Don’t Forget To Buy Evelyn Lozada’s New Book, Inner Circle, Out Today!


Evelyn Lozada The Wives Association Inner Circle

The last time a star on VH1 wrote a book, it became a New York Times bestseller (if you haven’t read Karen Gravano‘s Mob Daughter, you need to pick it up now). So we’re thinking that Evelyn Lozada‘s first book in her “Wives Association” series will be just as successful. The book which comes out today, is called Inner Circle, and according to it’s description, it picks up where Basketball Wives leaves off: “Inner Circle is a jaw-dropping peek into the lives of a group of women married to professional athletes. It will be impossible to determine where real life ends and fiction begins.”

You can buy your copy of Inner Circle on

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  1. fay says:

    no sane and right thinking person will buy this book..Evelyn has nothing to say…she didnt write the book, her life is irrelevant, and she cannot carry a show…the so called ev and ocho clown show is over before it even starts

  2. Shamel says:

    I find it funny that in summary of the book you say “Inner Circle is a jaw-dropping peek into the lives of a group of women married to professional athletes”. Evelyn was never MARRIED to a professional athlete. I’d rather read a book coming from Vanessa Bryant (Kobe’s wife) or Savannah Brinson (fiance of Lebron) or any other spouse of a CURRENT and REPUTABLE baller. The fact that she is an EX-fiance of an EX-baller makes this book that much less appealing. Come on Evelyn, you that thirsty to stay relevant. We riding off the coattails of ball players and their wives? REALLY!?! Hell, where is Antwan Walker these days??? Hmmmm….that’s what I thought. Furthermore, how credible could she be? After the reputation she has gained from this show I doubt many are running to the stores to pick up a copy. However, you never know. Some people will read anything though….especially since this reading does little to challenge the mind (smh). After all, Karrine Steffans (Superhead) had a best seller and we all know what she was famous for. HaHaHa!!!

  3. I would never buy this book says:

    I would never support a BULLY, and I hope her shpw with Ocho fails. She was never a basketball wife. Anyway, everything in the book will be a lie because she is delusional…they can’t even take responsibilty for being bullies.

  4. Don't Support This Mess.COM says:

    BBW ex-fans after last night, don’t support this book or anything else Evelyn has indorsed!! Let’s Keep it 100. and let her know that we the people can make her or break her!!


  5. Get Real says:

    I wouldn’t purchase this book if it cost .99 cent. I will never support anything this chick puts out period. No more getting rich off the fans you guys don’t seem to appreciate.

  6. vicki says:


  7. I will not support evil Eve and I hope no one else will.

  8. Ellen says:

    Won’t buy the book…won’t read it if someone game it to me. Won’t watch the show. Didn’t watch season finale and didn’t watch the reunion. Have encouraged others not to watch…or buy this mess.

  9. Don’t let this ghetto trash get rich off of your money. Send a message and BOYCOTT this foul mouth, FAKE BULLY who lets her mother live in the projects while she buys shoes and handbags that cost more than her mother’s rent! Let her get a REAL job like the rest of us!

  10. Got 2 B kidding! says:

    Not watching the show or reading her book….
    Ochostinko & Ev Ev Ev! Are so boring. Ochos Like watching an overgrown four year old, who’s been told he’s cute too way too many times. And he believes it!
    For the rest of their lives Ev can placate this big baby; but I’m not watching. Even She didn’t look too excited about it to me; the car looked like more fun!

    As for the book it sounds like the inside of a toilet bowel. Enough said?

  11. marie says:

    %#** crickets…………………………. please exit stage left……… Your 15 minutes are up!!!!!!!!

  12. lisa says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL Who would buy that piece of garbage written by that piece of trash?
    I can learn NOTHING from that violent, loose wilderbeast named Evelyn

  13. Just A Thought says:

    Wasn’t Evelyn book the so-called premise of the show BASKETBALL WIVES in the first place??? When Shaunie presented the show to VH1, Shed Media, and us (viewers) it was suppose to bring us into the lives of “basketball WIVES”. Aren’t they the INNER CIRCLE??? Well, the joke was on us wasn’t it!?! LOL! No WIVES, minimum class , and no substance. The ones who brought meaning, purpose, and positivity to the show (Royce, Jen, Kenya, and Keisha) are NOT writing books. With that being said, WHY IN THE HELL WOULD WE “BUY” THIS BOOK (literally and figuratively)??? An even better question, “WHO” is going to buy it? Any takers? *still laughing*

  14. Tina says:

    I wouldn’t take the book if someone was giving it away for free.

  15. Rita says:

    I wouldn’t buy this book she is a total bully no matter how she Shaunie & Tami tried to sugar coat thing your all Bullies. you started the whole drama with Jennifer when she tried to reach out to you, you acted like a drama queen teen.

  16. Lizza says:

    I will not support this book even if its FREE

  17. Ex-Fan says:

    You keep it 100 well why would you hug Jen after saying she is a robot and saying you are not her friend. You lied about Jennifer living with Nia Crooks. I hope nobody buys your mess and nobody should buy anything you are selling. Why because if you don’t take responsibility for your actions and stand there like Shaunie and Tami and blame everything on everyone except you then you have no respect from the viewers. I hope Jennifer Williams speak and be cordial to you but never trust you again. You are nobody friend unless it is about you and then you still are two faced. I think the show should go off the air because of you started this mess because of old fashion jealousy. You and your fiance made you look bad not Jen or anybody else with the exception of Nia Crooks who carried out your dumb orders. Shaunie O’Neal must really look up to you to go along with the mess this year but I forgot she is jealous of Jen also.

  18. JRoc85 says:

    Don’t Forget To Buy Evelyn Lozada’s New Book, Inner Circle, Out Today!- NEWS FLASH: I ALREADY HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. JRoc85 says:

    What I meant was : I ALREADY HAVE FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. jazzie says:

    I don’t think so

  21. @gucciflygirl40 says:

    Either you are the ONE supporter of this book (I see no other ones as of yet on this blog), a teenage stan (with no real role models of substance), or perhaps Evelyn herself!!! Whatever the case, I am sure the actual WRITER of this book (Courtney Parker) and Cash Money appreciates your business. You can tell everyone else how awful the book is because from reading the posts I doubt this one will be a “best seller” (smh)!!!!

  22. no no no says:

    i agree with everyone else she will not see a dime of my money

  23. @Guccifiygirl40 says:

    Your brain must be the size of a peanut. There is nothing remotely funny about a grown azz 34 year old man acting like he’s 14. I’m sure they appreciate your support. That’s one copy sold.
    You probably should have paid some of your bills instead of Ms. Lozada’s.

  24. GSO89 says:


  25. isabella says:

    I would definitely buy the book. Everybody has a story, Eve just has alot of people focusing on the negative, forgetting the fact that she has alot of real life issues, like her brother-in-law battling cancer, or the fact that she has a strained relationship with her father, which some of us can relate to. Keep your head up girl….Much Love!!

  26. Sexy says:

    Is that really how the cover look? It looks thrown together to me. Got strike while its hot I guess…..((Shrugs)). She probably would’ve done better doing some porn thing for men. She’s sold herself for sex already. Its really sad b/c she seems to put so much on her looks. At least Tami can speak well. I hear she’s acting too. What does Ev do??? Good Luck.

  27. @Isabella says:

    Yeah, she has a story to tell, just like the rest of us! We just ain’t buying it!!!! Sorry to burst your bubble but this book is not about any of the things you mentioned. It is a book written by COURTNEY PARKER (Evelyn is NOT a writer) and “inspired” by Evelyn (so-to-speak) in efforts of introducing a “tell all” to the masses! Unfortunately, her reputation does not garner any sympathy, compassion, nor interest from the consumer. So with that being said, if you wanna waste YOUR money on this trash, go right ahead (smh)!

  28. Heffa' Please!!! says:

    How is a digbat that can’t spell ‘book’ going to write one? And grow some self-esteem and keep your clothes on for God’s sake. Everytime I search the web for entertainment news, there you are damn near butt naked.-posin’ in your drawers. Have you no shame? ….at least for your daughter’s sake.

  29. Seriously?!? says:

    @Sabrina, from reading your post and your lack of restraint when it comes to expressing yourself, we see you are a BIRD just like Evelyn. Was all the profanity really necessary??? After all, a blog is used as a platform for viewers to weigh in with their thoughts and opinions!!! Whether favorable or unfavorable, IT IS WHAT IT IS!!! You seem very immature and like minded to those who act like Evelyn and Tami (smdh). I am sure they will be glad to cash in on the profits they earn from the few lame brain supporters such as yourself :).

  30. .... LOL She has never been a Wife ! says:

    how can Evelyn is a part of “Wives Assocation” when she has never been marriedi?!?!
    i refuse to watch or purchase anything with Evelyn’s name on it !

  31. Sabrina is really Evelyn LOL says:

    Okay Evelyn, we know that YOU! But no, I will not buy!

  32. sexybrownpyt says:

    Wont’ be spending my precious dollars in this recession on this dumb book. Sorry I only read books that increase my intelligence and make me more wise. THIS TELL ALL I WON’T SUPPORT!!!