Shaunie O’Neal Has “No Problem Walking Away” From Basketball Wives, Hints That There Are Three Ladies She Wouldn’t Keep Around


“I don’t want to go back…I don’t want to sit in the midst of that anymore,” Shaunie O’Neal told The Insider recently when they asked her about whether or not she plans to return to Basketball Wives for another season. While the announcement was made last night that there will definitely be a season five, Shaunie expressed her feelings about returning in this interview and she was pretty unequivocal. “I have no problem walking away from the franchise,” she said. “The level of where it’s going is out of control.” Shaunie’s caveat is that she won’t return if things don’t get better, so as adamant as she is, she still has until August or September, contract renewal time, to make up her mind. However, she definitely has ideas about who shouldn’t return.

When Shaunie was then asked “If you could, would there definitely be people you would exclude [from next season]?” she responded “Yes. Three. Immediately, no questions asked. [It's] not anything personal, it’s just not where I’m trying to go. Not on the same page.” As she said, contract negotiations aren’t for a couple of months, so anything could happen in that time, but anyone care to take a guess who she’s referring to?

Shaunie O'Neal The Insider

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  1. KSH says:

    Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn could go. Thank you.

  2. Tabitha says:

    It is sad to see once again women of color protrayed in such a negative image. At some point someone has to take responsibilites for their actions. Tammi is a bullie all day, and the host John Sally, and all the other ladies sat there as they agreed with what took place. Kesha did get bulled and it was on tv for the world to see, Kesha comments were right on, Suzie is a big liar as she did start the whole mess. It is funny how Evelyn was angry at the Suzie not too long ago for the same reason. Again a bunch of mean girls, not women praying on the weaker women, and not one person stepped up to say that was wrong.

  3. Unknown says:

    Wow, she actually said that? And I can bet it’s not the two main PROBLEM causers of the show. I’m sure it’s Royce, Keisha, and Kenya even though they were not the cause for the show to go LEFT! It’s definitely personal…b/c if it’s not “where she is trying to go” then the 3 would be Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie.

  4. Tam says:

    Shaunie, we understand that the show is entertainment. We were fine when Evelyn and Tami got into it, because they were equally yoked. However, what happened between Kesha and Tami was hard to watch (PURE BULLYING). I was a fan of the show, but many of us hoped to see closure at the reunion show (mainly with the case of bullying–which was denied). I’m glad Evelyn and Jen made up, but I was appalled when Shaunie and Tami disregarded Kesha’s view of being bullied. How can this clear case of bullying be denied? Really??? I thought Tami was gonna apologize for bullying, but she denied it. Don’t they know that this is what most of the blogging was about? Really? Your sponsors are pulling out because of the recent bullying—and this was the very thing that was denied. Really??? I’m done.

    The reunion show should have emulated Bravo by letting people text or email their questions in. It would have been nice to hear from real people instead of a PAID host and that henpicked/hand-picked audience.

  5. VICKI says:


  6. Phillygurl says:

    I think her three would be Royce, Kesha and it’s a toss up between Kenya and Jen! She wouldn’t fire her buddies, lol.

  7. V says:

    Well I think that the 3 that made the most damage with the drama should go. For me Evelyn, Tami ans Suszie need to go. Last me night reunion was a total bomb and for mw I would like to see the show go in a new direction.

  8. malijay says:

    Shaunie I’m not sure you r n the position 2 agree with JOHN SALLIE on the viewers have too much time on their hands to voice their opinion after watching the show really Ms.Shaune

  9. Labresha says:

    I think the three people she going to let go is Royce, Keisha, and Kenya because there is no way in hell she is going to get rid of Evelyn, Tami, and Suzie. I think she schould get ridd of the people that cause the show to go left in the first place.

  10. The 3 most HATED women on the show–2 Bullies & 1 Instigator!

  11. lisa says:

    Tonight on the “Reunion show” John Sally the ignorant fool that he is, who is getting paid by Shaunie and VHI to lick out of their asses( which by the way he does an excellent job) stated that all those who look at BBW and comment on the blogs have no life which Shaunie agreed.
    So now Shaunie you have pretty much insulted the few viewers you have left.
    Shaunie and company what you don’t understand is for all your fake tears and soul searching and so called we are sisters, mothers, kombaya fake rehearsed clapping audience you tried to bamboozle us tonight we know your true colors now.

  12. susan says:

    This show is such an insult to black women everywhere. If Shaunie is serious about taking the show in another direction, then she will not bring back Tammy. Tammy is a ghetto fabulous mess and Evelyn is not far behind. Tammy has major personal issues that need to be addressed ASAP off camera. Instead, she is being Queen Bully on the show. I don’t understand why Meeka C. didn’t bring a lawsuit against Tammy for the Season 3 ending episode. Shaunie, if you bring Tammy and Evelyn back for Season 5, then you’re only in it for ratings and money. Royce, Keisha, Jennifer and Suzie are the only ladies that know how to act respectably on the show. Tammy and Evelyn are the hood girls trying to make it in TV reality but they can’t leave the ghettoness in the hood.

  13. Melissa says:

    Translation: I am really sad that people saw me for who I really am.

  14. Micheline Jacques says:

    Suzi, Evelyn, and Tami should LEAVE !

  15. tank says:

    I think,royce,keisha, and kenya will be dismissed. as far as the tami situation, she right kiesha needs a BACKBONE and stand up for her self….enuff said!?

  16. Brian Billings says:

    I totally agree with Ms. O’Neal. I don’t blame her for not wanting to return to next season. From a fan standpoint, I think that the show really did get out of control. Especially when they were in the islands, Tamy when off on Keshia. I really didn’t like that. The show doesn’t really show any positive side to female professionalism or good manner. So if I don’t see her next season, so mote it be.

  17. Yvette says:

    I just don’t know if I buy Shaunie now all of a sudden being “bothered” by what took place during Season 4 of this show. She has had more than enough chances to speak to her cast about their behavior (at her birthday party, at the dinner when the bottle got thrown, and in Tahiti when Tami showed her natural a** and not only bullied Kesha but STOLE her purse and phone. While I am aware that no one can control another persons behavior, I am also aware that if you sit and watch someone being bullied and intimidated to the point of tears and also make comments about it….then you are just as guilty (Shaunie). Now, I am not saying that Shaunie should be blamed for everyone else’s behavior…just her own. Also, I heard Shaunie giving Jen the business for filing and continuing with her legal actions against Nia Crooks for slapping Jen, but she did not say ANYTHING to Tami or Evelyn about what they did ALL SEASON LONG. I wonder if Shaunie is scared of Tami and Ev because we know how they react when they feel they have been wronged. So, I do no see Tami, Ev or even Suzie going anywhere. I bet the 3 that leave will be Royce, Kesha, and Kenya.

  18. delanawest says:

    the show is very entertaining to me, because i’m some what not friendly i laugh at this drama lol:) keep Royce Jen an Eve lol..that would make for something interesting …this willl give Jen and Eve time to start rebuilding the friendship….

  19. Tionna says:

    I’m pretty sure she probably referring to Jen, Kesha, and Kenya because I don’t see her kicking Tammi and Ev off because those seem like her bestfriends on the show but obviously they cause the most drama ! I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing her go either because she is phoney and very bias in the situations smh. She should have sat back for the most part like last season.

  20. Cindy says:

    I actually think it’s a good idea for Shaunie not to be a cast member on the show. Her biased responses on last night’s reunion were very overt. In the first season, her role was more of a moderator. I believe it’s a conflict of interest with the type of power she has over the cast and her being a cast member herself. However, it has changed to more of someone who is easily offended and cannot be objective. I still like Shaunie and applaud her for tapping into a market whose desire is to see black women portrayed in a positive light. But I think her standards have deviated and this last season was seminal in the destruction of the image of black women with money….and maybe too much time on their hands. Shaunie is an accomplice to the bullying with Tami because she did nothing to stop it. Tami has to acknowledge that she bullied Kesha. Irregardless of Kesha’s responses, Tami was wrong with her actions to Kesha. If her daughters were being treated like that, would she still advocate for the person bullying them? Admit you’re wrong sincerely Tami…take example from Evelyn. Evelyn…admittedly I didn’t care for anymore. But after the reunion, I truly believed she was hurt and missed Jen. I didn’t like the violence, it was in poor taste and criminal. But I sincerely believe she was sorry and made a mistake. Hurt people….hurt people. And she was sorry. Evelyn, I wish you all the best….:) Suzie….no comment.. Royce and Jen…I’m a fan. Kenya….girl you crazy…but we love you…lol. Lastly, I believe a focus group should be employed by VH1 …and not one chosen just to say good or bad stuff……to really get good critique and see how everyone can move forward. All the best to the Basketball wives. And please get a new reunion host.

  21. Neicey says:

    My guess ignorant Shaunie is probably speaking about Royce, Kesha & Kenya or Jennifer. Because they are the Educated ones. She likes ignorance Ghetto ass gangsta Tami, Fake Evelyn, Ass wipe Suzie & Shaunie herself. Can you imagine those 4 with just each other. They may act a fool but they are so boring now. It has just played out. Just end it on that note & be done. If it wern’t for contracts, the other probably wouldn’t come back anyway. They need to boycott to get out of the contracts & move on to something else. Let shaunie take her hot ghettto mess show. It’s like that ex women of hip hop show now. And that had to be the worst reality show ever.

  22. Cindy says:

    One last point. You don’t file a police report to scare someone. Jen was violated and she should file a police report. It is up to the police or DA to press charges. To say that Jen should do it just to scare Nia is a waste of tax payers dollars and the police’s time, energy and resources. Good for Jen. I’m curious, if Nia did that to Shaunie or her kids (or her pretty daughter Mimi), I wonder if she would feel the same way or take the advice she gave to Jen last night.

  23. NERISSA says:


  24. Keish says:

    Well said Tam! My sentiments exactly! I was also appalled that no one call Tami out on her bullying. It also bothered me that Shaune chastised Jen for filing assult charges againt Nia. What she be made to feel guilty or wrong about making someone accountable for their own actions. I guarantee if any ever smacked her on the face she’d be doing the same thing! This show needs to go away!

  25. LAURA says:

    kesha, Suzie, and Kenya need to go,

  26. Act like ladies not rabid animals says:

    Shaunie, Evelyne and Tami should all leave the show and seek some therapy. What they promote on this show is awful and yet they all have children! Role modeling violence, bullying, nasty behavior for women in their 40′s, such inappropriate behavior. Not a one of them seems to have control of themselves and lacks impulse control.

    Shaunie and all can go on and on about haters, but what they do not like, is their behavior being exposed, yet they do this to themselves, they go on the show, they act like rabid animals and then get upset when people react telling them how inappropriate their behavior is for their ages. They are just reckless and refuse to look inward and hold themselves accountable, now instead they want to blame fans, viewers or those who tell them their behavior is not okay to role model to the young women in this world. So not okay.

    So they should leave, go take care of their families, get help for their anger issues and lack of impulse control and that mean girl crap. It is just nasty.

    Does not put them in a good light and yet THEY CHOOSE to act that way, so that is on them, not the viewers.

  27. Petrice says:

    Royce , Kesha, and Kenya i believe that’s who Shaunie referring to

  28. Tia says:

    I believe Tammie would be ok if she would just Calm down and not be so eager to jump up in another womans face the way she does.
    Everlyn is to hyper I think dealing with Chad keeps her Wired and not in a really bad way, but somethings, that shouldn’t get a woman of her Calibur upset it does. Which for me is alittle you know. Either way God Bless the show and Shaunie it was a good thing to see you go talk to someone who really knows you and cares about you, (PASTOR). Good Luck. Tia

  29. Bella says:

    Of course you would keep the hot trash on the show, Shaunie. Ev, Tami, and Suzie because that way, they will keep the money flowing in and maybe with less people to bully, clear your name as well. You have a lot of power and opportunities to contribute to the black community in a positive way, but you don’t. I hope you raised your kids better. You sat there and watched Kesha get bullied and you didn’t say a word. You should let your children watch that and title it “what NOT to do.” You may dress classy, look classy, and try to act classy…but you aren’t.

  30. Angela says:

    It should be Royce, the cry-baby, boy jumper…different guy every damn season! Kendra, the ugly, untalented psycho and Kesha, the punk, runs if she’s yelled at, stick-figure! If y’all don’t like Tami & Ev STOP WATCHING THE DAMN SHOW! Instead of ACTING like you “can’t stand the drama and they’re too ghetto” but steady commenting on EVERY aspect of the show! Get a LIFE!

  31. Andrea says:

    Obviously, Shaunie is going to keep the women she’s closest two on the show. So that leaves Keisha, Kenya and Royce to be let go. And these women weren’t even responsible for all the negative drama. Tami is clearly a BULLY and a hypocrite! Suzie has diarhea of the mouth and goes and tells everything that is said to her just to cause drama. And Evelyn is a loose cannon as well. And what really gets me is that when something is about to pop off, Shaunie and her crew just sit there and watch it all happen and don’t say a word or try to diffuse the situation. I really felt Keisha’s pain and I honestly hope she doesn’t return next season because she is so much better than these so-called women!

  32. Beauty44Nice says:

    If I had to guess 3 people not to return, I would pick Royce, Kesha, Jennifer. Royce and Shaunie just don’t vibe. Kesha is just to fragile for me. You don’t have to fight to get your point across. But you should be able to TALK to the PERSON who ever it is. Jennifer cut all her old friends off for no real reason and that’s not cool to me.

  33. alicia hill says:

    If jen are eve leave basketball wives wouldn’t be good. Deep down shaunie favorites are eve and jen so I know she shouldn’t get rid of them I say maybe Suzie royce and kesha shouldn’t come back

  34. Rhonda Smith says:

    There are only two that she needs to get rid of and the first one would be that hoodrat Tami. Since she has been on the show, the show has gone downhill. The next castmate to definitely get rid of is Suzie. She is a back-stabbing snitch who is scared of Shaunie, Tami, and Evelyn. Her scared a** would give up confidential information with just a mean look from one of those three.

  35. Trina says:

    If you don’t ask Royce back I won’t be watching.

  36. Chris says:

    Shaunie is definitely delusional, she thinks she can dis her audience but we will continue to support her. You are sadly mistaken. I hope everything you do fails. You have no respect for yourself or anyone else. I am glad Shaq seen the type of low down snake you really are and he dipped. You are nothing but a golddigger. I could care less who comes back for seaon 5 because I will not watch. I hope your parenting skills are better than you exec producer skills.Vh1 is trying to save this show but it is destined for the trash because it is trash!

  37. whitney gaspard says:

    the damage is already done to this show so they need to let it go, and for shaunie and john sulley ugly ass to diss the viewers saying they need to get a life is wrong they know they were dead wrong and need to apologize or you will lose viewers. because you don’t need to have a life to see through this foolishness shaunie sat there for almost 4 seasons letting this go on and now she trying to do damage control.

  38. Cc says:

    i think kesha, kenya, and tami should go!!

  39. Shamel says:

    The obvious pick SHOULD be: Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie (in that order…HaHaHa). However, she has been bias all this time, I don’t expect that to have changed. So her 3 would probably be the one’s “SHE” (Shaunie) has an intolerance for and that would be Royce, Jen, and Kenya. The rest would be spared. Otherwise she would have said their names….hell she has said that much (smh)!

  40. Beauty44Nice says:

    If Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn leave…their will be nothing going on. I think these ladies can do a show without getting physical towards each other. You can not hide who you really are. It will manifest itself. IF you do reality TV as these ladies has chosen to do…it is what it is. Jennifer you got “SLAPPED”. Your jaw is not messed up, teeth were not on the floor, no blood shed. Girl get a grip and go on with your life. You could have made Nia wash your clothes for a week. Court affects not only her but her family and a whole lot of other people. Hell I don’t know Nia personally, but I feel she does not want to possible spend a year in jail for a minor “SLAP”.

  41. Tam says:

    Shaunie, just admit Royce, Kesha, and Kenya are leaving because you want to keep your friends around, which is a very petty, childish thing! Stop all this pretending! You’re not humble enough to walk away from the show and you don’t like holding your friends accountable for their actions.

  42. Michelle says:

    I think that with all the negativity surrounding season 4 hype and bull that she never thought this show would effect her not her professionalism but if you listen to her she is now wondering if people are looking at her like she is one of the crazy acting women she puts on her show and people are starting to back away from things with them. If there are some people not to return I believer that Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami will not be back, Eve has a new show Tami is working on her show and I heard that Shaunie is making the BB wives Movie with Tracy Edmonds so why would they come back I think this show will air its last season next year .

  43. Pat says:

    She set there and watched those women and didn’t never say anything. They looked up to her for some reason or other. Should could have prevented a lot of that mess. I watched her watch that bad behavior every week.

  44. dennisfan says:

    Honestly, this is the FIRST statement that Shaunie has made that has made me feel:
    1. Hopeful that there will be SIGNIFICANT changes on the show
    2. Like Shaunie REMOTELY *gets* it; even though she harbors this resentment at viewers who offer criticisms. She should know that it takes a LOT to get people *this* riled up, and some of us are genuinely concerned with the way our race is being portrayed, and the messages this show sends to young viewers.

    I hope that Tami and Evelyn are fired, but we all know Shaunie isn’t going to fire her evil click, so…water under the bridge, and moving on. I can say that I will NOT be watching next season. “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” I can no longer support this buffoonery.

  45. Raynell Sims says:

    Sue, Evelyn they start alot of bs

  46. YB says:

    Who should be fired? IMO, Shaunie should begin with herself. She was the center of all the drama, she is also the producer, and she stood by and allowed the drama to take place. She should have stepped up much sooner and showed she cared. She didn’t. If she had stepped up, I believe the show would not have taken the direction it did. If anyone SHOULD go it definitely should be her. SHAUNIE FIRE YOURSELF. Tami, definitely should be next to go. Also, The comment about the viewers having too much time on their hands for posting negative comments was disrespectful and demonstrated an extreme lack of appreciation. Your viewing audience is what keeps you on the air- whether negative or not. The mindset of these people simply baffles me beyond, beyond. There is the saying, “Until a person changes the way they think, they can’t change the way they act.” It all starts with the mind. Shaunie and Tami…simply don’t get it. Clueless beyond clueless. Shaunie, I’m also wondering, what would you do if someone walked up to you and slapped the daylight out of you? Would you hug them and tell them you love them? …Before or after you file charges? SMH. Besides, as Jennifer has stated, once charges are filed it is up to the DA to move forward with the case. Nia was wrong on so many levels and showed no remorse for her actions.

    It was good that Jennifer and Evelyn let the wall down to allow the opportunity for forgiveness. However, I would be cordial with Evelyn and deal with her from a distance. Some boundaries of trust were broken. …Maybe with time. It is, of course, Jennifer’s choice. I’m glad Jennifer has found a friend in NeNe Leaks. I like NeNe. She keeps it 100. Season 4 of BBW was long and dangerous. I’m glad everyone survived and there were no fatalities. Thank goodness. However, there was too much drama and negative depictions of women- grown women. Shaunie continued, to the end, to find fault in everyone but herself. She truly was the problem because it was her show. Horrible example of a leader. Not interested in a season five- especially using too much of my time. Will find another show to give all of my time to. When you mess up, coming clean with honesty and admitting it, is what viewers/fans appreciate. Sooo disappointed. Still SMH

  47. REALLY!!! says:

    Shaunie exactly how could you just say the viewers don’t have a life, because they blog about inappropriateness and the BS that keeps occuring on national tv. You must have forgotten that it’s the viewers that will make or break any project associated with you!. As for who should leave: Perhaps, you should be first to leave, then Tammy and Evelyn. The others have a much better POSITIVE storyline than the three of you put together!. What wouod you do if some girl walked up to MImi, and slapped the crap out of her with no provocation? Would you tell her girls will be girls? Better yet, remeber that wine bottle that barely missed your head? Wonder what you would have done? Tammy is a BULLY! Evelyn is not only a BULLY but also she harrassed Jen for weeks. All this and you stood by doing nothing but sirking, hiding your face, and bad mouthing your cast mates. And you wonder why we he viewers have a lot to say! The whole bit with your pastor was just ludacris! you didn’t own any of your behavior! Needless to say, we the viewers will boycott, write, and blog your venders about our concerns. Then lets see how it impacts your bottom line! Peace Out!!

  48. Shagonia Kelly says:

    You will deleted Keisha, Kenya, Jennfier

  49. JESS4DAN says:


  50. kevin says:

    The only positive thing that happened was raising awareness for women to get breast exams ,Tami opening up about her rape and Royce landing the role in the play! The rest of the season was full of catty comments and gosiping and physical altercations, and bullying.

  51. Michelle says:

    Shaunie is correct about the show “getting out of hand”. If she wants to get back her viewer base she needs to remove MR SALLEY who was a very bad HOST for attacking BBW viewers because they have a opinion. I was very insulted that he claimed “The people who blog anything negative about the show have nothing better to do?” REALLY!!!!! I am a educated black woman with a voice that I CAN USE when I want to. I have supported BBW from the first season and ONLY BLOGGED when I saw Tami Roman not only steal Keshas purse, invade Keshas personal items in her purse, and brutilize Kesha to get her OWN purse back!!!!!!!!!!! Yet this Sally FOOL is acting like we viewers are CRAZY? What world does he come from? And the sad thing , he said he has daughters. I take it he would just sit by with his SIMPLE SELF and watch a woman,girl, or child be BULLIED and make “light” of it. His BIAS treatment of Jennifer, Royce, and Kesha was insulting to watch. VH1 get a HOST that does not insult the viewers that actually support your shows. SALLEY needs to go

  52. Ashley McBeath says:

    Everything about you is fake. The show really ruined your image. You were better off staying behind scene. You talk about being grown and being positive women, but you are neither. Real friends say when your right or wrong. You can’t even sit down and address issues you have with the other ladies without someone being there. As hard as you’ve worked to get Jen and Eve back talking have you tried to talk to Royce? No, oh okay! Practice what you preach sweets. I like Suzie more than you , and I can’t stand her that’s should tell you a lot. It’s sad because I admired you before the show , and even during the show on season 1 & 2, but you’ve completely changed the way I look at you. Growth is needed. Good day!

  53. Lisa says:

    I saw the reunion episodes on the Basketball Wives. I agree with Shaunie to a certain extent. Yes, life is too short to hold on to grudges and by gones should be by gones and move on….. but at the same time I’m at Jennifer’s defense. This wasn’t an exchange of words, this was a SLAP on The Face. And I strongly feel that Jennifer and Evelyn should make up, but with Nya, keep the lawsuit.
    I do agree that sometimes we lose it on the spur of the moment, but to hit someone is way beyond. The message we need to send out there is “Nobody has the right to put their hands on anyone”

  54. Ex-Fan says:

    I think the show should be cancelled. Shaunie/VH1 put on a bad show for the reunion. Do you think we didn’t get the damage control. Only people were given the floor were the people who were doing out of control things. Tami is still running her mouth saying she is not a bully made me realize that this show is silly. Shaunie was trying to make up believe that how she,Tami and Evelyn acted this season didn’t happen. Tami saying she got her purse and nobody was going to get it and Evelyn lied about Nia living with Jen and talked about Jen like a dog and then John Salley putting them together made my stomach turn. Jennifer Williams don’t fall for this trick one bit. They are trying to save the show and get Evelyn a show which I hope nobody watches. And Shaunie had alot of nerve telling Jen not to sue Nia. Jennifer Williams keep the law suit going and you should add people as needed. If you guys would have been honest on the show I might could see a little redemption. But the phony show and John Salley must have gotten a big bonus for he made himself look just like a fool. And Eric Williams and Jennifer situation should not have been brought up last night and Jen was nice to answer I would have said don’t ask about him and take up a collection to help Nia. If Shaunie wants to lie about this season and not hold the people accountable for this mess then I hope the show goes. This was some BULL CRAP

  55. lolalea says:

    Yeah and those three ladies are not the bullies.

  56. Msleka says:

    Fake, fake and more fake…..this women created the environment, fed the beast and then sat back and watched hell break loose all the while with a fake expression of “surprise”. I do not hate on any body making money, but what I do hate is when an intelligent women sits on national TV and pretends she has nothing to do with ridiculous behavior of “her” cast and later in interviews separates herself with disgust and dismay as to the behavior. Bull, Shaunie not only knew the outcome but fostered and incouraged it. America might be noisey, bored and dam right entertained by this nonsense but we are not dumb Shaunie… stop the madness of your innocence….and own it “Lady”……You stood by and let things go down that you could have stopped, chastized and or corrected at that moment or later, you “Shaunie” chose to ignore and sit back “you should have had popcorn” and watch it all go down right or wrong and then later justify their negative behavior in their presense then balst them later…Give me a break their behavior made you millions…now all I’m saying to you “Shaunie” is to own your creation.

  57. Dee says:




  58. darla says:

    I think its Keshia, Susie, and Susie’s friend.

  59. Slewis says:

    Shaunie must think we are a bunch of idiots!!!!! Did she think that by showing the clips of her and her gruesome looking children & Evelyn and Tami getting mammograms would convince the world that they are decent, respectable women????? EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!

  60. R. Parker says:

    Don’t buy it. Shaunie is trying to save face because she knows her girls are a hot mess and she promotes their behavior. She has some nerve talking to Jen about suing somebody who is not even on the show and she can’t even control Evelyn and Tami. Evelyn psyched Nia up and Nia took it too far. Rather than have a physical fight Jen chose to make it a legal battle and that is her privelege. When the court thing transpires, her show will most likely make the headlines again and Shaunie doens’t want that. Everything she said is self serving. This is a feeble attempt to distance herself from the bad behavior but she contributed to it by talking about Jen to Evelyn and Tami and laughing when they put fish in Kenya’s room. She is talking out of both ends and it is obvious.

  61. Chell says:

    What an appalling reunion!. Intelligent viewers would have realized 5 minutes in that everything was going to be scripted to VHI’s manipulations. Why was Jennifer singled out to not join the cast. Was she the worst behaved for the season?. How could Shaunie sit there and criticize her for pressing charges against someone that struck her across the face. Last season Tammy was allowed to assault someone and should not have been allowed to return to BBW. You Shaunie have chosen a little too late to speak up against this violence and now you want to hide behind contracts and allow someone to be slapped and encourage no action against this woman who is not even truly a cast member. Wake up people. How Shaunie can sit there next to Tami and allow her to say she is not a bully is just ridiculous. Keysha’s responses were spot on. A few of the cast could take a page from her book. By the way Suzi, don’t pull that holier than thou act, we all see you repeating everything said to you and we understand that it is your role and only way to stay relevant on this show. For John Sally to not address these issues but be totally biased in his hosting is ridiculous. To insult his audience for giving their opinions, only makes things worse. Do not put yourself out there, behave badly and not expect everyone to react. Tammy you have two young daughters, handle yourself appropriately. Evelyn, you have to learn some self control. What would you be saying now if that bottle had struck someone in the head. It could be worse that a possible year in jail and I bet if it had hit Shaunie, she would not be saying that “nobody died” and claiming contractual obligations to not press charges. I truly loved the show at the beginning, even with the little squabbles it was entertaining and real. But ever since Tami decided to take her bullying to another level in season 3, and was able to get away with it, the show has sunk to an all time low. The bad thing is that for everyone of us that takes the time to share our thoughts, we have discussed it with numerous friends and there are tens of thousands more that feel outraged and betrayed by your bad choices.

  62. YOLANDA says:

    Shaunie, you really need to look at yourself. If your daughter was raped would you be telling her to not press charges bc the boy made a mistake in a heated moment….be careful what you say to others….all they did was blame the victim, Evelyn kelp sayng tht Jen is a liar and the she has us fooled but she didnt prove a thing in the lie detector it didnt reveal a thing….

  63. Mich says:

    Why has no one addressed putting dead and rotting fish in Kenya’s room. On top of defacing the hotel property, that was a mean and asinine thing to do to anyone. Again, Shaunie allowed that to take place. You must speak to your pastor about the level you have stooped to in order to make ratings and money in a truthful manner. Your conversation with him puts the blame on the other cast members. You are the “leader” of the group who must lead by example and also the executive producer. You cannot stand by and say nothing when things are happening, snicker and laugh at dead fish pranks etc., and then expect everyone else to be quiet as “they have too much time on their hands”. I believe you and Mr. Sally owe your “fans” an apology

  64. Mac says:

    Please people boycott this show! Do not give them the platform for this hot mess! Shaunie Ev and Tami think they can get away with this type of behavior. We have to show them the viewers have the final say. DO NOT WATCH!!!!

  65. MsChocCookie2u says:

    In my opinion, Kesha, Jenn, and Suzie need to go. None of the women really have a story line to share. If Tami didn’t jump on Kesha’s a.s.s nobody would have even noticed she exist, so her presence on the show was a wasted and she’s not built for this crew of women. Secondly, Jen because she was more interesting to watch when her ex hubby Eric was on the show, meaning he made her relevant besides Evelyn. Finally, Suzie, because she’s another that serve no purpose, what is Suzie purpose for being on the show? DUH none besides being a dam.n snitch! Keyna crazy a.s.s bell can stay (LOL) besides as crazy as she maybe she fits right in with the rest of the crew. She is capable of standing up for herself, and she in La La land working on her becoming Beyonce #2! All the women serve a purpose besides the three I mentioned but I bet everyone is going to say Shaunie will get rid of Tami, Evelyn and Jennifer. I don’t think so at all but we shall see. Neverthess, Shaunie whatever you decide, even if you keep Suzie and Jenn seriously you need to can Kesha because she is truly not a fit for the show!

  66. MsChocCookie2u says:

    What you people need to understand is that Shaunie doesn’t need BBwives money ROFLMAO! She have her fingers in so many other projects, trust she won’t lose no sleep over BBwives, besides I’m sure BBwives LA will be back. Shaunie if I were you I wouldn’t give a flying frog what people post. The same people complaining will be the first people turning their remote to next season.

  67. MsChocCookie2u says:

    It’s a known fact that it’s the QUIET ones you have to watch!!! Everyone thinking Jenn’s as.s is so innocent!! By the way Chad was just signed to the Miami Dophins!!! Get your paper Eve!

  68. VH1 please publish.

    Shaunie and Evelyn must be trying to sway Jen from continuing with the suit against Nia . After all
    they encourage and set this girl up to make a jackass of herself. Shaunie why don’t you used your money and back her. Bet you u won’t. (pittance maybe) Shaunie did absolutely NOTHING to stop the bullying from Tarzan Tammi and Evelyn, now she is trying to smooth it over. So she is saying this is not the true them it is just tv. I thought it was to be a reality show. It is so disappointing. It was so entertaining before Tammi came on scene. I hope Jen sues u Shaunie. You are sad and disappointing You all tried your best to discredit Jen even the host
    for the reunion, but it backfired also. Even the audience you had was team Jen. Shaunie I hope you do feel some guilt and shame. I doubt it. However , you have to make Tammie go back to her hood life and Evelyn go under some rock. Please along with Vh1 do not expose society to such sadness and bitterness

  69. Carrie says:

    Shaunie is full of crap! I guarantee if someone slapped her in the face, jail would be a relief to the person that did it! Are you kidding me Shaunie??? Trying to tell Jen to let it go is quite the hipocracy!

  70. Carrie says:

    BTW: Shaunie, you would have NEVER been anybody, never heard of if it hadn’t been for your EX! Remember that Ms. Holier than thou!

  71. JRoc85 says:

    To preserve any self respect you may still have for yourself (and if you want people to start taking you seriously again) remove these 3 women: TAMI, EVELYN, and SUZIE. If you closely examine the each season since season 1, the physical violence on the show didn’t begin until Tami joined the cast in season 2 (this was also the season when Suzie went back and told everyone one what went down in Las Vegas between Evelyn and some guy. This was also the season when Tami knocked the hell out of Evelyn for sleeping with her husband)!!!!!!!!! The other ladies should be invited back, but it should be up to THEM ONLY if they decide to return!!!!!!

  72. Gloria says:

    Shaunie shame on you for allowing these woman to look like fools on national tv, you should be empowering woman. This show should be shut down, taken off the air. Evelyn needs to stop hating on Jennifer and go on with her boring life with her not revelant man. Tami, you are a bully and need more therapy, Suzi your a loose chick close your legs and mouth.

  73. destiny says:

    in my opinion, i think keisha, kenya, & royce should leave

  74. Denell says:

    I think Tami, Kenya and Keysha should go. I don’t know why

  75. Ain't that some ish says:

    Although she is in denial, Tami is definitely a bully. I hope and pray she gets some deeply needed help. Shaunie is all about that Dollar bill y’all. I hope none of you were fooled with her meeting with the pastor. She knew this day was coming so she had to set up some sort of escape to appear innocent. There must be some backlash coming back at her if Jen continues with her lawsuit against Nia. The reason for her sudden voice against Jen’s actions. I wish someone would smack Shaunie in her face and let’s see what she does. John Salley was a biased host who apparently gets his script, paycheck and bonus directly from Shaunie, His downplay of the despicable treatment Kesha endured and the assault inflicted on Jennifer was deplorable and then to add insult to injury he had the audacity to offend the viewers of the show by saying negative comments were made by people who had nothing better to do. Really? Well, I will have something better to do next season. Spend my time petitioning VH1 to take this show off the air. Keep your head up Kesha. Whether the reconciliation with Evelyn is for real or not Jennifer should still press charges.

  76. Imptopaz says:

    Tami needs to go. She defended her behavior on vacation and lied about not stealing Keisha’s purse. When you hold something from someone and don’t give it back voluntarily, that’s stealing. She’s one tough broad that needs a lot of serious therapy and should not be on the show. I don’t want to see her again on anything. That was pure ugliness and it surfaced again on the reunion when she decided to tell Keisha how to act. Get yourself some help!

  77. Lonzie says:

    Let Tami and Suzi go for sure. If Evelyn and Jen can patch things up then let them stay with some mediation sessions. Also, Evelyn needs some anger management counseling. If you need a mediator for the show or an anger management/relationship coach, let me know That is what I do……… email me.

  78. Andrea says:

    Shaunie created this mess of a show. Shaunie instigated all these situations by getting these women together when there was clearly tension between them. And she just sits there and watches as all the drama goes down. There was absolutely NOTHING positive about this season! Now she’s trying to back peddle with all the negative feedback she’s been getting. For her to say that “We (the audience) don’t know what these women are like. All we see is snippets of their life.” Well, as one of the producers of the show, isn’t it YOU who signs off on what we are seeing on TV?!!! And so for you to agree with Girl Salley that we (the fans) have a lot of time on our hands judging you all, is way out of line. WE are the reason you have a viewing audience. And to disrespect us, WE will be the reason your show gets pulled off the air!

  79. Carmen says:

    Shaunie is so stupid berating Jen for filing a lawsuit against Nia. I wonder what she would do if someone slapped the mess out of her or one of her daughters? Hmm….Think about it! Jen you go ahead with your lawsuit girl!

  80. Ohio Boss Lady says:

    What I would like to know is, what is Shaunie’s definition of taking responsibility? What does that look like? She’s been saying that for awhile, but how do the viewers recognize it. If it’s the fake apologies that I heard on the reunion show then……….No words for this mess anymore…I’m done.

  81. Watch that hypocrite Shaunie get rid of all of the VICTIMS of BULLYING which is: Royce, Kesha, and Jen. Royce will go because she doesn’t like her because her ex-boyfriend made a play for Royce instead of her old self, Kesha will go because that cow Tami doesn’t like her and the world supports Keshia, and Jen will go because she is more popular and loved by the viewers than Ev.

  82. cherylyn says:

    I think this show has run its course, and needs to be removed. I admired and liked Shaunie O’neal prior to her producing and appearing on this show. Unfortunately, people aren’t always who they appear to be. John Salley needs to see if anyone in the sports venue is hiring because he has turned into cackling female. It’s sad that these women have the ability to be influential to millions of female viewers, but choose to act like school girls. (He said, She said, putting dead fish in Kenya’s room) What’s even sadder is that some of them have children, and teenage girls of their own. They will never be able to teach their children how to conduct themselves, when clearly they don’t know how to act. Tami is a bully and she clearly stole Keisha’s purse. Since she claims she’s so real, tell her to try that stunt with a South Bronx female and watch the outcome. With the exception of Royce and Keisha, those ladies are truly classless. It doesn’t matter how much of “Shaq’s” money you spend, class is something that’s taught and not bought. Evelyn and Chad Who? Total waste of time. Season five or not, I do not plan to watch.

  83. michelle says:

    OKAY, OKAY, The reunion is done and the horrible season is over. Shaunie and John Salley insulted all the viewers who blogged as saying we do not matter and have to much time on our hands. Even though the ONLY reason we blogged was because of the way they carrried themselves on the show, we felt as decent people we must respond to seeing grown women bullying, property taking, physical hitting , and pure nastiness. I applaud Kesha for standing up for herself doing the reunion and did not let Tami off the hook. If Tami did not act the terrible way she did then the NEGATIVE BLOGS would have been far and few ( take note of that Shaunie and VH1). The season is over and viewers voice your disgust such as I did, because we do have the right to do it. I am going to be like Wendy Williams and not complain about the show anymore,………………………………just stop watching it…that speaks LOUDER then WORDS.

  84. Lerinne says:

    Shes trying to make the world think that this is not her scene. This is YOUR show. Youre just as much of a hood rat as the rest of them, Shaunie please.

  85. Ex-Fan says:

    Shaunie I wonder if the fans would put on the blogs support of your backstabbing two faced self you protrayed this season, Tami once again attacking people and Evelyn totally out of control would you be saying that we have time on our hands. I am glad that people are letting the world know that this is not acceptable. And to add insult to injury you had the reunion show so messed up untill you didn’t pull the wool over nobody eyes. You are to blame for this mess and you once again telling Jen not to sue Nia makes you look dumb. I really hope that they cancel this show because you are not truthful along with the network for putting on the reunion show. Jennifer Williams would be crazy to have anything to do with you, Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman. If season 5 is not you ladies telling the truth like you changed the lie detector test so Evelyn wouldn’t look as bad as she does. And they is not enough that can be said about Tami Roman.

  86. tyshell bufford says:

    I think its gonna b royce srry royce i luv ya,kesha and tht crazy chick kenya

  87. rose says:

    Shaunie you are not a good example either. You being the boss and a so called friend of the ladies, you had a chance to tell the ladies about their behavior but you chose to sit back and watch and some times even laugh! So you are definitely not innocent! The show needs to be banned.

  88. AUDREY COOK says:


  89. Redbonzz says:

    Shaunie did nothing to stop the child like, thuggish destructive behavior of every cast member. It was a very extreme and dysfunctional depiction of our culture and women. None of them represent or have true relationship with an actual professional athlete, but those women who ARE actual wives must be appalled! IF it was not for the fact the all of them are broke, broken and trashy there would not have been an apologetic spirit in hopes of another season. Tami deserves to stay in the hood! She is horrific and a woman and help those daughters of hers who must learn how to be a trashed women in today’s world. I know along with myself many who have tuned out have moved on. What a shame Shaunie! You demonstrated everything but a women with religious values, Why run to your pastor at the end of the show and not beforehand! This show rates a -0!

  90. shawn says:

    I am perturb with this show. I think Tami is a BULLY and she have the nerve to tell Jennifer she needs to be an advocate for cyber bully. You need to look at yourself before you try to give some advice to someone who has Bullied people on all 4 season. You need to continue counseling because you are still a bully. For you to say you apologize to Keisha for the way you talk to her and not for the message, you just made yourself look bad because the message was worse than the deliverance. Keisha still standing with confidence and I am proud of you.

  91. Sonia says:

    I am very disappointed with Tami. She just sat there and lied about taking the young ladies hand bag. It was on the show. She told the bag and held on to it. She even searched it and when into her phone. Tami should be ashamed of herself. If she has any respect for herself and her children, she would stop lying and admit to what she did. What makes her think that she can talk about people and no one should talk about her? She is DEAD wrong. Do onto others as you would like them to do to you.

  92. mizzdkoy says:

    Love tha show, love tha’s TV and entertainment all u people get a life and if you don’t like the show turn to something else!!! If you have your own life going on you would not have such harsh feelings over how they live their life because they are not worried about you…They get paid regardless…Like it or leave it!!

  93. LILY says:



  94. Francis says:

    You created the drama and wanted us viewer to watch, now you should own it. Take it like a woman we the fans are just giving you feedback be grateful not hateful. It is what it is boo boo.

  95. lisa11 says:

    Shady Shaunie is probably talking about Suzy, because she told Keisha that it was Shaunie who told Tammy what Keisha said. Shaunie also hates Royce because Royce wont lick her arse and Keisha, because Keisha has class and Shaunie cant buy any.

  96. Ebony says:

    this is bull. the only one not returning is Keisha, and Ashley is coming back in her place as a recurring character.

  97. ebony says:

    @VH1!- please stop erasing my comments, just because I am n intelligent woman and know the real deal about this show. Anyone can find the info i wrote about its all over the internet.

  98. Betty J says:

    Nia, Tami Eva that who it should be and the ones who are always in some crap. keep it 100, she brings a different out look to the show. She cold really be up first if you gave her as much time as Eva & tami. I think Tami, has just been mean from day one, Eva throw things but she isn’t as bad as Tami. sure she is getting help, but that does not change the fact. made her a ever now and then guest if you have too!
    Nia, took on Eva buiness and feeling with Jen. what she did is not exceptable in no lauguage. Thank you for bring us what you have now let’s get busy!

  99. Ex-Fan! says:


  100. Girl Please says:

    Is this a joke? This coming from the same person who also happens to be an Executive Producer that stood by laughing while two other “grown a**” women placed dead fish in another adults room prior to their arrival? This coming from a woman who sat and watched another “grown a**” walk past her and around a long a** table and assault another adult and have the nerve to question why that person would press charges? This coming from the same person who sat at a table with other grown a** people while one decided to throw bottles and plates that could have killed or done bodily harm to someone and ONLY said something because the bottle almost hit her? This coming from the same person who went on a trip to Tahiti and did/said absolutely nothing while watching another “grown a**” women humiliate, bully, and degrade someone for no logical reason? This coming from the same women who had the nerve to tell the bullied party that they have to figure out how to get there own darn property back? Shauni….you have got to be joking…

  101. Neicey says:

    You might want to recount the number of ladies that you don’t care to return. We already know that you don’t like Royce, Kesha & Kenya. But the majority of the people dislike #1 TAMI, #2 EVELYN #3 well SUZIE doesn’t matter, Shaunie you are not a big fan favorite either. Just shut down production. You guys aren’t going to have the same ratings anyway. People are pretty much tired of all of you. Tami & Evelyn where acting like those people on that Hip Hop show. REAL GHETTO………IT’S A WRAP. Move on to something else. You are a weak leader.

  102. shadymoe says:

    if anyone is going to be cut from the show, it should be Shaunie her self, Suzie the snitch, Tami good thieving ass, or Evelyn, Kenya is not that bad of a person, neither is Kesha. However, all they ass could go, but i would like to see Jen with her own show..period dot

  103. Naiomi says:

    Tami is psychotic. She attacked Meeka and claimed self-defense, she stole Keishas property violated her privacy by going thru her phone and then said she was rescuing her purse, when there was a an entire production crew present to secure her purse, and all along Shaunie said nothing and wants to keep this crazy woman on her show, really? A little fun and drama can be entertaining, but this bottle throwing, bullying, craziness has got to go. Suzie is just trash and really needs this gig, because we know what her only other talent is. I respect Keisha, Royce and Jennifer ( They have their faults, I’m sure, but they seem to not want to degrade themselves.) Then Shaunie acts all concerned and innocent, please!!! Goggle Cancel BBW and sign a petition.

  104. ann jackson says:

    shaunie isnt going to walk, to much money, why didnt they show the part, where shaunie ,eve and susie put the dead fish in kenyas room. boy they are just full of phony mess,susie is snake in the grass and tammy , tries to turn the tables , because she knew she had gone to far, and she is still aBully.

  105. ann jackson says:

    shaunie isnt going to walk, to much money, why didnt they show the part, where shaunie ,eve and susie put the dead fish in kenyas room. boy they are just full of phony mess,susie is snake in the grass and tammy , tries to turn the tables , because she knew she had gone to far, and she is still aBully.

  106. LM says:

    Shaunie, you say you are letting three people go I hope that the three people you let go are the ones who are creating the drama on the show Tamie, Evelyn, and Suzie but I’m sure these are the ones that will remain because you thrive on these women bad behavior and bulling ways because you did nothing to stop it.On the reunion show you said nothing to Evelyn or Tami about their behavior but was quick to address Jennifer with that non-sense about dropping the lawsuit against Nia and the things she did on the show.Look boo boo you sounded stupid when you said no one died so drop the lawsuit are you kidding me! Nia should have thought about her kids before she assaulted someone long time friends or not.You should NEVER engage or accept bad behavior from anyone on the show even if you show favoritism toward certain cast members.When people look at this show with all this drama they thinking who would produce such a show.CLEAN IT UP or LET IT GO! meaning get rid of these women who are creating drama get yourself some classy women and let them hoodrats go!

  107. Teresa says:

    I don’t know if Shaunie reads this blog or not. One would think, since this is her interview, she would. If I would have interviewed her, I would of asked her, “whose behavior are you ashamed of?” She stated she went on the balcony with her head in her hands. OK, I want to discuss this. Was she upset at Mia for slapping Jenn? Was she upset with Eve for jumping on the table and charing Jenn? These are her friends. Her friends, who slap people (Tami & Mia) , throw bottles, (Eve) attack, and bully (Tami & Eve) , while Shaunie sits backs and does nothing. SHAUNIE knows that Eve, and Tami are the problem. But I bet my bottom dollar, she wants to get rid of Jenn, Keisha, and Royce. As Keisha said during her radio interview, the only concern Shaunie showed her was on camera. Not once has Shaunie showed her concern. Shaunie is a fake.

  108. Gail says:

    Royce, Kesha and Jennifer should get another show and call it….Life After. It would be a hit. Shaunie has been trying to fire Royce for awhile.

  109. vicki says:

    There should be changes made now before the season begins. First of all, I have seen numerous comments suggesting that if there was no drama, people would no longer watch. That is clearly not true, and there are some individuals out here such as myself whom do not enjoy seeing grown women act like fools on television. I actually find successful, smart, and strong women more interesting, and prefer not to see “HOT GHETTO MESS”. Women of all races can, and should know how to behave and should want to have enough respect for themselves to act accordingly (in good taste). Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie should be let go so that they can work on themselves and perhaps come back when they have there stuff together. The have claimed to change each season and it continues each season. We watch these shows hoping to see them in a positive light, but the fact is that there are many viewers whom act just like Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie ,which has led VH1and Shaunie to believe that we enjoy conflict and drama. Your ratings will increase if you make changes, because I am certain there are more women of class oppose to the negative ones you see being portrayed on the show.

  110. vicki says:

    You have to take responsibility for all the negative that has taken place as well. You stood by and watch these women act irresponsible, immature, and inappropriately. You have set by as a bystander to bullying and watch someone be assault. Jen did the right thing filing the lawsuit, because she was assaulted. None of you women are teenagers, so all the fighting is just immature on so many levels. Most of you have children, and assaulting someone shows that your children are not your first priority. I do not know how Jen and Evelyn’s friendship could ever be what it was in the past after so much verbal and physical abuse, but I wish the well, but I would like to say to Jen “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” be careful because the trust is gone. None of you ladies are true friends, because true friends would not turn on each other as you all have done. You all have talked about each other and you all need to take time to evaluate your personal lives to see what you can do to improve you. There is always room for change. No one is perfect, and being an adult means acknowledging your wrongs and making them right. Stop the “he say, she say” and learn what it means to confide in each other. “If you didn’t witness it with your own ears, then don’t repeat it”. It will never get to the person its intended for without being distorted. I look forward to a new season without the violence, bullying, drunk women acting crazy, and unnecessary gossip. Shaunie, please be completely honest with your pastor and let him see every episode, so that he can correctly guide you. Best of luck to all of the women….

  111. Shaunie, YOU FAKE as a SNACK CAKE says:

    I must say one thing. Don King has nothing on you. You are the undisputed most ruthless, exploitive fight promoter of allllllllll times. You’d also win Pimp of the Year at the Playa’s Ball for the same reason. You already have the suit….the hot pink mess you wore on the last show. Pop ‘ya colla’ Silky!!!

  112. nonghetto says:

    Shaunie, your show is a hot ghetto mess!!! You lost conrol. Let it go. Take some time off and try again–something different. Get some character and integrity. You allowed the bullying, at the least. Maybe you encouraged it, for ratings/more$$$. You handled your business poorly–you let your 2 friends make you look like a weak, “non-factor” on your own show. You let them “take down” your show. In a sense, my comments don’t count because I was not a regular viewer–saw a few times last year and this year; then looked online, since it is all over the web with the bullying, fighting (throwing wine bottles in restaurants, slapping, jumping over tables, putting fish in a hotel room/destroying property, etc, etc.). But I know what I saw, and I am a good analyzer. I will not look at any part of season 5, go to your movie, or support anything Ev or Tami do.

  113. nonghetto says:

    P.S. I think you have underestimated and angered your viewers, the regular viewers. They make the show. If you lose them, you lose ratings. It’s not about hating–it’s about real intelligent women of color who don’t like ghetto, and who like and do positive things in life. They wanted you to change the direction of the show……

  114. FAKE SHAUNIE says:

    So NOW you want to call it quits? You have already shown your @$$. Don’t think we didn’t notice how you apparently manipulated the reunion show and focused on what a wonderful mom you are by buying your daughter that boy band for the day and you left out any mention of your litte childish prank involving you, Bucktoothed Suzie, Hoodrat Evelyn and a bucket of fish. I see there was no shortage of footage of the other women acting a fool.

    You were so fast to discourage Jen from suing ol’ girl, because you need to be sued for what you did to Kenya. You really looked like an idiot. I wonder what your kids think of you. Your daughter is a large girl. She will more than likely be bullied or teased at some point in life, if not already. Hopefully she’ll have better friends than those like you in her circle to stand up for her. You are so pathetic.

  115. RealTalk1 says:

    In addition, all the people who claim to be ashamed or insulted by the way these women behave (“negative reflection of black women/bad example, blah blah blah, etc.”), need to get a life. I am a black women and we have bigger problems plaguing us than what a few black women, whom lead extremely different lifestyle than the average black women does, is doing on a television show. People take this stuff way to seriously, it is a television show made for entertainment purposes. It is not intended to be educational nor is it intended to be a after school program. If you don’t like what they are portraying then don’t watch it.

  116. Melanie says:

    Since Shaunie thinks I have too much time on my hands, why don’t I lessen it by not watching season 5. Especially if Royce is one of the 3 she get’s rid of.

  117. Fee says:

    Shaunie, Shaunie, Shaunie, you know the saying “Birds of a feather” yeah you know what I’m saying. Disappointed ain’t the word….I really think your afraid of Tammy and Evelyn, you have stood up to everyone except them and they are the very ones who bought your show down. You told Jenn to drop the charges because no one was killed, Im proud of Jenn, if she hadn’t have done what se did your ghetto friends would still be smacking people, think if it were your daughter. You said that this isn’t the life you guys live off the camera, how can it not be, this is suppose to be Reality TV right, you guys showed your true colors, I’m prob the only one out of my friends still watching this garbage because they all say they’re done watching this trash! Be bold stand up to Tammy and Eve, they are always talking about someone talking about them, that’s what people do, they talk. Oh well, who died and made them God! Shaunie OWN your stuff it you want to see your show come up, however as of now this show is completely GARBAGE!!!!!

  118. blackink says:

    As a 4-year viewer of “Basketball Wives” – this season was a great disappointment. It was, in my view, a far cry from reality. To lambast Ms. Williams for filing a lawsuit was ridiculous. Blaming Ms. Williams for finally having the courage to put “legal breaks” on this madness was just plain unfair. At any given point in time, the producers could have put a “no violence” clause in all contracts or if you already have one, you could have enforced it by “ejecting” cast members from the show who violate it. Tammi Roman, who I generally enjoy watching, certainly was inviting a physical response from Keisha Nichols, and to act like she was inviting Ms. Nichols to stand up for her self looked foolish on camera. The viewers responded to what you, “Basketball Wives” producers presented. So, don’t blame the viewers for a product you presented. You got precisely the viewer response that this product (season 4) was tailored to. If you, the producers, want the “ladies” to show growth – it starts with you, the producers.”

    For a season five will you finally get back to “Basketball Wives” or at least give the show another name that more accurately reflects the show’s content. But for a show called “Basketball Wives” here are some suggestions:

    Who were the ladies before they became involved with or married to a basketball player? What were their interests or talents, or carer goals or activities.
    How did their lives change once they married or lived with a basketball player? How did they make the adjustment?
    What charities or community activities do they support? Why not show the cast members working for one charitable event as a group? Take a page out of “Celebrity Apprentice” and give the cast members a task that can last the season, a scholarship fundraiser or raising money for Africa, Haiti, breast cancer, education, etc. etc.
    How do basketball wives handle their husbands (spouses) retirement? How about showing younger basketball wives talking to the wives of long-retired players and getting advice on how they’ve handled these issues.
    Stop the pleasure/shopping trip. We get that those kinds of trips you can do and well afford. Why not do trips that are more educational in nature and actually show the cast members learning something.
    Can we please see more of the ladies as “business women” and how they handle their new entrepreneurial responsibilities?
    Stop trying to make cast members who choose to leave these “bad scenes” feel guilty. Count the show as lucky because you have certainly have not had the kind of women on your show who will “take it to the mat” without all the “talking.”

    My point is this, if you want “growth from your audience” or “growth from your cast members” – the first growth should come from the show’s producers. It is your product. If you don’t grow, nothing else will. You make the decisions. If this season was “horrible” then it is obvious that as producers – you made “horrible” decisions. What ever hits the screen per episode is what you, the producers, chose to show.

  119. marie says:

    @Michelle you are so right i feel the exact exact exact way. you know it’s sad that there are some real grown a** women walking around with a mentality like this. This is not even like a child or animal it is a demon. To keep doing this it’s beyond messy and furthermore i would not associate myself with the likes of it. As for shaunie you know she is blessed to have money that all she looks just like i thought a real life unsophisicated person with a pepto bismal suit on to cover up she is. You can take them out but only the lord can change them. I’m sorry but no shaunie don’t care. And as for Ev, Evelyn or what ever i would not care about her hugging me the way she talked about Jen lips and calling her ugly Jen if your reading that marks a Deep rooted Judas run why you have a chance God showed you who she is. See what happened is Jen is going some places she meeting people in high places and the chickens got to clucking. Shaunie going to church as if she really wanted to here what the pastor had to say she better stop playing with God and become a woman of WORTH!!!!!!

  120. MARIE says:

    @Sharla hi sweetie not being funny at all i’m withcha all the way but honey Suzie aint bout nothing either just letting you know she just might be the worst of the bunch because they use her to get information. She has no bones in her back she will turn on you in a minute God forgive me. But somebody need to slap that taste straight out of her mouth.

  121. blackink says:

    To Shaunie, I really wish this were a product for the OWN network. I think Oprah would know how to do a great show for basketball wives. I know this is a VH1/Shed Media product, but don’t let them let you down by not trying to do the absolute best representation of women, especially those associated with basketball. All controversy is not negative, and even negative events can have positive results if done correctly. Please try to show more real “basketball wives” on the show even if they are not cast mates. How about guest appearances? Support for charitable events. Wisdom moments. I do want to see a season five, but not a repeat of season four. If you haven’t already, go talk to Oprah. She’s been in television over the long haul. I’m sure she will give you some great advice. Just a viewer who wants to see a better season five. BTW, please keep Jennifer and Royce on the show. You may not be agree with their approach to things, but I think they represent your show well – at least what your producers put in these episodes.

  122. marie says:

    Viewers don’t be fooled by a supposed reconcilation. Had we (the viewers) fallen for the the feeble attempts to make Jen look bad in part 1 of the reunion show we would have never seen them hug it out. VH1 went in after all the negative comments about part 1 and did some re-editing of part 2. Shaunie, Vh1, and Shed Media continues to show they have no respect for the viewers of the show, continues to think we viewers are so dumb that we will fall for and except anything, and continues to hurl insults at us (we have too much time on our hands). We the viewers are in control of THEIR outcomes, not the other way around. Without VIEWERS there would be no show. So all of you are commenting on how glad you are that they reconciled, chile please. You are sending them a message that they WON in the end, thus giving them no reason to come back next season and do anything different. It’s been established that they can show promos of one thing to draw you into watching, then before the show airs decide to edit that out and show something else. Talking about bait and switch… WAKE UP VIEWERS AND STOP DRINKING THE KOOL-AID…..