Spotted: Big Ang Murals Around New York City And Chicago


Big Ang Mural
We know Big Ang inspires a lot of people to get creative. Ever since she emerged as one of VH1’s most popular stars, people have been inspired to get her face tattooed on their bodies, create illustrations of her, and write songs about her. And now things just went to a whole new level. Big Ang murals have started popping up everywhere (and immediately started getting defaced, as you can tell from Ang’s new moustache and goatee) and we’ve started to take note of all their locations we’ve heard about from viewers. So far we’ve found them on New York’s Lower East Side, in Brooklyn, on Staten Island, and even one in Chicago, so we created Foursquare check-ins at all of them so fans can let us know they spotted Ang. If you see any of the murals, we definitely want to know, so please Tweet @VH1 your photos or tag them on Twitter or Instagram with #BigAng — we might just get a little photo gallery of them out of this. Besides, you know you want to be the mayor of Big Ang.

Big Ang (the show) premieres July 8th at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and to receive even more updates on the show, like it on Facebook, it’s what Big Ang would want.

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