Mob Wives Chicago – Episode 11 – Closing The Book


It’s the end of an era! Mob Wives Chicago has come to a close this week. Some issues were resolved over the course of the past eleven weeks, some new ones popped up, but it’s all over now. And everyone seems to have gotten some closure. Even if it was after the fact.

Pia and Renee gather at Renee’s to discuss her two big dramas: Giana and Dave. Giana, her daughter, has been distant ever since she came back from visiting her dad in prison, because her dad has told her that Renee has basically been lying to her over the years. Renee called her ex and had a blowout over the phone with him, and she’s really concerned that once Giana finds out that she blew her lid, it’s going to hurt their relationship even more.

Then there’s the Dave situation. Renee and Dave have been on the verge of breakup basically all season long, and they flew to Boston for the weekend to see if they could resolve some things. Unfortunately, Renee returned from the trip with the realization that her heart is no longer in it.
“Worry about Giana, put Dave on the backbone,” Pia tells her. Yup, you heard right.

When Giana comes over, Renee tells her that as soon as she got on the phone, it devolved into a screaming match. Giana actually understands and isn’t upset, and Renee continues by telling her that she doesn’t want Giana to think her feelings toward him are only hateful. She really did love him at one point, and that helps for Giana to hear.

“I just want you to know that I apologize, Giana, for yelling at you and fighting with you about this. I don’t want to fight with you,” Renee cries, and then promises to stop talking badly about Giana’s dad from now on.

“Hallelujah! If she really means this, then that was one of the happiest moments of my life,” Giana says.

Leah is still trying to cope with her mother’s cancer because her mother is going through a bout of depression and isn’t taking the doctor’s orders. Leah is terrified that her mother’s going to give up on treatment and let herself go, essentially, so she has a heart to heart with her dad about how devastating the thought of losing either of her parents will be.

“You gotta worry about Leah,” her dad says. “Don’t worry about Wolf.”

Nora‘s an emotional wreck right now,” Christina says when she meets with Nora to discuss the imminent exhumation of her father’s body. Nora is excited to finally give her father the proper cremation he desired, but the entire process is making her break out into cold sweats.

“Nothing has ever eaten me up like this has eaten me up,” Nora says.

To make her situation even more stressful, Nora hears from the cemetery that her brother never signed an important form and now she’s being prevented from exhuming the body the next day. “You think you’re getting the last word? The German’s getting the last word,” she says, and she gets her lawyers on the phone to help get a court order to push past all the BS.

At last, she’s headed to the cemetery with all the documentation she needs to get this done.

“I pull up to the cemetery gates and all these people are standing there with a lock and chain on the gate,” she says when she arrives. “I felt this very strange feeling.” She’s allowed in, but when they get to the gravesite, “The grave is already dug up, there’s no body again, no casket.” She learns that the funeral director has taken the body to the crematorium already and that sets her off.
She tried to reason with the cemetery office and ends up breaking down in sobs.

Everything she’s fought for and asked for has fallen apart. “I was losing my marbles at this point. I just wanted to get to the crematorium and make sure that there was a casket indeed. And all of a sudden, the sirens are coming, the sirens are coming.”

The cops pull her car over and tell Nora she’s being detained.

“Then they handcuffed me. I mean, what the f— is going on?”

While Nora is being detained by police, the other four ladies are on a booze cruise across Lake Michigan. Renee has organized a day out for them, and to everyone’s shock, they have a blast. Without Nora around, everyone can be peaceful and copacetic. Although I’m sure the cocktails also helped.

“It was so nice. To get together. And have a few f—in’ laughs,” Leah says.

When Nora finally sorts things out with the police, the funeral director tells her that whatever is in the casket isn’t going to be a pretty sight and he will look first and tell her whether or not she’ll be able to stomach what’s inside.

Up comes the casket, and he takes it behind closed doors to examine it while Nora waits.

“You can’t see him, I’m sorry,” says the director after we hear him shudder and grumble behind closed doors. “He’s decomposing, it’s just not healthy. I just can’t do that to ya, Nora, I’m sorry.”
“Can you see his face?” she asks.
“Do you really want to see that?” he counters. “His eyelids and his eyelashes are gone. His lips are gone. His nose is gone.” Okay, we get it. It’s bad news. “Please. I don’t want to be responsible for you having that last memory of your dad. It’s not what you want.”

But Nora’s not satisfied, even though this very nice man is trying to spare her. So she decided to wait for a pathologist to come to take a DNA sample. The pathologist compares the decomposed body to his photos of Nora’s father and he panics, saying that it doesn’t look like the right guy. “I don’t recognize the guy,” he tells Nora. “He’s too thin.” He takes DNA samples to get a better answer, and Nora continues to pace and chew her fingernails.
The doctor and the funeral director tell Nora they’ve taken the DNA sample but without knowing if it’s really her father, they can’t cremate him for now.
“This is crazy,” she says. And she’s not about to wait two weeks for test results, so she offers to go look at the body to confirm if it really is him. “This is going to be the worst thing I’ve ever had to do in my life, but nothing’s gonna stop me.”

After one last attempt by the funeral director to talk her out of it, she goes in.

And she can’t positively ID him either. Her closure will just have to wait.

In an epilogue to her tale, we learn that not only were DNA tests also inconclusive, which must have killed her to learn, but ultimately, dental records proved that the body was in fact her father after all.

And now, hopefully, she and her father can both rest well.

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