The Reunion Interview: Evelyn Lozada Wants To Show You Another Side Of Her


Evelyn Lozada Basketball Wives Reunion

Evelyn Lozada has been the target of criticism this season for her behavior on Basketball Wives, but it doesn’t seem to be getting to her, for a couple reasons. Number one, she’s entirely too busy. With a wedding coming up this summer, a new show to focus on, and a new book and makeup line out, it’s a wonder this woman finds time to breathe. But she’s also finding some peace lately because the controversy on the show has truly caused her to look inward at the behavior she’s exhibited on the show and think about how the public perceives it. Evelyn regrets the wine bottle incident more than anything else, she tells me, and has used that as a catalyst to show off the nicer, more family-oriented side of herself in the future, a side, she assures us, that will be fully on display during Ev And Ocho. Here’s my chat with Evelyn from the Basketball Wives reunion.

How’s wedding planning going?

Good! It’s still going! I don’t know how much of this I can talk about though because of the show.

If the show is anything like the scenes of you two together on Basketball Wives, it’s going to be hilarious.

That’s how we are at home, all day.

The car Chad got you for your birthday was ridiculous, by the way.

Thank you.

Is that your main car that you drive around Miami?

Yes. Well, I have a Range Rover so I drive that a lot. I think Chad actually drives it more. And he has a Smart Car now, too, so he drives that a lot.

A Maserati is a pretty crazy gift to get, have you given him any gifts that measure up to that?

Um. Me. Myself! I think that’s a pretty good gift.

What do you want fans to get out of Ev and Ocho?

It’s two totally different shows. I’m thankful that I’m able to show the world a different side of us, because you know everyone sees one side of me, and you’ll get to see the good side of Evelyn, me with my family and me as a step-mother. We’re normal people, we have our own issues, so you’ll get to see a little bit of everything.

Did you ever end up making those “You’re no longer invited to my wedding” invitations?

No! Maybe I should start my own line of un-invites though. That’s a good idea.

Do you guys have a honeymoon planned?

I don’t think I’ll be able to go on a honeymoon because I have to go on a book tour. I’m excited about that though, and I’m okay not going on my honeymoon.

On the reunion today you guys will rehash so much old stuff, I assume you’re over it and not looking forward to doing that again.

Exactly, it’s like beating a dead horse. We revisit it over and over again and nothing’s resolved but we have to go over it again.

What do you hope to get out of today?

I just want closure. My friendship with Jennifer, I just want to move past it. I think it’s clear what my issues are, and if she continues to do what she’s doing, that’s on her. I’m over it. What else is there to say? I mean, when legal gets involved, at that point you can say whatever you want to say but it’s up to the legal system to figure it all out.

What did you think of everything that went on between Tami and Kesha this season?

I know that after that scene in Tahiti, Tami was definitely in a different space and remorseful. You could tell she felt bad and that things went too far. I got to see that because I was with her after the cameras were off. Unfortunately she and Kesha didn’t get to talk about it since Kesha left the island.

How do you feel about Kesha?

I never had an issue with Kesha, I thought she was a sweet girl. I think she came on to the show to be that sweet, southern girl and she didn’t want no drama. I don’t have an issue with her at all.

Do you have any regrets this season?

Yes, absolutely, one of my biggest regrets is the altercation with Kenya, I feel like that whole situation went too far. I could have hurt her or one of my cast mates. You know, you get caught up in the moment. That’s one of the things I regret the most.

That definitely sparked the controversy about the show’s violence, how do you feel about that public backlash?

Why doesn’t the public talk abut Mob Wives or Bad Girls Club? What do we do different that the other shows don’t do? We all argue, we fight, we all do the same things. What is the difference? I think it’s bulls—, if you really want to put that in there. [Laughs]

How do you feel about this season in general?

A lot of controversy. I think some of the controversy is blown out of proportion. But I signed on for this show and everything that comes with it. I never would have thought we’d be here four seasons later and there’s definitely been a lot more good than bad.

If there’s another season, do you want to do it?

I don’t know. I have my own show now, and sometimes I think like, out of respect for Chad, now that I’m married and I’m doing a show called Basketball Wives it’s a little strange.

Do you regret bringing Nia on the show and her getting involved in the controversy, too?

I do. That’s why I tell her as a friend, you’re not in this alone, no matter what happens. I can’t control what happens, but I’m never going to leave Nia and just let her deal with this on her own. Even if this situation happened outside the show, I’m not that type of friend. I do feel bad. She gets a lot of heat without people knowing the full story. One of the first things was that everybody thought “Evelyn had her assistant smack Jennifer in the face” but the two of them had been friends for eight years. It’s unfortunate.

I’ve been following your blog this season, I love that you write in it regularly, not just recaps but all the pictures you post like, daily, are great.

I like to have my own voice.

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  1. Patrice says:

    BULLS#*& ! Barf!
    My last straw with Evelyn was her divulging all that information about Las Vegas when they were friends. Jennifer never said what happened during that trip that had Evelyn so mad at Suzi a whole season. No thanks on the Eve and Ocho show. Not interested.

  2. BinxRox says:

    Whatever Evelyn.

    You’re still delusional. You were violent more than just the one time with Kenya. You’ve been violent and crazed multiple times. Not once have you said you are ashamed you jumped up on a table with no shoes like a crazed animal to fight Jen for calling someone a “bum”. You’re favorite phrase for people YOU hate. Your future husband will no doubt bring you home a bevy of communicable diseases he got from his whoring, and you want it all on film. You are pathetic. And I really wish VH1 would go ahead and say they like the bullying of the other women because every blog, interview, and recap, they are practically licking your ass and Tami’s. They don’t want to see you act with dignity and pride. They like you being a whorish wild animal because it brings ratings and you seem more than happy to oblige.

  3. BS interview says:

    @Patrice Exactly.
    She said what Jen did, but she claims to “Keep it 100″ and never told what she did. She wants people to look at Jen the way she’s looked at. She’s a hater. Period. She felt stupid after Jen called her out on not being supportive and not being there during her hardships. You don’t get mad because people don’t want to talk when you are ready. Ev needs to grow up. She likes yes man

  4. Marie says:

    Hey Evelyn, just read the letter you wrote (i mean your PR wrote) to your 7 year old self (WTF). Forgive me for saying, but WTF are you thinking: Stop it already. You, Shaunie, Tami, went into this reunion show with a clear- cut agenda to gang up on Jennifer. From the fake host to the fake audience. I’m gonna give you the best advice you have gotten all year, and it’s free: Listen up.. You, Shaunie, Tami, Vh1 and Shed Media need to have a inner cirlce come to Jesus meeting and publicly admit you made a mistake in the direction you took the show. Admit your underestimated your viewing audience. Admit you all decided that the plan for Season 4 from the very beginning was to “beef, battle, and bully right out of the gate, because you ASSUMED this was the content your viewers wanted to see. Admit you wanted to copy the format of other reality shows such as Bad Girls Club, Mob Wives, etc. Admit your beef with Jennifer was manufactured and the only thing you could think of to be mad at her about was silly issues from past seasons.” Admit that Jennifer through a monkey wrench in those plans when she decided to distance herself from the “circle from hell” and think about her future.” Please admit you all gambled on the intellegience of your viewers assuming your audience was uneducated and classless and you thought we would cheer on your antics. Admit you did it all for fame and fortune and didn’t realize your audience would care about important issues of the day like bullying and physical violence. Admit that your new found change of heart is only because you are trying to salvage your brand and your new show. Apologize to your viewing audience that you underestimated how we would feel. Stop listening to Shaunie, VH1, Shed Media, and your PR team they are doing you no favors. You have been a tool used in the war amongst reality tv shows for ratings and advertising dollars. The viewing audience can be as stubborn as you and will keep up this fight until you go away or come clean. We have seen through every PR stunt you and your crew have tried to pull. Stero-typing your audience has proven to be your downfall; This is the same audience you want to watch your show, buy your makeup and read your book. Stop trying to save face and come clean, the quicker you do, the quicker you can get on with your life. However, the longer you try to get over with these silly attempts of redemption, but haven’t come clean with the real story, we ain’t buying it and will continue to be your worst nightmare until you do.

  5. Ms. Z says:

    Wow and Kudos to C’Mon Man!

    You wrote an eloquent and “relevant” snapshot of the life that is “Evelyn Lozada”. Really great stuff. Thanks for the great early morning birthday read. Loved it! :)

  6. GetALife says:

    Save your breath Nobody cares, maybe your family and the evil fans who think you are a role model.
    Why should we care? Since the first season you have been so vicious, vile, vindictive and mean you have never bothered to show us your human side before, why now?????

    You are nothing but a bully and that is all you will ever be remembered for an for your promiscuous behavior also get one thing through that thing that is empty between your ears you call a head, YOU ARE NOT, NEVER HAVE BEEN OR WILL BE A BASKETBALL WIFE OK get that through your thick skull!!!!!

    You calling Star Jones to tell her about your AHA MOMENT IS A JOKE!!!! So it took young girls, (your stepdaughters) to see the error of your ways? Really! Really! Ev, you are almost 40 and you jumping up on tables and throwing bottles seem fine with you? What if that bottle hit another group of people in the restaurant you were at? What if that happened enough of this crap.

    You say that you care about that weak minded spineless Shaunie? You don’t why because of mostly YOU and Tami’s tackiness that people are petitioning this show to be canceled way to show your love, loyalty to YOUR FRIEND SHAUNIE!!

    If you love your Chad and his children like you claim, the best thing for you is to stay away from influencing these young girls with your stupidity. Sad to see Star Jones trying to help you obviously nobody bought it, not even the GREAT ALMIGHTY STAR can’t help you. Man you suck!!! I agree with Wendy and the audience we did not buy what you both are selling and like Wendy said we shall see that is if you have a show!!!!!!

    You disgust me and I bet my life many more people feel the same way. It was non of your business getting in the middle of the beef between Jen and Nia. Hope you and Shaunie will provide legal funds for her suit? Also what the hell were your crying for in Tahiti? Are you serious you hurl insults at Jen who by the way was walking away removing herself from the toxic crap you were spewing out of your mouth? If she didn’t feel like talking to you, you can’t force her it is her prerogative and right to do so. You are nothing you will never amount to anything and I feel sorry for you remember BEAUTY FADES!!!! Hope you are good and ready when Karma comes back at you for all the evil things you have done to destroy THE BASKETBALL FRANCHISE!!!!!

    You are not a Basketball wife, you were never one and you never will be one. I suggest that now t you are getting married to and NFL player your ass should be out. VH1 had NFL wives and it did not make and I am sure those women will not take your crap or want to be associate with your brand! SO EVILYN LOOSEADA, Deuces!

  7. shopkins0220 says:

    I think Shaunie is as fake as Tammi’s hair. All of you ladies are bullies. You keep harping on Jen because of what???? Whatever she said or did is not that serious ladies. Get over it. Shaunie could have stopped this madness episodes ago, but she didn’t because she wanted and encouraged this type of cheap drama. Evelyn & Tammi are so classless the word alone could never describe them fully. What baseless bullies…picking on people you know want stoop to your level. Know one believes these fake apologies….go get help. You all need Jesus!!

  8. Mel says:

    first off, Jennifer acknowledged that she and Nia were friends on the show…so i don’t understand why you keep referencing that ppl thought she wasnt. You are full of excuses Evelyn and I am disgusted by you at this point. Mob wives and bad girls club came out the gate with the fact that they are full of aggressive women who fight. I mean the title is called “BAD girls club”. The permise of Basketball wives was not fighting or acting a full. It was a sisterhood of women who had basketball in common. So please stop trying to compare apples to oranges. You continue to blame Jen only and never take ownership of your actions EVER. Nia came on to get her 15 minutes and you brought her there SPECIFICALLY to antaganize Jen. Even prior to goin in the room you guys all referenced that you would confront Jennifer. I am soooo glad Jen is no longer under your wing. She is out of the darkness and becoming more independant and getting her own. Kudos to her for continuing to keep it classy.

  9. Lynn says:

    No matter what she says, Ev is a ho! Unfortunately once a ho always a ho. I would not let her anywhere near my man. Slut!!!!!!!!!!!! Your actions and facial expressions towards Jen are ridiculous. Are you in love with Jen? Why are you so worried about her vagina? You don’t give a damn about your own since you sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Concern yourself about your own pitiful life…like this fake ass marriage next month. Chad will show you a thing or two.
    Slut!!!!!! I hope you buy him enogh condoms for the road trips!!!!!

  10. dallday says:

    So Evelyn thinks that it is BS for people to call you out on your behavior? A lot of us use to be her fans. VH1 has paid attention to the viewers. I like to see people succeed, but Evelyn seems to think she is above iall. She is no Michael Jackson or Elvis and should take care not to continue to alienate people. What goes up must come down.

  11. tamA says:

    evelyn keep doing wht yu do gurl yu gone always have haters ……

  12. LM says:

    Evelyn your behavior on this show has been ridiculous. You act like a caged aimal thats been let loose for the first time. You are so argumentative and bullified. Stop worrying about other people business and let them handle their own business without you interfering. just because you’re friends with someone doesn’t mean you have to interfer in their affairs.You say what people are saying about you doesn’t bother you but obviously it does because you feel the need to address that person if it’s something said that you don’t like.Stop worrying about others and just concentrate on Evelyn on improving your attitude and personality.

  13. Eve is a Bum Bi@#$ says:

    She’s full of dodo

  14. Mary says:

    Everlyn and the rest of the sorry crew are only the misguided folk you used to perpetrate this crime of a television show but YOU ARE THE MONEY-HUNGRY VULTURES who kept it going and going no matter what. You have no regard for black women or African-Americans in general. You chose to scrape the bottom of the barrel for your “stars” and scripted them as ignorant, uncultured beasties having them embarrasing themselves even in inernational locales. If they can’t have enough sense to be ashamed of their money-grubbing behavior, I am ashamed for them. We decent African American women who live responsible lives resent this show and your involvement with it, especially those of African American who apparently love money more than themselves! I will no longer watch Vh1 or any other show that denigrates our true sisterhood.

  15. Marlene says:

    I don’t believe you have anything to bring to your “own show” and honestly who cares about you and Chad. His football career is in the toilet because of his narcissistic attitude and you killed yourself on Basketball Wives. To be remorseful about ONE incident on the show with Kenya is testament to your lack of insight about bullying and appropriate behavior. Although you are an attractive woman, the hood rat behavior is what the viewers will remember about you. I’m from NYC and you have given the Bronx and the Big A a bad name!

  16. ArduousZina says:

    Ditto to JRoc85 and Bronx NY!

    A beautiful mind is so sexy. Keep showing them your intellect America. Apparently SheMedia and VH1 think we’re all violence advocating, shallow, non-thinking paid audience members (shout out to the reunion audience), drooling idiots, who aren’t trying to raise decent productive human beings all while continuing our own growth on the path to self discovery. Also, it is so interesting to me that for these “women” to want us to believe they are sorry for their behavior that they consistently try to find some way to validate or excuse it, i.e. comparing their show to a show like Bad Girl’s Club. So if everyone else is doing it, why can’t we? Really? Every time I read one of these interviews it brings more visibility to the insincerity and small minds these individuals have. Grow more “BBW”, ShedMedia, VH1. #SICKOFTHEIGNORANCE

  17. K' says:

    As I have mentioned before Mob Wives is not the same as BBW. On Mob Wives, every single woman on that show will stand up for themselves and if they have issues they keep their distance, just look at Karen and Drita. Evelyn and Tami constantly picked and bullied with Jen and Kesha knowing they aren’t fighters and have tried to avoid the drama. So to compare the two is like apples and oranges.

  18. Rob says:

    Everyone keep saying they wish Jen would own up to what she did. This is so laughable to me. Nobody on this show owns up. Shaunie of course Jen is not going to want to reach out to you. She is trying to keep the confusion down. Isnt that obvious? Yes on past seasons Jen has participated in some bad behavior. She has not once put her hands on anyone. Even when things were going down between Suzie and Evelyn Jen was quiet about it. She hasnt change she has always seemed laid back and standoffish. Jen ask the right question to Nia what are you here for? That was obvious 2. To make Jen look bad and to smack her because Jen had put out letters saying if anyone from the show harm her she was going to sue. Now all of a sudden here comes Nia who never was a part of the show assualtng Jen. How about owning up to that Shaunie Evelyn. Anyway what hurts me is that anyone wth sense can read through the lines. So it seems as you ladies are targeting our children. Some children are naive not all so they cant really see whats going on. Its seems like you ladies are banking on that. Its sad. Its not okay for our children to see bullying being rewarded. You say its not a kids show but why are you targeting kids and behaving like high schoolers. I do not believe for a minute that Tami Shaunie or Evelyn regret any of their behavior. Its just they didnt expect all the backlash,

  19. Christine says:

    You and your new shadow Tami (who’s husband you mistakenly screwed while they were married) make me sick to my stomach!! I don’t believe what comes out of your mouth and I DO NOT plan to watch Dumb and Dumber *ev & ocho”. I hope it never makes it to tv…..I’d rather have a root canal then to see you get married and spew more venom on tv.
    So now the next phase is you marry an NFL player, you make a book deal with the devil and you live happily ever after. WRONG!! Your bullcrap is going to back fire on you. Just think about one thing, what goes around comes around, and when you do dirt you get dirt so don’t be surprised if a woman JUST LIKE YOU comes and screws your husband. Oh, and by the way, there’s an old saying that still holds true and it pertains to you so listen up……always remember…..”You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife”.
    Have a good day!

  20. Dimple says:

    You think the public’s backlash is BS??? No Evil girl, you and your cronies are full of BS!!!!
    You still don’t get it. What a shame. I don’t think you will ever get it. I don’t know what woman in their right mind (Chad’s babies mommas) would let you anywhere near their young impressionable daughters. Smh.

    By the way, I wouldn’t buy your book, makeup, or watch you and that ignorant Chad on T.V. You couldn’t pay me to do it.

  21. Lynette Johnson says:

    First of all, this whole reunion was staged, staged staged, staged! I was sooo appalled. The host definitely was in on the whole situation, (between him, Tami, Shaunie, and Evelyn), they knew what was going on, never in ANY reality show reunion have I seen a HOST show such bias as a host it was shameful, I hope all the extra money you received was worth this, you embarrassed yourself! Tami, Shaunie, and EVELYN note this, enough already the three of you are acting like you have no EDUCATION whatsoever, come on you are smarter than that. NIA SLAPPED Jennifer, we HEARD the smack it was HARD, she HAD EVERY RIGHT to file a law suit, so quit with the bs, and let it go already, you all are sitting over there saying, she should have done this, let’s see what YOU would really do if you were in that situation. And to the host, how dare you bring up her husband, as she said that was a totally different time or place. I’m so disgusted by the reunion, and why did they have Evelyn do a lie detector test first??? They gave her advance notice, which was not cool. Tami, I saw you on Wendy, I want to give you the benefit of the doubt that you did not see the effect of what you did to Keisha, during the reunion till the reunion was over, because you did not show any sincere remorse. GET IT TOGETHER!

  22. Dee says:

    This whole season of BBW was just out of control!!!
    Shaunie-you may not be able to control other peoples actions but you are the “team captain” and I do believe that if you would have at least voiced an opinion or said anything during all the altercations it could have been diffused before bottles were thrown or bags were taken. You just sat back with your popcorn and watched the drama. You also dont seem so loyal yourself. You and Tami let the drama between Jen and Evelyn go down and all yall wanted to hear was the dirty laundry Evelyn had to say about Jen which I must say was uncalled for. You took sides, you just listened to Ev’s issues and never really was a friend to Jen at all. I would keep my distance from you and Tami as well. Whats the point when all you do is criticize everything she does and assist Evelyn with the talking behind her back whether it was about her lip gloss line or her blog. Your loyalty is questionable because you are only loyal to Tami and Evelyn who aint really good people you should associate yourself with when you want to be considered a professional because they are ghetto as hell.
    TAMI-dont forget when you first joined BBW Evelyn was that same chick that slept with your ex-husband, talked about your weave and just wasnt sure about you as joining their ‘circle’. You seem very insecure with yourself and thats why you put others down. You never even took the time to realize that what you said bothered Kesha whether it has to do with her own personal issues you only cared about the fact that she was talking about you behind your back when thats ALL you do. You blame your actions on your past issues and anger management when honestly you are a grown woman with young daughters and you need to be able to handle situations better. You would never act like that to professional people and you know damn well they are talking about you behind your back as well. You made yourself look like a fool this season and you lost a lot of fans.
    Evelyn-your issues with Jen may seem like a big deal to you but really is it that serious? She talked about you and Chad on an interview or in a blog. Was it really that bad? You are very childish for a grown woman. If you cant be friends at least be cordial ACT like a mature adult and keep it moving. Why was you so mad that Kenya called you loose? You said you admitted to the guys you slept with so that in itself can cause anybody to call you loose. You mad cuz its true right? You threw the bottle because she said she didnt remember calling you loose or because she called you loose or because… I dont even know. I think you were trying to show out for Kesha and her friend who was there to show them that you shouldnt be talked about. If you so called aired your dirty laundry and dont hide behind closets as you so eloquently put than you should be able to take someone calling you loose because of it. Stop finding reasons to be mad at people. Also, if Nia and Jen were friends why could Nia find another forum to address her issues with Jen? You basically helped Shaunie, Tami and Nia form negative opinions about Jen based on your issues with her and almost forced them to choose sides and based it off of loyalty basically saying Jen isnt a loyal friend so yall should be wary of hanging with her. Will not be interested in your new show but good luck with that.

  23. Christine says:

    Show up and grow up………oops too late.

  24. Nicky says:

    Evelyn Jen has acknowledge many times that her and Nia were friends. So please stop saying that she hasnt. She has apologized many times so please stop saying she hasnt. Jen was not born to kiss your behind and keep apologizing and keep acknowledging that her and Nia were friends. She decided to walk away and not keep trying like Suzie did. She decided that she has her own life to think about. I really dont even see how the word loyalty comes out of your mouth. Jen told you on the show when you told her about Ocho how she felt. Yall was seating on the beach and she said I think he like a media whore. She said it in your face so whats the big deal. Its so evident by the way you talked about Jen how she talks how she looks that you always had a problem with her. Stop blaming a stupid interview which nothing was said negative about you or a blog that only stated that she is not jealous of you and that yall dont date the same guys. Evelyn you have not yet produced any evidence or stated anything that Jen specifically said about you in an interview. Chad calls you the last slice of pizza nobody wants and you didnt get mad. But your bff of 15 years says nothing about you Evelyn but about Chad being a media whore and you fly through the roof. You are such a hypocrite. Yal ask Jen why sue Nia and not Eric. Why get mad at Jen and not Chad. What loyal friend would air all her friends business on tv for millions to hear. I hope all your friends are watching and really see how you get down. You right Evelyn Jen is not about that life. I hope nobody is. Why are you taking a lie detector test about Jens sex life how pathetic are you. Worry about yours and stop trying to expose hers cause it just makes you look stupid. If I was Jen I wouldnt even take the test. Jen keep it like it is be a lady during the day and a freak at night. Eve just mad cause everyone knows shes a rat.

  25. VIEWER says:



  26. Louise says:

    I agree with Evelyn and Tami, who likes so call friends or associated talking about them behind their backs. Kesha spoke to Tami and Tami asked her nicely not to talk behind her back and he did it, then she act like she’s scared, she not scared becaused she is still all in the camera talking about Tami, Jennifer with that bad nose needss to be fired, she is ruining the show with these police reports and lawsuits on someone who did exactly what you asked them to do. I say FIRE Jennifer with her scary self. She’s trying to be brand new, but I’m with John Sally why didn’t she sue her husband?

  27. marge says: stupid does Evelyn think we are? This fake remorse isnt fooling’s obvious she wants support for her show with Chad. BTW it would seem Chad would be more interested in “learning” the Patriots play book so he can keep his job rather than another reality show. it’s being reported that the upscale hotels in Miami are refusing to host their reception. I guess money can’t buy everything…LOL..LOL…
    How’s about Tami (of all people) explaining to Jennifer what bullying is?????? Crazy…LOL…LOL……I don’t get the whole “lie detector” thing…who cares??????

  28. R. Parker says:

    She doesn’t have another side. Basketball Wivs 4 has ended and she wants us to tune in to her and chad’s show. She cannot fix what she has done period. She showed her true character and there is no going back. Just because a person pretends to be a changed person doesn’t mean they have really changed. Even without throwing bottles, she has a nasty disposition. Maybe Jen did say and write things about her but that is no justification for violence. She got her assistant in trouble because she psyched her up to confront Jen and it got violent when she slapped her. Now her assistant is being sued and it is not Jen’s fault. Jen is a victim and she did the right thing.

  29. SASHA says:


  30. rosemary williams says:

    u slap jenn too but she have not said one thing about it she didnt sue u y because she still like u for a friend but evelyn because u no grow lady u cant sense that i dis lkie u very much i dont want see ur show or ur men u havnt got marry yet and he already cheat what kind of marrie is that

  31. Ms Vevi says:

    You are so busy and don’t have time BUT you found plenty of time to act ratchet and classless on the show! You and Shaunie and just trying to do damage control because viewers are fed up with the nonsense! If $$ wasn’t on the line you heffas would have kept acting ghetto and tacky! Shaunie would still be smirking and laughing about the bullying then trying to play innocent. Please spare us with the fake tears and apologies!!!

    You had Jen’s phone number but you never reached out to her to try and resolve the issues UNTIL the show aired again. Then you were just SOOOOO upset about it. You and Shaunie both are fake and phoney!

    I could go on and on but the bottom line is you are ghetto TRASH!!

  32. Sandra says:

    Until you makes amend to Jennifer, I will never purchase one product from you. I hope everyone else boycotts your products as well.

  33. tony says:

    Evil evelyn your crazy a** need to check in a hosptial and get some professional Help! Take your BBF Tammie and shunie with you too! U 3 are the bullies to the 3rd degree and if Chad had an sense he would leave your a** at the altor! Your can’t be call a lady because you have shown even after editing that you need to be on some medication! Jen was a good friend and maybe the only true friend you will ever have now your stuck with people who will lie and tell you anything too stay face. One day I hope you look in the mirror and truly see how ugly you are inside and out!

  34. toni says:

    If you don’t like the show turn the channel and shut up already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. cyd12 says:

    I will never beleive Evileen iis trying to be a better person. She is just an animal. By the way, why doesn’t she check with the Miami Zoo as the venue for her wedding.!

  36. BasketballFan says:

    Sorry Ev, I’ve seen all that I want to see of you.. Had you sincerely apologized to Kenya and Jennifer before the reunion, I prolly woulda taken you seriously.. this interview doesn’t make it any better.. Are you asserting that because Jennifer was friends with Nia, and Jennifer took some well needed “ME TIME” to deal with her nasty divorce that was playing out on camera after the infamous drink to the face incident, that Nia had a right to SLAP Jennifer?? Because they were friends?? I’m confused because that’s what I just read… And do you honestly believe Jennifer wanted anything to do with her “BLUSHING BRIDEZILLA TO BE BESTIE” (or her assistant) going on and on about preparing for a wedding , shopping for dresses, invitations, and Jen’s in the process of a divorce that her so-called *Bestfriend * helped sabotage??? Typical Mean Girl thought process… Evelyn, you of all people should have reached out to Jen! You’re the one who’s not loyal.. Did you ever consider that your BEST FRIEND wass going through a tumultuous, bitter divorce, where Eric had frozen Jen’s bank accounts, took her car, and on top of that, her lights get cut off, that the poor child just needed a mental break??? Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, some of her NEW FRIENDS could relate to what Jen was going through and reached out since you Evelyn, Nia, Shaunie, or Tami didn’t ??? NOOOO!!!!! Instead in a jealous, envious, selfish fit of fame and rage, you curse her out evertime you see her, and to add insult to injury, you air her dirty laundry!!! And “THE CIRCLE” have the audacity to roll “LOYALTY” offa their tongues.. SMDH.. I’m just glad Nene, Mashonda, and Kenya was there for Jennifer.. Sorry Ev, but we’re not buying it. Nor are we intrested in your softer side… Why? Because most viewers “believed you” when you showed us who you were, THE FIRST TIME….

  37. MIKO says:

    WOW EVE,

  38. Nonya says:

    So lets see. The only regret she has is the bottle throwing incident? She doesn’t regret cursing Jen out, hitting Jen with her purse and waiting outside the restaurant for her to jump her, bringing her “assistant” to the racetrack to PHYSICALLY ASSAULT Jen, jumping on the table at the racetrack to jump Jen, throwing a vase at Jen, threatning to ASSAULT Jen anytime she saw her and airing out Jen’s business to the world all the while claiming loyalty?? Is she for real?? That goes to show everyone that she is not REMORSEFUL AT ALL for ANY of her actions, not even the “bottle throwing” incident-she doesn’t care. This is just damage control for the BBW show and her upcoming shows and products. She is totally FAKE!!!

  39. DIANA JOHNSON says:


  40. Nonya says:


    It’s ALL for the all mighty DOLLAR!!

  41. Ohio Boss Lady says:

    Evelyn you want to show a different side of you, yet you think a line of un-invites is a good ideal??? You are still tacky. And really c’mon comparing yourself to a Mob Wife or a Bad Girl do you really think that women of color really want to have their daughters look at these women and say this is how you can live one day is this the life you want for your daughters? Then maybe again you are really no different than the trash that is portrayed on those shows, so if women of color want their daughters to grow up to be tramps BBW’s fits right in. You women are just an example of what a true professional athletes run from tramps and golddiggers. Is that why you are all divorced or ex-fiancees…hmm what professional man (or any man) want to see his woman, his queen act like you portrayed on this show. Oh by the way…who really cares about you and Ochocinco really…he’s not the greatest example of a professional athlete so he’s a throwback…I guess you guys deserve each other but if you think people really care the answer is no! You will have an audience for your show (however it could have been much larger if you had created a better image on BBW) so in the end I guess you will get paid and I’m sure exploiting your new family is a means to an end, let’s face it…you are all about the money that’s why you have no real substance, talent or class, just someone who slept her way to the so-called limelight..Good Luck

  42. Saywhat says:


    The self-proclaimed whore… are you serious? You, Shaunie and Tammi are truly delusional if you think we’re buying what you’re selling. You can spin, spin, and more spin until you drop and vomit… it won’t change the fact that you are one pathetic human being. You haven’t an ounce of self-esteem, you proudly accept a man who tells you he will never be faithful to you because status and “things” are more important than respect and dignity. The hurt you plan for others will be the hurt you create for yourself. You are one ugly, disgusting person and I’m sure your daughter and step-children are ashamed or will be. You are only frontin’ because you have a stupid show starring two notorious hookers (you and Chad) coming soon and you need ratings. Those who watch this are the few fools you were able to trick… not us though. I haven’t seen one solitary positive show of support on these threads. How is that VH1?

  43. Carmele says:

    Oh! please you need to grow up, you talk about loyalty; but how the hell you put Jen outthere while you guys were in Tahiti talking about she slept with that guy in vegas without any condoms. You just want people to think that she’s a Hoe just like you, but also don’t forget she was your puppet @ one time. In one of these shows weren’t you the one that was encouraging her to sleep with someone else while she was still married, Hey I guess she had finaly listen to your dumb, stupid, bully ass. Hopefully your daughter makes her living from a college carreer not from chasing Athletes.

  44. Evelyn just from this article you wrote is the reason why I won’t watch this show again if you Tami Roman is on it. You have alot of nerve trying to say that Jen has people fooled and that you have moved on when you haven’t. Jennifer didn’t make you and Chad look bad, you and Chad did. You want to be a wife so bad I hope that it is what you expect. You started this whole mess and Shaunie O’Neal, Tami Roman is just as much to blame as you. Who cares if Jen slept with every man in the world, what you mad because she got to some before you. I accepted you for who you were each season and had no problem. The problem is you don’t accept yourself. You are used to people kissing your behind and when Jen had the nerve to stop hanging off of your every word, then you get mad. I can’t understand why anyone would give you a show and if so I hope it is cancelled after the first showing. I feel bad for you as you are blaming everybody except yourself. Damn right you should help Nia Crooks the stupid stunt she pulled was because of her loyalty to your triffling behind. You disrespect eveybody but kiss Chad’s ass so bad that it makes you look even dumber. And you think because Tami Frothy Dog Roman pumps you up along with Shaunie stupid O’Neal well guess what the fans are tired of you. John Salley I will add to the list also for taking the team Evelyn’s side. I hope your cheap makeup line ends just like your hooker shoes did.

  45. Maritza says:

    I feel like everyone is coming down too hard on Evelyn. Wasn’t Jen bullying Ashley oh and what about the Spanish girl she kept harassing the one that told her Eric don’t want Jen ass. I bet everyone forgot that though. A lot of people are afraid to hear or handle the truth and Evelyn is the truth. Team Evelyn all day.

  46. trayce says:

    yeah right ev, you don’t look down on anyone. i think you and jen both forgot where you came from. me myself coming from east orange n.j. i know exactly where you all hail from!!! what i don’t understand is that you being who you are and having all what you have. then tell me why is your mother still living in the projects in brooklyn? Damn buy her a house already!!!

  47. Fan says:

    my comment is to VH1/Shed Media. I know you think havin the ladies give statements which are all lies is going to save this network then think again. Shaunie O’Neal could barely get the words out of her mouth on the reunion show because of the lies. And the crap that Tami Frothy Dog Roman was trying to say that Jen was a bully you should have stopped filming and say let’s start again. Evelyn Lozada would dare say the things she said on the show and I agree with the viewers that this reunion looked staged to jump on Jennifer. Then Evelyn says that the people are fooled. And to have the host take side with the people who were fighting cussing and bullying people this is awful. Best thing is Shaunie O’Neal owes Jen an apology because she talked out of two sides of her mouth and if she don’t think so then cut the show off. And as for Evelyn and Chad don’t you get it nobody wants to see them. chad talking about Evelyn’s pu–y on the show and she wants to jump somebody for calling her loose, but yet she tells the camera who she slept with and we should all be team Evelyn get a grip. And as for Tami Roman (Frothy Dog) I don’t know why you kept her after the first season. I am sure that Sister2Sister magazine is going to take a hit for thinking that everybody loved Tami and gave her a column, not thinking that the only people who were her fans are people just like her. Evelyn as well. For a person to think you are a hater because we didn’t like the behavior,twofaced,fighting of Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman along with giggles Shaunie O’Neal then this network will take a hit also. Best advice is to tell Shaunie O’Neal,Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada to keep their mouths closed.
    And tell John Salley that he made a big mistake this year at the reunion show.

  48. Evelyn's narcissistic personality says:

    Read what a Narcissistic Personality Disorder is. It sounds just like Evelyn.
    Believing that you’re better than others
    Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
    Exaggerating your achievements or talents
    Expecting constant praise and admiration
    Believing that you’re special and acting accordingly
    Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings
    Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans
    Taking advantage of others
    Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior
    Being jealous of others
    Believing that others are jealous of you
    Trouble keeping healthy relationships
    Setting unrealistic goals
    Being easily hurt and rejected
    Having a fragile self-esteem
    Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional

  49. EVILyn Go Away says:

    The only reason EVILyn has regrets about how she came at Kenya and throwing the bottle at her is because she now knows that Kenya is nobody’s punk and will beat the brakes off of her. EVILyn wasn’t aware before that Kenya has hands, so she thought she could punk her like she tries to punk Jen and Suzie and anyone else she knows doesn’t or will not fight. Now that she knows Kenya can and will beat that azz, she all of a sudden is remorseful for it. EVILyn only gets buck with people she thinks she can scare with that loud azz mouth of hers. She was scared out of her mind that time Tami came into her store talking mess and threatening to sew in a past season. If ever there was a time to get mad and be ready to fight is when someone comes into your business that you own and disrespects you and your store by talking reckless in it and knocking shoes down, but EVILyn’s scary azz didn’t do nothing then except stay her scary self behind that counter. She always needs an audience to try to act tough with someone, and only when it’s someone she thinks won’t or can’t fight. There’s no logical reason why she couldn’t have tried to approach Jen or Kenya without having her cronies around.

  50. Stopit says:

    Here is a list of the shows sponsors:
    General Motors Corporate Office | Headquarters
    … 300 Renaissance Center Detroit, MI 48265

    Burger King Holdings, Inc.
    5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
    Miami, FL 33126
    (305) 378–3000

    Pepsico Corporate Office | Headquarters
    700 Anderson Hill Rd. Purchase, NY 10577

    Twix (Mars Incorporated) President Todd Lachman
    6885 Elm St.
    Mclean, VA 22101
    Phone: 703-821-4900 or Head Of Advertising 973-691-3536
    Fax: 703-448-9678

    Bounty (Proctor & Gamble)
    1 Procter and Gamble Plz Cincinnati, OH 45202
    (513) 983-1100

    Garnier (L’Oreal)
    575 5th Ave.
    New York, NY 10017
    Phone: 212-818-1500

    Proactiv (CEO’s Assistant Name is Heidi)
    3340 Ocean Park Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    PHONE: 310-581-6250
    FAX: 760-773-9016

    Progressive Insurance
    6300 Wilson Mills Rd
    Mayfield Village, OH 44143
    President Secretary: Janice ext 6253300

    Contact them and let them know that we will not support their products if they continue to sponsor a show like this. The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to contact them is through their Facebook pages. Just write out why they shouldn’t sponsor VH1′s Basketball Wives and simply copy/paste your message to each sponsor’s Facebook page. I already did it so join in!

  51. T>M>R>A says:

    Evelyn should know that the title “Mob Wives” and “Bad Girls Club” will probably draw an audience that likes that kind of thing. The name by itself connotes disorder. But Basketball Wives, whether an all black cast or white, you don’t go into watching this show for bad behavior. You’re hoping to peep into the lives a women that have a glamourous life style. Poslished…refined. I just hope that if their is another season that we can a better side of how women live when they’ve moved on up.

  52. diva40 says:

    With loyal friends like Evil-lyn, who needs enemies.

  53. Uh Oh says:

    I think that Eve is not a ride or die chic! You don’t befriends with someone then throw them under the bus when you are mad or on off terms with them. She is showing that she can’t be trusted as a friend. She is the type of friend. I don’t care what Eve say about Jen but I think that for the show Jen proved her point who was the ride or die friend til the end. She kept her cool and fans loved it. Jen tries to act all big and bad like a man, then jump into the arms of the security so that they can stop her from fighting. She is a ride or die chicken!!

  54. SARAH says:

    Evelyn you put up a good behavior becouse you haveing your own show.that way act like you are the best, pls with your fack tears,full the people who dont know you.good act by the way.

  55. EVIL-yn HOE-zada says:

    Just as one of the bloggers have said, you WELCOMED a law suit!! VH1/Shed Media is so wrong for this Ultra-Biased reunion show and poor display of any sort of professionalism. And yes, Shaunie…if any of you and your “CIRCLE” walked into a room I would think of you as HOT GHETTO MESS! This goes to show you that beauty is literally only skin deep. It is really sad. Sad for your families and sad for you. You make yourselves look like complete fools while other VH1 execs are laughing AT YOU all the way to the bank! Evil-yn is doing so much damage control right now because of her book tour. Evil-yn, congrats on your marriage but guess what honey… Your step kids and your daughter will forever see you as LOOSE and attention hungry when they get old enough review these shows. Its not just Chad Ochocinco, we believe you would have given your cookies to any man with status and money on the first night. You get 1 hour to make an impact on the world and this is what you gave us!! Pathetic! Nia dear…they have you fooled just like they have Suzie fooled. They made you into a puppet for the rest of the nation to have the last laugh at your own emotional dispense.

  56. Sheila says:

    I have the best garbage can on the block, it is so nice I hate to even put trash in it….but hey, that’s what it was made for right. I guess no matter how cute my garbage can is…the trash inside is still just trash…nothing special. Evelyn reminds me of my garbage can, cute on the outside….but still just trash on the inside. Plain stinky runny smelly germ filled GARBAGE!

  57. where is Jennifer's special interview? says:

    Where is Jennifer special reunion interview?
    We’ve heard from Nia, who assulted Jennifer. We’ve heard from Evelyn who has verbally abused Jennifer. We have heard from bully Tami and instigating Shaunie. What’s wrong with this picture?
    Where is Jennifer special reunion interview because she was the person SLAPPED!

  58. delphine bloodworth says:


  59. Hollatme says:

    I don’t get it, when Tammie drinks she makes a fool of herself, when she doesn’t drinks she makes a fool of herself, talking about Jen bullying Ashley . Now I know she is a FOOOOL.
    Oh don’t forget how Shaunie tried getting under Matt Barnes girlfriend, what would u call that?
    BULLYING. she chose to back off cause she realized those girls were not scared of her and her so call power. Well Nia girl , why did u allow Evelyn to make a fool of u? Well hopefully she will help you with your law suit. So Evelyn you are trying to get to Jen by saying how you have been slapped before, And???? Tammie you sure have so wide shoulders you should try out for football they might consder u after all you are always fighting . Oh I forgot you are over 40. I find it so funny when you say”where I am from people just take their whopping and keep moving.’ Where the hell are u from? I guess you got too much that is why u are such FOOL.

  60. NINA says:


  61. Sorry, but I think it is a little too late for that. She has shown season after season nothing but violence and now that is the image that will stick with people no matter how graceful she may act on the new show she has.

  62. fara says:

    my peeps if you guys remember evelyn was the one who told jen to get the cobwebs out of her privates…she was the one that pushed and prodded and instigated for her to hook up with a guy…Jen was not buying it…eric had not even touched her for three years…she was very very shy about dating again…evelyn the HOE literally pushed her to date…and she has the nerve to call her out….i mean these ladies epitomize evil and the devil incarnate…Jen is a classy, gentle, soft spoken, polished, well educated , and a civilsed young lady….she graduated from a top notch college on the dean’s list…evelyn , tami and shaunie, in your life will never come close to her achievements…

    it is obvious shed media, shaunie, evelyn and tami…dont like seeing people like Jen because she makes them look bad….they would rather swim in the mud with ghetto hood rats likle themselves….shed media is not invested in portarying women of color in a positive light…they have to pepetutae the stereotype….if you guys remember, thay said they will limit the violence not eradicate it!!!!!!!! .Jen dear flee from these wolves.!!!..greater opportunities will definitely come your way, we are rooting for you….we want to see your fabulousness in another tv show and setting….basketball wives is nothing without you jennifer and they know it…we were tuning in to hear your lovely soothing voice and see your fabulous fashion!!!!!.at least when white people see you it makes us black women look really good….and at this point in time…we really need our image revamped!!!!!!

  63. melanie says:

    are you really happy?cause it don’t seem like it. And it also look like you miss Jeniffer as a friend.

  64. More Crap says:

    @Kim. Good lookin’ out. Evelyn did say that she is married. Not shocking. Ev, the producers, Shaunie and everyone else in the circle are all fake. The difference between the other reality shows that promote violence is that most people that go on the shows are able to stick up for themselves or fight for themselves. The reason BBW is taking so much heat is because of the bullying. Evelyn is showing how dense she is by not realizing this or she’s just trying to deflect the viewers’ attention elsewhere. Either way, we aint fallin’ for the okie doke. I know it’s going to be hard to resist just taking a peek at the Ev and Ocho show, but we have to get together and be serious about boycotting it and everything that has to do with BBW and those on the show who have promoted bullying.

  65. darlene says:

    You are a fool, You was the main one who kept bring that same crap up, it was you who brought nia, why you know that she is a hoodrat, you, shaunie, and tammi pump that girl up to do just what she did. you should have her back snice it was you plan. Who do she think is going to watch her show, you evil your evil it don’t matter if you with you kids, family. You have a ugly soul i don’t think anyone want to watch you show.

  66. mederma says:

    @Fara, I agree with you about Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn not being able to touch Jenn’s accomplishments, but what bothers me even more is that this show has never acknowledge the fact that Royce, Kenya, Jennifer, Kesha and I also believe Meeka are all College Graduates. Why should we have to read in a blog that Kenya worked as an Engineer, I mean really, a lot of people that watch the show don’t go online to find these things out. Shaunie said she wanted to highlight the positive, but she didn’t highlight the fact that she has EDUCATED BLACK WOMEN.

  67. The Boss says:

    The “other you” is still shady…like you can change thirty something years of no class overnight for your new show. You have revealed yourself to the world as a hussy so there is no new you that people with any sense will believe in. Your personality will keep you broke even if you bamboozzle people into buying the junk you will be putting out called “business”. .People would be better of going to the 99 cents store and buying those cheap batteries that only last about 15 minutes before they give out than investing their time and money in you. Join the circus and become a clown you will be able to retire from that job with full benefits at age 75.I know you are to busy to read this because of all the things you have going on but I am glad I took the time to write this because the truth must be told.

  68. zena love 1 says:

    i truly like jen and ev i wih their friendship didnt end like that they were the perfect duo tammy keeps it real and i love that about her so for people to sit here and judge its not even the case evelyn was a true friend i noticed that each season she just dont like for her friends to betray her jennifer miss ev i can see that an it hurts her to see them fall apart but evelyn jennifer and tammy will always be my favorite its just the show not the same without ev and jeen being besties oh an susie u are so outgoing and fun shaunie is so motherly i want another season but until then really lookin forward to ev and chad show

  69. Get Real says:

    Really Evil-lyn???? Nia gets alot of heat because we don’t know the full story??? Do you realize how stupid you sound. Nothing justifies Nia walking around that table and slapping Jen in her face. I’m so baffled that you idiots just don’t get it. Who gives a f&ck that Nia and Jen were friends??? That makes it even worse that she would assault someone she claims is her friend, someone that she loved. Damn yall some phoney azz hipocrites.

  70. Donna says:

    It’s true that Ev gets paid whether we watch or show or not, but it’s important to BOYCOTT her brand because without the support of people like us Ev’s brand will eventually fade out and she returns back to dust and blows away. The more you watch and support her brand, the richer she will get.

  71. GoJenn says:


    Im so tired of people saying Tami keeps it real. Tammi ‘ keeps it real ignorant.’ being ignorant and blaming it in the alcohol is the furthest from real. When I see this it a flag that this person is from the projects. Meka, Royce, Jenn, Kesha, Kenya, the are rwal and dont need liquid courage to be ‘real’. Keep working on that acting career Tammi, so far not so good. Real?!? You did have the projects, and undef 18 crowd fooled.

  72. I don’t care what anyone says, EVELYN AND JEN WERE IN A SECRET LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!! 4OYR old straight women don’t act like this!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Yolanda Reyes says:

    Disappointed…I feel that Nia should not have been apart of this..I know she might have love for Evelyn but, this was Jen and Evelyn time. Yes, we cannot control others actions, but we can stand with her. This is a very sticky situation. Basketball Wives, should help her with legal fees and whatever else..This situation has changed her life. She will always be looked at as Evelyn assistant who smacked Jennifer.

    Faithful Viewer

  74. oh10 says:

    Sorry,, but we are not buying it Evelyn. Nor do we wanna watch another show with you and Chad. Evelyn and Tami have both dug a hole so deep, there is no coming out. At first you guys thought it was cool, but when you realized the public is not gonna accept the bullying….. now you wanna be sorry and change. Well its a little too late! We still dont like either of you.

  75. hoolywood!!! says:

    I would be mad as hell if I see the ratings of the next season go up from this one… it would mean all you all are just as fake as these chicks…. show VH1 with the lack of viewership and not just comments!!!
    and stop deleting my comments!!!

  76. Oh hell NO says:

    Hey eve, watch out.. you better not talk bad about mobwives. Drita might wanna fight you hahhaa

  77. Jena says:

    I dont believe what Evelyn said. If it wasn’t for her Nia would have never been in this mess. She thinks she can beat people up and talk to people any kind of way. I’m glad her and jennifer arent riends anymore. Your almost 40 and still acting like a child. Shaunie and everyone else deserves a law suit because they kept egging this on and they all wanted to gang up on Jennifer. Ocho is cheating on her so they won’t be together for long. She just wants the world to think that here relationship is going to last but its not.

  78. TINA says:


  79. Benita says:

    It’s obvious that Evelyn put Nia up to doing her dirty work. They are both now playing the pity role in regards to the backlash they are getting but the truth is, you both deserve it. The interview is much of the same with Ev casting blame on Jen for her behavior and not owning up to her actions. Also in the last interview Shaunie, called Jen disloyal so the mud slinging continues even past the last reunion and the negative feedback. I even saw on Twitter where Shaunie went off on a follower. The truth is the Jennifer bashing should stop, you grown women were given the same platform and opportunity to display the same level of class as Jennifer but you decided to chose a different route and it back lashed. Jennifer has done nothing wrong. To add insult to injury, you insult your audience’s intelligence, to say she has us fooled is completely ridiculous. Shaunie, Eve, & Tammi, I am an intelligent woman my opinions of you were formed by your actions alone. I really hate this show. The more I watch the more I can’t believe that you are not able to see yourselves. Honestly, after all of the negative feedback I’ve been reading and see your getting, I thought at the reunion show you would redeem yourselves. Instead you managed to make it worse. Even in these interviews.

    I am hoping that Jennifer can find something else for a livelihood. If it were not for her I would not watch anymore.

    Instead of all the mud slinging and Jennifer bashing, Shaunie, Tammy, & Eve should consider why Jennifer has the majority support of viewers now and stop insulting us. I’ve been watching this show since season one, and I wondered why initially followed Eve in her insults and dirty deeds against some of the other viewers. I can see that she has grown and developed her own personality and shows she has strength and even apologized for her actions more than once. Not once, has anyone gone to Jennifer and said, I’m sorry. I believe Jennifer when she says she reached out to Evelyn on more than once outside of the show and Eve declined to speak. I believe Eve waited for the show intentionally for rates and it failed. Own up to it, but you can’t do that can you.

  80. S.B.McDuffie says:

    Ev hang it up no one is interested. You’re madd because Jen said what ever viewer that I have read or talked to is thinking. Ocho sucks~really he is not a big a star as you are making him out to be. One head injury and that midget is going to be benched. You were wrong for going all in on Jen and acting like your were shocked when a few girls called you lose. From the previews i thought you were lose. Oh wait~ let me duck…before you swing on me. You can’t handle the truth. Keep your wedding out of the spot light because no one really cares. Shaunie, Suzie and you all suck!! You are not a basketball wife and the show is pointless. I hope the ratings significantly drop once Single Ladies or Love and Hip Hop Atlanta takes off. GO away!!

  81. Marie says:

    HV1, Shaunie, Tami and especially YOU-Evelyn all went into this reunion show with a clear-cut agenda to gang up on Jennifer!!! From the fake host to the fake (paid) audience. I’m going to give you the best advice you have gotten all year, and it’s free: Listen up.. Evil-yn, Shaunie, Tami, Vh1 and Shed Media need to have your inner “circle” come to a Jesus meeting and publicly admit you made a mistake in the direction you took this show. Admit you underestimated your viewing audience. Admit you all decided that the plan for Season 4 from the very beginning was to “beef, battle, and bully right out of the gate, because you ASSUMED this was the content your viewers wanted to see. This show is called Basketball Wives (which for the life of me, I don’t understand since none of you are wives) it’s NOT called the ‘Bad Girls Club’ or ‘Mob Wives’. Please admit you all gambled on our intelligence and assumed we the viewers were uneducated and class-less like some of the bullies on this show. Admit you did it all for fame and fortune and didn’t realize your audience would care about the important issues of today like; BULLYING and physical violence. First, Tami pretends to feel bad and apologizes on Wendy’s show (which was bs) and now EVIL-yn is apologizing for throwing the bottle at Kenya. PLEASE! Just admit that the only reason you apologized was only because you are trying to salvage your brand and your new show with your ‘UNEMPLOYED BLACK GUY’ (a.k.a Ex-NFL player: Nacho-Cinco). We have seen right through every PR stunt by VH1, Shaunie and her crew have tried to pull. Stereo-typing your audience has proven to be your downfall; this is the same audience you want to watch your show, buy your makeup and read your book. Stop trying to save face, we’re NOT buying it! I for one will NEVER support anything you do simple for how you represented yourself and as woman and as a mother. Viewers, please DO NOT support Evil-yn’s brand or her new show!….

  82. Coucou says:

    Just shut the hell up. You are a disgrace to your family. Go get your mom out of the hood instead of spending all that money on red bottoms. Just shut up once and for all. No one is buying your lies and stupidity. You are just an angry, miserable, delusional person. Go get your mom out of the hood!!!!! (oooops, I already said that)……….. Again, go get your mom out of the hood!!!!!!!

  83. Coucou says:

    VH1, stop deleting my comments. What? Can’t handle the truth???

  84. Coucou says:

    Hahahaha. I need to get off the internet. Sorry VH1.

  85. RealityCheck4RealityChix says:

    Eve…Until u do right by Jen, everything u touch will crumble.
    Ocho just got dropped from the Patriots. What’s next.
    Off 2 the next one? So SAD.

  86. Liz_Esq. says:

    I got a glimpse of the BBW reunion and what is so surprising is the audacity of those 3 bullies (Tammy, Evelyn and Shaunie) to put blame on Jennifer. I think the producers of this show honestly think that people are not intelligent enough to realize what is going on. No matter what these 3 ladies do in the future, they will not succeed because people perceive them so negatively and rather than trying to make things better by apologizing, they are trying to demonize the only cast member who has some semblance of class. I really was a fan of Evelyn and Tammy (and even Shaunie, although she was rarely on). But this season has me on Team Jenn 110%. I predict that Jennifer will continue to succeed after her life on this show ends. The public (which can make your career or break your career) are so behind Jennifer that whatever spin-doctors VH1 uses to demonize Jennifer, will backfire. We already see it happening. If VH1 monitors all the various blogs out there, they will realize that them going after Jennifer, has sooooooooo backfired. It has only made her more popular and let Shaunie, Evelyn, and Tammy, look like real villains. By the mere fact that established places don’t want to have Chad and Evelyn’s wedding at their establishment speaks volumes. Chad just got cut from the Saints. I honestly believe this is not a coincidence. These folks on VH1 are in such denial. They backed the wrong side. By trying to put blame on Jennifer, no matter what spin they are trying to put on it, and no matter how remorseful Evelyn or Tammy claim there are, the public is not buying it. I hope that this show is cancelled because it sends such a HORRIBLE message. It shows that bullying is right, that it gets you fame and money and that if you speak out against it, you will be ostracized and demonized. I can’t believe I used to like this show.

  87. To Kera says:

    What side of the bed did you wake up on? How much of your courage comes from sitting behind your computer? You’re probably that person who wouldn’t say anything to someone’s face, but if you said something to purposely antagonize a bully like Tami, that wouldn’t necessarily be courage that would be stupidity, because then you’d let her pull you down to her level in a physical brawl of violence, which most civil adults try to avoid, and you could go to where she’s headed prison or the grave. Most adults know when to step up, but are not bullies. The energy in these posts come from indignation for the bullying that many people have been victimized by. Posting, gathering signatures, contacting sponsors, and writing essays is not bullying. It is something law-abiding people do to keep the peace and yet have their say in a forceful and constructive way. We have the right to say when we don’t like something, just like you have the right not to read the posts that you don’t like. No one is begging you to read them. We will turn the channel when we see fit, just like you will stop reading the posts when you see fit. I doubt that you’ll ever see this post though since VH1 keeps deleting many of the posts they don’t like.

  88. Angela Savage Austin says:

    Dear Evelyn: Are you Bi-polar?…..I ask this question because I am….so THEY SAY! However I see in you so much pain because you feel that you can’t trust anyone. Be the truth be told Pslams 118.8 states that it is better to put trust in the Lord than men. This means even and above all….ourselves. It pains me to see my sisters be scavengers of each other. Look you and Jen ARE FRIENDS!!! You stated you stick to the end. As a friend being there in hard times is truly a friend…not when everything is so flowery. Please understand that someone has to rise above the conditions you both placed in an area wher LOVE should be. For me being Bi-Polar is a freedom that unconditional love can be reborn. I accept my feelings and emotions as being valid …but not necessarily the TRUTH!. I am 4 ft tall…57 years old…the skelotons…tons of failure hoards my closet…but love reigns ….stills above and beyond that!!!! Go to your friend…your sisters…embrace her and let her know that nothing is more greater…more important than your love for her…even if…especially when she may not feel the same. You can do this…so be an example of what your heart desires. Sacrifice your ego…pride…fear. Let Love reign!!!

  89. amorenomore says:

    NIA HIT HER! That’s the bottom line. You should have apologized to Jen & asked her if she was ok. Stick by your friend…she’s going to need someone to visit her in jail. You forget you were on the table to go attack her too! This is one blogger who won’t be a viewer of your show. Also, thank you to whoever got your husband off the Patriot’s team – you don’t deserve to be a Patriot wife!!

  90. Yvette says:

    Hey Evelyn…guess what? People do talk about Mob Wives…I know Italian ladies who are absolutely ashamed of the show…..same with Bad Girls Club…but that’s neither here nor there. You are missing the point (as usual). Forget about them…what about YOU? The bottom line….regardless of whether its fair or unfair, minority women already have negative stereotypes attached to them…ghetto, ignorant, uneducated, loud, brash, out of wedlock babies etc…..All people like you, Tami, and even Shaunie to a degree is give credence to those stereotypes. Quit trying to deflect criticism for you bad behavior by talking about what other shows get away with. Even most of the Mob Wives have SOME redeeming qualities and class…You don’t.

  91. SeenItAllAlready says:

    No thank you. You’ve already shown everything.

  92. jazz4 says:

    Eve is so jealous of Jen. I’m looking forward to not watching her new show.

  93. Bella says:

    The difference between Mob Wives and BBW, is MW fight fair, BBW is just trash. MW do not bully another person, yes they fight, but the basic story of MB is a dark one. I thought that BBW was to be a show about great black women who are successful, and we get a glimpse at that life.
    What a shame that they did no honor to their community over other great black women.
    And Nia gets what she deserves. I give great credit to Jen for standing up and saying
    “No, that is not acceptable, and no one will hit me” Im sure that was and still is a hard choice.

    On another note: That was the worst reunion show ever. The host should stick to his day!

  94. natasha says:

    No one cares about her new side this is the same woman that was jump on a table like a chicken so she can attack Jen she should be in jail. she is trying to be nice now because of her new show but well all know she is CRAZY. i don’t know why no one has press charges. i think VH1 should be responsible when she hurt someone because they know she is unstable. a bounch of HOT GHETTO MESS tha’s all yall ever was that’s the only reason i watch i’m black and i’ve never in my life seen such GHETTO MESS like this show.

  95. Women says:

    VH1 deleted my comment about Star Jones now mentoring Evelyn instead of boycotting. I will keep entering my comments if not on this site on others. It must be the TRUTH that Star has joined Ev because Jen’s friend NeNe is now seeing Star’s ex, Al Reynolds.

  96. LaShae says:

    I wasn’t even interested to read the whole article. I won’t be watching the show at all.

  97. Byron says:

    I say we protest the show, so they don’t come back another season. I am so disappointed with the biased opinions of the “want-to be” host John Sally, how fake Shaunie is/was, how crazy and disrespectful both Tami and Evelyn are, and how they tried to make Royce, Jennifer, and Kesha look like absolutely nothing! Kenya….who are you? I’m done with the show and you should be too!

  98. Jalisa says:


  99. angelique ngalakulondi says:

    Evelyn I really love your sayings through all this, I have the feeling that your right in everything that’s right that your sticking up for your friend but at the same time Jen got slapped right in the face and trying to get after her again come on now Evelyn,
    -p.s : your still my favorite :)

  100. Jen says:

    It is so FAKE I will make myself look good if I was trying to promote my new show, book and makeup. FAKE as Hell

  101. NotBuyingIt says:

    I don’t care if Ev and Jenn makeup, Shaunie cries and whatever else. I don’t by the damage control. It’s not sincere to me. Still not watching next season or the Chad and Ev show.

  102. It'll come back to you says:

    You started off as a lady who seemed to be business savvy, classy, beautiful and a great mom. You turned out to be quite a lemon. Your poor daughter is a beautiful and smart young lady and I’m sure that your behavior embarrasses her to no end. How would you like for someone to bully your daughter the way that you’ve bullied some of these girls on the show? There were times that you could have taken up for poor Kesha but instead you remained silent or made snide comments to get a laugh from Tami. If you want any chance at being a decent human being then you should distance yourself from that fool Tami as soon as you can. You are a finger pointing hypocrite who is only sorry for your behavior because you want people to watch yours and Oh No’s show. Read the blogs fool. People are tired of yours, Tami’s and Shaunie’s behavior. There are actually ex fans like myself (you guys lost me this season) who are trying to boycott your new show and BBW also who are going directly to the sponsors. your only hope is that you’ll come across fans like me who will only take the time to blog but who won’t put in the legwork to boycott. But read the blogs because there seem to be quite a few out there. Your bad behavior will all come back to you full circle and I’m sure that that car payment will outlast yours and oh No’s! Relationship. He’s a fool too and he makes you look foolish and weak on tv.

  103. Joni says:

    Glad to hear that you regret throwing the wine bottles. However, what about breaking the Girl Code with a loyal friend of 10, 12 or 14 years. Evelyn, you really hit below the belt with Jen. The comment on Jen’s Blog, about not dating the same type of men like you, does not compare to the awful and very personal things that you revealed. You are NOT a Ride a Die True friend to the end. You are the worst untrusting character that I have ever had the misfortune of observing. Jen was a true lady, and maintained the G-Code with you. When your relationship with Chad goes up in smoke, you are really going to regret that you destroyed your friendship with Jen.

  104. you are my favorite person on the show….. i just love you so much

  105. Too Little, Too Late says:

    First, there will not be a Ev & Ocho show. Who wants to watch too has-beens whose 15 minutes are already up? The book is a joke Inner Circle or whatever the hell the name. She is not in, and will never be in. Chad was fired, they spent an entire day looking for ANY team to trade him to, nobody wanted him. We get it. The NFL doesn’t want VH1 to use their brand to profit off of, especially with these two as draw. So what is the purpose of watching this clown show now? What has Evelyn done besides sleeping with athletes? What is her education level? How is she interesting when there are just two topics “sex & money?”

    Three, will be let go from BBWs, I think we can almost guess who those will be. Read what she said now that I have my own show it seems funny to be on BBWs. Watch Ev & Ocho get cancelled if it ever goes on air. VH1 would be better off cutting their losses now. As for BBWs, Shaunie won’t be back on as a regular cast member–she needs to do damage control to her image and as soon as the public forgets how awful she is the better. Tami is as good as gone. Read her blog–she said she got played. How? She played herself hustling backwards and being a bully while doing it.

    As for Nia, Shaunie, Evelyn & Tami feel guilty about using her as a tool, and wants the public to think Jennifer will be the cause of her going to jail. Who would have thought a half-wit would get up and slap someone after being warned? Jen said I wish you would, that was not an invitation. Shaunie and her crew sent her in and they are responsible for her going to jail. Nothing they say will change that. I won’t be watching next season. Tired of the white folks looking at it as sport and making jokes about it the next day at work. I watched to be prepared for the humiliation at work. No point in being the only one left in the dark. Somebody had to be prepared to defend the image of black women and the community.

    As to Sallie saying get a life–this low class crap of a show affected us all whether you want to realistically embrace that or not. Sounds like you are the one who needs to get a life. You seem to be on all these reality shows as they are declining. Weren’t you on Terrell Owens show?