Wild Animals And Earthquakes: Evelyn Lozada Reveals A Few More Wedding Details


Evelyn Lozada Chad Ochocinco Wedding Earthquake

In a recent interview with Radar Online, Evelyn Lozada opened up a little bit about her wedding, which was filmed for her upcoming show, Ev And Ocho. Though she couldn’t divulge a ton of details (we wouldn’t want to spoil the whole show for y’all), she did reveal one detail that not many other people can lay claim to: There was an actual earthquake on her big day.

“There was an earthquake on our wedding day!” Lozada said. “We were in the Caribbean on the island St. Maartin, I didn’t even think they had earthquakes there.” In addition to the act of God, Evelyn also hinted at one other atypical detail, that there may have been some exotic wildlife as part of the ceremony. “I can’t say if we had any wild animals there, that was a huge bone of contention and you’ll have to wait and see it on the show,” Evelyn hinted, but we all know Chad did want to go the unconventional route with the wedding, so anything is possible!

Evelyn also mentioned that in addition to Basketball Wives and Ev And Ocho, she and Chad will be featured on the HBO series Hard Knocks, which will film the Miami Dolphins during their training camp this fall. “We’ll definitely be featured in Hard Knocks,” she says. “It’s very different to Basketball Wives but still lots of fun, its just all related to football.” We have so much Ev and Ocho-ness to look forward to! And in the meantime, enjoy yet another one of their wedding photos, hot off the presses, above.
[Photo: Mike Colón/Getty Images]

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