Single Ladies – Episode 10 – Get It Out Of Your System


“It’s hard to get you out of my system,” Malcolm tells Keisha tonight, in the continuation of the conversation that left us dangling last time. Last week, he began to tell Keisha that he wanted to start over with her, and now, even though he admits that he’s still with Taylor, he misses what he had with Keisha. To her credit, she isn’t having it. She’s sick of being jerked around and calls Malcolm out for his hypocrisy and for everything he’s put her through. We love sassy Keisha, and this is her at her finest and sassiest.

She’s not totally writing Malcolm off though, because he makes a business proposition, and when money talks, Keisha listens. Malcolm wants Keisha to handle the sale of his father’s mansion, and she accepts, knowing that Taylor will be royally pissed off when she catches wind that Keisha is back in Malcolm’s world. But some things are worth the risk.

When Malcolm pops by the boutique to hand off some paperwork, Keisha is confronted by an angry mob that demands details.
Single Ladies Recap
“Nothing’s going on,” Keisha assures her friends. “He finally apologized. Then he gave me a listing.” April thinks that Malcolm’s just throwing Keisha some charity, but Raquel finds it sweet, like he can’t stop taking care of his one true love. I think Keisha just thinks it’s a hefty commission.

Raquel and Charles hang out at her apartment until the smoke alarm goes off in her bedroom. Charles jumps on her bed, literally, that’s the only way to reach the alarm, by getting some lift from the bed springs, and grabs it for her to fix, and they tumble down on the bed and start to make out.

But Charles, always the gentleman, doesn’t want their first time having sex to be after a night of drinking and bed-jumping, he wants it to me more special than that. Raquel objects, but Charles just tells her cryptically, “Trust me on this one.” What could he possibly have in store?

April’s preparing for her own first time with Reggie, and when she suggests that they do it, he’s on board. Only problem? He’s terrible in bed. He pounds away like a jackhammer until April achieves (fake) ecstasy

and once again, it seems like poor April can never find a perfect ten. “A trip to Wal-Mart would have been more satisfying,” April tells the girls about her night of sexual disappointment.

Omar’s new boyfriend, Tom, is sexy and sweet, but it wouldn’t be an Omar relationship if it was completely drama free. Omar’s noticed that Tom’s been posting pictures of their dates on Facebook, and that Tom has friended every one of Omar’s friends. It’s a little much, so soon in the relationship.

At Malcolm’s jewelry store, he and Keisha are going over some business about the sale of his father’s house, when Taylor walks in and wonders “What the hell is going on??”

And that’s when Malcolm tells it to her straight. “Keisha’s a good friend,” he says sternly. “And one that I intend to keep. If you’ve got a problem with that, then you need to reevaluate our relationship.”

And boom, Taylor Tilton, you just got served.

April and Reggie go for round two and when he keeps jackhammering away, she yells at him out of sheer frustration to stop. When he wonders why she was so into his moves the night before, she blurts out that last night, she was faking it. Oops. Reggie and his moves are shattered and he walks out on her (with what I assume is the biggest case of blue balls Atlanta has ever seen).

This is one ill-fated relationship, I don’t care how close they were when they got together.

“Reggie probably just felt stupid because you criticized him in bed,” Omar tells April the next day when she tells everyone that Reggie freaked out and left, mid-screw. Omar suggests that April talk to Reggie about their problems in a neutral location — preferably not on Facebook, where Omar keeps seeing Tom’s intimate posts about him.

It looks like Raquel’s new hire, Morgan, is not as customer-servicey as one would hope. She offends one customer after another accidentally by making jokes that aren’t funny and mistaking them for pregnant when they’re not. She’s a PR nightmare for the store, basically.

“You need to work on NOT blurting out whatever’s on your mind,” Raquel tells her. That could be tough.

At Malcolm’s father’s mansion, there’s a bidding war going on between old rivals Sharon Love (Queen Latifah) and Layla Twilight (Paula Patton).

The house is up for auction, and after the ladies and several other bidders take a walk through, they take their places and bidding begins at $2 million. Sharon and Layla go back and forth until Layla bids $3 million. That’s when Sharon reaches her breaking point and starts calling out Layla for stealing the house just like she stole her singing career back in the day. The women put their dukes up like they’re about to come to blows, and in everyone else’s effort to keep them apart, several other bidders, Keisha, and Malcolm all end up falling in the pool.

“Why do we always end up in the pool together with our clothes on?” Malcolm cracks. Its true, it does seem to happen to those two a lot. You know who doesn’t find all of this funny though? Taylor.

As Keisha and Malcolm climb out of the pool, they find Layla and Sharon actually reconciling after realizing the only reason they fell out in the first place was because of their scheming girl-group manager. They walk off arm in arm, completely shunning Keisha when she tells Layla she’s on the hook for her $3 million dollar bid. “So sue me!” Layla calls to her as she makes plans to appear on Sharon’s talk show.

April sits with Reggie to explain that he needs some love lessons (but not before he accuses her of having fault parts). He agrees to take a master class from her in order to figure out how to please her and it works.

“That was amazing!” April tells him. Finally, this girl gets her cookies.
Taylor arrives at the boutique to talk to Keisha which isn’t all that shocking, but she opens with “There’s something about me that you need to know,” which is mysterious. “I love him,” Taylor tells Keisha. And since she’s not blind, she can see that Malcolm loves Keisha. “If you’ve ever been deeply in love, then you know how this has to feel.” Keisha tries to assure Taylor that nothing is going on, but Taylor doesn’t buy it and tells her to let him go…or else. “You need to realize that I will fight for my man.”

Well that might be the first honest, human thing Miss Taylor Tilton has said. And it leaves Keisha with something to think about.

At last, Charles returns to Raquel’s apartment and she confronts him with the question of why he keeps avoiding sex with her. He’s shocked because he thought she actually loved the idea of anticipation and waiting for it. She’s done with anticipation, she tells him. Time to get this party started.

But Charles has another way of wringing every bit of anticipation out of her when he suggests tantric sex. As in hours of love-making. As in, Sting. As in, all night till the breaka dawn.

“I can’t imagine it gets any better than that. Ever.”

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