Who’s Lying, Who’s Crying: The Basketball Wives Reunion Part II Highlights


During the finale episode of Basketball Wives, while Jen was in her hut and refusing to speak to Evelyn, Ev kept yelling “Give me a lie detector test, I will prove to you she’s lying!” and on the reunion, she got her wish. Before taping, she took a test, and during taping, a separate polygraph was administered to Jennifer to clarify the facts, but rather than proving someone was wrong or right, the lie detector may have actually saved the friendship. On this final episode of the season, after months of fighting, threatening, taking legal action, and declaring their relationship dead, things were, shockingly, resolved. Sort of. All those promises from Shaunie of a more peaceful, positive show really took effect immediately, because to everyone’s shock, the episode ended with Evelyn and Jennifer hugging, crying, and working things out (let us know what you think of all that here, in our poll). Before we break that down, let’s go through all the highlights.

Royce And Dezmon “Are Good”
Royce Basketball Wives
“First we had Dwayne. Then we had Brian. Now we have Dezmon,” John Salley said to Royce, joking about the line of men she’s shown off on the show. But after some brief, off-camera relationship drama this season, which Royce addressed here, she confirmed that she and Dezmon are in fact still together. “I decided to stay with Dezmon for all the things that he did right, not the one thing he did wrong…In my heart I know that I love him and I know that he loves me, and it wasn’t the right time to walk away,” she said.

Royce Takes The Stage In New York
Royce Reed Boradway Basketball Wives Reunion
All season long, another running theme of Royce’s was her stint in the off-Broadway show Platanos And Collard Greens, and even though we saw her audition and rehearsal process, we never saw her perform…until now. n another unseen clip from this season, we saw Royce performing in the show, with her supportive (but very separated) friends Tami and Kesha in the audience. New York fans, just a heads up that Royce will be performing again in the show this month, we’ll give you a heads up with dates soon.

Suzie Lashes Out
Suzie Ketcham Basketball Wives Reunion
Suzie Ketcham always catches flack for talking too much and acting as a go-between on the show, so when we learned that tami heard that Kesha was talking about her, we all assumed it was Suzie that told Tami everything. Even Kesha thought so, when she said “I have the right to talk to Royce and…well, I wish I wouldn’t have talked to you,” and pointed at Suzie. Thing is, Suzie swears she didn’t say a word to Tami and got royally pissed off at the accusation. “I had nothing to do with it,” she said calmly, but when Kesha pressed her, Suzie got angry, yelling “Shut the f— up, I told you I didn’t say s—, I told you that before, and I’m not going to take the f—ing blame for it.” But that leaves the question: If Suzie didn’t say anything, who did?

The Bottom Line Is…Is Tami A Bully Or Not?
Kesha Tami Basketball Wives reunion
Tami apologized to Kesha for her behavior saying that she handled Tahiti the wrong way (“I don’t feel bad about the message, but I do feel bad about the way I delivered it,” she said.), but that apology was too little too late. “The bottom line is, when we were in Tahiti, you bullied me to a degree that was unnecessary,” Kesha told Tami, to which Tami responded “The bottom line is, I am definitely not a bully and that is not how I get down…You feel bullied because you are unable to speak up for yourself as a grown woman.” The audience applauded Tami’s response, but Kesha continued, telling her “I am able to speak up for myself, to people that can have a normal conversation. You don’t have the tools to communicate when you’re upset.” That also garnered applause, but it certainly seems like this is a touchy subject and people have very drastically different opinions on the B-word.

Let’s Talk Lawsuits

When Jennifer Williams returned to the stage after her surprise lie detector test, the conversation first turned to Nia Crooks, her former friend, Evelyn’s current assistant, and she who hath slapped Jen across the face. Jen filed a lawsuit against Nia which most of the other women vehemently disagree with. Shaunie implored Jen to reconsider the lawsuit, saying “Granted, it was wrong, but I wouldn’t want to see any of y’all go to jail over a mistake.” Shaunie continued, begging Jen to drop the case, assuming Nia were to apologize, and Jen rebuffed her again saying that after four months, to apologize now “Wouldn’t be genuine.” And John asked Evelyn if she’d reconsider a reconciliation with Jen in order for the charges to be dropped, and Ev explained that she wouldn’t be fake just to get those results.

Liar, Liar
Jennifer Williams Lie Detector Test
At last, the results of the polygraph tests were delivered, so in one of the weirder moments from any recent reunion special we can think of, John read off the list of questions that Evelyn and Jennifer were asked and then revealed their answers which were deemed truth or lie. Here are Ev’s questions first:

Do you believe that Jennifer wrote the blog in question? Evelyn said “Yes.” Test result: True.
Do you think the lawsuit against Nia was premeditated? Evelyn said “Yes.” Test result: True.
Do you currently miss your relationship with Jennifer? Evelyn said “No.” Test result: FALSE!

Next were Jennifer’s questions…
Are you jealous of Evelyn’s relationship with Chad? Jennifer said “No.” Test result: FALSE!
Do you miss your relationship with Evelyn? Jennifer said “Yes.” Test result: TRUE!

It was clear that pride or ego or just a season full of fighting had broken these women up, but when asked in private what they were feeling, their true emotions were revealed, and it was clear they missed each other. John gave each of them his hand and led them toward each other and they hugged, but Jennifer made it clear that this was a reconciliation for off-camera, not on.

“I don’t want to do this here,” she whispered to Evelyn, who was teary and nodded. As John joked about his mediating skills, Ev and Jen continued to cry and Evelyn admitted “I just feel that things went too far,” and she apologized for saying anything to hurt Jen.

So Is Shaunie Out?
Shaunie O'Neal Basketball Wives Reunion
The final scene from the regular season of the show revolved around a conversation Shaunie had with her pastor about the current state of the show. She believes things have gone too far on the show and took responsibility for the rift between Jennifer and Evelyn since she created the show and really regretted where their friendship went this season, and she told her pastor she’s not sure if she can continue her involvement on the show. So when John asked if she’s made a decision to continue, well…the only thing she would confirm is that there would be a season five. But seeing Jennifer and Evelyn’s make-up, she did say “I feel so much better now that this has happened today, I never ever, ever would have imagined that we’d come in here today and it would be this simple, after how many talks and phone calls? I feel much better.” So do you guys feel better, too? Fire away in the comments, we want to know what you’re feeling now that season four is over and done.

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  1. GSO89 says:

    You know how we feel, you schmucks!…

    Shaunie’s a devious harpy, John Salley’s a dry insufferable oik , Ev and Tami belong to a padded cell with straight-jackets, Nia Crooks is mindless, ignorant welp and Suzie might as well top herself cus she makes WikiLeaks look like the best site in the world compared to her!

  2. dee says:

    Shaunie and Tami are so fake!!!! It seems to me that all season, all they wanted was to find out any dirt they could on Jennifer. They never tried whole-heartedly to help Jenn and Ev. I am so glad they made up. As for Royce… I love her!!!!!

  3. Leslie says:

    If Jen become friends again with Evil I will have no respect for her. Acknowledge and mourn the end of your friendship but move on. Evil had no problem on national TV talking about your husband and telling you you should cheat. If Evil was secure in her relationship she would not care what you said and laugh it off. As for Shaunie, I hope her daughters are never in abusive relationships because she will have to tell them they need to one talk to their abusers and second not have them punished for their behavior. Shaunie and Shed set hood booger (Nia) up and can not get her out of the legal trouble. If Jen does not follow through with the charges then Evil will be right and Jen does have us fooled into thinking that she is classy.

  4. Carm says:

    I will never watch this show again. Could you be any more fake Shaunie. You say you want everyone to get along but your too full of yourself to talk to Royce? All this reunion show did was prove it should be cancelled. Another site has an article that States 3 wives will not return according to Shaunie. Jen I hope you don’t drop that case. This show sucks!

  5. Charlene says:

    I’m so GLAD that Jennifer and Evelyn started a true healing process. I hope they are able to walk away and make their Friendship work… The pastor gave some good advice…. Some people can’t go where God might be taking You! I also hope that Tami, continues to grow and learn self control and self discipline. As for the remainder of the cast I hope they all watch what we saw from the network and work on themselves. I love to see Women of Color show themselves in a manner conducive to a positive image.

  6. Utter waste of time says:

    This show is so biased and John Salley is a LOUSY host. Why wasn’t it pressed who told Tami? Tami clearly stated on the show to Suzie, “don’t feel bad you did the right thing.” However, it was just swept under the rug, they never addressed the fish that was placed in Kenya’s room, some women should not have been there. It was just damage control for the bullies that they are now trying to paint in a positive light. These ladies are not remorseful, humble or even sincere. Since we have too much time to comment on the negative portrayal of women of color, I have no time to watch this mess anymore. I online watched it online anyway. Nothing was really resolved even the “reconciliation” with Jen and Ev. Eve KNOW her show will probably suffer. They essentially attacked Jen but they didn’t make anyone else be accountable for their actions and sad, pathetic apologies. So over it and if they will go through with a season 5, they NEED to get a better host for the reunion show who will not kiss butt and take sides. This was a total waste of time and PROOF that these ladies are phoney, narcississitic and proud of their juvenile, criminal behavior.

  7. Linda says:

    I am elated that Jennifer and Evelyn have made an effort to rekindle their friendship. The show was stacked heavily against Jennifer. Tammie and Shaunie appear to be disingenuous, not genuine, fake. I know that is redundant; however, I want to emphasize how unreal they appear. I am quite sissatisfied with this show.

  8. kadeen says:

    Wow! This show is crazy. Is it me or did I only hear a one sided conversation for part 1 and 2.
    Nobody talked about what they did with the hotel room. Tammie still talking side way to keisha. This show is fixed. I bet everyone had a script and just followed… it. Til next season …….ooooohhh ev and Jen hug see what happen next…

  9. MARIAH says:


  10. Grace says:

    shaunie created all this mess…she instigated and prodded and begged for the drama..but to her dismay we people of color did not buy into it..this is what happens when you have no intelligence, common sense, or intuition….she abused the clout she could have had…..shaunie is now acting like a chicken with its head cut off..her big ego has been busted, and her cheap house of cards fell before she could even blink her eyes….

    This show has proven to me more than a lot of things that evil always backfires….women of color receive a lot of bad rap, but we are the most God fearing people….and God has vindicated us….showing how united and unanimously we detested this hideous show, and we are not advocates of bulying and violence…Shaunie needs to look for something positive to do with her time…how about dedicating your time to being present with your five kids and nurturing and mentoring them, not going around instigating devilish drama!!!!

  11. MJ says:


    I agree with you 100%!

    Shaunie and ESPECIALLY Tami’s desperate-to-be Ev’s new BFF did not want to really help Jen and Evil-yn to be friends again, all they wanted was the gossip on Jen. Shaunie is soooooooo Fake!!!

  12. Gena, NY says:

    Let me start by saying first of all…. Why didn’t Shaunie allow VH1 to show Royce’s Broadway clip?!?!?!? I say this because that was one of the very few positive moments this season. I guess since it was Royce’s moment, Shaunie wasn’t having it since everyone knows she doesn’t like Royce. Shaunie, you need to practice what you preach.

    Second,…. Tami is a LIAR! She did bully Kesha and stole her property. Tami is clearly delusional and mental. Seriously!!!!

    Third,…. that bought audience is sooooooooooo ghetto. What’s wrong with them clapping for Tami when she was practically barking at Kesha and talking over her and not letting her speak or explain herself. Ewww!

    Lastly,….. I did like seeing Jen and Evil-yn hug it out and to see Ev extend her hands to hug Jen first! At the end of the day, this beef between them was immature, ridiculous and life is too short. However, if I were Jen I could never trust Evil-yn again. Smh…..

  13. Connis says:

    this is for Tami, I going to say it!!!! BULLY!!! BULLY!!!! and more BULLY!!! yes you are, and ya know it!!! you are a very Attractive woman on the out outside but , when open your mouth ya Nasty, Disrespectful, Non-Lady-Like, and ya in DENIAL!!!!! you had a HEART ATTACK for God SAKe be HONEST!! you have Daughters, how would you feel if someone BULLIED them!!!!!!!hah!!! YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO BE COUNCELING!!!!!!!

  14. fan says:

    Am so proud of eve and jen making up that’s what sister hood does .love to see bestfriends love one another do not let blogs are anyone break that up.I cried when i seen that god work in his on way.

  15. Fan says:

    So jen can be in the weddding that would be wonderful.

  16. L.MacEachern says:

    John Sally and Shaunie O’neil says that all of the haters just have too much time on their hands. what an insult knowing that they are lucky that i even watch this show! John Sally and Shaunie are obviously self serving and money hungry kiss butts of this show. they promote “bullyism” (my word). they completely ignored the film of the “women” promoting bullyism, mean girl tactics when they filled that room with the dead fish. that was nice. Psycho “Tami” also got away with MUCH. i hope her therapist was watching while she was allowed to lie again about her issues. all i want to say to Shaunie and the other bully promoters, i hope that their daughters have a nice time with the same type of “mean girls” in their lifetime without the assistance of their rich mothers.

  17. Please says:

    This whole reunion was a set up for damage control. Viewers are smarter than that. If viewers have so much time on their hands they shouldn’t take time to watch the show. The point of comments is to create dialogue about the show, without the dialogue there is no interest. Viewers are not hating, they don’t condone bully’s and violence. If there was something positive to talk about like on other blogs then that’s what viewers would discuss. You get out what you put in. Not watching anymore, didn’t watch all the shows it was to violent.

  18. LM says:

    I think it’s still going take some time for this friendship to mend. Too many things has been said that true friends should not reveal.If I were Jennifer no matter what the outcome may be I will not drop the lawsuit against Nia. Nia being Evelyn’s assistant has nothing to do with what happen between Jennifer and Nia I don’t care how long they were friends. She took it upon herself to slap someone she should suffer the consequences.True friends don’t fight one another they talk things out and if talking doesn’t solve the problem then just go your separate ways.

  19. faith512 says:

    I just watched a scripted reunion, the people in on it were John Salley, Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami and Susie. Sorry, I will not be tuning in next season. If you want something or someone to go away you just ignore them and that is what I’m going to do. A season of bullying turned into the blame game with the victims being the ones who caused everything.

    Shaunie, very disappointed that you think the viewers are stupid and will fall for anything. Not this viewer, we were just fed a load of crap

  20. Tammie is a bully…..Tammie is a bully Tammie is a bully…….Tammie is a bully…..Tammie is a Bully.

  21. Judy says:

    No matter what anyone says Tammy and Evelyn are the biggest bullies I have ever seen in my life. Period.

  22. mom says:

    When all else fails attack the viewers for having an opinion. We all know that is the one thing you so call women don’t want anyone but youeselves to have. The fact of the matter is the people who are making the comments are the peoplke who are watching this mess of a show. The host was bought and paid for, what a joke. Yes we the viewers and patrons of the sponsors of this show can and will voice our distaste at this bullying, violence. All these females teamed up on Jen, even the newbies when they agreeded with Eve and Tami horrific behavior. Lets not let this issue die, boycott this mess and the spin-off, all book sales, weaves products, shoes, clothes and anything else these bullies have their hand in. They need to know that bad behavior wil nlot be rewarded. John Sally saying that the negative comments come from people with too much time on their hands, crap. I’m making the time to submit thuis comment because I can. If you don’t want people to comment on your life then don’t put it on tv.

  23. LM says:

    Shaunie, boo boo who you think is going to let someone slap them and get away with it. You sound stupid. Hell yeah I would press charges too! I would not give Nia the satisfaction of getting away with slapping meI don’t care how long we were friends.So Jennifer don’t let anyone talk you out of giving up this lawsuit.This might be a fake move just so you will drop the lawsuit.

  24. Monet says:

    First…..John Sally is a BI&^%$! He is so biased! He totally took sides on this show. I guess he had to follow Tami and Evelyn’s lead and kiss Shaunie’s FAKE ass to keep his hosting gig. He actually made me more mad than I get at the GHETTO acting cast (minus Royce, Jen, and Keisha).

    Second…..that audience had to be hand picked because I still can’t find anyone who sides with the GHETTO bunch.

    Third……I totally agree with the poster that addressed Shaunie’s disregard for Jen being attacked. Let’s see if Shaunie would tell one of her children to forgive and forget after being physically assaulted. She is so damn fake. Then she gone sit up on national television and try to act emotional while they showed a clip of her kids. PALEASE!!!!!!


  25. bjb402 says:

    I enjoyed the Reunioun Show. John Salley is a great Host. I am happy to see Evelyn and Jennifer hug it out.Shaunie did a good job in expressing how she wants the show to be more positive. We all should know that she does not own Shed Media. She just holds the title of Executive producer for a paycheck. I personally can’t wait to see if season 5 will be different.I realize that this is a reality show. There is a lot of negativity and judgement that’s on these blogs. We all should be able take a look at ourselves and learn from this situation.We are capable of being looked at without knowing that we are portraying negative behavior.

  26. SHELLEY says:

    This season of basketball wives was just plain crazy. Out of control. Everybody had a hand in this season’s castrophe. Evelyn and Jennifer’s rif was crazy. I didn’t always believe a lot that was going on. I felt that their friendship was too strong to end. I felt with Evelyn planning her wedding and Jen’s marriage ending, I understanding Jennifer’s reluctance to be around someone who has so much joy in their life. So, yes I believe Jennifer was a little jealous. In regards to Suzy, I believe she was the mole in group. Tami is str8 up psycho. The sad thing is she doesn’t see and she has daughters that see her portray such negativity. What she did to Keshia was WRONG!!!!!!!

  27. BrooklynLass says:

    It’s ironic that Ev and Tami go crazy over somebody talking about them when all THEY DO is get together and talk about EVERYBODY ELSE!

    Ev and Tami act like ghetto thugs aka bullies and want to fistfight anybody they disagree with and can’t seem to understand when people want to get up a walk away. Don’t know what kind neigborhoods they come from, but where I, and most people, come from, if you have a disagreement you don’t have a fistfight!

    Shaunie is either a big hyprocrite are a scardy cat because she ALWAYS sides with thugs Ev and Tami. She NEVER sides with the other ladies when those two are threatening, beating, or terrorizing the other ladies. Shame on you Shaunie!

  28. Feebie says:

    Shaunie , Ev & Tami you all are sad women. I watched this show for the first time starting two months ago, because a friend ask me too. She said you won’t believe how ignorant the women are on this show. She was right! Tami you are a bully,a big bad bully. Shaunie should have stopped the cameras during your ignorant behaviour towards Kesha. I hope that this show is cancelled, who wants to see a bunch of women with know conversation. You all sound like high school teens.
    Jen and Kesha you both have to much class for this show.
    Suzie what is your purpose on the show, to keep Ev and Tami off your behind?
    John Salley —–BORING
    Shaunie O’Neal – stay away from producing TV shows, you make Black women look bad.

  29. observant says:

    to your right sit class to your left, whats left, camouflaged by fakeness, falseness, arrogances and insencerity. total mean girls to the hilt expecting warpaint to get them over. stand your ground jennifer, fakeness could never realize real, all this is just being done to get you to back down, it’s fake and on the stregth for a dollar, can i get a amen shaunie. the only true thing about the group is the pain and the fear. cancel baskeballwives – trash and recast basketballwives with class starring jennifer. my opinion, i tune in, i have the right to.

  30. Donna says:

    It is time that the crew and participants acknowledge that Tammie and Evelyn are bullies. Kiesha did not have a chance among these women. She is polite and a true southern belle who can carry on a discussion but does not know how to engage bullish behavior. Kiesha is a sweet girl who wants to be friends with all the ladies, but Tammie makes it difficult and needs to be called out on her bully behavior. Many young women watch this show and this is behavior many parents do not want their children to mimick.

  31. amorenomore says:

    Good for you Jen! Stick to your lawsuit – Nia needs to learn a real lesson here, and that is she CAN’T put her hands on people & get away with it. That is NOT a MISTACE, it’s A CRIME! Shaunie should just be supportive of you, not trying to talk you out of it. Did Shaunie ever ask you after the hit, how YOU were?? Same with Evelyn – she should’ve been busting her girl’s chops for hitting you! The lie detector test was a joke. I don’t think you’re jealous of Eve & her boyfriend’s relationship. I think you are just lonely & want the same thing for yourself (only w/a guy who doesn’t sleep around)! Stay friends w/Kesha & Royce. The others are not worth it.

  32. Jayne' says:

    I for one won’t be watching season 5. Jen, I’d be careful if I were you. It’s ok to miss a friend, but you were growing. And if they aren’t growing like or with you, they’re only going to pull you down. Love her from a distance, and let her have her moment with Chad. There is nothing for you to be jealous about, that’s not a healthy relationship anyway. It’s not going to last!

  33. Ephicia says:

    Jenn please stay away from evely and bipolar tammy( notice lower case on both names) you have class and they see it that we love you compared to them gheto hollywood wannabies! do not come back to fake shaun’s show she can not be trusted always playing holly saint with fake nose trying to talk like MJ(sorry MJ), remember how she stole ex-hubbys money? SHE CAME BACK AND STILL THE MARRIAGE DID NOT WORK! she is a curse! so keep it moving because if you don’t you will go through the same ..t! you have things going for you! keep my girl Royce she is one straight forward secured lady who means it when she said she is your friend , get rid of suzzy with her nidle legs no men wants!

  34. Mel3177 says:

    Come on people, don’t be FOOLED by this p!ss poor attempt at “damage control”. I seriously doubt that these two are “friends” again!!! Too much has happened to turn the hands of time. However, I think they have learned (or better yet Evelyn has learned) to co-exist among one another. After all, this show is providing checks to both of them and also a good vehicle to market their businesses. They are far from stupid!!! Jennifer kept it classy and gave her a hug but she also let Evelyn know she was not going to discuss their issues on the reunion but in PRIVATE!!! That’s a real woman for you…everything shouldn’t be a “show” for spectators (smh)! I am done with this show and no weak a$$ apologies is gonna change that. As I’ve said before, I wish the best to Royce, Jen, Kenya, and Keisha. As for the rest? Karma is a b!tch!!! I seriously doubt Evelyn will make it down the isle. If she does, it will be another Kim Kardashian debacle (we all know how that one turned out). Furthermore, there will be no show to air. Who is gonna watch it? A bunch of ghetto birds like her? Instead of VH1 getting all these meaningless shows with a bunch of meaningless broads why not display some educated, classy, intelligent women (of any color)??? It’s time!


  36. lolalea3 says:

    Tami thinks because she had a hard past she gets a free pass. She’s got a lot to learn. And I’m sorry, she is a bully and has been since she began BBW. She says whatever, whenever, but if someone looks at her cross eyed, she bugs out. Also, Kesha is allowed to have an opinion. The purse thing was disturbing. But Tami is a freak job.

    The fish thing, like the purse thing, is a bully move that was tacitly approved by Shaunie. You don’t pull pranks on people you dislike – that is bullying. It was behavior intended to marginalize. Doesn’t matter if you like Kenya or not – she was invited on the trip. It was a sign of disrespect and disgust.

    Nia should have apologized for hitting, but no, she taunted and acted tough.Thus, anything she says is meritless. I get her hurt, but come on.

    Evelyn has been a mean girl since season 1 in word and deed. She has serious issues of self control and superiority. Clearly, Chad did not unpack ALL her baggage. Better get started.
    Shanie is disingenuous. Allowing women to be treated bad because she is in good with the circle is BS.
    Royce was pretty rational with relatable issues. Kesha was a great gal mistreated. And Tami, get it straight – just because she doesn’t act certifiable doesn’t mean she can’t stand up for herself. Tami is a jerk and a fool who has NO BUSINESS teaching young girls how to build self respect.

  37. Tinaboo101 says:

    Feel so much better. I am glad and so happy that they resolved their issues. I am a true fan of basketball wives. I am soooooo proud of Evelyn and Jenn. I pray that they will never again let anything or anyone come in between their friendship again. Just like Shaunie said life is short. Praise God! At this time it doesn’t matter who said what and what said who, it will be a new day and you all can push forward.

  38. E West says:

    It is unfortunate that Shaunie has decided on Season Five for Basketball Wives as I will no longer watch a program that promotes “ignorance”, violence and did I mention “ignorance”. I will be joining the millions of fans who have petitioned to have the show cancelled and will enter daily my disdain for the show and wanting it CANCELLED!

  39. Ms Austin says:

    BTW, yes I do agree that Nia was wrong on EVERY level and Jen does have the right to sue her. Jen said stuff but she didn’t touch her at all and getting physical with someone, worse salpping them int he face, is just WRONG! Full stop. Point blank. period. Whether she goes all the way is up to her but Jen, re-assess ALL your r/ships here, as should all the women, and do what’s right and best for you.

  40. keke smith says:

    It don’t matter if your not going to have respect for Jen its their life’s they can do what ever they want. I think it was a good that they made up maybe the next bbw season will be better than this season it actually made me cry when thay made up I know they felt better inside and out wish you guys the best.

  41. Nonya says:

    Tammy is totally DELUSIONAL!!! She said she did not bully Keisha?? OMG!!! She really needs HELP!! She claims that she did what she did so that Keisha would stand up for herself? Girl, Keisha is NOT your daughter! If you want to show someone how to stand up for themselves when bullied, you have TWO DAUGHTERS TO USE and teach-NOT KEISHA!!

  42. E West says:

    Tami is “crazy” and a bully. She can justify all she wants stating Kesha needs to stand up for herself but who is she to teach anybody anything? It was obvious from the time she entered the show that Tami has some serious mental health issues and need some medications and serious on-going therapy!

    I will never watch any show that Tami is a part of and its unfortunate as she is a damn good actress but her craziness shines through.

    I know one thing Tami won’t be acting a fool with Ms. Cathy Hughes and her crew cuz they’ll have something for her!


  43. Deuces says:

    I’m so done with this show and anything related to it. I will not be watching Evelyn & Chad’s show! I’m so disappointed in Shaunie. She allowed Tami & Evelyn to do whatever they wanted just to keep the drama up. Then she insults her viewers with this scripted, damage control, reunion in an attempt to secure the sponsors that have not already jumped ship. If that wasn’t enough, John Sally & Shaunie suggests that the viewers have too much time on their hands if they say anything negative about the show! You know what? You’re right! If I’m sitting up watching this mess, I have too much time on my hands.That’s why, I’m done! I sure hope Jen does not drop the law suit and that she keeps her distance from Evelyn because Evelyn canNOT be trusted. She has done the MOST! I wish the best of luck to Royce, Kesha, and Jen. I hope Tami gets the help she needs. She totally bullied Kesha and I’m so over her trying to fake it. Suzie is just an extra that keeps the mess going. She needs to get a life. Shaunie, this show has ran it’s course. Call it done and savage some part of your dignity. It’s time to rebuild on another platform.

  44. Wow says:

    I loved it! EV and JEN wowwwwww! I also loved how Tami handled keshA’s ” scared to say something” behind. While keshA was finding ways to dog Tami out, Tami kept it in perspective and her point was made! Kesha was just whining and not listening I hope kesha dont come back cuz she has diarrhea of mouth while talking behind other people’s back. Kesha what the he’ll is normal? Conversation wise? Loved the royce show fantabulous! Big ups to Shaunie thanks for a 5th season Susi u did well girl . Kendra ain’t scared big ups!

  45. Jess says:

    Renunion is ridiculous, will not watch vh1 shows anymore, no class just like most of these women, making money, but shaunie, Evelyn, Susie and especially tami, have you no shame? You should be embarrassed ! You too sully, you were not biased, won’t watch anymor

  46. Diane says:

    The negative outweighed the positive. Shaunie commented that the viewers do not really know them and we only see a few minutes of their lives. We as viewers go by what we see and it was a lot of negative, childish things going on this season. If the show displayed more positive aspects of your lives we, as viewers we may think different. Who over 35 years old would get a kick out of putting dead fish in someones room. Childish. Who would take someone’s purse because you’ve gotten drunk and ready to fight…Tammy was not that out of control before the shots came. John Sally made a good point about diffusing things. Shaunie and Eve Seem to know Tammy best but didn’t diffuse the situation with Tammy and Keisha. I would not waste my time talking to Tammy either. Tammy was ready to fight Keisha and was waiting for the opportunity. Then commented at the end that she wasnt caring for Royce and didn’t want to be her friend anymore because she was the one person who flat out told her she was wrong. Childish. If you have gone through a divorce, it’s an emotional roller coaster so Jennifer’s change is understandable but the jail time thing is a little too far. Ev’s apology was appeared to be more sincere on the reunion than during the episode. For your children to be top priority, your lives that are shared with the world is not positve at all and childish. Royce section of the show was entertaining with less drama. I assume that there has to be some drama for ratings but I think the positives should far outway the drama

  47. dallday says:

    If you don’t want comments on your so-called reality show then get off the air. As far as John Salley’s remark about people having too much time on their hands that was an insult to the viewers. BBW won’t have to worry about my comments because I am done with this show, and I will not watch Evelyn and Chad. Tami needs to get her ego in check.

  48. M says:

    This reunion just solidified my promise to never watch BBW again, or any spinoffs. How dare you comment on your viewers having too much time on our hands. If you it were not for your viewers there would be no BBW. The episode where Tami bullied Keisha and stole her handbag was sooooooooo disburbing. And Tami you are in denial Keisha did not make you look bad, you did that yourself. Extremely disappointing reunion show, you concentrated on damage control instead off being true to your viewers. Lastly, get rid of John Salley as a host, Shaunie quit while your ahead and concentrate on raising your kids, we do not need a season 5, Evilyn you are a disappoint to all hispanic women, Suzie you are a waste, Keisha you’re better than this, Jennifer move on and Royce you are the best. Keisha, Royce, Jennifer and Kenya go to another network and start your own reality show so we can see how real women interact.

  49. Rob says:

    What was the point of the lie detector test?????Evelyn wrote the questions. Why is it up to her to decided what questions to ask Jen and what questions to ask herself. Just because she believes that Jen wrote the blog doesnt mean that she did. Not saying she didnt though. Another thing all this for two and three questions???Am I the only one who thinks that their were more quesions and they were left out. Evelyn questions plays to her defense and Jen questions also plays to Evelyns point. It just doesnt sit right with me. Jen was totally caught off guard with the test and I doubt very seriously those was the only questions asked just the only ones we got to hear that work out for Eve. Jen I dont think you are jealous of Eve. You probably thought that you and your friend was going to be having fun and single together but she encouraged you to leave your man and the moment you did she jump on the first person that looked her way. So I doubt that you didnt seem jealous. Jen I hope you continue to stand your ground and stick to what you said before yall dont have to be enemies and yall dont have to be friends either. So is this how Evelyn wanted to expose you as fake????? She tried so hard.

  50. Nonya says:

    I would have NEVER EVER reconciled with Evelyn, after EVERYTHING she did to YOU (hitting you, cursing you out, threating you, bringing someone on the show to ASSAULT you and talking about you and divulging secrets you shared as friends) she even said she did NOT miss the (10+ year) friendship! Don’t trust Evelyn. I like you Jennifer but i WON’T be watching this show anymore and I will NOT watch Evelyn’s show either!!! THIS IS WHACK!!! Tami, you’re DELUSIONAL and you need serious HELP!!! Why didn’t Shaunie acknowledge her beef with Royce? Suzie is just…….hmmm. Royce, do your thing gurl!! Kenya, keep following your dreams and don’t listen to the haters. Evelyn, no words for you. AND John Salley, you say that the viewers have too much time on our hands? well, guess what, i will take that abundant time on my hands and watch a different show Lala’s show or something totally different.

  51. Philomena Anderson says:

    Jen and Ev, I’m very proud of both of you, don’t ever let people come between you two again. I missed your friendship and please, keep Tami away from your business with each other. She is so jealous of Jen. Jennifer is my favorite on the show because I relate mostly to her, I believe I’m a Fabulous Diva, and don’t care what haters think of me, but I love my friends. Now, Evelyn please invite Jen to the wedding, it won’t be complete without her.

  52. SweetHarts says:

    Welll John, you make think this was a fix all, but you to must need some help trying to turn it on the viewer’s for what these woman put out… You think we should except this behavoir and call us the nagative ones for not turning the cheek sort of speak for what we saw this 4th season??? Bishiop knows what we all saw, and Shaunie and her hoodrats will have to find a whole new set of viewer to put up with these women… I’m sure John you can get yourself another 10 second job with more meaning for you to up hold other than the very little parts of positive this season, which will not cover up all that went wrong… No John your words did not save this show… Many will never view these woman again anywhere, that is Shaunie, Ev and Tami…

  53. nonghetto says:

    Well, well, well–Jennifer and Evil-ly hug. I didn’t see it. But I am glad that they hugged and missed each other. I knew all along and said so on here that Evil-lyn was feeling hurt and missing Jenn/still love her, but acted out like a mean, angry, spoiled child, rather than simply say to Jenn that she was hurt, etc. If she had done that, I honestly believe Jenn would have accepted it, and E might have avoided saying all those ugly things about Jenn, trying to take her down, make others hate her, break the girlfriend code, and of course the violent overtures. Jenn should forgive her, as Eve should forgive Jenn. BUT, they cannot go back to the friendship they had. Eve, you kiilled that chance by your toxic actions–you said ugly words; words can never be taken back, even if you renounce them. Taming or controlling the tongue is a huge challenge for all of us, according to the Bible (James 3:2-8, esp. 2 and 8). V. 9-10 talk about cursing, which all of you do, esp. Eve and Tami. Back to Jenn and Eve. And, Jenn never trust you again, at least not in the foreseeable future. Jenn, do not be “guilted” or “played” into getting back w/her before you are ready, AND JENN, STILL HOLD EV ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE NIA INCIDENT, AS WELL AS NIA. Ev set it up by inciting Nia and bringing her to the luncheon. Nia fell for it and acted rashly. Don’t be fooled. Maybe ask the judge to take her to small claims court (TV–Judge Joe Brown or Judge Judy), where she will learn her lesson and only pay up to max. of $5000. Nia needs to learn that she cannot put her hands on people, regardless of what they said or how someone else instigates it, or how they do things where she grew up…

  54. SweetHarts says:

    The Harters Have Too Much Time On Their Hands…. the haters are the ones on the show, but the viewers who did not like their behavior will not be insulted by JOHN SALLEY season 5, because we will not give him a chance to call us out as haters… That was just bad, bad, bad manners towards the viewers that we heard from you tonight John…

  55. nonghetto says:

    I still can’t figure out how Jenn and Eve were such good friends, period. They are sooo different; usually birds of a feather flock together. I can’t figure out what they had in common—one was slightly classy, while the other was ghetto-acting. The good didn’t rub off on Ev, she got worse. And the cast (Shaunie, Torrid Tami, and Subtle Suzi) wanted Jenn to capitulate, do all the groveling, etc.

  56. Nonya says:


  57. Wanda says:

    Tammy is a Bully. And Shaunie; if someone hit you in your face; you would sue also. What’s up with all the apologies? You all did exactly what you wanted to do this season. You ladies are terrible examples. I hope VH1 cancels the show and get Tammy’ and Evelyn off of television. These women are ridiculous. Tammy bullied a fragile young lady on national televsion and tells her to get a backbone. You get some Anger Management. You women are pathetic.

  58. vivienne tinsly says:

    Shaunie acts like she is this level-headed, cultivated woman, when she really is the most off the charts by way of disingenuousness, standing by in silence in the face of the most appalling and egregious behavior.
    This show is a clown show! Except for these clowns are not funny!

  59. Dot says:

    Dont care about a 5th season grown ass women trashed a resort, Shaunie clearly pormoted this Bulling I don’t understand her commit about her viewers, if we don’t you don’t know what we like but because it’s not what you want to hear. We have to much time. I hope a lot of people that were planning to watch have to much time to watch

  60. Enough says:

    Tami you are a bully. John Salley you catered to Shaunie, Evelyn, and Tami in your hosting duties and always sided with them. Shaunie, the way you stood up to Jennifer to drop the lawsuit, why did’t you stand up to Tami to stop bullying Kesha in Tahiti and give Kesha’s purse back? You say, viewers have too much time to write negative comments, you all have too much time to fight and argue about stupid stuff such as coughing and who called who loose. Tami you are a bully. You bullied Meeka and you still are a bully. There is no law or rule that says Kesha cannot say what she feels, or express her opinion about somebody in a confessional or with other friends. I am sure you say things about other people, that is private, and you don’t want to discuss with others. No one hugged Kesha in the end. Did they all think Tami was right.? John you know Tami was a bully, you should have spoken up. The audience, where did you get them from? They were mostly pro Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami. BW needs to let the viewers submit questions for the reunion and make a viewer the host, not someone that is getting paid to make everything look fine and cater to bullies on the show. you

  61. Lynn says:

    I agree with Deuces, the fact that they are trying to justify the behavior is unbelievable. Tami is a bully and needs to own up to her actions. Shaunie just let Tami and Evelyn act a fool on the show and then goes to her fake Pastor. A real Pastor would have told her the truth, he sugar coated it, but she’s probably a big tither in his church. There was no spiritual advice given, so stop saying that. Christians do not act like this, God talks about loving, and treating people as we want to be treated. John Salley was disappointing as well with his comments about the viewers, isn’t that the reason you have people watch the show for feedback. Now they can’t accept constructive criticisim. He knows he would disappointed if his daughters acted like Tami or Evelyn. The scene with Kesha was horrible. As a friend I would have stopped Tami in her actions out of love and concern. Shaunie just stood there. Was she scared?????????? Now they want the viewers to think they have class. Well God is a forgiving God and we all have faults that we are working on, so I guess that is why they are justifying that negative behavior. Back to comments about the viewers, are they not entitled to their opinions? If you didn’t want people to comment on your lives then you wouldn’t put yourself on display. John Sally was very disappointing, but I guess he wants to continue to be paid. I have a group of friends and we have never got down like that, in my Evelyn voice. We love and respect each other too much for that. And if we couldn’t work things out, we walk away, we don’t curse each out and start fights. All the speeches Shaunie gave on the reunion show, where needed during the time of the taping.

  62. GET AT ME says:


  63. kerlyn says:

    I am so disgusted and disappointed watching Tammy. I cannot believe the others ladies allow her to bully someone that clearly wasn’t fighting back. Thi show need to cancel. How could this girl be a mother?

  64. ebonie says:

    This is to MR. JOHN SALLEY!!!!!!!!!! I lost all respect for you. I can’t believe you had the nerve to say that people who write negative comments have to much time on there hands. If this was a positive show we would write positive comments. Don’t get mad because people are honest and you know this show is sinking. You want us to be ghetto and reward bad behavior. You are so bias!!! How dare you insult the viewers. I hope there isn’t a season 5. I can’t believe no one said anything to Susie. She is a two face liar, backstabbing witch. She is trying to argue with Keisha like she is innocent and she doesn’t do anything wrong. Susie NEEDS to go AWAY!!!. Tami is a bully. I can’t believe she is telling Keisha to get a backbone are you kidding me. Why is it okay for Tami to talk about everyone behind there backs and its not okay for Keisha to tell people what happened to her concerning Tami. They need to get rid of Tami and Susie and Kenya!!!

  65. Ashely Boldman says:

    If your done with the show, then just dont watch it….stop commenting on it…if you were so done, then why did you continue to watch it or even read this article….They are good examples of how black women act when we get upset….well some of us…we can identify with one of the eight women on the show…just stop putting them down please!

  66. JustineandPam says:

    John Sally just poved to me who he is. He is an ex-basketbll player that woukd not hve a job if Basketball wives were not renewed. No one would watch Evelyn’s show and those hoodrats would not have a job if the show wasn’t renewed. I can’t believe tht John Sally called the viewers who wrote about their concerns about the negative portrayal of women, haters with too much time on their hands, I was one if the people who wrote the sponsors and VH1. I will watch season5 long nough to see if those companies are still sponsoring this foolishness. If they are, I will not buy their products. And I definitely won’ t watch this or any of the off shows.

  67. chellyg says:

    Saw Shaunie meeting w/Jackie from Basketball Wives/LA @ Jerry’s Deli a few months ago. Please GOD, noooooooo. (Maybe they’re replacing one psycho for another – TAMI)

  68. Yolanda says:

    Facing backlash and a petition to cancel your show will cause a lot of “making up”! Who really didn’t see it coming that Shaunie was going to do some damage control and make claim that things were going too far (after four seasons into the show???) and that Jennifer and Evelyn were going to “make up” ?! Now is Shaunie going to pull a LeBron James and in a special make “The Decision” announcement?! Though we do not know any of these women personally, the persona that of some of these women have shared with many viewers through this show leads me to believe that if Shaunie and others had any real intentions of presenting women in a positive spotlight, it definitely got tossed out the door quite a while ago! Perhaps it’s time to move on….

  69. Celine says:

    Shaunie, you have totally disappointed and dismayed so many women of color–and all people with integrity– with the production of this trashy and violent so called reality show. Do you not care what example you are setting for all the young girls who who watch this show and and emulate the actions of you and your hood rat posse? You have been given a tremendous opportunity to produce something worthwhile and of value, and this is the best you can come up with??? I, for one, won’t be watching Season five and I do believe I speak for legions of other women and viewers who are just as appalled as I am. You are, by your silence, upholding bullying,
    alcoholism, physical and emotional violence. Just imagine for a moment that your daughter, instead of Kesha, was at the receiving end of Tami’s verbal assault while you, her mother, stood by and said nothing. Just saying’…..

  70. Anyway says:

    Clearly this season of BBW was a success. Whether you loved it or hated it u were entertained enough to leave a comment. I doubt anyone watches reality tv for a moral compass or example. If you do that’s pretty sad. This show revolves around women with different upbringings and backgrounds not all of them deal with things properly and at times make fools of themselves but that’s how life is. I think the important part is some sign of progress and in my opinion they are going down the right path. I am sure if my life was being filmed I would have plenty of moments of regret and sooo would everyone else. Being on tv is like living under a very critical magnifying glass. Ladies remember that as many haters as you have you have there are twice as many supporters or else your life wouldn’t be aired. Looking forward to next season!

  71. we audience R stupid & waste to much time ! says:

    So lets see, Shaunie thinks the audience is stupid and have to much time on their hands….
    Well, you won’t have to say that to me but once! I will not be watching your scripted reunion show or your ghetto hood-rats bullies ANYMORE! Hey audience they just called you stupid and wasting your time. If you’re serious and refuse to be so insulted DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW!

  72. Anonymous says:

    Bottom line…lol……TAMI IS AN ATTENTION HUNGRY BULLY THAT IS FAAAAR FROM A ROLE MODEL FOR HER DAUGHTERS AND IS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO HER FAMILY. It’s no wonder why your daughters didn’t want you to manage their singing career….maybe because MOM, YOU ARE PSYCHOTIC! You want people to speak up for themselves….I think you should do the opposite and stop flapping your gums so much. I wonder whom Shaunie was referring to in her therapy session when she stated, “I don’t want people to think i’m just a ghetto hot mess.” Wake up and seek some more professional help sweetie. Stop acting like you are better than people. Just because people don’t want to act like a wild animal as yourself, does not mean they cannot stick up for themselves. You are obviously very unhappy with your life and feel the need to project this onto those around you. I will pray for you that you find peace one day and stop being so ugly to everyone around you.

  73. gail says:

    we do not have too much time on our hands…we just want see black women being positive even if it is entertainment and a reality show. Some people watching reality tv do not understand that is is entertainment. it is also about you making money and ignorance is what you are selling to get the money. What kind of Pastor would come on a reality tv and not tell shaunie the truth??? Why can’t you take stand and say our show will have fake drama BUT feature real life positive stories also. Feature yourselves giving back to a underprivileged community. Help some students go to college. Insist that the show has something on it that your CHLDREN AND PARENTS would be proud to see. ALL MONEY IS NOT GOOD MONEY. UPLIFT A BLACK CULTURE for a change as a reality show. Anyway you lost me as a viewer, I’m done.

  74. Shauntie really we have to much time on our hands. Before I sign off let me say this John Salley i thought you were horriable frist season, and i feel sorry for your daughters now they know you are a straight up fool, you let your daughters down Mr. Salley shame on you! The reunion was the worst ever. Jennifer, Royce and Kesha I will support you on anything else but i am through with bbw. TO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS!!!!!!””

  75. Nicole says:

    Shaunie is completely disgusting. She may be the worst “wife” of all. Tammi and Evelyn need the money. They have no skills or resources without the show. Shaunie uses the mental instability of tammi and evilyn to get ratings.

    Shaunie is foolish and does not care that her advice supports bullying and physical attacks by middle age women. She actually advised Jenn to accept te assau,t.

    I can’t believe Shaunie wants that junk to continue. Something is wrong with Shaunie if her friendship circle is full of these angry, fist fighting, name calling, shrews. I wonder if most bb non wives are that trashy. I feel bad for Shaq if he had to deal with that silly woman for some years.

    John Sally is useless. It was clear he had a script, and that applause and laugh machines were used.

  76. gb says:

    one more thing, john salley, shame on you too. got the nerves to talk about raising four daughters but hosting this type of show. evidently you have to much time on your hands with no job so you taking these type of hosting gigs. even though this is reality tv some of those emotions are true. get help tami girl cuz u really need it. shame shame shame and more shame on the so called pastor. how could he dare attempt to make a gesture knowling what this show is about he should have declined. shaunie what are going to tell your daughter…that she can only watch the one episode that she was on….becuase surely you as the woman who says she put her children first can not possibly let her see any other episodes. shaunie you are right we dont know you but what you showing is what we see…go figure that one out. i hear u got plenty of money from your marriage divorce…so why didn’t you insist that your show not be a hot ghetto mess after the first season…oh i know why becuase we viiewers kept watching and trying to support black folks. thank you for making me want to read a book.

  77. Missm says:

    Jennifer, I have always like you. I think you are such a lady. Show the younger girls how its done.Everybody is trying to be bad, continue to be different and believe you will be around much longer than the mean girls. Will you ladies Please start to show the postivie side of black women. We are strong, ladylike,beautiful,smart,loyal,educated and a total joy to be around.
    Thanks so much Jen
    Keep holding it down.

  78. miss m says:

    Mr. Salley
    Since you said that those of us that write in have to much time on or hands, i’m sure you were talking about those that had something bad to say but those that have something positive to say are alright i’m sure. Well to that i say you are almost as bad as the girls. Why would you get involved in the messiness. Bothering poor Kenya or Kisha i forget which is which. Why are we wrong for writing in to our sisters to sau hey . take alook at what you are putting on tv. How many women do u know that age that act like that. Theaselovely ladies have an opportunity to do great things. Why be on tv acting a fool like in the day of ministrial shows. Why not allow us to encourage these lADIES TO GET US SOMETHING POSITIVE TO WATCH. DONT BLACK ALREADY HAVE THE REP OF BEING ANGRY B;LACK WOMEN. . We want to support our sisters we love our sisters so why cant we say ok ENOUGH. Lots of love to you MR.Salley but please dont encourage the foolishness.

  79. bbwfan says:

    This season of Basketball Wives maybe the death of any future of the show. True colors were revealed. I lost all respect for Shaunie and Tami. Shaunie is clearly encouraging the animalistic behaviors from Tami, Evenlyn this season. Suzie, you claim your innocence but you have been caught many times on-screen being a conniving backstabbing so-called friend. Clearly, stardom if you can call it that, has totally gone to all your heads. I am no longer a fan of this show, Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn, Royce or Suzie…boooooooo!!!! Shaunie it’s too late to try and be the mediator, we all know at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean anything to you cause you are laughing all the way to the bank! Booooooo to Basketball Wives, change the name to Basketball Bully’s!!!

  80. SweetHarts says:

    NOW THAT THIS SHOW IS OVER, NO ONE SHOULD EVER WATCH IT AGAIN… TO HELL WITH SEASON 5 AND THE HOST OF THIS REUNION JOHN SALLEY… We will never have this must time on our hands about all this ugly behavior of these hood-rat women again… Best of everything to Royce, Jennifer and Kesha in their futures away for Basket-Case Wives on VH1… Please don’t ever stoop to the level of these women because ” SHAUNIE ” says so…

  81. Krissy says:

    I know why Shaunie and the others didn’t stick up for Kesha when she was being bullied. Remember on one of the first episodes when Kesha invited the “girls” to one of her events. She was telling them to act civilized because Suzie acted a fool at Royce’s event. Remember after she talked to “the circle”, Shaunie read Kesha’s lips when she said something about how they were acting. It was then that Shaunie decided that she didn’t like Kesha. She messed with the “queen bee” which is BBW suicide. Of course the others in the illustrious circle fell right in with her. That’s why none of them came to her defense. Remember when Tami was saying she was treating them like a teacher whose students acted a fool on the last field trip. I understand why Kesha was nervous about them showin’ out at her event. They had only done it about a hundered times before at every venue they had been to.

  82. JRoc85 says:

    Suzie DID go back and tell Tami because Tami was the one who opened her mouth and said “Suzie you did exactly what you were supposed to do, and told me!!!!!!” If you don’t believe me, go back and watch the episode following this incident. So either Tami was lying then, or her and Suzie were lying on the reunion (make up your mind ladies, you can’t have it both ways)????????? I thought it was hilarious when Evelyn said, “Suzie gets a bad rep, she’s not malicious.” Excuse me, Evelyn, but weren’t you the one who last season said, “Suzie has diarrhea of the mouth??????” This season she gets a bad rep, but the last 2 seasons, she was kicked out the group for spilling secrets?????!!!!!!!! You can’t have it both ways, Evelyn. Kesha, I think you handled yourself in a dignified and classy manner!!!!!! You don’t have to scream, yell, scare, threaten, and curse just to get your point across (take notes Tazmanian Tami)!!!!!!!! Jenn, it’s okay to make amends with Evelyn and forgive her, but you should caution yourself about being friends with her again (she attacked you twice physically and told your secrets in front of the entire world. If she gets mad at you again, there’s no telling how much further she will go)!!!! Shaunie, too little, too late in regards to making any changes to salvage your image or BBW. Royce, keep doing you (make wiser decisions in regards to your romantic life, though)!!!! Kenya, keep doing you, as well!!!!!!!

  83. rcd says:


  84. Phillygurl says:

    Jen clearly said that she didn’t want to do this here, meaning while there is a chance of reconciliation it didn’t happen at the reunion. I don’t think she’ll ever be close to Evelyn again and she is smart for being guarded with all those women.

  85. faith512 says:

    Let me just say this, we have reality shows on TV that show people of color, especially women in a positive light. LaLa’s Full Court, The Braxton’s, T.I. & Tiny, Tia & Tamera….these shows show the world that women of color got it going on, you are not subjected to cursing, jumping on tables, throwing bottles, what you see on these shows are the love of family and friendships. Women being loving mothers, father’s being there for their children. So Shaunie we don’t need you and your band of bullies. I for one will not be tuning in to season 5

  86. Awwwwwee… How errrr umm… SwEeT? I am glad they made up-10 years of friendship is nothing to scoff at. And now they can make money in a newww season-Oh joy! (LMAO)
    Now that all is wrapped up, I feel for Kesha. Her situation was downplayed by Tami and others… I feel that Tami learned NOT A DARN THING. Self righteous crowd pleaser Tami- Did you read the disclaimer on S2S mag that stated Tami lied on camera about the fictitious interview with Jen? What a hypocrite Tami is. What a poor example for HER daughters… Suzie too displayed her bully techniques (and teeth) towards Kesha…
    Messy… I hope the show takes a higher road-but would it make for good reality TV? Hmmm…

  87. BasketballFan says:

    “The people who blog about this have to much time on their hands” REALLY Sally, Insult the fans who make this show famous? That’s the thanks we get? That’s cool but, “We were the SAME FANS who tried to warn Shaunie, Evelyn,Tami and VH1 in advance that we didn’t like the direction the show was taking 2 seasons ago”… Had yall (SHAUNIE/EVELYN/TAMI/VH1) listened to “THOSE FANS” to begin with, there would be no BACKLASH! Next season, “I PROMISE” I won’t waste my time on “Basketball wives” ….. It’s been real yall… BasketballFan out…..

  88. Unaddressed Issues says:

    Issues that should have been addressed at the bogus reunion:
    1. Who told Tami about Kesha’s comments?
    2. What was Tami talking about in the car in Tahiti when she told Suzie that she did the right thing?
    3. Why did the circle pull that childish prank with the fish (Shaunie included) and how was it addressed by the hotel. How does Kenya feel about the prank?
    4. Are Tami and Royce friends after Tami said “f” Royce on the show?
    On one blog, Royce said it took 6 hours to tape the reunion. I bet those issues were addressed and edited out to keep the drama focused on Jen and Ev. They’re trying to get us to see Ev in a positive light so we will watch her upcoming show. Totally fake at the end when they hugged. The producers probably told Evelyn to put on the show of her life and “make up” with Jen to save her show. Forgive, Jen, but definitely don’t forget. Keep your eyes open and don’t fall for the okie doke.

  89. Mel3177 says:

    I agree with most of the comments above me (the last dozen or so) because you all are spot on!!! This reunion was a complete hoax and a “smokescreen” to fool us (viewers). I’m glad the intelligent bunch was far too smart to fall for this poor and useless attempt at “damage control”. However, the intellectually challenged (or GULLIBLE for the ones who struggle with that term) fell right into their trap (smh). A couple hugs, a few tears, and some disingenuous apologies was all it took??? WOW!!!! Some of you are too easy (smdh)!!! As someone mentioned, DON’T STOP WITH THE BOYCOTT!!! This show should be over. They had 4 seasons to get it right…times up!

  90. Phillygurl says:

    I totally agree R. Parker. This reunion was damage control. I also think the need a host that will ask no hold barred questions. But that will not happen. Tammi and Evelyn showed their behinds for ratings and it backfired. Shaunie owed it to them to do damage control.

  91. JW says:

    This was staged. I couldn’t even get through the phoniness. I dvr’d the show and kept fast forwarding it. This whole thing is all about money. Accountability, moral fiber, friendship, respect and things of that nature don’t matter. People will compromise their soul for the almighty $. John Sally must have gotten paid a few extra dollars for this reunion show because he was definitely biased. Viewers, we just got played and I refuse to keep being a fool. This has truly become stupid and predictable and I truly can find better things to do with my time than feed into this reality tv foolishness.

  92. Yolanda says:

    Was it just me or were they blaming the victim Jen, for being attack. Shaunie what if it were a man that put his hands on a woman out of frustration, would you want that woman to drop the charges. Its seems that everyone was concern about Nia but none of them again showed any concern for what happened to Jen. They keep making excuses for their action, like Tami she still feels as thou she did nothing wrong by her reaction to Kesia, Evelyn made her action known but still tried to hold the fire to Jen. Shaunie went hard on Jen but did you see her address Evelyn or Tami in the same light even John was rude to Jen, when he spoke about what everyone was doing he didnt even mention Jen……They are blaming the victim, he had the never to ask Jen why would she press charges against Nia and not Eric. Wow really…sad….I believe that I am done with the bull…..Tami wants to be Evelyn so much that she will excue anything that she does. I like when John told them this is the way that you mediate things not sitting back saying nothing…..that reunion didnt change a thing for me bc they did the same thing….

  93. Cindi says:

    I’m still reeling at the fact that Tami said “I AM NOT A BULLY”!!! Then went on the define how she was acting: loud, bousterous, and she forgot : A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people. I sat frozen for what seemed like forever before I could wrap my mind around what she said. After I was able to regroup I realized that she prolly does not know better because most bullies are also STUPID!!!!

  94. kt says:

    Let me be very clear why I changed my opinion on this show TAMI .
    This woman is sick in the head! Is everyone afraid of her? Keisha is sticking up for herself by not talking. She’s a lady. You talk so much Tami it leaves no doubt in any ones mind you need to be on medication. Take responsibility for yourself. Please take Tami off television forever!

  95. gary davis says:

    the polygraph test is as phoney as a three dollar bill.. it would be interesting to know who gave the test and you he can justify the questions.. they suck

  96. Nicole says:

    I WILL NOT BE WATCHING NEXT SEASON. no1 took responsibility for their actions everything had “I apologize BUT YOU….etc” no1 learned their lesson and they plan to do the same thing again next season. Then to say us viewers have to much time on our hands bcuz we stood up and said something when things were getting out of control was the last straw. I’ll just take my extra time somewhere else, Shaunie i couldn’t believe u sat their and tried to shame Jennifer for filing a report on someone you barely even know. she is the victim not Nia. u clearly showed your colors sitting their giving jennifer a dirty look everytime she talked. i hope your good friend Tami slaps you i def would watch next season to see that.

  97. Love says:

    It’s so funny. That almost everyone that is making comments on this board about not watching the show next season, will probably be tuned in like everyone else. If you were so fed up with the show: A: You wouldn’t have watched the reunion. B: Wouldn’t take the time out of your “precious” day to make page long comments. How much you want to bet that many of you will be watching Chad and Evelyn’s show and will be tuned in for Season 5. (Don’t front). Some of you all are so funny. Being so angry and upset over a scripted show. SMH.

  98. chelle says:

    when tami made the comment to jen saying jen bullied ashley bye intimidation….then she tells keisha the only reason she feels bullied is because she cant speak up for her self well tami couldnt that have been the case with ashley and jen….them girls contradicted themselves all night(shaunie&tami)

  99. Terri says:

    Jen be careful and don’t try to “fit in” with Shaunie, Evelyn, Tammy and Suzie. Watch what you say to ALL OF THEM. None of them are your friends. Shaunie we know that with you, it is all about the money. You could care less about anyone of these ladies. Royce, keep being yourself girl. I love it. Kenya, I think you want to fit in with Shaunie, Evelyn, Tammy and Suzie. Don’t even waste your time. They are not real friends and they constantly put you down. Keisha, I applaud you for standing up for yourself at the reunion. You remind me of myself. We can sing at the same time but we can’t talk at the same. When someone is yelling, I get quiet because I’m not in a screaming match. In Season 5, the fans are depending on Jennifer, Keisha, Kenya and Royce to bring some positivity to the show. We know we can’t get it from the others. Jen, have you been offered a spin-off. I would watch it. Jen, Keisha, Kenya and Royce, start researching what these reality shows have done to people who were on them in the past. A lot of these reality show “stars” are far worse off than before they ever set foot on a reality show. Please use your 15 minutes of fame wisely and also use your money wisely. We want to be able to “look you guys” up ten years from now. Jen and Kenya we would love to meet your parents and maybe even see your families on the show. I know that from you four ladies, there are a lot of positive things going on in your life.

  100. Miami says:

    John Salley was taken sides… Everybody should have had a lie detector test. He favored Shaunie friends. Tammi is a bully. Suzi is messy. Evelyn thinks she is hard since she from the hood..Nobody offered Jen a napkin. I will not tune in next season..

  101. Miami says:

    John Salley was taken sides… Everybody should have had a lie detector test. He favored Shaunie friends. Tammi is a bully. Suzi is messy. Evelyn thinks she is hard since she from the hood..Nobody offered Jen a napkin. I will not tune in next season..

  102. EloiseM says:

    Happy for Evelyn and Jennifer. Now maybe Jennifer will face her self and do something about it. I always felt she was jealous of Evelyn. Then there was the fact of her ungratefulness for opportunities given her and the ungratefulness she showed for the support group that had always had her back. Really wish Keisha and Royce will not return. Keisha is a cowardly troublemaker and Royce needs to move on and out because Shaunie really doesn’t like her, with good reason. Now I want to see if this gets printed since my previous others did not.

  103. Meg says:

    Uh, was it just me or was the whole reunion a vain attempt by Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn and John Salley to portray the show in a better light? Between the fake ass apologies, and blaming Kesha(the victim) for basically bringing Tami’s wrath upon herself for being unable to speak up for herself(which is basically saying that you made me abuse you) the purpose of the reunion was pretty transparent. I hope Tami especially watches this and sees exactly how hypocritical she is. How are you going to tell to Jennifer that she bullied someone else, and to be consistent and acknowledge her wrong doings, when all you do is intimidate and bully others every season and refuse to acknowledge that you ARE in fact a bully yourself. And what is it about us as black people and being critical of those who choose to handle physical threats to our safety with law enforcement rather than fighting? Kudos to Jennifer for using the legal system instead of her fists. These ladies are grown ass women, slapping each other around like it’s lunchtime in junior high. Next season should be about these ladies getting into therapy, some heavy medication and some damn common sense.

  104. Phillygurl says:

    These are the questions I wanted answered at the reunion….
    1) Why was Nia at the race track? The same question Jennifer wanted to know.
    2) Who told Tammi what was said by Kesha?
    3) What happened with the fish in Kenya’s room?
    4) What was the issue with Jen having new friends because it was brought up so much, even during the confrontation with Nia?

    John was pretty much instructed on what to talk about or maybe we didn’t get a chance to see it because as Royce said they did 6 hours of taping and we only got to see a 2 hour show.

  105. Velma says:

    I agree with everyone else who belives that Salley was way out of line with his comment. We have a right to express our opinions. He has a right to disagree. In this country majority rules. Therefore he is out voted. Tami was still trying to raise Kesha, a grown woman whose values are different from her lack thereof. Shaunie was still trying to tell Jennifer, a grown woman how she was supposed to react to an assult. I could not help but wonder how she would have reacted if someone had slapped her or her daughter. I say to these women with children, spend more time raising and correcting your own children and leave other adults alone.

  106. Nichole says:

    John Salley, if we didn’t blog your ass wouldn’t have a reson to host that ridiculous show. So stop hating because people say what they think about the violence on that show. It’s not that anybody have too much time on their hands. TOO MANY KIDS ARE COMITTING SUICIDE DUE TO BEING BULLIED. That type of behavior affects people. Their kids are watching this show in their free time. People who care about what’s happening to our younth don’t want them to think this is ok. So that’s why people write in John Salley. That big butch looking Tami is a bully. She was a bully all season & was still a bully on the show. She was a non- MF factor because everything she said didn’t make any sense. Accusing Kesha of not being able to take up for herself. Why does she have to be put in a situation where she would have to take up for herself. She’s thinking she’s there to bond with a group of mature women not Jr high level kids. Talking about her daughters weer bullied. I doubt that with Tami for a mother. Tami has ISSUES. No one likes her anymore, it doesn’t matter what she does now. No one cares…..

  107. shay says:

    I was very pleased with the outcome of this reunion friendship is important I am glad jen and ev settled there differences and made up kudos to you both

  108. Really says:

    WOW we as viewers can’t express ourselves according to Ms Salley and Mr Oneal if we do then we have 2 much time on our hands well if I got enuf time to watch that joke of a show then imma say what I feel. VH1 please take notes from LaLa Anthony, Braxtons, Mary Mary and even the Kartrashians those are reality shows with no violence and they are very relatable to the viewers. The Braxtons Reunion Show was so nice not Staged and they didn’t need damage control why bc they had verbal not physical disagreements why bc they are intelligent ladies as LaLa and Mary Mary. Shaunie, Tami,Ev, Suzie and Ms Salley A HOT GHETTO MESS. Guess what BBW you didn’t fool us with that mockery of a Reunion who the he’ll takes a lie detector test for a argument..what grown women put fish n another’s room not mentioned last nite by Ms Salley..steals ones bag and go through her phone smh and all Mr Oneal can talk about is the friendship of Ev and Jen Smh I got 1 more sponsor to write and let them decide Ms Salley and Mr Oneal if there will be a Season 5

  109. nita says:

    i am glad with the outcome of the show. this started out as something great to see all these women that were once married, engaged, or dating nba players become powerful, independent black women. yes, we as women do get into confrontations with our friends, but it should not come the point that ev and jen crossed. that was just horrible. i am so glad that they are cool with each other again and stay that way. cant wait for season 5. i wish all the cast members the best of luck in all they do. you can have a show without all the fighting… we all make mistakes but the real lesson is what we learn from them.

  110. Honestly , I dontthink that they should do another season of this mess. Although we all know what this is all about…. MONEY.(Loud and clear) . Entertainmet forthe viewers , nomatter who gets hurt in the process.When I watched this I just though “FAKENESS IF I EVER DID HEAR IT”.
    Sure they can apologize but I gaurantee you months from now when the 5th season is shown MORE DRAMA!!!!!

  111. Save what friendship. The did this test in case Evelyn didn’t pass the test. Also they did this crap to try to save face for Shaunie,Evelyn and Tami. I really hope that Jennifer Willimas keep the law suit going and add people as needed. Evelyn And Shaunie did this season because of jealousy. Jennifer don’t fall for it. Save the friendship, when before John Salley got his stupid self up to make them hug, I don’t know why Jen would go along to help save the show when all this season Evelyn,Shaunie and Tami did everything to her. Jen get a grip and see the situation for what it is. Stay away from those women they are not your firends, but merely trying to save their pay checks.

  112. Andrea says:

    For those of you (and myself included) who took offense to being told “we have too much time on our hands” we should not tune in to season 5! It’s because of us that you have a viewing audience Shaunie. Remember that!

  113. Linda Gilbert says:

    I am so disappointed in Shaunie whom I have followed in the media and supported. I feel she allowed Tami and Evelyn to hijack the show and did nothing to stop it. I think that they both are mean girls and could not share the spotlight with others. Tami needs to go back where she came from and continue her anger management counseling. Evelyn will find out that a friend of 14 years is to be treasured; not humiliated over a man. And then lets not forget about the rotten fish…just because it was not mentioned doesn’t mean we the public forgot. I think is is too bad the these woman who have had the opportunity to command our attention and loyalty only to allow it to denegrate Black women is disgraceful. I hope that Jen can forgive Evelyn but I don’t blame her for being hurt and I don’t blame her for filing a lawsuit. Miss Nia needs to recognize that civilized people don’t go around attacking one another and Ms Shaunie needs to recognize that when a grown woman hits another woman it is not a mistake; it is assault.

  114. Cody says:

    I loved that the ladies made up. Please don’t let anything come between you guys again.

  115. 1lovelywoman says:

    ok im sure everyone was wondering why didnt that woman smell allll the dead fish in her room why wasnt that question asked

  116. maxine perry says:

    I think, that after all thats happen, they see now that Jen can really, hurt this show (viewers behind her and all), and that alot of us had stopped tuning in, due to the incident, so they had to do something!!!!! whether its geunine or not, i feel its just for ratings and to get the show back above the water, as far as sponsors and all, and i dont believe shaunie will be back or appear as much.

  117. sabrina says:

    awwwww am so happy jen and eve made up