

    Most of these ladies are an embarassment to WOMEN…not just black women. However, I admire Jen for “running away from them and the new young lady for not participating in the bad behavior with Tami”. Evelyn and Tami are especially “negative”. In my opinion, Shaunie is playing them all. Is fame worth losing dignity and respect? How do you teach your children when you are behaving worse than a 3 year old? I would discourage my “sons” from marrying most of them. Best wishes to all of them and may they grow up!

  122. nonghetto says:

    Neya, see ya–wouldn’t want to be ya…

  123. nonghetto says:

    Seriously–apart from my other comments (which I’m sticking to), I’m praying for you, girl. For mercy. I doubt you will get any jail time. You will lose sleep… And, I know you will learn from this. And, you can come back and have a productive life. Look at Vaness Wms.–lost her Miss America title, but didn’t let the scandal keep her down. After whatever happens (in court), resolve to do better, tell Jenn you’re genuinely sorry, be genuinely sorry, stay as far from Devil-lyn as the east is from the west, don’t let people incite you to violence or play you; go to God for comfort, help and WISDOM, asking for HIS forgiveness and mercy. That’s all…

  124. Libby says:

    Nia, I also think that Evelyn set you up. She provoked you into acting like a fool. What happened to the day if someone had the keys to your home, if you want them, JUST ASK FOR THEM!!! Well, you had your 15 sec of fame. I hope it was worth it.

  125. Lucy says:

    GO TO JAIL?.. and you know she didn’t welcome the slap. She said .. YEAH I WISH YOU WOULD like if you do… you’re going to jail..


  126. Laila says:

    I am SO glad Jen is suing Nia! It’s about time someone puts a stop to this barbaric behavior. They underestimated Jennifer and now they’re regretting it. The least likely person to throw the hardest punch is going to silence quite a few people and it couldn’t have happened to more deserving people.

  127. Linnie says:

    Nia, there’s no side of the story to tell. You got up and struck Jen in the face. No matter what she said or did not confess to, you were dead wrong! Who cares if Jen portrayed you as Evelyn’s assistance or Jen’s friend. Dang, that is not the issue! You and Tammy have not met the right ones! Keep putting your hands on ppl and you will be put under the jail! I hope the show is taken off the air because “we” or should I say I are not learning from this experience! I’m 100% in Jen’s corner!! Is she perfect, no, but who is! Y’all some straight up bullies and hoodrats, Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami and you are at the top of the list. VH1 is feeling the heat on this one because they should have stopped it!!

  128. Really says:

    Nia- for every actions there is a reaction. As a GROWN woman you should know slapping another individual because “that’s the way i was raised, that’s how I grew up” does not make any sense! You are not a child, not where your grew up, and your own person. This behavior is not acceptable and if you continued will lead to your downfall or worst, jails.
    I do hope you will mature and learn from this experience if not, umm guess you going to jail, I wonder who will have your back then?

    ohh 100% agree with just saying after saying reunion part 1 in which mainly 4 ppl spoke, some1 trying to do damage control. Way too late though in my opinion. As for lie detector test just like shed/ media paid off the host, I think they paid off every1 else and idk how accurate results will be. I personally think Maury should do lie detector he can’t be bought lol. Shaunie def need to take 1 too she as shady as Suzie.

  129. honestly says:

    I am gonna have to side with Nia….I mean I’m not saying just walk up and slap just anybody…but…if her and Jen were friends, the fact that her and Evelyn have fallen out is no excuse to disown a mutual friend. Ok so she wasn’t “living” there in terms of listed on the lease but she spent 3-4 a week at this woman’s house…had keys to her place at that…now you wanna act all brand new in front of the camera??? That was a smack in the face as well….You go on national TV and speak and treat someone like a total stranger…..that’s foul…Never bite the hand that feeds you!!! Just as sure a Jennifer is coming up in life…that same world can come tumbling down and she can end up in a much worse situation than she says Nia is in….Famous friends are not always true friends…

  130. Whateva_77 says:

    I am really tiredof hearing grown women play this victim role after they have initiated a physical altercation with someone. You don’t have a problem putting your hands on someone and expect that person to deal with the repercussions of being physically violated, however if that same person that was physically violated decided to persue legal actions that will change or alter your life forever then you want to cry about. Nia you were woman enough to slap her and make it physical then be woman enough to handle all repercussions of that come with it. It doesn’t matter what someone says to you words are words…..when you cross the line and make it physical you don’t get to decide how another person reacts to you violating them. Jennifer did not get to decide how you react to how you felt about her words.

  131. dawn cobb says:

    nia you deserve to go to jail for being stupid putting your hands on ppl..

  132. me says:

    next time keep ur hands to urself and ppl won’t be so damn judgemental. so what if she doesn’t want to be ur friend no more go get a life shawty. life goes on u didn’t come in the world with the woman and ur not leave this earth with the woman move on!! u act like u were date her damn!!

  133. Kathleen Cox says:

    I hope that Nia, Evelyn and Jennifer will find the themselves to become friends again. I agree with Nia that her reaction towards Jennifer should have been different. Violence should have never occured. As far as Evelyn goes, all I have to say is she needs to be a better example and her AND Jennifer need to come to their senses and become a better “sisterhood” on Basketball Wives. I HOPE that Nia learns her lesson and I hope that Jennifer’s divorce is finalized because she is too good for “Eric Williams.” I wish the whole cast of “Basketball Wives” the best with their careers and learn to “women” instead of “teenage girls.”

  134. Ha! says:

    Word of advice Nia, the best for you to do is go face the consequences of your actions like a grown up and learn from your mistakes. Next you need to stay out of the spot light and go on a retreat to re-evaluate your life, remember people are judged by the people they surround themselves with. Loose EVIL EVELYIN! Stay away from Tami, Shaunie and Suzie these women will bring nothing but trouble. Spot appearing with Eviln for your interviews it only makes it worse!!!!!! Nia, when you gave Jen your keys to your apartment, you did not doing in front of the whole world it was between the both of you so, bringing that before the cameras was unacceptable also let me tell you one thing even if you thought it was right to do so, the way you are going about it and appearing with the same person who set you up is atrocious! You are only making more people believe Jen because of how she has handled the whole situation!

    Last but not least, Nia give Jen an apology are real heartfelt apology from your heart, not what EVILN, TAMI, SHAUNIE, VH1 or SHED MEDIA is scripting out one for you! Good luck trying to salvage the little or lack of reputation you have!

  135. Jadubbu says:


    Do you not realize that you were setup by your “so-called friend”? Let’s see if she can get you out of this.

  136. Sherri507 says:

    I don’t understand this chick. She keep saying Jennifer invited the slap. Doesn’t that mean she was justified for doing it? Everyone keeps saying Jennifer invited the slap so she should just take the slap and deal with it. Nia also says this is how she was raised so no wonder she is only as far in life as she is today…..facing jail time, a rightly-so fine or probation. I bet you if this had happened to any one of the other ladies it would have been worse….hell Tammi wanted to sue over some stupid t-shirts not even a slap……LOL….I have no pitty or sympathy for Nia, Evelyn, Tammi, Shaunie and and Suzie (yes, her too). I I’m still hoping that pull that Evelyn & Chad show. PEOPLE PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION.

  137. Not a defense says:

    Nia, I hope you are not going to use the fact that Jen said “I wish you would” as a defense. Just apologize to Jen and hope for the best. I still don’t know what happen or why you or Evelyn are so mad at Jen. It seems like a whole lot of of he said, she said, and they said. I am the same age as you women and more than likely I would’ve acted the same way as you did….tryna show I’m bad and nobody better not talk to me crazy..blahblahblah..thanks for the eye opener…this is just stupid!!!!! The more I watch you women behave the way you do the more I check my attitude. I do not want people to see me like that.

  138. Nonya says:

    @Really, now?

    ROTFL!!! with Barbie never been a prisoner! LOL!!! You right about that though, she’s a lot of things but never that!

  139. Nonya says:


    You are so right about that! EVERYONE KNEW what was up except Jen!! Terrible.

  140. CeeGee says:

    Someone buy this dummy a good wig to wear on tv please!

  141. Sylvia says:

    How stupid can you be Nia to think someone would invite you to slap them. She was being sarcastic you nimrod. Are you that dumb to think on National TV your butt can just get up an assault the girl and she not take action. Where the hell was your head at.

  142. giggles says:

    Nia, u deserve every thing u get. U don’t put your hands on anyone. Suzie, you try so hard to fit in with shaunie, Tami, and Evelyn, that you would sell your soul to the devil. Royce, you good for staying away from them. Tami, you do need help. Shaunie, your not a good friend just like Suzie, Tami, and Evelyn, cuz ya’ll sit there and make fun of Jen behind her back, so why do ya’ll care if she speak to ya’ll or not? Evelyn, your not s good friend, always quick to cry, what was so important that u wanted to put everything on the table, but go back to the same interview Jen did. What’s the real reason you turn on Jen like this? And Jen, you need to stay away from all of them, be like Royce, cuz these ladies are not your friend. Oh Kenya, they ain’t your friend either, cuz no friend of mine would put dead fish all in my room.

  143. Sylvia says:

    Don’t blame it on your upbringing. Yo azz is grown and you should be responsible for your actions and the consequences. Duces!

  144. Well, I’m going to say this to Ms Nia – miss want to slap people!!! I bet you think the next time before you go slapping people! Just because you from the HOOD and where you from yall go fighting on people THE SAME HOOD TAMI AND EVIL IS FROM!!! Dont be mad and upset with JENNIFER!!! IT’S NOT HER FAULT. It’s Evil fault she the one that edge you on waited on you to confront Jen!! and you are to blame for your own actions!! Listen Shaunie, Tami Evel, and Nia —- Jennifer dont fight! she wasnt brought up like that. She dont COME FROM THAT LIFE!
    bUT SHE will put those court papers on YOU!! heheheheheh!!! #TeamJennifer!!
    Jennifer you dont need those hags for friends! You are doing so much better without them!!
    Nia be upset with Evelyn for bringing you into this mess! Birds of a feather! they flock together!
    Jennifer be different and be an EAGLE and soar ABOVE the drama!!! Shout out to Royce on your part in the PLAY! Keisha stand up and learn from Jen and put them court paper on their AZZ!!!!

  145. JC says:

    I so agree with just sayn & really now?…Nia you need to get a life instead of being used by VH1, Shaunie and Evelyn to do their dirty work and get your 15 minutes of fame. The first part of the reunion show was so biased against Jen only proves the point about bullying, even John Salley felt the need to join shaunie, evelyn and tami, really sad. Suzie is scared to open her mouth because she’s already been in the hot seat, and that “apology” to Keisha from Tami was about as real as all of their hair. It amazes me how so called professional, grown women can act so stupid. Real Basketball Wives should protest for the show to be taken off or at the very least have the name changed!

  146. Need to STOP says:

    VH1 Need to stop before the whole station get boycotted……. don’t try to make these girl look right “welcomed the Smack” everyone on the street and the whole world know she did say “oh please come smack me, she was saying it like “I wish you would” in a scarcastic way…. don’t try to play us……… don’t do that…. yall trying to play us for a fool….. VH1 #geturlife…… Nia Nya whatever….. you too…. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Jasmine says:

    Nia….so if someone welcomes you to jump off a bridge are you going to do that?. Seems like you being there at that race track was plotted. Shaunie and Evelynwanted everyone to put on the table y they didnt like jenn and put her on the spot. If you would have stayed in your lane and off camera you wouldnt be in this mess, but you welcomed it… tryed to get rowdy for tv and now your suffering, smarten up….and come on right after she sent letters to each cast member from her lawyer demanding no one put hands on her, you do just that …you are dumb. Shaunie brought it up at the race track right before you did it dummy.

  148. shoshie216 says:


    So… Now you are a product of your environment? That was not a good line to use “that’s how I was raised!” So your family volitale too? Wow Nia’s mom and dad.. Are’nt they proud! Dummy! just shaking my head at these supposed to be rich black females!

  149. whowantssomeGRAPESODApop says:

    It’s shear genius, How Evelyn & Shaunie Got Nia to do the dirty work! They don’t wanna get they fingers messy, so why not have a no name nobody get Jen 4 them &She takes all the Heat(no pun intended..well maybe) &Wahla its perfect! Note How Evelyn is always gets stopped before she “commits a crime” How u throw 2 bottles @Kenya’s head and miss? Please Shed Media and VH1 were really aren’t that stupid! 0_o Coincidence? I think Not! Tami can’t talk about bullying..shut up girl, u da biggest bully!.. 2 words #Meeka Claxton! Sorry Shaunie..this show has turned into a ghetto hott mess, with ur name on it girl, ya’ll need to get it together Tami & Evelyn R the biggest Liability’s on this show! How Evelyn gonna tell Jen, U aint about this life! Lest U forget Evelyn, u never been married to a basketball player, U got dumped by one, and now ur marrying a football player ( who u told 2 go to the store and get condoms if he is going to mess with another girl while on the road with his team? 0_o WOW, HOW #THIRSTY CAN U BE FOR “THAT LIFE!” IN CLOSING, THIS IS SHOW HAS GOTTEN GHETTO #TRAGIC AND SLIGHTLY PATHETIC! ONE QUESTION.. WHO WANTS SOME GRAPE SODIE POP POP DOO WOP? :D ~~whowantssomeGRAPESODApop

  150. Lisa Hall says:

    Well Nia, you have been raised wrong as hell, then. If slapping people is how you talk. You walked into that situation willingly b/c everyone had you gassed up to do it and you fell for it. So just pay the cost and shut up from now on if the only way you communicate is with your hands. BOO

  151. Comment says:

    If Nia is going to “play on words,” then let’s really play on them. The statement made by Jennifer was, “I wish you would,” PERIOD. So why Nia would assume she meant “I wish you would slap me,” as she never used the words “SLAP me”. Maybe she meant “I wish you would slap Evelyn, or Tami, or Shauni.” Perhaps, since Nia was ASSUMING what Jennifer meant, maybe she was going to complete the sentence with “I wish you would leave,” or “I wish you would give me a $100,000″; or “I wish you would call me for your keys”; or “I wish you would sit on this side of the table so that we can discuss our problem”, etc. Therein lays Nia’s problem with her assumption argument! Because no object followed the verb “wish”, Nia had no way of knowing exactly for what Jennifer wished, meaning, Nia took it upon herself to slap a person that never provoked/threatened her because of an assumption. Jennifer’s lawyer will have a field day with Nia explanation.

  152. NeNe says:

    Nia come on. Get with the program. Had you stayed out of the drama you would have never been in that situation. You should not have put your hands on that woman. No matter whether she invited you or not. You wanted too do that because you were trying to take Evelyn side. Who has time to baby sit ignorance? I don’t blame jennifer for moving on because yall have caused so much drama in her life. Leave that woman alone!!!! Grow up, and ask God to forgive you and keep it moving.

  153. monai says:

    okkk lets be real, Nia in the real world outside the hood if you put your hands on someone they are going to press charges. You all know Jennifer is not the fighting type and that she cant fight so what did you expect her to do??? If Jen could fight she would have fought you back and still sued you on top of it. Take responsibility for acting like a hoodrat at the wrong place with the wrong person at the wrong time.

  154. Mr. Spann says:

    Her last name is CROOKS??? Well hell, THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!

  155. William says:

    Ms. O’neil is a fake. Assualt is just that!!! It doesn’t matter if that person is a friend and on the matter of Jen talking reckless, talking reckless is just that. However, when you put your hands on someone it is called assualt according to the law of the police authorities. They should still end the show because the damage is already done. It (The show) started out with the goal on how basketball wives are just that, BASKETBALL WIVES and none of your except for Jen and Ms. O’neil of course are and were married to an NBA player. This show is fake in every sense of the word. Fake people do stupid things to try to make their show hot.

  156. TRN Texas says:

    Jennifer did not asked to be smacked. You keep saying that.. She has a right to have an opinion an not be attacked. You need to spend time in jail if you think it’s okay the hit someone. That is not how a mature adult behaves. Home training!

    Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami and anyone saying that behavior was okay is not helping you grow up.

    The reunion was VH1s chance to clean up your mess, Evelyn’s mess and Tami’s mess….bullying is exactly what you all did. John Salley even joined the bandwagon bullying and throwing the heat on Jen and Keisha to help clean the bullies up. To late.

    Now no one wants Evelyn’s wedding at their venue. Ladies, wake up.

    Shaunie, you lost me when you tred to get Jen to drop the charges on Nia. I wonder how many battered wives were watching this…..John making lite of this violence and the other bullies defending…justifying what was done. Jen was the victim.

  157. Nia is Evelyn's Maid says:

    Nia is an animal- just like her boss Evil Evelyn.
    I hope life continues to be hell for you and I hope the public continues to shun you like the freak reject you are.

  158. Honesty says:

    All I have to say is Shaunie is sooo wrong for not trying to mediate the situation with Jen and Evelyn being that she was a so-called mutual friend of them both. Shaunie is phony and I refuse to watch or give her show any more ratings along with the rest of my friends and co-workers. We arent judging but this show was already filled with foolishness when he begin with one or two wives out of 8 women.. Now no one is married, but they called themselves Basketball Wives.. So wht message is that sending out.. and honestly its not being realistic So I will put my time into ID (Investigation Discovery) channel, which is one of my fav anyways, but my point is real and factual…. before I watch her and phony show again.. She only tried to give a reconcile speech bc she knows how the majority of her viewers feel abt her SEASON 5.. Honestly, I don’t expect much from them bc they are part of the world and this is the way the worldly ppl suppose to act… I am not judging SHAUNIE.. I am making my opinion and I have a right too bc I control what I watch in my household bc I pay the cable bill with the help of my Lord and Saviour….I hope these women get themselves together, not be perfect bc we ALL could never be but strive for perfection…. too bad I wont be watching to know if they progress in that area.. Tootles…

  159. Joni says:

    It is obvious from Nia’s remarks that she has no remorse for her actions. I really hope she serves jail time for her criminal behavior, and then maybe she will learn a lesson. It is amazing that she uses the excuse “that is he way I was raised”. Well “Nia”, you are no longer a child punching someone in a school yard fight. When you are an adult it is called assault when you hit someone, and there are consequences for that behavior.

  160. Nikk says:

    I keep hearing where I am from, that is how I grew up and we don’t get the police and lawyers involved. I am confused. Are they saying they are from the inner city, the ghetto or hoods that fight all the time? Because I work in a inner city hood and they do like to fight, they will call the police, they will press charges (even when they are wrong), they will go to jail like they are going on vacation (and do their time without breaking a sweat) but the biggest thing is they do NOT slap people or sit there and talk ongoing shxx. They just try to knock shxx out of people.
    If you slapped someone then you would be the joke of the day.
    Trust me they are not truly hood, I see hood five days a week. Real hood would not be saying this is hell.

  161. Slewis says:

    First of all, let me say “NIA YOU ARE THE DUMBEST AIRHEAD I’VE EVER SEEN”. You said you slapped Jennifer b/c she said, “I WISH YOU WOULD”. If someone told you to push them off a cliff or shoot them, you mean to tell me that you would do it b/c they said, “I WISH YOU WOULD. How stupid is that. I was born & raised in the “projects” & even i know there are consequences to your actions. You said, “THAT’S THE WAY YOU WERE RAISED”?? Were you raised by wolves?? The bottom line is that you & your hoodrat sidekick Evelyn were jealous b/c Jennifer moved on with her life & left you two in the dust, where you belong. By the way, Nia if you keep listening to & following behind Evelyn you will be crying “many a nights”. Evelyn will most likely dump you soon enough. She’ll be too busy running behind Chad. I pray that Jennifer press charges to the fullest extent of the law. So you can learn a lesson. Oh, & once a receive my Master’s degree in counseling, I’ll give you a free session b/c you’re gonna need it.

  162. When is enough:ENOUGH! says:

    You do not get to put your hands on someone because that’s the way you grew up…give me a break! All I can is, I bet you will learn quick, fast and in a hurry to speak with your mouth and not your hands.

  163. Rudeness89 says:


  164. Cathy says:

    My question to you is if she would have asked you to kill her, would you? I don’t think you would. So its the same thing. Its call control. What you did is let young girls see the wrong in women, we as a black community can not afford to act like this and we put this crap on TV, you all don’t think you are teaching young girls. Yes you are, to do the wrong thing. I am a mother and I can’t believe what BBW have done. We have so much in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs that need to change, this show has added fuel to the fire. When you tell Jen she should not press charges, what do you think you’re telling a young girls that has been violated by a cousin, family friend, brother, father and even a mother. What are you saying? Please explain. They did not mean that. If they did not mean it they would not have done it. Also each one of you on BBW are instigators, you pushed each other to do what you have done, especially Suzie. Back in the 70 and 80 you were an instigator for how you came across Suzie.

  165. Pepper says:


    You are obviously just as delusional as Tami and I don’t feel sorry for you. The issue between Jennifer and Evelyn was just that – an issue between Jen and Ev. But, you allowed Shaunie and Ev to talk you into representing the hyped up, angry friend because supposedly “Jen treated Ev so badly” and now it is what it is – an assault and battery charge against YOU. Hope and pray that Shaunie and Ev will pay your legal fees and have your back if you go to jail. I for one, hope Jen proceeds with the charges against you and you spend time in jail. There is absolutely no justification or rationale for you putting your hands on Jen. She did not attack you or threaten you, and you certainly were not in fear for your life. You were simply showing off for the cameras and doing Shaunie and Ev’s bidding. Your comments to Jen before you deliberately got up and walked around the table to deliberately slap her made no sense and had absolutely nothing to do with you and Jen. As for Ev’s concern about your crying, being in the public eye, negativity etc. – I would hope that your tears are tears of shame and remorse and not just fear; Your actions were for the purpose of being in the public eye and you got what you wanted. The negativity you didn’t count on but for future reference remember everyone is not a fan of the bullying and hood rat behaviour consistently displayed by Tami and Ev.

    You should be crying and you should be punished. As Ev always says “keeping it real” I for one hope you will be punished.

  166. niamalika says:

    Nia, i hope it works out for you. maybe the show used u too for ratings. lesson learn and taught at the same time. try not to use how u grew up as a reason to explain hitting her. you did not grow up in a jungle filled with untamed beast lacking morality. u grew in the womb of your mother. best of prayer

  167. oh10 says:

    Nia, you look like a crazy hoodrat. We hope you do get some punishment for what you did. You tried to get two minutes of fame and it turned in to a hott ghetto mess. At the end of the day, Jennifer comes out smelling like a rose and now, she and Evelyn have solved their problems, where does that leave you? Looking like a damn fool! LOL!

  168. Barton Fink says:

    She got up and smacked someone in the face and now she and her paymistress don’t want to pay the piper. Nia went into that situation with a wicked heart, malicious intention and a damn skew-assed wig that looked like it was keeping the sun off the left side of her face (and don’t even get me started on those sunglasses). Nia should shut up and go away, and let the beautiful lady that is Jennifer live out her life in peace!

  169. Nikki says:

    Did you really think that Jen asked you to hit her? The problem with you, Tami, Shaunie and Ev is that you DON’T take responsibility for your actions, and this was truly proven on the reunion show. You guys made yourselves look so much worse. How dare Shaunie say “it’s not like anyone died”. You are all bullies.

  170. Dita Newton says:

    What gives you the right to slap another grown women in the face?!? Who are you to put your hands on anybody! Honestly, you just wanted your 5 minutes of fame and now you regret it because people are confronting you on how ghetto you protrayed yourself on national television. But don’t worry, you were not the only one acting like a wild monkey. but the sad part is you are getting all the negative heat and still not getting paid like the other cast members. Next time I hope you present yourself like a lady and not a hood rat.

  171. Andrea Gordon says:

    Nia I feel for you , thats why people need to learn home to support a friend, but on the other hand not taking up too much. We must also learn to controll self, it is very important. I know its entertainment and all that, self image is also important. Nia I am sure you have learnt a very important lesson and that ok because life is a learning experience. Girl hold your head high pick up the pieces move, Apologies to Jen one & one she”ll get over it. You all just need to find a way to talk and be true to each other. Ladies life is too short let us enjoy good friendship and a good show for season 5.

  172. Kim Horton Williamson says:

    This show is a joke and a disgrace. The intelligence levels of these women is zero. They have a platform to show positive choices and events and they choose to be kids at a day care. Shaunie is just nothing to me – she endorses their behavior and she has kids. What impressions are you leaving? The kind that smells. Very immature and irresponsible behaviour. You are right I do not have to watch and I will not watch anymore after this horrible season. A fight every episode – so dramatized and foolish. Tami – dumb, dumb, and dumber. VH1 – sad on you as well to expploit this disturbing turn of programming. Black women being ghetto fabulous thinking they are doing everything but that. John Salley – you suck big time.

  173. dennisfan says:

    Nia, REAL “thugs,” don’t cry. You had the balls to put your hands on a grown woman on national TV, now deal with the consequences. With friends like you and Evelyn, who needs enemies. Dummy. A real friend wouldn’t have taken sides for a paycheck. The devil is a liar, and you allowed him to use you. What kind of friend gets in the middle of two of their other friends’ fight? If Jen withdrew, why didn’t you show concern for her and try to find out what was going on (without Evelyn)? Because you were no friend, that’s why. You let the promise of a little $$$ corrupt your morals, if you ever had any.

  174. dennisfan says:

    So VH1 allows grown women to curse each other out on NATIONAL TV and encourages physical abuse by discouraging legal recourse in the event of physical confrontations, BUT…

    You are going to censor comments from people criticizing the show and it’s cast? Nia deserves every harsh word she gets on this blog. She should have kept her hands to herself. Perhaps if VH1 would have used this type of judgement with the production of the show, there would not be this drama with the public now.

    Allow viewers to say how we feel. Nia needs to see and hear it.

  175. yvonne says:

    Nia is getting what she deserves, she was looking to be relevant on the show and now she is…next time she will learn to keep her hands to herself. How are you gonna slap someone that you know will not get into s physical fight,,, that makes you a bully and now your being punished. She use to love Jen but was popin real hard and was clearly team EV…look where it got ya booboo. Where was your loyalty to Jen.. so stop it… are getting what you wanted… FAME

  176. NIA, I AM SO SORRY FOR YOU, BUT...? says:

    Tami’s still patting herself on the back for “not being a bully”? And your defense is she “told me to”? Then up is down and black is white; And Shaunie  is defending all of It, and it’s really not her fault! No matter what, she didn’t bully and she did not Slap! What world do you gals wake up to? I FEEL BAD FOR YOU NIA, I TRULEY DO! But what are you thinking then and now? A clear admission without caveats needs to come from both you and Tami.  The public is rightfully upset. There is so much inequity in the world; Having it on a simple reality show and making the public “eat it ” is just not gonna fly. Guess I have too much time on my hands! Good luck Nia…!