Single Ladies – Episode 6 – Never Will Be To Soon


“Finally, a cure for your love of black men.” That’s what Keisha tells April when she learns that April has to trail R and B bad boy Bobby Mornay around Atlanta for three days, babysitting this grown man so he’ll show up to a show she’s promoting. “Bad boy” is also code for disgusting, ill-mannered, temperamental boy, and right off the bat, Bobby’s treating April, well, like a coat rack.

The conversation about Bobby is interrupted when the blasts of bass coming from the skate shop next door prove too loud for Raquel. She walks over to confront the store manager who happens to be Scotty (Romeo Miller), a much-younger-than-expected and, not to mention more buff and adorable, too.

Scotty turns down the music and turns on the charm, and Raquel finds herself flirting with him to the point where she finds herself skateboarding outside. Keisha and Omar are thoroughly amused for about four seconds, because that’s all it takes before Raquel falls on her ass.

As Raquel ices her butt down after her fall, Malcolm shows up to the store to speak with Keisha. Keisha asked him to meet her there so she could trick him into confessing that he had Luke throw their poker game so Keisha could win her Aston Martin back. Malcolm admits that “that’s the kind of guy” he is, buying her the same car twice and all, and as much as she appreciates the car, it’s what the grand gesture actually means that eaves her stumped.

Does Malcolm still love her or is he just a guy who doesn’t want to see the gorgeous car he bought slip into some hustler’s hands?

Everyone’s so distracted by Keisha and Malcolm that no one notices that Bobby bad boy has actually sneaked out of the back of the store (and taken thousands of dollars of merchandise with him). April runs off to find him while Keisha strikes up a conversation with Shelly, who’s just come in looking for more clothing that’s politician’s wife-appropriate. Shelly tells Keisha that Taylor, Malcolm’s current girlfriend, and her family are broke and word on the street is that Taylor is only interested in marrying Malcolm for his money. Very interesting info for Keisha. Very interesting, indeed.

Shelly also has to have a chat with Raquel, who knows that Shelly made a sex tape and wants to help her come clean about it.

Raquel wears the look of gentle disappointment when Shelly tells her that she doesn’t plan to tell her boyfriend about the tape, instead, she’s going to track down the guy she made the tape with to try and have it destroyed.

Scotty shows up at the boutique to deliver some misdirected mail to Raquel and even though she learns he’s only twenty, she agrees to go on a date with him to “grab a pretzel or something.” It sounds delightfully juvenile and risk-free, so how can she resist?

April’s still watching Bobby and when he tells her he wants to go to his hotel room to grab his phone, she assumes “grab my phone” means “get April into bed” and calls him out on it. He actually does just want to find his phone, but up in the hotel room, they run into Cookie, his girlfriend who automatically assumes that April is his jumpoff. It’s hard to prove you’re not when you’re in a guy’s hotel room, but April surely tries.
Single Ladies Episode 6
The only way Cookie will believe there’s no funny business is when Bobby convinces her that April is a masseuse (a foot masseuse, even) that he hired for her. Aww. Also, ewww.

Hurricane Taylor comes crashing into the shop speaking French and snapping up expensive cocktail dresses for fancy affairs with Malcolm, and after making a few bitchy comments to Keisha, Keisha’s finally had it and asks her about this new development with her family’s finances, asking point blank “Does Malcolm know your family is broke?” That shut Taylor up.

She turns her back on Keisha, who all but threatens that if Taylor doesn’t disclose that info to Malcolm, Keisha will herself.

Later, as Scotty and Raquel begin a little makeout session in the apartment, Keisha walks in on them (and is completely shocked to see her roomie making out with someone who’s not of the legal drinking age).

Scotty asks if Raquel wants to go to his place instead because his “roommate is at his girlfriend’s dorm” which is just, no. Raquel pulls the old “I have to get up early” line and lets Doogie Howser out, promising to see him again soon.

April and Keisha rib Raquel for her choice in younger men the next day, but secretly they just seem jealous because Keisha tells her, “If you wanna quench your thirst, you gotta drink from the fountain of youth.”

Marcus, the unpleasant gentleman we met last week who’s dating Presley, Omar’s sister, finally makes an attempt to make good with Omar after spewing homophobic comments at him. Omar’s not fully accepting his apology, but then Marcus springs it on him that he’s also there to ask for Presley’s hand in marriage.

Omar could have flown into a rage or given him a flat out no, but instead, he tells Marcus “That just made up for everything!” and excitedly tells Marcus how happy he is. But. Marcus tells Omar he wants him out of their lives. He thinks Omar’s gay lifestyle is a bad influence on Corey, Omar’s nephew, and if Omar takes a backseat, maybe then Corey will get the chance to grow up to be a “real man.” Marcus leaves and Omar feels like he’s been slapped in the face. Raquel’s watched the entire conversation unfold and as she tries to comfort him, he waves her off. This isn’t a situation words can soothe right now.

Taylor has dinner with Malcolm and tearfully (fake tearfully? I can never tell with her) that her father’s lost their family fortune. But of course Malcolm already knew all about that and assure her everything is just fine. She volunteers to break up with him if he wants that, but Malcolm’s not in this for her family’s money, and he sticks by her.

“We were meant to build a dynasty,” she tells him regally. They toast to the giant power trip of a relationship they’re in.

Then Taylor tells Malcolm that he needs to cut off all contact with Keisha if they plan to make this dynasty work. Malcolm remains silent.

Malcolm’s brother, Terrance, shows up outside a home Keisha’s selling and tells her that he wants the two of them to get back together. He hates that Malcolm loves the bougie crowd, but he also knows that that crowd has long been what Malcolm has wanted to be a part of.

Terrance calls Taylor “Queen bitch of the rich kid clique,” (tell us how you really feel) and hopes his message gets through to Keisha: he wants her to win Malcolm back and get him away from these society types.

Now, about Shelly’s sex tape. Guess who she made it with? Hey, it’s Terrance again!

Shelly tells him she wants the tape, but unfortunately, while he was in prison, it was stolen from his apartment. He has plans to get it back, though, he’s just fails to see Shelly’s urgency.

April, still trying to wrangle Bobby, takes a drastic measure after he’s messed with her for the last time. She calls his mother.

That’ll get any man in line quick.

Presley shows up to the shop to talk to Omar and when he tells her about his confrontation with Marcus, she actually wants Omar to agree to Marcus’ terms, promising Omar that she’ll talk to Marcus, that his exile from her life won’t be forever. Omar is stunned that this is even on the table and he shows her the door.

Raquel has finally let herself get swept away by Scotty and they consummate their fling.

But Raquel’s been holding a candle for Charles, the guy she met at the Boule Ball, and wouldn’t you know it, she runs into him right outside Scotty’s shop. She tells Charles she tried calling him and now she’s involves with Scotty and…the whole thing is just a mess.


At the club, April finally got Bobby to the show, solidifying her promoter skills and everyone’s faith in her. Shelly and James show up, too, but Shelly is shocked to see Terrance sitting in a booth nearby. We don’t have time for their drama though because Scotty is too busy getting into trouble being underage at the club, and the owner throws him out despite April’s protests.

After he walks her up to her apartment, Raquel breaks it off with Scotty, citing that they’re in different places right now. Like, one of them is still in high school, basically. “What about goodbye sex?” he asks as the door closes in his face.

Unexpectedly, Malcolm shows up at Keisha’s door, and apparently, he has an answer to Taylor’s request that he never see Keisha again.

“I’m cutting off all communication with you,” he tells Keisha. Which is exactly what Keisha wanted him to do with Ashley, and so, more angry than anything, she tells him “Malcolm, if we never speak again in life, it’ll be too soon.”

As soon as she closes the door on him, however, she loses it. Knowing that she already lost it.

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