Mob Wives Chicago – Episode 9 – Dramastic Changes


Mob WIves Chicago Recap

Giana is stuck between a rock (her mom) and a hard place (her dad). When she left the prison last week after visiting her father who, admittedly is a professional con man, she was completely confused by the things her told her, things that depicted her mother as a liar who attempted to keep him from seeing his daughter when she was growing up. Renee disputes all those accusations and then tells Giana that her dad faked having cancer once just to gain sympathy, that’s the kinda guy he is. Giana doesn’t believe it.

Giana is basically a chip off the old block though because she doesn’t like listening to stuff she can’t believe, and Renee is the exact same way. She, Leah, and Pia go to yoga together, and afterward, even though you’d think they’d be all zen, of course they are not. Leah tells the girls that Nora re-confirmed to her that the stuff she yelled out about Renee and the claims that her father raped her is all true. Renee can’t even believe that Leah would go back to Nora to ask that (but…wasn’t that nice of Leah to have done that? I mean, is it me, or does that show that Leah is actually showing some concern for Renee?) and she accuses Leah of actually playing both sides and being cold to her.

It’s pretty clear Leah’s not doing that, but Leah is warming to Nora and they’ve bonded over their love of their dads and the support they’ve shown one another.

But speaking of new, weird friendships, Pia and Renee really have become BFFs and I totally don’t get it. Renee hated Pia so very much, and now she can’t get enough of her. Weirder still, she hated her for being a stripper, and when they go bikini shopping together, Renee chastises Pia for checking out one-pieces telling her she has a hot body and should show it off. “Oh my God, your tits are huge!” Renee, the person who once yelled at Pia for cursing in her store. Then she even pokes at and speaks to Pia’s breasts.

When Renee goes to pay for her bikinis, her cards aren’t accepted and she suspects that Dave, her boyfriend that she’s been on seriously rocky ground with, has had something to do with it.

When she makes a plan to meet him for dinner discuss it, he stands her up and it’s “no more Mrs. Nice Guy, mother f—er.”

Leah, Christina, Pia and Renee all go out to the driving range together and Pia and Renee are getting along great which really annoys Christina.

After they finish golf, they grab a drink and that’s where the fighting begins. Again. Or did it ever really end? Pia thinks that Nora is manipulating Leah and Christina, and Christina thinks that Pia and Renee are actually just being awful about Nora. And she’s still angry with them for getting violent and attacking Nora at her party. “We were good up until I actually seen the display at my party,” Christina tells Pia, who had actually thought they were totally cool, and she gets pissed because she thinks Christina’s been fake to her since the party.

Christina says her beef with Renee is still about the fact that Renee took Christina’s phone, a topic Renee is super tired of.

“It was a f—ing joke!” she screams for what seems like the billionth time.

“I feel like my relationship has changed dramastically with Nora,” George W. Bush Christina says when she tells Nora about this new version of the fight. At least they have each other and all their bizarro made up words.

Renee’s situation with Dave comes to a head after she was stood up by him. She sent her brother Frankie to go talk to Dave in their eye shop, and Dave called the cops on him for being a disturbance.

Renee shows up and can’t believe it Dave called the cops on her brother.

They come to an agreement that Frank can’t come to the shop when Dave is there because Dave doesn’t want him “in his business” and Frank tells him menacingly “It’s too late Dave. I’m already in your business.” So the overreacting runs in Renee’s family, then. Frankie is a scary dude.

It all comes full circle when Renee gets a call from her ex, Giana’s dad, from prison and she lays into him for planting lies in Giana’s head. She goes off on a tirade about his abandoning her and lying to her, and hilariously, she goes on so long that his timed call expires and cuts off. Like a metaphor for everything else in her life, she’s left alone to clean up the mess. Literally.

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