WWDBD?: Single Ladies’ DB Woodside On Sex Tapes And KimYe


Let’s say you made a sex tape with your partner, and then you broke up. Would you be paranoid about your ex releasing it?

On this week’s episode of Single Ladies, Lauren London’s character Shelly gets a reality check when some scandalous footage from a past relationship (with Malcolm’s brother Terrence!) is leaked on the net. You’ll have to tune-in tonight to see how it all pans out, but when it comes to recording intimate moments in his real life, it’ll do your heart good to know that DB Woodside doesn’t kiss and tell.

Around the time Shelly’s sex tape sub-plot began building on the show, we caught up with DB and just had to ask him how he’d feel if he was in her vulnerable situation. Acknowledging that these sort of viral mishaps generally have a more negative impact on the video’s famous female starlets than they do on the male, DB delivered a reasonable, relaxed answer. “Would I be horrified? No. Would I feel slightly, shall we say, ‘off,’ slightly embarrassed? Yeah. I think the whole idea behind sex tapes is that two people are making [them] to be viewed only by them.” What a gentleman.

In a 6-Degrees-Of-Sex-Taperation sort of way, we wanted to get a read on DB’s pop culture quotient by asking him about something that’s been on everyone’s mind for the last few months: Kim Kardashian and Kanye. How does DB feel about the budding romance in light of Kimmy’s scandalous past? He hopes KimYe lasts. “It seems that they’ve both had problems in that area of their life,” he said compassionately. “I’m in their corner.” DB, like Malcolm, always seems to have the perfect answer for everything.
[Photo: VH1]

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