Are You Miss Gold Digger Or Miss Awkward? Take Our Tough Love New Orleans Personality Quiz To Find Out


Tough Love Personality Quiz

Most Tough Love New Orleans fans identify with at least one of the women on the show. Whether you feel a kinship with Miss Awkward, Melissa, who can fit her fist in her mouth but is also really good at putting her foot in there too, or you’re Miss Man-Eater like Despina, chewing up and spitting out man after man, you can relate to these girls and their plights. So to find out who you’re most like, why not take the VH1 Mobile Tough Love Personality Quiz? Have a link to the quiz sent straight to your phone by sending the word TOUGH to 22422.

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  1. aj says:

    WOW Elizabeth is the perfect example of a gOLD digger, only thing is that she’s about 10 years past her prime,. Its Pathetic to hear that a grown woman had the cops called on her because she wouldnt give up them rings, gOLD digger. She’s gona end up single or with a 60yr old sugar daddy. Daaamn girl you thirsty!

  2. Girl says:

    @aj Elizabeth is not 10 years past her prime, she’s gorgeous.

    @1st class girl: She grew up without a father. She was young and she made a mistake. Way to be understanding.