Mob Wives Chicago – Episode 7 – Waiting To Get Burned


Mob Wives Chicago Recap

“Did Nora just say what I thought she said?” Leah asks at the beginning of this week’s episode of Mob Wives Chicago. In case you forgot (how could you??), Nora yelled to Renee “Your father used to rape you every day!” which isn’t something that comes up in casual conversation, or even in a casual hair-pulling fight. No, that’s some serious psychological warfare right there. Nora doesn’t fight with her fists, she fights with emotional trauma and horrific sexual history. Basically she’s a one-woman Law and Order: SVU. And she also has some choice things to say about Pia, too.

“You’re a disgusting, disgraceful human being,” Pia says. Nora rushes off before Leah can explain how wrong it is to use molestation as a weapon, and Christina attempts to be Nora’s friend through this, but Nora doesn’t want anything do do with anyone, she wants them all to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Renee is going OFF about Nora to Pia, saying “I may be crazy, but I’m not psycho stupid!”

“I’m done, I’m not getting beat up by two hookers!” Nora yells, and she walks out, crying. Christina is on a tear defending Nora and lashes out at Pia for ganging up on her with Renee, and no one understands why (Christina, did you not hear the stuff Nora was saying?), and even Leah says that Nora crossed a line. Christina doesn’t want to hear any of it either and she yells “Party’s over, get out!” and walks.

With Nora screaming so much about Pia being a whore, Pia decides she needs to have a chat with her daughter Bella to clear the air. She doesn’t want rumors coming back to Bella about that, but she also has a lot of family dirt to get off her chest. She tells Bella that her grandfather was a crooked cop turned mob informant which takes Bella by surprise, and then she tells her about the fight she was in with Nora and all the lies Nora’s been spreading. Bella seems more shocked that her mom socked Nora, actually. “No matter what anyone says, I’m still going to be proud of you,” Bella says.

“Nora’s face is scarred up, it’s f—ing heartbreaking,” Christina says when she sees Nora the next day to check in on her. Nora was definitely fighting with words, but everyone else was landing punches right on her face.

Nora has a whole conspiracy theory for what happened at the party, she thinks Renee and Pia talked beforehand in order to ambush her. “They hate each other, and all of a sudden last night they were like buddy-buddy best friends, let’s beat Nora up,” she says. Christina doesn’t quite believe that, but she’s sticking by Nora’s side because she thinks Nora is fragile and needs a friend.

I appreciate Christina’s loyalty to Nora, but Nora did say many times that Renee’s father raped her, and that’s not really defensible. Renee goes to her brother, Frankie, to tell him what happened and that Nora said that and breaks down.

“You’re gonna accuse my father, who’s dead, that he molested me?” Renee cries. “That is absolutely the f—ing worst,” Frankie says and looks like he’s about to be sick.

I don’t actually know what would be worse in this situation, for the things Nora’s saying to be true, or for her to have made them up completely. “Do you want me to contact her?” Frankie asks. Renee doesn’t answer, but who even knows what Frankie would do if he does try to reach Nora.

Leah comes over to Christina’s house to give her a pedicure in the living room, which is weird enough (it’s carpeted!) but she starts to cry when she describes Nora’s face to Leah. Leah doesn’t understand why Christina is so Team Nora now, because “Nora opened up her mouth, said what she shouldn’ta said, and she got a f—ing beating.” What goes around comes around, basically.

Pia doesn’t understand where all this defending of Nora comes from either, because Christina meets with her and asks her why she took a cheap shot at Nora at the party, and Pia explains “She said I trade sexual favors for money. I have a child and I surely don’t do that.” Christina apparently missed that at the party.

“Nora’s face will heal up, but I gotta live with the backlash of her disgusting mouth,” Pia explains when Christina launches into her defense of Nora. I also don’t quite understand how Christina is all Miss Non-Violence all of a sudden when she and Pia had each other by the hair over far less in the first episode.

Christina is the only one talking to everyone, so she meets up with Renee and Leah for dinner to once again defend Nora (even though she swears she’s not defending her) and see what everyone’s take on the party is. Right off the bat, she tells Renee “I think you f—ed up my party, man.” Renee is shocked that the blame is on her.

Renee apologizes for fighting but she’s still annoyed that Christina would say that. THEN Christina says she met with Nora, and Renee is even more shocked. “Nora shoulda never said what she said, and the fight woulda never happened!” Leah interrupts.

“I have compassion for people, and that’s the bottom line,” Christina says. And it’s her compassion that makes her oblivious to the rape and whore comments, I guess. Leah maintains that Nora got what she deserves and brings up the fact that on her party bus, Nora was talking all sorts of s— about Renee and no one defended her there. Renee is angry that no one defended her and explains that now she knows where she stands with Christina. “Nora’s a flaming hot stove. Christina’s just gonna have to wait to get burned,” she intones.

Over in Pia and Renee’s weird love-hate world, they meet back up after the party because they’ve realized now that Nora was the reason Renee felt “better than” Pia and she was spreading rumors about Pia being a hooker. Renee slightly but not really apologizes, telling Pia “I think you probably were unfairly judged” and she omits the “by ME, and I’m sorry!” part. But, Renee goes on, while she understands why someone would strip, she doesn’t understand why someone would do it for fifteen years. “Get in and get out! Go get a real job!” she says. Um…

Pia’s already come to a decision to actually quit dancing (so soon after the boob job, too) because now that Bella is a teenager, it’s time to move on, and she tells Renee that. “I’m so excited that Pia’s finally decide to hang up the g-string!” Renee says, and Renee goes full-180 and tells Pia she’s proud of her and wants to help her.
“I’m confused, but let’s go with this,” Pia says. We’re all confused, Pia. Renee is all of a sudden your support system, after hating you for this long? Ohhhkay.

Last week, Nora was working on a batch of wine she was creating in her dad’s honor, and this week, the vintage is ready. When she tastes it, I don’t think anyone was expecting this description:

That’s one for the books.

Christina still wants to know why Pia won’t forgive Nora but she will forgive Renee, and Pia says Nora was the one spreading the rumors about her. Christina still doesn’t quite grasp that and she accuses Pia of becoming friends with “the enemy.” Pia changes the subject and tells Christina she’s quitting stripping, and Christina is surprised, quipping that she thought Pia would strip “until hospice got her!” What’s so weird about Christina is that she does exactly what she accuses Pia of doing —she’s quick to defend the person she doesn’t know well and has only just befriended, but she judges her old, loyal friends. She says that in her opinion, if Pia is quitting just because she’s tired of being judged by others, “then that’s weak.” You know, instead of just saying “Good for you, I know a good temp agency you should use.”

Christina has spent the entire episode trying to bring everyone together and trying to understand everyone’s points of view, but she still can’t bring Leah around to see Nora’s side of things. So hey, guess what? They’re all going to meet up. “I wanna hear from Nora…why she said that to Renee,” Leah explains. She tells Nora “What you said to Renee about her father and went into explicits —”

“It’s TRUE!” Nora screams.

“If someone said that to me, I woulda went for the kill,” Leah tells her. Nora actually sways Leah though when she shows her pictures of her face after the fight and Leah says “It looks like she got hit in the face with a f—ing meat grinder. After seeing her beating, I just kinda wanted to give the girl a hug.” Christina is happy that Leah finally sees things her way and she starts to realize that Pia is the common denominator in all of their problems.

“Now I’m putting two and two together who’s the troublemaker here.”

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