Mob Wives Chicago – Episode 10 – Are You That Immature?


“There will be no bulls— at this walk for my mother, period,” Leah says, knowing that there’s serious tension between her group of friends, but if anyone dares to get snippy at the cancer walk for her mother, she’s not having it.

There’s definitely a great divide though, with Pia and Renee on one side, wishing they could keep their distance, and Nora and Christina and their crew on the other side, claiming they’re cool with walking together ’cause they can coexist with anyone.

While Leah is overcome with emotion at the walk,

Christina and Nora are more annoyed than anything because of the way Pia and Renee are holding hands and giggling the whole time. Nora points out that these were two people who despised each other not a few weeks ago, and now they’re “laughing and skipping” together. “They’re just a buncha two nitwits,” she says.

Meanwhile, seeing Nora there isn’t really a treat for Pia and Renee either. “Her voice is making me sick to my stomach,” Pia says. “She looks like she needs to be hosed down.” Nice talk for a cancer walk ladies! At least they aren’t beating the crap out of each other? The two splinter off from the rest of the group completely and that makes Leah really upset. “They wandered off by themselves and they have boiled my blood,” she says.

In Pia’s effort to move away from the dancing and club scene, she’s doing a professional photo shoot to see how she likes life as a model. Renee, of course, shows up to support her.
Mob Wives Chicago
Once again, I’m confused by why Renee supports Pia the lingerie model and not Pia the dancer, but the entire time, she effusively tells Pia how hot and “gorge” she looks.

When Pia’s daughter Bella learns that her mom’s new job involves sexy photos, she’s not happy about it. Pia explains that “Everything was done very tastefully,” to which Bella gives this look:

Christina is also trying to get her professional life in order, and during a shopping trip with Leah, she sees the work of a designer whose clothes she absolutely loves. Christina gets the designer’s info and contacts her to work as her apprentice to go even deeper into the fashion world. When Anastasia interviews Christina for a job, it’s awkward and Christina’s time away from the business shows. “Who the f— is Alex McQueen? Am I supposed to know who she is??” she asks. Despite her inexperience, she gets the job and she’s thrilled.

Renee’s drama with Dave continues because they haven’t really sat down yet to discuss how he called the cops on her brother, Frank, last week. So Dave comes over and they actually have a civil discussion about their partnerships, both professional and personal. Dave apologizes for not being there for Renee, which is her biggest complaint, and it’s clear her resentment of him in their romantic relationship is what’s led to serious business problems.

Dave suggests they go on a trip alone to see if they can talk things out, and leaves Renee to consider it. “Dave might be the best guy I ever dated, but is he the best guy for me?” Renee wonders.

Leah is still feeling like something’s off ever since the walk for her mom. So she confronts Pia to sit her down and basically tell her she thinks her relationship with Renee and their cutesy nicknames for each other (she’s taken to calling Renee Re-Re and Nee-Nee) sound phony.

Pia has no idea where this is coming from because she has nicknames for everyone, she swears. Then Leah goes in on her for segregating herself at the walk and Pia counters that she and Renee were keeping their distance in order to be polite. That makes Leah even more angry because it goes against her only wish for that day, which was for her friends to walk together. “If you think for one f—ing minute that I’m gonna stand and take your s—, I’m being honest with you, seriously, end of f—ing conversation,” Leah tells Pia angrily and they both leave.

“Why do so many people give a s— what’s going on between Pia and I? Shouldn’t everybody be happy that we’re getting along and becoming friends?” Renee asks.

Very good point, Renee. Very. Good. Point.

When Pia’s fashion photos are developed, it turns out Bella had nothing to worry about. They’re incredibly tasteful and she does indeed look “gorge.”

Everyone, including Bella, is thrilled with them.

Renee was on the fence about going away for the weekend with Dave to repair their relationship because she doesn’t think she feels the same way about him that she used to. But after some deep thought, she accepts his offer and meets the car that’s waiting for her to take her to the airport. The question is, will they still be a couple after their weekend away?

Leah and Pia have lunch to apologize for their heated conversation, because as longtime friends, they’ve never fought and agree it’s ridiculous to start now. It really boils down to Nora. Nora is at the root of all the tension between the women, and Pia tells Leah the only way to fix their circle is for her to have one last sit-down with Nora to find out why Nora has been talking about her. Leah agrees, but she hopes it doesn’t get physical.

As soon as they meet, they start talking over one another, and Pia just blurts “Stop talking about me to people!” Nora responds, “I’m not talking about you, are you that immature?”

“I’m here to find out why you hit me,” Nora tells Pia.

“I hit you because you called me a whore,” Pia tells us. Nora denies any name-calling and says it was Renee who was lobbing insults at Pia while Nora tried to defend her. Pia yells at Nora that she can’t believe a 50-year-old woman can be so immature, and Nora shoots back “You wish you looked this good at my age.” And then she explains:


Nora walks out, and Pia declares “I knew this wasn’t gonna go well. Why do I even try?” Next week on the season finale, Nora’s long process to get her father’s body exhumed comes to a head, as will all of these relationships. It’s hard to believe it’s almost over.

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