The Reunion Interview: In Spite Of Everything, Jennifer Williams Is Really Happy With Her Life


Jennifer Williams Basketball Wives reunion
You wouldn’t know it to see her sitting on the stage, but Jennifer Williams was actually in a really great mood before the taping of the Basketball Wives reunion. She was definitely defensive and angry at times when asked to take responsibility for her actions and confronted by her friends from the show. And yet before she got out there, she was laughing and in pretty good spirits, despite the broken relationships and confrontations she was about to face. We discussed a little bit of everything, from how she feels about Evelyn’s new makeup line to the blog post that started everything to that trip to Vegas that keeps coming up. And yet in spite of all that negative, crazy drama, Jennifer assured me that she’s able to look past and and lives a really nice life.

What do you plan to do after the reunion is over?

Take some business meetings, go back to New York, live a happy life.

Is it hard to watch this show when you have an otherwise happy life?

I don’t watch it as much now.

Do you think you’re done with the show, period?

I don’t know, I think it’s premature to say, so we’ll see, I have no idea. But I just have so much going on that I can’t even think about a camera in my face again. Let me get through today first.

What do you think of how the show has evolved, and where it is right now?

I think it’s unfortunate. I feel like the one thing that brought us all together is also the one thing that’s torn us apart so its just unfortunate that as a group we can’t support each other, we can’t get past our issues — life is too short. There really is no major issue here. No one slept with anyone’s husband, no one did anything to anyone’s family or child, I don’t know, it’s ridiculous to me.

Do you wish that that blog post that Evelyn got upset about was never written? Do you think that would have prevented all of this?

No, I don’t live with regrets, and honestly, that blog was written when we were here last year, so really? You wait until lights, camera, action for it to be an issue? Stop it.

Do you feel like you guys got any resolution in Tahiti?

Absolutely not.

Are you thinking you’ll get any resolution today?

I don’t expect it. Honestly, I’m content in my life and it’s like, when I’m done filming, I’m done. I consider it work. And then I go back to my normal life and I’m fine with that. I don’t have all this drama in my normal life. I did when I was married, but the other drama, chick drama is so trivial to me. Not when I’m trying to wrap up this divorce and figure out my next move and my livelihood. I have to figure out the rest of my life, that’s what’s important to me now, not all this he said, she said, who doesn’t like who. No, sorry. What happened, happened. I accepted it. Moving on. I’m just so tired of it. It’s unfortunate that it happened, but…next!

Tami and Shaunie kept saying they were still your friends throughout all this, but do you feel like they took sides?

Absolutely. You can say things all you want, but actions speak louder than words, and I felt like they kept saying they were neutral, but in actuality, they really weren’t. Ever since I had the whole blowup with Evelyn, I haven’t really filmed with them, so they only really got her side. They definitely weren’t neutral.

Is your friendship with them tense now as a result?

When Tami had her heart attack situation, I was on a plane, and when I landed people were texting and Tweeting me about it, asking me if I wished her well and I was like, what are they talking about? So I texted her “What’s going on? I keep getting messages about you having a heart attack, I hope it’s not true,” and she texted me back to say she did, and she and I talked about things. Basically she never had a real issue with me, and we talked about that. Shaunie I haven’t spoken to since Tahiti.

How much of an emotional toll does this drama take on you?

It’s a lot, especially when I’m dealing with another emotional situation with my divorce, it’s a lot to deal with. It’s just one thing after another. I’m surprised I’m not on cocaine or something, it was a lot to deal with. But I have great family and friends and a support system and they really just kept me on track and kept me grounded.

What’s your relationship like with Royce now, you guys still on okay terms?

We’re cool, we’re cordial. I never really had an issue with Royce until the whole Twitter situation, and I think that was based on a lot of stuff that I was hearing from second and third parties and at that time I was just angry about a lot of things, so I was quick to jump to conclusions. But I don’t have an issue with her. I don’t really have an issue with anybody. Some people have issues with me. It’s really not my problem.

What’s it like to see Evelyn launch her own makeup line, since you’ve also got your own line of lip glosses?

I think it’s funny that they called Kenya “single white female” because you’re doing the same thing as me. Although, not really. She partnered with someone. This is one hundred percent mine. I’m not just putting my name on something, this is my brand. For me, the benefits are super-rewarding because I’m doing this all by myself, I designed everything myself. I guess I should take it as a compliment. Between this and my wedding planner, what else…

You guys used the same wedding planner?


You and Kesha didn’t fight back, physically, this season when you were provoked, and a lot of people actually criticized that especially since you got legal involved instead, what do you think about that?

I really get a lot of people who are very supportive. I’m 36, what do I look like fighting someone and then going into corporate meetings talking about Lucid? No one is going to take me seriously. i want to be known as a serious businesswoman and an entrepreneur, I’m not going to be fighting on TV. It sends the wrong message and I’m not about that. I was taught, if someone violates you, you call the police and handle it that way. I’m going to use my legal rights.

This crazy trip to Vegas was brought up again on the final episode and Evelyn aired a lot of details about you, are you upset by that?

At this point, nothing is unexpected. And I’m like, listen, we’ve been friends a long time. I’m not saying I’m perfect. She definitely isn’t perfect either. You got mad at Suzie for Suzie saying some s— you did in Vegas, so how are you pointing the finger at somebody else? I think it’s unfortunate, I don’t get anything out of slinging mud with her, ’cause she won’t win that battle. I don’t live with regrets. I’m a grown woman. I can do what I want. I just think it’s unfortunate, because there’s like a G-code that was completely violated. I’d rather respect what our relationship was, not where it’s gone.

What do you expect to happen between you and Evelyn today?

I would be lying if I told you I knew.

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