Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 2 – Babies, Contracts And Enemies


The drama at K.Michelle’s birthday party last night reached epic proportions when Stevie J showed up with Joseline. Like a real friend, Ariane talks to Mimi about leaving him. “I don’t care how good that d— is, how big it is, whatever,” said Ariane. “I’m willing to do whatever I have to do to help her break this addiction to Stevie.” We love how Ariane tells Mimi what she needs to hear opposed to what she wants to hear. Friends like that don’t come around often. Ariane’s nickname shall be “voice of reason.” It’s so refreshing.

Rasheeda may be an independent rapper, but at home she’s a mom and wife to her husband of twelve years, Kirk, who is also her manager. But the two don’t always see eye to eye on business. Rasheeda loves “Legs to the Moon” as her first single while Kirk thinks “Marry Me” will be the bigger hit. “I’m definitely more her servant than her manager or husband,” Kirk said. “It’s like I have to bend over backwards for her all the time to keep a smile on her face, and that’s probably some sucker s—, but I just do what I gotta do.” Kirk tells Rasheeda that she can’t bring their business disagreements into the personal lives. “If I kick my leg up on you while we laying in the bed, after business, don’t kick it back off because you’re mad about some business crap,” he said. To which Rasheeda replies, “I’m gonna follow your lead this time.” We’ll see about that.

Karlie may have meant well, but it wasn’t enough that she started all the mess that went down at K.Michelle’s birthday bash. She drops by Stevie J’s studio to make sure he’s still going to work with her, but instead she comes face to face with Joseline. Without saying hello, Karlie asks where Stevie is. “He’s on his way. Say hello when you come in the room first. Be polite,” Joseline responds. Joseline has the best quotes ever.

Karlie, stay out of that mess. It’s not your relationship. By the way, what is a “boosh,” Ms. Joseline?

Stevie J is jonesing bad for his love, Mimi, who will not answer his calls. Taking matters into his own hands he does what any normal person would do, he pops up unannounced at the cleaning company she owns. “You, my family are my number one priority. At the end of the day you got to understand I love you, but working is how I get my money. I want to make things right with you.” Mimi isn’t quite convinced there’s nothing going on between Joseline and Stevie J. “I want you to look me in my face and tell me, are you f—- this girl?” He says no, but laughs while saying it. But Mimi has a few tricks up her sleeve. She wants 10% from Joseline’s sales. As someone in the doghouse he can’t afford to decline her offer. Get that money, girl!

Erica is working on rekindling her relationship with her mom. Its been 10 years since they’ve had a relationship. The tough conversation of her mom’s addiction and stint in prison lead to an emotional moment. Erica cries while talking about not getting letters from her and feeling like she wasn’t loved. Glad to see the two working on building that mother daughter relationship.

Stevie J is pouring it on thick. By pouring it on we’re referring to him trying to get back in Mimi’s good graces. At a romantic dinner he planned she presents him with a contract asking for 20% in his business. Initially he thinks 20% is too much, but it looks like he’s going to concede. He’s tired of all the business talk though. He just wants to sing his woman a song. He plays the piano while singing, “Your love can never be replaced, and nobody but you can keep a smile on my face.” It doesn’t look like she’ll be leaving him any time soon. “The truth is I still love this man, even though he takes every opportunity to screw this relationship up,” she explains.

Rasheeda shows up to her own video shoot two hours late with an at-t-i-tude. Kirk isn’t too happy either. “Why are you late? What’s the f—ing issue?” Rasheeda’s late because she had to pick up her clothes since he cut the stylist from the budget. “You act like you’re doing s— for me,” he said. “What you mean I act like I’m doing s— for you? Are you saying you only do things for me?” she replied. “I ain’t talking about personal life. This is business,” he reiterates “All that s— mesh together,” she said. Now she has to get on camera and look pretty after he’s messed up her vibe. Being an indie artist sure isn’t easy.

Mimi stops by Karlie’s to talk about how everything went down at K.Michelle’s birthday party. “The chemistry I saw between them I was like, clearly y’all f—–‘,” Karlie says about Joseline and Stevie J. Mimi knows deep down Stevie J and Joseline’s relationship is more than business, but she asks Karlie what she thinks. Without hesitation Karlie gives her two cents before telling Mimi she wants to work with Stevie J. “Gotta love that Karlie Redd. She tells me that Stevie J and Joseline are f—-, and then turns around and asks me can she work with him,” says Mimi while giving a massive side eye. Mimi then tells Karlie Redd she’s getting 10% off of Joseline. Mimi, don’t tell your business to Karlie, babe. She can’t really hold water, let alone your business.

In the studio Joseline tells Stevie J she may be pregnant. His response, “We shouldn’t even have this conversation. Period.” Mimi comes in to let Joseline know she’s now a business partner, and on that topic, Joseline thinks “Mimi don’t run nothing over here, and she don’t run nothing over there either.” And it looks like the decision was made by the new boss—Stevie J will be working with Karlie.

Erica wants to make sure she and Scrappy are on the same page in terms of moving forward with the relationship. He drops a bomb on her that he’s moving and getting his own place. Surprisingly, Erica is all for it. “I’m not against it, I’m for it,” she said.

Joseline is fed up with Karlie not “minding her business.” She pops up on Karlie at the gym to give her a piece of her mind. “I don’t wanna hear none of that bulls— about you and Mimi talked,” she said. “I don’t give a f— about that. Don’t talk about me with Mimi.” Joseline is marking her producer territory, “You will work with Stevie J when you get the chance to work with him, if I allow him to work with you at the end of the day, honey.”

Joseline takes the pregnancy test and tells Stevie J she is in fact pregnant. She cries, but the tears don’t move Stevie J much. He asks her what she’s going to do. “You brought this to your manager?” he asks. She replies, “Who else am I supposed to take it to?” “You’re supposed to handle this off the rip,” Stevie said. Insensitive much, Stevie? He proceeds to drill her about whose kid it is before she drops it on him, “I haven’t been f— nobody for the last six months but you,” she says.

Ladies and gentleman, things just got real. This is not going to sit well with Mimi. The way Stevie J reacted to the news (by basically encouraging her to have an abortion), Joseline just may have some revenge up her sleeve. This is one wild ride!

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