Meet Hollywood Exes Star Andrea Kelly, The Phantom Wife


When Andrea Kelly tells people she was married to R. Kelly, often the reaction she gets is “I didn’t even know he was married!” which is why she calls herself the “phantom wife.” The pair are no longer married, why is why Andrea is the perfect fit for VH1’s latest series, Hollywood Exes. The newly divorced mother of three is feisty and hilarious and, as you’ll see from the show, a born entertainer.

In this profile piece, Andrea, a dancer, talks about how she was hesitant to start a relationship with her ex, telling him “I don’t wanna be your girlfriend, ’cause you got about fifteen hundred of those.” Eventually he wooed her, they married and had three children, and then the strain of both of them being artists started to take its toll. Now that they’re apart, Drea is in control of her life and ready to be an artist and dancer again, and she wants the world to know her for who she is. Also, make sure you stay on her good side, lest you get a tongue lashing or one of her catchphrases lobbed at you. “Baby hair don’t care.”

Hollywood Exes premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Andrea Kelly Hollywood Exes

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