The Reunion Interview: Suzie Ketcham Maintains Her Innocence


Suzie Ketcham Basketball Wives Reunion
Suzie Ketcham often gets blamed for running her mouth and ultimately creating problems by talking too much on Basketball Wives. But when we spoke to her at the reunion, she surprised us by telling us that during the season’s showdown between Kesha and Tami, she’s actually an innocent party. “I wasn’t the one that said anything,” she explained, opening up a mystery of just who told Tami what Kesha was saying, and why. Curious!

Beyond that, Suzie says she still tries to get along with, well, almost everyone.

What’s your relationship like with all of the women these days?

I still get along with everybody. I mean, I don’t like Kenya that much, but it’s not that serious.

Do you still feel caught in the middle? It feels like every season there’s another way you’ve gotten involved and get stuck in the middle of something.

Yeah, I think that for me I take the stance that I’m cool with both sides but I’m not involved. Things go deeper than what I know is going on, so it’s drama between those two people. It’s hard, I don’t want to be in the middle, but it’s hard to stay out of it.

In Tahiti do you wish you stepped in more to help Kesha rather than let it play out?

No, I don’t think we “let” the two of them do anything, and first of all, I had nothing to do with the drama between them, I wasn’t the one that said anything. I had nothing to do with it. I think what happened with Kesha was extreme and I did try to step in and tell her when she wanted to call the police, I said don’t do that. I felt like that would have escalated the problem so much more. I tried to go get her bag back, I really did, and Tami said she would have to come get it herself.

At that point, were you guys afraid of Tami? Because in my head I’m thinking, how hard would it be to bust past her and just grab the bag away?

Oh, it would have been impossible. She’s a really strong woman. [Laughs]

Was it worse for you watching it happen there in real time?

Yeah, because you don’t know what to do. And the thing is, I know a great side to Tami, she’s the first person to be there for you if you have a problem and if you need anything, she;s the first one to sympathize. She’s a good person. But I also know that if you cross her everything goes out the window.

Were you worried for yourself, then, at Shaunie’s birthday party when you made the food stamp remarks?

Oh, yeah! Of course. That’s why I apologized right away. I love the girl, I really do, and I don’t mean any harm and I don’t like to hurt people, and she knows that. They all know I can be an airhead though.

There was a moment during the whole “loose” discussion where Evelyn sort of dragged you in and was like, “Suzie f—s too!” Did you not appreciate being brought in that conversation in that way?

The thing is, we all f—. it’s natural. Who cares? We all do it, so who is anyone to judge? It’s just stupid. I think Evelyn just knows I’m very open and I’m there to help her out if she needs some validation.

You also showed off some good moves on the pole at Evelyn’s birthday party.

I don’t know what to say about that. [Laughs] I can do the splits. I’m naturally flexible.

Have you had people ask for sex advice since your pepper mill demonstration?

Yeah, I’ve had a lot of people ask about cracking pepper. “How do you do it exactly?”

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  1. susan says:

    Suzie, knock it off. You were guilty of exactly what Kesha said you did. You need to rewatch the episodes and you will see that you are like a little rat running back and forth playing two sides.

  2. More Lies says:

    Everyone one in the inner circle should work at Burger King because they are all trying to sell us whoppers. Suzie’s response reiterates more fakeness from all in the circle who refuse to look at themselves in the mirror and admit they were wrong and made mistakes. If Suzie did not tell, she should do some investigating and get some proof as to who did it ’cause, as of right now, all the world thinks she is a liar. Prove us wrong, Suzie!!!!

  3. VALERIE says:


  4. Suzie Who??? says:

    What’s her name again? Suzie Ketchup??? Always going around runnin her mouth “ketching up” everyone on who said and did what. Snitch!!!

  5. jamie says:

    Susie- you are messy, but thanks for the cracking pepper demo. It has my man sprung lol!

  6. You act like a 5 year old–always running your mouth and a FILTHY mouth it is at that! When no one was speaking to you, you said you didn’t need “the Circle” and was “moving on”. But you sold out Royce when Evelyn decided to “use” you to stick it to Royce, her “current” nemesis at the time to WORM your way back into “the Circle”. Now it’s Jen–Did I hear you speak up when Shaunie, Tami, and Ev were making tacky comments about her lip gloss? NO! Evelyn said “you can’t even speak properly” and now you’re all up under her! You’re WEAK and SIMPLE MINDED!

  7. Raechel says:

    Seriously why is this woman on the show except for starting trouble. Just a trouble maker she is, and every viewer out there see’s it. Why is it that the producers dont see that she isnt or ever close to being a basketball wife.

  8. Really disgusted says:

    Suzie please your pitiful Go somewhere and hide with your ugly lisp self …You are the Missing Link …How do u Spell Snitch S U Z I E…How do u Spell Sneaky S U Z I E….How do u spell troublemaker S U Z I E … Poof Be Gone

  9. malijay says:

    Suzie should have been replaced

  10. Angel says:

    thats right hrdebbie! I was wondering if anybody else caught that. Tami told Suzi not to feel bad about telling her what Keesha said because she did the right thing….They are protecting Suzi this time. The only other person there was Royce and the cameraman

  11. diva40 says:

    Suzie karma is coming for you, and when it does don’t call the cops because that will only make things worse(that’s what you told kesha). Let’s see what you do when you get slapped in the face and your property taken.

  12. Tam says:

    I’m sick of Suzie and her doing everything she can to kiss tami and Evelyn’s asses. She’s so scared of them and wants their approval so bad

  13. Anonymous007 says:

    Suzie just doesnt know when to quit. She is constantly running her damn mouth and the tries to sit back and act as if she had absolutely nothing to do with it, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. She told a bold face lie at the reunion when she said she didnt tell Tammy anything and when Tammy co-signed for her that made Tammy an even bigger liar. If you look at the second part of the Tahiti trip epidsode , Tammy, Suzie, Shaunie, and Evelyn rode together in the van back to their rooms. As Tammy was going through Kesha property which she stole, Tammy clearly said to Suzie something like ” and suzie dont feel bad cause you told me. you did the right thing”. Suzie and Tammy get on the reunion show and totally denied suzie’s contstant chatter and back stabbing. Tami is all about being so-called real and wants everyone to tell her whatever it is they need to say to her face, yet she talks negatively about Kesha behind her back but claims its not the same thing. Tammy is not sorry and doesnt feel bad about the way she behaves and the poor choices she makes. She is totally in denial if she really believes in her pathetic pewney mind that she isnt nothing more than a grown as bully.

  14. Ex-Fan says:

    You had alot of nerve telling Kesha don’t call police to escalte the problem. You dummies are so scarred of Tami. Why didn’t you go and tell Tami to give that lady her purse. Stop lying like the your other cast members. You run your mouth too much and go back and tell whatever someone says you do tell it to the other ladies. And you sat there and saw each time people getting jumped and you sat there and said nothing. I think you should go also. You aren’t friends to anyone just want to kiss butt and stay on the show. Where is your pride.

  15. Slewis says:

    If Suzy didn’t tell Tami directly, she damn sure told Shaunie or Evelyn knowing it would get back to Tami. Why is Suzie even on the show?

  16. Fabiola says:

    innocent very far from that boo to evil

  17. JRoc85 says:

    Suzie DID go back and tell Tami because Tami was the one who opened her mouth and said “Suzie you did exactly what you were supposed to do, and told me!!!!!!” If you don’t believe me, go back and watch the episode following this incident. So either Tami was lying then, or her and Suzie were lying on the reunion (make up your mind ladies, you can’t have it both ways)????????? I thought it was hilarious when Evelyn said, “Suzie gets a bad rep, she’s not malicious.” Excuse me, Evelyn, but weren’t you the one who last season said, “Suzie has diarrhea of the mouth??????” This season she gets a bad rep, but the last 2 seasons, she was kicked out the group for spilling secrets?????!!!!!!!! You can’t have it both ways, Evelyn.

  18. Evie says:

    Look, Suzie is not bright! Not a little bit. On the last night when Evilean, I mean Evelyn gave the “ladies” their gifts, she name everyone & then said “You too, Suzie”, or something similar. Suzie is useless, a hanger on, someone on the “fringe” of the “circle?”. Suzie told Toxic, I mean Tami what Kesha said. It’s on tape!! Hello!? Tami told Suzie not to feel bad about telling her. Yet, everyone tried to lie to Kesha… I’m glad Kesha has an education…She doesn’t have to take anyone’s word. Especially the idiots on the show who thinks she would believe anything they said. Suzie has loose lips…that’s it…that’s all!

  19. Shavonda says:

    OK so then it had to be Royce running her mouth then!

  20. Ohio Boss Lady says:

    WHY!!! are you on the show? You are not a wife not even an ex-wife. You bring absolutly no value to the show. You have no personality and you spent season 4 getting drunk, gossiping and then saying “I had nothing to do with it”. Oh I know why DIVERSITY the show just needed a dumb blonde.

  21. arkesha says:

    suzie needs to just shut her damn mouth only speak wen spoken to

  22. Teresa Allen says:

    I don’t understand one thing, when keshia and Jen want to got the police involved everyone think thats the wrong thing to do but it is okay for the bullies to put hands on, get hit with a purse sid the head, slap in the face that its okay. What is wrong with the picture. But when you “Suzie” made that statement about food stamps you really kissed up to Tami and tried to change your words very fast. Once you seen Tami didn’t like what you said and you seen the expression on her first you know to change your words… lol Now that is funny. You find a way to keep them off you.

  23. margaret says:

    Suzie you are such a LIAR. We all watched the Tahiti episode. Tami say to you,that you did the right thing by telling her. I also remember after you & Jen had dinner & drinks,& Jen went back to her room..well what did you do??? You went right back to Shaunie,Tami & Evelyn, & told them what you both talked about. Why did you have to do that?????

  24. tina says:

    Suzie,,,,they have you on tape telling Tami what Kesha said.

  25. bonita says:

    I pray that on season 5…That these women start getting alone with each othe and just keeping there mouth close. Stop all the telling and fighting and just grow the heck up, life is too short be worry about who did what and why. as for evelyn and jen pls keep your friend self real and stop talking behind each other’s back…….and there’s one more thing i would like for you lady’s to do, if you don’t do it all ready pls find a church to go to or just go with each other. thank you Mrs. Huggins

  26. Vegas says:

    Hey Suzie we love you in Las Vegas….keep doing your thing you are funny as hell!

  27. dmndrcss says:

    Suzie is a weak, scared, little punk. She is scared of Eve & Tami and she stays running her mouth and being in the middle of everything. Suzie needs to be kicked off of the show bcuz most viewers probably felt like popping her in her big mouth…wait, I guess there’s enough violence on the show. Furthermore, John Sally needs to go. He is ineffective and corney as a host. & I hope Sally reads this since he “reads the blog” but in the same breath think we as viewers who “watch the show and blogs have too much time on our hands.”

  28. Not fooling anyone says:

    Suzie “leaky faucet mouth” Ketchum, you are fooling noone. There were 2 people in that store with Keisha; you and Royce. I know Royce didn’t tell Tami. That leaves you. But, you are bending the truth I think. I think you told Shaunie or Evelyn and one of them ran back and told Tami. Either way, your leaky azz, lispy mouth told it; whether you directly told Tami or not. You are such a useless, messy azz chick. Be gone!

  29. winnlu says:

    Suzie if you are not guilty of not being a snitch, when you were denying it , Shaunie Tami nor Evenlyn stepped in to tell that it wasn,t you that snitch. they left you holding the bag.that,s what happens when your so-called friends think you are worthless and not worth saving.

  30. AKeys says:

    Susie, Susie, Susie…..You’re just like Keisha….smh. You & Keisha talk too much. Even if you didn’t tell Tami about THIS incident you have told MANY about other things. I think this is KARMA for you too. You’ve been dirty every season & the season you aren’t actually behind it….no one believes you. That’s called payback for all of the instigating you’ve done in the past. Funny how you get all tough with the weakest or outcast of the group. But you ate all of that talk about what you were going to do to Kenya. Btw what happened to that? You can call Kenya crazy if you want to but you know if you would’ve open that mouth you wouldn’t have any teeth to put braces on.

  31. Shaking My Head @ Viewers says:

    I have no clue why people keep saying Suzie had to be the one because it was “only” Keisha, Royce and Suzie……ummm…..who shot the footage……ummmm…..Shaunie is one of the producers so it wouldn’t be hard for her to get her hands on that footage. And since they don’t REALLY like Suzie….they set it up to appear that Suzie did it. Has anyone thought that maybe Tami asked Suzie AFTER she ALREADY knew. Therefore she can easliy say, “Suzie don’t feel gulity for telling the truth”. Shaunie is the real culprit. The same one that set Jen up for the slap. What a coincidence that Nya shows up, heated I might add, AFTER Jen served everyone papers. They knew they couldn’t hit her but the SOON-TO-BE-IN-JAIL little girl was the only one that was clear… she thought. Keep that law suite Jen! I hope Nya doesn’t have any kids because I hate to see them suffer being without a mom for a yr. But that still isn’t Jen’s fault. I bet Nya would want someone put in jail if they slapped one of her kids (if she has any). Jen is somebody’s child too.

  32. sexybrownpyt says:

    suize your just irrelevant to me…you should be awarded big mouth of the year. You lied in this interview, suzie you have nothing going for yourself. SMDH

  33. The Examiner says:

    Suzie really is the message carrier out the group she tells everything that is said….everything. A trade is in order, please make Suzie a free agent!!!! Send her to BBW LA. lmao