Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta – Episode 6 – After The Dust Has Settled


The award for giving the most wonderful side-eyes of the night goes to Mimi.

Joseline is back to work. A star spangled banner Stevie J shows up to her photo shoot to uh, critique her tropical look. Obviously perplexed by Joseline’s fashion choice, he says he wants high fashion, and Joseline is giving Rainbow clothing store fashions. “This is my brand,” said Stevie J. “I’m trying to build you as a brand too. At the end of the day, this ain’t what’s going to sell it.” Wouldn’t it be her brand since she’s the aspiring artist? But the real reason he stops by the shoot is to check Joseline about texting Mimi. How professional: To have this conversation while J’s working. When Joseline told him she did text Mimi Stevie J responds, “Don’t ever call her a bitch. And stay in your place.” Joseline claps back, “She is a bitch.” The two go back and forth about who is or isn’t a bitch. As Stevie’s leaving he makes sure to turn on the charm by telling Joseline her photo shoot will be career suicide for wearing such a horrendous getup. He’s such a keeper.

Momma Dee is a She invites Scrappy’s new unofficial boo, Shay, to lunch to tell her she’s jealous of the time they’ve been spending because she needs some mama and son time. Ummm, isn’t it a little too soon for Momma Dee to be having this kind of chat with Shay? Momma Dee stirs the pot by creating unnecessary drama between Erica and Shay. It’s clear that Scrappy’s been lying to Shay, as she’s confused to why Erica was over his house the night of the asthma attack. Ding, ding, ding. They were living together, as couples sometimes do. To prove she has Shay’s back Momma Dee says, “We can handle this like two women, or we can get into some gangster s—.” Is that what people toast to these days?

Karlie‘s got a bone to pick with Mimi for not having her back during the fight she had with K.Michelle. “I’m not responsible for how K.Michelle handles her s—,” says Mimi. Mimi also claims she didn’t know K.Michelle had beef with her. She must not remember K.Michelle stating her beef with Karlie clear as the sunny sky at their spa session last week. Despite Mimi telling Karlie about the drama going on with her and Stevie, Karlie doesn’t hesitate to let Mimi know she’s still going to work with Stevie. “Politics wise, this is business,” said Karlie Redd. She also uses this as an opportunity to throw in Mimi’s face that she was right all along about Stevie and Joseline. Mimi doesn’t look pleased with Karlie’s decision to keep working with Stevie J. Look at that side-eye!

Karlie invites K.Michelle to a photo studio to tell her the incident was unacceptable. K.Michelle doesn’t feel the same way. “That was Memphis, it wasn’t cool to a lot of people. My mama raised me ‘talk s— and get hit,’ and that’s how it came,” K.Michelle said. When Karlie tries to tell K.Michelle that she needs to be classy, K.Michelle gets crunk. “Your classy ain’t my classy,” said K.Michelle. She has not one ounce of an interest in making nice with Karlie, and she doesn’t appreciate Karlie trying to school her. “I’m more seasoned in this game than you,” K.Michelle said. “If you show me the receipts, I looked for your receipts. When I Googled your name a vinegar popped up. A brand of vinegar.” Karlie is done with this conversation. “I brought you here on some grown a— woman s— and you’re acting like a child. I don’t have time for this childish s—,” said Karlie. When Karlie throws K.Michelle out, K.Michelle leaves by patronizing Karlie, “I like your pink dress.” You can’t buy comedy like that.

Joseline is smartening up. She explains to her stylist Queen, who witnessed Stevie’s behavior the other day, that Stevie is tripping because he’s starting to lose control of her. Although she’s saying she is Stevie’s girl, she’s tired of the drama that comes with him. “I don’t need to take nobody man,” Joseline said. “I can get my own man,” she said. “You see what my tattoo say. Maneater. I eat them alive.” Joseline wants to apologize to Mimi because now she realizes the problem is Stevie’s lies. She also knows she has to take her career in her own hands. Joseline went behind his back to talk to producers to make sure her career isn’t threatened if he breaks up with her, and she changed her number in case he finds out. “I can’t deal with him anymore. I don’t want to deal with him anymore.”

Rasheeda‘s husband/manager throws a launch party for the video premiere of “Marry Me,” but Rasheeda isn’t happy when she sees how empty it is. “Why does there always got to be something? Come on man, tighten up,” she says to Kirk. “You gotd—- smirking. I don’t think this s— funny.” When she gets on the stage to announce her video she realizes it’s not playing on the monitor everyone is facing. In the embarrassing moment of the night Rasheeda has to ask everyone to turn around to watch the monitor behind them.

Scrappy comes over Erica’s to pick up a couch. He also wants to talk about the conversation they had the other day. Scrappy mentions getting back with Erica when he has his head right, but Erica reiterates that she told him there was no room for error this time. In the words of Terry McMillan’s book, he’s a day late and a dollar short. After making things right with Erica didn’t work he asks…wait for it, wait for it…to be taken off child support. There’s no sugar-coating this: His timing is horrible. Luckily, Erica doesn’t have time to entertain this thought. “I’m not going to take you off child support because when I’ve asked you to do things for Imani in the past, you haven’t done it.”

Rasheeda tells K.Michelle that she and Kirk are arguing too much about business. So, she’s going to see outside management. “To save my marriage, gotd—it, let me go talk to somebody else,” she said. We have a feeling this isn’t going to sit too well with Kirk. Rasheeda meets with Deb Antney, Waka Flocka’s mom and former manager of Nicki Minaj, and gets some tough advice. “Your loyalty is to him first, not to you, and that’s why your career is jumping all around,” said Deb Atney. “That’s your common denominator to your failure,” she says. Rasheeda cries because she can’t stand the thought of hurting her husband who has been so loyal. But if she wants to take her career to the next level, she has some tough decisions to make.

Three days later, Rasheeda tells Kirk she had a meeting with Deb and he’s immediately ticked. He looks more hurt than anything. He reminds Rasheeda that everything she’s wanted she has got. When she tells him that Deb said he may be the reason she hasn’t been successful he says, “What the f– would you even listen to some s— like that [for]? …You’re here now because I believe in you.” The emotional exchange between the couple gets intense resulting in Rasheeda leaving the room and Kirk resenting her for keeping this secret from him for three awkward days.

Joseline is a woman of her word. She made good on her promise to apologize to Mimi for the threatening text message. Mimi is not calm, cool or collected when they meet. She tells Joseline she will call Stevie whenever she wants. “I will bring your name up because you’re an issue,” Mimi said. “You got pregnant by my baby’s father.” Joseline wasn’t letting Stevie J off the hook though. “He has a way of telling me one thing, telling you one thing, and telling everybody else one thing and playing everybody, then everybody’s fighting,” Joseline said. Mimi agrees. Of course Mimi knows this since she’s been dealing with him close to two decades. Joseline apologizes about the pregnancy and says as a woman she would’ve been hurt too. Joseline tears up while explaining how Stevie lies. “I hear you Joseline, I hear you. Trust me I do,” said Mimi. We doubt they’ll be friends. But at least the olive branch seems to have been extended. Will the ladies put their bickering aside and hold the man behind the love triangle accountable for his actions? Stay tuned to find out what happens next on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

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