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Ricky Whittle Charles From Single Ladies

After reaching an acting “plateau” in his native England, Single Ladies star Ricky Whittle, who plays the sexy, guitar-playing Charles on the show, says he wanted to move to Hollywood to be in the “epicenter” of the acting world. Whittle was famous across the pond for his roles on the insanely popular Hollyoaks soap opera and, like several other Single Ladies leading men such as William Levy, Romeo Miller, and Rick Fox, he appeared on Britain’s version of Dancing With The Stars, called Strictly Come Dancing.

In a recent interview, Whittle spoke to FanBolt about his stint on Single Ladies and what he loved about being on the show, from the sex scenes to the catering. We pulled some of our favorite snippets from the interview, plus a few bonus photos of the very sexy, very muscle-y man, below.

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Whittle explains that the role of Charles on the show wasn’t supposed to be as big of a role as it is now. “I was originally only supposed to be in about two episodes,” he says, “but they liked my chemistry with Raquel who is played by Denise Vasi, so they wrote me in for a much larger arc to see me through till the end of the season.” Though we haven’t seen Charles and Raquel get intimate yet, he does tease at what’s to come between them, saying “I’ve got some very steamy tantric sex scenes.”

As we mentioned, Whittle is a Brit, so mastering his American accent for the show “has been challenging. I’m more of a mimic. My accent tends to drift to where ever I am. Even since I’ve been in America, when I go back to England, people are like ‘whoa what’s with the accent?'”

Whittle, who admits that he stuck to a special diet while filming knowing he would have half-naked sex scenes, does explain that it was hard to maintain his physique on set. “The best food I’ve had was actually in catering at Single Ladies. It’s insane. I can’t live in Atlanta. In fact, even if I’m offered, I’m not sure I could come back for another six months, because I’ll just be fat.”

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