Who’s Lying, Who’s Crying: The Basketball Wives Reunion Part II Highlights


During the finale episode of Basketball Wives, while Jen was in her hut and refusing to speak to Evelyn, Ev kept yelling “Give me a lie detector test, I will prove to you she’s lying!” and on the reunion, she got her wish. Before taping, she took a test, and during taping, a separate polygraph was administered to Jennifer to clarify the facts, but rather than proving someone was wrong or right, the lie detector may have actually saved the friendship. On this final episode of the season, after months of fighting, threatening, taking legal action, and declaring their relationship dead, things were, shockingly, resolved. Sort of. All those promises from Shaunie of a more peaceful, positive show really took effect immediately, because to everyone’s shock, the episode ended with Evelyn and Jennifer hugging, crying, and working things out (let us know what you think of all that here, in our poll). Before we break that down, let’s go through all the highlights.

Royce And Dezmon “Are Good”
Royce Basketball Wives
“First we had Dwayne. Then we had Brian. Now we have Dezmon,” John Salley said to Royce, joking about the line of men she’s shown off on the show. But after some brief, off-camera relationship drama this season, which Royce addressed here, she confirmed that she and Dezmon are in fact still together. “I decided to stay with Dezmon for all the things that he did right, not the one thing he did wrong…In my heart I know that I love him and I know that he loves me, and it wasn’t the right time to walk away,” she said.

Royce Takes The Stage In New York
Royce Reed Boradway Basketball Wives Reunion
All season long, another running theme of Royce’s was her stint in the off-Broadway show Platanos And Collard Greens, and even though we saw her audition and rehearsal process, we never saw her perform…until now. n another unseen clip from this season, we saw Royce performing in the show, with her supportive (but very separated) friends Tami and Kesha in the audience. New York fans, just a heads up that Royce will be performing again in the show this month, we’ll give you a heads up with dates soon.

Suzie Lashes Out
Suzie Ketcham Basketball Wives Reunion
Suzie Ketcham always catches flack for talking too much and acting as a go-between on the show, so when we learned that tami heard that Kesha was talking about her, we all assumed it was Suzie that told Tami everything. Even Kesha thought so, when she said “I have the right to talk to Royce and…well, I wish I wouldn’t have talked to you,” and pointed at Suzie. Thing is, Suzie swears she didn’t say a word to Tami and got royally pissed off at the accusation. “I had nothing to do with it,” she said calmly, but when Kesha pressed her, Suzie got angry, yelling “Shut the f— up, I told you I didn’t say s—, I told you that before, and I’m not going to take the f—ing blame for it.” But that leaves the question: If Suzie didn’t say anything, who did?

The Bottom Line Is…Is Tami A Bully Or Not?
Kesha Tami Basketball Wives reunion
Tami apologized to Kesha for her behavior saying that she handled Tahiti the wrong way (“I don’t feel bad about the message, but I do feel bad about the way I delivered it,” she said.), but that apology was too little too late. “The bottom line is, when we were in Tahiti, you bullied me to a degree that was unnecessary,” Kesha told Tami, to which Tami responded “The bottom line is, I am definitely not a bully and that is not how I get down…You feel bullied because you are unable to speak up for yourself as a grown woman.” The audience applauded Tami’s response, but Kesha continued, telling her “I am able to speak up for myself, to people that can have a normal conversation. You don’t have the tools to communicate when you’re upset.” That also garnered applause, but it certainly seems like this is a touchy subject and people have very drastically different opinions on the B-word.

Let’s Talk Lawsuits

When Jennifer Williams returned to the stage after her surprise lie detector test, the conversation first turned to Nia Crooks, her former friend, Evelyn’s current assistant, and she who hath slapped Jen across the face. Jen filed a lawsuit against Nia which most of the other women vehemently disagree with. Shaunie implored Jen to reconsider the lawsuit, saying “Granted, it was wrong, but I wouldn’t want to see any of y’all go to jail over a mistake.” Shaunie continued, begging Jen to drop the case, assuming Nia were to apologize, and Jen rebuffed her again saying that after four months, to apologize now “Wouldn’t be genuine.” And John asked Evelyn if she’d reconsider a reconciliation with Jen in order for the charges to be dropped, and Ev explained that she wouldn’t be fake just to get those results.

Liar, Liar
Jennifer Williams Lie Detector Test
At last, the results of the polygraph tests were delivered, so in one of the weirder moments from any recent reunion special we can think of, John read off the list of questions that Evelyn and Jennifer were asked and then revealed their answers which were deemed truth or lie. Here are Ev’s questions first:

Do you believe that Jennifer wrote the blog in question? Evelyn said “Yes.” Test result: True.
Do you think the lawsuit against Nia was premeditated? Evelyn said “Yes.” Test result: True.
Do you currently miss your relationship with Jennifer? Evelyn said “No.” Test result: FALSE!

Next were Jennifer’s questions…
Are you jealous of Evelyn’s relationship with Chad? Jennifer said “No.” Test result: FALSE!
Do you miss your relationship with Evelyn? Jennifer said “Yes.” Test result: TRUE!

It was clear that pride or ego or just a season full of fighting had broken these women up, but when asked in private what they were feeling, their true emotions were revealed, and it was clear they missed each other. John gave each of them his hand and led them toward each other and they hugged, but Jennifer made it clear that this was a reconciliation for off-camera, not on.

“I don’t want to do this here,” she whispered to Evelyn, who was teary and nodded. As John joked about his mediating skills, Ev and Jen continued to cry and Evelyn admitted “I just feel that things went too far,” and she apologized for saying anything to hurt Jen.

So Is Shaunie Out?
Shaunie O'Neal Basketball Wives Reunion
The final scene from the regular season of the show revolved around a conversation Shaunie had with her pastor about the current state of the show. She believes things have gone too far on the show and took responsibility for the rift between Jennifer and Evelyn since she created the show and really regretted where their friendship went this season, and she told her pastor she’s not sure if she can continue her involvement on the show. So when John asked if she’s made a decision to continue, well…the only thing she would confirm is that there would be a season five. But seeing Jennifer and Evelyn’s make-up, she did say “I feel so much better now that this has happened today, I never ever, ever would have imagined that we’d come in here today and it would be this simple, after how many talks and phone calls? I feel much better.” So do you guys feel better, too? Fire away in the comments, we want to know what you’re feeling now that season four is over and done.

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