Download The Big Ang Theme Song MP3 For Free!


It’s finally here! After months and months worth of anticipation, the premiere episode of Big Ang is finally on the air right now. In fact, the show’s opening credits just wrapped, and people are already blowing up our @VH1 Twitter timeline trying to find out how to get their hands on the “Big Ang Theme” by Moxie Black.

Well, we’ve got good news for you! You can download an MP3 of the “Big Ang Theme” song here on the VH1 Blog for free, but only for the next 24 hours. At that point, the song will go on sale at the iTunes store. So, with that in mind, you know what to do…


And below, we’ve got the complete lyrics of the song for you, which will make memorizing the song that much easier for you!

BIG ANG THEME by Moxie Black (@MoxieBlack)
Let’s mob, I be spendin’ hella dough
Lookin fly sippin merlot
Everybody love me though
Better know my name before I go
Tell a broad about herself
Don’t get whacked better check yourself
Eat a meal a quarter mil
Yeah that’s how I treat my wealth
Cause we mob
Cause we mob
Y’all ain’t even related, we be highly debated
Yo my style already stated
I’m BIG Ang official, hated
Drunken Monkey rated
Ace up my sleeve already plated
My plan is to do it big like Ang
My plan is to do it big like Ang
My plan is to do it big like Ang
Lets mob, Italian mommies with big boobies
Thick hips and hips like a movie
A boss’s wife wanna do me
Linguine platters then sushi
Damn I need a mob wife
I know she about that life
Looks like a princess laced in ice
But goes animal late at night
Scream her name Big Ang
Big ups to Staten Island
Mob lady fly as her
Keep the wise guys stylin
Yeah we get it get that paper
We know money is a flavor
Anything less is nothing major
She wants carrots from a player
My plan is to do it big like Ang
My plan is to do it big like Ang
My plan is to do it big like Ang

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