The Reunion Interview: In Spite Of Everything, Jennifer Williams Is Really Happy With Her Life


Jennifer Williams Basketball Wives reunion
You wouldn’t know it to see her sitting on the stage, but Jennifer Williams was actually in a really great mood before the taping of the Basketball Wives reunion. She was definitely defensive and angry at times when asked to take responsibility for her actions and confronted by her friends from the show. And yet before she got out there, she was laughing and in pretty good spirits, despite the broken relationships and confrontations she was about to face. We discussed a little bit of everything, from how she feels about Evelyn’s new makeup line to the blog post that started everything to that trip to Vegas that keeps coming up. And yet in spite of all that negative, crazy drama, Jennifer assured me that she’s able to look past and and lives a really nice life.

What do you plan to do after the reunion is over?

Take some business meetings, go back to New York, live a happy life.

Is it hard to watch this show when you have an otherwise happy life?

I don’t watch it as much now.

Do you think you’re done with the show, period?

I don’t know, I think it’s premature to say, so we’ll see, I have no idea. But I just have so much going on that I can’t even think about a camera in my face again. Let me get through today first.

What do you think of how the show has evolved, and where it is right now?

I think it’s unfortunate. I feel like the one thing that brought us all together is also the one thing that’s torn us apart so its just unfortunate that as a group we can’t support each other, we can’t get past our issues — life is too short. There really is no major issue here. No one slept with anyone’s husband, no one did anything to anyone’s family or child, I don’t know, it’s ridiculous to me.

Do you wish that that blog post that Evelyn got upset about was never written? Do you think that would have prevented all of this?

No, I don’t live with regrets, and honestly, that blog was written when we were here last year, so really? You wait until lights, camera, action for it to be an issue? Stop it.

Do you feel like you guys got any resolution in Tahiti?

Absolutely not.

Are you thinking you’ll get any resolution today?

I don’t expect it. Honestly, I’m content in my life and it’s like, when I’m done filming, I’m done. I consider it work. And then I go back to my normal life and I’m fine with that. I don’t have all this drama in my normal life. I did when I was married, but the other drama, chick drama is so trivial to me. Not when I’m trying to wrap up this divorce and figure out my next move and my livelihood. I have to figure out the rest of my life, that’s what’s important to me now, not all this he said, she said, who doesn’t like who. No, sorry. What happened, happened. I accepted it. Moving on. I’m just so tired of it. It’s unfortunate that it happened, but…next!

Tami and Shaunie kept saying they were still your friends throughout all this, but do you feel like they took sides?

Absolutely. You can say things all you want, but actions speak louder than words, and I felt like they kept saying they were neutral, but in actuality, they really weren’t. Ever since I had the whole blowup with Evelyn, I haven’t really filmed with them, so they only really got her side. They definitely weren’t neutral.

Is your friendship with them tense now as a result?

When Tami had her heart attack situation, I was on a plane, and when I landed people were texting and Tweeting me about it, asking me if I wished her well and I was like, what are they talking about? So I texted her “What’s going on? I keep getting messages about you having a heart attack, I hope it’s not true,” and she texted me back to say she did, and she and I talked about things. Basically she never had a real issue with me, and we talked about that. Shaunie I haven’t spoken to since Tahiti.

How much of an emotional toll does this drama take on you?

It’s a lot, especially when I’m dealing with another emotional situation with my divorce, it’s a lot to deal with. It’s just one thing after another. I’m surprised I’m not on cocaine or something, it was a lot to deal with. But I have great family and friends and a support system and they really just kept me on track and kept me grounded.

What’s your relationship like with Royce now, you guys still on okay terms?

We’re cool, we’re cordial. I never really had an issue with Royce until the whole Twitter situation, and I think that was based on a lot of stuff that I was hearing from second and third parties and at that time I was just angry about a lot of things, so I was quick to jump to conclusions. But I don’t have an issue with her. I don’t really have an issue with anybody. Some people have issues with me. It’s really not my problem.

What’s it like to see Evelyn launch her own makeup line, since you’ve also got your own line of lip glosses?

I think it’s funny that they called Kenya “single white female” because you’re doing the same thing as me. Although, not really. She partnered with someone. This is one hundred percent mine. I’m not just putting my name on something, this is my brand. For me, the benefits are super-rewarding because I’m doing this all by myself, I designed everything myself. I guess I should take it as a compliment. Between this and my wedding planner, what else…

You guys used the same wedding planner?


You and Kesha didn’t fight back, physically, this season when you were provoked, and a lot of people actually criticized that especially since you got legal involved instead, what do you think about that?

I really get a lot of people who are very supportive. I’m 36, what do I look like fighting someone and then going into corporate meetings talking about Lucid? No one is going to take me seriously. i want to be known as a serious businesswoman and an entrepreneur, I’m not going to be fighting on TV. It sends the wrong message and I’m not about that. I was taught, if someone violates you, you call the police and handle it that way. I’m going to use my legal rights.

This crazy trip to Vegas was brought up again on the final episode and Evelyn aired a lot of details about you, are you upset by that?

At this point, nothing is unexpected. And I’m like, listen, we’ve been friends a long time. I’m not saying I’m perfect. She definitely isn’t perfect either. You got mad at Suzie for Suzie saying some s— you did in Vegas, so how are you pointing the finger at somebody else? I think it’s unfortunate, I don’t get anything out of slinging mud with her, ’cause she won’t win that battle. I don’t live with regrets. I’m a grown woman. I can do what I want. I just think it’s unfortunate, because there’s like a G-code that was completely violated. I’d rather respect what our relationship was, not where it’s gone.

What do you expect to happen between you and Evelyn today?

I would be lying if I told you I knew.

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  1. Traci says:


    Keep being classy. Class and grace always win in the end. I agree action speaks louder than words. Shaune is NOT neutral and she should be since she is the Exec producer. At least you proved you were a classy, intelligent woman.
    It is interesting that you won the VH1 poll re: who was the best dressed at the BBW reunion show and NOW you can’t find the poll on the VH1 site. VH1 should list that you WON poll. VH1 appears to not be neutral either. –>STAY STRONG & TRUE

  2. Rhea says:

    Loved Jennifer’s responses. #TeamJen

  3. Coucou says:

    Wow, my comment just got deleted. Vh1 you suck!!!! Love you Jen. Keep doing you!!!!

  4. Monica says:

    Very Classy.. The Reunion is so obviously staged from the audience to the host. But you won because millions noticed.

  5. Coucou says:

    Ooops. My bad VH1. lol

  6. lisa says:

    Jen was never confronted by her “friends” at the Reunion show because slimy shaunie, terror tammi, sleazy suzie or Evilyn is not her Friends; they are closer to her enemies. Once again they tried to set her up and ambush her. Once again it was an EPIC FAIL. Jen has class and I wasnt a fan of her until this season when she got from under Evilyn skirt and show the world that she is a strong, respectable African Amer woman who has her eyes on the prize and will be successful. Good Interview Jen, you make us African American women proud.

  7. Gena, NYC says:


    And if anyone was paying attention and washing the show, they should all know that everything you said was 100% the TRUTH!!!!! Stay classy and keep your head up love.

    Best of luck to you in EVEYTHING that you do! Your fans WILL support you. <3 u Jen :)

  8. Benita says:

    Jennifer you are a beautiful lady inside and out. You are a great example how a lady should carry herself and live. I have a teenage daughter and I see the same beauty in you as I do in her. You are the only reason that I watched the show last season. I don’t understand why commentators are calling your behaviour erratic. I didn’t find anything wrong about what you did. I’ve been watching since season 1. I don’t appreciate, Shaunie, cast members, or the network for insulting the audience. Every cast member was given the same platform that you were given. You choose the high road and it’s paying off. I’m buying your lip gloss, just because you are you and I would love to get a T-shirt. The alienation, eye ball rolling, and nose flaring on the reunion show was too much. Really, I think these ladies owe you an apology. We see you made several attempts to mend relationships. Kudos, on you for being the better person. Much love and many hopes that you do well in all of your business endeavors. I hope you find that you don’t need this reality show anymore and find a better livelihood. As for me, I can’t take the ignorance and the insults being hurled at me (the audience) during the reunion show so I’m taking my leave. I’m much to intelligent that, so are you. From a Big Fan in —Louisiana. Thanks

  9. Benita says:

    Wow, my comment was deleted as well.

  10. Gena, NYC says:


    And if anyone was paying attention and watching the show, they should all know that everything you said was the TRUTH!!!!! Stay classy and keep your head love.

    Best of luck to you in EVEYTHING that you do. Your fans WILL support you. <3 u Jen :)

  11. Sasha says:

    Classy, professional, and a role model for young women. Way to go Jen!

  12. Nonya says:

    Yeah, Jen. Evelyn is copying EVERYTHING other cast members on the show have done. Like: writing a “series” of books (Royce has a series of books), makeup line (you had/have a lipgloss line that came out before her makeup), wedding planner Dianne Valentine (the same planner you had for your wedding to Eric), she copies everyone’s products and ventures and then makes fun of the people she copied. She’s not original, she’s not SORRY for the things she has done and said about you and Royce; she just doesn’t care about anyone. DON’T DROP THE LAWSUIT!!!

  13. Tiff says:

    She just told on her self she acting. Its suppose to be reality TV but she considers the show “WORK” which she putting on a front. Everybody always in the fake person corner but she can’t fool me. The only reason why she hasn’t acted out is because she is scared, adn i don’t know why people hate EV so much because sJenn don’t. If EV wanted to be her friend again she would so everybody wasting their time with that. Jenn is a follower but we can’t see the friends that she following because she has none on the show.

  14. Diva C says:

    Jennifer, I am so happy for you, you were the classy one of the bunch. The show needs that mixture I stopped watching the show because, I couldn’t stand all the fighting and bickering over nothing. If Evelyn had a problem with you and you were supposed to be friends, she could have handled that off camera. Tami, and Evelyn such good friends? There is no how, no way I could be friends with a woman that I knew slept with my husband when we were married. Tami forgave her and moved on. So, Tami can forgive her but, what ever she feels you have done to her (by the way which is nothing) She can’t forgive you? Everybody is going in different directions now, I just feel like a true friend would support your decisions and what you are trying to do. Good luck with your cosmetic line for women of color good idea! I am going to buy some Lucid lip gloss today.

  15. KAYLA says:

    Beautiful Jennifer inside and out!! How lovely you are!!

  16. Liz says:


    Continue to keep it classy. If you monitor all the blogs out there, the public is 110% behind you. With all the money VH1 has and with all their efforts to try to demonize you; it has not worked. What it shows is that they would rather back bullies like Tammy, Evelyn and Shaunie, than stand up for what’s right. Those ladies (if you can call them that) will see their stars slowly dim because the public has such a negative perception of them. I could not believe that at the reunion show they STILL continued to demonize you. They are beyond clueless. The public that made them (I was actually a huge fan of Tammy’s at one point) will certainly break them.

  17. Thank you Jennifer ! says:

    Thank you Jennifer, for being a mature lady. Thank you, for demonstrating to black young woman that fame can be obtained with having a foul mouth, physically fighting and/or acting like a hoodrat.
    I wish you well. I’m telling all of whom I know about your lip gloss because it’s wonderful, I love it. DO NOT DROP YOUR LAW SUIT. PLEASE LET YOUR FANS KNOW IF VH1 OR PRODUCERS,
    a/k/a SHAUNIE TRY TO ROUGH HANDLE YOU LEGALLY. DO NOT TRUST EVELYN, TAMI, SHAUNIE OR SUZIE AGAIN. I would not be surprise if they try to act like all is well, just to set you up again! These women are jealous mostly because the general public audience sincerely love the way you have conducted yourself, showing class as a strong woman. None the these women were neutral toward you, they all catered to evil Evelyn, who’s such a narcissist. This woman is evil to the core and will say and do anything if she thinks it will benebit her. So watch your back! Protect your name and image. Please remember that you have a fanbase who love and appreciate your classy behavior. Surely you know that Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie are trying to damage your image and pull you down to their level. Do not allow it! Stay BEAUTIFUL, inside and out! We love you.

  18. Correction ! Thanks Jennifer says:

    Thank you Jennifer, for being a mature lady. Thank you, for demonstrating to black young woman that fame can NOT be obtained with having a foul mouth, physically fighting and/or acting like a hoodrat. I wish you well. I’m telling all of whom I know about your lip gloss because it’s wonderful, I love it. DO NOT DROP YOUR LAW SUIT. PLEASE LET YOUR FANS KNOW IF VH1 OR PRODUCERS, a/k/a SHAUNIE TRY TO ROUGH HANDLE YOU LEGALLY. DO NOT TRUST EVELYN, TAMI, SHAUNIE OR SUZIE AGAIN. I would not be surprise if they try to act like all is well, just to set you up again! These women are jealous mostly because the general public audience sincerely love the way you have conducted yourself, showing class as a strong woman. None the these women were neutral toward you, they all catered to evil Evelyn, who’s such a narcissist. This woman is evil to the core and will say and do anything if she thinks it will benebit her. So watch your back! Protect your name and image. Please remember that you have a fanbase who love and appreciate your classy behavior. Surely you know that Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie are trying to damage your image and pull you down to their level. Do not allow it! Stay BEAUTIFUL, inside and out! We love you.

  19. J. Marie says:

    Hi Jen, You have always been my favorite since season 1 episode 1. I listen to a lot of things you say and it makes so much sense. You said ” time is our biggest asset”. I love that quote. Keep doing what you are doing and good luck with your businesses.

  20. Jennifer has class! says:

    Jennifer was raised well and with class. She’s an educated beautiful dark-skinned black woman!
    I wish you well Jennifer and I know good things will come your way!

  21. Sincerely says:

    Thanks Jen for being a classy beautiful black female. You go girl when you sashayed out there in your gorgeous red jumpsuit them 4 bums (Shaunie,Evelyn,Tami,& single white female) turned green with ENVY….May God continue to favor you with good health and with your career. be strong and hold your head up just get off that circus of a show and sit back and watch them fools destroy themselves …I will definitely buy Lucid….no way will I or my friends purchase E by Evilyn or buy her book…with her language who would publish it’s probably one of the URBAN stories about gangs,projects, etc..Tami claims she got a tv series in the make I bet it’s called Pyscho V..Shaunie yes businesswoman are thinking Ghetto Hot Mess and Suzie all I can say is uuggghh..again Jen,Royce,Keisha,and Kena GOOD LUCK

  22. ME says:


  23. Jennifer keep up the good work. I hope that you will keep your distance from Evelyn,Tami,Shaunie and Suzie. Shaunie and Evelyn are really jealous of you because they luck up on the lifestyle and you lived in a upper middle class family. Evelyn was never a friend to you and thought you would just stay in her shadow. She started getting mad when you had the lunch about the lucid line and she didn’t know about it. Shaunie O’Neal wanted you and Evelyn to stay mad and wanted to you know your business. Tami Roman is a groupie and wanted to be in the circle along with Nia so enough said. I would sue Nia,Shaunie and the network for saying that you were making the show bad. The ladies were in rare form and put their business as well as acted like crazy people to give the show a bad name. Keep your head up and stay true to yourself. And as for friendship they are good to have to don’t ever under estimate anybody at anything. If you come back to the show don’t film with Shaunie,Tami or Evelyn. But I hope that they take it off because the ladies are not accepting full responsibilites for their actions and think we the public are stupid and want us to just go along with wrong doing.

  24. TOMESA says:


  25. JRoc85 says:

    Jennifer, keep holding your head high!!!!!!! I think after some of the things that have occurred in the past year with Evelyn, Nia, Shaunie, Tami, etc…, you now realize what the words friendship and loyalty really mean. Word of advice, keep doing you because clearly you have matured and these women haven’t. people will get angry at times (that’s human nature), but you shouldn’t have to worry about having to defend yourself on a regular basis!!!!!! You, Kesha, and Royce are the classiest women this season!!!!!

  26. sexybrownpyt says:

    Thank you Jen for breaking the stereotype of a ghetto mad black women that all men think we are!! You are right, acting a fool brings nothing but embarrassment and regret. People will not take you seriously or want to do business with you if you are portrayed as a violent unstable person. Jen I wish you more success and happiness. Keep representing positivity and class for the sistas out there!!!

  27. sharon says:


  28. Michelle says:

    Jennifer you have handled yourself well this season and you can hold you head high. The fact that we saw Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie making negative comments about your make-up line was really childish and tacky. Shaunie should have stayed neutral, instead she made it clear she supported Evelyn. You should never apologize for not wanting to physically fight another person. Bullying is not exceptable and BBW viewers made that clear to VH1. Those ladies tainted themselves by their own doing. You and Kesha came out looking 100% like a beautiful ladies. TEAM JEN.

  29. Jen, you began this show one way, and have concluded this season in a way that sets a positive example for women and young girls. Yes, we all make mistakes, but mature people learn from them, apologize, then change. That’s what many of us were looking for during this reunion, particularly from Shaunie (who seems to be blaming a victim (jen) of a physical assault) while defending the perpetrator (Evil) If this could have occurred (true remorse), I believe the fans would have forgiven and blessed the next season.
    Just wanted to let VH1, Shaunie, Evil, Tami, Susie, John S., know that the former fans of this show do not care what the outcome of a “lie detector test” is. The only person who should have been taking it was Evil, who felt the need to out Jen’s business (we really don’t care even to hear what Evelyn has to say on this subject). I AM JUST FLABBERGASTED BY THE LACK OF SINCERE REMORSE BY SHAUNIE, AND HER INABILITY TO CALL TAMI AND EVIL OUT! YOU SHAUNIE, COULD HAVE SAVE THIS SHOW BY TAKING A STAND AND DOING WHAT IS RIGHt, ESPECIALLY WITH THE EVENTS BETWEEN KEISHA AND TAMMI. (The producers underestimated the intelligence of the viewing audience). That reunion show ain’t fooling nobody (John S., the audience, nor the bias questions). P.S. If you are gonna talk to your pastor, next time, tell him the truth; like YOUR ROLE AND LACK OF ACTION TO INTERVENE on behalf of victims being bullied and physically assaulted.

  30. Coco says:

    I find it funny how “The Mean Girls” were all in to call Jen on her mistakes…but didn’t address their own fumbles. The whole point is she made a statement about Chad. She didn’t hurt or kill anyone. On the other hand, Evelyn made several statements about Eric, hit Jen in the head with a purse, jumped over a table and threw a plant at her, threatened her and exposed part of her sexual past on television for millions of viewers to see. Tami says she was neutral but talked bad about Jen and criticized her for using the legal system instead of fighting. News flash “Jen didn’t grow up in the hood like you did. You’re faulting her for having a more comfortable up-bringing than you experienced.” Suzie is trifling and can’t hold water…she instigates everything. As for Shaunie, she sat back and watched them make fools of themselves for a show and now wants to do damage control. So I don’t understand why they are so critical towards Jen but can’t see their own mistakes.

  31. The Boss says:

    Jennifer to me you are a beautiful, smart chick that got caught up with nasty dumb hicks. You spoke with a calm genuine rationale that exemplifies your intelligent, educated and civil upbringing. I am proud of how you have presented yourself on this wreck of a tv show. I for one wish you many more successes in all that you put your hand too. You appear to have learned from your mistakes because you know when to hold them (as in cards/life) and you know when to fold them (as in friends who are not supportive). Peace be with you ..always. Team Jennifer,Go!!!!

  32. amorenomore says:

    Good for you Jen for sticking up for yourself. Who do they think they are for telling you when you could & couldn’t file charges against someone! That girl HIT you…you had every right to have her arrested! There is a difference between physical & verbal. Shaunie & Tami’s rant about you not being consistent made NO SENSE at all. I’m totally disgusted with them & will not be watching anymore!

  33. Vickie says:

    Please give Jen her own show! People prefer her hands down over Evelyn–everything from the way she dresses, to the way she talks and carries herself. She is such a more likable person now that she’s ditched Evelyn. Now this is the kind of woman I want to watch. She’s not fake and gold diggin like Evelyn. She doesn’t always parade around half naked, getting drunk, or bullying people and doesn’t need some half-witted athlete to define herself and live off of.

  34. Ameda says:

    Jennifer i really admire you. It is nice to see an African American woman exemplify positivity, in particular on a reality show. I know it has been difficult but, keep your head up. The storm will pass as they say this too will pass. I wish you much success in your personal and business endeavors. VH1 is lucky to have someone like you on the show to give it balance. I smile when I see you on the show. A lot of young teens and ladies look up to you. Some whom are even older than you. At first, I was very angry at the other cast members behavior but, than I remember my grandmother taught me that “you can only do better when you know better”. Just as you are doing better because you have grown and know better now. Bless you Jennifer Williams

  35. Team Jen says:

    Jen I wonder if you would consider filing charges on Evelyn for hitting you at shaunie’s birthday party with her purse. You would have the right since Evelyn did hit you and it is on camera. I think that Evelyn is frustrated with some of the things she has done and said and maybe going through some financial issue and jealousy is why she came hard with you. I really hope that you have moved on and if you see Evelyn,Shaunie,Tami and Suzie keep the class that you have and speak and not entain them any more

  36. dee says:

    Dear VH1 and Shed media
    I applaud you for having shows that have a predominantly African American cast. There are not a lot of shows with brown people on them, in particular shows with predominantly brown people. Kudos to you for that, however it is disturbing to see cast members sprewing so much hate, negative comments and put downs. You have given brown people a platform but, not a positive one. What happened to ethical/moral responsibility to society? The show perpetuates negative stereotypes about people of color. I wrote long letters to your sponsors and have gotten some replies back. I am corresponding with a few of them. Your key audience is under age 49, so a lot of kids are watching this, along with adults. When the cast member hit Jennifer and one ran across the table, the kids were talking and laughing about it at school. Its not funny! it is disturbing and promotes violence. A kid in Detroit committed suicide recently due to bullying behavior. Please stop the madness.

  37. lolilea3 says:

    Very rational and even blog! Well done.

  38. amh says:

    I really like Jen. She is the only one with class. I read her bio. and she is the only one that has come from so place and going to other places-the call it growth , maturity, and attaining your goals. Jen’s bogie ass( with respect) needs her own Boogie show along with her mother it would hilarious to see they way this chick really lives and where she came from. This woman has class, Ev. has none and that is why she gravitated to Jen. to be like her and if she gave Jen a hook then Ev”s character is a hook (FAKE)
    When I saw Ev. scooting a rossing that table after Jen. and then jumped into the arms of security I laughed my ass off- too old to try that stunt, I wanted to find a cane to assist her.,. She looked as if she needed a cane to help her across. Too old and stiff to jump a table.
    ev. encouraged Jen to divorce Eric- and Jen did not realize it-now she does. They probably could have made if if not for the devil-Evely. Ev. wants to be Jen and Tammi wants to be Ev. and Jen is just being herself.

  39. GoJenn says:

    Is J. Salley running this site. I cant see my blog. Ohh well, I saved it just because … Here we go again…

    GooJenn. Took them hella long to mention you were there, allow to join the reunion, and now post your interview. Guess they needed a headstart. Didnt help flunkies! Anyhow. Liked your charcater from day one, you stayed true, you backed who you thought was your friend. Your not perfect, a saint, didnt pretend to be one. That made you real human. Wish you the best, dont care what the lie edtector says, live your life. The way they’re treating you and deleting post that are postively supporting you, Id think you had offers from a different network, and jumping off that sinking ship. Unfortunately your drama with your husband, sharing that with the world, other characters like Royce, Gloria, Kenya, Keshia, Meka (who you unfortunately dogged out) made the show a hit. The sisterhood kept people watching. Not Shaunie with her Shaq muzzle, and this fake fight club mess. As a matter of a faxt, the more Shaunie film the faker, down hill the show became. You dont owe anyone an apology in that click that dont owe you a larger one. Some gold diggers will do and use anyone to find there next ride. Use friends to meet baller, trash friend to become a star, attack friends they know cant fight…Shameless Sue her! Tell Meka to sue, I dont care how broke Tami is. Thank for sharing your real woman experiences with the public.

  40. LM says:

    Jennifer, I commend you on how you handled the situation with Nia and the rest of the classless women you work with. These women have created nothing but drama on this show. You are too classy for that. Keep being classy,beautiful,and drama free. You have proved to the world how a Real woman should act. Keep hanging with you’re new found friends because Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami, and Suzie are not worthy of your friendship. Like you say “Keep It Moving”and “Just Do You!” You will gain more for being classy than being a hoodrat!

  41. I hate jen says:

    I HATE JEN! Ur voice and the way u speak is sooooo annoying. Ur no better than anyone else despite the amount of money in ur bank account. Not that any of the other ladies are positive role models either, but come on ppl al this Jen is so great BS needs to stop!!!! 4 REAL!

  42. disappointed in ca / blessed says:

    Hi Jenny, yes I’am glad you step back and took a look at your life after a divorce you need to. John Salley was way out of line trying to belittle your marriage, and I was shock Tammi or Shauntie didn’t say anything because they both been their, real friends would have put their feeling aside and told Salley don’t go their. The fact that their trying to tell your business tell it all, WE KNOW YOU GUYS BUSINESS, Shauntie was stealing money from Shack and brought a man a house then he dump her ,now or was with someone younger than her old butt and she a hot mess and Tammi husband was sleeping with everybody including Eveyln, and now she has to beg his new wife for money, to help his kids. Poor Evenyln never been a bride only a kept woman, intill Chad
    came along a took that last pices of pizza that nobody wanted.

  43. Classy Jen says:

    JEN……. Great Interview!!!! I applaud you for being the bigger person because not only did you acknowledge that you have made mistakes, but you also apologized and handling yourself like a TRUE classy, respectable grown-woman despite the fact that Vh1, Shaunie and her goons tried to paint you in a bad light on the reunion. Don’t worry because it did not work, we the viewers see right through their bs. I hope by now you’ve realized Tami & Shaunie are NOT your friends & they were NEVER neutral when it came to the beef between you & Evil-yn. Continue to do you and stay away from those three females and their overrated “circle” from hell. Evil-yn is right about one thing and that is; you Jen my dear is NOT about the life which she speaks of because the life you ARE about you is: positivity, growth, educated and a classy self-respecting Black Woman!

    I loved that you created LUCID from scratch and it’s 100% your baby & we see how hard you’ve worked to build YOUR brand. You didn’t just associate your name with someone else’s product like Evil-yn did with Mac, how unoriginal…. She is SOOOO Jealous of you and she clearly tries to be like you, but won’t admit it to herself. Your fans are very proud of you and we’re going to back you up all the way and don’t care what that lie detector test says. You have so many supporters Jen and to show you how much we support you, some of us including myself have purchased your Lucid Lip Gloss…. Keep your head up Jen and we wish you much success and happiness. XoXo!!!!!!!!!!

  44. nessa1985 says:

    oh Jennifer my oh my oh my… i wish i could give you a hug and an award for your interview… hell i will carry you on my back for a week… you aced this interview, personally and professionally. you promote positivity amongst African American and tha’ts what we need to show the world that we are all not whakadodols running around like ghetto hot messes.. i comend you, i really really do and i am so so proud of you. please walk away from that frienship with no regrets and never go back, stay away with a 10 foot pole PLEASE!!!

  45. nonghetto says:

    JENN: You have handled yourself very well, and I’m proud of you. Keep your dignity, because in the long run, part of your esteem will come from that. I admit that I was not one of your fans–no particular reason, I just looked at the show a few times. My reality show is Celebrity Apprentice, which has its share of drama. But now beause of Ev, Shaunie, Tami, I’m in your corner. And you are no underdog, either.
    Ref Evelyn — I believe that deep down she is hurt and missing you. Instead of simply saying that (focusing on the hurt), she reacted in childish/immature, outlandish, ghetto anger. You can and should forgive her, but I don’t see how you could ever be friends again…
    Continue with the lawsuit against Nia. She was set up–otherwise why was she there? It’s too bad that that friendship is not over as well. You could opt to take her on one of the TV judge shows (small claims), but the maximum you would get would be $5000. But on Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown, she would get a good tongue lashing right on national TV.
    By the way, you could have Ev charged too. She said “I’m going to kill her” (meaning you. I’m sure she didn’t mean it, but they need to learn that their toxicity and total lack of self-control will not fly.
    I wish you had checked with your attorney before taking that lie detector test–they were trying to set you up, possibly to try to force you to drop the suit against Nia. Did Ev really take it? I wouldn’t trust them.
    Anyway, I’m happy you have moved on, and I wish you the best with your new friends, your business ventures, including Lucid, and your new life.

  46. Lo De says:


  47. Clt says:

    Shaunie has proven she can’t fairly be a cast member and producer. She was talking junk about your lip gloss line on camera with Evelyn and Tammi. I’m glad you were smart enough to cut off people that are friends with a person who said she is your enemy. That friendship has run its course and it’s a great thing for you. Even the wy the introduction to this blog post shows how biased VHI, Shed, and even Shaunie is.

  48. priscila says:

    loved the interview and it i would hope you would continue to remain on tv best wishes to you

  49. Tabitha says:


  50. NINA says:




  51. juli says:

    Jen , hmm i dont like you at all but you have handled yourself well. I mean listen, honestly i understand where you coming from

  52. BasketballFan says:

    Jen, 1st and foremost I gotta be honest, I’m not a fan.. I do respect the fact that you were woman enough to see the error of your ways and sincerely apologize to those whom you’ve wronged. However, the fact that you followed behind Ev for so long bothers me.. Secondly, I hope I’m seeing the true Jen shine through… I’d be totally disappointed if you went back to the person you were when you were Evelyn’s was BFF… BFF or not, right is right and wrong is wrong no matter where you come from respect is a 2way street.. You and Eve were very disrespectful.. Your “CIRCLE” should be an asset not a liability… Clearly, Evelyn was a liability.. Chalk that fake friendship up as a life lesson that apparently , you needed to learn.. Like Nia who need to learn that she can’t go around slapping people without consequences and repercussions since her circle too ignorant to tell her.. 3rd, don’t let outside influences (Shaunie/Evelyn/Tami/Suzie) influence you on your decision to press charges…. Nia need to learn how to keep her hands to herself… And if she hasn’t learned that at her age, suing is the right thing to do.. Press charges to the fullest extent of the law as a friend before Nia end up in jail or dead acting like a basic hoodrat thug… It’s the least you could do as a friend.. 4th, never tell your friends “all” your business, (especially about your marriage) because as you can see, they’ll only use it against you… Last but not least, stay humble!!! Don’t let fame and fortune go to your head because just like the Lord gave it to you, he’ll take it away.. I’m not a fan yet Jen, but I am starting to like you now that you’re away from Ev… Please don’t take that as a insult because it’s a compliment… Take care my sista…

  53. Shadymoe says:

    Team Jen all the way, Love you Gurl!!, Let them haters Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn, And Suzie hate, somebody gotta do it..!

  54. Jenn's right turn says:

    Though Evelyn and Jennifer have been friends for more than a decade, when this show first started airing three or four years ago, I could tell that Jennifer was being less than true to herself. I could tell that she wasn’t one to jump into fist fights and loud verbal arguments. The whole Twitter issue with Royce seemed pointless, and it seemed like she didn’t want the trouble of barging into Ashley’s party (knowing that neither she nor Evelyn were invited). She was–as Royce stated in a previous reunion show–a follower, unwilling to think for herself. I believe one aspect of the real Jennifer came forth when she brought Tami that card after her liposuction surgery.

    Now that she has separated herself from Evelyn, Tami, Shauni, and Suzi, I hope she will only continue the positive growth. I’ve seen a bit about Lucid cosmetics, and I hope she will be successful.

    As for Nia, I can’t imagine someone could actually think that “I wish you would” is an invitation to do something. I’m willing to bet that if Nia had tried that with her parent or whoever “raised” her that way, she would have been cleaned off the street with a power washer. Her slapping Jennifer was unacceptable, and I hope that Jennifer will maintain the lawsuit. If nothing else, it’s time that Nia learned that the rest of the world does not operate according to “where she and Evelyn are from.”

  55. LilDarlin says:

    VH1 and Jen’s castmates have been running a smear campaign against Jen every since she had those legal papers drawn up for violence against her person, after the purse hitting incident at Shaunie’s B-day party. If you recall Nia was outside the restuarant along with Ev and Shaunie wanting to help Ev beat Jen up when she came out. That infuriated VH1 and the castmates because they could no longer physically attack Jen, so they brought in a non-castmate in to do the dirty deed, and now they are trying to humiliate, embarass, harass and keep the spotlight off of Jen to show their disproval of her legal recourse. It’s alright Jen, most of us are intelligent enough to see right through what they are up to and support you regardless. STAY UP!.

  56. Sophisticated/High Class Jennifer says:

    Jennifer, I have never met anyone with such class and composure as you. Now i can say i have seen it all. Please continue to refrain from associating yourselves with those serpents (Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie) as they are not worth an ounce of your time.You have done well and I hope you take FULL legal action on all parties involved.

  57. Army girl says:

    I wish you peace and happiness. From the first season of this show I could tell Evelyn and Tami needed to be n medication. Tami needs to stop telling everybody how to act and what to say, and get herself some psyche mess cuz she acts like a know it all and acts as if she is everybody’s mother. Evelyn is so jealous of you! How do you stop talking to a friend that you have had for 12 years over a blog! Really? I empathize with you cuz I went thru a divorce recently and it’s one of the most challenging things I’ve been thru. It will get better I promise.

  58. mederma says:

    Tami is STARK RAVING MAD!!!! How can she claim that Jenn bullied Ashley. If all Jenn did was try to prove that Ashley was lying, I would hardly call that bullying, and they fail to realize that Jenn has NEVER put her hands on anyone. Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn need to realize that, that is the problem here. There is NEVER an excuse for the level of violence on this show.

  59. GoJen! says:

    Hey Jen. All the best on your Lucid line. Where are they sold? I love lip gloss and definitely will buy yours as our skin tones are similiar. As you can see many really appreciate you. We love your demeanor, poise, composure and overall appeal as a gracious woman. As you said, you are not perfect and no one else, but that does not take away from your good attributes. You have what you have and it can’t be taken away.

    As far as Evelyn, it appears she never respected you or truly loved you. When she confronted you about her concerns, she always spoke down to you, cursed you, and threatened you. Does a true friend do that? Clearly she saw you as the lesser person in the relationship. Where there is mutual respect that just does not happen. Personally, I believe she saw you slipping from her grasp of domination and control and became threatened. I believe your relationship will be forever changed. It will never come back the same way and really shouldn’t. Abusive relationships that disclose secrets to hurt the other should be avoided at all cost. Some relationships are seasonal only. We learn things about ourself and others in season but they can’t transition into the next season.

    You are growing and don’t forget that. You are still a young woman and learning. You have to grow into your new identity as a divorced single woman. Starting life over can be scary. I prayed today for your support circle that God would strengthen it, because you really need this. There is a feminine fragility about you that is suitable for a woman. Becoming to hard will turn you into Evelyn or Tami who I pray will allow the grace of God to help them too. They don’t know that aggressive toughness in a woman is a turn off and does not inspire. I pray they let it go and get down to their real issues.

    I feel badly for Shaunie as she is in over head and does not have the maturity level to steer the ship she helped create. Her advisors, probably concerned with pending legal and financial issues, steered her wrong. Her reputation is tarnished as a result. She soft-soaped the inaneness, bullying, and violence this season. You can’t soft-soap bad behavior. These aren’t children but adults. Overall its a bad example for coming clean and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

    I think the women gang up on you, because of the law suit. Tami has at least one against her and your lawsuit against Nia mirrors and must remind her of her negative and unacceptable behavior. Evelyn should feel herself still loved by you for not filing one against her for hitting you on your head. But she’s to arrogant to see that in my view.

    I pray you meet a God-given man, who is kind and successful and down to earth. May you have shared business interests and many children together.

  60. lisa says:

    This is what Keisha said about slimy suzie running her mouth to Tammi:

    There is nothing that bad that I could have said about her that would deserve the reaction that I got from Tami and how she came at me. Suzie called me the other day saying I swear I didn’t tell her, Shaunie told her. It doesn’t matter what she said to Tami it’s what she didn’t say. She sat there and watched this woman go off on me and take my purse and try to go through my phone and you didn’t say anything.

    So Shaunie once again shows she is truly a pathetic, lowdown snake in the grass.

  61. Tausha says:

    Thanks for being a positive example of how to keep your head up and move forward in spite of all the negativity life brings us on every level. Hope to see more of you in the spotlight in the near furture. Maybe not on basketball wives though. This season was too negative for me to watch anymore seasons. Good luck to you and much success,

  62. jazz1 says:

    I don’t understand the needs of this women to want to be on a show so badly that they will act a fool, and/or allow themselves to be abused. Why would you take a polygraph test about YOUR business.

  63. Cream says:

    You are the best Jenn.

  64. Cream says:

    Jen, you are the epitome of classy compared to those hoodrats; including Shaunie who allowed all that black on black crime to escalate as much as it did. You handled yourself well during the reunion and the rest of the cast (excluding Kesha, Kenya, and Royce) are just blaming you for their mistakes they refuse to acknowledge and sincerely apologize for. I can just see the disgust in so-called “Saint” Shaunie eyes and body language during the reunion towards you, but she will be okay. Just don’t let no one intimidate you into dropping the lawsuits and “lawyering up.” That’s your American right to do so. Maybe they will finally act like adults and discipline themselves to keep their mouths and hands to themselves. You go girl and keep your head up. God’s on your side.

  65. bbc says:

    Take responsibility for her actions. Like WHAT? Being a lady at all times? Not engaging the hate squad in their attempts to take her down? Avoiding the fighting? Minding her business and working on living well, doing well? First VH1 bills the Tahiti confrontation as Jenn being called out for her actions and now this… who writers this stuff, Evelyn, Shanie, and Tami’s PR teams?

  66. Lady V says:

    You may have done some things that are not right in their eye sight. I can say that you have remained a lady at all times and I appreciate you for that response. I know how to handle my adversary properly because of the way you conducted yourself… Keep your head up! No evelyn wasn’t there for you and she need to stop and think, (hey maybe Jennifer was going through something and I wasn’t fully there as her friend). Best to you in life ahead! (Btyila).

  67. felly says:

    Shaunie who is the brainchild of all this mayhem need to bow her head in shame…..she is so frustrated with jen bcos she is jealous that she is way better educated than her…and doesnt fight and act the fool…as far as i am concerned i dont know if you guys remember….when the show started, shaunie was literally prodding and instigating jen to file for a divorce…i remember several instances where she kept on asking her when she was finally going to serve him papers…misery loves company…bcos shaunie divorced she doesnt want to see any one else married…ppl like shaunie are so dangerous..they are cunning and sneaky like a serpent…..jen keep them at a distance…

  68. Nonghetto says:

    Jenn: I’m happy you’re doing well. Choose your friends carefully. I’m not a fan of the show–saw it a couple of times last year, and this year, so am not the best “historian” of it, but i have good analytical skills. I can’t imagine how you and Ev were such good friends at at all. Devil-lyn—no, no, no, not ever. You didn’t rub off on her for the better, though she probably wanted to be like you. And some of her vulgar mouth rubbed off on you. FINALLY, there is something else to this. All the drama and ghetto mess over blogs, interviews doesn’t make sense. Why is she still holding on to it. A good friend once told my man’s prior business and it hurt me. We were never the same, but there was no drama, cursing, etc., etc. Of course we weren’t on a TV show where the outrageous is glorified… AGAIN, there is more to this…..

  69. Rocky Dolittle says:

    Jennifer I wish you all the luck in the world! You have been you all seasons. I realize the 3 some was jealous of you when they heard you had your own lipgloss coming out, then Evelyn comes out with that drugstore mess!! When Evelyn said she had all this stuff about you in her calendar “I guess,” you know she was up to no good then! If 1 thing Eric was right about is when he said “Eve you talking a bout Eve” he knew she wasnt no good!! But I was surprise you showed up for the trip, it gave Evelyn more camera time to fight with some1. Oh! and Shaunie and Tami are not innocent by far!! Keep your head up and good luck!

  70. vee says:

    you go girl show those fools you don’t need them, they are so low class anyway,hold your head up high and show them you got class you are a lover not a fighter

  71. Kat says:

    I really repect and admire Jennifer Williams. I feel the show Basketball Wives has really been thrown out of proportion. The name of the show doesn’t reflect the lifestyle these women live. I mean set an example ladies of Basketball Wives show. Jennifer williams has stepped up to show that the drama needs to stop and the ladies need to focus on more important issues like their career. I look foward to seeing more of Jennifer Independent Lady livelyihood.

  72. Fan of Jennifer says:

    Jennifer is awesome. She is a beautiful sister. I wish I could have been in the audience when the other girls ganged up on Jenn. Their comments to Jenn were insane. The Ashley thing does not compare to someone putting their hands on someone else. It was unbelievable to watch how these girls have somehow flipped the script to make it like Jenn is in the wrong.

    If I was JEnn I would not have even given them the satisfaction of bowing down to their claims. I would not have explained anything to them. The only thing that should be discussed is an apology from Nya and Evelyn for feeling they have the right to hit someone. Tami should not even be speaking on the show. I’m sorry but your past is no excuse for her behavior. How can she possibly tell Jenn what she needs to do. Now Shaunie wants to be positive to save her image. Give me a break, she did not stop any of the foolishness that went on.

  73. ERIC was her HUSBAND! says:

    I thought it was a very “low-blow” for the reunion show to compare what happened between Jennifer and her husband (ERIC) ; to Nia. Shaunie, that really was a low-blow and proves that you are right to think that ‘most’ think you are a ghetto hot mess. If all is fair, why haven’t Shaunie compared some of the dirty things Shaq with all of his girlfriends has done to her!
    Eric was Jennifer’s husband. How Jennifer chooses to handle Nia’s assult does not have a damn thing to do with how she handles her husband! John Salley that was really tacky!

  74. Velma says:

    Why did Jennifer need to apologize for not wanting to be friends with these women? I just don’t get it. She has a right to accept or reject anyone at anytime. Right before Nia slapped her she was asking, “Who are you friends with”? I was asking myself, “Is this woman for real”? I agree with Jen it was just crazy. Also, to top it all off, Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn were gossiping and back stabbing everyone else they wanted to talk about; on camera I might add, then wanted to crusify Jennifer and Kesha for what they were all guilty of themselves. This season was painful to watch. I did to see how much more ridiculous they could get. I did sign the petition to have the show removed from TV.

  75. Jennifer all the way!!

  76. Kathleen Cox says:

    Jennifer should not even contact herself with Evelyn because it’s obvious that Evelyn doesn’t want to reslove ANYTHING with Jennifer. They have been girlfriends too long for it to end like this and I’m still shocked that they are still not friends. But to be honest, I think we can all say BOTH of them have made this a mess. Shaunie is right: things are just a mess and it probably will never be fixed and that’s the sad part. I would love to see Jennifer and Evelyn forgive each other because thats what friends are suppose to do. I do blame Evelyn for always trying to be violent with Jennifer and I give props to Jennifer for being a WOMAN and not fighting back. Evelyn tries to prove her point by fighting and thats where lawsuits, judges, charges, etc. comes in and then they wanna get mad (they as in Evelyn and Nia) when Jennifer does the right thing. I don’t blame Jennifer one bit by doing what she had to do by fullfilling her rights.

    One more thing: Evelyn and Jennifer need to learn to forgive each other.

  77. JoJo says:

    evelyn is fake, tami is fake, shaunie is fake, and kenya is fake. i love royce, kesha, and jennifer. suzie is just there so i guess she cool.

  78. dominique frazier says:

    I love Jen, She has class, you can tell she’s educated. you go girl. Keep doing what your’e doing. I hope you make millions with Lucid. Me an my sorority sisters had a party and gave out 1100 in the gift bags. we all chipped in and split the cost. that what real girlfriends do we support one another. Screw Evelyn she will never prosper . Oh that’s right she’s uneducated “Evelyn this means you will never have anything. What a smut!!!!

  79. Sheena Kali says:

    Love the Look Jen! Don’t worry about the BS and Stay gorgeous. @styledbysheena

  80. CeeGee says:

    I am glad Jen sees everyone for who they are. Keep ya head up Jen YOU ROCK!

  81. Jadubbu says:


    Keep being the lady that you are. Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn have shown the world just who they are…..ignorant and disrespectful bullies.

    Do not let them talk you out of going through with the lawsuit, she deserves to be punished for her actions and humiliated for being their flunkie.

  82. rc says:

    Jen keep your head up and keep moving…sometimes you have to leave “friends” behind, Shaunie, Tami and certainly Evelyn do not seem like your friends. Shaunie and Tami talk about you to Evelyn and then get mad when someone says anything about them hypocrites. Less face it Shaunie wants the ratings and money, Tami wants to work for the money and Evelyn wants money and is a media whore just like Ochocinco. When people hear the truth it hurts, but that what true friends do tell you the truth. Keep prospering and forget these other women.

  83. Cedric says:

    It’s obvious Evelyn is jealous of the new friendships and success Jennifer has attained from BBW. I commend Jennifer for remaining classy and not stooping to Tami or Evelyn’s level with the bullying and vulgar rants. Teach them a lesson and make them pay assaulting you and bullying Kesha. I wish you the best with Lucid and your life without Evelyn and her negative karma. It will catch up to her….

  84. Lanie says:

    Jennifer, the entire viewing audience has come to realize that you a phoney and that fake persona is just that “Fake!”. It was obvious from the first two episodes that you were a closet freak. Thats why you took the naked photo and allowed everyone to see it. You are jealous of Evelyn and Chad because you want to be in a relationship with an athelete. You did not take any action when that bubble headed husband threw a drink in your face. Why don’t you come clean and admit that you were down and out and used Nia’s apartment after catching the “Ferry” because your electricity was shut off and your bank account was frozen. We don’t care if you were on hard times. Just be real. Stop pretending to be someone that you’re not. Im sorry but most of the viewers including me just do not like you. We love the show but hopefully next season you will be gone.

  85. Winterz Wine says:

    I dnt car what anybody say, I love da way u handled urself Jen. Keep doing ur thing, stay positive n only gd thingz will come to u. #TeamJen

  86. REAL TALK says:


    DO NOT drop your lawsuit against Nia.She had NO right to put her hands on you. I can’t care what Shaunie and her two-face self and that ignorant fool Evil-yn says. Nia needs to learn how to verbally articulate how she feels, however, she can not put her hands on something and physically assaulting them and think it’s okay.

  87. vern williams says:

    take this show off it is a embarassment to us.

  88. sunnyehendrix says:

    Jen, I totally feel that “behind the scenes” Shaunie is shady, a scardie cat, and spineless. There was a lot that “being a friend” she could, should have done! She lead the way, played the game well in starting this fued! A businesswoman she is not. I wouldn’t buy anything with her name on it. Tami’s either. Please believe I won’t ever be watching this thug out show again! Do your thing Jen! Much success!

  89. bunker says:

    I think Shaunie, Evelyn and Tammi are trying to make the ladies who were bullied look like they are women who can’t speak their minds. Who wants to have a discussion with someone who is yelling. Shaunie is scared of Evelyn and Tammie. Tammy and Evelyn act like no class, low life hoodrats. I thought Kenya, Jen and Royce are classy ladies. Suzi is a flunkie with no backbone.

  90. Linnie says:

    I agree w/you Jen, it is time to move on! No matter what they tried to accomplish on part 2 of Reunion 4, it did not work. They still suck and that incls. the host who was biased, Shaunie, Tami and Suzie! Jen’s soon to be ex husband was right, he said the Evelyn would turn on Jen and she did just that! Team Jen all the way!!!

  91. Pat says:

    Stick to your guns Jen. Don’t let them make a fool of you. Sue that b-atch.

  92. Pat says:

    Stick to your guns Jen. Dont let them make a fool of you. Sue that girl for putting her hands on you. Prison is full of people who keep it real…

  93. Sharon Miller says:

    Salley, what are you doing? I say go play with the boy’s. Stop, being a punk. Shaunie, end the show. You are wrecking America. If, you ain’t a part of the solution, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!
    Shaunie, you are the PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tami, you are a part of the problem!!!!!!!!!! Eve, you
    are a part of the PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer and Keisha, teach them how a lady should be acting. We CONGRATULATE, Jennifer and Keisha. Lady’s of class!

  94. kesha says:

    I hope they made up I like Jen and Evelyn being friends they are good together.

  95. Lolita says:

    OMG Jen, you have become a role model of good examples on how a person should behave… The reason none of the girls can’t find anything to hate Jen for is, cause she keeps her mouth shut and mind her own business… The interview shows you in such a wonderful way and in a way that we have come to expect you to be as your true persona on tv… Please continue with the lawsuit, and just try to get as much as you get from both Evelyn and Nia, since Nia was/is working for Evelyn, her boss should be responsible for the emotional and physical hardship you encounter on the hands of both of the…. Even if you don’t need the money, just get paid… It’s a minimal compensation for the pain and humuliation that you had to face, while the whole world watched… the atorney better make it stick!!!

  96. dennisfan says:

    Chalk this up to a lesson learned. True friends wouldn’t have taken things this far. “The Circle” are all too willing to strong-arm you into dropping your legal charges, but none of them spoke up this much when Evelyn and Nia were putting hands on you. It’s very telling, and painfully obvious, that Shaunie and her crew are only concerned with their own, personal interests. I do believe you miss your friendship with Evelyn (and I believe she misses you, too), but Evelyn took the situation to the point of no return by putting hands on you, bringing her goon in to put hands on you, and then by betraying the things she knew about you in confidence. Personally, I’m hoping you leave the show. These women have embarrassed themselves and you enough. You have managed to hold your head high, and remain composed and classy, and I hope you stay that way.

  97. BlackButterfly says:

    Hey Jennifer, just watched the second part of the reunion…. Just want to say don’t let them “women” influence you as far as your legal right….remember you are the one with the degree. And just like you said, in response to Shaunie’s comment…”it didn’t happen to [her]. Cause remember what to her and Ron Artest wife, Keisha….anyways keep you head and eyes up and do what you have to do. Forget them. Be good.

  98. NeNe says:

    Jen, I’m a big fan, and I wish love, peace, and happiness in your life. I hate that you were bullied this entire season, but God does things too show you who should be in your space, and who shouldn’t. I think you handled yourself very maturely, and there’s nothing that the devil can do with that. You are a very classy woman, and I’m so proud of you. Keep your head held high, and forgive them. I was in tears when you and Evelyn hug because I know everyone felt your pain because deep down you were really mistreated, and they all knew it. Good luck with your business, and your relationship with Evelyn. Hopefully I’ll know what it’s like too where your product!!! God Bless You!!!!!!

  99. Lesley Hatchett says:

    I am just glad that the drama is over every woman should have a good female friend and she and Evelyn been friends long and it wasn’t even that serious !!! Good job Jenn that’s your girl !

  100. Joni says:

    Jen you are such a lady! Keep your head up high and continue to move forward. This group of women are not your friends. Shaunie is the main person that should be removed from the cast. By the way …VH1, please have Wendy Williams host the reunion next year. John Sallie was very bias, and added insult to injury by excusing the bully behavior. Lastly, for Shaunie to insult the viewers of the show, who write comments and blogs, shows me just how arrogant and self serving she is. This show would be nothing without the viewers. For Shaunie to comment that we have too much time on our hands, just because we take the time out to provide them with some badly needed advice on how to improve the show and their shallow personalities is appalling.

  101. jean says:

    Forgive and move on. The best thing you can do is grow and prosper they will be seething. I would not drop charges because people have to learn they just cant put your hands on a person

  102. Pepper says:


    You are still A number one in my book – my position has not changed. I believe you truly miss your previous friendship with Evelyn. It is also possible she misses it too. However, remember, you went to Evelyn once before with your heart in your hand, sincerely apologized, and tried to salvage your friendship. Things got worse then and it will be no different this time. Cherish and remember the good times you had with Evelyn, but move on. It is no longer a frienship that can be salvaged. Shaunie and Tami were never your friends so what you had with them is no great loss. As for Nia, she violated you and should be punished. Do Not Drop The Lawsuit!!!
    Best of luck and much happiness to you in all your future endeavors.

  103. Charming says:

    Jennifer no matter what they say or how people may feel about u,u should not leave the law suit against da ur socall friend of ur who put her hands on u cause if u does not take action today next time there wil be no control so get it serious but for u n evelyn I love your so much n wan ur back more then before,I cry when the test was read.

  104. niamalika says:

    I’m so proud of Jen, she stood her ground and was not influence by the click. Nope your not perfect but you are trying to represent women in a positive fashion. 2 thumbs up….and I’m glad you and E made up.

  105. missy says:

    I have not watched all the seasons of Basketball Wives, I just started watching season 3 to now, and I must say that I have felt guilty because in my opinion being a silent witness to something you disagree with is like you are participating in the misbehavior. However I must say that from the first day I started watching I have always been team Jen. I also like Royce, Meeka,Keyshia, and Kenya for various reasons. But Jen has always been my absolute favorate I see alot of myself in her. When you are going through something as emotionally draining as a divorce your emotions as a “female” are really thin and people with a sufficient amount of compassion would understand that. She stays true to how she is feeling and does not get sucked into the drama. I applaud that ! It is Very difficult to do especially when you are torn between defending yourself and getting sucked into the dirt slinging. But I feel like she strikes the happy medium and Verbally protects herself but reserves the unruley stuff for the legal mediators. Kudos. I know what its like to be on the both sides of the spectrum but it takes self awareness to know that “change is a beautiful thing” . Jen maybe you have outgrown the show. If it’s another season of the same series of unfortunate events, I would be out! It’s not worth the stress and heartache seriously. I will be glad to see a day when women can be all that they are intitled to be, and celebrate the next woman doing the same. I think that would be the most empowering & uplifting thing.

  106. Jen, keep the lawsuit, lose the drama! It’s always going to be drama with Evelyn. She’s jealous of you. Why didn’t they ask her that on that fake lie detector test? She put Nia up to it! Her behavior towards you from running across a table to attack you , hitting you in the head with a purse, to telling your intimate confidants is inexcusable! You are in a different league. You don’t need Evelyn, she needs you. Look how she, Tami & Shaunie were talking about you behind your back. Don’t let them fake friendship and use you just to bolster ratings for BBW & Evelyn’s show.

  107. JBoston says:

    Jen you are a sweet young lady and looking good , I wish you blessing over your life keep your head a good fan .

  108. nay says:

    Team Jen !!! all the way girl you handle your self so well.. Keep doing you that is what i always do you! if eve is real about what she said just take it and move on. You guys wont be close like you use to . but its a start.. God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. mellowmood says:

    Hi Jennifer
    I like the way you handled yourself w3ith the shennigans with Evelyn.
    Anyway I am glad that you both have buried the hatchet. But pleasze contine with your
    lawsuit against whats her name. Someone needs to learn that you dont put your hands people
    [thats called assault]
    Good luck with your future endeavours.

  110. Shelia Dawn says:

    Shaunie please….Grown Up… No one died? What the heck do you mean by that. Wrong is wrong and you are so wrong. Why didn’t you turn to Ev and the rest of the bullies and talk some sense into them…instead you want to talk to Jen about doing the right thing. She is doing the right thing by pressing charges. Jen was violated when that fool put her hands on her. Jen keep you head up girl…show them what class is all about.

  111. Maria, Maria says:


  112. ok says:

    jen, evelyn was never your friend

  113. Angela says:

    Jen I Love u!! U a real woman & u handled everything very professional… Keep doing what u doing & how u do it cause at the end of the day Jesus is the one everyone of us has 2 answer 2… Great Job!!!! Congratulations & I wish u with continued success… God Bless!!!

  114. Leah says:

    am soooo tired of people running to Jen’s defense. In my opinion Eve is the one who shouldn’t forgive Jen. Let me paint this picture for you…………… Close your eyes and think about your best friend. I mean, this is your girl and yall have each others back a hundred grand. Then imagine if you started a relationship with a guy. What would you do if you found out that your best friend had been running around talking sh*t about your dude to everyone and their mama. Then imagine if it was on a huge scale like this one, where you two are semi famous and d*mn near everyone knows you. This mean that you know everytime you are talking about him everyone and their mama will find out. I’m not famous and I know for a fact that if I find out my best friend was running around talking smack about my man it would be some serious funiture moving. If you are worried for me are whateve Jen claimed then you would tell me with no cameras. All Jen did was try to gain fame by throwing dirt on her best friend’s man, and now that the lie detector showed that she was jealous of their relationship it all makes sense. She’s lucky that Eve didn’t go upside her head, because if my best friend did that to me thats what I would have done. I feel because of what Jen did, Eve showed much restraint. And all of you out there who want to run to Jen’s defense, you are probably the type of friend that would do some sh*t just like that. And another thing, remember last season when Jen said she was sorry about the interview she gave that had her talking mess about Chad. Eve forgave her for that because she was her best friend. But the Jen did it again, and again, and again. She is soooo full of sh*t. If your best friend talked crap about you or your man to everybody you found out and forgave her for it then you found out she did it again what would you do? And how would you feel? Eve should not be friends with her anymore because Jen is just gona keep on doing the same sh*t. If any one of my friends ever do something like that to me, their getting a beatdown and the friendship is over.

  115. C.Valdez says:

    I think Jeniffer , Kesha and Royce are the only classy women in this show. The rest are embarrassing all black women. Black women are making every attempt to be taken serious and not seen as loud angry thugs. These women Evelyn and Tami did the just that they showed America that this is how all black women act. This is sad!!! Yet shame on VHI they glorified their bullying and their thuggish fights. Instead of focusing on Royce success or Jennifer’s start of her makeup line. VHI focused purposely to make theses black women to look like scary thugs. I would never want my daughters to be like Evely or Tami. It scares me to think if these women act like direspectful thugs I’m sure their children are the same. It’s theses women that make white people afraid of black people and don’t want them in their neighborhood. These women will never be classy no matter how much money they have. It was shown over and over in the show. As for the final reunion once again these women took no responsibility for their actions. And VHI covered up for these thugs-Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie. Evelyn’s act is so fake she’s trying to play nice for her new show. I’m not fooled. I have no desire to see her new show. I’m so disappointed with VHI. I was hoping there would be some blame accepted from those women and that VHI would call them out on it. But instead they made Jeniffer and Kesha look as if they were the wrong ones. I’m done! I no longer will watch VHI. I am banning this channel. I hope Jennifer gets her own show. That is a true role model for young women. Not thugs Evelyn, Tami and Shauni.