Hollywood Exes – Episode 8 – Apologize And Shut Up


Hollywood Exes Recap
Andrea is lunching with Percy and giving him the entire uncomfortable scoop about what went down last week in Palm Springs. As you can tell, there’s still some drama lingering.

It’s definitely a touchy subject, given that it revolves around Jessica‘s abortion, and it’s a subject Jessica never wanted out in the open anyway. But it’s caused a lot of tension between her and Sheree, and it’s making the rest of the group feel uncomfortable.

“I told Sheree about the abortion as a way to open up to her, so for her to throw that back in my face and use that as a weapon was not cool,” Jessica says as she does the mature thing and invites Sheree to a one on one lunch to discuss her feelings.

Jessica apologizes for her own behavior in Palm Spring first, which is very big of her, and Sheree apologizes to. “It went to a place that I didn’t feel good about,” Sheree says of their argument. Sheree is ready to be Jessica’s friend again, but she plans to “proceed a little more cautiously with her” in the future.

“We’re going down a road where friendships can be lost, and I don’t want to do that,” Jessica says. The air has officially been cleared between these two. But the air isn’t fully clear between everyone.

Mayte heads to a fertility clinic to see a man about some eggs. Her own. She’s considering freezing her eggs because she definitely wants to get pregnant, but she’s still looking for Mr. Right. The news isn’t great. She’s 38, and the egg-freezing success rate for women over 35 is only 40-50%.

Not to mention the fact that the surgery to harvest the eggs sounds a thousand times more invasive than Jessica’s favored vaginal rejuvenation surgery. It’s a lot for Mayte to think about, and thinking about it depresses her. “It’s a lot to think about,” she says. “I left knowing that the treatment to buy time is not promising.”

She meets with Drea and Sheree to tell them about the doctor’s visit and gets emotional all over again, so Sheree, noticing her pain, changes the subject. To Palm Springs. Which is fine, they haven’t chatted about it yet, but it’s also a subject that irks Mayte, so it’s not making her feel any better.

“I would have been cool with it if hypocrite hadn’t come out of her mouth to you,” Drea says to Sheree. “Because I don’t feel the same way does not make me a hypocrite.” That word has left all of the ladies with a bad taste. Sheree tells the girls that she’s already met with Jessica for apologies and she tells us “I believe Jessica was as sincere as Jessica could be,” which is vague and might be a put down, but I can’t quite tell.

Mayte confesses that she’s hurt by Jessica’s abortion. “It’s not for me to judge or anything but I kind of feel like the way that it was said hit me deep in my heart because of what has happened in my life.”

Mayte feels like Jessica’s casual conversation and references to her abortion are insensitive especially considering Mayte’s infertility struggles and it makes her incredibly upset. They agree to have a sit-down with Jessica to communicate their issues, and they all have Mayte’s back.

Nicole goes to Jessica’s office to have Jessica work some of her cosmetic tattooing magic on her eyebrows. I love that Jessica has such a specific, but super-L.A. job.

Once Jessica finishes with the brow tats, Nicole gets a call from her realtor, Bob, who showed her a Bel Air mansion and wants her to know her offer on it has been accepted.

Since the abortion issue has been put out there, Jessica decides to tell her daughter Josie about it so Josie doesn’t hear about it second-hand. Though she may have been casual in conversation about it with her girlfriends, the story is definitely scary and the gravity of it is important for Josie to hear.

It took place when Jessica was seventeen, in a back-alley abortion clinic, and it left her with serious complications and difficulties conceiving later on. “If [Josie] can learn from that, then I end up winning,” Jessica says. This probably also explains why Jessica is always so squeamish to talk about sex with Josie, but for now, their communication lines are way open. “I feel such a sense of relief that I can talk to my daughter and she can talk to me about such personal matters.”

All the girls meet for dinner for the first time since Palm Springs, and Mayte is apprehensive about seeing Jessica.

“My walls are up,” Mayte says. “There’s a huge-ass elephant in the room and it needs to be addressed.” With no nonsense, Mayte tells the girls she wants to cut the small-talk and get real. Jessica and Nicole looked shocked and have no clue what to say.
When Mayte tells Jessica that her nonchalance was hard on her since she has lost two pregnancies, Jessica apologizes but gives her that kind of head-to-the-side “Awwww” look. She says she didn’t know it was an issue that hurt Mayte, and Sheree gives a “For real?” look at no one in particular when that comes out.

Mayte says it’s only now an issue for her because it opened up a wound, to which Jessica responds “That’s interesting.” You can tell she doesn’t like for Mayte’s issues to be pinned on her, but Mayte is furious that that’s Jessica’s reaction. “What’d you say?” she yells across the table. Jessica makes the universal sign for crazy and tells Mayte she has issues.

“You’re a little crazy, Mayte. Seriously, you’re a little loco,” Jessica says somewhat flippantly. Not the thing to say to an angry person. “Jessicaaaa,” you can hear Andrea chime in, because she knows how upset Mayte is and wants Jessica to stop.
“Keep going,” Mayte taunts.
“You’re going beyond,” Jessica says. “It’s not even normal.”

In the midst of this, Jessica giggles that Mayte should leave if she’s not having a good time, and then she says she needs a drink.

Jessica really knows how to needle a person till they break. Maybe that comes with being a professional tattoo artist.
“Calm down,” Jessica tells Mayte, and that’s when Mayte throws her glass to the floor and flips out. “Don’t tell me to calm down!” she yells as she walks out the door with Drea behind her trying to, er, calm her down.

“No she did not just throw a glass out of anger,” Nicole says. She and Jessica can’t understand how this escalated, probably because they weren’t privy to the prior conversation the other three women had. But still, it went somewhere off the charts.
“Jessica’s behavior was antagonizing. Apologize and shut up!” Sheree says.

While Drea and Sheree comfort Mayte who’s still reeling, Jessica leaves because she doesn’t want to sit through any more of this, leaving Nicole and her menu all alone at the table.

“This is some bulls—t,” lonely Nicole says. Indeed.

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