Single Ladies – Episode 7 – Everything Happens For A Reason


Darryl Single Ladies
Spoiler alert! Darryl is back and he’s ready to give April a taste of her own medicine.

Anthony Montgomery is a guest star on this episode, so if you’re the type who pays attention to this sort of thing, you’d know that April is about to have a run-in with Darryl, her ex and the man who cruelly delivered her divorce papers in front of all her friends (on her birthday) after finding out she cheated on him. We’re not saying April didn’t deserve it, but Darryl went from dream husband to evil nightmare over the course of last season, and we got a little nervous seeing that he was showing up again.

But a lot of men from the past are showing up in this episode, so Darryl isn’t our biggest concern right now. Keisha and Raquel arrive at a club that April’s promoting, and they’re pleased to see she’s working closely with Reggie, who April met at the Boule Ball and had some sparks with. April informs them that things with Reggie are strictly friendly because he still lives with his ex. It’s pretty clear though that April wishes they were more than friends. Another Boule Ball recurring character is Charles, the man Raquel has her eye on, but who caught her on a date last week with Scotty. “Apparently you dating a toddler didn’t turn him off, because here he comes,” Keisha says as Charles approaches.

Charles tells her he has a mission to get Raquel to go out with him before the month ends, but it’s not that difficult a task, she immediately agrees to a date. A dark cloud appears at the club when the Mayor’s wife Jennifer (Pilar Sanders) appears out of nowhere and approaches April. “Mistress Number Nine. Still nothing to say?” she asks, referring to the moment she met April last season, after the Mayor’s indiscretions went public and she confronted April by saying “You should have kept your legs closed then like you’re keeping your mouth closed now.

April apologizes for her indiscretions but Jennifer actually tells her shes over the whole thing. “We will never be friends, but I found it in my heart to forgive all of you. Plus I’ve met someone,” Jennifer says coolly. April sends Jennifer some champagne and peace is restored for now in Atlanta.

As they watch the club’s featured performer, Chilli, on stage,

Keisha excuses herself to use the ladies room and she’s approached by a persistent suitor who won’t let her off his hook.

When he grabs her, a sexy British officer named William steps in to rescue her and tell the guy oh-so-Britishly to piss off. Keisha invites him for a drink and makes a date with him to show him around Atlanta. When they do go out, the connection is instant and they can’t get enough of each other.

While Raquel is waiting for her car to be tuned up the next day, she meets Nate the mechanic, who instantly notices that she’s not wearing a wedding ring. Is all of Atlanta in the dating pool?

They discuss the lack of good men out there and Nate tells Raquel that there are plenty of decent guys with decent jobs out there and invites her out to a club that night. She’s surprised and doesn’t accept right away, mostly because she has a date with Charles planned. They hike up a hill to enjoy a gorgeous view, and Charles feeds Raquel wine, cheese and his guitar playing.

Deep conversation and a deep makeout session follow.

As Raquel is swooning to her friends about Charles at the boutique, Nate walks in wondering why she never showed up to the club. “Do women usually meet you out somewhere just because you bark out your itinerary?” she asks him.

She gets him to ask her out properly and then accepts, despite being all fired up about Charles. She’s a modern woman, she can juggle two men at once no problem! “I’m seeing what my options are,” she declares.

So. Back to Darryl. As April orders a celery-ginger-apple juice at the gym, she notices that someone else placed the same exact drink order. That someone else is the man she shared her life with for eight years. They reconnect briefly, just long enough for Darryl to tell April that their divorce was the best thing that ever happened to him and that he’s happier now than ever. All because of the new woman in his life. And she is…

Oh, hello again Jennifer, former wife of the mayor.

So now we know why she was so eager to tell April she’s got a new man in her life. That man is April’s ex-husband. Without saying another word, Jennifer’s look implies “Hurts, don’t it?”

It does.

Desperate, April calls everyone in her phone, including Reggie who has company of the female persuasion over at his place, but no one is around to be the shoulder she needs to cry on. She pulls together the willpower to drag herself home, and while she’s there wallowing, Reggie shows up. She tells him he didn’t have to come, and he tells her “Yeah, I did. You didn’t hear what you sounded like.” Aww. She tells him about Darryl and Jennifer and Reggie wonders if she still has feelings for her ex. “No,” she says “but when someone you were in love with for years looks at someone else the way they used to look at you…” It just hurts, that’s all. And it hurts even more when Reggie tells April that his ex moved out of their apartment, which was the reason April didn’t want to date him, but he’s already seeing someone else. This is all very “Save The Best For Last” and April is playing the Vanessa Williams role well. I just hope the chance hasn’t passed for her and Reggie yet. Has the snow started coming down in June? Has the sun gone round the moon?

After yet another date with William, Keisha learns that he received word that he needs to ship out to Afghanistan. She kept trying to convince everyone, including herself, that she was keeping it light and casual, but hearing this news hurts. “We still have tonight,” he tells her. So there’s that to look forward to.

But on their way out of William’s hotel, after sharing a moment of pre-combat ecstasy, they’re stopped in their tracks by one of the hotel’s cleaning women who chastises William, who she calls “LaDamian,” for not being at work yet and to get out of that uniform. Uhhh, what?

Keisha is totally confused and the cleaning woman sets her straight. William is LaDamian, and LaDamian is a janitor. Oh, hellll no. “You better wish you were in Afghanistan!” Keisha yells after him as he bolts to a broom closet. Keisha threatens to tell LaDamian’s boss she was duped, and the cleaning lady tells her to re-think that plan. How’s it going to look when Keisha lodges the complaint: “Excuse me sir, one of your janitors pretended to be a general and jacked me for my panties”?

“Point taken,” Keisha concedes. “Don’t worry,” the wise maid tells her. “Karma will get him.” After she thinks about it long enough, she realizes “I can’t stay mad at a player that’s got good game.” A generous assessment from the one who got played.

On her first date with Nate the mechanic, Raquel goes back to the garage with him to check out the Thunderbird he’s been restoring. Surprisingly, Raquel has lusted after this very car and he tells her to suit up to help him work on it. She throws on a pair of coveralls and Nate shows her how to change a tire like a pro. Assuming all pros flirt shamelessly and giggle with one another while pulling off lugnuts. As their date ends, they passionately kiss and Raquel realizes she’s smitten. In fact, she’s just as smitten with Nate as she is with Charles.

As Raquel starts to tell the girls all about her date with Nate, Charles walks in with a present for Raquel: a gift certificate for guitar lessons. And he also gives an in-store performance.

This could be a problem.

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