Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Star Mimi Faust Talks About Her Relationship With Stevie J. And Getting Thrown Under the Bus By Karlie


Mimi Faust Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

It would be easy to call Mimi Faust the “long-suffering girlfriend” of Stevie J on Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta, but the fact is, she’s stuck by him and claims that their connection is what keeps them together and the suffering he’s caused seems pretty recent. In an interview with V103 radio host Egypt, Mimi discusses her situation with Stevie and how it’s actually changed recently, and she also talks about her relationship with the other more controversial women on the show. Here are some snippets:

Mimi on how long she’s known Stevie: I want to clear this up. I’ve known him for fifteen years. We have dated off and on. I have not been with Stevie straight for fifteen years. I was absolutely not with Stevie when he was with Eve. I wasn’t with Stevie when he was with Alex, Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter. I was not with Stevie when he was in any other relationship. So I’ve known Stevie for fifteen years and we’ve dated off and on but for the past three and a half, four years we have been together.

On why she’s stayed with him: What I think what it is for me the connection that him and I had and also I’m just…flat out he lies to me a lot. I mean that’s just the bottom line. He’ll say one thing to me and he’ll say one thing to her or whoever else but and I’m not with him when he’s out with anyone else. I only know what goes on when we’re together.

On whether or not she’s planning to stay together with him now that certain truths have come out: I thought him and I were working towards something towards you know raising and building our family, but when I realized that wasn’t the direction we were both trying to go in. My head was there and his was obviously elsewhere then you know I made a decision at that point. It’s hard watching your pain, your life play out on TV. It’s very hard. I’m watching it along with you guys…I would love to keep my family together. But at this point I don’t see that happening so I’m willing to just let this do what it do.

Did she keep the house Stevie offered her?: No I did not. It’s not worth it. Don’t want it. The house comes along with everything else that comes along with him and I would still be tied to everything else. It just complicated. When you start mixing houses and this and that…

On whether her proposal to take a 20% cut of Stevie’s business was a payoff: No, no…What it was was I wanted to be more involved in the business. It wasn’t I was accepting a payoff. I actually wanted to be involved. If I put in this work and I have been dealing with this this long I want to be more hands-on with the situation as far as making the money and everything that goes along with it.

And on how she feels now about Karlie after viewing Monday’s show: She kinda threw me under the bus last night. Joseline came to see her and it was a gym scene and she told Joseline that I was talking about her or something along those lines and said it more than once and I’m like were we watching the same show?!
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