The 11 Best Quotes From Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Press Reception In New York City


Love and Hip Hop at Press Screening

When the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta get together there’s bound to be unadulterated fun and unfiltered tell-it-like-it-is moments. Surprisingly, it was all love between Joseline, Stevie J, K.Michelle and Lil Scrappy at a private press reception at Griffin lounge in NYC (check out pics of the event here). As they watched Monday’s episode with a group of media VIPs, their laughter and cringes were easily visible. Joseline was a crowd favorite. In dark sunglasses Stevie J was, as per usual, wanting to talk about the money. Scrappy admitted that Erica truly did have his back. And K.Michelle was fired up about the allegations that her abuse story is a lie. Check out the best quotes from the night.

  • “I love Mimi. That’s the baby’s mom. I’m gonna be around forever and she’s also gonna be around forever so we either have to deal with it, or, I’m not gonna cry anymore. I suggest she stops crying.” — Joseline on how watching Mimi cry made her feel.
  • “I’m not into thinking. I know what I do. She gon’ win an Oscar.” — Stevie J on if he thinks Joseline can win a Grammy.
  • “Does anybody want to know if he makes those faces during sex? He does.” — Joseline
  • “If getting checks with my mama makes me a mama boy, then I guess I’m a mama’s boy.” – Scrappy
  • “I learned how to deal with the emotions of Mimi, the emotions of Joseline. I’ve been doing some things I shouldn’t be doing. I’ve tapped into it and I’m going to do things a lot differently. I’ve learned to adjust to women’s emotions. I never cared. Now I care.” — Stevie J
  • “I’m an international superstar.” — Joseline
  • “I’ve been singing my heart out for three years, and like I said, y’all didn’t give a s—. Now y’all acting like I’m a brand new artist, buying stuff on iTunes, singing every song.” — K.Michelle on how TV has helped her career.
  • “What I get from it is checks. A lot of people counted me out. After they let me in, come on they stage they love me, I done signed 1000 autographs, but then when you’re down ain’t nobody there for you. TV do it. Everybody’s my friend [now]. Not one artist I done reached out to done turned me down. But they turned me down before. It also showed me how my baby mama really loved me. I really f— with Erica.” — Scrappy on what he gets from being on the show.
  • “Y’all haven’t seen results? What are you talking about? I have a single out now and I have plenty more. And I’m working hard. I’m getting the best of the best. Stevie J’s been in the game 15 years. He’s done records for Biggie, Jay-Z, Puffy. Who else you want me to name? What do you mean you haven’t seen results? What you looking at, baby? Hold up, let me let the man speak to you right quick.” — Joseline
  • “Whatever daddy says do, I do.” — Joseline
  • “If I proposed to anybody I would do it on the island of St. Barts or Dubai. I would have the helicopter fly across like, ‘Will you marry me?'” — Stevie J on engagement rumors.
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