Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Stars K.Michelle And Joseline Discuss Their Music, The Show, And Being Called A Villain


Joseline K.Michelle Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Last night’s season premiere of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta was definitely buzzworthy, and two of the shows most talked about stars, Joseline and K.Michelle, spoke to the L.A. Times recently to discuss the buzz. The two women, who are both singers and are using the show as a way to boost their fan base, discussed the notoriety of the original Love And Hip Hop series, but that never deterred either of them from participating in the Atlanta cast.

K.Michelle told the Times “I think with any decision you make there’s always the hesitation. I was going to do Love And Hip Hop: New York, and when Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta came around it was a great fit to my personality, everything. I thought about the pros of doing the show and they outweighed the cons, but all in all it was about me telling my story and being myself and letting the world know the real K.Michelle.” She also discussed the recent criticism that certain shows are portraying the fighting a little too heavily, and said “For me, I have my own issues. It’s very difficult for me to judge the girls on Basketball Wives or any of the women on Mob Wives or any of the women who are showing their lives on VH1. But what I did want to pay attention to is that I’m portrayed right. I’m not perfect in this show, by any means. The biggest things I wanted the producers to portray is not an innocent K.Michelle but an honest and real K.Michelle.”

As for Joseline, she really wants people to know she’s an artist, first and foremost. “I believe and know everyone is going to love my music. I put in a lot of work and I’ve had a lot of struggles,” she says. “I’m really showing people how much of the struggle I’ve had. I’m not just a beautiful face and a beautiful body, it’s more than that. I know people are going to love the music, that’s what I’m doing the show for.” But after last night’s episode, it’s clear she’s there to stir things up, but she’s quick to deny she’s a villain. Of course, I think a lot of people are going to believe I am the villain. The truth of the matter is, Stevie is my manager and we’re going to be working together forever. Once people get to know the full story and see what’s going on, they will know I’m not the villain and I’m trying to work. They will know I’m not trying to take anyone’s man; they will know it’s not like that. But it’s OK, people are judging me already. They’ve been judging me. Everyone has their opinions. They can say what they want because I know what I am and what I’m not. I just want to work and make beautiful music.” To read the entire interview with the two women, click here.

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