Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 1 – The Love Triangle


Stevie and Mimi Argue Over Joseline

The Love And Hip Hop series has taken a road trip down to the dirty south—Atlanta to be exact—for an all new cast whose lives revolve around love and hip-hop.

Stevie J is a GRAMMY winning songwriter that has worked with everyone from Puffy to Jay-Z to Mariah Carey. His girlfriend of 15 years, Mimi, yearns for the family unit with Stevie J and their two-year-old daughter, but getting him to settle down has been quite the task.

One of their biggest issues: infidelity. Being in the music industry keeps Stevie at the studio more than he’s at home. “Long nights, girls, liquor, Lord knows what else,” said Mimi. “If it was just money he was getting in the studio I wouldn’t be mad at that. But it’s way more than money he’s getting.”

stevie j and mimi

In what Stevie thinks is a nice gesture (he has so much to learn about women), he buys Mimi a house. Seems sweet, right? Well, not exactly. On top of the house being on the outskirts of Atlanta, he has no plans of living there with Mimi and their daughter. “Stevie can be the sweetest, nicest, kindest person ever. Then on the flipside of it he can be a f*cking nightmare,” said Mimi. Stevie J living it up in the city while she stays in the boondocks is not Mimi’s idea of a relationship. When she tells him she wants him to come home at night he responds, “That ain’t where I’m at with it. I need to handle things right now, and I just felt this was the proper thing to do.” Oh, boy. She has her hands full with him.

Erica is the on-again off-again girlfriend of rapper Lil Scrappy. They’ve been together on and off for 10 years and have an adorable six-year-old daughter. Being the ride or die chick she is, Erica took Scrappy back after his public relationship with female rapper Diamond, formerly of Crime Mobb, went sour. We’re thinking it’s time to rethink this whole being a “ride or die” chick. Scrappy is the self-proclaimed “prince of the south, born and raised, probably gon’ die in the A.” When Diamond found comfort in the arms of Soulja Boy Scrappy went home to Erica, but now she’s not sure if she’s all in. Although they claim they are not only together for the child, it seems as if the chemistry may off balance because of the cheating. “He says he wants affection, but he was getting a lot of that before he moved on to Diamond,” said Erica.

K.Michelle had a promising singing career before she mixed business with pleasure. When she became involved with the man who she credits for getting her singed to JIVE Records things went awry after one tragic day. According to K.Michelle she was beaten up by the guy and claimed everyone knew about it yet did nothing to help her. She fought hard to get out of her contract with her label and now finds herself single and back at square one with her music career. From what we heard of her in the studio, K.Michelle can definitely sing.

Ariane is Mimi’s close friend who she goes to visit for some much needed real talk. Ariane serves it straight, no chaser about Mimi’s relationship with Stevie J. “So he would keep a place in the city and pretend like he’s working every night and not coming home?” she asks. In search for some real answers of why Mimi can’t let go of this man she asks, “What keeps you hanging on to him? Is it the d*ck?” Mimi responds promptly, “I’ve never met a d*ck in my life that made me do cartwheels. Ever.” Then what is it, Mimi? Clearly even your friend thinks you deserve better, so we just wonder, why doesn’t Mimi think she deserves better? Thank the heavens for friends like Ariane that will call you on your BS.

Joseline is the fiery aspiring rapper, actress and dancer who is determined not to return to the stripper pole, by any means necessary. Stevie J is her ticket into the big leagues, but is their work/personal relationship intertwined? When she shows up to the studio she greets him with a little bit more than a professional “hello” that he responds to with a pat on the butt. “He’s just everything to me, but it’s not just about the sex,” says Joseline. But, Joseline, you do know he has a woman, right?

Momma Dee is the matriarch of Scrappy’s family. She is less than pleased with her unfinished house and vents to her son about the contractors. “How the f*ck you gon’ pimp a pimp?” And she knows a thing or two about pimping. “She’s still in her pimpish ways because she use to pimp and sell dope back in the days,” says Scrappy. Wait, a woman pimp? When Scrappy tells his mom he and Erica are having a few relationship problems she offers her motherly advice. But when Diamond’s name is mentioned Momma Dee goes off calling her “that g*tdamn ho.” “I should’ve took that b*tch to the track. You feel me? So I can get some money off that a** since Scrappy paid for that a**,” she says. And a warning to all those who even think about messing with Momma Dee’s children: “Don’t f*ck with my damn babies. And in that order,” as her soon to be popular catchphrase goes. Does this look like a woman you want to upset?

Rasheeda is a mom, wife and rapper trying to reinvent her career. Luckily, her husband Cory is her manager and will help her on the journey. When K.Michelle and Rasheeda meet up to talk about the highs and lows of the music industry K.Michelle says, “When business is involved no one cares if you’re hurt. Everybody wants you to sing. Shutup and make the money,” she says through tears. That’s got to be tough to have a record deal only to lose it and the love of your life. On the other side of town Momma Dee calls Erica over to chat about where Erica’s relationship with Scrappy is going. Momma Dee has no qualms about being all in her son’s business. Not one to just take advice from Momma Dee just because she’s his mom, Erica claps back, “You step out of line as a mama,” she declares. The two exchange words before Erica takes another jab, “You want him to be like you? You 48 and alone.” Ouch. Mimi joins Stevie J for dinner with the hopes of getting some answers about his plans on moving into the house he bought her. Compromising in the only way he know how he says he’ll come home “a little bit more often.” Exactly what does that mean? From one romantic dinner with woman to the next dinner with another, Joseline and Stevie J meet up with aspiring singer/rapper

Karlie Redd and her boyfriend Antonio Reid, the son of L.A. Reid. And like everybody else in Atlanta, Karlie wants to work with Stevie J and thinks making friends with Joseline is one way to make sure that happens. At K.Michelle’s birthday party things take an unexpected turn when Karlie calls Stevie J Joseline’s man, which she truly did think he was. Ariane and Mimi quickly correct her and things spiral downward from there.

Stevie J walks in with Joseline, but immediately goes to sit next to Mimi and pays her a compliment. Mimi cuts to the chase and says to Joseline, “I done been through so much sh*t and my trust factor is real low,” Mimi said. Joseline plays innocent telling Mimi she needs to trust her man. “That doesn’t mean I’m f*cking him, but I’m going to work with him,” said Joseline. When Karlie accuses Joseline and Stevie of kissing things get heated. With both of the women on his side (he’s such a player) he denies any kiss. “Karlie is a rat,” he said. Mimi bails on the situation and her man jumps over the couch to chase her. Feeling territorial Joseline throws a drink at him for running after Mimi to which she adds, “You better act like you know.” He comes back to Joseline’s side without going to find Mimi. Stevie J is at a loss for what to do. So what does he do? He goes to look for Mimi outside, but not before getting Joseline back for the drink she threw on him. And in the funniest quote of the episode Joseline says, “He threw a drink at me and messed up my fur that I got from Neiman’s. I could’ve killed him…Don’t worry he’s gonna buy a new one.”

Joseline is ready to go to the studio. Stevie J gets in the back of the car with Joseline, which sends Mimi in a rage. But hey, the only reason he was in the backseat with Joseline was because, “I was looking for you,” he lies to Mimi as he jumps out of the back seat. Stevie J and Mimi argue a bit before he invites her to come to the studio with him and Joseline. Joseline says Mimi can’t come with that attitude, and Mimi wants him to make a choice. Unfortunately for Mimi he chooses to leave with Joseline, leaving everyone stunned and embarrassed for Mimi. Lawdhavemercy. The love triangle between Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline is going to be loads of drama. Will Mimi leave him? Will Joseline continue to play the side chick? Stay tuned to see if all is really fair in love and hip-hop.

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