Andrea Kelly Recaps Episode 3 Of Hollywood Exes: No Way, Jose!


Andrea Kelly is a busy woman, between her dancing, her move to Los Angeles, and being a full-time mom. We’re so thrilled though that she’s taken the time from her schedule to contribute weekly recaps of Hollywood Exes to the VH1 Blog. Here’s her latest post on episode three of the show.

Episode 3: No Way Jose!

Hey everybody! Before I get to the good stuff, I want to say thank you. My girls and I are so grateful for our fans. It’s because of all of you that Hollywood Exes is a hit show. I hope that you all tell family and friends to tune in every week as we embark upon this journey of self discovery, reinvention, and healing. This life lesson is a scary one and sometimes hard to do, but with our “sister-girl fans” rooting us on we’ll make it across the finish line! Please know the same love you have for us, we have for you too!

Okay y’all, it’s time to get deep like wrinkles!

It’s called “exes” for a reason. I’m not opposed to having lunch with my ex. Talking on the phone with my ex. Sending a Christmas card to my ex. But living with my ex…oh, hell no! When relationships end we need to reflect and answer the question “Why did it end?” Many times we end up with the same person or the same type of person because we haven’t completed the journey.

A completed journey comes with self-responsibility and clarity. When we blame the other person we are not being responsible for what we allowed that ultimately resulted in the demise of the relationship. You haven’t finished the journey! Clarity comes when we know what we will no longer allow. This keeps us from ending up with that person again or dating someone that reminds us of our exes. We can’t expect different results from the same person. No way, Jose. So take some “me time” and ask yourself, is it really my ex or is it me?

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