Hollywood Exes – Episode 9 – The Better Person


Andrea is definitely on Team Mayte in the aftermath of what went down last week between Jessica and Mayte. “Really? You apologize but you’re gonna put a little condescending undertone on it?” Drea asks when she mentions Jessica.

Sheree and Drea could understand Jessica’s behavior toward Mayte if she was young and immature but once again, Drea is full of amazing quotes and says “You’re forty and that’s half of eighty. Get it right.” The ladies are concerned that Jessica has serious emotional pain and doesn’t face it, instead focusing on her exterior to put on a good front. Those are some tough words and I wonder how Jessica will feel being analyzed.

On the other side, Jessica and Nicole meet to discuss the events too and Jessica is feeling really bad about it. But more because she just thinks that Mayte’s issues were not brought up at the right time or place.

“In the normal person’s social handbook, throwing glasses on the ground is inappropriate,” Jessica says about Mayte. “That was actually insane to me,” Nicole agrees. “Mayte really crossed a line when she threw that glass.” Jessica is annoyed because she actually tried to text Mayte to discuss the abortion situation after their trip to Palm Springs and Mayte ignored the text, only bringing it up at the dinner where things got heated. Jessica wants an apology from Mayte.

Late, Nicole heads to Mayte’s house to see what her side of the story is. “I feel really bad that everybody had to witness that,” Mayte tells Nicole, “but I’m being honest and that’s the worst you’re ever going to see out of me, because that’s the worst thing that’s ever happened in my life.” At this point Nicole goes in and tells Mayte it was still inappropriate, and Mayte’s obviously taken aback and tells her she’s not sure her relationship with Jessica can even be repaired at this point, so screw inappropriate.

And Mayte has no intention of apologizing either.

Nicole’s high fashion photos for designer Camille Flawless that she shot in Las Vegas have come in and she can’t even believe the photos are of her. “Holy s—! That’s really me?” she asks when she sees the pics.

“Not bad for a 44-year-old!” she says.

Later, she and Jessica fly to Vegas to see one of the pictures on a billboard and she’s even more impressed. “This is my first billboard and it’s really fly.”
Hollywood Exes Recap

Sheree and Jessica meet so that Sheree can facilitate some kind of meeting or agreement between Mayte and Jessica. Sheree wants both of them to understand the other’s side, but when Jessica keeps calling Mayte crazy, even now, Sheree doesn’t think that’s helping.

“Oh, I can’t sit in a room with her,” Jessica says. Sheree challenges her in the hopes that Jessica might get over things and extend an olive branch.

In order to get her mind off the girls, Drea has a date with Percy. The conversation turns to sex when he asks if she’s been with any other men since her divorce. It’s not a topic Drea really wants to get into.

Percy wants to meet her kids, get in her pants, the whole nine yards, but Drea needs to take things a little slower, she’s not ure if she’s ready t let her guard down again just yet.

“So you mean ‘us’ are now a ‘we’? I think it made me freak!” she explains.

Mayte decides to see a therapist because even though she holds Jessica responsible for some of what went down the night of their fight, she’s concerned about she herself acted as well.

Mayte explains that being a member of this social circle of women who all have children brings up a lot of emotions, and Jessica’s “cavalier” way of mentioning her abortion is just one of a few reasons she’s been emotional lately. “You’re a mom who lost her child,” the therapist tells Mayte, and that’s something she’s never heard before and it seems to really affect her.

Jessica invited all the ladies to a polo match that Sunday, everyone including Mayte, but she’s shocked to see that Mayte actually came. One, because of their tension, and two, because she didn’t RSVP. “I was shocked,” Jessica says when she sees Mayte. “Who shows up to an event but doesn’t RSVP?” It’s slightly tense but they all make the best of it, and they have a blast stomping divots in the field at halftime. “After seeing Pretty Woman, I think every girl has wanted to stomp a divot or two,” Mayte says. True, girl. TRUE.

After all them divots been stomped, Jessica pulls Mayte aside for a conversation and lays it all out. In a way that’s a little bit aggravating to Mayte. “I can’t believe you haven’t reached out to me,” she begins, and already Mayte is visibly annoyed.

“I’m sitting here and I’m trying to be the bigger person, the better person, I invited you and wanted to come together as a group,” Jessica tells her.

“I’m sorry, she’s the better person? I’m the better person for showing up,” Mayte says. At that moment though, they hug and agree to have a longer conversation about their differences, but for the rest of the day, they can be cool.

“Thank the lord they both came back in one piece,” Drea says. “But,” (there’s always a but,) “I’m not sure there’s going to be a happy ending for both of them.”

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