Mob Wives Chicago – Episode 8 – It All Adds Up


Nope! We can’t.

We know that Leah‘s mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and to show her support, Leah decides to do a breast cancer walk, and she plans to invite everyone to participate (yep, everyone…even Nora). Christina is happy that Leah is coming around to the Nora side of things, even though Leah thinks that the terrible, awful thing Nora said about Renee at the part two weeks ago is unforgivable. Leah is willing to move past that though because, she explains, she doesn’t have ice-water running through her veins. And her mom deserves as much support as she can get.

Leah’s plan is to have the girls come over to decorate some team shirts for the walk, but Nora decides to sit out knowing Renee and Pia will be there, which is a smart move. However, turns out Nora’s not the one we need to worry about, because Christina has a bone to pick with Renee. Christina caught Renee using her phone to send texts to Nora and she explains that she feels violated now.

And what’s worse, Christina thinks that Pia, who was there during the phone incident, was an accomplice, luring Christina away from her phone so Renee could have at it. “I feel like Pia and Renee are f—ing with me,” she says.

Renee’s daughter Giana has decided to visit her father in prison, and she has also decided that she does not want Renee to come.

Her BFF Marco is going to join her instead. Even though Giana has visited her dad in prison before, the purpose of the latest trip it to really get to the bottom of what happened while she was growing up. Renee has been telling Giana for years that her father abandoned her, while her dad refutes that and says that it was Renee who kept him from Giana. It’s time for Giana to find out the deal once and for all. “My mom is definitely jealous that I have a good relationship with my dad and that we’re close,” Giana says. “On the one hand,” Renee says, “I want Giana to have a dad, but on the other hand, he just can’t be trusted.”

Renee has written Giana a letter and she gives it to Marco in secret so he can give it to her on their trip.

While they’re on the road, Giana gives us a little more of her dad’s backstory, including what landed him in prison in the first place. “The story is that he planned a robbery,” she says. “He used to own a bakery in Florid and this older, rich lady used to come in with jewels and diamonds, all decked out, so he called his friends to rob this lady, and they ended up brutally, brutally murdering her.” He’s now serving a life sentence in a maximum security federal penitentiary as a result. Giana’s friends don’t know why she’s so close to him, especially knowing his brutal history, but he’s her only dad and he does love her, and she loves him back.

When Giana finally reads her mom’s letter, which is basically just a letter professing how much Renee and her ex both love Giana, she breaks down.

“She’s never said those things to me before,” Giana says.

Renee also learns the fate of her younger daughter, Isabella, this week, because her court date in the custody battle she’s engaged in with her husband is here. She’s thrilled hen the judge rules in her favor.

In Nora’s world, she’s seeking legal help to exhume her father’s body, because all she desires is to give him the proper burial he deserves, and to cremate him like he wanted. Because, as Nora explains:

When the time comes for Leah’s shirt decorating party, tension is high because Christina basically wants to kill Renee and Pia. She promises Leah that she’ll be on her best behavior, but when Leah tells the girls Nora is joining them on the cancer walk, they show their disappointment and say they want nothing to do with her. That sets Christina off and her best behavior is a thing of the past, especially when Renee brings up the phone thing. “I texted Nora from Christina’s phone,” Renee admits. “I thought it was hysterical.”

Renee says she only did it because when Christina walked away, she noticed a text message from Nora pop up and it was about her.

Christina denies that claim and says she feels violated that Renee would dare to do such a thing. Renee thinks the word “violated” is a bit of hyperbole and keeps to her defense that it was all just a joke. “It was funny. And I’d do it again!” Renee yells.

“Is that a f—ing apology?” Christina asks.

And poor Leah is pissed that her t-shirt-jazzing-up session has turned to a s— -show. “This is about my mother. Check your f—ing priorities.”

Giana has made it to Indiana to see her dad in prison, and she’s shaken when she comes out. Because her dad has told her (and sworn on Grandma’s life) that the story she’s heard from her mother for her whole life, about her father getting joint custody of her but never coming to see her, is plain untrue. “My mom’s side and my dad’s side could not be any more opposite. People don’t get my resentment toward my mother until you talk to my father,” Giana tells Marco.

“All this s— adds up.” It sure does.

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