Poll: What Do You Think Of Jennifer And Evelyn’s Surprise Reunion Reconciliation?


Jennifer Williams Evelyn Lozada Reconcile Basketball Wives
All season long on Basketball Wives, on-camera and off, Evelyn and Jennifer have fought with one anther and declared their friendship dead. Even when I spoke to both of them an hour before taping, all either of them could say was how OVER IT they were, and they hoped the reunion taping would provide them with the closure they needed in order to move on already. They did not get their wish.

In a surprise moment that shocked even the two of them, as well as the whole cast, they were able to admit (at least indirectly, by way of a polygraph test) that they missed their friendship, and they came together to hug and talk things out. I was there and can promise you that this is a moment no one saw coming. If anything, the probability of a brawl was more likely, judging by the tense vibe backstage and the number of security guards lingering nearby. And yet here we all were, staring with mouths wide open as these frenemies wept over one another and admitted they missed each other. It was the biggest moment of the night without a doubt, and personally, I’m dying to know what y’all think of it. And we grabbed a few photos of them at the moment of their embrace below, too.

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