Girl Talk, Makeup, And Cocktails: The Best Backstage Photos From The Basketball Wives Reunion


Backstage at the Basketball Wives Reunion

If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending a live television taping, you might not know that it takes forever to film an hour-long show. The Basketball Wives reunion was broken down into two one-hour shows, but the entire thing filmed over the course of a day, for about eight hours (and that doesn’t count prep time beforehand, so it was a very long day for the ladies). There were a lot of issues to get through on-air, so of course it’s going to take a while, and to be honest we’re still surprised at how things ended. Shows like this also take time because the ladies need to be touched up constantly, people get antsy and need to take a walk or take a break, and sometimes you just need to sip a beverage to loosen up and get through it in between dramatic moments.

We were on the set while the filming took place and got to shoot the ladies (and host John Salley) during some of this down time to give you a glimpse at what happens during the commercial breaks. Everyone looks happy, don’t they? In spite of all the arguments this season, we loved seeing that some of the women, like Shaunie and Evelyn, and Royce and Kesha, really do love each other and were excited to have their pictures taken together. Have a look at all our our photos from backstage at the reunion in the gallery below.

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  1. Ne Ne says:

    This is clearly another PR stunt. Look see, they do like each other and get along!!!!!!!! Don’t forget BW producers you are presenting BW as a reality show and the reality you are showing is disgusting, demeaning and violent. This is only showing viewers, what you are presenting is not real and is very fake, contrived and dishonest. Try better next season. Sadly, I think after Season 5 you may all find yourselves out of work, as I am sure your audience is going to dwindle significantly.

  2. Latarsha says:

    I’m speechless. The amount of phoniness that was shown last night was apparent. Now, all of a sudden, they’ve seen the light. All along, we knew Ev was just going off because Jennifer was finding new friends. they will never be the same. But, at least now maybe, Jennifer can have some peace. Won’t be watching the Ev show. That’s a promise.

  3. Shante says:

    The reunion was wack and I agree with Ne Ne that’s it’s nothing but a PR stunt and Shaunie to be the quote on quote “top dog” u are a weak woman and a poor example of a role model! It appears that you are afraid of Tami and Eve yourself because a real friend would tell them they were wrong ! Tami was wrong for the way she treated Keisha and it was bullying she can spin it however she want to keep getting paychecks but that’s the real and if anyone else would have thrown a bottle that damn near hit you u would have them taken off the show so let’s be real since this is reality TV! And for you to try and get Jenn to drop the charges against Niya is ridiculous people don’t just need to be scared they Need to learn from their mistakes! Y’all need to do better and the mere fact you say the viewers don’t know y’all like that is a slap in the face because the viewers made y’all don’t ask us to love you one minute and then turn the other cheek when y’all look like fools

  4. BeShonce says:

    Did anyone else besides me notice that Jen was NOT in none of the 22 pics?! I mean, what is that about.. She was never back stage or around to take pics? A shame

  5. perry says:

    evelyn shirt and top look very cheap lov the hair any her outfit look too desperate for my likening

  6. Precious says:

    Two PHONIES!

  7. Nelly says:


  8. Lilly says:

    Well said Shante; I totally agree – It is Shaunie whom is afraid to lose her friendships – because she has allowed Tami & Evelyn to bully anyone on the show that they choose. Tami is a big bully – she did take that girl’s purse – & she acted like a fool regarding the incident. Shaunie did nothing & John Salley should have address this more – He should have told Tami that what she did was wrong & that she was too old to be acting like that – Keisha should have had Tami arrested I would have – simple – this show is a hot mess.

  9. Really disgusted says:

    such a fraudulent show they really think we fell for that Academy Award performance by Shaunie,Ev,Tami,Suzie and Sally you all need God. Shaunie and Sally got the nerve to say us bloggers have too much time on our hands 1st of all you 2 idiots do 2 bc ur reading the blogs 2nd y’all doing a reality show so through social network we are giving our opinions if you don’t want to read them then get your life out of the media. Jen please don’t fall for those croc tears from Ev and Shaunie please girl I would never trust them hefers Ms Oneal talked about you and your product Ev put your personal life out there Tami and Suzie they just need counseling so I’m not gonna say anything about those 2 retards..Jenn please RUN the money aint worth your dignity. all vh1 and Shed Media want to do is push that joke of a show Ev and Chad..let the viewers give vh1 and shed media a lie detector test mmmmm see what we’ll find out about Truth…All of you need to reevaluate yourselfs and PRAY

  10. I am so glad that Evelyn and Jennifer regained their friendship, life is too short, the Lie Detector showed that they truly love each other. Hopefully Jenn can attend the wedding this Summer. May God Bless all the Ladies.

  11. Lisa says:

    Look! Kenya cup is empty already…lol

  12. Sherial says:

    I have to say, I was happy to see that Evelyn and Jennifer buried the hatchet and are moving on to bigger and better things. All the ladies conducted themselves so well during this reunion in comparison to the ones I have watched before.

  13. Vanessa says:

    I found the show to be all about Eve,, Shaunie Tami and just dogging out Jen,, How could Shaunie even fix her mouth to want Jen to drop the charges against that Nia chick,, Whatever,, And why didn’t the get into the mess with Tami Bullying ppl?? Suzie needs to be checked also for running her mouth.. The show is funny to me,, Wnder wh will get turned on in the up in coming season,, Really Eve and Jen’s friendship is not real,, cause they would not have let that mess,, go that far. But as the old saying goes,, Money talks,,

  14. Vanessa says:

    I found the show to be all about Eve,, Shaunie Tami and just dogging out Jen,, How could Shaunie even fix her mouth to want Jen to drop the charges against that Nia chick,, Whatever,, And why didn’t the get into the mess with Tami Bullying ppl?? Suzie needs to be checked also for running her mouth.. The show is funny to me,, Wnder wh will get turned on in the up in coming season,, Really Eve and Jen’s friendship is not real,, cause they would not have let that mess,, go that far. But as the old saying goes,, Money talks,,

  15. Sabrina Wright says:


    i just would like to say that I am so happy that Evelyn and Jenn made up and hugged. They really know that they wanted to be friends and that they have history. Do not let other people tear yall apart by going on what others say and think too grown for bs.

  16. JboogyJ says:

    Why don’t you have pictures of Jen??????

  17. Don’t get it twisted–that was a FORCED embrace between Jen & Ev–John Salley thrusted them together for his paycheck–he is fake too. Jen being the class act that she is went along with it. I do NOT believe the results of the lie detector test–I believe it was staged to get Ev back into the majority of the viewers good graces for the sake of her show and her book. Jen gives Ev credibility–NOT vice versa. I also believe that Jen is hoping this will be the end of this drama between her and Ev–they will NOT be friends–she was just asking for civility which Ev was unwilling to do. I also do NOT expect to see Jen at the wedding although Ev would WANT Jen there to boost ratings. Do you see Jen in any of the pics??????? We are NOT STUPID!!!!

  18. TRUBLUE says:

    I was looking through all the photos and I didn’t see Jennifer at all… what’s up with that?. I like Jennifer and Kenya. Shaunie is something else…I see why Shaq moved on. SMH

  19. Yolanda says:

    Not sure if this thing with Evelyn and Jennifer will be fixed…it has just gone to far. I do believe Jennifer should drop the charges on the other girl. She has made her point really! Kesha, Kesha , Kesha where do I begin. I really don’t like this girl. I have cousins who are mixed as well, they do not act like such victims. Really she is a wimp…she needs to stand up for herself. She spoke up last night because there was security (more). If you can be bold when you are around others, then be the same when you are around the person you have words about. I agree with Tammy..Kesha is weak. I give props to Tammy for apologizing, she was wrong about how she approached and handled the issue, but the message was clear and true! I can really do without seeing Kesha on another season!

  20. Michelle says:

    John Salley is a JOKE as a HOST and I hope VH1 considers this. This man sat up and ATTACKED the viewers of BBW because we VOICED our opinion? Stating “We have nothing better to do”?. I have supported BBW since it started and was very insulted by that tacky comment. He is a HOST, is the man NOT SMART ENOUGH to know what that means? SHOW SOME CLASS and ask NON BIAS questions. The fact that I voiced my opinion on a blog about Ms Tami Roman taking Keshas purse and invading her personal items was a terrible thing to do? This Salley FOOL attacks me? Please VH1 get a HOST like Wendy, Andy, ( in our dreams) Oprah. Any man that makes” light “of anyone being bullied and attacked ( woman, man, or child) does not deserve a job hosting anything.

  21. tina says:


  22. Peace says:

    I did not watch the show that much and next season I want watch it at all. I did not see the whole reuion but the parts i did see seemed to be set up to change the minds of the viewers. John Salley’s statement to the viewers were awful. How can vh1 think that little about the people that watch the show. We are not simple minded people like some of the cast on the show. Some of the cast kept talking about how real they are and now that is not you! Shaunie if you are the person you say you are why don’t you appologize to Royce she has never done anything to you. There are only three real women on the show Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer they have never changed from the begining. You others are money hungrey whores who will pimp yourselves out for a dollar. I am glad to see people make it in life but you don’t have to give women a bad name and play into sterotypes. I am here to say that all of us don’t act like that some of us now how to control ourselves when we go places and love peace not hate.

  23. Jens, MY girl! says:

    Free reign or voice was Clearly NOT AFFORDED poor John Salley Or to Kesha Nichols, or Jen Williams at the Reunion.  I’m not sure what I saw?  In spite of the surprise lie detector test, and Tami’s bullying that was unparalleled even by the bottle incident…and anyone with a brain ALREADY KNEW Jen was a little jealous (her marriage just failed), and missed the friendship with Evelyn, and Jenn felt ousted by Shaunie and CO. …Because Jennifer was ousted by everybody!  Even I got jealous hearing..EV’s MY GIRL..EV’s MY GIRL…EV’s MY GIRL…over and over…what’s a girl to do?  Now Jen’s supposed to let Nia hit her without cause? Cuz “Ev’s my girl!”  Wow! Then Jens’s MY girl if that’s the case! And So is Kesha!

  24. LilDarlin says:

    I see not one picture of Jen above, another SLAP in the face.

  25. shorty says:

    well first of all i must say taht i love to watch basketball wives but sometimes their behaviour is rather disgusting. as for evelyn and jen they should be rather ashamed of the way they are behaving after so many years of friendship i also think jenn needs to also step up to the play and admit to her lies that she has told. suzie on the other hnd needs to shut her dam mouth and stop carrying stories back and forth.on the other hand i think its a good show but there sould be some limit to how they behave as women