Single Ladies – Episode 11 – Love In An Elevator


All this tantric sex business is wiping Raquel out. The hours-long sex sessions with Charles, the making out with full eye contact. Keisha starts noticing that not only is all that eye contact weird, but Raquel can barely stay away during daylight hours lately.

“I don’t want to belittle our spiritual connection,” Raquel tells Keisha, “but it would be nice to get a quickie sometimes.”

Meanwhile, Keisha’s been jonesing for a man’s touch (specifically Sean’s). Even though she’s been hanging out with Malcolm, just as friends, and unbeknownst to Taylor, she’s becoming more and more smitten with Sean, possibly because he’s been away and sending her boatloads of gifts. Gifts that Malcolm snoops through and actually eats up himself.

Keisha’s definitely got mixed emotions about hanging with Malcolm just as friends, but April is in no such situation.

In fact, Reggie begs her to go on a weekend vacation to Puerto Rico and then tells her he’s falling in love with her. “For the record, I’m ready to go the long haul with you, too,” April tells him. They’ve already been through a ton of breakup-worthy issues a couple can face (bad sex, a weird controlling phase) and still made it through, so maybe they can pull this off.

When Sean finally returns to Atlanta from his trial in D.C., he has an injured ankle and an injured heart, when he realized Keisha’s been hanging out with Malcolm.

Keisha tells Sean it’s not what he thinks and that now that he’s returned, she’s realized her true feelings are for him. “Did I hear you correctly?” he asks.

Yup. Sending those cupcakes paid off. And with that, they make sweet, sexy, shadowy love.

Reggie is supposed to pick April up at the boutique so they can head out for their Puerto Rican adventure, when Omar hears that Atlanta is under a tornado warning. Their flight is canceled so they, along with everyone else, take cover in the storage room of the boutique.

In a tornado panic, Raquel remembers that she left her bedroom windows open, so she and Charles rush up to her apartment to check on them, and as soon as they get in the elevator you just KNOW what’s about to happen.

Yup. Stuck. And if things weren’t bad enough, the power goes out.

One person who’s trapped at the store with everyone is Veronica, Raquel’s lawyer who happened to be in the fitting room trying dresses on when the power went out. Since it’s unsafe for her to leave, she’s stuck with them, which is really awkward because she and Sean appear to have a history. From his affectionate smooches on Keisha’s cheek Veronica gets the hint that what they had is indeed “history.”

Aprils notices the affection between Keisha and Sean too, and she manages to get Keisha to admit that she and Sean finally had sex. April is thrilled that they’re finally together, but Keisha tells her that the sex was “nice…but it wasn’t magic.” It sure looked magical, at least from the cinematography. “Give it time,” April advises, reminding Keisha that sex with Reggie was pretty terrible, but now they’re totally making it work.

Up in the elevator, Raquel is panicking. She’s afraid that either their elevator cable will break and she and Charles with plummet to their deaths, or they’ll run out of oxygen.

What’s Charles to do but calm her down using the powers of tantra. They start tearing one anothers’ clothes off in the elevator, and you know they’re going to get caught in the act since “the act” takes then thirteen hours to complete using these new, endurance-testing techniques.

While Omar tries to entertain everyone in the storeroom with a catwalk and some fashion lessons,

not everyone is in the mood. Veronica confronts Sean and asks him just how long he and Keisha have been together because things aren’t adding up for her. “You just disappeared. Now I know why. You’re the reason he stopped sleeping with me,” Veronica says. Ummm…

“I’m a man, I have needs!” Sean defends. “And while I waited for you, I got them met.” That might be the worst defense in history for why a man has been running around. To make things right, he tells Keisha “I’m all about us until the wheels fall off.”

Reggie and Sean need a breather from the awkward tension that’s been built up in the storage room, so they walk into Raquel’s office for a drink together. “Having your girl meet your booty call isn’t exactly the formula for a relaxing evening,” Sean tells Reggie.

Reggie tells Sean he’s stressed too because he thinks April is moving too fast ever since he told her they had a future together. She’s mentioned moving in together and that freaks Reggie out. “Keep it honest,” Sean tells Reggie, and Reggie appreciates the advice, shakes his hand, and heads off to the bathroom. Except that he doesn’t head to the bathroom, he bolts from the store without telling April, and sends her a text moments later that reads “I can’t do this. Sorry.” Well, that IS honest.

Back in the elevator, as soon as this

finishes, Charles drops a bomb on Raquel by telling her he loves her. “Uhhhh…Thank you?” she replies. That’s honest too! And probably more awkward than actually being caught having sex in the elevator, which is totally where I thought this was going.

Raquel feels terrible about not being able to say she loves Charles but she says she’s just not there yet, even though she cares for him. He understands, although he looks hurt.

When the power finally comes back on and they get out of the elevator, Raquel thinks the issue is resolved and Charles has been very understanding, but there’s definitely something off about him now. Something’s amiss.

April is so mad at Reggie for leaving, and when Sean tells her that Reggie was just worried about moving in together, she gets even more upset. Sean repeats that his only advice to Reggie was to be honest, even if it hurts, and Keisha has a look on her face that indicates she might need to take that advice herself, because a night in the store with Sean is making her realize maybe her feelings for him aren’t 100%.

After the storm has passed and everyone can breathe easier, April gets one final text from Reggie. A break-up text.

The one couple that we thought would make it out of this episode alive, and he goes and does something stupid like this. April is shattered. Honesty is a tricky thing, but it’s always best delivered in person.

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