Single Ladies – Episode 9 – Good Juju, Bad Juju


When Single Ladies is on, it’s always a happy hour, but this week, the ladies all go out for a real happy hour with Raquel’s newest employee, Morgan. Raquel excitedly tells the girls the news that she has a meeting with Nicolette Trudeau, a supermodel who’s looking for boutiques to sell her new line of clothing in, which could be a big step for Indulgence.

As she walks through the bar, Keisha brushes past Winston, which ends up being a pleasant and overtly flirtatious surprise. Winston stops her to genuinely apologize for all the legal hurdles he’s made her jump over the years.
Keisha Winston Single Ladies
When she accepts his apology and tells him “Maybe we can be friendly after all,” friends isn’t the word he had in mind. “Have you finally kicked Malcolm to the curb?” he asks her. Slick, Rick Fox veryyyy slick. He tells her he wants “to know everything that’s hidden behind that beautiful smile,” and then he invites her to dinner. Is this professional FBI behavior??

Morgan is a welcome, hilarious addition to the group, and she’s on the prowl. She spots a nice-looking guy at the bar and gets some come-hither pouty lip lessons from Keisha and tries to be seductive.

It fails miserably, but the guy is charmed enough by her forwardness that he accepts when she bluntly asks him out.

I’ll be honest, I was rooting for April and Reggie to get together, but now that they finally are, Reggie is getting on my nerves. When he picks her up to go to the movies, he tells her to “glam up” instead of wearing jeans which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard but she obliges because they’re in that new love stage and just wants him to be happy. Still, you can tell she’s sighing on the inside.

She puts on the most ridiculous, inappropriate high heels, all in the name of love.

Later at the bar April promotes, one of the waiters, a friend named Jordan, asks her to rub his aching shoulder, and when Reggie sees the back rub, he flips out.

“I’m getting a little tired of your rules,” April tells her caveman boyfriend, and he responds “And I’m getting a little tired of you not getting it.”

Raquel’s relationship with Charles is also going through a weird phase, because it turns out Charles is the world’s sorest loser. The couple enjoy a little competitive game night at home

and Raquel’s Roger Rabbit victory dance after he topples the Jenga tower gets Charles so angry that he leaves. Things get worse when Raquel makes Charles wait for a lunch date and then she totally blows off reading an article he wrote and asked for her feedback on. “Why are you suddenly blowing smoke up my ass?” he asks her, and she denies his accusation but he walks out once again without a kiss goodbye.

When Nicolette Trudeau arrives at the boutique, Morgan, Raquel and Omar gossip about how horrible she might be. From the sounds of it and the TMZ reports, she’s a high level diva apt to throwing phones and other items at people’s heads. When Nicolette actually gets there though, she is the sweetest person ever and everyone falls in love, even Omar.

Nicolette gives Raquel her business, and she agrees to meet with Keisha to look at houses since she’s in the real estate market. When they go house hunting, who do they run into but Taylor and Malcolm. When Taylor fawns all over Nicolette and explains that they’ve already met, Nicolette feigns surprise and ignorance and makes Taylor feel about an inch tall, which is all the entertainment Keisha needs.

“You knew exactly who she was, didn’t you?” Keisha asks as they’re leaving. “Of course. It’s the witch that’s with my girl’s ex.” Nicolette’s hos before bros (and hos before other, bitchier hos) attitude looks like it’s fitting in just fine with the ladies.

Morgan’s date with her happy hour guy ends up not being happy at all. Sure, they kiss goodnight,

but he makes her pay for her meal and then on their way to their cars, he asks if maybe they could “hang out a little longer” in a way that was overt and not very gentlemanly, and Morgan sends him home. “Brah, I may have paid for dinner, but I’m nobody’s ho,” she tells him.

Later, he shows up to the shop to tell her he feels bad about their date and he asks for the chance to take her out again, only this time, he promises to pay, so maybe there’s hope yet for these two.

Omar’s having boy trouble too, because not even the FedEx guy will accept a date from him. “I can’t believe I got turned down by a delivery guy,” Omar whimpers after Mario denies him.

“I was trying to give him a package!” The rejection is enough to fluster Omar for the rest of the day. Omar even tries again with Mario and he’s rebuffed again. This completely throws Omar off his game and like the diva he is, he retires to the fainting couch to repair his emotions and his ego.

So unfortunately, Nicolette’s vicious streak wasn’t just a myth. She might have been Keisha’s best ally during the house hunt, but when she shows up to the store she starts reaming Raquel for the way her clothing designs have been styled. She flips out and tells Raquel shes fired for daring to undermine her vision, and when Keisha steps in to defend Raquel, she fires her too.

As Omar reaches for the skirt she’s walking out of the store with, she hurls it at his head and leaves everyone stunned and in a state of post-traumatic-supermodel stress. “We should burn some sage,” Morgan says later. “There’s been some real bad juju going on around here.”

They’re going to need more than sage to clear up April and Reggie’s bad juju — more like a time machine, because after yet another argument, they realize they were much better as friends than as lovers, so Reggie says “Let’s take it back.”

Works for April since the Reggie she’s been dating is a big d-bag.

Keisha may have lost Nicolette as a client but she’s gained another celeb, singer Layla Twilight (hilariously played by a super-80s-wigged Paula Patton).

As they scope out a house, they run into Sharon Love, Keisha’s old nemesis who looks just like Queen Latifah. Who isn’t in this episode??

Sharon, a big time talk show host, mentions to Layla that she’d like to have her on as a guest, but not until Layla apologizes for kicking Sharon out of the girl group they performed in together, Caramel and Honey.

The entire exchange is hilarious, with Layla “forgetting” Sharon was even in the group, and Sharon peaces out, annoyed at everyone.

Charles comes over to Raquel’s place so they can figure out what’s been making their relationship so uncomfortable lately, and he admits that he feels like Raquel has all the power and he’s not comfortable with that.

He, like Raquel, was burned before and he’s not comfortable jumping right into another serious relationship, but he cares enough for Raquel to deal with his issues and get over them. “I’m not going anywhere,” he tells her.

Poor April has been sick in bed ever since her breakup with Reggie, but who should show up at her door to bring her some nice chicken soup and OJ?

As he tucks her back into bed he tells her “April, we’ll always be more than friends.” Even though April is half-dead and it could be the Nyquil talking, she tells him “I know.”

Keisha finally has her date with Winston and he tells her he’s retiring from the FBI and that he’s ready for a home and a marriage and family. With her.

Well now, that came out of nowhere. “You hardly know me,” Keisha tells him, but he insists that in his line of work, he knows how to read people. And with that, he reads her lips.

And this would be great news and an exciting turn of events if it weren’t for Malcolm Franks, who calls Keisha at that exact moment and has her meet him so he can tell her he wants to get back together.


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