Mimi Admits She Sits Back And Watches Love And Hip Hop “In Awe” Every Week


Mimi Faust is proof that Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is anything but scripted, if you ask me. This is a woman whose life is basically going through the rockiest time a persona can imagine, learning that the man she loves for over a decade, the man she shares a child with, cheated and impregnated another woman and has proven himself to be a liar and, in her words, a “monster.”

In this interview Mimi did with TT Torrez recently, she explains that she watches the show like everybody else and is just as surprised by what she sees as we are. She also has some serious doubts about whether or not Stevie and Joseline are really getting married. Here are our five favorite quotes and things we learned from the interview, which you can listen to in full above.

  • Here’s what Mimi says her reaction is to the show every Monday night: “My mouth is on the floor most of the time like ‘Are you serious?'”
  • Joseline’s code name in Stevie J’s phone was Big Homey. “I didn’t go through his phone, I just knew Big Homey was calling him all the damn time.”
  • “Still to this day, I’m still getting ‘That’s just my artist,'” Mimi says of Stevie’s denial that he and Joseline are together.
  • *Crickets* That’s the sound we heard when Mimi was asked if she’d ever get back together with Stevie. Ohhhh boy. She’s leaving it open-ended? How??
  • “Oh, God. Come on. Stop it.” That’s Mimi’s answer to the question of whether or not Joseline and Stevie are getting married. So we’ll put that in the “no” column of our debate.

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