The Top Seven TMI Moments From Evelyn And Momma Dee’s Kandi Koated Nights Interview


Evelyn Lozada Momma Dee Kandi Koated Nights

Last night during her stop in Atlanta for her book tour, Evelyn Lozada stopped by Kandi Burruss‘ online chat show Kandi Koated Nights to discuss all things sex. She was also joined by Momma Dee from Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta and the chat got prettttty intimate pretty fast. The topic of the evening’s show was “Why do women work so hard to keep a man?” and there were plenty of opinions in the room on that topic. You can watch the full interview here (Evelyn and Momma Dee join the conversation around the 33:40 mark) but after the jump, we’ve broken down some of the highlights, which also happen to be the most crazy TMI moments. Caution: most of this language is NSFW, this is a sex show after all.

1. Evelyn, on using sex toys with Chad: “We go to the sex store together, we get all types of stuff. [Chad] doesn’t get intimidated by a ten-incher.”

2. Momma Dee, on how she became a pimp: “I was a nurse by trade in ’96 but unfortunately I was in a head on collision, so I couldn’t work. In the midst of that I had to take care of my kids so I snatched up two hoes at the time…I was taught by older pimps…I watched how they treated women and how they would go into strip joints and how they played them, so I said ‘Oh, this is a mind thing.’ When you get in the head, the tail is going to follow so at the end of the day, I just paid attention.”

3. Momma Dee describes a violent showdown she had with a man who beat one of the prostitutes who worked for her: “A guy snatched her in the bushes, beat her, and take the money. So a week later…she says Momma, there he is, there’s that n—. I got my gun and I popped him…He didn’t die, thank the Lord, but you not gonna take my money.”

4. When Evelyn was asked in a lightning round of sorts about her sexual proclivities, she answered “yes” to a number of…less orthodox sex acts. (To see what we’re talking about, check out the video around 1:25). When asked if she’s had a threesome with Chad, her response was “Almost. It didn’t quite happen.”

5. Evelyn’s favorite sexual position is: “On top. I’m a rider.”

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, Evelyn says her freak number is “11.” Momma Dee does her one better and says that her own is “12 and sizzling.”

7. When Momma Dee was asked how old the youngest guy she’s dated is, she answered “27,” and that dating him was “Long and hard.” Yup, she went there. Everybody went there on this show though.

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