Single Ladies – Episode 8 – You Can Come Home Again


There are certain messages on this show that are subtle and subdued. And then there’s the message Sean sends to Keisha.

Keisha is trying to resist Sean’s advances, but he’s a persistent guy. He did lend her some money to get her out of her legal jam, so she repaid him by buying him dinner, but Sean seems eager for some dessert, too.

When Keisha tells him she’s not into that just yet and she’d prefer to just “hang” for a while, Sean understands but he’s disappointed, but tells her “Anyway, you’re the one that’s missing out on all this,” and leaves.

April is still crushing on her best guy friend Reggie who just isn’t getting it. As many times as she drops hints and asks questions about what it’s like for him now that he’s single, he keeps being a dumb guy and not realizing she’s interested. And then he goes and just starts making out with girls named Natasha right in front of April.

April leaves, not wanting to watch the riveting game of tonsil hockey in front of her.

At the boutique, Terrence and Shelly rendezvous so that he can confirm to her that he found their stolen sex tape, but he’s a little shady on whether or not it’s been destroyed.

His hesitation makes me think not. When Shelly’s beau James approaches them, she’s left to explain that she and Terrance dated “back when she was into bad boys.” Thankfully (?) she’s into politicians now.

Raquel is having some trouble doing the whole “juggling two men” thing. While she’s out on a date with Charles, who should she run into but Nate? She’s completely shocked to see him.

I feel like Charles is less surprised since, if you recall, Raquel ran into him while she was out with Scotty once and it seems like a pattern is emerging where she just keeps having these unfortunate run-ins. Raquel is terrible at keeping her cool in awkward situations and she bumbles through a conversation with Nate, stammering and making the world’s worst small-talk. When Nate leaves, Charles asks “Who was that and why does he make you so nervous? You guys used to date or something?” “Something,” Raquel tells Charles. “We’re actually currently dating.” Surprise!

The thing is, Charles is actually totally cool with Raquel being choosy and dating two guys at once. He knows she just needs some time to “get there” and make the right choice. When Raquel explains the double-dating to Nate later, he’s also fine with it, telling her “I don’t sweat competition, I expect it.” In fact, his forgiveness and her indecisiveness only make them more irresistible to each other.

At the boutique, Omar starts to watch a video from a link someone sends him, and he makes the rest of the girls watch it with him. They go from


once they realize it’s Shelly and Terrence’s sex tape.

Shelly’s not pleased when she finds out Terrence didn’t destroy the tape after all.

Shelly rushes over to her fiance James’ press conference where his whole political career lays ahead of him, and she confesses she did the tape in order to prepare him for the questions he might get about that. He’s also sufficiently shocked by the news and has no words for Shelly, just a stone-cold stare.

Shelly crashes that night with April, and when Reggie pops up unexpectedly to see if April’s okay because he hasn’t heard from her lately, she explains Shelly’s situation and then unexpectedly plants a kiss on Reggie. She has no idea how that happened, but she freaks out, runs back inside her apartment without explanation, and feels basically like a doofus.

When Shelly confronts Terrence about the tape, he tells her she should consider turning lemons into lemonade — Calendars! Websites! Appearances! The full Kardashian, you know? Shelly answers that with a big fat “Go to hell.” She’s lost her job, and her boyfriend won’t return her calls and she’s not about to become an unintentional porn star.

The boutique is doing well enough that Raquel gives Omar a raise and starts the search for a new sales associate. Morgan walks in practically begging for the job, and her daughter Nicole is mortified that her mother is so embarrassing and desperate, but Nicole also can’t keep her paws off a certain pair of jeans. A few days later, Omar spots Nicole shoplifting the jeans,

but instead of calling the police, Raquel calls her mother who reams her out for pulling a Winona. Not the best impression for a job candidate to make, unfortunately.

Raquel brings her car back into Nate’s mechanic shop and while they’re discussing important automobile things, Nate calls Raquel his girlfriend. “Girlfriend?” Raquel asks. “That sounds like we’re sliding into exclusive territory,” she tells him. “I don’t want to mislead you.”

Nate makes up an excuse to leave and she can tell he’s angry, but he bolts before he shows any more emotion. When he finally is ready to talk, he tells Raquel he gets it now: being exclusive with him, a mechanic, is stepping too far out of her comfort zone. “You would never be with a dude like me if it really came down to it,” he tells her. Raquel denies what he’s saying is true, but he doesn’t stick around long enough to hear it.

April invites Reggie over to discuss their accidental kiss and she apologizes, saying it was inappropriate since he’s with Natasha now. Reggie is like, “Natasha? I’m not with her,” even though their earlier makeout session confirmed otherwise. So April tells him she likes him as more than a friend and without hesitation or words, he proves he kinda likes her too.

And as much as Keisha resisted Sean’s charms for, oh, eight episodes, he’s finally won her over and she gives into his advances.

But when the time comes for them to make sweet love, no one can find a condom, and Keisha’s not about to let her ex, whom she left because of his cheating ways, get in her pants without protection.

“No glove, no love,” she tells a frustrated Sean.

Enough time has passed and James finally is willing to talk to Shelly about her sex tape. “I was pissed,” he tells her. “You set my campaign back.” But he forgives her and hates that she’s the one under a microscope now because of his campaign.

Shelly volunteers to disassociate herself from him if that’s what he wants. “No,” James says. “I need you to come home.”

Morgan and Nicole show up to the boutique because wants to volunteer Nicole for some service — mopping, dusting, roadside trash retrieval, anything Raquel needs her to do. Raquel accepts the offer and tells Morgan that she’s also hired. Sure, her daughter is a wannabe shoplifter, but the way she handled the situation showed Raquel integrity, and that’s what counts to her. All bosses aren’t nearly as forgiving as Raquel, that’s for sure.

Sean shows up to Keisha’s place and shows off the bedroom surprise he created for her. It’s not subtle.

At least he’s prepared this time. But Keisha has rethought the scenario and spells out a message of her own to Sean.

Surprisingly enough, Sean respects her for holding out even more. But we’re all going to hold out to see just what happens now that all of these relationships are taking huge leaps — some forward, some backwards, but they’re all in a constant state of change.

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