Sex On The Beach: The Cast Of Single Ladies Gets Honest With The Answer To An Intimate Question


The cast of Single Ladies is one of the most fun groups of people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, so we decided to play a little game with them during a recent set visit. We brought a collection of questions from a popular board game from the 80’s and asked them to answer the questions, which can sometimes get a little dirty, as honestly as possible. Even though we gave them a stack of twenty questions to rifle through, every one of them ended up choosing this one: “While walking along a deserted section of beach, you see a couple engaged in sex. Do you stay to watch?” The answers, which are hilarious, range from “Why would I not stay to watch?” (thank you, Charity Shea) to “This is a perverted question,” but that last response came from guest star Romeo Miller who’s the youngest of the bunch, so maybe he just needs some time to come around. Coming up a little later on the VH1 Blog, we’ll have some of the cast’s answers to even more questions so stay tuned.

Single Ladies airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Romeo Miller Single Ladies Sex On The Beach

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