The Reunion Interview: Suzie Ketcham Maintains Her Innocence


Suzie Ketcham Basketball Wives Reunion
Suzie Ketcham often gets blamed for running her mouth and ultimately creating problems by talking too much on Basketball Wives. But when we spoke to her at the reunion, she surprised us by telling us that during the season’s showdown between Kesha and Tami, she’s actually an innocent party. “I wasn’t the one that said anything,” she explained, opening up a mystery of just who told Tami what Kesha was saying, and why. Curious!

Beyond that, Suzie says she still tries to get along with, well, almost everyone.

What’s your relationship like with all of the women these days?

I still get along with everybody. I mean, I don’t like Kenya that much, but it’s not that serious.

Do you still feel caught in the middle? It feels like every season there’s another way you’ve gotten involved and get stuck in the middle of something.

Yeah, I think that for me I take the stance that I’m cool with both sides but I’m not involved. Things go deeper than what I know is going on, so it’s drama between those two people. It’s hard, I don’t want to be in the middle, but it’s hard to stay out of it.

In Tahiti do you wish you stepped in more to help Kesha rather than let it play out?

No, I don’t think we “let” the two of them do anything, and first of all, I had nothing to do with the drama between them, I wasn’t the one that said anything. I had nothing to do with it. I think what happened with Kesha was extreme and I did try to step in and tell her when she wanted to call the police, I said don’t do that. I felt like that would have escalated the problem so much more. I tried to go get her bag back, I really did, and Tami said she would have to come get it herself.

At that point, were you guys afraid of Tami? Because in my head I’m thinking, how hard would it be to bust past her and just grab the bag away?

Oh, it would have been impossible. She’s a really strong woman. [Laughs]

Was it worse for you watching it happen there in real time?

Yeah, because you don’t know what to do. And the thing is, I know a great side to Tami, she’s the first person to be there for you if you have a problem and if you need anything, she;s the first one to sympathize. She’s a good person. But I also know that if you cross her everything goes out the window.

Were you worried for yourself, then, at Shaunie’s birthday party when you made the food stamp remarks?

Oh, yeah! Of course. That’s why I apologized right away. I love the girl, I really do, and I don’t mean any harm and I don’t like to hurt people, and she knows that. They all know I can be an airhead though.

There was a moment during the whole “loose” discussion where Evelyn sort of dragged you in and was like, “Suzie f—s too!” Did you not appreciate being brought in that conversation in that way?

The thing is, we all f—. it’s natural. Who cares? We all do it, so who is anyone to judge? It’s just stupid. I think Evelyn just knows I’m very open and I’m there to help her out if she needs some validation.

You also showed off some good moves on the pole at Evelyn’s birthday party.

I don’t know what to say about that. [Laughs] I can do the splits. I’m naturally flexible.

Have you had people ask for sex advice since your pepper mill demonstration?

Yeah, I’ve had a lot of people ask about cracking pepper. “How do you do it exactly?”

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