Hollywood Exes – Episode 6 – Single And Ready To Mingle


Hollywood Exes Recap
This week on Hollywood Exes, Drea meets a new boyfriend. But first, she and the girls have to endure a painful singles mixer that scars them for life. Oh, and Mayte teaches everyone to belly dance. Here’s what’s happening with the Exes…
Nicole is stressed.

We already know about her court situation where she’s suing her money managers who siphoned some funds out of a trust of hers, but on top of that, her house just sold, which is great news, but it means she needs to move in a month and find a new house of her own. She’s meeting with her assistant Sandra to discuss houses, but she has a busy road ahead.

Nicole begins her house search and the first place she sees is nice, but not quite what she wants. “I like the style of the house, but I would like to add a bowling alley and a movie theater,” she says without a hint of sarcasm or irony. Rich people problems, man. How to fit a bowling alley into your mansion. Someday that will be all of us. Someday.

“The girls and I are headed to a singles mixer,” Jessica announces. “Cute guys, cocktails, sounds pretty fun to me!” But here are the guys they’re supposed to mix with — not unattractive, but not quite their types.

“The one in the green look like Wolverine,” Andrea giggles. (Wolverine as played by Adrian Grenier, I think.) “Drea, you can do this,” she says, psyching herself up. “And if you must throw up, hold it in your cheeks.”

The matchmaker has them perform a few ice breaker-style games and pairs the ladies off with their various matches. (“Games? Really?” Mayte says, questioning this matchmaker’s tactics.) The games involve toilet paper, kinky and/or embarrassing confessions, and Drea’s most hilarious observation to date. Se explains that she doesn’t know about this from personal experience (riiiight) but she says “Most embarrassing? Doin’ it doggie style and feeling like you have gas.”

“How do you come back from that???” she asks. I love this woman. Alas, none of the matches were magical and the three women are scarred for life after the experience. Andrea has one other prospect though. Her assistant Tony has a barber who’s single, and who has shown a little interest in her, and Tony tells her she must call him.

“Pray for me,” she says as she dials Percy the barber. Over the phone he sounds super sweet and when she hangs up, she and Mayte, who’s been offering moral support this whole time, giggle giddily like schoolgirls over the whole thing.

When the date comes around, Drea is impressed with Percy because he is caaaa-yuute!

Her biggest concern, as always, is the moment that she has to tell him who her ex-husband is. That’s always been the dealbreaker, and the thing she hates to bring up. “The R. Kelly pill is a big one to swallow,” she explains. Here’s how Percy reacts when he swallows it.

Despite his initial shock, Percy’s actually cool with it. “I don’t care who you used to belong to,” he says adorably. Percy’s only expectations from Drea are a back rub every so often at night, some good conversation, and the occasional meal. (I hope he likes ghetto spaghetti.) Drea is smitten with him. We all are.

She asks Mayte is she can bring Percy to a party Mayte is throwing for her mother, at which all the girls are going to perform a belly dancing routine. Mayte can’t wait to meet him (and they can’t wait for Sheree to give Percy the third degree to find out if he goes to church). They all arrive to the party in full belly dancing gear.

“I think it took about seventeen seconds before all my girls started grilling me and Percy,” Drea says once all the women spot her new man. Is it hot in here? Because it feels like the third degree.

Sheree is momentarily tripped up when Percy says he has two kids by two different women. But he doesn’t like the term “baby mamas” which is a nice change of pace, and he says he has no drama with them. Still, Sheree’s wary. “I got my eyes on him,” she says.

It finally comes time for the ladies to bust out their belly dancing skills and dance for the crowd. First, Mayte impresses them all with what she can do in a solo performance. “She gets this look when she’s dancing, and that’s when I can tell her soul is smiling,” Andrea says. Then she invites the rest of the girls up to the dance floor to join her so their souls can smile, too.

Nelly loves it and does a dance of her own, since she’s the one who taught Mayte everything she knows, and the night is a success.

Next week, drama! For the first time on this show, the ladies start to unravel….over veal?

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